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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 4, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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versed. i'm a different breed, though. >> also e.q. factors in, and ways of ascertaining that, connect with someone, wonderful and the number is lower, how do you know unless you talk with them about everything. >> it all comes down to values in the heart and for me, faith, that's number one. i.q. test out the window. thanks to everyone. here is "america reports." >> sandra: thank you, team. brand-new fox news polling shows trouble ahead for president biden and democrats looking to win in key elections in the midterms. more than half the country now disapproves of the job that president biden is doing, and the president underwater on key issues like crime, immigration, and the economy. >> john: numbers are better than some others. what does it mean for the far left agenda the democrats have been pushing for the past year. reaction from kentucky republican senator rand paul and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley
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ahead. >> sandra: president biden addressing the debt and deficit as inflation rages around americans. sky high prices, most aggressive move on interest rates in decades. will likely boost borrowing costs for millions and the country. great to be with you. >> john: we get over the hump and slide into the weekend. this is "america reports." skyrocketing prices from gas to meat has the country on edge. americans are increasingly learned about the state of the economy. the vast majority saying it's in bad shape and only getting worse. >> sandra: 61% of americans disapprove of biden's handling, and the party stares down a
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potential red wing in november. >> john: first peter doocy is live at the white house. why are the democrats pivoting to the economy today. >> peter: republicans more and more say a leading issue is the economy, so president biden is trying out some new material to try to counter them. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda, it's extreme. it will actually raise taxes on 75 million american families. over 95% of whom make less than $100,000 a year. >> peter: that's as a new fox poll reveals 45% of voters think inflation will be an issue for more than a year. 20% another year, and 20% say at least for the next several months. so add that up, 85% of voters
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arguing, or believing, rather, that at the very least inflation will be a major issue for several more months and several more months from now is when the midterms are. >> inflation will not stop until we balance the budget, we get people back to work, we figure out how you reduce inflation. more competition, reduce the permitting process, that's how you get inflation down. >> peter: this is the start of another topic that white house officials are trying to talk to. yesterday it was all about reproductive rights, today it's about the economy. they are testing out different things ahead of the midterms and we do expect to hear from jen psaki about 90 minutes from now, just after the federal reserve makes their announcement about interest rates. john. >> john: looking forward to that, and the band behind you as well. peter doocy. >> sandra: katie pavlich, and this is looking like a great panel to dig into this.
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katie, start with you first, in a nutshell, if we were to combine the brand-new fox polls, the economy continues to be and has been the top issue for voters heading into the midterm elections. most americans, the polls reveal, say they feel they are worse off now than two years ago, and they blame the government for their financial hardships. that's got to be an opportunity for republicans. >> it certainly is an opportunity and president biden has said he's going to be going out on the campaign trail with democrats to try and bolster some support and get the base out to vote. when he continues like he t at the white house today to compare his economic record to president trump's economic record, as you see in the polling you just cited, people actually then think back to what it was like under president trump with things like gas prices and prices at the grocery store, and think that oh, maybe things were not so bad in the policies under the biden administration have hurt my family and it's not
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republicans and democrats, the independents are the ones to pay the most attention to. why this is happening, americans are smart. they want to make decisions for their future that make the situation better and different than today, and looking back at the past year specifically, $1.9 trillion american rescue plan, not a single republican voted for because they were warning about inflation, democrats voted for that, and president biden has been touting it. and so i think they understand that too much money printed by the government has caused this problem and the administration instead of offering real solutions they are saying things like well, if you don't want to pay for higher gas prices just buy an electric car and transition to alternative forms of energy. that's not a solution for american families hurting as a result of those policies. >> sandra: let's get kevin in here. how is the economy a winning issue for the president, you have to assume how they see things, a big pivot to the economy with the president's speech this morning, kevin. >> yes, good question.
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obviously this president is really focussed on the economy because it's the animating issue despite what we saw with the supreme court opinion coming out yesterday. listen, these numbers are troubling for democrats. listen, the president is underwater specifically when it comes to the economy, so that's why you saw him in the roosevelt room talking about the great job market that we are seeing. 6.7 million jobs created just last year alone or recovered last year alone so the jobs economy is hot right now, and you are seeing the president talk about deficit reduction, reducing government borrowing, the president needs to get out there on the economy. he's travelling to cincinnati on friday, a lot of what he talks about in a state like ohio where democrats have not performed well in the last couple of presidential elections, he's taken the message on the roads and ways that he as president can reduce inflation aside from what the fed is doing. >> sandra: it's the economy,
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stupid, right, katie. >> exactly right. >> sandra: you look at the gas prices and who voters hold responsible for sky high gas prices and not just about the average american trying to fill their gas tank, this is about a supply chain crisis that could only get worse as we see diesel prices at an all-time high. some truckers may decide to call it quits. when polled, who is responsible for current gas prices, biden administration, 70% say yes. government energy regulation, 77% say yes. so katie, not a big acknowledgment from the administration that they're the problem. >> no, in fact, sandra, they have gone out of their way to wage a war on energy producers in the country. we have talked about how the biden administration cut the keystone pipeline the first day, moratorium on drilling, and then at the same time, they went and accused the oil and gas companies of causing this problem when they wouldn't allow them to create more supply for
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the country. and i think americans have a very serious problem with the administration using the strategic oil reserve as a band aid to try and say that they are doing something to reduce gas prices, the same time not opening up american energy resources. and one more thing goes back to a state and local issue on regulation generally of the economy, americans are looking back at the past year, republican governors wanted to open things and get people back to work and democrats and the biden administration have been dragging the feet opening up the economy and the regulations that shut down the economy and caused some inflation. so, it's a combination of all those things. >> sandra: quickly with president biden going after the maga agenda, kevin, on the other side, listen. >> i don't want to hear republicans talk about deficits and their ultra maga agenda. i want to hear about fairness, i want to hear about decency, i
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want to hear about helping ordinary people. bottom line for decades the trickle down economics has failed, as income and equity grew to historic levels. >> is that a good strategy to go after the maga agenda, when a majority of americans say they were better off two years ago with their financial situation? >> i love to see the president on the stump like this, you know, one of his favorite things, don't compare me to the all the, but the alternative. when the president is on the attack in this contrasting message with what rick scott wants to do, raising taxes on 75 million americans as the president said in the roosevelt room, 95% of them making less than $100,000, he believes that's a winning message contrast message heading into november 1, '88 days away. >> sandra: as propsed, great
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panel, thank you for joining us. west nile digging into this more. federal reserve is trying to get a grip on inflation, how aggressive will they be, anticipating half percent rate hike, will it be enough to tame inflation, how aggressive will they have to get. >> john: and hang on to your wallet, it's going to cost a lot more money. and dig into biden's troubles at the top of the hour with sheila jackson lee, the congresswoman from texas, senator rand paul and nikki haley will be joining us as well. jam packed afternoon ahead. a man arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after police say he attacked dave chappell last night. audience member rushing the
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comedian to the floor when he was performing. jonathan, what do we know about the guy who ran up on stage and tackled him? >> identified by police as 23-year-old isaiah lee. we have been trying to find more about him, social media presence, etc. we have not been able to do so as yet, and police have not let out any more details about him. they do say he is the man seen in video being taken away by ambulance after suffering injuries himself, facial injuries and some sort of arm or hand injury when he was tackled by security guards. they, of course, had lept into action when he, lee, according to police, rushed the stage and launched himself at dave chappell. those security guards taking him to the back of the stage and him being taken away, lee, by ambulance. chappell himself was apparently
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not hurt, and welcomed chris rock to the stage, fellow comedian a few minutes later and rock said as he walked up on to the stage, was that will smith? and obvious reference to rock's incident when he was hosting the oscars just a couple of months ago and will smith walked on to stage and slapped chris rock because smith did not like a joke rock had told about his wife, jada pinkett smith. a lot of comedians said will smith had set a precedent, they said he was putting other comedians in danger. we don't know, john, what the motivation was behind this attack, carried out according to police by 23-year-old isaiah lee. chappelle has been criticized for jokes he has made about the trans community, don't know if it has any relevance in this
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case. and questions about security here at the hollywood bowl, john. the f.a.q. section of the netflix as a joke festival website says everybody is subject to bag search and metal detectors. clearly those security measures failed last night, john. >> john: people have been running up on stage for decades, but this was particularly frightening and you have to wonder, what, you know, what didn't happen to will smith after he went up on stage, did that somehow influence this crazy person. jonathan hunt for us, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: moments from now, johnny depp's ex-wife, amber heard, taking the stand in the multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit. her ex-husband has some choice words for her in his testimony. how will she respond? >> john: ohio g.o.p. primary voters are clear about the direction they want to go in after trump endorsed j.d. vance in the primary. his race was just the beginning.
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>> sandra: j.d. vance winning ohio g.o.p. primary overcoming a crowded field of six other candidates in that race. vance trailed in the race early on, but soared in the polls following former president trump's endorsement on april 15th. we have fox team coverage of this. what the victory means in moments, but mark meredith is in cincinnati. the primary was pretty cut throat given the ads we saw, right? >> sandra, it sure was.
10:19 am
crowded and contentious, that's for sure. vance was declared the winner in last night's primary, and of course it was a fascinating race to watch because it really does appear it was the former president's endorsement that made all the difference in the race. it was not that long ago that vance was an outspoken critic, goes back to 2016, and faced questions from opponents questioning political values and beliefs. chance was making it clear he plans to support the trump agenda going forward. >> they wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america first agenda. ladies and gentlemen, it ain't the death of the america first agenda. >> shortly after the results came in, heard from a spokesperson of former president trump the power of the endorsement is undeniable, cannot be understated and the
10:20 am
promise of the maga movement will win for years to come. confident former president in the statement. and he will face off with ohio congressman tim ryan, he won yesterday. d.n.c. is expected to spend a whole lot of money to turn this seat blue. and heard from tim ryan last night. >> the work is just beginning, the fight is just beginning, we are gonna heal the country, heal ohio, in turn, heal the united states of america. >> i will promise you victory. let's go, let's make this happen, let's get this seat. >> we'll be looking to see what kind of platform ryan runs on, out of d.c. or more of the middle of the chart with ohio. we are also watching ohio senator rob portman who was not backing vance in this primary, he backed a woman who used to be the republican chair, but now portman will support vance in
10:21 am
campaign, try to keep the seat in republican hands. sandra. >> mark meredith in cincinnati. thank you. >> john: mark thiessen, former white house speech writer, everybody is talking about j.d. vance but 21 other trump backed candidates on the ballot in ohio and indiana, all of them won the primaries, he went 22-0 last night. clearly he still holds a lot of sway with republican voters. >> big night for donald trump, a lot of the candidates were not opposed, so it's a big number. the real big victory was the j.d. vance race. and it's not that he went in and backed somebody who was already leading, he plucked j.d. vance, in fourth place, 10, 11% and catapulted him in the front of the race. a huge victory for donald trump, a caveat. he won with 32% of the vote. 68% in the state of ohio voted
10:22 am
against trump candidate, and in georgia, purdue, governor kemp has 54 right now. and there you don't have -- >> john: what do you think that is going to mean for trump backed candidates in november? >> i think first of all, if i'm david mccormick in pennsylvania i'm really worried. it is a divided field there. and donald trump won in a divided field with less than 50% of the vote. according to the rules, his endorsement does not make a huge, huge difference, but a significant part of the party not automatically going where donald trump says we should go, and that has implications not only for 2022, but 2024. >> donald trump did better than alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders, they are backing brown in ohio, she lost. trump 22-0, they went 0-1. >> and they are going to not
10:23 am
just lose that race but the entire congress for joe biden by dragging him to the left and convincing him he could be a modern f.d.r. >> john: pivot to abortion and the leak out of the supreme court, we don't know what the final opinion is, but the february draft the supreme court is on track to repeal roe vs. wade. chuck schumer will put a bill on the floor in the senate to protect a woman's right from abortion from a federal perspective, it's not going to pass, sinema and manchin don't want to nuke the filibuster. >> and joe biden is pro life. this is all political posturing. i don't understand why democrats think it's good political posturing for them. so you have the polls and they say 60% or so of the american people oppose overturning row v.
10:24 am
wade. a poll shows 65.7% think that row v. wade, if you overturn it, it will lead to making abortion illegal in all of america, not the case. and the fox news poll came out, 54% of americans support 15-week abortion ban. >> john: up on the screen, last call for here. and depends how you ask the question. after six weeks, 50% favor, 40% oppose. after 15 weeks, 54% favor a ban, 41% oppose a ban. but as you point out, 63% of americans said that row v. wade stands. it depends how you ask the question. >> it does. and 54% is the mississippi law at the heart of the case right now. so basically, according to the substance, americans say they support the decision, and what's going to happen is roe v. wade will probably get overturned, and americans will wake up in the morning and find we are not in the dystopic, and republicans
10:25 am
will pass restrictions and democrats are going to have to defend their radical agenda, good for republicans. >> john: a lot to chew over now between now and november 8th. marc, great to see you. >> sandra: good stuff. d.h.s. secretary mayorkas in the hot seat today, not once, but twice. expect fireworks when he faces fireworks on biden's disinformation board. rob portman joins us next on what he is planning to ask mayorkas a bit later today. >> john: exclusive interview with ukraine's president as putin's forces continue to pound downtown lviv. details where the war may be heading, coming up next. >> it's not our war. it's not only us and russia. we need your support and i'm sure that we'll win.
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>> john: explosions rocking lviv again causing widespread outages and train disruptions and the south, russian forces pounding the key port city of mariupol. officials there say the bombing campaign is intensifying as civilians are evacuating. griff jenkins joining us live from kyiv, and you interviewed volodymyr zelenskyy earlier today, what did he have to tell you? >> good afternoon, john. day 70 of the war and president zelenskyy sat down with us for 57 minutes and covered everything from mariupol to more weapons which he needs and we also, on the day that the e.u. says they are considering a total ban on russian oil imports and by the way, president biden also saying he may issue some more punishment for moscow in terms of sanctions, president
10:31 am
zelenskyy laid out exactly what needs to happen on that. >> european union should have the united position, they don't have it yet with respect to certain sanctions for those sanctions that the european union introduced we are very thankful to them for. >> and john, we also talked about the fact assumed the presidency of the u.n. security council whether he thinks more needs to be done, he indeed pushed for that among other things. and i also asked him, john, whether or not it was important that president biden finally visit kyiv to see the places that we have seen, bucha, and atrocities were committed and he answered in english for that, listen. >> i think it's very important because you know, in our minds, you know, society and president biden, the president of the
10:32 am
biggest democratic civilization for ukrainians. >> another important part of the interview, excuse me, john, was he lashed out at russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov for comparing him to hitler and issued a condemnation to all world leaders saying every year on holocaust day there is talk of never again. where is that now with what's happening here in this country? on mariupol, by the way, he said he hopes evacuations will begin again but for right now the u.n. and red cross are not able to get more out. john. >> john: really difficult situation in mariupol. great job with the interview, griff jenkins in kyiv. >> sandra: amazing how he has changed over time through this war, right. homeland secretary security mayorkas in the hot seat as he testified before a senate committee. lawmakers challenged him on lifting title 42 and the
10:33 am
expected surge of migrants at the border as a result. all of this as polling shows the majority of voters in the country would prefer to keep that trump era border policy in place. bring in rob portman, ranking member of the homeland security committee. even some democrats have been reluctant, obviously, to throw their support behind lifting title 42 because of the estimates of the surge at the border. even government estimates say that number will rise to 18,000 migrants over the southern border a day, senator. have you received any further explanation or plan as to how the administration plans to handle that surge? >> no, just the opposite. we are very concerned because we already have an unprecedented situation at the border, it is a crisis about to become a catastrophe. roughly half the people are now being turned away under title 42, which is the public health authority. so, just by logic, you say that means twice as many people are going to come. however, it's likely worse than that because the traffickers all
10:34 am
over the world are telling people you can come into the united states, that's why we have seen higher levels already. so instead of 8,000 people a day, some predict as many as 18,000. this will totally overwhelm the border patrol and keep them from being able to do their important job of deal with illegal migration and illegal drug. it's a huge problem and what the administration has said in response will not help with regard to deterring people, only help with regard to processing people to get them into our country more quickly, which is not the solution. >> sandra: it's not popular to lift title 42 knowing that that surge of migrants will come. do you expect this administration to give considering the pressure that they are facing? >> well, they certainly should, because it's the right thing to do. we still have a national healthcare emergency, we have a situation where asking people to use social distancing with regard to i.c.e. beds. the covid crisis is still here
10:35 am
in the eyes of the administration but they are saying we can no longer use it. i also think the fact there are at least 11 democrats in the senate who have spoken up already and said you know, this does not make sense, why would we want to take away one tool being effective right now and deterring illegal immigration. so i think it's a tough one for them politically to withstand as well. >> sandra: a lot of americans have questions over the newly announced disinformation board and nina jankowicz, the leader of that. mayorkas threw his full support behind it. curious your take and what you want to know from him about that. >> well, we'll talk about that today. it shocked all of us, none of us were given a head's up about it. there is a global engagement center at the state department deals with disinformation from places like russia, i just heard about the zelenskyy interview and one of the things that russia is doing in ukraine for us is a hybrid war, they are bombarding them with disinformation as well as missiles.
10:36 am
we have an organization to deal with that, we should fund that more to deal with china, north korea, iran and other countries that are sending disinformation into the united states. so we are not quite sure what this is for. there seems to be no mission attached to it. and even though it's been in existence for a couple months now. sandra, i have deep concerns about it, and we are going to raise it. >> sandra: we'll see your questioning later today. senator, final question to you on the trump backed candidate j.d. vance in the ohio republican primary last night, what does this tell you, lessons learned and about the power of former president trump. >> huge for j.d., from fourth place to first place and won last night. i spoke to j. d. and offered my support and the other candidates are offering their support bringing the ohio republican party together. it's incredibly important, it's
10:37 am
50/50 now, it's important we win the general election and come together in november. >> sandra: what does it say about donald trump's place? >> it says endorsement really matters. it's clear that the endorsement was the different maker here. it happened toward the end of the campaign and gave j.d. a surge that he needed to win the primary, and so i don't think there's any question about the importance of that endorsement. >> sandra: interesting. thanks for your time and we'll see you later today and your questioning of mayorkas. very interesting response there. >> john: we have rand paul coming up at the top of the hour, talk with am more about that. mayorkas on the hill. he's also going to respond to congresswoman sheila jackson lee joining us at the top of the hour and we will ask her how democrats can defend the biden economic policies, when you look at the horrible assessment of that from voters in our new fox news poll. >> sandra: indeed, coming up. >> john: looking forward to all of that.
10:38 am
johnny depp's ex-wife, meantime, amber heard set to take the stand in 20 minutes' time. a psychologist testified the actress had post-traumatic stress disorder from her stormy relationship with depp. his lawyer said she was faking. what will heard say today. >> sandra: a lot of anticipation for that. and the manhunt for a murder suspect and the corrections officer who helped him escape. that video seen there. new surveillance video of that get away and new questions about the pair's possible relationship. >> i doubt she even had a speeding ticket. she's always been what i say a good person and like i say, this is all a shock. 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $60,000 or more
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>> john: new details in the disappearance of an alabama corrections officer and a murder suspect she is believed to have help break out of jail. take a look at this. new surveillance video of the escape has been released.
10:43 am
we are now learning assistant director vicky white and inmate casey white were in a romantic relationship while he was held at a lauderdale county facility. the sheriff's department has a warrant out, and the marshal's service is offering reward of $15,000 for any information on them. wow, sandra. >> all right. we are watching that. in just moments, meanwhile we will hear from amber heard for the first time when she testifies in the multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit that her ex-husband johnny depp filed against her, rich edson is live with what to expect there. anticipation is high from this. she will soon respond, and her team has plenty of work ahead. hi, rich. >> yeah, hey, sandra. they really do here, because you have three and a half weeks of johnny depp's presentation, amber heard will take the stand herself in about 15 minutes, she's taking that task on personally here, trying to
10:44 am
counter the narrative from depp's attorneys where you saw witnesses, accusations and testimony from johnny depp himself. heard's team took over yesterday presenting their side of all of this. their first witness was dr. dawn hughes, a forensic psychologist says heard has post-traumatic stress disorder because of intimidation from johnny depp, and what she described as his obsessive jealousy. the psychologist says she held 12 evaluations with her to reach those conclusions before this lunch break, depp's team tried discrediting that testimony. >> you cannot testify that johnny depp was not abused, can you? >> i can testify that he has physical acts of violence perpetrated on him as well as psychological aggressive acts
10:45 am
perpetrated upon him. >> yesterday the judge also denied a motion from heard's team to toss out this suit entirely so the trial continues. depp is suing heard over here 2018 washington post piece calling herself a domestic violence survivor. depp maintains that piece devastated his career and cost him tens of millions of dollars. so, heard is up here in about 15 minutes. it is her attorneys that will be questioning her. we expect that to last a couple days and then johnny depp's team will have a chance to ask question. >> john: both of them are claiming to have been abused by the other. is there any indication of which side seems to have the stronger argument here? >> it's been johnny depp's team presenting the bulk of this. almost month-long trial here and depp has controlled the ball here for about three and a half weeks. so it really is up to heard's team right now to counter all of that testimony we heard from
10:46 am
johnny depp's witnesses and johnny depp himself. remains to be seen if she can accomplish that task and begin to tell her side of the story a bit more. >> sandra: for some of us who have read about this at length and dug into the testimony we have heard so far, you wonder, you wonder what happens with their careers after that, when they come up from this. the if they'll be able to continue to get work. obviously part of the whole point here is johnny depp struggled to get work while all this was going on, at least that's the case that his team is making. >> right, and that was a significant part of the testimony even yesterday. first off, how much was johnny depp going to lose out on all this, $50 million. would he have gotten the lead role in "pirates of the caribbean 6," where was his career before this and how much of the op-ed had to do with him losing out on the work as he claims. and now the trial itself, even if johnny depp wins the trial and $50 million, where does it
10:47 am
leave the both of them after this entire and ugly process. >> sandra: you can kind of answer the question. isn't there the countersuit happening where amber heard's team is counter suing johnny depp and that has to happen separately, david spunt told us last week. >> yep, for 100 mil. >> john: the white house says president biden is considering an income cap for any potential student loan forgiveness program. former chief of staff to vice president pence says cancelling student debt is "assinine." >> sandra: and left is melting down, for elon musk taking over twitter. what some groups are doing to shut down free speech on the platform. >> the goal i have, twitter, to have broadly inclusive as possible. when it comes to pain medicine,
10:48 am
less is more. aleve gives long-lasting freedom from pain, with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? with ringcentral we can pull bonnie up on phone, message, or video, all in the same app. oh... hey bonnie, i didn't see you there. ♪ ringcentral ♪
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10:50 am
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations oh... hey bonnie, i didn't see you there. making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
10:51 am
>> john: as president biden considers various plans to cancel student loan debt up to $50,000 per student if the far left gets its way. our next guest has some choice words for the idea.
10:52 am
marc short was chief of staff for vice president pence. >> it is asinine. more hypothetical than when democrats say all republicans want to do is give tax relief to the rich. this is basically the reverse. you are saying the vast majority of student debt, 56% according to the left wing brookings institute is held by people with graduate degrees. >> highest income earners. and people who can never afford the opportunity, not go to college, blue collar workers, we will ask them to subsidize those with graduate degree student debt. and a couple different proposals out there, means test it, maybe just under 100,000. estimates are it would cost a trillion dollars. we didn't afford that. if you say do the means test and the first $10,000 we are going to forgive.
10:53 am
$300 billion in additional debt. the reality is that it's reverse, very regressive policy, it's not progressive. you are taking the people who can lead afford it and making those who can least afford it to get graduate degrees. >> john: not everybody goes to a four-year college and racks up debt. we have heard in successive presidential campaign, maybe not everybody is meant to go to a four year college, maybe some two year program and then a lot of people who don't go to college at all. the people are pushing this proposal say no, all of those people should be on the hook for paying for people who went to a four year liberal arts college. >> that's exactly right, john. and not to suggest tuition are not out of whack. since you and i went to college, basically 200% increase in college tuition. the reality, the problem with that is the government has been subsidizing student loans for so long. when you subsidize it's going to cost more, and it's so easy to get government sponsored student
10:54 am
debt. if we get government out of it we would lower costs. so we are perpetuating the problems with subsidizes and for giving the debt. >> and harvard, they have the massive endowments, why don't they take that and lower tuition for more people. and what about the people who paid for college up front, they scrimped and saved and worked two jobs or paid off the college debt their child had accrued. remember that famous moment with this dad in grimes, iowa with elizabeth warren. >> i have one question. my daughter is getting out of school, i saved all my money. >> god bless you. >> am i going to get that money back? >> of course not. >> so you are going to pay for people who didn't save any money and those of us who did the right thing get screwed. >> john: how in any way is that fair? >> it's not fair, john. and obviously elizabeth warren has been pushing this on the biden administration. it's not fair, and for those of
10:55 am
you who want debt forgiveness, a way to do that, serve in the united states military. what do you tell the people who have gone off and sacrificed one of the reasons to do it to forgive the debt, and now for everybody else too, it's not fair. >> john: and we had a person on the program, she grew up in north carolina penniless, her name was on the christmas wish tree, she went into the military to pay for college, and then banned on facebook because she said i'm not going to do that. i pulled myself up with the boot straps. >> sandra: new at 2:00, the federal reserve about to take aggressive action in decades to tackle inflation. what does it mean for you and your family, borrowing costs, and loans, and cars, sheila jackson lee, nikki haley and grover norquist will join us
10:56 am
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> she had said that mr. hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation. >> i was not aware of that. >> she had vouched for the voracity of the steele dossier. >> was the department aware of her tiktok videos? they are quite precocious. >> senator, i was not aware. >> john: well, they're aware now. we are moments away from another round of d.h.s. secretary mayorkas in the hot seat as he and the biden administration come under fire for everything from the border crisis to a disinformation board to police the truth. >> sandra: senator rand paul,
11:01 am
one of the lawmakers set to grill the secretary on capitol hill in moments. >> john: before he goes there, he's going to be right here. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. good afternoon, i'm john roberts in washington. hi, sandra. >> sandra: hello to you, john. i'm sandra smith in new york. senator paul joins us live after this. >> john: we have heard one side of the story now amber heard's turn to take the stand, she fights a $50 million defamation case filed by her ex-puss johnny depp. >> sandra: and if depp's testimony is any indication, her testimony could be everything from explosive to scandalous to downright bizarre. rich, looks like things will be underway there shortly in the courtroom. >> that's right, sandra and john. lunch break is just wrapping up here, you'll have the attorneys, amber heard and johnny depp
11:02 am
coming back into the courtroom. only a day that amber heard's team has had an opportunity to make its case. they had a forensic psychologist testify and now it will be amber heard herself. they are trying to get the most persuasive case out of here here, and then that will last a couple of days. you'll have johnny depp's attorneys will have an opportunity after that to cross examine amber heard, they'll try to upset her and get her off her game there. this is about a $50 million suit. johnny depp claiming the op-ed that amber heard wrote in 2018 claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse, that that dismantled his career, cost him tens of millions of dollars. she is counter suing for $100 million in all of this. now in johnny depp's three and a half weeks of presentation, his attorneys witnesses, along with his testimony himself argued that it was amber heard who was abusive towards him, that he in
11:03 am
fact was the victim of abuse from amber heard. now it's amber heard's turn to say no, it was the other way around. so you have that upcoming here. the first with it that amber heard's team called was from a forensic psychologist, 12 interviews with heard, she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the actions of johnny depp. johnny depp's team had an opportunity then to question that forensic psychologist right before lunch to try to discredit that witness. fairfax county, virginia, amber heard about to take the stand here to up end the suit by johnny depp, $50 million he wants have her. she's counter suing for double that. >> sandra: rich edson in fairfax, we'll keep our eye on that. >> john: now the breaking news on your money, and something the nation has not seen since bill
11:04 am
clinton was president. nounsing coming moments ago how much a mortgage, car loan or credit card will cost you. federal reserve most aggressive move on interest rates in decades and increase your borrowing costs. >> the markets are reacting, the dow climbing, if you put it back up there, seems to like what it heard, or a few ways you could interpret that. the dow is up 200 points. to dig into this, the release, john, 50 basis point rate hike was expected, federal reserve trying to tackle inflation. the balance, of course, that everyone needs to watch here, if the fed can effectively raise rates while avoiding resession. will they raise rates too much and the costs are up too too much it drives the economy into a recession. that's the big challenge. there are some positive notes from the federal reserve, noting that job gains are robust,
11:05 am
unemployment rate declined substantially, referencing household spending, business investment remains strong, noting obviously that overall economic activity did go down in the first quarter, john we saw in the g.d.p. number that was negative, that made a lot of news and moved markets. but the negative here inflation remains elevated, says the fed. and it reflects supply and demand and balances, and pressures, and what the federal reserve is trying to get a tackle on. so, you have americans that are watching president biden and putting him on notice when it comes to the economy and the federal reserve trying to tackle it. brand-new fox news polls show most voters feel they are worse off financially than two years ago. the vast majority of the country says the economy is getting worse, and fewer and fewer voters trust that this president will get it back on track. >> john: all right, we have senator rand paul of kentucky coming up. in addition to that, we are going to see how democrats defend the president's handling
11:06 am
of the economy when congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas joins us. jerry willis live in the fox business newsroom. it's going to affect a lot of team. >> it is as expected and wall street loves it, 50 basis hike for the fund rate, brings the range to 1%, this is an aggressive move. it has not happened in 22 years, a very big rate hike and the fed announcing economic being a tift slowed in the first corner and inflation remains elevated and what they are going after right now, 8.5%. they are trying to drive it to 2% and in this release, they say there will be more rate hikes to come. so you can bet in june we could see another rate hike perhaps of this size, this magnitude, and possibly more in the back half of the year.
11:07 am
what they do say that's positive about the economy is consumers continue to spend and that the unemployment rate has declined substantially the jobs market is on fire. they are also selling some of the investments they made $8.9 trillion worth of securities during covid to help the economy. that will start getting sold by june 1st, and it's important to know here no dissenters on the report. let's talk about what it means for you and me and everybody else in this country if you have variable rate debt. credit cards and adjustable rate mortgage, maybe trying to get a new mortgage. cost for all of those loans will be higher, it will cost you more, and seniors finally getting a break here on some of the savings things they use, cds, high yield accounts, going up slightly. back to you. >> john: a little more money in their pockets but a lot of money out of other people's pockets, as interest rates go up.
11:08 am
thank you. >> sandra: take a look at how the market is reacting. we will monitor it. two hours left in trading. and the market did shoot up after the announcement was made, it has come back down a bunch. markets are trying to interpret a, what the move means for the immediate effect on the economy, and b, looking into what the federal reserve just announced and how aggressive the fed will get. this is the federal reserve chair reveres paul volker, among the most aggressive fed chairs in u.s. history. >> the market goes up, back up, and down, and back up. president biden taking credit for shrinking the budget deficit. even cnbc would not let that slide without a fact check, pointing out he's not telling
11:09 am
the entire story. >> sandra: peter doocy live at the white house has more. >> missing context they allude to is when the president talks today about reducing the deficit over the course of the last year, he doesn't mention that if the build back better plan would have passed the deficit would have actually grown, so he basically got bailed out by a legislative shortcoming. this happens as the midterms inch closer and today the battle for congress went right on through the roosevelt room. as president biden talked economy and he tried out this new line about republicans. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda, it's extreme as most maga things are. it will actually raise taxes on 75 million american families. the over 95% of whom make less than $100,000 a year. >> peter: the man in charge of
11:10 am
republicans retake the senate responded almost immediately. senator rick scott. >> difference between my view of the world and his view of the world. i'm the biggest tax cutter in the senate or even up here, i cut taxes 100 times. since joe biden got into politics, taxes have gone up on americans constantly. >> peter: and prices for just about anything. 44% say the cost of grocery and gas have caused serious hardship for their families. 32% say hardship, yes, not serious, that adds up to 76% feeling negatively affected by inflation. those are numbers this white house is obviously very sensitive to, sandra. >> sandra: all right, peter doocy live at the white house. john. >> john: bring in democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee to talk more about this. thank you for joining us today. when you take a look at our new fox news poll numbers on
11:11 am
inflation, they do not shape up well for president biden. out of all respondents, 68% disapprove, 28% approve, democrats and republicans break down as you expect, 70% of independents disapprove. that could create a huge problem for democrats in november. do you defend the biden economic policies, madam congresswoman, or do you believe there need to be adjustments? >> i defend the long record the biden administration has established in really keeping this country afloat and alive. if it had not been for the biden administration during the pandemic, the most recent year of the pandemic, we would not have had the stop in evictions, ability to buy groceries, not the ability for people to be carried during the point they were not working. so we have a record of helping the american people survive. yes, there is inflation, part of the inflation started because of
11:12 am
the stop or the stunting of supply and that came about because of the pandemic. when supply was not there, obviously grocery shelves were depleted, production was not there, we were not getting items shipped and so inflation came. i hope that this will be a temporary lull with respect to the increase in rates. i see the wall street is going well. this doesn't help the average working family. we will get to the point where inflation will be under control. we have 3% unemployment. people can work. we are encouraging wages to go up. we think people should be making more than $15 an hour in places that can be the case. but yes, i think we have shown one, i don't make light of the deficit. in fact, if we had passed the build back better we would have invested in people with a care economy there would have been a decent job for people taking care of people who are disabled, seniors or sick. >> sandra: a lot to dig into there. >> it's a different perspective.
11:13 am
>> sandra: wages have been going up but gobbled up by inflation and that's one of the biggest problems and i hear you pointing to what was a pandemic issue but this is an administration that most recently said it's a putin price hike referencing the reason why we are seeing inflation, particularly with high gasoline and natural gas prices and home heating prices is because of the invasion by russia of ukraine. so that narrative has sort of changed, and initially remember this is also an administration that said the inflation was transitory. that did not exactly turn out to be the case. so, important question is, is your party going to acknowledge what most voters in this country are acknowledging months before the midterm elections, this is the fox news polling on president biden's approval on the issues. they disapprove, 47% on handling of coronavirus, although he continues to poll his highest there. but when it comes to the economy, 61% disapprove, immigration, 61% disapprove.
11:14 am
inflation, 67% disapprove. so, is your party acknowledging that those are the real problems that the american people are facing today? >> we will never not acknowledge the pain the american people have. sandra, the point i'm making is america was kept afloat with the leadership of joe biden, kamala harris during the pandemic. the pandemic has not ended. so it's continuing, yes, we are now in a point where there are other elements and other points that contribute to inflation, and frankly, the russian -- the vicious war in ukraine does have an impact. i've been speaking to people in the energy industry just yesterday. we have a conference in houston and yes that contributes to the inability to move product. we are obviously focussing renewables, but it's an issue, not anything that's made up and that contributes to the high gas prices. but many states are working with the administration on several elements to deal with the gas
11:15 am
tax. we are working, the president has released some of the reserves, we are not unconscious of what's going on. when we continue to press what the president has done and the democrats are doing, we produce, do they want a congress that will not produce, that will follow in the footprints of a former president that doesn't produce, we have created jobs. people are working. there is a dissatisfaction, i understand, because america and americans. and used to having a more positive response but we are working to ensure they feel there is action, that the prices come down, the market move, supply chain moves, that's the issue the supply chain. the supply chain moves, numbers and prices will come down. frankly, i believe that a long-term increase in -- >> sandra: congresswoman, acknowledgment of what is polling out there. >> long-term increase in the markets and rates mortgage will not help, will not help working americans. they need to be able to buy
11:16 am
homes at reasonable rates and get loan monies on reasonable rates. >> john: that would be a good thing. let me ask you this very quickly, just about out of time here. you mentioned two things. build back better and as well the relief during covid that americans got. build back better had it passed would have added 3 trillion to the debt over ten years, way back into deficit territory, president biden says he reduced, and the san francisco fed itself said three percentage points of current inflation is due to the money we threw at everything over the last two years. >> we had to do that and frankly, the american people, republicans and democrats and independents, received those funds, single parents and others needed those funds. i know when we looked at the build back better it was investing in people and going to generate revenue as it might
11:17 am
have created a slight uptick in inflation. it's going to invest in people particularly with climate change and others. let me move to this horrific decision that seems to be coming out of row v. wade. >> john: briefly. >> that is driven by a court that now assumes it is king, and that it has no restraints. it is taking away the basic rights of women and it is denying them the basic human rights that should be attributable to more than half the population. 72% of americans, republicans and democrats and independents do not want abortion to be illegal, and since the 1970s that has been a strong support for roe vs. wade. >> john: we still don't have -- >> and created unnecessarily and the truck is a trump court that created this and it's shameful. and we need to codify roe vs. wade. >> john: we should point out we do not know and told that's not
11:18 am
the final opinion. we should wait and see what the final opinion is before we render verdict on this. congresswoman sheila jackson lee, great to see you this afternoon. >> i'm happy it's not the final opinion. thanks for having me. >> john: see you again. >> sandra: on into the courtroom where amber heard is now speaking. dip in and listen to some of this. >> i was so surprised that somebody, you know, i knew who he was, i wasn't familiar, you know, a fan of his work, not familiar with him, i knew who he was. one of the most famous people in the world, so already a weird thing to go and get called into his office and you know, i'm a no name actor, i was 22, i think, and i thought it was unusual. it was weird because he's twice my age and he's this world famous actor and here we are getting along about obscure
11:19 am
books and you know, old blues and we just -- it was -- i thought it was remarkable, you know. i just hadn't really -- i thought it was unusual and remarkable. i left there feeling like wow. >> so did there come a time you learned that you were going to be cast for the role in "the rome diary." >> yes, a few days later my agent said that johnny is going to call you, we gave him your phone number, ok, and shortly after my phone rings, i pick it up and hear, you know, this like deep voice on the other line and he said you got the, you know, you're it, kid, you're the dream, hunter wrote this part and you're the dream, you're it, kid. >> and please describe for the jury what that means, what was "the rome diary" and hunter thompson, what was the concept
11:20 am
here and what role were you playing? >> well, it was my understanding that he was bringing to life his late friend and what he told me was that this character is supposed to be the dream woman, like the dream, american dream, and so i knew what he meant. he indicated to me when he told me i got the role that i was that, you know, i was the dream kid, that's what he said. >> so did there come a time that you started filming "the rome diary?" >> yes, i'm not quite sure how much, i think we started filming in maybe march of 2009. >> and where did you film "the rome diary?" >> shot the in puerto rico. >> and describe if you can the events of the filming and your
11:21 am
interactions with mr. depp during that time. >> it was a bit surreal filming in a place like puerto rico, it was beautiful, it takes place in the 1950s, so everything really looked beautiful, you know, cars and clothing, the music, it was just -- it was a very colorful shoot in general. i couldn't have asked for, you know, a better scenario. i was on film. i mean, i was on set reading my books and occasionally johnny would talk to me and started to be really kind to me, like more open with me when we would have hot days filming, you know, there would be this big suv pull up and a security guard would kind of usher me into this car and it would have the a.c. blasting, and i would be sitting
11:22 am
in the back of the suv thinking what a strange experience the whole thing was. the you know, we didn't really have a whole lot of interaction on set until -- until we did a scene that involved kissing. we had a kissing scene, and it didn't feel like a normal -- didn't feel like a normal scene anymore. it felt more real. there were certain things you do in the job to be professional, like when you have to do that sort of scene, and you don't like -- you don't use your tongue if you can't -- if you can avoid it, there are certain things you do to just maintain a certain line and it just felt like those lines were blurred. i mean, he grabbed my face and pulled me into him and really kissed me.
11:23 am
but we were filming a scene. >> did he use his tongue? >> yes. >> ok. did your birthday -- did you celebrate your birthday while you were in puerto rico? >> i did. i celebrated maybe my 23rd birthday there. >> and what, if anything, did mr. depp do for your birthday? >> well, we were already kind of talking about books and poetry and things like that, he gave me a few really beautiful poetry books, and he gave me a bicycle, a vintage bicycle, i was riding around on the bike and i had a lot of time off since i was a smaller role in the movie, i think that was it. >> okay. now, did there come a time that you ended up visiting him in his trailer? >> yes. i think there was -- we would hang out, you know, after, or in
11:24 am
between scenes or in between set-ups, often were talking about things and would continue the conversation into the trailer. often with the director, bruce robinson was his name, and then at one point we talked about wine, that's another thing johnny and i shared in common a love for wine, red wine, and we were talking about a kind of wine that i enjoyed and i was, you know, going on about how great this bargain wine was, and i didn't understand, you know, how much more sophisticated johnny's taste of wine was and i was going on about the virtues of malback or something, and i brought the virtues of wine and i set it down and at some point i'm going back to get back to set and he kind of kicked his like, you know, foot up in the air and basically kind of lifted the back of my bathrobe up
11:25 am
and -- >> can you stop you there. why were you wearing a bathrobe? >> i was doing a scene, it was a period film, took place in the 50s so i had all of this old undergarments that are for that time era on and the scene involved me changing, so i will all the costume on. and he kind of picked up the back of my robe with his boot and i kind of turned around and went like -- giggled, you know -- i didn't feel -- i didn't know what to make of it at the time, and it just kind of -- just kind of giggled and batted away playfully and he kind of playfully kind of pushed me down on this like bed sofa, that was in the trailer, just
11:26 am
playful, and flirtatious, and he said yum, and he kind of like lifted up his eyebrows like that. and i just giggled, laughed it off, kind of batted him away and you know, moved on, went back to set. >> and were you in a relationship at that time? >> i was. >> okay, and was mr. depp in a relationship at that time? >> that was my understanding, yeah. >> okay. and did anything else of significance happen during that time period while you were filming with mr. depp other than what you've told us? >> we just had this, you know, it was a friendship, flirtatious thing. i felt chemistry, i felt this other thing that was -- that went beyond the pale of my job, for sure. johnny clearly felt that way about me, had indicated to me
11:27 am
that that's how he felt many different ways and but at the same time you know, we were both in relationships, and it is a job, and you know, it was intimidating. i just remember feeling kind of intimidated and a little nervous about that, and i also was in a relationship. so we went our separate ways and i did not hear from him for a long time. >> so approximately how long were you filming in puerto rico for "the rome diary." >> a few months. >> when you left puerto rico and the filming, when is the next time you had any contact from mr. depp? and contact could include anything, communications, written communications as well as telephone or otherwise. >> we had no contact until johnny called me on the phone one day and i was driving and he
11:28 am
invited me over to his home in california, in beverly hills. and i -- i -- it was out of the blue. i didn't even have his phone number, so it was quite unexpected. he called me a second time but i -- i don't think we actually connected or did not stay on the phone because, well, yeah, we didn't really speak. first time is the only time i actually spoke to him and he invited me over to his house under kind of, he said that, you know, with he could get bruce, who is the director to come over, something about the movie, but it's clearly not about the movie, if you know what i mean. it was -- so i said, i said my friends are in town, and i'm busy with that, and kind of hung up feeling really startled, you know, didn't know what else to do. >> what, if any, gifts did mr. depp send you during that time
11:29 am
period after you filmed "the rome diary?" >> he sent me several gifts. he sent me a beautiful dress, one that i wore in the movie. with a beautiful handwritten note and said happy wrapping, and made a reference to the dress being wrapping paper. he sent me a few gorgeous, expensive, what i can only assume are expensive collectible books, items. and then when i was away filming on a different, you know, a different job, he attempted, or he did send me some guitars. i know one delivery, i was informed about one delivery, and my partner at the time intercepted the attempt to deliver and called me immediately and said what should i do, and i said send it back,
11:30 am
and she did, and she indicated that there was at the time there was another one that had already previously attempted delivery and it was also rejected, i sent it back. because i wasn't there and i wouldn't have accepted it anyway. >> did there come a time you had to go on a press tour for "the rome diary?" >> i got a call for the press tour in the fall of 2011. >> close to 2, 2 and a half years after you filmed? >> i'm an actress, not a mathematician for a reason. >> can you explain what that is? >> we take a movie once completed and if it does not have distribution you, as part of the promotion of that movie, you go to these various places,
11:31 am
normally cities like london or new york and you do press events in those cities to kind of promote the film, and you go to place to place talking about the film. >> and so you were then called to participate in the press tour for "the rome diary?" >> yes, i had just -- i was going -- i had just finished going through the process of separation with my former partner and i was moving and going through that and got a phone call saying you remember the movie you did in puerto rico, they want you for the press tour and i said well, perfect timing, and we did that, i think, october, late october, 2011. >> okay. so describe for the jury your interactions with mr. depp during the press tour. >> well, on the first stop -- first stop, the beginning of the
11:32 am
tour was los angeles where we both lived and we did a press day, normal press day, and then at the end of it i was invited by johnny to come up to his room to have a drink with him and the director of the film, and i went up to the room to see both him and bruce, but as soon as i got there johnny said bruce wasn't going to make it. so i stayed, johnny and i started talking. the he asked me about my relationship, i said well, you know, i'm going -- going through it. i'm going through the separation right now, and it's been, you know, a rough couple months but that's normal and he said well, same with me, you know, it's been -- i can't remember exactly how long he said it had been, but he had split from the mother of his kids and said he
11:33 am
understood. >> and then what happened next? >> then we drank red wine and continued to talk, and the talking became a, you know, a reconnect -- you know, it was like reconnection was almost instant, just chemistry. it's hard to explain that. but we sat on the couch and we talked and you know, it felt like there was -- it felt like there was an electricity to the room. and how i felt when i was alone with him anyway and it was instant again, and i was like whoa. so, on the couch we talked, finished some wine, and then i got up and left and as i went to leave he grabbed both sides of my face, similar to what he did in puerto rico when we were
11:34 am
filming that scene, and he kissed me and i kissed him back. >> and what happened next with respect to any relationship with mr. depp? >> well, then we fell in love. we went on this press tour and we went -- it was -- it was a beautiful and strange time. you know, we went from, we are flying from one, not together but going from one city to the next, europe, new york, los angeles, as i said, and we are just travelling around talking about this movie that we did together that we participated in together, and we were falling in love. at the first dinner in london he sat me, you know, he produced the film and was a part of controlling the film and was responsible for different things than i was as a small, as an actor having a small part in it, and we went on this press tour
11:35 am
and i think in london he sat, had me sat next to him at a dinner and then we ended up spending the night together in my hotel room and for the rest of the press tour we were -- it was on, i'll put it that way. >> all right. and how long approximately did the press tour go? >> i don't know exactly how long it lasted. i think, you know, there were press engagements in this city for a few days, and then another city for a few days, and then there was a break and then there was another press opportunity, i believe. so, it was kind of spread out over, over maybe a month if i'm guessing. >> so when you returned to los angeles, what, if anything, took place with any relationship with mr. depp? >> well, once we were back from the press tour, you know, we had
11:36 am
this, you know, whirlwind romance kind of just in these like beautiful places all over and we are falling in love and not able to really show it because he wasn't -- the world didn't know about the split between he and his former partner, and of course as a woman, i was like troubling you know, and i would ask him, no, you know, swore to me they hadn't even shared a bed for a year, and that they were -- but they were protecting the kids and not publicizing it, or not making it known to the press so we kind of had to be a little bit under the radar, not a little bit, we had to be under the radar because as johnny pointed out the world would blame me and call me a home wrecker even though i had nothing to do with it. so we were secretly dating, and
11:37 am
then you know, it was -- it was beautiful. it was -- i felt like this man knew me and saw me in a way that no one else had. i felt he understood me. i felt he understood where i came from. i felt like, i felt like when i was around johnny i felt like the most beautiful person in the whole world. you know, made me feel seen, made me feel like a million dollars. and that kind of feeling, you know, he just lavish gifts and lavish expressions of love and how he had never met a woman like me, i remember he took the foil off of the -- off of this bottle and put it on my ring finger and i had only been with
11:38 am
him like days, you know, or maybe it was weeks at the time, probably about a few weeks, but it just felt very intense, but we weren't doing normal life stuff. we weren't like stuck in traffic with each other, we weren't going to the grocery store and doing life. we were like hiding in these places around the world. a lot of -- he has so many homes so we would be in one of those homes or my home at the time and it would be like a bubble, like we were in these little bubble of secrecy and it felt like a warm glow as we would say. just music and the kind of books that we both loved and poetry that we both knew by heart and it was -- it felt like -- it felt like a dream. it felt like absolute magic. >> so while you're dating -- i
11:39 am
take it you're dating at this point, right? >> if i didn't make that clear, yes. >> falling in love you are also dating, right? >> yes. >> did there come a time early on that you ended up going to his bahamas island? >> yes. so shortly after, you know, i think started dating october of 2011, and you know, as i mentioned this bubble, you know, where he would come over to my house and not leave for like 3 or 4 days, you know, just smoking cigarettes and playing music and reading poetry to me or painting me or, you know, just -- talking, and then he would disappear. and there would be no way to get ahold of him, no way to contact him. at first i didn't really think anything of it, but he disappeared at one point and
11:40 am
then came back and said he was dealing with something, some health issue and which join him in the bahamas, and that -- i think that's when i learned he had an island, and i was on a trip with a friend of mine in spain, and i -- it was for the holidays and i kind of rerouted my trip so i could come and land in l.a. instead of -- landing in miami instead of l.a. so i could good and meet him on the island and he had keenan come and meet me on that trip, like in miami, i get off one plane and on to another and go and join him on his private island, and i noticed he was drinking beck's, and tea. like lots of tea. like lots of tea. and didn't foolishly think
11:41 am
anything of it, i missed it before but the man really loves tea and we had this beautiful, i don't know, less than a week probably trip in the bahamas, a private island, beautiful sandy beaches, it's a scene you just don't -- i had never experienced anything like that. it was a beautiful place, a beautiful time, and we -- i fell head over heels in love with this man. >> so after the bahamas, i assume you came back and we're talking -- are we talking now early 2012? >> yes, that's correct. >> so, what were you doing work-wise while you were dating him in this early stage? >> when i always do. i would be taking job to job to job, going from one movie to the
11:42 am
next. mostly not filming in l.a., so weirdly you live in l.a. to go shoot on location in other places. so when i was in town we would go back to this bubble, to the bubble with beautiful blaringly loud music and no one else, and nothing else, and then you know, i would go off to work and so would he. well, eventually, he left to shoot "lone ranger," i believe. >> now, we have heard a little bit about "lone ranger," about mid 2012, is that right, when he was shooting that? >> that sounds right, mid 2012, yeah. >> were you shooting anything at that time? >> i was shooting -- i believe i was shooting "machete kills," a small part in a robert rodriguez
11:43 am
film shot in austin. but i think johnny was shooting and having some time off and there was just a lot of travel, a lot of movement. >> and so what, if any visiting did you do with johnny while he was on his set for "lone ranger" and where was he? >> well, he was filming all over the southwest and at some point i came to visit him, and on one of his locations and i would stay in the house because i couldn't really, you know, occasionally i would leave with his security guards but i didn't really have anything to do but visit him for a few days. so i would cook and kind of stay at home and paint or whatever and wait for him to come home and have dinner ready and it was, we would have these little bubbles, but kind of scattered throughout the southwest as he was filming, and at the time johnny had, you know, when i first arrived at one of these locations, first time johnny told me that he had had a health
11:44 am
issue, something with his liver, and that he wasn't -- that's why he was not drinking, he was drinking a lot of tea, like a lot of tea. >> okay. and so we've heard a little testimony about boots. what, if anything, did you do to help johnny with his boots? >> well, i mean, i suppose that i took off his boots and it made an impression on him and i was happy to, you know, anything i can do to show love. certainly how i felt about him. but if he wanted to take off his own boots, he certainly could. >> did you buy mr. depp any knives during that time period? >> objection, leading. >> sustained. >> what, if anything, did you do with respect to knives during the time period you were with him in "the lone ranger." >> objection, leading.
11:45 am
>> or anything? >> overruled. >> johnny had a thing for turquoise and that eventually, you know, being in the southwest it happens really, it can happen really quickly. i also really too love turquoise and he has -- he loved knives, he loves a lot of things. when johnny loves things he does it a lot, lots of it. so he had these daggers that he had given me, really they were beautiful in design, and you know, they are long, curved dagers and he just talked a lot about knives, a knife and gun collection, and was quite proud of it. and at some point i don't really remember exactly when it was but some point i picked up what i thought was a really beautiful turquoise handled knife, and i had it engraved with a saying that johnny would say to me all the time, which i -- you know,
11:46 am
thought was romantic. as funny as that is to say now. >> and what was the expression, the saying? >> until death, hasta el muerte in spanish. >> at the time you were visiting mr. depp in the shooting during the 2012 time frame, what, if any, relationship has he developed with your family? >> oh, well, starting early on johnny was so kind, so generous to my family. but especially, especially my mom and dad. he just really, he met my dad and my dad is a big personality, he's a rowdy guy, and johnny just all of a sudden, i had never noticed -- all of a sudden
11:47 am
johnny had this southern accent and buddy buddy with him, and they seemed to get along very well. you know, just like instantly, he was giving my dad gifts, he gave him guns, gave him knives, they had this, i mean, johnny showered my dad and my dad is a working man, salt of the earth guy and he was floored he's getting all these amazing gifts and invited to come on to these locations and you know, johnny is this big movie star and my dad was just like, you know, i think my dad would have married him himself if i hadn't, and he just instantly, he gave my mom jewelry, brought her out to come and see me while i was visiting johnny on "lone ranger" in some part of the southwest, i think
11:48 am
it was colorado, gave her a beautiful turquoise necklace, yeah, they were definitely taken by him. >> what if any relationship had mr. depp forged with whitney this time, your sister? >> i believe the relationship came a little later as they got to know each other. he did the same thing with my sister, just really found a bond with them that you know was -- it was, you know, he tried to do anything and everything he could for, to make them feel like special and they did, you know. my mom, my dad and my sister. >> and what, if any, relationships did mr. depp form with your friends? >> johnny's so generous and can be this really, like overly generous almost, you know, like
11:49 am
showering you with gifts and compliments and just, i mean, like you know, and he has access and means to really, you know, we are not talking about giving you a card or like talking about just these extravagant trips or these extravagant gestures, it's -- it's a lot, and he did that with my close friends. i rely heavily on my friends, and have a pretty strong support network with them and really just showered them with generosity and love and light and invited them to come to these exotic places and flew people here and there. incredibly, incredibly generous. >> so, going back to the filming of "the lone ranger," what, if anything, did mr. depp do with respect to a horse? >> objection, leading. >> what, if anything. >> overruled.
11:50 am
>> johnny at one point insisted on buying me a horse and i, of course, said that's extravagant. there's no way i could accept that, that's -- also, how will i take care of the, you know, just so extravagant, so i said no, of course. eventually he got ahold of my dad and worked it out with my dad like what kind of horse to buy and then showed me a picture of this horse and said it's yours, it's coming here, i think it was being transported and he said, you know, that he had my dad's help on it, picking out -- i grew up on my dad's horses, you know, i grew up riding with my dad. so -- you know, i went -- i had resisted for i think about like a month and a half or something of him kind of bringing up the idea and me saying that's a crazy gift, no thank you, no,
11:51 am
that's incredibly generous, i could not accept, all of a sudden i had a colt. >> so let's take you through 2012 and your relationship. could you just describe for the jury a little bit how that relationship evolved through 2012? >> it was always intense. it didn't become intense, it almost started that way. i, when i was with him, you know, i -- i felt that electricity in my body, i felt like butterflies that couldn't, you know, couldn't see straight practically, it was just, you know, i was head over heels in
11:52 am
love, and he felt like that to me, he felt like he was also in love. i didn't feel like he was faking it. i felt like what we had, it felt like to me the time there wasn't any love like that, you know. i mean -- and then he would -- he started to kind of do this thing again where he would disappear and he would come back and i remember at first he would -- when he first started drinking i didn't think much of it but then the behavior started to go in line with the disappearing and he would come back and he would just be different. and i would say something and he would accuse me of saying something else or saying i in a different way or he would -- it was mostly my clothing at the time and me working, that was the main thing.
11:53 am
like i found myself trying to not talk about auditions because it was -- it would change the mood so dramatically. i tried to, you know, he would make these comments about, you know, being whoring myself out but do so in the context of me acting, you know, and he would talk about other actresses, you do my role in this way where they were worthless whores, they were, you know, fame hungry, you know, expletive, expletive, just -- the point is it felt really dirty to be an actor. never mind that he was one, it was more -- it was dirty that i wanted to do this job that i wanted to do, and i was doing the job of an actress. it was everything i -- every time i was walking out of the house i -- he would ask me that's really what you're wearing, kid? oh, i see.
11:54 am
you know, i wore a dress to an event once and i felt, i felt beautiful in it, like -- stupid as that sounds, i felt pretty in this dress i picked out and i showed him -- >> john: all right, testimony from amber heard, the ex-wife and actress of johnny depp in her own defense in this $50 million defamation suit, telling her side of the story for the first time. let's bring in mark, criminal defense attorney. after hearing johnny depp's side of the story for many, many days now, how big a hill does amber heard have to climb? >> not a big hurdle or hill at all, all she has to appear is not kookoo for cocoa puffs, she had every legal right to write what she wrote, and he cannot
11:55 am
prove actual malice when she wrote the piece. >> sandra: mark, appreciate you staying with us. we are going to continue to monitor that trial as it is a very interesting split screen watching johnny depp there, at times even i saw him chuckling as she was giving some of her responses. we'll keep watching that. thank you very much, mark. >> john: thanks for hanging with us, mark. >> sandra: president biden's approval plummeting, not just one issue. nikki haley, ambassador, appreciate you sticking with us. as we look at the approval rating particularly with inflation, obviously the southern border and the handling of the very important issues. this is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for not just this administration, but this party as obviously we work our way to midterm elections. >> well, you know, i think this goes to show that they are, you know, biden is underestimating the american people.
11:56 am
they can see through this. they get that gas prices are not because of putin, they get the border problem is not because of trump, get the fact we are having all of this chaos in the world because he's divisive and has not done anything to unify the country, and i think the poll numbers are showing that. the problem is he's not responding to it. he's not working to secure the border, he's not trying to make us energy independent, he's not doing anything to make the world more safe and i think this is why they will have a very hard time come this november. >> john: nikki haley, this is not obviously a presidential election year but reminiscent of 1992 when the clinton campaign had the slogan "it's the economy, stupid". it does seem to be all about that. let me put on the screen the approval rating, approval ratings on inflation, take a look at this. of all the voters together, 68% disapprove, 28% approve, take a look at this number. 70% of independents disapprove.
11:57 am
what is that going to mean for the democratic party come november and does the president have coat tails? >> not surprised to see those numbers at all. we have been travelling all over the country, from the east coast to the west coast. inflation is the number one issue that american families are talking about. the average american family is going to have to spend more than $5,200 this year to make ends meet. i can tell you when michael and i were raising our children, you know where we got our money from like that, a credit card. and with interest rates like that, that's what's getting ready to happen to american families and i think that's why you are going to see them come out in a very strong way to say we need to be heard, people need to understand, we can't keep paying these grocery prices, can't keep paying the gas prices, you can't keep having government spending wasting all of our taxpayer dollars, something's got to give. >> sandra: well, we are watching the stock market, quite a move right now. up nearly 600 points.
11:58 am
this is the stock market that has taken quite a hit, wiping out all the gains so far, but is reacting to the federal reserve a short time ago, this hour said it was going to raise interest rates by a half percentage point, indicating that's likely the move the next couple of fed meetings, ambassador haley. the goal to tackle inflation while not driving the country into recession. seems to be some optimism on main street the federal reserve will tackle this. so, the economy could be in a much different situation in the country a couple months from now. how do republicans seize on this moment? >> republicans don't need to be arrogant. we need to be humble, disciplined and we need to show how our solutions lift up everyone. half the battle, sandra and john, is to win in november. but the more important battle is to prove we deserve to be there in november, not just by saying no to everything biden does but talk about what we are about
11:59 am
instead. what solutions to lift up everybody. that's going to be really key as we go forward. and republicans need to be ready for that. because if you look at the last spending bill, i mean, you had over 5,000, you know, earmarks in place that were totaling $10 billion with a b. that was republicans and democrats that introduced those and did that. we can't continue to have that wasteful spending and can't continue to have the disrespent for the american taxpayer. >> john: i mentioned 1992, even though the economy did improve later in 1992, people's minds were made up early that year and voted how they felt in march or april. a few seconds left, ambassador. but just wanted to ask you, rick scott came out with a plan which was widely criticized by democrats and republicans alike. >> they need to say we are going to support law enforcement.
12:00 pm
congress needs to fix immigration reform and fix the border. they need to make sure that we are making, being strong abroad so we can be safe at home. they've got to pay attention to the issues that matter to the average american family. >> sandra: appreciate you joining us and sticking around. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: thank you so much. >> sandra: thanks so much to all of you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. bill barr on the situation unfolding at the supreme court as new speculation arises over the supreme court leaker. who he or she is and what kind of consequences they may now face. plus, his reaction to this. >> this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that has existed in american


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