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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 3, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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n side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™. >> it was another great show. thank you so much for joining us, everyone. shannon bream is next. we love you, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome, everyone, i am shannon bream in washington. the unprecedented weep of opinions after the investigation into roe versus wade. and results in ohio where
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president trump was facing an important test. plus, new york to california. violence caught on camera. and a walgreens in san francisco that was targeted going viral. we began with a week that is rocking the supreme court. trace gallagher has more. >> good evening. the two big headlines released by john roberts are one, but the document is authentic but does not represent a final decision by the court and that he has directed the marshal of the court to launch an investigation into the source. republicans on the house oversight committee went a step further, calling upon the department of justice to investigate, and mitch mcconnell said this. >> this should be investigated and punished to the fullest
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extent possible. the fullest extent possible. >> except it might not be very much, and here is why. doj investigations refer to classified documents, technically a supreme court draft opinion is not classified. some argue that there are several other potential violations of law, there has not been a lot of traction on one specific violation. as of now there is no fbi investigation, but that could change. without the fbi .
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>> one of the worst and most damaging decisions in history. >> i thought it was the right constitutional answer, i thought roe versus wade was the constitutional step, we will be back into what we were before 1973 until we decide what to do. >> the final court decision is not in, but the battle is on. shannon: and it is. thank you so much. trace gallagher. and called a radical decision. the left is taking issue with the language of the president tonight, and the right is wondering what the concern is about the actual shocking reach of a supreme court document. kevin has the very latest on the administration. >> good evening, shannon bream.
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protesting since last night, and this draft opinion. the decision to end roe versus wade. and there are also political implications that extend well beyond. especially as the midterms come up this fall. i want you to listen to how they describe the courts likely movements. >> i get that we are going to make a judgment that no one can make the judgment to abort a child based upon the decision by this report. i think that goes overboard. >> he said the word child. saying that abortion kills
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children, how tragic to see a man that for decades in the senate was against tax funding for abortion. now, this is happening is a brand-new survey gives us fresh insight into the mood of the country with respect to the issue, more than six and 10 continue to believe the court should uphold roe vs. wade, over half, 54%, while some say that it should be illegal after six weeks. and on capitol hill, you guessed it, lines have been drawn. >> this would not end abortion, what it would do would rightfully send the issue back to the state. and that is where these issues should be discussed and decided, with the state legislatures. >> legislators. >> they know that they will take consequences in the election.
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they are spin messengers of avoiding the subject and they did incredibly. >> the president also said that this decision is really quite a radical decision. saying that the rights of all americans are at risk. to my thank you, kevin. we will talk about more stories coming up in a bit. first, give us an idea, because it is no idea compared to what we will ultimately get from the court. >> this is the interesting part, as you know, we simply don't know exactly how this is all going to play out eventually. but i do think that it is useful for the folks at home to take a look at this and give you a sense of just what could be happening down the line. getting lost in this debate, even if roe versus wade is struck down, it doesn't mean
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that abortion would be illegal across the country, but the stakes couldn't be higher if the decision does go the way that it is believed that it will, especially those living in about two dozen states that could further restrict or and legal abortion in its entirety if the justices follow through on what has been speculated with in written in the draft opinion. an interesting debate until we get the final draft. >> thank you, kevin. and tonight. a story coming out of this bombshell. what is probably the most secure institution and if this draft opinion winds up as a final opinion. let's bring in our former deputy assistant in our former chairman of the committee, jason
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chaffetz. >> thank you for having me. >> this theory is intended to intimidate the justices, including breaking the senate filibuster. >> this is exactly why the court is making the right choice to get abortion out of the court. because abortion has politicized the court in the constitution and it is a kind of political tactic that we are starting to see as they try to influence a decision. it's before the decision became final so that people in the political system could try to pressure the justices to change their minds. i hope that does not work because that would mean that the court would become more of a political institution and not
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really be there to stand up for the rights of minorities in the bill of rights when they really need to. >> i think people want to feel confident in institutions, and because up to this point it was viewed as something in the light of being political, but as we talked about, politics are part of the fallout, we talked about calls for it filibuster and other things. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez saying we could protect it tomorrow, but the senator refuses to act on the filibuster. until that time she can take a seat. that includes obstructionists included. >> i don't think that those kind of scare tactics are going to
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work on some that i served with in the house of representatives. but the integrity of the cords, you know, they need to have a free flow of dialogue, debate and discussion, the drafts are important so that they can have these types of deliberations. i hope that they root out exactly who it is, i'm not sure that they can charge a person with a crime, but they should be exposed, i mean, it's absolutely fundamentally wrong to the core of how the court should work. >> we talked to the senator who once clerked about this last night as the news was breaking. so it begs the question about what is the real opinion. here's what the senator said last night. >> i expect that they would be well advised to tell each member of the court, okay, you are going to have to get your ducks in a row and decide which opinion you are siding with and
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get it finalized by the end of the week. i think that's the only appropriate response here. >> normally we think okay, the last week of the term, the end of june, what happens now? >> i can see a world where the justices in the majority would try to short-circuit the effort, to try to pressure them by trying to get it out right away. it would be extraordinary. i can only think of one case where the court had issued the decision and said other opinions would follow in the dissent. so i could see that it would come out more clues toward the end of june and the end of the term. and i think that we should remember that this is extraordinary. i can't remember and i've never read of a case where a full draft opinion was given and leaked to the press. what would that do, brown v. board of education, the
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watergate tapes, the pentagon papers, imagine what would happen if you have these kinds of games being played back then. >> yes, and for the integrity of the cords this is a rare occurrence that i hope not to see in my lifetime again. meanwhile, we saw today fundraising e-mails and threats about what's going to happen. the speaker said tonight that by eviscerating the fundamental freedom to fully productive care, radical republican appointed justices are poised with unthinkable suffering, especially in communities of color and low income communities. so saying tonight that this is essentially hitting at the political ramifications that you will hurt specific hoops of people. this is going to be, you know, where there are concerns, when we talk about midterms we will get wiped out, they have
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something to talk about but they have rallied effectively. >> well, maybe they can rally their people politically, but there are those of us that believe that aborting a baby is murdering that baby. they feel very strongly about that. those types of discussions are going to be happening at the state level at this time. i wish it was a full out ban on abortion across the country, i really do. but it's not. in this same nancy pelosi, the constituents, they are going to be able to get their abortions, set their precedent within their own space. so they actually have more latitude going into this a way y that i read that than they would otherwise. but count on both sides play political football, to try to raise money off of this, it is politics and that is why they call it politics. >> you are right, and getting
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that opinion, all we can truly do is speculate at this point. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> breaking tonight. winning the contentious primary in ohio, j.d. vance. we have an update with mark from cincinnati. >> haider, shannon, that's right, he became famous for hillbilly elegy. ousting other candidates, getting the nomination going into november, and what is fascinating is that it wasn't long ago that was trailing in the polls until he got an endorsement from former president trump back in mid april. we were curious to see how this race was going to play out because there were many people that were skeptical about his credentials, he had been critical about donald trump and the trumpet genia. he was able to reach out to
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voters as well as other conservatives, we heard from him earlier this evening at after he declared victory and here is what he had to say going into it. >> well, now this campaign, i think it was a referendum on what kind of a republican party we want and what kind of a party we want. we went to battle. >> he now faces the democrat that dominated in the primary today, he was expected to win, he certainly did that he spoke out and he said the fight is just the beginning. >> the work is just beginning, the fight is just beginning, we are going to heal the country and ohio and in turn do so to the united states of america. >> well, why was this so important?
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>> what happened right after the results came out? the spokesperson said that this is proof that they will dominate going forward, proof that america is still on the train of donald trump. we will see if that continues to hold. we have pennsylvania around the corner, but this is a fascinating race to watch. j.d. vance in ohio tonight. shannon: we will keep an eye on that as well. and is there a feeling that they will unite behind j.d. vance going into november? >> well, it is the primary, so it is pretty much every man for himself. and he has an advertisement out there right now, the republican
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senator said he believes that the party will unite and there's so much that can happen between now and november. either way, he said that he's hoping to reach out to those that didn't vote for him this time around. >> tom cotton leading the gop effort to stop the joe biden administration's new disinformation governance in its tracks. introducing legislation that would bar establishing a panel or similar entities at the department of homeland security. the department of homeland security said it creates the ability to combat online disinformation. and the aftermath of a russian missile hitting the port of odessa on monday. it blew the roof off the church and headed dormitory that wounded one and killed another.
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let's check and where it has been very busy. what is the latest? >> that's right, this area was hit with missiles yesterday and many went outside and saw the thick black smoke across the city. the latest that we know is that the regional minister rader of lviv says that six missiles have been fired presumably coming from the caspian sea, two people injured, they hit three electrical substations, they caused significant damage to electrical stations and a delay in trains. the national railway reporting six stations were hit as well. they have been major targets and across the country but perhaps to terrorize refugees and passengers. we have a crew assessing the damage and we will keep you
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updated. and survivors say even going aboveground for water could be a death which. now ukrainian president zelensky says 166 people have been rescued including women and children, the u.n. and red cross helping to facilitate evacuations. >> you cannot imagine how scary it is when you sit in a shelter in a wet basement. we were shaken. we were able to go outside this week and i saw the sun for the second time in two months. >> there are still hundreds of marines hiding out in the tunnels as well. we spoke to the red cross to tell us that they had not forgot about those marines or any of the other civilians in those tunnels. they are working right now and we will keep you updated with the latest. shannon: every time i look up, i think about it 24/7. i think you and i think the
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crews and the teams are working there. thank you so much. shannon: you are on 24/7 as well, thank you for keeping us informed. shannon: a rescue caught on tape of a rock climber. and this is not what you expect to see in your driveway in your car. we have the viral videos when we return you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? oh, like how i customized this scarf?
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shannon: tonight's major storm slamming the upper ohio valley region on tuesday. and golf ball size hail reported. and a tornado watch tonight portions of ohio, pennsylvania
9:26 pm
and west virginia. and a rock climber fell during the solo climb. the rangers could not get to him, so he had to spend the night before being rescued by a crew from a utah department of public safety. he had a broken ankle, but thankfully they got him out. plus, caught in the act of breaking into a car and destroying the inside of it. the police show officers shining a flashlight at a surprised bear. and now this, a bottlenose dolphin on the italian coast, rescued by members of the italian coast guard. they saved the frightened little guy. they alerted authorities. it was a happy ending.
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in this video out of arizona showing this leopard canoodling. and if you have any viral videos, hit us up on social media. ♪ ♪ ♪ and kevin is back. and there is this issue that has americans divided. >> i am one of those people that like hey, it turns out every american needs a midafternoon snack. it is actually true. according to a poll, some 2000 americans, 18 years old to 41 years old, only 3% claim they don't eat snacks at all. but here is what is really interesting. not everyone agrees on what constitutes as an actual snack.
9:28 pm
for example, is soup a snack or a meal? only 45% consider it enough to qualify as a meal. peanut butter and jelly are sort of similar. 39% say no. that, my friends, is a meal. so what do you say? snack or meal? >> well, i think that it is a meal. >> we agreed on just about everything and we are on the same page. >> everybody that knows me knows like hey, okay, i will have two. [laughter] >> they brought us these little sandwiches. even i can make one of these as well.
9:29 pm
and i don't know if this is the right name for it, but with this be a meal or a snack? >> well, i would call this a meal, only because i know that for some people this really is their preferred go to meal. and i know some people are like hey, chips are okay, but for me, peanut butter and jelly. >> i love it. it makes me want to take a nap. >> i have 10 minutes before i need to talk again. [laughter] >> let us know what you think on twitter. >> okay, kevin. come back in a bit. >> just one day since the talk of a draft of the
9:30 pm
discontinuation of roe vs. wade. two women on either side of the issue debating when we come back after this >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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or migraine specialist about vyepti. learn how you could save. >> hitting back to our top stories, 24 hours after we first had breaking news. the supreme court draft opinion, signaling a possible end to roe and to roevs. wade, still doming national conversation tonight. let's continue the outlet leslie and penny. thank you ladies were joining us. >> thank you. and it has been a pleasure to be here. >> all right, let's talk about this, those that are disproportionately affected by abortion bands and restrictions are being brought to the forefront. women that are economically disadvantaged, this could be certain demographics, what turns
9:36 pm
out to be an official opinion, it could hit these women that are struggling the most. so how do you respond someday coming from pro right? >> we need to recognize that women all over this country are celebrating the idea of the end of roe vs. wade and the fact that it will pass the decision back to the state where it belongs where we can have a robust conversation and advocate for our position. and you know, if it is actually overturned in washington dc, as you know, abortion will still be legal. and there are about 2700 here in this country, we want to make it
9:37 pm
unthinkable and we want to care for the babies in the wombs and also the mother. >> something that penny mentioned there. here is what she said today. >> this would not end abortion. what it would do is rightfully send the issue of abortion back to the state and it will be discussed in the legislature. shannon: why not take a vote, some states will be more liberal, some conservative, why not put it to the people? >> well, there are a few things, and a lot to be said. marsha and penny both read my mind. i was going to touch upon things they both said.
9:38 pm
with regard to senator blackburn. when you talk about this, we see the states already that are practically abolishing abortion, that they have no exception in the case of rape or incest. additionally, if you talk about those communities that are underprivileged, they would have to leave a state to go to another state to obtain -- not necessarily an abortion. sometimes counseling as to choices and options, what those are. that would not be available to them. penny talked about adoption. and being someone that has one biological and one adopted child, i can speak to this. there are over 500,000 children available for adoption in the united states right now. what she is talking about her babies. and i think when people adopt, they need to ask, do you want to be a parent, or do you need to have a nice new shiny baby or can you adopt a child that may not be the same color or ethnicity or religious
9:39 pm
background. >> and that is essential. you know, to me, it is not just the women. but it's also the children. and then if you force a woman to have a child that does not want that child, and the child ends up in the system, what we are seeing is that they are not being helped educationally, medically, and the list goes on. so are we really caring about life and rights? if you overturn roe vs. wade, it doesn't stop abortion. the way to stop abortion is to stop the pregnancy. they don't want to give up contraception for sex education either. >> my mother is adopted, my best friend is adopted. so i see beautiful people that come through these crisis situations. are you also saying no contraception, other things in these pregnancies as well? >> absolutely not. and someone like that has no position, women are free to know that this is no threat to that
9:40 pm
issue, that this is a conversation, we have to have a little conversation about what is happening. it is the most ultimate form of child abuse to dismember a baby, to stop a beating heart in the womb. it is not in any way helpful to humanity to take away the life of an unborn child, we have to give women better alternatives. it is absolutely appropriate that we have this conversation we will have a heavy lift in states like new york, california, vermont. but we are willing to have that
9:41 pm
conversation and we would suggest that both sides do the same. make your case. >> tonight we wait to see exactly what the situation will be. >> in alabama murder suspect. vicki is the assistant corrections professional, she said she was taking this inmate for a mental health evaluation. also no evidence of a romantic relationship between the two, they are not ruling it out, but it is possible that it does exist. and new york to california. lawlessness caught on camera. laura ingle is in new york where
9:42 pm
a group of thugs used a garbage can to attack a man in times square. that evening, laura. >> shannon, a stunning crime caught on camera. the nypd asking for the public's help in identifying three suspects, beating and stabbing at 36-year-old victim right in the middle of manhattan's famed theater district. and it happened 3:15 a.m. approximately in the morning. several others got involved and they are punching and kicking the man. and another suspect stabbed the victim. and then the suspect took off running. the nypd also releasing still images of the suspect hoping to identify them. emergency medical services took them to bellevue hospital where he is in stable condition. tuesday afternoon, the nypd
9:43 pm
releasing the latest crime statistics for the month of april. overall crime in new york city increased by 34.2% compared to the same time one year ago. >> it is a perception among criminals that there is no punishment even among criminals. >> in california the latest statistics show crime is up 10.3%. it has been viewed 1.6 million times. another woman nearby, the women go their separate ways and then it shows them helping themselves, before they run out with stolen goods. a man then runs after them and
9:44 pm
we reached out to law enforcement, no word back. we will have more information as we get it. shannon: with everything going on in the world. my next guest is all about just this. we will be right back after this. on. wait, what? it sounded like you just said an eye drop that may help you see up close. i did. it's an innovative way to... so, wait. i don't always have to wear reading glasses? yeah! vuity™ helps you see up close. so, i can see up close with just my eyes? uh-huh. with one drop in each eye, once daily. in focus? yep. [laughs] like, really? really. vuity™ is a prescription eye drop to help you see up close. ow! wait, what? wait. wait? wait, what? see for yourself. use vuity™ with caution in night driving and hazardous activities in poor light. also, if your vision is not clear,
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>> mother's day is approaching, mothers could feel more challenged than usual with live, love and career. tonight, encouragement from a mother of seven. and much more is featured in this new book called take a breath. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> so when you get to take a breath? >> well, i think all of us as women, even though we have different journeys and stories, we want to do well, we want to have good relationships and finally, we are tired. this is an encouragement to all of those women to know that you are doing well and god is
9:50 pm
speaking to you whether things are peaceful or going well or if you are in a trial. god is speaking to you during those times as well. and at times sometimes you are taken outside of your comfort zone. >> i think that is the point. >> it's about the pause before we speak, what we may regret later, it's asking what is going on, and it's like, god, show me what to do, help me slow down on moments. invite god into those places. shannon: it's an expert book.
9:51 pm
you said i've learned that the right words and right time can be life-giving andmportant, words have the power of life and death. and i have to imagine managing a household with everything else that you do? and i think that that is why there is so much power and forgiveness. and that is definitely the goal. the goal is to invite god in, think about what you are going to say. it does have the power of life and death. >> it can be about having tough conversations with friends, with kids come about issues of race in our country. >> they have a lot of issues and subjects that could be specific.
9:52 pm
across the board, things that people can relate to, whether it's relationships with kids or friends, all of the things that we are experiencing in their own challenges. there are the ideas that we can figure out how to manage those things and with the help of god, when we breathe and his word and are abiding in his word, that gives us encouragement to keep going and helps us to see what is good and what is better. i think that is what we are trying to juggle here, how do i have a good marriage, a good friendship. giving us the opportunity to invite him into those spaces so that we can make choices the way he would want us to. shannon: happy mother's day. >> you as well and thank you for
9:53 pm
having me. shannon: thunder and lightning right there. >> we want to do something special tonight. we want to honor the 250,000 midnight heroes, that's how many veterans including a man we spoke to who is in the same prison cell as the late senator john mccain, he has been able to come to washington dc to see the monument and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> welcome to the memorial. it. >> the time on the memorial, the time on the plane, we hear what others have been through. they get home and they are finally able to hear will what the stories of service are. >> i was 38 years old with john mccain, the world looked different than.
9:54 pm
>> life is special. and you have to make the most of everything. >> for 14 years, i have come down every saturday to meet with the veterans and honor life. i want to get on the bus and say hello to them before they even caught off a lot of times. i was here with them as well. we think this is one of the finest programs that we have ever had. it continues to make such a huge difference to so many people. >> nobody wants to die early. most all americans should stop and think of it, the blood and the people we have lost and the freedom we enjoy. shannon: honor flights are amazing. to cheer and rally these veterans, to honor and salute them. to get a chance to do it. >> when you live here in
9:55 pm
washington, you see them on occasion and you never get tired of it. it is a well-deserved good news good night. shannon: i have a little something for you and your friends. and it's not too late. include your mothers and daughters. all right, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ ♪ usually i'm pretty sure that's not one thing barbecue buffet is the complete opposite of what the barbecue is rocks and barbecue chicken and the most day like my mom deserves the best and the best skin. russ feingold, the chocolate guy, he's it's american david, you said you have to starve yourself to lose weight. did you tell me this ?ul
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