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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 4, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> they're delicious, just saying. >> they're so good. may the fourth be with you today. >> and tomorrow have a fifth. are you going to eat that? >> bill: good morning, everybody. one of the first bring primary races. there shall be intrigue? i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." you are here a little late last night. no one better to talk about ohio than you. >> bill: i think it was a big night for j.d. vance and donald trump. >> dana: aoc lost. her candidate lost. we'll talk about that as well. unprecedented leak at the supreme court is igniting a political firestorm and democrats are looking to capitalize. the leaked opinion suggesting
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the court is raefdy to overturn roe versus wade. protestors threw rocks and bottles at police in los angeles. >> bill: contempt of court. chief justice roberts confirming the document is real but not final. he calls the breach a betrayal and launching an investigation to who is behind the leak. >> dana: democrats are seizing the fallout hoping it will help their chances in november. abortion has not been a top issue for voters. republicans calling it a desperate attempt to distract. >> i think their motivation was to scare the court to change its mind about repealing roe versus wade. to create a debate to talk about something than other high gas prices, broken borders and crime. >> bill: we begin with mike emanuel on duty today. good morning. >> good morning to you. the white house is clearly gearing up for a fight after
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that unprecedented leak of that draft supreme court decision. vice president kamala harris spoke at a gala for the pro-choice group emily's list last night and blasted the gop. >> those republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women. what we say how dare they? how dare they tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body? >> the latest poll has 63% saying let it stand with 27% saying overturn it. it is worth noting the survey was completed shortly before the leak. also in that fox poll overall 44% think abortion should be legal, 54% think it should be illegal. republicans are expressing outrage over the leak of this draft opinion. >> this leak at the court is the most egregious breach of trust of the court in the history of our nation and it is
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the culmination of a multi-year campaign by senate democrats to delegitimize and politicize the court. >> also in the latest fox poll on the president's job approval. 45% approve, 53% disapprove. president biden made his first public comments on the leak on his way to alabama yesterday. >> the idea that we'll make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to abort a child based on a decision by the supreme court, i think it goes way overboard. >> president biden created a blue ribbon commission looking into term limits or court packing. we are told the president is still reviewing the report's recommendations. >> bill: nice to see you.
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>> dana: the "wall street journal" had this to say. far better for the court to leave the thicket of abortion regulation and return the issue to the states. political uproar would ensue but then voters would decide on abortion policy through election starting in november. a lot of hyperbole. watch a few? >> the founding fathers didn't recognize abortion as a right because they were racist, jerk faces. >> i think we are oval rieft to question the legitimacy of the court. >> one no is safe. overturning roe will be a mass criminalization event. >> bill: one of the things that's fascinating now. when we get the supreme court decisions they happen on our
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watch at 10:00 in the morning. there is still a measure of drama before this is announced likely in late june. second point governors in america will be prominent politicians if this is returned to the states, all 50 of them. >> dana: there is a way to talk about this with care and graciousness and dig neu tee -- dignity it is not a mass criminalization event. back to ohio. >> this campaign i really think was a referendum on what kind of republican party we want and what kind of a country we want. we went to battle. >> dana: voters in the buckeye state have spoken. senate candidate j.d. vance won the primary after getting a boost from former president trump's endorsement. mike meredith is from cincinnati. what have you got, mark? >> good morning.
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for j.d. vance the real work begins starpting today. the 37-year-old becoming famous for his memoir hillbilly -- he won president trump's endorsement in mid april as a surprise to so many people. vance not that long ago was an outspoken critic of trump and the trump agenda. last night vance had nothing but praise for trump when he thanked his supports and his opponents. he is planning to reach out to buckeye voters. >> to all of those people, whether at our party or not, i promise you i remember where i came from, i remember who made me who i am, and when i get to the u.s. senate i will not forget about you. i will not forget about you. >> we also know who vance will be facing off against come november. tim ryan easily won the democratic primary.
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vance took a shot at his opponent last night calling him a donald trump democrat. ryan has new outs attacking vance. >> the work is just beginning. the fight is just beginning. we're going to heal the country, heal ohio, and in turn heal the united states of america. i will promise you victory. let's go, let's make this happen, let's get this seat. >> republican senator rob portman whose retirement opened up the senate seat spoke to vance last night and offering his support and will campaign with him and that he believes republicans have a real shot at keeping the seat red. i should say they had fox on last night at the watch party. people were cheering all the time every time bill came on. maybe the results or seeing bill hemmer but they were happy to see him. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: check out the manhattan bar and grill for lunch. j.d. vance is in yellow all
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over the state. he pulled this out in the southwest and the southern part of the state, northwestern corner and in the end it wasn't close. he won by eight points. how and why did this happen? i want to still hear through the polling that we've been watching here. we've been in ohio for several months and our polling team did a great job. you see back in march here. here is the line. vance was 11 points in march. a month later he jumps to 23. what happened in between there? donald trump gave him an endorsement with a rally in delaware county north of columbus, ohio and pulled out the win at 32%. dolan was charging coming out of cleveland ohio he was at 7 and then in april went up. did he run out of time? hard to tell right now because donald trump's presence in ohio was significant.
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he endorsed 12 races and all 12 won. 12 for 12. want to zip over here and show you what's coming up next. got a couple primaries next tuesday. nebraska, west virginia, and then two weeks from today on the calendar 17th of may big ones. north carolina is one but this pennsylvania race for the senate during that primary is something to watch as well. trump has endorsed dr. oz and we'll see whether or not that endorsement pays off in the keystone state. two weeks from yesterday. back to you. >> dana: thank you with that, bill. russia's war on ukraine in day 70. multiple explosions heard last night in lviv as russia attacks power stations knocking out electricity in some parts of that city. matt finn is live in lviv and he has power for us. >> russia launched a fresh wave of missile attacks across this country. our crew heard some loud blasts coming from inside the building
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where we were and we stepped outside and saw the black smoke billowing across the city. here is what we now know. russia and ukraine both say six ukrainian railway stations were hit the missiles. russia said they were used to supply ukraine forces with foreign weapons. lviv three electrical substations were hit. to the east the governor of the donetsk rejian say russian attacks killed 21 people. the highest fatalities since russia hit a busy train station april 8. this morning more buses of refugees are said to be coming from the hellish conditions in the city of mariupol. in lviv we caught up with one young mother who was able to escape mariupol. tanya, two sons and mother have found refuge in this serene village outside lviv. just weeks ago they all escaped mariupol where conditions are described as hellish. her car now repaired was
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riddled with debris from russian shelling. her grand parents did not make it out. >> they helped each other. they watch my little one when everyone was working. >> her grandmother died from a heart attack while sheltering in a basement. >> people just rushed out. >> tanya's husband was able to bury their grand month. they haven't found their grandfather's body. her sons and her live in this room inside a greek catholic church facility. >> the kids are often asking what's next? when will we go home? you want to cry for all this pain but you don't want your children to see. >> tonya is working at the church cafe. her mom in the kitchen. but they long to return home. >> tanya's husband stayed behind in the mariupol region to work, one of countless
6:12 am
families separated throughout this war. dana. >> dana: how moving was that. we'll be in touch today. our own griff jenkins spoke to ukraine's president zelenskyy on the state of the war following yesterday's russian air attacks in lviv. that interview is coming up in our next hour. >> bill: looking forward to hear what he had to say. hostages released a fight for freedom. a prisoner swap with russian getting reed back on u.s. soil. families of other american captives like the family of paul waylon calling on the white house to get him home. the families of both of those men join us live today. >> dana: a flood of migrants could rush the country in a matter of days when president trump lifts the trump-era title 42. >> bill: dave chappelle was attacked on stage by an armed member of the audience. what was the motive? what happened after that? we have a live report coming up.
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♪♪♪ >> dana: remember that moment from nina jankowicz? the new disinformation czar has decided to make her tiktok private. the white house continues to -- >> bill: 2/3 of americans want
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to keep title 42 restrictions in place at the border. as large groups of migrants are flooding into the country. it could get worse in a few weeks when the trump era policy ends. bryan llenas back in eagle pass, texas with more on that today. bryan. >> good morning. let's look at the fox news drone right now. we're seeing a dozen people that have just crossed here in eagle pass, texas. water level has been low this morning, which has allowed them to walk through the river from mexico to here. locals told us they're seeing more and more large groups of migrants cross illegally every day like never before. you know, there are dozens and hundreds of people at once daily. yesterday in normandy, texas, a group of 70 plus migrants was apprehended. motion sensitive game cameras capture large groups of 50 or more likely. these groups are guided by a paid scout or coyote.
6:20 am
private property is littered with wet clothes and items left by migrants after crossing the reef owe grand. driving yesterday along the border wall, we encountered a group of nine. this pregnant woman came from cuba. with her husband and son leaving on march 9 and came through nicaragua. she said the situation in cuba has turned dire and she knew nothing about title 42. a criminal element to all of this surge like human smuggling. texas dps found 62 migrants in a stash house in laredo, texas, a record amount of drugs is being smuggled like fentanyl. 60 pounds of meth. they're capturing drug smugglers who wear camo and carpet shoes so they don't get caught. >> when he crosses the main roads or whatever he slides
6:21 am
these on right here. here are his carpet shoes. a lot of times what they are doing is gluing the carpet on and this is a secondary when they cross the main roads they will tie this on so we don't see the fine line and it throws us off. >> texas dps have seized over 342 million lethal doses of fentanyl. >> bill: wow, bryan llenas by the day. >> dana: democrats are seizing on the leaked abortion opinion suggesting the supreme court is ready to overturn roe versus wade. let's bring in daniel, he is with the "wall street journal." the small donations for the democrats they raised over $5 million in a day. this will register for the democrats one on the merits but also on the politics. what do you think? >> well, i think it certainly
6:22 am
will register the at the level of fundraising. this is what progressives do when they feel that they are under assault, they start sending in money. but i think the politics of them forward is much more mixed. the idea they are conveying is that the supreme court is simply ending abortion in the united states. that is not true. what this decision would do is return abortion policy to the states. and the states will have to litigate it and you have states like new york and california saying that nothing will change. in fact, they will strengthen their abortion laws. listen to kathy hochul saying exactly that yesterday. another question as well, dana, are the democrats going to be able to elevate and clog the abortion issue from now until the november election?
6:23 am
they have nothing to run on in the moment. they came back wondering what issues to elevate. build back better failed for them last year and now they have grasped abortion. and it is a good question whether they really want the american people and public to have a non-stop political debate over this subject between now and november. >> dana: it is quite likely they've already maxed out on the voters that would consider that to be the main issue that propels them to vote. >> bill: i think the polling is -- it tells a confusing story, dan, in my view. on one hand it's this and the other that. i think it will take time for us to get a better sense of how the american people feel about this. when it comes to the economy, when it comes to inflation, this is going to be there for sure, dan. check this out. call for number two. how much longer will inflation be around? look at the bottom of your screen. even back in january almost half thought it would be around more than a year. now 45%.
6:24 am
that is sticky. >> yeah, that's very sticky. it is undoubtedly true. there is no reason why inflation should turn around quickly. the white house tried to argue it was transitory. we here at the "wall street journal" editorial page have been arguing since last year that all of that money that congress enacted last year, the special covid bill, the $2 trillion, they were injengt extraordinary amounts of lick i had tee into the economy and it would show up as inflation and has done exactly that. it is raising prices across the board. add in the continuing supply chain shortages, which are contracting the ability of the private economy to supply goods into the marketplace. the "wall street journal" reports just this morning that the covid lockdown in shanghai is affecting companies like apple, proctor and gamble,
6:25 am
honeywell. it's affecting their supply chain problem. so people in the poll are absolutely right. inflation is going to persist and is probably going to contribute to a contraction in the economy. the question being are we actually going to hit a recession or is it simply going to be stagflation? this is going to be a terrible political issue for the democrats going into the mid-terms. >> dana: today the fed will try to do something to try to tackle inflation. let's see the graph here. the inflation rate since 2000 holds very steady and when president biden had been going up before biden took office and continues that sharp uptick. the federal reserve your take on that today. >> well, we expect the federal reserve to raise the interest rates 50 basis point, half a percentage point. the fed is undoubtedly behind the curve. typically in an inflation like
6:26 am
this, the federal reserve have to raise interests rates above the rate of inflation to suppress it. that does risk the possibility of a recession. we had a contraction in the first quarter already. if it happens again in the second quarter we're in a recession. and i think the fed is doing -- it could be doing a lot more than it is. st. louis fed chairman thinks they could be much more aggressive than they are but they are committed to this low percent increase. i think the possibility of a recession is very real and, you know, that is simply going to kill the democrats as we get closer to the mid-term elections. i don't see there is anything that can be done about that politically. >> bill: intriguing times, dan, thanks. get hot tea. nice to sigh. chaos at a comedy show. dave chappelle attacked on stage where the suspect had on him that could have made it a lot worse. intel officials say north korea is getting ready for its first
6:27 am
nuclear test in more than four years. dan hoffman former c.i.a. station chief on that. that's coming up.
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>> dana: cdc reminding americans once again to wear masks while on public transportation. the recommendation comes after mask requirements ended when a federal judge struck down the rule. the justice department is appealing that decision at the cdc's request. bill, we haven't seen an appeal yet. >> bill: are you going back? >> dana: to masks on a plane? if they force me to, i don't want to. >> bill: they said once you take this off, we're not going back. a tough thing to do. see if it happens. l.a. the comedian dave chappelle was attacked while performing. the suspect is in police custody. jonathan hunt is tracking that
6:33 am
story in l.a. >> it was a stunning moment for the crowd at the legendary hollywood bowl. dave chappelle wrapping up his performance at the netflix is a joke festival when a member of the audience rushed the stage and charged into him. security got to the attacker quickly, dragged him away as police also responded. the man apparently suffering from injuries himself was taken from the venue by ambulance. los angeles police have just identified the attacker to us as 23-year-old isaiah lee. apparently armed with what was reportedly a replica gun and knife. he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. now chappelle appeared to be unhurt, stayed on stage talking about grabbing the attacker and said, i don't know if that was part of the show. chris rock was there as one of chappelle's guest. as he walked on stage after the incident rock asked was that
6:34 am
will smith? the infamous flap when smith attacked him at the academy awards. some comedian's award that smith's actions could lead to copycat attacks. we don't know at this point the motivation for the attack oon -- on chappelle. there will be questions as to how anyone would get a knife and gun, even a fake one if that's confirmed, into a venue like the hollywood bowl. netflix joke festival website said everyone entering will need to go through a bag check, metal detectors and general security. those security measures clearly failed badly last night. >> bill: need to bring on some changes. jonathan hunt in l.a. >> dana: north korea launching a ballistic missile this morning towards its eastern water, the 14th round of weapons firings this year. western officials say the north is plan its first nuclear weapons test in more than four
6:35 am
years. let's bring in dan hoffman former c.i.a. station chief and fox news contributor. on the scale of things i need to worry about today, does north korea and this missile test rise to that level? >> oh yeah, i think it absolutely does. while we're focused on ukraine and rightly so, there are so many other wickedly complex challenges out there to our national security. look at afghanistan. a terrorist state. the biden administration is talking about another nuclear deal with iran. that don't seem like it is happening any time soon. you have china continuing to pose a major threat to us. so look, north korea's economy is cratered. they still haven't come out of the covid pandemic. they closed their borders and kim wants to be recognized and trying to extort us for the assistance he need and held a massive parade showing off his military wear designed not only to shore up support and deliver
6:36 am
a message to newly elected south korea conservative president but also a message to the west, the united states in particular. >> dana: he dialed things back quite a bit when president trump was in office. president trump tried the outreach. president biden will be heading to the region fairly soon. do you think this is in anticipation of that? >> well, i think the concern about the biden administration is that we haven't really seen a policy for north korea. there are continued sanctions and offers of open-ended talks but we really don't have a strategy for dealing with north korea. sending the president to the region to have these discussions is valuable but at the same time i would like to know and i think it is important for our allies to know how we plan to proceed here with what strategy this administration might have for dealing with north korea. a strategy that's grounded in reality not a stable and predictable relationship with russia for a longer and
6:37 am
stronger deal with iran which is willfully naive. >> dana: let's talk about russia and china and general milley was basically saying we have a problem here. these two countries are very big. watch here. >> facing two global powers, china and russia. each with significant military capabilities. both who intend to fundamentally change the current rules-based order. we are entering a world that is becoming more unstable and the potential for significant international conflict between great powers is increasing, not decreasing. >> dana: that is stating it very plainly. americans have been on the way to feeling this way for quite a while especially if you look at the poll numbers as to how many people in america think that china is a real adversary and that russia obviously is. >> they both are and for different reasons. some of the same reasons. both allied together.
6:38 am
vladimir putin and xi have met 38 times. chinese are mounting massive espionage. taiwan and ukraine are the fault lines in the struggle between democracy and totalitarianism. our supplies of javelins and stingers and houp witser, the things taiwan needs our supply chains are challenged because we're feeding so much to ukraine to fight russia. this administration has to come up with a plan for how we'll supply taiwan with the military assistance they need and that will be a critical issue, i think, going forward. >> dana: no shortage of problems in the world. thank you for helping us understand it all. thank you. >> bill: update right now on a manhunt underway. this is just released. a corrections officer there and a murder suspect there moments before they both disappear.
6:39 am
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>> bill: johnny depp's team has rested. now amber heard expected on the stand as she squares off against her ex-husband in this high stakes trial of defamation. that's a allegation. rich edson is watching the story live outside the courthouse in fairfax, virginia, again today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. tens of millions of dollars at stake between the two. we heard for about a month from johnny depp and his witnesses. it is now amber heard's turn. she has called her first witness. that happened yesterday throughout the day. we heard from a forensic
6:45 am
psychologist who said she had about 12 interactions with amber heard. heard's team called her the psychologist claims that heard was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because of intimidation from johnny depp and what she described as his obsessive jealousy. heard's team is trying to counter 3 1/2 weeks of depp's presentation that was a narrative accusing heard of abusing him while depp tried to diffuse arguments. heard's attorneys moved yesterday for the court to dismiss depp's $50 million lawsuit. >> mr. depp abused miss heard physically, verbally, emotionally, psychologically even one time, then she wins on those claims. then she wins. it's that simple. not only satisfying all of the reckless elements of his claim for defamation including actual malice, but also going the extra mile of showing that ms. heard physically abused him.
6:46 am
she is the abuser in this courtroom. >> so the judge denied the motion. the case will continue. just a short while it resumes in fairfax, virginia. we'll hear cross examination of that forensic psychologist. depp's attorney has an opportunity to question her and then it is amber heard's turn and take the stand and be there for the next couple of days and up to cross examination and depp's attorneys will have a chance to question her. >> bill: something to watch. nice to see you today. rich edson. >> dana: j.d. vance winning the republican nomination for a senate primary in ohio. he had an endorsement from former president trump helping him win by a narrow margin. let's bring in saline owe zito from "the washington examiner". you have the pulse on the finger of the people there. what did you hear? >> people were really excited.
6:47 am
in youngstown, the republican headquarters, just last week vance had showed his surge among these voters. he held a rally there and the place was spilling outside the doors sort of in this little strip mall, right? and i think that that shows the enthusiasm that he had been building over the past couple of weeks since the trump endorsement. however, i think it is also important to note vance was doing the no b.s. bus tour and he was going all over the state in counties that people don't traditionally send more than a fly by and a wave and trying to earn voters over in that way. and i think that's really important. it is an important thing to think about when we think about the general election. >> bill: salena, this is your
6:48 am
part of the world in western pennsylvania and northeastern ohio. congressional vote preference in ohio, we found in our fox polling republicans beat democrats by seven points. now this is a state that donald trump won twice by eight points. we can say that ohio is red after being a pivotal battleground state for so many cycles. now we have a good race between tim ryan the democrat from northeastern ohio up against j.d. vance. it is something the country will watch. that to the side, two weeks from yesterday, we look at pennsylvania and you've got another trump endorsement with dr. oz. david mccormick is running against him as well. there is a loaded primary field very much like ohio. so how do you see that now 13 days away? >> well, i think that not all trump endorsements fit all states. so i think if you look at georgia, that has proven to --
6:49 am
the way that race is trending it has proven not to be for david perdue. in pennsylvania it gave dr. oz a bump over david mccormick. that has sort of settled down. mccormick is doing the same thing vance did, doing these small retail events and just randomly walking up to people, introducing himself and doing a ton of door knocking. we'll see if that ends up being more important than the big endorsement. i think right now mccormick is slightly ahead of oz. when trump comes in in two days for a rally in my backyard in my county, we'll see if oz gets another bump. if he goes after mccormick in that race, and -- or at that rally. there is a lot of moving parts. i'm not quite certain that trump endorsement in
6:50 am
pennsylvania has the same impact that it did in ohio. >> dana: quickly, yesterday we had the big roe versus wade leak that looks like it will be overturned to the supreme court. do you think it will be determinative of turn out in any way like the races in pennsylvania? >> i'm not sure. here is the problem for democrats on this argument. if you make -- if the argument continues to be about life or abortion, people can get squiemish when it is talked about too much. if they overreach on this issue, it might make more conservatives and more moderate-leaning voerts be more apt to show up for a republican as opposed to a democrat. >> dana: always good to see you and read your columns and work. thank you fork here today. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: thank you. explosions rocking western ukraine day 70 of putin's
6:51 am
invasion. president zelenskyy sat down with griff jenkins moments ago and we'll bring it to you coming up. one missouri school district allegedly making kids fill out mandatory surveys that aren't age appropriate all being done without parental consent. ho have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly
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♪ feel stuck and need a loan? move your money to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪
6:56 am
♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan with no fees, low rates, and fast funding — and get your money right. ♪ >> dana: first in the nation presidential primaries may be changing hands. check it out. the dnc is putting iowa and new hampshire in the hot seat claiming their lack of diversity doesn't represent national voters. there are five early primary voting spots. so far 10 states are in the application process including texas and new jersey. and many more are hoping for the chance to take center stage in 2024. so we'll watch this for you and bring you the news. >> bill: a legal group in the state of missouri calling for an investigation into a local school district west of st. louis accused of collecting personal information about students without the consent of their mom and dad.
6:57 am
the group's letter reads in part parents in webster grove school district have a well-founded concern that the students surveys administered to the schools violate state and federal law and respectfully ask that you investigate further. kimberly herman. tell us about it. how did it start and what are you hearing? >> america's schools are collecting all of this personally identifiable information from kids, right? they are asking them about their mental health, about their political beliefs and those of their parents. they're asking them about their sexual behaviors and sexual identity and we've had parents in webster grove come to us with these surveys and they said they did not get consent. federal law requires that schools get consent from parents before they ask them these questions. so we have now asked the missouri attorney general to launch and investigation and hold kansas cityable for violating parental and
6:58 am
children's rights. >> here are examples. i feel safe to talk about race, culture and identity at school. i feel supported by my family. a third point, my school is a place that embraces diversity. is this asked as a question or are they looking for a comment? how is that phrased to students? >> yes, these are coming in with the surveys that are done on a weekly basis in some classes. they are coming in in basic classroom assignments when you have elementary school children. the bigger issue here is also we have these companies that are selling these surveys and this curriculum to schools for exorbitant amounts of money. this is a lot of taxpayer money being used to collect data on our children to track them and collect data on our families and bring in curriculum that divides families apart and teaches racial-based programming. it teaches sexual identity. things that kids just don't need to be learning about.
6:59 am
we need to get back to basics. >> bill: so the issue listening to you there is about gender and race that hasn't been clear with parents before they file it. >> yeah, they are bringing in these topics and asking them these questions that federal law prohibits. federal law says you cannot ask kids about these topics without parental consent. if the school wants to ask them they need to let the parents know these surveys are happening in advance and need to give parents opt in or opt out at a minimum. >> bill: we have asked for a statement from the school district. haven't gotten it yet. what have they told you? >> we have yet to hear from the school district but an investigation will be launched by the attorney general and he can impose civil penalties. with his track record on parental rights we have no doubt he will launch a full investigation. >> bill: webster grove school district west of st. louis.
7:00 am
when we get a comment we'll share it with virus and see where the case goes. >> dana: top of the hour now. topping the news chaos across the country as demonstrations he nrupt cities and towns nationwide after the leak of a draft supreme court decision that would overturn roe versus wade. a member of the audience attacked dave chappelle at the hollywood bowl. new details about a fugitive inmate and prison officers suspected of helping him escape. urgent manhunt and new video. we're on those stories throughout the hour. the top story. an exclusive interview with president zelenskyy as russian forces pound targets across ukraine taking aim at supply lines in the west and intensifying attacks in the east. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." ifm owe dana perino. >> bill: good morning, i'm bill hemmer. russia's military saying it
7:01 am
used guided missiles to hit five railway station being used to transport western weapons across the country. artillery and aircraft targeting troop strongholds and fuel and ammunition depots. zelenskyy talking with griff jenkins. go to him more on what was said and what you talked about. >> bill and dana, good morning. we just wrapped an interview with president zelenskyy. he sat for 57 minutes and covered an array of topics. this president has been at war for 70 days now. many thought that he would flee the country before the invasion started. he stayed for most and he has rallied this nation, unlike any before. and now the invaders as he calls them of russia costing him. he is reacting for the first time on camera to russia
7:02 am
foreign minister lavrov's comparison to hitler and russia now accusing israel of supporting the neo-nazi regime in kyiv. here is what zelenskyy said. listen. >> they show who they are and definitely they are following the same concept and using the same methodology. the reaction i think is -- the phrases of lavrov. >> he also said world leaders every year on holocaust day say never again. well now they need to be louder in saying that based on what is happening here. we talked about a lot of other things as well, bill and dana, to include the u.s. now chairing the u.n. security council. he wants to see them to do more. he says he wishes that they could have stopped the war. they haven't. they need to do a lot more.
7:03 am
and he said, by the way, he still needs more weapons. that's just some of what we talked about. >> bill: you talked to him for an hour. i'm sure a lot of things came up. also the logistics for an interview like this are also very interesting. how is he doing? how does he look? as much information as like the location as you are willing to give up now, griff? >> well, we spoke at the presidential compound and he looked remarkably fit and not that you would expect a president who has been at war for 70 days to look -- he was very sharp on point. he was friendly talking, conversing with my entire team. it is a three-camera interview very involved and gave us all the time we possibly could have wanted. but remember he is also dealing with perhaps one of the worst atrocities being committed at this very moment in mariupol. that city in a dire situation.
7:04 am
we asked him about mariupol and what was going on right now. for an update he says that 100 or so have gotten out but it appears that things may have been stalled. here is some of what he had to say about mariupol. >> the united nations together with the international red cross are doing this to help the evacuation of our people. however, i told them that russia wishes to destroy everybody who is still in the steel plant. >> so there is no indication that anyone else has gotten out in the last 24 hours. we've been checking for any u.n. or red cross updates. there are none available at this moment. very interesting exchange as well, bill, when i asked him about may 9th. u.s. and western intelligence suggesting putin may declare war on may 9th. use that date. victory day in russia, to do
7:05 am
just so. he said it wouldn't change a thing for us. should he actually -- should russia choose to claim mariupol as a victory of sorts and even had some sort of commemorative parade of sorts that while russia might call it a victory the rest of the world will always look at mariupol as an atrocity in war crimes being carried out. >> great stuff. thank you. he is live in ukraine, thanks. >> dana: the recent release of trevor reed from a russian prison is putting new attention on other americans being held hostage overseas. he was freed in a prisoner exchange on monday. two other americans are still being wrongfully detained by russia including paul waylon, another former marine arrested on espionage charges and convicted to 16 years hard labor and basketball star britteny griner before the
7:06 am
russian invasion of ukraine. trevor reads' father and sister and paul waylon's sister, elizabeth. joey, how he is doing? >> he is improving every day. he has a world class care from the doctors from a special team from army south. he is at fort sam houston in san antonio, texas. and he -- you couldn't have better care than what the united states government is providing. >> bill: there is a reason why you have the back drop there, joey. is a return like this possible without the commander-in-chief being involved? >> no, absolutely not. the executive is in charge of all dealings with foreign countries and he has the final say. he did in our son's case and it is incredible that he did it. he could have saved our son's life based on what our son was going through and there is as many as 50 or 60 other americans he could do the same
7:07 am
day. there is at least i think 16 families that we know of that he could have released tomorrow. >> dana: you stand with one of them. elizabeth waylon, thank you for being with us. tell me a little bit about what your loved one is saying. i want to read paul waylon to his brother, david is what he said. while i am pleased trevor is home with his family i've been held for 40 months. the world knows the charge was fabricated. why hasn't more been done to secure my release? you are here to help answer that today, elizabeth. >> yes, i think i'm joining the other families today to try to speak out about this incredible problem of wrongful detention. it is only growing. it does unfortunately take the white house, administration, to work out what tools need to be used to bring americans home. paul has been held in russia at a prison camp only 10 miles
7:08 am
away from where trevor was. he has suffered incredibly almost the last 3 1/2 years. we're thrilled that trevor reed came home. that's always a happy day. we were shocked and devastated actually that paul was left behind. so now we're asking the administration to finish this up, bring my brother, paul waylon, home and britteny griner home as well and overall to try to solve this problem of wrongful detention. it is a national security issue. >> bill: on that point, there was a swap for trevor. have you heard from anyone within the government there could be a swap for paul as well? >> you know, it's really difficult. we aren't involved in the detailed negotiations. i can tell you this, my family has certainly said numerous times to all officials bring home paul any way you can. those decisions are made at a much higher pay grade than i have. i am just a citizen coming here on behalf of my brother.
7:09 am
i don't mind how you get him home. let's not leave him there any longer. >> dana: i want to ask you about your reflections there and being part of this team, really. i also want to read to you from britteny griner's wife. as i do everything in my power to get bg home i'm overjoyed with joy for the reed family. i don't personally know them but i know the pain of having your loved one detained in a foreign constant and can only be remedied by getting them home. has the pain started to alleviate for you? >> absolutely. i think as a family we're all in a little bit of shock but the release is definitely there. trevor's main concern is the other families that are going through the same thing we've been dealing with all this time. and he would be here himself but he asked us to come on his behalf. he has quite a bit of recovery
7:10 am
ahead of him. >> bill: i'm sure you can understand what taylor is talking about and what the waylon family is going through. what do you tell them when you are not on tv? >> well, we share our own insights from the process that we've gone through. we've been talking with elizabeth and her family for over two years and we got a lot of good pointers from her family what they had already been through. we tell her to keep fighting. we are going the stand beside you and again like we said all along, if you can just speak to the president, which we're doing now, but in person and tell him about paul and what he has gone through and how he is representing the united states of america like a marine the whole time he has been there and he deserves his country and president to bring him home. >> dana: we hear you loud and cloud and we admire your solidarity and thank you so much for being here today.
7:11 am
>> thank you so much. >> bill: good luck. >> the biden administration has gone over the cliff in terms of an economic agenda that's driven by the environment first and foremost which has lost sight of the overall objective. >> dana: that's former hedge fund ceo david mccormick facing other candidates in the pennsylvania senate primary race. we're looking at the issues driving voters. >> we're on the western side of the state by pittsburgh. voters are concerned with energy, economy, public safety. as these candidates got their messaging down pat and last minute the supreme court leak dropped. demonstrations have been braeng out across the state. regarding abortion rights across the commonwealth.
7:12 am
democrats like the lieutenant governor holding a comfortable lead over conner lamb is hoping the leak lights a fire under the party. >> i think it should be a very concerning moment for all americans. you can't sit back and relax and assume that things will continue on the same way that they have. >> an issue often provided republicans with -- it is very competitive. no one with a clear league. neck-and-neck is dr. oz and david mccormick. last month dr. oz earned former president trump's endorsement. mccormick has been adamant that past statement that oz made on abortion will hurt him and believes he has the background requires for the job. >> i can step into these issues whether inflation or what is going on in ukraine, energy crisis, border, with a set of experiences that will help me make a difference on day one.
7:13 am
>> now tomorrow morning we do expect to speak with dr. oz. tonight the candidates top leading candidates will face off in a debate. on friday former president trump will be holding a rally here in the commonwealth. we'll see if former president trump's endorsement of dr. oz goes as far in pennsylvania as it did for d.j. vance in ohio. >> dana: you are in a beautiful part of the country. we'll enjoy seeing you there today. >> bill: an audience member storming the stage and going after dave chappelle. that suspect is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. is this the new normal for comedians? wow. newly uncovered documents reportedly showing the cdc tracked millions of americans through their phones. what the agency might have been looking for there. new fox polling suggests voters are not optimistic about the president's response and plan on inflation. how that could impact key mid-term elections coming up. >> we have this combination of soaring inflation and a
7:14 am
stagnant economy. we haven't had that since the 1970s. joe biden and this administration don't seem to get it. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. if you're a veteran homeowner and need
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>> bill: comedian dave
7:20 am
chappelle was attacked on stage. a man rushed the stage tackling him who happened to be unhurt. security caught the suspect and taken away in an ambulance charged with assault with a deadly weapon. kennedy is here from fox business. >> dana: good to see you. welcome to the light. >> bill: wake up. sometimes these incidents happen and it changes the way these events are held forever. i don't know if this is one of them but wow, what a headline? >> someone with issues to change the way we fly and what happened with will smith at the oscars will change the way performers protect themselves and it will probably limit how much people go on stage because, you know, will smith opened pandora's box. he went on stage and he broke that barrier. that understanding between
7:21 am
performer and audience in a really negative way and physically assaulted someone. when you see that on such a grand stage for people who are less stable they go that never even occurred to me before. i never thought of going on stage and attacking someone that i don't like. now people -- some people, some very sick people feel they have license to do that. dave chappelle talked about in his set how he has more security now because of some of the threats that he gets and people following him home, and it is really sad that we have to live in a world where, you know, this is not a peace conference between palestinians and israelis, this is a comedy show where people go to life because life has been so serious and confined and scary that people need relief. they don't need more violence. >> dana: people that you pay to go see you want them to be comfortable and happy and ready to go and not worried they will be attacked. also in l.a. the teachers union used teachers appreciation to week to talk about themselves, not kids.
7:22 am
asking for higher salaries and student loan forgiveness. a quote from the utla president, the teachers union president. our kids didn't lose anything talking about the pandemic. okay our babies haven't learned timetables. they learned resilience, survival and critical thinking skills. the difference between a royiot and protest and the words of insurrection and coup. that set the stage. >> the utla is just full of whacky people that hold their members hostage. the teachers at usc are phenomenal. you do whatever you can to enrich the programs and make those teachers comfortable because they're fighting their own unions. this isn't the union that cares about learning and kids and they really don't care about teachers. all they want is more money for their insane laundry list that has nothing to do with learning and a union that didn't even
7:23 am
acknowledge learning loss. for kids who were stuck in rooms for a year and a half who were easy for them completely tune out. how can you not have learning loss? they wouldn't even acknowledge that and now they want gardens and abolish charter schools and talked about medicare for all and no private schools and it's like -- they are bananas. they need to go back to school and learn the definition of the word science. they certainly are not following that. >> bill: they learn insurrection and coup and resilience and survival. >> that's not learning what someone forces you to have certain words, that's propaganda. >> bill: cdc tracked millions of iphones to see if americans were following the lockdown orders in covid. that's a pandora's box. >> they were following millions of people into churches and pharmacies and schools keeping track of people and taking that data to do we don't really know
7:24 am
what with. but it is now fine for government agencies to surveil innocent americans from the cdc to the post office to the nsa. it is terrifying. now we have this new ministry of truth, the department of disinformation. >> bill: whatever that is. >> are they going to surveil people? how will they use that information to decide what misinformation? >> dana: they said only for something overseas. disinformation is happening here what do you do? please. they didn't handle that well. always love to sigh. >> so nice to see you both. >> bill: well done, kennedy. 7:00 fox business. we'll see you there. >> dana: check this out here. leak at the supreme court sparking protests nationwide but democrats are innorg their unprecedented breach and instead attacking conservative justices. are they missing a point?
7:25 am
inflation already reaching its highest point in a generation. especially running rampant in a swing state. how it could impact the mid-terms. that's up next. when it comes to preserving our wealth, we never have complete control. not really. we can't control inflation, we can't control government debt, we can't control a declining dollar... i could go on. but buying gold and silver from rosland capital... is a way to help take control. rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold,
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>> dana: americans don't agree on too much these days. there appears to be an exception. fox news poll shows more than 2/3 of ters think inflation will continue to be a major issue for at least another year. business news madison all worth is in -- this is a state watched closely the last few election cycles. immigration the top issue for voters. the days that i've been here talking to voters what i've
7:31 am
heard is now inflation is their top concern. of course, immigration continues to be on their mind but with the constant strain of inflation on the wallet everywhere you go, it's hard to ignore. take a listen. >> i think inflation will have an impact when i go to vote. taking control of my entire life. at the grocery store, the pump. >> inflation. it affects me more. immigration is a huge issue, too. >> a close race but i would probably have to say inflation. >> it might be inflation. because of the immigration is sort of subtle. you don't pay more, you don't feel it every time you fill up or buy some food. >> it does make sense when you look at these numbers. the nation as a whole is dealing with price spikes, phoenix has it bad. meat, electricity and apparel seeing double digit price
7:32 am
spikes all of them outpacing the national average. it does line up with what we're seeing across the country as well. the latest fox polling showing inflation is the top concern among voters. we're about six months out from the election. inflation clearly having an impact on voters across the u.s. definitely here in phoenix and arizona, a state we'll keep an eye on. it is hard to avoid and they will be thinking about that when they go to the polls. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: back to the stutter from the supremes. how do people feel about allowing the states to make the decision on abortion? we have the president of access research. brenda, good morning. the first one, we asked whether or not you wanted roe versus wade to stand or overturn it. at the moment 63% say let it stand. let's start there on what you find. >> absolutely.
7:33 am
good morning. great to be with you. i love that you are showing these two up against each other. these questions. so when you ask voters about abortion is not as simple saying i'm a pro-choice or pro-life. voters attitudes on abortion are nuanced. a majority say let it stand. americans support some access to abortion. but as you asked in your poll they would like to see more restrictions than we have today. you see a clear majority support the mississippi ruling of 15 -- a ban after 15 weeks. you see those numbers start to subside once you talk about allowing abortions after six weeks. americans do support restrictions on abortion. but they don't necessarily want to overturn roe versus wade overall. that's why you see some of the numbers that don't match. >> bill: this may make your point here. tell us. we asked how you feel about abortion after six weeks and
7:34 am
then after 15 weeks. favor 50% after six weeks. favor 54% after 15. does that help you understand where people are on that based on some of these state laws? >> absolutely. so people like turning it over to the states and letting the states set their own restrictions. what happens you can see if you say we should ban abortions after 15 weeks people say that makes sense to me, yeah. you are talking about almost four months. when you see the texas law and people talking about we should ban abortions after six weeks you start to lose independents, moms, suburban women where you see the numbers drop. so people do support, you know, allowing roe to stand but they want to see more restrictions which this gives -- >> bill: a little confusing and i'm asking it for a reason. i want to help us understand it. i really think as the issue is being considered and thought about in more significant ways
7:35 am
after the leak of 36 hours ago maybe these views change one way or another. we found in our polling 44% believe abortion should be legal all or most of the time. 44%. 54% think it should be illegal all or most of the time. for the first time that portion is saying illegal has been above 50% in our fox news poll. what does that mean? >> it is a little bit of an outlier. we haven't seen that in any other polls yet. it could be an early indicator and something real happening out there. right now it's a bit of an outlier. most people are in the middle. they don't want it legal all of the time. they don't want it illegal all of the time. they support some access to abortion but with heavy restrictions. >> bill: i want to squeeze this in. job performance joe biden is running 45% overall. then when you get to the issues, we've gone through this week after week, and he really isn't above 50% on any issue
7:36 am
that americans care about today. why? >> well, it's his policies. we've said for a long time americans don't dislike joe biden as a person, they dislike his policies. and so running into policies is how republicans will be successful in the mid-terms. they just think that joe biden simply is not up to the task. when you put that graphic up what's interesting is you look at the three things that americans are most concerned about right now. as you saw in the previous segment, inflation, crime and immigration. those are his lowest marks on any issue acos the board. so running against joe biden and all of the democratic candidates, it is not that voters dislike them, it's they dislike their policies and how republicans will be successful against warnock, kelly and biden. >> bill: nice to see you today. thank you for being on with us. >> thank you. >> i don't think this decision
7:37 am
by the court, if it holds, is going to change the mid-term elections at all. people are going to vote based on the safety and well-being of their family, not a supreme court decision. >> dana: democrats seizing on the contents the leakage of a supreme court document. what it means for the court moving forward. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is your eligibility, for a va loan, which lets you buy a home with no down payment. helping veterans buy homes - that's newday usa. your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
7:42 am
>> bill: california's population is shrinking. the state's population decreased by more than 100 now 2021. second consecutive year it has declined. the state attributes to drop to reduced births and immigration and increase in deaths and people moving to other states. that's a big factor. many republicans blame the number people of leaving the state is on its democratic policies out of sacramento. >> dana: john roberts condemning the leak of a draft opinion of abortion. an egregious preach of trust. democrats appear to ignore that security aspect of the story but instead using it to attack the court's conservative viewpoint.
7:43 am
the president of the judicial crisis network. when you think of the impact of this leak on the court, tell us the scope of the problem in your mind. >> yeah, it is really a jaw dropping type of experience. people don't recognize it. in this town everything leaks, right? congress leaks, white house leaks, but the supreme court never has done so. think of it. a big decision like bush versus gore, tons of tensions and fights breaking out amongst the clerks. nobody leaked. this is a really big change for the institution. it shows there are people inside the court presumably at the clerk level who are willing to try to get this out there to create public pressure, to create the protests and to gin up some of the intimidation we're seeing. i think the substance of the opinion obviously is important but we can't forget that this leak was here for a reason and it was precisely to allow the democrats to try to focus and sometimes fear monger based on
7:44 am
the opinion in hopes of maybe changing the court's outcome. >> dana: i heard a few people from the left suggest it would have made sense to them for a conservative clerk or conservative person at the court to have leaked this to "politico", i find that illogical. we'll get your take on it. >> yeah, i find it incredibly unlikely. this is something that's more typical of the way the left tends to work on these things. i can't imagine a conservative klerng doing it. if they were found out i think there career would be over basically. whereas unfortunately we see on the left some people like leaders of the liberal dark money group lobbying the leaker as a hero. they think it is a liberal doing it to try to bully the justices. the person who should really lose their bar license and fired from their position, they may be rewarded. who knows, book deal. i could think of a law school
7:45 am
wanting to have them on faculty. it is unheard of. a conservative i don't think would ever do. >> dana: hear what president biden said and one of the words he uses in particular. >> president biden: the idea we'll make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to -- to abort a child based on a decision by the supreme court, i think it goes way overboard. >> dana: what do you make of that? >> first of all it is coming from a formerly pro-life senator not pro-life president. i think it is important. he is telling one of the misconceptions of this decision that's too common. the idea that if roe versus wade goes away that suddenly abortion becomes illegal in 50 states. that's not the case. opinion is very clear. what the decision would do if it's published along the lines
7:46 am
people and their elected representatives get to decide on this issue. new york and california abortion all nine months. other places will be more protective of it and that will be the decision of each state and each local jurisdiction as they see fit. so it really goes back to the people here and people can decide what the balance is and the compromises they want to strike will be. >> dana: let's stay in touch. appreciate your expertise on it. thank you very much. we have an op-ed on to check. also the "new york post" editorial after roe it will be about convincing voters, not the court. i think it is important. the supremes tossing roe and casey will make abortion the subject of normal politics. people will have to convince a solid majority of fellow citizens and it will require a lot more than dirty tricks like handy confidential documents to your buddies in the media. now it's try to explain,
7:47 am
persuade and do so in a gracious way. >> bill: fascinating to watch it play out. the supreme court -- it is not official. it is a leaked report. things can change or not. >> dana: yeah. >> bill: we wait until -- there was one suggestion normally we get a decision like this at the end of the term, end of june or first part of july. one suggestion they would release this before. >> dana: doesn't sound like it yet. >> bill: get ahead of this. >> dana: there is this. good news here. american citizen was stuck overseas after rescuing his family from the taliban getting them out of afghanistan. he is finally back in the u.s. with them. he and his wife and child were living in an overseas refugee center stuck in a very frustrating bureaucratic immigration limbo. now they have been allowed to enter the u.s. together and settling in ohio. that's a good choice. >> bill: i think they picked a
7:48 am
great state. percy's home. he is a buckeye. >> dana: not only is this man an american citizen but also helped our military as an interpreter and had quite a life. he have is a young man. younger than he looks. he has been through a lot. we wish them the very best. >> bill: 7 1/2 months later. >> dana: welcome back. >> bill: new jail house surveillance video, a murder suspect in this picture is shown with a corrections officer. both of them last name white. the latest on the manhunt for the two. we'll talk to the son of the woman who casey white admitted to killing.
7:49 am
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>> bill: video appears to show murder suspect casey white, who is a very tall man, leaving an alabama county detention center friday morning with a corrections officer by the name of vickie white. both shown here. it was believed the pair were heading to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation. but they have not turned up since. sparking a manhunt and steve
7:54 am
harrigan is back on the story today in atlanta, southeast bureau. what do we have? >> casey white 6'9", 260 pounds. not an easy convict to keep hidden. they've been on the loose for five days and the jail house video shows how casual things were. ordinarily when casey white was moved around, he had to have two armed guards on him. that was not the case on friday. we're learning more about vickie white, the corrections officer. no relation. she actually sold her house 12 days before this escape. there was a house on four acres. she sold it for $95,000. well below the market rate. the sheriff suspects they may be using that money to fund their escape. here is the sheriff. >> if you are on the road on the run, any transaction other than cash can be traced. i guess that would be importance of her having cash. >> casey white's handcuffs and
7:55 am
shackles were found inside the abandoned patrol car. he has a violent history and police are assuming that both are armed and dangerous. casey white shot and wounded one former girlfriend. he confested to stabbing another woman to death and shot a doug on a break-in. >> dana: he confessed to killing connie ridgway during a home invasion. here is her son. the loss of your mom still cuts deep for you. tell us your thoughts when you first heard he had escaped from prison. >> i was completely shocked. i really didn't know what to feel. it was a state of shock because i thought that he was in the state prison. i thought wow. >> dana: your mom, this is a home invasion. she didn't know him, is that
7:56 am
correct? >> correct. as far as i know she never knew him. >> dana: one of his ex-girlfriends is trying to get a message to vickie white, this police officer that left with him saying you better figure out a way to get out and get yourself safe. in the trial or the confession, what did you learn about casey white at the time? he is 38 years old, very tall at 6'9". >> he has a very violent history. i know two months after he murdered my mother she shot his girlfriend and tried to escape during his arraignment in 2020. he has a history of being very violent and not easy to keep in prison. >> dana: tell us a little bit about your mom. >> she was really kind of like the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet. went out of her way to help people.
7:57 am
she lived in a low income community and a lot of people didn't have vehicles. she would give them rides to their doctor even as far as way as birmingham. she wouldn't expect anything in return. the wear and tear and gas on the car she wanted to help people. she was a very nice woman. >> dana: do you feel like the justice system here has failed you? >> yes, i feel like it failed completely. i thought we had the guy and suddenly he is gone and he didn't just escape. somebody helped him escape. there have been huge mistakes and failures along the way. >> dana: you certainly deserve better as did your mother. austin williams. thank you so much for being here today and we'll say a prayer for connie. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: what a story. meanwhile a world war ii veteran celebrating his 100th birthday. racing for the gold, the 100 meter dash. it is lester wright and he has
7:58 am
moves. he finished in 26 seconds saying it is all a matter of determination. >> tired? >> no. >> you can do it again? >> yes. i think it's in the head. more than it is physical. >> dana: i love that. >> bill: it's in the head, right? >> dana: if you asked him what is your secret living to be 100. run like this every day would you do it? drink more red wine, oh, that's all? that's fine. congratulations to him. >> bill: a couple things before we go now. last night yankees and blue jays game aaron judge homers in the sixth, watch it left field, toronto fan came up with the ball handing it -- catches the ball. hands it to a kid nearby wearing judge's jersey by the number of 99. that man was grateful.
7:59 am
very sweet. there were tears in the bronx. yankees won the game and the young man made a memory. >> dana: do you want to see your penguin? >> today is may 4th, right? may the fourth be with you. we have this from the cincinnati, too. i told dana during the break can we see a shot of the penguin? and you said what about that animal looks like a penguin to you? . >> dana: there is not a lot. there is not a lot. he is very cute and i love the whole idea and may the fourth be with all of us. >> bill: that's a river otter, right? >> dana: i think so. >> bill: looked like a penguin. >> dana: cincinnati zoo you think is better than the columbus zoo? >> i go with the home team. columbus zoo is great. jack hanna amazing. my niece works for the cincinnati zoo. it has to be.
8:00 am
>> dana: she will need to tell you the difference between a penguin and otter. >> bill: and she will. >> dana: good day to be here. any billboards the rest of the day? >> bill: i don't think so. i will do better for you tomorrow. >> dana: you're doing great. martha maccallum will take over for us at 11:00 and filling in for harris on "the faulkner focus". she is next. >> bill has a pet penguin at home. some think it's a dog. good to see you guys. fox news alert is where we start today. president biden is going to speak any minute now on the economy, jobs, and efforts to reduce the deficit. it comes as the fed is expected to raise interest rates by half a point in an effort to battle back inflation that is rising and felt by pretty much everyone across the country. inflation is at a 40 year high jumping 7.9% over


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