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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: j.d. vance, bane of the liberal publish mind is leading in ohio tonight. he's not won officially. we'll keep track of the results. see you tomorrow. good night. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we're monitoring primary results from ohio. we'll have them throughout the hour as well at the bottom of the scream. the far left mob is at it again in what is a blatant attempt to intimidate the u.s. supreme court, obstruct justice and someone leaked justice alito's majority opinion overturning roe v. wade. it was only a draft. that doesn't necessarily mean that's the final decision. tonight we're going to on this
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program, we will separate fact from fiction and the reaction of the left has gone insane. let me be clear again, an official decision has not been made in this case. the court has not ruled one way or the other. i actually suspect that professor dershowitz theory that he offered last night will be correct. time will tell. this leak is likely a result of a self-serving far left court employee that is attempting to coerce the court's decision or maybe make the case for court packing, whatever the case may be. chief justice roberts called the leak a singular and egregious breach of that trust that is an affront to the court. he said to the extent this betrayal of the confidence of the court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed. the work of the court will not be affected in any way.
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good answer from him. an investigation is underway to identify the leaker and bring the perpetraor to justice. but if justice alito's decision stands, let me separate fact from fiction. abortion in america does not become america does not become illegal. instead, individual states, state legislators, they and the voters of course, they will decide the rules and regulations regarding abortion. by the way, views on abortion are split right down the middle. look at this gallup hole, 49% of americans consider them selves pro-choice, 47% consider themselves pro-life. only 32% believe abortion should be legal under any circumstance and meanwhile, a whopping 80% of americans think that abortion should be legal in the third
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trimester bid the district of columbia and -- states lost codifying abortion with many states even allowing a woman to terminate a pregnancy in the third trimester. by the way, at that late stage you are talking about a viable fetus, especially if we are following science, childlike and live outside the womb of a mother. in new york many other states, abortion is allowed in almost every scenario so long as a liberal, pro-abortion dr. signs off on it. in oregon and vermont, they guat any moment up until birth. that is called infanticide, that would be the killing of an innocent child. it's insane how radical the left has come that they would support such evil brutality but they do. they have become so radical that
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even believe it or not post birth abortion, infanticide is apparently on the table. you might remember this, former virginia governor, it went viral. viral. >> third trimester abortions are done with the consent of obviously the mother, with the consent of the physicians. more than one physician, by the way. and it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus that is nonviable. in this particular example if a mother is in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that is what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> sean: okay, then a discussion will ensue? i don't think so. that would be called murder, ralph. of course infanticide is illegal
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but even if roe vs. wade gets tossed out, even later term abortion will still be legal in many states across the country. how that practice is legal anywhere should shock the conscience of any human being, anybody with a soul. according to democrats, hollywood, the media mob, all speaking one voice, this ruling spells the end of america as we know it. they are completely dumb, ignorant or stupid or just playing politics. probably a combination of both. after returning home from the met gallup, hillary clinton complained the court's ruling would kill and subjugate women, another complete ally and 1c list actress referred to supreme court justices as a drunk, rapists and nazis. sherry had share had a full all caps meltd. he said that the decision was about republicans wanting to ban
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interracial marriage. he's clearly not well and i think clarence and jenny thomas would like a word about that. not to be outdone, elizabeth warren was spotted tromping all over town screaming at the top of her lungs. take a look at this. >> this is what the republicans have been working for this day for decades. they have been out there plotting, terribly cultivating. these these supreme court justices so they could have a me bench who would accomplish something that the majority of americans do not want. we have a right. extremists, we've heard enough from the extremists. >> sean: per usual the insanity was far worse from chuck schumer and his friends on msdnc, fake news cnn. take a look, the predictable predictions of doom and gloom. to speak of this decision would be an abomination, an abomination.
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one of the worst ever in modern history. >> honestly, i want to cry. i want to cry in so many different ways. >> i feel really angry about this and what i feel angry about is that an extremist, supreme court is going to impose their views on the rest of america appear to speak of fundamental rights include interstate travel, include the a of same-sex marriage, includes same-sex relationships just to . now this is essentially gone. what's next? >> as i was getting ready for the show this morning i was thinking about hillary clinton and how this just might put her over the edge and make her jump back in. this is the kind of news that rocks your world, as a woman a woman. >> no one is safe. overturning roe v. wade will be a mass criminalization event. >> it will undermine democracy, undermine privacy addictions and pour gasoline on our already inflamed political divisions.
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speak of this is just the beginning. next will go gay marriage and brown versus the board of education. they already eroded our voting rights a little bit. so i see fascism down the line here. i don't know. >> sean: to reiterate there has been no official supreme court decision. the people you just saw her attempting to intimidate the court, shape the final opinion, it is the leaker finally intended, we will find out in days and weeks ahead. you might recall and remember when chuck schumer threatens the u.s. supreme court justices justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh on the steps of the supreme court. take a look and ask yourself this question, he said these words, what would happen? take a look appear to speak i want tell you, gorsuch and kavanaugh, you have released to the whirlwind and you will pay . >> sean: paid the price!
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we have a long history of this. let's not forget ted kennedy's totally complete, dishonest diatribe about supreme court nominee at the time at robert bork. outright lying. take a look. >> robert bork's america is a land in which women would be forced into back alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, police could break down citizens' the doors in midnight raids, and school children could not taught about evolution. ours would be centered at the whim of government. >> sean: now ted kennedy cared so deeply about women that he actually let one drown that slowly trapped his car in a pond in chappaquiddick and he went home that night, it was a house across the street with a light on and he didn't go for help, called nobody, mary died and he did nothing. and like kennedy many of these democrats don't really care about the well-being of women
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and children. at this for many of them as a political issue to drive votes. for example in the 1980s when it was politically expedient, lo and behold, look at this. there is senator joe biden. he wasn't as cognitively compromised at the time either. actually supporting an amendment to the u.s. constitution to overturn roe v. wade and letting the states decide abortion rights. in other words, my position. of course the democratic party moved so solidly to the left, so did joe. now the political future for democrats is bleak. democrats have zero accomplishments to run on premise of this is an issue they will demagogue and distract from all of their failures. their poll numbers are horrendous, their policies have failed on a spectacular level. the border is a disaster, inflation and a 40 year high and going higher. gas prices the highest they've ever been. more money to heat and cool your home than ever before. you pay more for everything you buy in every store you go to.
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the lawlessness and liberal cities is out of control. of course defund, no bail disband laws. the afghanistan withdrawal was a nightmare and americans are still trapped behind enemy lines. if you're counting like we are, day 262. joe biden is now more of a cognitive wreck than ever. they don't want us talking about any of these issues. in fact, they can't talk about these issues. they have nothing positive to show voters so they are looking for any wedge issue, anything at all, any distraction or emotional ploy to drive voters to the polls. they think they got the issue here but don't be fooled. if democrats really cared about the well-being of we, you the american people they would clean up their cities, fix the border, stop the flow of sentinel and make americans energy independent again. they would fix the economy and lower taxes in today's radical socialist democrats are not really caring about people, are they? they are putting their climate
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alarmist cult way ahead of their priorities over the people of this country. right on cue, one dark money group with ties to biden is now leading an effort to pack the u.s. supreme court. here with reaction, fox news contributor laura trapp. pam bondi, colorado congresswoman lauren boebert is with us. let's get reaction. pam, we will start with you in the middle, specifically, it is been a lot of demagogue and going on in the last 24 hours. >> this is a tight opinion first of all and any lawyer who is out there saying this could affect gay rights, anything else, is dead wrong. they have not read the opinion or don't know what they are doing. roe v. wade is about potential life. justice alito rode in the draft opinion. he also says their decision is about the constitutional right to abortion and no other right.
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i think it's brilliant he put that in there because he got all of his other arguments out of the way. that means it will only go back to states. there is no constitutional right to abortion, it will go back to the states where it belongs. lisbeth warren and her big liberal state of massachusetts will be perfectly fine. massachusetts will not be affected because it will never vote to change the abortion law period. >> sean: congressman, let me get to you on this. obviously have always thought roe v. wade was a bad law. so have many constitutional scholars. we will check in with the great one mark live in tonight. he will check in on that standpoint. for from the vantage standpoint of what this is and what this isn't come at the will decide. in other words, new york, california, new jersey, colorado, these states are not going to be changing their laws and i would even venture to
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guess, congresswoman, that most states might have some restrictions but i doubt there was going to be many, if any at all, states that have no abortion under any circumstances. you agree with that? >> we will see that in the beginning but we will also see some states that currently have pro-life laws that are held up in litigation and immediately become law. sure, you will have states that have full term abortion like colorado but that is why we need to continue to show up and vote because of this is now up to the state legislatures to do something about if this is in fact what is happening and just like senator karen said, republicans have been spending decades trying to overturn roe vs. wade, and save these 62 million lives that have been lost in our country. the innocent children that have been killed from roe vs. wade. that is a stain that will
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forever be in this nation. the leak happened, that is very outrageous and dangerous. whoever did that should be held accountable but that is not exactly where my focus is right now. for generations, god-fearing americans up and working, praying and voting to get to this point so that we can defend the defenseless, so the babies with fingers, toes and heartbeats can receive the protections they deserve. america's abortion laws have been on par with china and north korea. that is not the company we want to keep. america can and will do better. the constitution doesn't have a right to abortion. the 14th amendment says the exact opposite. it says that the state shall not deprive any person of life, liberty or property or the pursuit of happiness. we have a right to life in america and i want to say i am
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incredibly proud of the judges who are taking a proud stance to protect that right. >> sean: when you think about abortion, people seem to be locked into their position. i consider myself pro-life, i have been my whole life. i make exceptions for rape, and danger to the mother's life. some republicans disagree on me but they believe in what bill clinton once had, that abortion should be legal and i will add the word early and rare. being defined by the first trimester. how did the democratic party get so radical that, something like what governor northam had said about it, we will deliver the baby and afterwards make the baby comfortable. they will have a discussion and decide whether the baby lives or not. i can't believe they've gone
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that hard core in their hearts because to me, that is murder. >> it shows you how far off the rails the democrats have become and they have found themselves in favorite position. they are playing the victim while calling anyone who disagrees with them on any level racist and sexist. the democrats, keep in mind, have control of a lot. the house, the sun has come and the white house. yet here they are crying wolf over a situation as we've all talked about, that hasn't even happened. they have basically lied to the american people about time and time again. we've seen them do that but why are they doing it? because they are absolutely desperate because they are in free fall as a party, because they are hemorrhaging support. they've got to stop the bleeding somehow so there whole thing that the strums of a little support, maybe it salvages a seat or two as we had towards
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the midterm elections and keep in mind, we are only in may. as we get closer to november, you can expect that you are going to see more hysteria come out of the democrat party. this is just part of their playbook. basically it is all they have left at this point, but i just want to say this. as an american citizen, somebody loves this country, to see one of our most sacred institutions, basically one of the few we have left, the supreme court, violated in this way, it is absolutely outrageous. most people believe this was a democrat operative that did this and what it has said to the american people is that the democrats are so desperate to retain power, they are willing to do anything. they are going to play this up every step of the way and it is absolutely disgusting. >> sean: laura term, thank you, congresswoman think he was will be joining us with more south carolina senator lindsey graham is with us. let me put on the screen, this is joe biden, your old friend,
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voted to lead to states roe v. wade. he voted to overturn roe v. wade. some of these states that allow abortion, even up until the moment of birth, which by any scientific definition would be murder. by any scientific conclusion. if we are following science that child can live outside the womb. how did they get that extreme? speak of the most radical people in the country and american politics are in charge of the democrat party. this party wants to expand the supreme court because they don't like the conservative makeup. this is the democratic party that wants to put term limits on judges, our judges because they don't like our judges. this is the democratic party
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that would abolish the electoral college so delaware and south carolina wouldn't have much of a say about who is president as new york and california. what happened to joe biden? he got hijacked by the most radical people in the country, he is captive to their interests. what happened in court was the saddest chapter in history of the united states supreme court. it's despicable, dangerous and it was dumb. the person who did this, if it's a conservative you are a traitor to the cause. if it's a liberal you are the dumbest person in washington because it is not going to change the midterm spirit you are not going to scare any conservative judge away from it repealing the roe v. wade and it should be repealed, it should go back to the states and you are adding a narrative to a story line that you want to win and you don't give a damn about how you want to win. you want to destroy kavanaugh coming want to change the makeup of the court to make sure benz to your will. he want open borders to change the nature of america. you want to abolish the electoral college. you want to make d.c. a state to make you more powerful. to those who want to gain
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powerful through destroying institutions, you are going to get rejected at the ballot box. >> sean: do you believe it is done to intimidate the justices or maybe a combination of intimidating them and advancing the narrative again to go back e court? >> the most likely scenario is the people who want to change institutions to get their way did this. the same people who want to expand the court because it's conservative, why is it conservative? because people like you and myself went out and voted for president trump and conservatives to get conservatives on the court. they want to expand the cord and change its makeup. they want to do away with an electoral college so that south carolina and other estates really can't have a say about picking the president. i think their motivation was to scare the courts, to change its mind about repealing roe v. wade. that is not going to work. and to talk about something
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other than high gas prices, inflation and broken borders and crime. here's what i think. i don't think this decision by the court, if it holds come is going to change the midterm elections at all because people are going to vote based on the safety and well-being of their family, not a supreme court supreme court decision. >> sean: senator graham, great to see you. we appreciate your analysis, being with us. tensions mounting outside the supreme court tonight. we will take you there live. we are awaiting the results in the ohio senate race. bill hemmer will join us at the big board. he will have the very latest. was going to be? right now you can see, pretty tight race. we will have the very latest on that coming up straight ahead.
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knocks news alert protesters took to the streets following the unprecedented leak from the score of an opinion that would overturn roe v wade kevin corke takes us to a protest outside the court. you're there tonight kevin. they've been there the better part of the day what's the latest? >> you're right on the money about that sean. because we have pro life and proceed pro choice protesters there's a lot of passion but not the large amount of crowds you might anticipate given the magnitude of this particular decision. as we take a look at what's happening here, you're going to see the crowds aren't terribly large at this time of night. in part because of the time of year. go ahead and take a look, show them what we've got right now. very small crowds. keep in mind sean it's may. most of the people in this crowd are college age people. they're here but you have to understand that this final -- you have final projects and so we don't see a huge crowd. nevertheless it has been this way since the unprecedented leak last night of an opinion by
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justice samuel alito that if it is finalized would, of course, end roe v wade. very interesting. now that's what's happening here. over at the white house this is obviously much more than just a decision by the court. this has political implications, especially as you look ahead to the midterms this fall. and speaking of the president, i want you to listen carefully to what he had to say about abortion rights. >> the idea that we're going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to abort a child based on a decision by the score, i think goes way overboard. >> did you hear what he said? abort a child. that did not escape the attention of the susan b. anthony list which tweeted this on twitter. biden slipped up today acknowledging abortion kills
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children. choose to abort a child. how tragic for a man who for decades stood against tax funding for abortion to completely sell out to a big abortion body. as i mentioned we will see crowds like this. there has been a very sizable security presence here, not just by the capitol police but also dc police and others. we'll keep an eye on it but for now back to you. >> sean: all right, kevin corke outside the score supreme court tonight. the polls closed in ohio, all eyes on the hotly contested primary in the buckeye state. our very own bill live at the -- we used to call it the hannity big board but in fairness it's really the hemmer big board. >> listen it's your show you can call it whatever you want. >> sean: because you're at it it's really your board nobody's better at it than you. >> you do have rights on this. go ahead. >> sean: let me ask you, when i look at ohio, i look at four
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counties that represent all of ohio. i look at hamilton around cincinnati, warren, largely suburban, butler, clermont, and it looks like -- >> yeah, all those down around here. right, keep going. >> sean: and you know the state really well. if it was a general selection night i would be looking at all the other counties as well. >> okay. so with that, sean, jd vance is having a pretty good night up about six points and our polling in late april -- check that. get this now sean. in march we were polling in ohio. you know what we had jd vance? he was at 11 points. but what happened in april? donald trump came in endorsed jd vance, then had a rally in delaware county just north of columbus ohio in late april. look where jd vance is tonight. i'm going to take you through this sean but i want you to think about this. donald trump injected himself in
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ohio, he won ohio a year and a half ago, and trump's gone a good night based on endorms. let's get to it. jd vance is in yellow you see how much yellow covers the map throughout the state of ohio. what you were talking about in the southwestern part of the state, hamilton county, cincinnati, no one expected to do well in this city but jd vance lives there and holding his own right now. just north of here butler county, vance doing well there also. there's a little town here called middletown right on the border of butler county and warren county. why do i mention that? if you follow the book and the movie, that is where jd vance spent a lot of his youth. he was from kentucky, moved to southwestern ohio, that was the spot right there in middletown. you mentioned clermont, too. advances doing well here, you mentioned warren, let me jump over here to warren county as well and watch what vance is doing, 36%. so you find a lot of republican votes in southwestern ohio, that is point number one.
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point number two in the middle, you talk about columbus ohio franklin county. dolan expected to do well don't decent but he's from northern ohio. up here where he's really expected to do well, i showed this earlier today, this is where trump had the rally with jd vance and he's at 35% in delaware county. if josh mandell or dolan really wanted to cut in vance's lead you would expect to see that in counties like delaware quickly growing, rather affluent. this is ciahoga county in cleveland. it's the rest of this state where you see jd vance is wiping up, southwest and southern part of the state some rural counties up in the northeast also. remember, remember when trump won in 2016? we were at the board that night sean and i was showing you these were counties held by democrats for 50 years and trump broke through that wall and listen,
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there are going to be a lot of pieces written this week about trump's endorsement and what it means. i can tell you that, i mean, this is jd vance territory right now. okay? go back a year and a half ago, this is biden and trump in ohio and this is trump winning easily by eight points. what we don't show on the map is what he did in 2016 when he won by eight points as well. ohio is a red state. ohio is a trump state based on the two presidential elections. so far tonight, come back here to the senate race, trump went in there and made endorsements in 12 different rations, one races one with vance i'm showing you now which looks in good position. he made endorsements in 11 other races, so far tonight he is nine for nine in congressional races and leading in the three others
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including the senate race. pretty good night for the former president. on the democratic side tim ryan has been called for him. nobody was thinking about this. 70% of the vote counted for tim ryan a democratic congressman from north eastern ohio. a really good candidate wiped up the field against the other two opponents. tim ryan is the democratic candidate. we'll wait to see who it is officially on the republican side but as of right now sean, it's, what, 9:30, 9:35 at night, jd vance looks really good. one more thing. in our polling that we found in late april, we had 25% of the voters who we looked at, who we polled, were undecided. a month prior, in march in our poll, 24% of those that we polled were undecided. it appears to me sean that all the undecided voters went for vance and mandell and dolan because there's other candidate
6:35 pm
mike givens, jane, they're performing how we expect, ten and 6% this is where they have gone. so take a look at this, as i'm talking to you sean we're getting numbers from the associated press, i know you're cuing the music but i have a headline. this number for the associated press is calling the race right now for jd vance. so if it looks like if that holds up jd vance will be the republican nominee in november against tim ryan the democrat. now we have a situation here where trump has almost run the table. sean. >> sean: so you're saying the ap has now called, we can call now jd vance the winner in the with senate primary from the great state of ohio, do i hear that right? >> i'm always a little suspect on technology but i'm saying with a fairly reasonably level of assurance that jtemplet vance ab called the winner for the primary in ohio. >> sean: it's interesting because i know other states, oz in pennsylvania who i'm
6:36 pm
supporting has had tens and tens of millions of dollars, i believe president trump has a rally with him later this week. it's going to be interesting to see if that effect carries in a lot of states. >> you got north carolina and georgia. >> sean: you're right. >> we have a story to follow, let's see what this party does. >> bill hemmer at the big board, thank you sir. when we come back, the great one mark lavine, and what to really expect from the supreme court, he might surprise you and much more straight ahead. ♪♪ i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working but first always going for a run or going to the gym. i love reading. i love cooking healthy. it's super important to me. i was noticing that i was just having some memory loss. it was really bothering me. so i tried prevagen and it started to work for me. i wish i had taken prevagen five or ten years ago. during world war two, most of prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sean: we do have some breaking news as bill hemmer just mentioned a thure businessman jd vance who president trump endorsed is the projected winner of the ohio senate republican primary ahead of november's election to replace the retiring senator rob portman. here now is the author of
6:41 pm
american marxism the number one best selling book of all of last year and the host of life liberty and lavine the number one show on fox and nationally syndicated radio show, the great one mark lavine. we don't have a lot of time but i have really two topics i want you to weigh in on. number one the supreme court issue and number two this ministry of truth that mayorkas is talking about. >> first of all people saying a lot of things about the supreme court issue. i'm listening to these democrats, couple of things. the democrats don't believe a woman is a woman, right? didn't they just nominate somebody and get somebody confirmed who couldn't define what a woman is without a biologist? so it's clear, if you follow their logic, which is very difficult, a woman is only a woman if she believes in abortion or gets an abortion. that is what you have to conclude from the democrat party. chuck schumer screams at the top of his lungs, which is a very ugly scene, saying this will not stand. what will not stand, chuck?
6:42 pm
the constitution will not stand? then i hear some of the left wing women senators or birthing people senators i guess, they get up and say things like we're going to have a patch work system. i guess they're not familiar with federalism, the 10th amendment and so forth. we have a patch work system in our country for all kinds of things. then they say, well, a woman will have to travel to a state that allows abortion under certain circumstances, these are people bussing illegal aliens all over the country, every corner of the country, flying them, bussing them, training them. it's no big deal but apparently it's a huge inconvenience if you're going to have an abortion to go to the next door state or something like this. the democrat party is insane. the democrat party is at war with our institutions, it's destroying them. immediately bernie sanders wants to destroy the senate and his side kick elizabeth warren when it comes to the filibuster rule.
6:43 pm
let me make something clear. this is not the united states of the democrat party this is the united states of america dam it and we americans have a say in what goes on in our country. keep your dam hands off our constitution. they say about our children they're destroying their minds in elementary and middle schools. they say they care about women, they destroy women's sports and title nine they don't even recognize woman hood. they say they care about citizens they're destroying citizenship on the southern border and elsewhere. the democrat party is out to undermine this country. they've been threatening this court for years, threatening its independence, threatening individual justices, have destroyed the confirmation process, destroyed people's names. we don't have to take this from these people. and women of america, you should rise up. chuck schumer said he represents 100 million women. he doesn't represent 100 million women, that goof ball. he doesn't represent any women
6:44 pm
as far as i'm concerned. and this whole thing seems contrived to me. have you noticed how well organized it is? they get their leaker, the guy puts out the first draft, all of a sudden people are showing up like they're coming right out of the woods. this he show up, they've got their contrived signs and talking points. and one other thing that's very, very important. joe biden said today, schumer said today, these legal analysts have said today, this will destroy marriage, same sex marriage. have they read the opinion? this is in the opinion, unable to show concrete relieens on roe and casey themselves the solicitor general, meaning the lawyer for the government, suggests that overruling those discussions would threaten the court's precedent holding that the due process clause protects other rights. this is not correct for reasons we've already discussed. as even the casey plurality recognized it's a unique act because it is life.
6:45 pm
abortion is different than marital i be mays or proceed creation. and they say we want to make abundantly clear we're not touching any other rights because they know about the dem gods and media and so forth. what happened to ginsberg? why don't they quote her in the 1992 university law review article roe halted a political process that was moving in a reformed direction and therefore i believe deferred settlement of the issue. here's what's going on. there is no federal constitutional right to abortion, period. they amended the constitution without amending the constitution. period. and so now, what are they trying to do? no you they're trying to tell us that science isn't science. the same people want to mandate masks and vaccines. is that a baby in the womb? is that a viable baby in the womb? at the very last minute? yes. it's not a salami sandwich it's
6:46 pm
a viable baby in the womb. and we have states and governors that say you can abort that baby even though it's viable. it's not a choice. it's a human being. so to the democrat party, women aren't women, babies aren't babies. this is insanity. now, as for the truth, as for this thing they want to set up, the ministry of truth. we have a first amendment. they ought to abide by that. that's actually in the constitution. we need ministry of constitute against the government. it used to be called a free press. we don't have a free press. they're utterly and completely corrupt in the back pocket of the democrat party in this american marxist movement. if we had a free press, that would be the ministry of truth but they're all corrupt for the most part. that's it. ♪♪ >> sean: you're supposed to say that's it i'm done. what happened to the i'm done part? anyway, that's why we call you the great one, the great one mark lavine. life, liberty, lavine sunday
6:47 pm
night right here on fox don't miss it. newt gingrich is next and if you haven't heard jd vance is the senate primary winner in ohio, more details coming up. ♪♪
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>> sean: and this is a fox news alert, the ap is now projecting that jd vance has won the ohio gop primary senate race. joining us now with reeks former speaker of the house newt gingrich. he was in the single digits mr. speaker and then somebody by the name of donald j. trump endorsed him and here he is with a significant win along with 11 other candidates, endorsed by trump will win as well. what does that tell you? >> well, first of all, i want to watch the national media, which had set this up as the big test. you know, the donald trump
6:52 pm
really have any stroke left or was he no longer capable of doing anything but i also think it's important about jd vance. this is a different republican party. jd vance's background having written a book about his childhood, having grown up eminently aware of of the ohio river valley and local farmers, this is a guy who brings in an intellectual and artistic capability on the other hand a real down home grass ropes optimism and an enormous breath of fresh air in congress and combined with people like herschel walker you'll see a different republican senate next year but certainly from donald trump's standpoint an enormously big win, not just jd vance but as you point out i think nine of the 11 people he's endorsed have won and the other two i think are still being counted. >> sean: looks like they're
6:53 pm
going to -- looks like trump will have a perfect night in ohio tonight. >> well, and if that happens, look, i think we have a lot of great candidates. i personally think ron desantis has a tremendous future as an example or somebody like rick scott or a number of governors around the country. but, truth is, if trump retains his hold on the base of the republican party that he currently has, and particularly if he starts shifting towards describing a better future, i think that he will consolidate and almost certainly end up as the nominee. tonight's a very big night in terms of 2024, as well as in terms of 2022, and it fits what we're saying. the fact is, inflation matters, collapse at the border matters, crime matters, high prices for gasoline and food matters. in the middle of all this, the corruption of the biden family
6:54 pm
matters. and, you know, i think the democrats are going to discover that the january 6th committee doesn't matter to most americans, and they're going to discover that a hard line pro abortion extremism doesn't appeal to most americans and in fact will accelerate their loss of avalanche african american and latino voters. you're in the middle of a revolution ohio reminding us in the real world outside of washington and the new york times and the networks, in the real world that revolution is still underway. >> sean: mr. speaker stay with us, let's dip in. this is judge jd vance now just been declared the winner in the ohio republican senate primary endorsed by donald trump winning by a pretty significant margin based on our numbers. let's dip in and hear him. >> this team has been loyal to me through good times and bad, when things were rough, when things were good.
6:55 pm
we didn't have leaks in this campaign. we didn't have people stabbing each other in the back. we were a team and we will be a team all the way to november. i have absolutely got to thank the 45th, the president of the united states, donald j. trump. ladies and gentlemen, one, for giving us an example of what could be in this country, ladies and gentlemen, remember 2019 when wages were going up and not down? remember 2019 when workers were doing well in this country, not struggling terribly? thanks to the president for everything, for endorsing me. and i've got to say a lot of the fake news media out there, and there are some good fwhons the back there, there's some bad ones, too, let's be honest. but they wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america-first agenda. ladies and gentlemen, it ain't
6:56 pm
the death of the america-first agenda. [cheers and applause] it wasn't just the president of course, we had a lot of endorsements especially some of our early endorsements i want to shout out to penny nance great advocate for life and for people all across the country. >> sean: let me go back to the speaker of the house newt gingrich former speaker. he said something there that i think is extremely relevant. i do believe the damage that has been caused, in just a short period of time, everything from inflation to high gas prices to open borders, law and order, safety and security, even running out of covid tests, afghanistan. it's been a disaster. i do believe that, my feeling is, the america-first, make america great again now save americana general today is going
6:57 pm
to be what propels republicans to victory both in '22 and '24. it's a hope and a prayer because the country needs to change directions quickly. >> well, look, i think that's right. and i just talked as recently as yesterday with kevin mccarthy, who is really leading a remarkable effort in the house to develop a very positive agenda, very much like the contract of america, the kind of thing you and i have talked about. i sense that in the senate, senator mcconnell's much more favorable now than he was earlier to having some kind of a contract. and that's motion in the right direction. i personally believe, when you look at the disaster that big government socialism and woke liberalism has created, i think it's very likely that you're going to be somewhere between 25 and 70 seat gain in the house, and at least, i think at least a 4-seat gain in the senate. so there's an opportunity in january for republicans, with
6:58 pm
people like jd vance and people like herschel walker, new people, new ideas, new approaches, there's a real opportunity that we could set a new pattern for america, force biden every day to choose between the american people and his radical left. and end up going into '24 as a party with big ideas, big solutions, offering a better american future. if that happens, this will be the end of the roosevelt era after almost a hundred years and you will see a really dramatically different america by 2026. i'm very optimistic that this is going to happen. >> sean: it's very interesting because there's not a single success story that this, i call them the climate religious alarmists or new green deal socialists, not a single success story, so they get this leaked opinion that's not even complete yet and rush to judgment. oh, we'll run on abortion. even if you consider yourself
6:59 pm
pro choice, you don't support abortion up till the moment of birth. we have about a minute left, sir. >> well, that's right. i mean, if you look at the extremism of the radicals who would literally allow abortion on the day of the birth, would allow the baby to be killed after it's born, basically infant side i think it's crazy and remember this is a democratic party on the verge of replacing mother's day with birthing person's day. my news letter 360 this weekend will be on which do you identify with. if you think it ought to be birthing person's day you ought to be a democrat. if you think it's ought to be mother's day you should be a republican and that's why they're going to lose and i think lose for two generations because they're just nuts. >> sean: yeah, well, if kevin mccarthy if you're right and apparently the president was not angry at the tapes released and they have made amends, that's between them i'm not getting in
7:00 pm
the middle of that. but if they follow your lead that you laid out an agenda, positive agenda to save the country like you did in '94, it will be '94, 2010 and maybe even bigger. mr. speaker, thanks for being with us. unfortunately that's all the time we have left. please set your dvr never miss an episode. s that for making this possible. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham next. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from an hysterical washington tonight thanks for joining us. we have more on jd vance's big ohio win a little bit later in the show and other races that went the america first way. but first, the anti democrats, that's the focus of tonight's angle. court draft opinion leak, the pro abortion frenzy outside the court last night was almost instantaneous. [chanting]