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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 4, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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multiple jurisdiction?um patton says the great -- sanity sam.d william says it is reggie, the thanksgiving day turkey. that is the closest purity turkey has been terrorizing residents on a bike trail drawing blood in fear across state boundaries eluding five agencies from the many jurisdictions. gurfeld is next. >> carley: breaking news this morning capitalist j.d. vance claiming victory in ohio's republican senate primary race after a critical endorsement from former president trump bust into the top of the pack. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: i am joey jones in for todd piro.
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and ohio primary races yesterday clear sight of influence ahead of the midterm elections. and the victory has sent a clear message. >> every day for endorsing but i have to say, a lot of social media out there and there are some good moments out there and some bad ones too. but they wanted to provide a story that this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america. >> joey: brooke singman is live with the details, good morning, brooke. >> hey, good morning, guys. a big night for a while and all 14 endorsed by the president winning the primary that includes author of the best-selling memoir "adventure capitalist j.d. vance." he clutched out of a crowded senate primary. listen to this. >> this campaign i think was a
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referendum what kind of republican party we want what kind of country we want. do we want a republican party that stands for the donors who writes checks to the crawford grove or do we want it for the people in ohio? ladies and gentlemen, we just answer the question. >> j.d. vance goes head-to-head with long time ryan who won the democratic nomination. >> the work is just beginning. the fight is just beginning. we are going to heal the country, he'll ohio and heal the united states of america. >> and the state's gubernatorial, republican governor mike winning the nomination calling and honor and a privilege. former dayton mayor won the democratic gubernatorial primary. congresswoman brown endorsed by president biden headed off her progressive challenger tina norton dominic turner, and
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bernie sanders, but 20,000 votes short. carley, joey. >> carley: all right, brooke, thank you so much, they can news and in ohio and the race to watch was j.d. vance. on a national level, everybody wanted to see if he still had the juice still to sway voters. and apparently does. ohio a state like georgia possibly different. >> georgia is different and maybe not so much on the governor race, but take a look at fox news poll's. we have a batch of men and president biden, 46% of voters refer republican congressional candidates over democrats ahead of the midterm and this will be a 40 seat swing which is really big. >> carley: wow! >> joey: 11 seat swing in the senate and bigger there. >> carley: fox news has a republican and democratic poster conducting the polls and they
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are in shock. the congressional ballot numbers, highly correlates with changes partisan distribution seat and may bounce around the next few months. here is the key. if we see seven-point republican advantages international vote this fall, we will see a wave election for the g.o.p. so things look like they do today in november, it is going to be a red wave. here are two more holes that won't surprise you, 87% of voters say they are extremely very concerned about inflation and check out this one right here. these numbers 67% disapprove president biden's job performance on inflation. only 28% think he is doing a good job on that front. so the numbers go on and on. conditions on the economy only 21% of people say excellent or good shape, 77% say fair or poor.
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>> joey: know what's not on the list? the abortion issue. so maybe democrats can bring that football into the race and get some yardage. i don't know if they can. it may not be enough but energize the voters in a way they haven't had an issue and obviously that is bigger news. >> carley: we will get to it right now actually because we have a fox news alert roe vs. wade in los angeles sleeping one officer injured and up to 400 people marching for the demonstration turned in clashes with police overnight. the group overtaking intersection and throwing rocks and bottles at officers purity citywide technical alert was temporarily issued, but businesses, some businesses rather, one police car was also damaged. and that injured officer was treated for his injuries and released and one suspect is in custody but things did get violent in los angeles. similar protests erupting across
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the country as chief supreme court justice john roberts with a full investigation into the leak of the high court opinion overturning roe vs. wade. >> joey: let's bring in doug luzader with mark, good morning, doug. >> joey, carley, good morning. invalid, but it does not reflect the final opinion of the courts. nevertheless as you have just seen, their protests around the country announce what many see as an assault on abortion rights. the president says it underscores the importance of electing pro-choice candidates for the midterm elections. >> the rationale decision, we will be sustained. a whole range of rights and questions. it will be a fundamental shift in what we have done. so it goes far beyond, in my view, if it becomes law and what is written and remains here it goes far beyond the concern of whether or not they will choose.
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>> in the meantime at the courts, the mystery continues. who leaked the draft opinion? chief justice john roberts issued a statement saying this "to the extent of betrayal the confidence of the court to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed." the work of the court will not be affected in any way. and republicans are incensed over the leak. >> for years, the radical left has attacked the institution on the supreme court. last night, it appears the campaign hit a new low. the radical left immediately rallied around him the toxic stunt pier of the cheerleaders for partisan court packing applauded what they suggested was the work of "a brave clerk." >> and finally, where to register voters and in all of this? a new fox poll's asking where americans are on abortion. 50% support abortion pans after
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six weeks. that number goes up to 54% after 15 weeks. yet, look at this next pole should roe v. wade stand? 63% now say yes. ultimately though, that is the supreme court to decide when the final decision is released maybe sometime june or july if not earlier. that is a big question is welcome at julie doe mike, carley. >> joey: democrats are a torquing the mic attacking legitimacy of supreme court and modern members of their own party. >> carley: marianne rafferty joins us to explain, marianne, good morning. >> carley, joey attacking the supreme court's legitimacy and members of their own party after that leaked draft signaling roe v. wade could be overturned. >> these justices are acting like this is somehow something that they have the right to change. they do not have the right to
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change this. >> squad member aoc calling for kyrsten sinema to lose her seat the primary challenge over opposition to end the filibuster saying "we can protects before tomorrow but the senate refuses to act on the filibuster. until that changes, she can take a seat talking about women's access to health care holding everyone contributed to the g.o.p. and obstructionists included, she should be primary." senator joe manchin indicated he would not support changing the rules to pass abortion laws says "the filibuster is the only protection we have in democracy. we have protected women's rights with the filibuster." vice president kamala harris with angry course of other democrats who are slamming the possibility of striking down the decision that legalized abortion. >> republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women. well, we say, how dare they!
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>> in massachusetts senator elizabeth warren accusing conservatives of conspiracy. >> republicans have been working towards this day for decades. they have been out there applauding and the supreme court justice who have accomplished something, the majority of americans do not want. >> but republicans are fighting back. senator lindsey graham said biden has surrendered to the extreme left. >> what happen's joe biden got hijacked by the most radical people in the country. he is capture their interest in what happen in the court today was the saddest chapter in the history of the united states supreme court. >> fox news own mark levin is railing against the far left effort to overturn the leaked decision. >> this is not the united states and the democrat party. this is the united states of america. we are the american people that have a say what goes on in our
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country. keep your hands off of our constitution! >> and some democrats have also resurfaced the idea of packing the court. back to you carley and joey. >> carley: are right rafferty you live for you, thank you so much. let's bring in mark smith, good morning, john roberts released a statement that says "the work of the court will not be affected in any way. this was singular and egregious breach of that trust that is affirmed the court and the community of public service who work there. mark, what is going on behind the scenes at the supreme court today? how are these justices handling this leak and this leaker with their respective staff? >> well come i think it is very difficult for the justices because remember the justices have a lot of work and they rely heavily on their law clerks to help draft opinions, to change
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ideas, to communicate with the other chambers. so i think certainly every justice in that building has to ask, well, who did this? is this person still among ghosts, which obviously the answer is yes. what does that mean in terms of deliberations? can we continue to involve the clerks in this work? they have to involve the clerks in this work because there is too much work to do it by themselves. i think the other thing going on though is chief justice roberts says, he is launching an investigation using the court security services. they have about 250 security officers there at the supreme court. and they have launch this investigation, which i'm sure will involve the review of electronic records, probably who came and went into the building and possibly even cell phones. and keep this in mind that unlike normal civil servants
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that have the protection of the civil service act the law clerks and the people that we will see if the supreme court building don't necessarily have that, which means that when the marshal asked them questions, were you involved in this? did you do this? if they don't answer those questions where they refused to cooperate, that might be grounds for immediate dismissal of that job right then and there. of course, the leaker is involved and lies to the investigators, that could be a crime under 1,001 which says you are not allowed to lie to federal officials in the context of an investigation and beyond that. so somebody, if they are in the building and did this and they'll lie about it to federal investigators can be in hot water which is why often people say the the cover-up is worse than the crime. >> joey: markham of the leak is one issue but roe vs. wade itself and the potential decisions the supreme court migt make, have they always been controversial as it seems today? president biden with strong protest and self.
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look at his comments back in 2006. >> i do not view abortion as a choice. i think it is a tragedy and i think it should be rare and safe. i think we should be focusing on how to limit the number of abortions. i'm the odd man out and my party. i do not vote for funding and abortion. >> real quick can you explain what the supreme court not the part of some part but the supreme court may see as though wrongfulness of roe vs. wade? and how is it not in line with the constitution? >> well when the u.s. supreme court tries to determine if there is a constitutional right, they should be protected against the democratic process. they look first to the text of the constitution to see if there is something there. when you read the constitution bill of rights, there is no reference to abortion obviously. so then they look to the history of the united states to see if there is some value or deeply rooted in american history going
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all the way back to the founding or perhaps the 14th amendment of the 19th century to see if there are some other right not mention in the constitution but viewed as a fundamental right. when they performed that historical analysis, the reality is even an as late as 1973 with a roe v. wade decision issued from approximately 30 states had major restrictions on abortion. it was never viewed as a right. so, this is why people even on the left, accused the dash lawyers in black robes, if you will basically imposing policy choice on the entire country that even ruth bader ginsburg's office was not appropriate. the two mark, still a big gift because we don't know, roe vs. wade if it is overturned, that means each state would get to decide their own abortion laws. but then you hear people like senator bernie sanders.
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so, what if congress does move to codify roe vs. wade on the federal level? then you have the federal government saying one thing. the state saying something else. then what happens? >> if there is a conflict between federal law and state law, the constitution addresses this with what is known as the supremacy clause with a conflict between federal law and state welcome within federal law controls. of course, realistically come i don't know how realistic it is that you can have any kind of major national legislation involving abortion given the current situation in washington. if that were to occur, the federal law would trump unique and consistent state laws. >> yeah, i completely agree with you there. calls to filibuster that we have gone down that road before in recent history. it is not going to happen. mark, thank you for joining us. >> think you. >> carley: all right former secretary hillary clinton getting mocked online for photo
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showing her mask list at the gaa and radio host aryeh hoffman said the elite at the met gala, this picture sums it up. her first time at the star-studded event in 20 years. >> joey: the biden administration new executive director of misinformation governance board makes her tiktok account private. coming after nina janco with criticize online for tiktok calling herself the mary poppins of disinformation. watch. ♪ ♪ >> joey: that will stick with the all day and the disinformation board was criticized by many the social media history with numerous left wing opinions.
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while the video shows a group of looters cleaning out a california walgreens and the other shoppers don't seem fazed because lawlessness is the norm now. our next guest is running for attorney general and wants to change just that. space that. >> carley: >> carley: we have seen images like that and still happening. part of the jam packed show for you today. former supreme court clerk, texas attorney general ken paxton, brian brenberg, sean duffy coming up on "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪ fferentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> joey: masked madness with the cdc recommendations we recommend re-masking americans older than two on planes, trains and buses. the recommendation this week after striking down federal mandate requiring the same thing last month. as of now, the recommendation will not be legally enforced, but the doj could file an appeal to change just that. and that comes as we are learning to cdc reportedly
1:24 am
brought access to the excess location data of tens of millions of american cell phones to see who is complying with covid lockdowns. documents obtained by the cdc paid $420,000 to use that harvested controversial data broker to compare americans mobility patterns to rise in covid cases. the documents also state the cdc plans to use the data to "support noncovid-19 public health priorities." >> carley: california senate is shrinking once again as the exodus from the golden state showing no signs of slowing. nathan hoffman a candidate for the attorney general is here to react. nathan, good morning to you. in 2020 last year california lost 280,000 residents. in 2022 so far, california has lost another 117,552. why are so many people leaving
1:25 am
california? >> well, thank you, ken, carley for having me on. i think what is happening people used to come to california because it is where they pursue their dreams. unfortunately the nightmares are taking over. you have exploding violent and street crime. you have homelessness at an all-time high. in fact, quarter of the homeless population in california the entire nation. the fentanyl poisoning is going to kill more californians in cities then covid appeared this toxic mixture as a result of people leaving, hundreds of thousands of people leaving the state of california. in fact we lost congressional seat in the last redistricting. >> carley: the cities that lost the most san francisco, los angeles, new york, new york, across the board nationally. those are blue states course in the city that gained most residents of miami, phoenix, tampa all red states. this is an example of people voting with what they see? >> absolutely.
1:26 am
i think when people see the atmosphere, the culture around them and particularly los angeles and san francisco, they see a spiral of lawlessness going on where you have one person, for instance, not running out of the cds and stealing $950. nuc three people running out of walgreens, 80 people running out of nordstrom's and smash and grab properties, train robberies and double-digit rising crime spirit that is toxic mixture for people to leae the state and vote with their feet rather than stay. >> carley: a video that recently came and choked a group of people in walgreens polluting the store putting as much as they can into their bags. here in the video the cashier says to them "get a job." one of the criminals shouts at him. property crime in general, and
1:27 am
how bad do you think things need to get before people start voting differently? >> you know i'm i think what is happening is a wake-up call for the entire estate, not just republicans but democrats and independents as well. they look out there a door and they are afraid appear they are frustrated and they are fed up. they cannot send their children out at nights. there children and they are worried about their neighbors. this is part of the reason i'm running for attorney general in 2022 election. >> carley: because you are running for attorney general, i wanted to ask about this interesting story i was reading about yesterday also happening in san francisco. there were four drug dealers that san francisco tried to ban from entering the district of the city, which is this area infected with crime and drug addiction. a california appeals court blocked that move saying it infringes on their constitutional right to travel. how do you feel about that relinquished mark and also if we are talking about drug dealers,
1:28 am
why aren't they in jail? >> that is exactly how i feel about that ruling. if the police would actually do their job and arrest drug dealers, trafficking narcotics are open on the streets and then have the prosecutors do their job and not just give no bail and let them out by nightfall and then actually do the sentencing that the laws carry out, you won't have a problem with drug dealers going to and from a particular area because they will be in state prison. they can walk around as much as they want in state prison. >> carley: are the smash-and-grab robberies still happening in california? we cover that a lot last year. >> they are. it has gotten to the point there are so many of them the media does not cover them as much anymore because it's been covered before. the smash-and-grab robberies and the follow home robberies. we had 17 gangs operating in los angeles where they go and cruise three to five cars and follow people home, still their
1:29 am
wallets, purses, personal property. nowadays, they are using guns because they know even if they are rested, they will be out by nightfall. >> carley: nathan hoffman, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. staying up early or staying up late, however you look at it. but a democrat judge is urging president biden to visit the southern border and the crisis first hand before opening the floodgates and repelling title 42. more on the latest warning from the white house. to be when we were talking about this earlier inflation is a top concern for voters heading into the midterms. experts say they are here to say no matter what the white house says. brian brenberg will be here with advice to keep you from breaking the bank. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: majority of
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americans want title 42 border restrictions to remain in place. a fox news poll showing 63% of registered voters want the restrictions to stay. even a democratic judge in texas is speaking out writing a a letter to president biden "a unique crossroads of national security and economic consideration. it is with this in mind i write to you to invite you to visit our border community before the administration makes any substantial changes to current border policy." we will wait to see if the administration response to that invitation. president biden claiming more rights are at stake after the leak of the supreme court draft opinion roe vs. wade. speak with decision holds, it is part of a radical decision. does this mean florida they will decide to pass the law saying that same-sex matter is not admissible? a shift in american history.
1:36 am
>> joey: the pro-life strategist, good morning, alison howard. >> good morning. >> joey: the majority leader chuck schumer warning about the g.o.p. >> this is not your grandfather's republican party, america but it's donald trump's republican party. it is a right wing republican party. it is a party where your children will have less rights than you do. they went so democrats are kind of taking the length that this is opening pandora's box, saying if roe vs. wade is overturned from a lot of other things out there at stake, but i believe you are saying this is a very big issue and does not put other things like gay marriage at risk. >> absolutely, joey. as a new mom i know a distraction when i see one. this is joe biden and others looking to divert attention away from the issue at hand. the case is clear and draft opinion that we have seen is
1:37 am
very clear to say abortion is different than any other "fundamental right that the court has found." in abortion kills a human being. there is nothing radical, joe biden, there is nothing radical about allowing states to protect innocent children. that is what the core may allow is this draft opinion, if, in fact, whatever they end up deciding. and the left is using their time, talent, energy and fund-raising to again try to secure a so-called right to abortion instead of working together with the pro-life movement. there are so many issues. you guys have covered this before, that we could work to help women and children and to fund adoption, foster care, dress mortality, and the country but instead all of this in the left goes to make sure that women are yet again -- >> carley: alison roe vs. wade up to six months of pregnancy
1:38 am
and if you look at six-month sonogram, you see a baby with ten fingers, ten toes and already forming fingerprints. they have an identity. and you think about that image of a baby that looks like it could survive that. and then you think about aggressive energy from the pro-choice movement that feels like it is their fundamental right to have an abortion, where does that energy come from? >> the outcome i think we are seeing right now is the truth that so many have no idea what roe v. wade did in this country, which as you are pointing out abortion through nine months really. and across the country. they have no idea what happens when roe v. wade is overturned. abortion does not become illegal. it goes back to the state and the debate continues. we need to have the debate. i see it myself debate changes hearts and minds. people have no idea what abortion is or does to that child.
1:39 am
once they take 3 minutes to understand that permit changes the game for them. they largely have compassion for the child and want to see restrictions in place, which is really good. our contribution guarantees the right to life. we need to make sure it applies to all children. it hasn't been working, by the way, i must point out to greet 3,000 research centers across the country outnumbering abortion centers. we have great groups ready to help with foster care, adoption and that is the way forward, lifeline children services to make sure we are filling in the gap. so no matter what happens in d.c. at the supreme court or congress, it is up to us to take pro-life action l. >> joey: ellison, some people's life pro-life, pro-choice from religion too experienced to their own children or experience of a single mom. but we talk about where america is on this issue, we kind of have two here where the polls in pro-choice people are saying two things at once. first, they are saying america
1:40 am
supports abortion and then they say if overturned state legislatures all over the country will ban abortion. but from what i understand, if we look at congressional, democrats don't have the votes even though they are calling to pass something that would be binding across the country. >> you are absolutely right, joey. it is a nonstarter and we don't have the votes to pass legislation to save roe. they will try to change the rules to do that. but pro-life legislatures and we need to meet the determination and dedication to see this through, to make sure that we stay strong in state legislatures do the right thing. they protect every individual human life and they are working at the same time to protect women and mom in their communities. this is all about support. it is all about making sure women know their options. i have talked to many single moms, postabortion women across the board with this to group
1:41 am
group of people and 40 years of this terrible, terrible position. 60 million babies lives lost and countless men and women hurt and lost their chance at fatherhood. i know them and i know you know them. this is the time for us to step in and say, roe has got to go. >> carley: absolutely watch whenever it does come down, alison howard, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: we have more news to get to fox news to seek the death penalty against lori vallow guilty of murdering her two children. and explaining the decision calling the killings "especially heinous and atrocious." in new court documents, they went missing in 2019. the bodies were found of burned and buried in an idaho property and nine months later,
1:42 am
convicted. the prosecutors will seek the death penalty against her husband chad to follow. we went newly surveillance video shows the corrections officers thinking a capital murder suspect out of jail on friday. the u.s. marshals on a manhunt for vicki and casey white. the two are not related. the police say the two "a special relationship and the officer vicki white is known and the officer in 6'9" armed with an ar-15 and shotgun. casey white was arrested in 2015 for a crime spree with shooting of his ex-girlfriend. he previously told the police he would kill her if released. and white confessed to the stabbing death of 58-year-old woman. >> carley: all right actor johnny depp's legal team rested its case after weeks of trial in defamation case against amber heard. the lawyer made a last ditch effort to have johnny depp's
1:43 am
defamation case dismissed claiming factor had not proven its claim prompting this explosive moment in court. watch this. >> the court should deny amber heard's motion to strike. she is the abuser in this courtroom. speed to the judge went on to deny amber heard's request allowing the trial to continue. amber heard is expected to take the stand herself later today. violent crime, criminals turning new york city into a total nightmare. instead of hitting the streets with the nypd mayor eric adams hits the red carpet with hollywood elite to make a political statement. >> joey: we are asking new york city transit cop what he thinks about the mayor's met daily message right here. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: back with a fox news alert, north korea launching another ballistic missile. japan and south korea officials say it was fire from pyongyang region into the sea of japan appear the test came days after north korea leader kim jong un to strengthen arsenal. "at the fastest pace possible" and threatened to use them
1:49 am
against rivals. this is the country's 14th round of weapons firing this year. explosions rock in ukrainian city of lviv causing widespread power outages as russian forces continue to storm a steel plant in mariupol putting civilians trying to effectuate and endanger. >> joey: matt finn live with more, matt. >> joey and carley, a fresh wave of missile strikes all across the country yesterday, including right here in lviv. our crews heard the loud blast inside the building where we are. we looked outside and salt a thick black smoke building across the city. here is the latest what we know right now. russia's defense ministry claimed it hit six railway stations in ukraine that are being used to supply ukrainian forces with foreign weapons. ukraine's national railway also reports six real locations were hit causing significant damage. here in the lviv region, officials say three electrical
1:50 am
substations were hit causing damage and power outages and injuring two people. the railways and utilities have been major targets here and across ukraine not only to supplies but terrorize refugees and passengers fear the governor of the eastern spf 15 region, killed 21 people yesterday unbiased number of known fataliy since april 8th. and we also have updates from mariupol people living in tunnels for more. and russia bombed from above. they are running out of medicine and food. survivors go above ground for water could be a death wish. mariupol regional governor says a new convoy left the city today in a new attempt by ukraine, the u.n. and the red cross to evacuate civilians. it is not confirmed how many buses there are or how many people rescued from the plant, but president zelenskyy's last update, 156 people in total were rescued from that area. because you can imagine how
1:51 am
scary it is when you sit in a shelter in a wet and damp basement which is bouncing, shaking. when we were able to go outside this week them i saw the sun for the second time in two months. >> yesterday president biden visited in alabama where he praised the workers telling them as they are making weapons, they are making it possible for ukrainians to defend themselves and ukrainians are making a fool of the russians. the europeans top official has called for all 27 countries to agree on banning imports of russian oil. that's got to be difficult, the leader said, because many countries are landlocked and heavily dependent on russian energy. back to you guys in new york. >> joey: thanks, matt. jw cortes a police instructor and actor of the marine corps veteran, jw think you and welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me.
1:52 am
>> joey: let's address the argument saying putin made a mistake in ukraine. >> one of the greatest feeds of the 20th century, the 21st century. and you achieve something deeper and perhaps equally significant. you expose the historic folly that putin has made. >> joey: jw, you are a marine corps veteran appeared you were in the invasion in iraq and seen everything play out with ukraine. given your take on this, this is unlike anything in the 21st century. >> i think he is absolutely right. we see the resiliency of the people who refuse to give up. i don't know if putin really thought this would play out the way you ask, but it has peer of the is watching. and someone write that history and pretty impressed with the story. we can definitely take some inspiration from that at a time
1:53 am
when we are still divided. we can come together in this way, then we can do amazing things. >> joey: you have led marines in iraq and also police officers in the state of new york. we have another topic, new york city mayor adams wore a tuxedo that said "and gun violence" i guess it was a fashion statement. to me, who is he talking to if not himself? >> i think it is incredibly insensitive. just the other day he was at another news conference where a boy was killed in the streets of new york city. the family still grieving, obviously will see this mayor wearing dispatch sewn onto the back of thinking that will somehow move the dialog and get the police to do what they need to do. i think it is pretty insensitive and just inaccurate at this point. >> joey: you are an actor and been on a hit tv show but still a police officer. you have a passion to serve the community. it seems to me like the mayor
1:54 am
wants to be a celebrity and i guess being a police officer, but it seems to me you have things in common but more simple. >> there is a time and place for everything. we definitely want to celebrate the good that is what new york city represents. i get that part of it. but i think the timing is so off. if you wanted to make a statement, why not stand outside of the met gala, hold a press conference and hold their feet to the fire where these celebrities are so woke up your let's get them on board. why not go from that gala and visit hard places of new york city like brooklyn and let's go there and hold met gala event there. >> joey: is a police officer, and so many ways come as a police officer, does the mayor still have the police officers r has he lost them? where are we at with this? >> it is a slippery slope but ii will speak honestly, morale is at an all-time low. the cops, just close to
1:55 am
3,000 pounds off the streets of new york city in the last several months. but you know, you are asking cops who don't have the support of the community and of the elected officials to still run into the fire and do their jobs. >> joey: listen, you are out here doing the job and you served your country, city, and state. thank you so much and i hope guys and gals can support your need. carley come over to you. >> carley: thank you joey appear at the far left and attacking integrity of the supreme court after unprecedented roe vs. wade leak. the democrats trying to kill the filibuster to override justices. but this isn't the first time they have threatened to do this when they haven't gotten their way. >> i want to tell you how i want to tell you brett kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. >> carley: jamil jaffer and neil gorsuch joins us live coming up next. texas attorney general ken
1:56 am
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>> carley: breaking news, vance, claiming victory in the republican senate primary race after critical endorsement of former president trump bumped him to the top of the pack


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