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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 4, 2022 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> carley: breaking news, vance, claiming victory in the republican senate primary race after critical endorsement of former president trump bumped him to the top of the pack.
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you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: and i'm joey jones. 45th president running the table yesterday. [loud music] victory sends a clear message. >> i have to say, a lot of media out there -- [music] -- >> this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america first, ladies and gentlemen, it ain't the death of the america. >> joey: brooke singman is live with more on this. >> brooke: good morning, that is right, it was a big night for trump-backed candidates, all 22 endorsed by the former president winning their primary, including
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jknow.d. vance. >> this campaign, i really think was referendum on what kind of republican party we and want what kind of country we want. do we want a republican party for the people right here in ohio? ladies and gentlemen, we just answered the question. >> brooke: vance goes head-to-head with tim ryan who won the democratic nomination. >> the work is just beginning, the fight is just beginning. we're going to heal the country, heal ohio and heal the united states of america. >> brooke: in the state's gubernatorial race mike dewine winning renomination, calling it an honor and privilege, he will face off against nan raley and
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congresswoman brown was endorsed by president biden fends off nina turner, who came up 20,000 votes short of brown. >> joey: thanks, brooke. trump effect in full swing in ohio. i think president trump certainly is a factor, but i inflation and voters are going to vote for who they think can get us out of the mess. >> carley: fox news polls do not look good for president biden. 46% of voters prefer republican congressional candidates over democrats ahead of midterm. fox's model suggests this would be a 44-seat swing in the house and an 11-seat swing in the senate. this is, of course, if the elections were held today.
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but look at that seven-point gap between republican candidates and democratic candidates and it feels like the people are speaking. they are not happy. >> joey: republicans have momentum on their side. >> carley: majority of americans want title 42 to remain in place. 63% of registered voters want the restrictions to stay, even a democratic judge in texas is speaking out, writing in a letter to president biden, hidalgo county is at crossroads of national security, with this in mind, i write you to visit our border community before your administration makes any substantial changes to current border policy. >> joey: mask madness continues, cdc recommending remasking
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americans on planes, trains and buses, recommendation coming just weeks after a judge struck down federal mandate requiring the same thing last month. as of now, the recommendation is not legally enforced, but the doj could file an appeal to change that. >> carley: the thing people are concerned least about, the coronavirus pandemic, masking message is lost on people. >> joey: inflation, border, war in ukraine, those are big things, it is hard to believe the pandemic was just a few months ago. >> carley: dave chapelle -- tackle him while he was performing in los angeles. did you see this? we have breaking details and the video from the chaotic scene.
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switch today. >> carley: roe v. wade protest breaking out in downtown los angeles, leaving one officer injured. up to 400 people were marching when the demonstration turned into clashes with police overnight. the group overtaking an intersection, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers.
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an alert was temporarily issued. businesses and one policemen was damaged. one suspect is in custody. similar protests erupt across the country as chief john roberts calls for a full investigation into the leak of the draft opinion overturning roe v. wade. >> joey: doug luzader has more. doug. >> doug: there is the leak and the draft opinion, both may reverberate for years to come. president biden weighed in just before he boarded air force one yesterday. >> president biden: if the rationale of the decision as released were to be sustained, whole range of rights are in question, would be shift in what we've done, it goes far beyond, in my view, if it becomes a law and if what is written is what
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remains. goes far beyond concern of whether or not there is right to choose. >> doug: at the supreme court, chief justice john roberts instructed the marshal to investigate. to the extent this betrayal was intended to undermine integrity of the operation, it will not succeed, the work of the court will not be affects in any way. many republicans say the move was a move to intimidate the court. >> for years, the radical left attacked institution of the supreme court. last night it appears our campaign hit a new low. radical left rallied around the toxic stunts, the cheerleaders for partisan court packing applauded what they suggested was the work of "a brave clerk."
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>> doug: beyond the leak, new fox news polling numbers on abortion there is support for roe, 63% say the decision should stand, when you get into the specifics on bans, there is nuance, should abortion be banned after six months? 53% say yes. all this depends on contour of the final decision from the court which may not be released until june or july, back to you, dpies. >> joey: thanks, doug. let's bring in jamil jaffer. good morning. >> good morning, how are you, joey? >> joey: take a look at this scotus blog. this leak is the gravest, most unforgivable sin. obviously the issue of abortion
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is contlo versial and now talking about the actual issue of a leak, regardless of the topic, this is unprecedented and we don't know the fallout that could come from this. >> that is right. within challenge is on rare occasions in the past at supreme court, we have seen leaks of outcomes of races. it is rare and unusual, but has hatched in the past. what is unprecedented about this leak, the idea that a draft opinion would leak ahead of time before the official release by the court. it raises questions about what is motive of the leakers, why would they do this? is goal to put pressure on the justices, majority to get them to change their mind, threaten them? it is disturbing. change the way the justices and staff of the court treat one another and how they circulate opinions and the like could be destructive for the court and the court finding a path forward
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to get the law assessed and analyzed with the laws of the united states. >> carley: you have the leak and the reaction to it, so much enflamed rhetoric coming from the left. two years ago, senator chuck chuck schumer threatened your former boss gorsuch and justice kavanaugh. remember this? watch. >> they are taking away fundamental rights. i want to tell gorsuch and kavanaugh, you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price, you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> carley: we are watching these tactics again in los angeles, a police officer injured and businesses damaged during protests last night. why the aggression over this issue? >> doug: a hot leaked controversial issue and the
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american body politics for many decades, but the idea supreme court justices would be threatened by a sitting u.s. senator and who knows what he meant by that, it was certainly not anything good and creates a culture that is problematic. we've seen this from left and right when it comes to highly contro versial issues. it is discord that caused us to be at one another's throats. we need to come together and solve the problems, best way to do that at the ballot box. >> carley: absolutely, the best way to get your voice heard. jamil jaffer, thank you for joining us this morning. to a fox news alert, total chaos at dave chapelle's show last night. a man jumped on stage and tried to attack the comedian before being swarmed by security
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guards. this is not the first time we've seen a comedian attacked. we'll talk to joe concha about all of this next.
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>> carley: stunning video shows a trio of scenes, emptying shells at san francisco walgreens before walking out in broad daylight. california attorney general candidate joined us earlier to react to the lawlessness. >> it is a wake-up call for the entire state, people look out their door and they are afraid. they can't send their children out, they are worried for their neighbors. >> carley: san francisco experiences 10% rise in property crime, compared to last year. it is only getting worse over there.
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comedian dave chappelle getting tackleod stage while performing at the iconic hollywood bowl in los angeles. you see the man surrounded by security. other footage shows the attacker being treated by first responders. fans were booing and cursing at him as he was carted off in an ambulance. chappelle reportedly remained on the stage after the attack and thanked the security. >> joey: is this something we have to worry about, the chris rock and will smith thing and now immediately after dave chappelle gets attacked at the hollywood bowl of all places. >> joe: i love the precedent this may set, if you do this, you will end up in the hospital and i'm glad this guy got the you-know-what beat out of him. he handled it perfectly and laugh today off.
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this is something some comedians feared after what will smith did. if you disagree with a joke, you can go up on stage and start physically attacking comedians for doing their job. jamie fox, for every comedian that comes out here, this means everything, we will not let anything happen to you. fox jumped up on stage. i don't know if you have seen jamie fox, not somebody you want to get in a night with. you go on stage or try to go after any performer, you will end up drinking your lunch out of a tube for a while. >> carley: this is a wild scene. dave chappelle is the biggest camedian on the planet and gets attacked. also, chris rock was there, he gave on stage and gave chappelle a hug and he goes, will, was that you, joking about will
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smith. joe, we don't know why this person jumped on stage and started attacking dave chappelle. you have to oneder if it was politically motivated. there were calls for him to get cancelled from netflix, people tried to get him cancelled, claiming he was anti-lgbtq. >> joe: dave chappelle said, i'm loving it, he didn't apologize or say i will not do jokes about this or that, that is the thing about being a comedian, have you to be fearless and dave chappelle is equal opportunity offender. the night i got engaged, i took my fiance to a performance and dave chappelle jumpod stage. it was first time he came out,
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this is my dave chappelle story. he looked at the ring and said, you going to be poor for a long time. >> carley: you must have been on cloud nine that night. >> joey: talk about something else that has people's passions riled up and craziness surrounding supreme court leak. when joe biden was a senator, he backed an amendment to -- roe v. wade >> it is not a choice and right, it is always a tragedy, i think it should be rare and safe. we should focus on how to limit the number of abortions. i'm odd man out in my paefrt, i do not vote for funding for abortion. >> joey: the media has gone
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buzerk, screaming doomsday, saying gates of hell have been opened by president trump. president biden is not a one-sided person on this, do you think the rest of the country is where joe biden was then? >> joe: what was that? the place is falling apart. piro is not there and the place falls apart. joe biden has changed his mind on a lot of things, he was for a border wall and now against it. president biden would hold protests against if it was enforced now. this is joe biden, he does whatever is expediently for him. this is classic case. remember joe biden was against gay marriage and he evolved on the issue. it is not flip flopping, it is
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evolving, classic biden here. >> joey: we will try to keep the studio together for a while longer, thanks for joining us. >> carley: what an iconic hit, dave chappelle and supreme court in four minutes, that's a first. >> joe: and carley, not a party until something breaks to quote st. elmo's fire, rob lowe, one time. >> carley: we got to go. bye. >> joey: senior meteorologist, the amazing janice dean is here. >> carley: incomparable. >> janice: you could have blamed me, blame the weather lady. just kidding. a lot of people are not loving the weather. potential for severe weather again, in the northeast, we have rain in the forecast. the northeast, yep, we have showers and thunderstorms here and then we have this area of low pressure that is going to eject into the planes.
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behind it, cold enough for snow in the rockies and severe storms fire up later this afternoon and into the evening and overnight into thursday in the mississippi river valley. look at future track on wednesday and thursday, we could see hail, damaging winds, tornados. this is the bullseye, we could see tornados, texas into oklahoma and oklahoma city was hard hit this past weekend and threat moves to mississippi river valley tomorrow and then the rain comes over the next couple days. we could see potential for flash flooding and we have a flood alert for texas, oklahoma and toward kansas and missouri. you can see the snow. if you're a skier, i guess you like this. >> carley: does it know it is may? by "it," i mean, where i'm from.
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in canada, it shows on mother's day. >> joey: tornados in tornado alley. >> janice: hold my beer. >> carley: bye. texas is one of several states defending the right to life and fighting to give back power to voters on the issue of roe v. wade. >> joey: texas attorney general paxton joins us next. kpaxton jo. . . welcome to the next level. this is the lexus nx with intuitive tech... (beeps) car: watch for traffic ...and our most advanced safety system ever. ♪ ♪
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>> joey: fox news alert, explosions rocking lviv, causing widespread power outages and infrastructure damage. celebrating strength of the ukrainian people during constant attacks. >> we are seeing resiliency of people who refuse to give up. i don't know if putin thought this would play out the way it has. i think we can definitely take inspiration from that. >> joey: russian forces continue their assault on mariupol, as the un and red cross have been able to start evacuations there. civilians have been living inside tunnels for months. >> carley: another fox news alert. north korea launching another ballistic missile. japan and south korea say it was fired into pyongyang.
2:33 am
yoon suk-yeol vowed to strengthen his nuclear arsenal, threatening to use them against rivals, this is the country's 14th wound of weapons testing this year. now to this, democrats -- supreme court and moderate members of their own party in the aftermath of the supreme court roe v. wade leak. >> joey: marianne joins us live from los angeles to explain. marianne. >> marianne: democrats are attacking the supreme court's legitimacy and members of their own party after they signalled roe v. wade could be overturned. >> the justices are acting like this is something they have the right to change. they do not have the right to change this. >> marianne: squad member aoc calling for kyrsten sinema to lose her seat over her opposition to ending the
2:34 am
filibuster saying, we could protect roe tomorrow, until that changes, she can take a seat, talking to women's access to healthcare. hold everyone accountable, gop and dem obstructionists included, she should be primaried. senator joe manchin says he would not change the rule, filibuster is only protection in democracy, we protected women's rights with filibuster. kamala harris joining angry chorus of democrats slamming possibility of striking down the decision that legalized abortion. >> republican leaders are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women. we say, how dare they. >> marianne: and elizabeth warren accusing conservatives of conspiracy. >> republicans working toward this day for decades, they have
2:35 am
been out there plotting, terribly cull tivating the supreme court justices who have accomplished something that majority of americans do not want. >> marianne: republicans are fighting back, senator lindsey graham saying president biden surrendered to the extreme left? joe biden got hijacked by the most radical people in the country, what happened to the court today was saddest chapter of the history of the supreme court. >> marianne: fox news' mark levin is reeling against the leaked decision. >> this is not the united states of the democratic party, this is united states of america and we have a say what goes on in our country. keep your hands off our constitution. >> marianne: democrats resurfaced the idea of packing the court. back to you, carley and joey
2:36 am
6789 >> joey: thank you. texas attorney general ken paxton led in opposition of the abortion law in july. good morning. >> good morning. >> joey: so this supreme court decision, potential decision leaked, does this give you what you all are asking for? does it give you response to roe v. wade that you have challenged? >> yeah, this is half the state asking for this, we made the simple argument that the supreme court took over something 50 years ago they didn't have the right to take over and they've done a poor job at it, changed the law over and over, there is no certainty for states. they should get out of the business of writing laws, it is not their job under constitution unless the state makes decisions. if massachusetts wants to pass the law, it is up to massachusetts. if texas wants to pass more restrictive order, they can do that.
2:37 am
people can decide where they want to live based on the laws of this state. >> joey: you are arguing this is a state issue, roe v. wade was overreach and made a federal or law of the land, something not in the constitution. democratic governors, they are vowing to defend abortion and have a much different reaction. kathy hockum says i refuse to allow my granddaughter to fight for -- supreme court that does not value the rights of women and political minority that will stop at nothing to take the rights away and new jersey governor phil murphy says monday, truly dark day in america, new jersey will not go backwards on reproductive rights. you are attorney general of a red state, texas, with nearly half the states in the country, you are fighting for this. where do you land on this
2:38 am
compared to where democratic states are and do you think this will end in federal legislation? >> i'm states right guy, i do not think the supreme court should make up rights, they are not in the constitution. i have a different view, the rights of life go to the unborn and when you are talking about balance between women's rights and the unborn, there is balance to be had. the balance is not to kill the unborn. i would argue the unborn has a right to life just as we want to protect women, we want to protect the unborn. >> joey: there is outrage over this leak, between now and summer, we'll find out where the supreme court stands on this. thank you for joining us. inflation remains top concern for voters heading into the midterms and experts say high prices are here to stay, despite messaging coming from the white house. >> carley: brian brenberg is
2:39 am
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mocked online for being masked -- unmasked while surrounded by masked -- >> cheryl: they are outside, by the way, this has gone viral. the elites at the met gala, this pic sums it up. they are saying this photo encapsulat current state of our country. many folks saying this photo has racial connotations, as well. >> joey: not a good look, we can say it is not a good look. mary poppins of disinformation, going private on tik-tok. >> cheryl: and nina jankowicz going private after her rendition of mary poppins went
2:44 am
viral. >> covid can cause pain, [singing] we should take note and not support their -- >> cheryl: we talked about this on "outnumbered," somebody should have googled her before they hired her. the board is under fire saying the newly created position could be instrument to censor speech. >> carley: poll numbers about the economy and how people feel about it, it ain't good. >> cheryl: the new poll showing 87% of americans are extremely or worried about inflation. 60% disapprove of president biden's performance on the issue when it came to hardship for their families and recent price increases are serious hardship for them. 44% say their financial situation is now worse. back to you. >> carley: thank you.
2:45 am
we will bring in brian brenberg, fox news contributor, executive vice president of business and economics at the kings college. your reaction to the poll numbers we're seeing? people are hurting right now. >> brian: doesn't surprise me to see the numbers, everyone is getting hit. the biden administration wants to get off inflation, looking for any other topic to talk about, whether talking about food, talking about fuel, housing, whatever the area, people are getting nailed by this and they feel it intensely, not just it is a problem for them, they are saying this is a serious problem for me. >> carley: it is and a lot of people are wondering when it will end, biden administration told us it would be transitory, watch this. >> had several months of high inflation that most economists, including me, believe will be
2:46 am
transitory. >> president biden: called these transitory effects. >> press sect. psaki: costs are too high, inflation still projects it will moderate by the end of the year. >> carley: brian, how long will things be expensive? >> brian: look at the confidence, did you notice the confidence? last year and ensuring you inflation is not going to be a problem. now they are predicting inflation has peaked and will go away, do you believe them? food prices record highs, corn, soy beans, wheat other products record highs, fuel still hanging at very high level, those two things drive inflation. i don't see an end in sight. the fed raise interest rates, as soon as they do that, guess what you are talking about, recession. >> carley: fed chair bill dudley
2:47 am
said the word recession gets thrown around a lot. if we enter a recession, what does that mean? >> brian: slow down in the economy, what do businesses do, stop investing and hiring and you are talking about a jobs problem. jobs have been a fairly good news story this economy, that could reverse with recession and wages start to fall. inflation is a bad problem, recession is a bad problem, this administration and fed back themselves into a corner where we're facing one or the other right now. >> carley: inflation rate numbers are coming out next week, what are they going to be? >> brian: i think near that level, may not be higher and here is why, inflation started to kick in last april, now you have inflation on top of
2:48 am
inflation, even if that rate comes down a little bit, it is built on previous inflation, which means people are still feeling massive price hikes, even if that rate goes down a little bit, it is tough for the consumer. >> carley: it is. people are feeling it, as reflected in the polls, thank you for joining us. you brought bad news with a smile, we can't hate you for that. thank you. fox news alert now. the man who jumped on stage and tried to attack comedian dave chappelle last night, that suspect reportedly armed. several other famous faces in the crowd jumped in to help. we have breaking details next. first we'll check in with steve doocy what is coming up on "fox and friends"? what a wild story. >> steve: our top story, comedian dave chappelle attackod
2:49 am
stage, it was live on netflix, we have breaking details about the guy who jumped him on the stage and got carted off by the cops. plus, senator tom cotton details his push to defund the disinformation governorance board. is that a good idea? i don't know, congressman crenshaw reacts to roe v. wade and what jd vance's win means for the midterm and republicans taking back the senate and we'll talk to dave rubin and lawrence joey jones and may the 4th be with you, one of the top milk shake shops is celebrating -- get it, may the 4th be with you, today is may the 4th. celebrating the day with a "star wars" style shake, they will bring those to the studio much to the delight of the crew. we've got a busy three hours kicking off in about 10 minutes
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car car breaking overnight comedian dave chapelle attacked on stage. the armed with a gun and knife according to local news outlets. can you see him here surrounded by security. my goodness. >> joey: good morning, sean. >> good morning. >> joey: big story. reports this person was armed. we are waiting to find out more about it listen, you are a member of congress. obviously don't have people that like you as a member of congress. even as a reality tv star you go places with cameras and spotlights on you and there are people you don't know around
2:55 am
you. would something like this even cross your mind? >> first off they did like me in congress. they did elect me five times. they liked me. thank you. this is something that search concerned about. five years ago, 10 years ago, it hadn't risen to this level. this dialogue now that speech is violence and speech has to be met with actual physical violence. that's what you are seeing play out here. the left keeps saying that to us. this is always wrong. maybe except for one situation. had joe biden at the correspondence dinner stood up and punched the comedian that was laughing at the american people binflation, that might have gone over okay? right? but instead he sat back and laugh when americans are angry at those jokes at their expense. the other space this does not play well. i think americans rejected it and angered by it and actually know who is fomenting this
2:56 am
discord. >> carley: chris rock was there and jumped on stage and made a joke. if this guy had a knife or gun this becomes very serious. he joked around and said will smith, is that you? because obviously the slap that happened at the oscars, we don't know what the motive is but could it possibly be political? a lot of people don't like dave chapelle because of what he has said about the lgbtq community. >> dave chappelle was quick whited there. the travel can with security. see comedians travel with security. if you don't like the joke you will see people step up and show you have people angry about what chappelle has said. angry want to punch him in the
2:57 am
head or take a gun out and shoot him. i think you will see more security at more events like this. >> joey: free speech is a hot topic. let's hope this is the latest won and nothing like this happens any time soon. turn from politics to definitely politics. j.d. vance winning big last night in the ohio senate primary. president trump actually swept ohio we're looking at his endorse wanted in ohio and indiana. his victory sends a message to the republican party. let's listen. >> thanks to the president for everything, for endorsing me. i have got to say a lot of the fake news media out there and there are some in the ones in the back there. there are some bad ones too, let's be honest. they wanted to write a story this campaign would be the death of trump america first agenda. it ain't the death of america first agenda. >> joey: you have campaigned and
2:58 am
you know what it's like to get an endorsement. do you think trump'sens doorsment will sweep the country. >> most time endorsements don't work. everyone wants a slight nej primaries or tight races like this. it doesn't work. however the donald trump endorsement actually does work. the reason is donald trump has built incredible trust with the american people. most presidents and most politicians run and make a whole bunch of promises. donald trump ran and made promises i'm going to build a wall, i'm going to secure the border. i'm going to bring jobs back to america. manufacturing back to earthquake in. i'm going to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. he kept those promises and people's lives were better for it. they lo him. when he fights for a candidate for the ideas and principles he seriously. i don't think donald trump is going to win every primary. the vast majority of candidates are going to win. he has a unique relationship with the voter because he did get results for them. people that are forgotten.
2:59 am
promises made to them but they are never kept and their lives get worse. their lives got better under donald trump because he kept their promise. when he says this guy is going to fight for you like i did. they take it to the bank. they did it and did it in ohio for j.d. vance. the trump endorsement brought him in the lead and he won. >> carley: can you look at what happened in ohio yesterday and learn anything about the state of where the republican party is right now? >> 100 percent. free trade we don't need terrifies. donald trump has shattered that actually be strong on the border and have a strong economy and actually win the majority of the hispanic vote. you can go after china and grow the american manufacturing base and still be an effective country. you don't have to sell our souls to china. and we can actually, again, put terrifies on people that don't treat us fairly in trade.
3:00 am
those things don't work. donald trump has shown a change in policy can have results than the old republican party. it changed the party for the good and better and move forward. >> joey: america first. >> carley: the thing people are most concerned about is the future of the country followed by inflation. got to leave it there, sean. thanks so much. >> thanks, carley. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> a trump backed can dads j.d. vance projected to win the contentious senate primary in ohio. >> we went to battle, ladies and gentlemen. >> he is going to, i think, be an enormous breath of fresh air in the congress. >> it's really quite a radical decision. >> president biden blasting the leaked draft opinion. >> as chief supreme court justice john roberts ordered the full investigation. >> to the person who do this, if it's a conservative you are a traitor to the cause. if it's a liberal you are the dumbest person in washington. >> white house on defense over
3:01 am
disinformation governance board


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