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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 4, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: she will need to tell you the difference between a penguin and otter. >> bill: and she will. >> dana: good day to be here. any billboards the rest of the day? >> bill: i don't think so. i will do better for you tomorrow. >> dana: you're doing great. martha maccallum will take over for us at 11:00 and filling in for harris on "the faulkner focus". she is next. >> bill has a pet penguin at home. some think it's a dog. good to see you guys. fox news alert is where we start today. president biden is going to speak any minute now on the economy, jobs, and efforts to reduce the deficit. it comes as the fed is expected to raise interest rates by half a point in an effort to battle back inflation that is rising and felt by pretty much everyone across the country. inflation is at a 40 year high jumping 7.9% over the past year.
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there is no bigger issue that confronts americans and american voters as they take a look at their own finances. we'll bring you president biden's remarks live as soon as that happens. but first he was not on the ballot. former president trump won big last night as the candidate he endorsed in ohio's senate primary cruised to victory in one of the nation's most closely-watched races of the beginning of this election season. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm martha maccallum in for harris today. president trump passing his first big test in the mid-term election cycle boosting j.d. vance to victory in the ohio republican senate primary. vance trailed behind his opponents by a significant margin just three short weeks ago. former house speaker newt gingrich said this. >> this guy is a venture capitalist. very well educated but is able
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to bridge together intelligent solutions and a deep populist sympathy for average, everyday americans. a new and different republican party. more energetic, more ideal oriented, more willing to go out and take on the establishment in a very positive way. and i think it is a great thing for america that j.d. was nominated. >> more than a dozen ohio republicans won their primaries after endorsements from the president. we have president biden walking out in the roosevelt room now to talk about the economy. he is underwater in a lot of these categories. >> president biden: last week my administration released new information that contained we're on track to cut the federal deficit by another $1.5 trillion biff the end of the fiscal year. the biggest decline in a single year ever in american history. the biggest decline on top of
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us having a $350 billion drop in the deficit last year. my first year as president. we also learned that for the first time since 2016, the treasury department is planning to pay down the national debt issued to the public this quarter and for all the talk the republicans make about deficits, it didn't happen a single quarter under my predecessor, not once. the bottom line is the deficit went up every year under my predecessor before the pandemic and during the pandemic and it has gone down both years since i've been here, period. those are the facts. why is it important? because bringing down the deficit is one way to ease inflationary pressures in on economy where the consequence of a war and gas prices and oil and food and it all is a different world right at this moment because of ukraine and russia. reduced federal borrowing and helped combat inflation. this process is a great deal --
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is good news but it didn't happen by itself. the previous administration increased the deficit every year it was in office in part because of its reckless $2 trillion tax cut. you are tired of hear me saying that. a $2 trillion tax cut that was not paid for. was not paid for. tax cut that largely benefited the biggest corporations, 55 of which earn $40 billion in profits and paid not a single penny in income tax in 2020. and wealthiest americans like the billionaires who on average pay just 8% in federal taxes. the previous administration not only blew the deficit but undermined the inspector generals whose job is was to keep the pandemic relief funds from being wasted. remember at the time i kept saying they are going to fire the inspector generals. well, they fired the inspector generals and my administration those watchdogs are back. the justice department has a
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chief prosecutor for pandemic fraud who will go after the criminals who stole billions, billion else in relief money meant for small businesses and american families and never got to them but the pockets of criminals. when i came to office we took a different approach across the board. with the american rescue plan and other actions we start evidence to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out. rescue checks and tax cuts for working families. gave them a little breathing room to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. remember the first year all those long lines of automobiles lined up and going through a parking lot just to get a box of food in their trunk? we got vaccination shots in arms to help us go from 2 million americans vaccinated to more than 220 million americans fully vaccinated. we made it easy for millions of americans to sign up for coverage on their affordable care act saving them an average of $2,400 a year. as a result of these and other
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economic recovery plans, we recovered faster than proper jektd. record 6.7 million jobs created last year and most in the first year of any president in american history. the fastest economic growth in any year in nearly four decades. and looking ahead, i have a plan to reduce the deficit even more which will help reduce inflationary pressures and lower everyone's costs for families. look, it is a plan that lets medicare negotiate prices for prescription drugs as they do with the department of veterans affairs. we can cap the price of insulin at $35 instead of the hundreds of dollars or a thousand a month for some families. my plan provides tax credits to utility companies to generate clean energy. those companies are required to pass those savings on to families. i met with about a dozen of those utility ceos in the white house and they confirm this plan will lower energy bills
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for families immediately. my plan includes tax credits for consumers to purchase electric or fuel cell vehicles. new or used, which will save the typical driver $80 a month not having to pay for gas at the pump. tax credits for folks to buy solar panels and heat pumps and more efficient windows and doors for their homes. estimated savings $500 per year on average. we can do these things by making sure that no one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a single penny more in federal taxes. all we're asking is the wealthiest americans and largest corporations begin to pay their fair share or at least part of their fair shaifrment i'm a capitalist and believe you should be able to make as much money as you legally can. but just pay your fair share. there is no reason why a billionaire should be paying a lower tax rate than a teacher or firefighter. that's a sharp contrast to what
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days' republican party is offering and if they hadn't put this in print you would think i was making it up. senator rick scott of florida, united states senator, who is leading the republican national senatorial campaign committee, released what he calls the ultramaga agenda. it is a maga agenda already. let me tell you about this ultramaga agenda. it is extreme as most maga things are. it will actually raise taxes on 75 million american families over 95% of whom make less than $100,000 a year. among the hardest hit working families, kids. imagine you are a family of four and don't make enough money to have federal taxes because you don't make enough money to pay them. you pay all your taxes but you are still making enough. and under this new plan, this tax plan the ultramaga agenda, while big corporations and
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billionaires will pay nothing more, the working class folks will pay a hell of a lot more. it goes further than that. this extreme republican agenda calls for congress -- i'm not making this up, either. you have to think about this. requires a vote if it were to pass every five years congress would have to vote to reinstate or eliminate social security, medicare, and medicaid. social security is something seniors have paid in for their whole life. and it has to be reauthorized? has to be reauthorized every five years? look, again, it's hard to make this up but then again it is a maga agenda. you know, meanwhile millionaires and billionaires and corporations skate by. imagine that. just imagine that. i think it is truly outrageous. i have offered a different plan.
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a plan rooted in american values of fairness and decency. wealthy folks and corporations will pay more. billionaires pay a minimum tax. most importantly people making less than $400,000 won't have to pay more taxes. we'll protect social security and medicare. let me remind you again, i reduced the federal deficit. all the talk about the deficit from my republican friends, i love it. i reduced it $350 billion in my first year in office. we're on track to reduce it by the end of september by another $1 trillion 500 billion dollars, the largest drop ever. i don't want to hear republicans talk about deficits and their ultramaga agenda. i want to hear about fairness and decency and helping ordinary people. the bottom line is for decades the trickle down economics has failed as income and equity
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grew to historic levels under the republicans. the maga republicans. i don't want to mispronounce it. the maga republican. it is time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out. here is the deal, when the poor have a ladder up and the middle class grows the wealthy always do very well. they do very well. that's what this is about. that's what this is about. everybody doing better. so i want you to understand again first year $350 billion reduction of the deficit. this year a trillion five will bring some relief. thank you. take a few questions. >> a question about sanctions against -- about further sanctions in europe. the european union announced more on the oil of russia. what's the next step on abortion once this case gets
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settled? >> president biden: deficits,. i'll answer those two questions. with regard to the additional sanctions we're always open to additional sanctions and i've been in consultation and i'm speaking with the members of the g-7 this week about what we'll do, number one. number two, what was the second one? >> abortion. >> president biden: as i said when i -- when this hit i was getting on a plane to go down to alabama, this is about a lot more than abortion. i hadn't read the whole opinion at that time. but this reminds me of the debate with robert bork. bjork believed the only reason you had any inherent rights is because the government gave them to you. you go back on the opening comments when i asked
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questioned him as chairman i said i believe the rights i have not because the government gave me, which you believe, but because i'm just a child of god, i exist. i delegated by joining this reunion here, to delegate some rights i have to the government for social good. so the idea that somehow there is an inherent right, that there is no right of privacy, that there is no right. remember the debate -- we had a debate about griswald versus connecticut. saying a married couple could not purchase birth control in the privacy of their own bedroom and use it. well, that got struck down. griswald was sought to be a bad decision by bork and my guess is the guys on the supreme court now. what happens if you have states change the law saying that children who are lgbtq can't be
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in classrooms with other children? is that legit under the way the decision is written? what are the next things that are going to be attacked? this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. in recent american history. >> mr. president -- how can you combat it? >> there is a lot there, all right? we'll get reaction from florida senator rick scott the head of the national republican senatorial committee. senator, good to have you with us today. thank you for joining us. it is quite timely you are here. you just got called out by the president of the united states for the plan that you have put forth. so i would like to play that and then we'll get your reaction and your response to president biden. here it is. >> president biden: senator
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rick scott of florida, united states senator, who is leading the republican national senatorial campaign committee released what he calls the ultramaga agenda. a maga agenda all right. let me tell you about the ultramaga agenda. it is extreme as most maga things are. it will actually raise taxes on 75 million american families. >> senator scott, you want to respond to that? >> sure. i had the opportunity to listen to what the president said. first off almost every senate was a completely. first off let's think about what he did. he never talked about inflation. since he has been in office inflation is 8.5%. we had a negative gdp down 1.4%. so you see people that are struggling across the country. now with regard to there is a complete difference between my view of the world and his view of the world. i'm the biggest tax cutter in the senate right now. i cut taxes 100 times. since joe biden got into politics taxes have gone up on
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americans constantly. on top of he has taken the debt from under $1 trillion to 30 trillion and his plan that he put out will take the debt of this country to $45 trillion and has massive tax increases on everybody. my plan is reduce taxes but let's get everybody back to work. with regard to medicare, medicaid and social security. when i was governor of florida, on top of cutting taxes 100 times and by the way reducing the debt of the state by a third, what i also did was i fixed the pension plan. joe biden since he has been around made sure that whether it's the social security or medicare are in a worse position every year. medicare for bankrupt in four years. democrats don't want to fix it. social security goes bankrupt in 12 years. they don't want to fix it. i want a conversation. let's fix the programs so they last. people have paid into these programs and paid into social security. what the democrats and joe biden is doing he keeps passing
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the buck and watching the plans go bankrupt and wait for the next president or the next senate to have to try to fix these things. what he just did was a completely. go to rescue and see exact will i what i believe. i want to fix this country and we have to rescue this country not take it down joe biden's horrible path. >> let's show people the polls we have. this is exactly why you have the president coming out today sort of carving out this issue of the deficit and speaking about that and not speaking about inflation. that's the job performance number. approval 45%, disapprove 53%. i think we have more of these numbers that show the breakdown. on the economy he is at 36% approval. crime 33% approval. immigration 32%. inflation at 28% approval how he is handling this.
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senator scott, explain to everyboefd at home why he is talking about the cut that has been seen in the deficit of the country and calling it a big win. >> he is not doing anything. deficit is not going down. the amount of deficit might go down a lgt bit because we are in a pandemic when the last year of president trump so we don't have all that excess spending right now. deficit is not going down. joe biden and the democrats want to spend every dollar they can. his plan takes the debt of this country from $30 trillion to $45. tell me how we will pay for that. interest rates. over 3% today. how will we pay for this? we only collect $4 trillion in federal revenues right now. the deficit at 30. now it's almost $900 billion in interest expense. i don't know how you can pay for this stuff. think about this. democrats won't fix deficit
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spending or medicare or social security. and they just have massive spending just constant massive spengd. we talk about a china bill $250 billion with no return to the american public. this has got to stop. inflation will not stop until we balance the budget. we get people back to work, we figure out how do you reduce inflation? create more competition, reduce the permitting process, that's how you get inflation down. stop this. >> we almost never hear republicans and democrats balancing the budget. we'll see if we hear it in the next round of the mid-term elections as they move along. but republicans tearing into liberals after this leak of the supreme court draft opinion that could spell the end of roe versus wade ending nearly five decades of federalizing the legal right to an abortion nationwide. chief justice john roberts
8:20 am
called for an investigation what he calls an egregious breach of trust. >> it's democrats legit moo*ids the court. >> it was done to those. who those who want to gain power through destroying steetion you'll get rejected at the ballot box. >> one of the things that strikes me is both sides are grabbing this narrative and figuring out how to wrestle with it toward the mid-terms. your reaction to what president biden just said. he was talking about how radical -- he called it the mega agenda and then the maga agenda and corrected himself and called it the maga agenda again. what he just suggested was that this decision, if it goes through by the supreme court, could lead to the overturning
8:21 am
of the griswald case which was about whether or not married couples can use birth control in their bedrooms and a situation where lgbtq children are not put in the same classrooms with the rest of the children in the classroom. is that where we're headed, senator? >> i don't know where he is coming from. i tell you what's radical. they want to have abortion up to birth and no obligation to keep the child alive. that's what's radical. well oh he see what the supreme court comes out with. i hope they find out who did this and they lose their job. this is ridiculous what these people are doing. whether packing the supreme court, or now just doing everything they can to delegitimize the supreme court is not good for this country. what is good for the country is win in a free and fair election. don't destroy all the institutions that we have.
8:22 am
>> elizabeth iz -- warren. >> republicans have been working for this day since decades out there plotting, cultivating supreme court justices so they could have a majority on the bench that would accomplish something that the majority of americans do not want. people want roe versus wade to stand. >> we don't want to dismember children in the womb, ma'am. >> it's what this argument looks like today, senator. what do you think? >> first off let's find out what happened and what the decision is. but i tell you what, i'm for life. i believe in the sanctity of life but what i am going to fight is what the democrats want to do. you can abort a baby up until birth and not keep them alive. thals not right.
8:23 am
>> 54% of those polled favor a ban after 15 weeks. i think what we will learn here when you really look at where people stand on this issue is that is a very common feeling across the country. you get people on both ends of the spectrum on that but i think that 54% reveals that they are pretty much in line with the mississippi law that was at stake here. >> that's where europe is. it's around 15 weeks. there should be an exception for rape and incest. so i think that's where the american public is. if they're not where the democrats are. the democrats are radical. >> thank you very much. senator rick scott joining us today of florida. so there seems to be no end in sight for president biden's border crisis as debate rages over the administration's now halted plans to lift the pandemic era ban called title 42. jason chaffetz is next.
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oh, i had never seen a picture of her until i got on ancestry. it was like touching the past. my great aunt signed up to serve in the union army as a field nurse. my great grandmother started a legacy of education in my family. didn't know she ran for state office. ended up opening her own restaurant in san francisco. paralee wharton elder, lupe gonzalez, mary sawyers, margaret ross. there's a lot of life that she lived. who are the strong women in your family?
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>> president biden: the bottom line is the deficit went up every year under my predecessor before and during the pandemic. it has gone down both years since i've been here, period, they are the facts. why is it important? because bringing down the deficit is one way to ease inflationary pressures in an economy. >> martha: president biden moments ago as critics are tearing into his administration's inflation hurting americans and shows up clearly in the new polls. a top concern for voters in this country. 87% say they are extremely or very concerned about rising prices and the impact on their bottom line. 45% think that it is a problem that will continue for a year or longer. remember the administration said it was a transitory issue that would go away over a couple of months. that clearly hasn't happened and it comes as the fed is
8:30 am
poised to raise interest rates by a half percentage point today in an effort to sort of tamp down these soaring prices by lowering the interest rates and lowering the cost of borrowing or raising it, i should say. the largest rate hike if it comes through at half a point than we've seen in more than 20 years. here is senator barrasso. >> this combination of soaring inflation and stagnant economy. we haven't had that since the 1970s. it's called stagflation. so people are actually feeling poorer. the reason is their dollars don't go as far as it was before to buy things. so they are actually boor -- poor and joe biden and this administration don't get it. the american people deserve much better from what this administration is providing for them. >> martha: a new piece in the "new york times" ask if the fed's effort is too late.
8:31 am
one saying in hindsight there is a really good chance the fed should have started tightening earlier. jason chaffetz former utah republican congressman and fox news contributor joining us now. good to see you. this is the whole game with the federal reserve and the lever that they have of raising or lowering the borrowing rate in the country and whether or not they got it right. we remember the goldilocks economy and greenspan's efforts to keep it in that right zone. have they failed this time? >> they have failed. real wages is the key metric. are people getting ahead or falling behind? they are falling behind. they go to the gas pump and you know it takes $100 to fill your f-150 and that's the problem. i think the president's comments we just heard at the top of the show demonstrate to the american people that the president doesn't get it. i don't hear anybody saying oh but the deficit is coming down. nobody complains about that. they complain about how much gas costs and a bowl of cereal
8:32 am
and everything else. reality is spending has continued to go up under president biden. don't tell me when the democrats have the house, senate and presidency and the economy is getting worse they can't blame republicans. >> martha: they carved out the number they could find saying the deficit is down. that's a good element of something to work on overall. as you say, nobody is sitting around their dinner table saying the deficit is down when they pay $100 to fill up their truck. the poll numbers, there is quite a bit in here. this one shows that a serious hardship for your family, 44% say yes now. in february that number was at 36%. you look at, for example, what we saw in ohio last night and look at the trends for the
8:33 am
mid-term elections and all of this discussion mixed in with what's going on with roe versus wade. where do you think voters are right now as they weigh all of these things in their decisions about who to vote for? >> i think what's clear is that the president and democrats don't have a plan. joe biden was supposed to be a man with a plan but as we just heard he doesn't have a plan. he is touting a deficit number and so who has real solutions? i really do believe that you can't ignore crime, the immigration issue, the inflation issue. name one thing where democrats will appeal for a true centrist. maybe somebody who is conservative leaning. not a single issue on the table that they can appeal to the american people and grow their base. so yeah, they will get some people who are already pro-abortion. they're already voting for the democrats. they won't go attract anybody else in there and the reality is with this abortion debate
8:34 am
and what is coming down with the supreme court, aoc is still going to have abortion in new york. they will still have abortions in nancy pelosi's district. but i just think it will eventually fade into a non-issue by the time we get to november. >> martha: 2% say it is their top issue when it comes to voengt. that's pretty low. and a poll shows 50% say the border is worse than it was two years ago compared with just 11% who say that it is better. and 63% think that the administration should keep the pandemic era title 42 restrictions that restricts some people from getting across but not a lot of people because we've seen the flow at the border. here is dan chen shaw of texas. >> democrats want to make us hard on us in november. not that complicated. they don't want to and they don't care. but people believe that keeping
8:35 am
title 42 is synonymous with border security. that is why it has vast support. people want the border secure. >> martha: what do you think, jason? >> they do. they want the border secure. title 42 is able to get people deported and out of the country. the untold story. i want to have an economist dive into it. where will these people eat and sleep and tell me it's not having an impact on the housing crisis but the human and drug toll, the human trafficking. i don't know why the other national media sources don't actually cover this story but it is disgusting and preventable and it was on the right path under donald trump and totally wrong with biden and harris. come on, nancy pelosi has time to go to ukraine. i'm glad she went but you can't swing by the southern border? america sees that stuff. >> martha: we see the danger
8:36 am
just in the river alone with the loss of a national guardsman and then the loss of somebody who was trying to get across just a few days ago. so with regard to the president and his abilities. he sort of stumbled through some remarks on sending aid to ukraine yesterday. take a look. here is the president. >> president biden: before russia attacked, we made sure russia had javelins and other weapons and the "wall street journal" quoted a firefighter without the javelins it would have been very hard to stop the enemy pushing ahead. >> martha: he said we sent javelins to russia and gave credit to a hungarian fighter instead of a ukrainian fighter. it's just the way he talks and you have to translate it. it wasn't the first time that he has slipped up in this way in recent weeks. >> president biden: there haven't been many senators from
8:37 am
delaware, a small state. never been one, matter of fact. putin's klep -- yeah, kleptocracy. >> president biden: if my dad were watching now. he passed away. if he was watching. excuse my back, i apologize. good bless you all. [applause] -god bless you all. >> martha: looking to shake but there is no one there. jason. >> it is sad and scary to watch. when somebody is putting a microphone in front of you 24/7 you are bound to make some mistakes. we all understand that. i think he is starting to slur his words and forget some basic facts and it happens on almost a daily basis. and i tell you, you look at
8:38 am
jill biden, ron klain, susan rice, you know, the people around the president every day multiple times, i think history is going to take a very harsh look at them. i do think there are serious questions about his cognitive capabilities and is he up to the job? at what point does somebody step forward and say this man doesn't know where he is sometimes. and i say that with great deference. i'm not a doctor but just watch. he is not the same joe biden that he was even six years ago. >> martha: everybody wants the president to succeed and do well and -- but i think it's fair to have these discussions. they certainly were had during president trump's administration and i think it is fair to raise these questions as americans. jason chaffetz, thank you. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: dave chappelle attacked by a man who rushed the stage during his performance at the hollywood bowl last night.
8:39 am
have you seen this? watch. >> martha: what is going on? witnesses say the security tackled the suspect seconds later, dragged him offstage. jonathan hunt with more on this. the second time we've seen someone assaulted on stage in the past few months. hi, jonathan. >> a stunning moment for the crowd here at the legendary hollywood bowl. dave chappelle was just wrapping up his performance at the netflix is a joke festival when that audience member rushed the stage and charged chappelle. security were on the sceneing as you can see, pretty quickly. they got him away. police also responded. the man apparently suffered some injuries in the following melee. he was taken away by ambulance. the lapd has identified him as
8:40 am
23-year-old isaiah lee. he was apparently armed with a replica gun that somehow contained some sort of knife. he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. chappelle himself appeared unhurt. he stayed on stage and talked about grabbing the attacker and said he didn't know if it was part of the show. coincidentally as you were just referencing chris rock was also here at the festival as one of chappelle's guests. he walked on stage a little later and said was that will smith, the reference to the incident at the oscars when chris rock was attacked by will smith over a joke that rock had made about smith's wife. at the time people said it was a dangerous precedent smith was setting that enabled anyfwoed to justify attacking a comedian who offended them. we don't know the motivation for this attack.
8:41 am
he has been criticized by the trans community for making jokes at the expense of trans people. we don't know if it was relevant in this case. also questions about security at the hollywood bowl. they say on the website netflix is a joke website everybody is subject to security. metal detectors and bag searches. clearly, martha, last night those security measures failed very badly, martha. >> martha: i can't imagine these live performances at comedians you won't have to increase security and what we saw at the oscars. some parents are outraged over remarks by president biden that students are like teacher's children when they are in the classroom. >> whether you're a teacher, administrator or any public servant in charge of my child's parents there are parents will die on the hill to say we don't co-parent with the government.
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>> martha: supreme court has launched an investigation into who leaked the supreme court draft opinion on abortion rights. this as president biden expresses outrage over the idea of overturning roe versus wade. >> president biden: look, the idea that concerns me a great deal that we are going to after 50 years decide a woman does not have a right to choose. if this decision holds, it is really quite a radical decision. >> martha: peter doocy joins us live there the white house. >> there is new attention today about another part of the president's comment from that event yesterday where he talks about aborting a child. >> they try to twist the argument saying it is not really another person, just an extra body part. that's not true. scientificly, morally and in a human sense we really know that
8:48 am
and that's what joe biden actually said. >> this white house, which has long claimed they don't comment on leaked materials, is already saying quite a bit about leaked material here. >> we're not going back. we are not going back. [applause] because at our core, the strength of our country is that we fight to move forward. >> that is a political comment at a political event and sounds like an expansion on the president's comment that all this means the country should elect more pro-choice democrats. but white house officials are insisting at the same time that this new abortion issue is not a political one. >> some call it a political issue. it is not. it is supported by the majority of the american public. >> president biden gave brief
8:49 am
comments at the end of a speech earlier this hour. it is not just about abortion. he have is claiming that he thinks conservatives in this country will soon try to limit rights in other parts of people's private lives. martha. >> martha: he said it could come down to birth control in the bedroom of married people and talked about lgbtq children not being able to go to school with other children. i'm not sure where those are coming from but that's what the president mentioned earlier. peter thank you very much. peter doocy at the white house. president biden taking heat for some remarks he made that students are the teachers' children. >> president biden: you heard me say it many times about our children. it's true. they're all our children. the reason you are the teachers of the year is you recognize that. they're not somebody else's children, they are like yours when you are in the classroom.
8:50 am
>> martha: some parents heard that where they thought it was overstepping the president's authority. here is one. >> there is no way that my child or children are any other person's child than mine and my husband's. it is appalling what president biden has said. we have a fundamental right to decide on the upbringing and schooling of our children. >> i think it's a dangerous thing to say and undermines all the rights and values of families. >> martha: a new op-ed in the "new york post" accuses teachers unions of indoctrinateing kids with the president's support. it comes at a time when parents are already fired up about the debate of the role when it comes to their children's education. we bring in matt gorman, and
8:51 am
it's great to have you both with us. matt, let me start with you on this. i think a lot of people would say that many teachers feel like they love the students in their classroom as if they were their own kids when they are with them. i think that's an interpretation that most people are fine with. the problem here is we have seen schools and curriculums sort of overstepping and indoctrinateing in some cases and this is what has triggered, i think, such a strong backlash to this comment. >> i think you are right. i think among the left this is a feature, not a bug. not just from joe biden. we saw it in virginia last fall. terry mccauliffe say parents don't have a role and hillary clinton saying it takes a village to raise a child. this is how they justify teaching forms of critical race theory in schools, sexual topics to young kids. how dare you question it.
8:52 am
they feel they know best once your kids step into the classroom. >> martha: one of the new polls shows disapproval rating with parents with children under the age of 18 for this president is at 61%. that's a pretty big number. what do you think? >> that is a pretty big number but i have to go back to something that matt said. yes, it does take a village to raise the child. that's an old african proverb. it's a metaphor. they are just saying while they are in the classroom they're my responsibility and know teachers have a unique responsibility. we also know that these are the children of the parents who are sending these kids to these schools so i just think in a lot of instances these parents are being a little sensitive of
8:53 am
simple metaphors. >> martha: don't you think it comes from they say what their children are taught and so much he have fa sis on sexuality and race rather than making sure our kids are competitive in the classroom and they are being taught. one of my things is they are so behind thanks to covid. why are we teaching them about sexuality or race when we should be teaching them about math and english and making sure they can compete in the world? >> we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> martha: i don't know about that. we're pretty low ranked as a country when it comes to english and math. >> we should be teaching them about sex education so we don't have a high rate of teenage pregnancy but we need to get back to the core of education and making sure we teach them math and english. >> martha: that's the mission. that's the mission, matt. it gets so clouded. why are we teaching them these other things in school when those things can be taught at
8:54 am
home and we aren't even meeting the bar of competency in the public school system? >> even before pandemic we are far behind china especially stem education. one lining of covid it shows parents when the kids are being taught in schools and speak up and question. you are right. i appreciate teachers. i think unlike teachers unions, most teachers care about their kids but they are not their own. teachers are not substitutes for parents. values are instilled in the home and there are only so many hours in a day. when you are teaching 5-year-olds and 7-year-olds about sexuality and pronouns, that's where we need to be as a country in our education metrics. >> martha: 30 seconds, do you think that schools should be open this summer to catch kids up from covid on their learning? >> i do think they should be open this summer as well as we need to fully fund our schools
8:55 am
to teach them what they need to be learning. >> martha: they have hundreds of millions of dollars during covid a lot that hasn't been spent. that shouldn't be a problem. great to have you both with us today. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". i will sigh at 3:00 eastern on "the story". "outnumbered" is up next. e are e served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
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