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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 4, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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border. they need to make sure that we are making, being strong abroad so we can be safe at home. they've got to pay attention to the issues that matter to the average american family. >> sandra: appreciate you joining us and sticking around. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: thank you so much. >> sandra: thanks so much to all of you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. bill barr on the situation unfolding at the supreme court as new speculation arises over the supreme court leaker. who he or she is and what kind of consequences they may now face. plus, his reaction to this. >> this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that has existed in american
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history. recent american history. >> martha: that was the president earlier today. taking a look at ohio where all of the trump-backed candidates won their primaries in a big test of the former president's cloud. we will speak with voters in ohio on the ground there. find out what folks in that really important state are feeling and thinking today. first very tough numbers for president biden. lowest yet approval rating on his handling of the economy. 61% disapprove. the overall approval number is down nine points in the past year. he's at 45%. vice president harris also in the same neighborhood there. she's at 41% from a year ago. neil cavuto, anchor of "your world" joins me now. neil, great to have you with us this afternoon. >> thanks very much. >> martha: we take a look at the market, which is up strongly on the heels of this fed rate decision. i want to ask you about the president and how he's doing on
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the economy. first to that question. it's an effort to stem inflation. will it work? >> neil: it's the only game in town if you think about it. the federal reserve, more government spending isn't going to cure this. many argue we're in the position we're in because we've been spending like crazy. that was before the war in ukraine and everything else. leaving that aside, the federal reserve seems to be doing what people thought it would. its hiking interest rates half a percentage point. we haven't seen a move like that since 2000 if you think about it when bill clinton was president. the idea seems to be jerome powell talks to the press about this that more hikes are on the way. they're okay with that because the hikes even though they seem to be fairly dramatic, another half point now, another half point presumably at the next fed meeting next months, maybe successive hikes after that, interest rates could go up quickly from here.
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they're the only game in town addressing this. you have plenty of critics that say too little too late. they're the only ones trying to stem this and the only ones getting something done. whether this isover doing it or not, the markets don't think that is the case right now. they're ahead of this. and they're wishing him luck fighting this. >> martha: it's fascinating to watch this. interested in the way that you're putting up, which is the only game in town. you have certain levers to get this thing under control. this is one of them. you can see in the bottom right-hand side of the screen how the market is responding to that. up 623 points right now. i want to pull up this gallup poll. confidence if president biden to do the right thing for the economy. down 17 points over the course of the last year. your assessment on these numbers. they match up with the other number that i showed, which was a fox poll. who do you make of how americans are looking at this presidency and the economy?
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>> neil: when things are going well, you give a pass and credit the president. when they're not going well, the buck stops at the white house. that's where it is right now. people are getting angrier and angier when they see prices rising. they get angry going to the grocery store and see prices rising. they get angry when they realize the car they want to be can't be had. when they do get it, it's going to be a condition of prices rising. they get fed up. right now they're desperate with all of this. they don't understand the connection between the federal reserve then having to add insult to injury but making borrowing more costly as well. they take it out on the president and not encouraged by a lot of the blame shifting that goes on. this would apply whether the president were democrat or republican. long before the war in ukraine, long before these other developments, crises were moving up.
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you could make the argument as the administration has that we were coming out of an economy in park with the covid lock downs and everything else. any movement after that would lead to a pickup in inflation. but to sort of absolve yourself of responsibility for this and say that maybe you reigning in the domestic oil production didn't get this fire going and then to turn around and blame it on the food companies, the cabal of rigging prices with the oil companies, you know, greedily taking advantage of this, there might even be particles of truth to some of that but not all of that. sometimes we learn a great deal from a president, any president, who owns up to the problems and says i'm on top of it. a lot of this is on me but i'm going to do my best to correct it. very little of that going on here. i think that only adds to the anger on the part of consumers of any political persuasion that say enough, enough. >> martha: it's been a long time since i've heard anyone in that
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position come forward and say you know what? this was partly our fault. now we're going to switch gears and going to do something that we think is going to fix it. he really seems to be taking it on the chin with independents who are very independent voters that are very concerned about inflation. 70% of them disapprove. that's got to be a tough number to look at when you look at the mid-terms. the president came out to talk about the economy and really the focus of his comments, which i know you were watching as well, neil, was that we should feel great about the fact that the deficit has come down. is that something that we should feel great about and what is the impact on the overall economy? >> neil: i caught that, too, the deficit going down. that would be me like heralding four pounds when i have to lose 40 pounds. our debt is still over 40 trillion. it's a tad better what do you expect it to do after we were so
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knee deep in covid-related spending that has eased up by the magnitude. so year over year, you're going to see some declines off of those levels. these would be record high levels at any other time. so yeah, we're off the worst levels we were. a lot of it has to do with americans going back to work, the lockdowns. to cling to that and say we're on top of the world would be me saying i lost a few pounds and we're down. >> martha: i think you are done. >> neil: we've seen that a lot here and focusing on one thing. i'm the first to bemoan excessive government spending under republicans or democrats. it's an issue. to herald this and focus on this with the high prices, i think that's done very little to ease their fears. >> martha: yep.
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as we said earlier, i have too many people sitting around the dinner table says gee, the deficit fell. gas prices are soaring, cost $100 to fill up my pickup. >> neil: the costs are an every day concern. sometimes you can be the smartest person in the room, all i.q. but no e.q. americans are smart but they also know what's going on. >> it's a pain. address their pain. >> martha: thank you, neil. thanks for coming in. good to see you. >> neil: thanks for inviting me. >> martha: so as the supreme court investigates who is behind this leak, because you know what? there's an individual person that did this. there's probably more than one person that knows who it is. >> this should be investigated and punished to the fullest extent possible. >> martha: bill barr says the case could be made here for
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>> martha: the leaker of the supreme court draft opinion -- this has never been don in the history of the supreme court -- is being slammed by despicable and praised by supporters that lifted the veil of secrecy on the court. several justices labelled liars for what they said in the confirmation hearings by democrats. bill barr and joe concha and the legal and media fall-out. david spunt that joins us with
12:14 pm
the very latest with what's going on at the supreme court today. high, david. >> hi, martha. john roberts has ordered a full scale investigation by the marshall of the court. the mission may be accomplished to find the leaker or leakers. with kaw duel respect to the marshall of the court, the marshall of the supreme court is not experienced in well-versed specifically in finding leakers, especially when it deals to something this high profile and this much technology potentially. however, there's been growing calls from both sides of the isle to get the fbi and the department of justice involved. at this point the fbi and doj are not involved. the reason there's no classified information in the paper that was released. they said it's impossible to overstate the earthquake this will cause in the court and this leak is the gravest, most unforgiveable sin.
12:15 pm
we see the impact this leak has had across the country. think about what it did in this bidding behind me as they point out. think about the raw tension between these nine justices. they may not agree on anything but this is a close-knit group. for who leaked the draft, had to be a small group including clerks, secretaries or a justice. experts say it's unlikely a justice. paul smith was a clerk for loomis powell. he argued in front of the high court 21 times. listen. >> it's not entirely clear there was a legal problem here, that there was a law that was violated. the oath that you take of confidentiality is on your honor as a law clerk or justice or secretary. >> for the motive of the leaker or leakers, i could spend the rest of the show talking here. it's anybody's guess. it's a small pool of people that were able to get ahold of the draft and the chief justice is
12:16 pm
hoping the marshall is able to find this person or people. martha? >> martha: thank you very much. let's bring in bill barr, former attorney general author of "one damn thing after another." great to have you with us today. you think this person will be found? there's an argument in some ways that they would like to be found eventually. they could build a cottage industry off of being the person that leaked this in some aspects. >> well, i hope they build it rather in jail. this is a grave -- an unforgiveable sin. i think it is likely they're going to find out who leaked it. it's a relatively small group of people that could possibly have done that. i think the full weight of the law has to be brought against them. i disagree with the last lawyer that spoke who felt this was just a violation of an honor system. there's a number of federal statutes that are potentially covering this, including fraud
12:17 pm
against the united states, which involves wrong doing, intended to impede the functioning of the government. they're also statues on obstructing or trying to interfere or influence the due administration of justice by committing acts like this. it could also involve using government documents for one's own benefit, converting government documents. so there's a number of criminal statutes that were potentially violated here. >> martha: i mentioned the potential for this person. people said that they could write books, get a position at a law university teaching and be someone who is held up for this leak, which a lot of people share your opinion about the seriousness about it. makes he wonder if the department of justice will work that hard to get to the bottom of it given the political
12:18 pm
nature. you think they will? >> if they're called on to do it, they will. the other option at least initially would -- the court has virtually unlimited power to protect its own procedures and processes. they can use compulsory power to do their own investigation. but at the end of the day, i think because criminal punishment i think is called for here, i think at some point it will have to go to the justice department. >> martha: and each person as you say -- it's a small group of people. each person will be asked, are you the person that leaked this. they have to decide whether or not they're going to lie in the middle of the process or tell the truth. and that will likely lead to this person being found one way or the other. i want to ask you about this question of settled law. everybody watches these hearings. and we watch the process where people who are being questioned about their ability to serve on
12:19 pm
the supreme court will talk about settled law. here's a montage of the three most recent supreme court justices being asked about roe v. wade during their hearings. >> i would tell you that roe versus wade decided in 1973 is a precedent of the united states supreme court. it has been reaffirmed. >> it's settled as a precedent of the supreme court entitled the respect under principles of stare decisis. >> it doesn't mean that roe would be overruled. it doesn't small on the handful of cases like brown versus the board that nobody questions anymore. >> martha: a lot of the people that watched the hearings believe that those individuals were saying that they believed that it would never be overturned or should never be overturned based on any question that might come before the
12:20 pm
court. can you explain how you see those responses? >> i don't think those responses could fairly be understood as saying it would never be overruled. i think they all made clear like any other precedent, it subject to stare decisis and weighed in some degree of deference. the whole dock trick of stare decisis has in it some factors that are consulted, that may lead a court to overrule a prior precedent. and the draft opinion that was circulated went in to all of that. now, i think -- we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. that draft had five voted locked in. i think things could be in flux. >> martha: really? why? >> personally. you say why? >> martha: yes. >> yeah, well, because i -- an opinion isn't final until almost
12:21 pm
the day it goes out. remember what happened in obamacare. there were last-minute changes in the last 24 hours before an opinion was issued. so i think there was an effort obviously to galvanize a majority of the justices, but i don't think that the circulation of that draft necessarily means that there were five justices committed to that position. >> martha: a lot riding on this. when that decision, that final decision does come out, it's going to be so closely watched based on all of the drama created by this leak. we'll see where it goes through the department of justice and the fbi investigating it. thanks, bill barr. >> thank you. >> martha: joe concha with us, fox news contributor. i want to put on the screen, this is from the new fox polling. it's really important to look at where the american people stand on this issue. you can see there's support to
12:22 pm
leave roe v. wade in place when it's asked that way. look at this way. what about a law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy accept in the case of medical emergency? would you favor or oppose a 15 -- after 15-week ban in your state? 54% say yes. they think that that is a reasonable place to draw the line at 15 weeks, joe. when you watch what is happening on -- in a number of places in the media, this is the outrage that we're seeing. let's play that. >> looks like the supreme court will overturn roe v. wade. they decided masks are not mandatory but mother's day is. >> this is the biggest roll back of human rights in modern history. >> congratulations, ladies. decisions about what you can do with your body are made by four old dudes and a woman that
12:23 pm
thinks that the hand maids tale is a rom com. >> wow, it's like watching cnn. >> it's political talk. it's supposed to be escapism. neither here nor there. the public sentiment on abortion is highly nuanced. as you pointed out with that poll. when you put the pulse of the country on this issue, try to gather it, it demands precise context. overall on the issue of abortion, the country is split down the middle. look at gallup between those pro life, pro choice. to your point, when you ask that question and that is the whole key here, should you should abortion be banned after 15 weeks of pregnancy, the numbers go in a decided direction. 54% oppose it after 15 weeks. just 41% go the other way. that's a 13-point difference. i don't see that particular poll
12:24 pm
being cited anywhere. you would think that by listening to the reporting that we're a country that is something like 70/30 pro choice to pro life. doesn't seem that way. meanwhile, by the way, while some see this potential decision as a political hail mary that the democratic party was looking for, i think it's more or less a wash. this really doesn't move the needle. inflation is a dominant issue 187 days from now. the president is 25 points under water on his handl handling of economy. good prices will be sky rocketing. inflation will be up. those are the core issues for the election. economy, inflation, gas prices, crime, ukraine, abortion will be there, yes, but one side cancels out the other. this is so evenly split on this issue. it goes more conservative anything once you bring the 15 week question in to play
12:25 pm
>> martha: it came up 11th in term of the priorities of where people -- the issues that people are really interested in. it's interesting to know that abortions have fallen declined 20% over the past 12 years. so the number of people getting abortions is down considerably and the number of people that use an abortion pill to have an abortion is basically 40% of all of the abortions in the country. i would imagine that those pills will remain very accessible. so it seems that the outrage machine is in overdrive when you look at what is actually happening in the country. quick thought. >> yeah, sure. i hope that somewhere in this reporting we talk about how hard it is and i have some friends going through this, how hard it is to adopt a baby in this country. maybe if we incentivize people to have children instead of aborting them, more people would be happy. i never heard about adoption talked about that much.
12:26 pm
maybe a little bit more that that could happen here. >> martha: aaron judge. a great video to go hug a little boy. a yankee. he was adopted the day after he was born. a fun fact. >> can you imagine getting that 6'9" guy in your house? >> martha: imagine that. thank you, joe. we're going to the pentagon. john kirby is answering questions. there's a lot of questions about may 9 and what will happen in russia on victory day, which is the day when they celebrate the victory over hitler in world war ii. you also have this question of what's going on in the devastated city of mariupol. an adviser to the mayor says that russian forces are clearing away the wreckage of the theater that they bombed. remember when that happened in march? ukraine's president telling fox news what he thinks will happen when russia celebrating that victory day marking the end of
12:27 pm
world war ii in europe. watch. >> a parade. this is that city. he's going to show some sort of victory. but they don't have victories. the loss of people is not a victory. maybe even they want to conduct a parade in mariupol. as a city that is temporarily occupied. they want to show what kind of czars they are. >> martha: let's go to pentagon press secretary john kirby and listen in. here we go. >> we'll consult with allies and partners and continue to assess what happened here. we continue to call on the north to stop these provocative tests and to be willing to sit down as we have offered we would be willing to do without precondition and discuss a diplomatic way forward here, to denuclearize the north. >> they have more than doubled the number of test launches
12:28 pm
since last year. is the u.s., you know, twice as concerned that -- how concerned is the u.s. compared to last year? >> we're still deeply concerned about these tests and the provocative nature of their continuing ballistic missile program. that is why, again, we have -- not just the united states but the international community has condemned these provocations. they are violations of u.n. security council resolutions. that's why we called for the north to sit down without precondition and have a discussion and it's also why we continue to focus on the readiness of our alliance, alliance in japan. meeting today with the minister of defense and our alliance with our south korean allies as well there on the peninsula. >> i want to ask you about the secretary's meeting with japanese defense minister.
12:29 pm
the japanese government is making their own national strategy. [inaudible] -- and to make sure japanese strategy is aligned with the u.s. national defense. >> they did have a discussion about our national defense strategy and the japanese national strategy. the secretary came away from the meeting feeling that they were very much aligned. that is not a surprise because of our close alliance with japan and the close deep collaboration and cooperation we have military to military. it was a very good discussion about that. the secretary doesn't have any concerns. >> he said on top of the meeting that they would discuss extended deterrence to the northeast -- the north's behavior.
12:30 pm
and are there some additional steps to keep -- [inaudible] >> i'm not going to get more detail than what we read out. they talked about the importance of integrated deterrence in the region. this is something that the secretary talked about since almost the day he talk off. integrated deterrence is not about us. it's about our partners in conjunction with ours to deter a potential adversarial action. that certainly applies when you're talking about the challenge that china represents, it was discussed with the minister. i'd let the japanese speak to deterrence issues with respect to their home islands. again, the issue of deterrence and china's continued
12:31 pm
bellicosity. i won't go into more than that. >> the minister said north great is a greater and more imminent with that. do you agree with that and if there's something that can flush out? i know you're going to tell me to ask the japanese. is there anything that you can flush out why particularly the recent tests or this test by north korea may make north korea more imminent threat. >> with each test, court, that they learn, even if it's a failure -- again, we're still assessing this one. so i'm not going to get into details of it. with each test, they try to improve. sometimes they do. when we talk about greater, i think that is what we're all talking about. we would agree the threat from north korea continues to increase. they continue to test. they continue to learn. they continue to adapt their
12:32 pm
program. it would be foolish not to assess that the threat they're posing is actually increasing over time. yeah. >> martha: okay. we're going to bring in kurt volker, former u.s. ambassador to nato. good to have you with us today. it's interesting to note, we heard general milley yesterday talking about the potential for a war on two fronts. we're listening to john kirby at the pentagon take questions not only on ukraine and russia and what is going on there but also on the concerns about north korean missile tests and increased bellicosity as john just mentioned, an aggressive stance from china with potential to do something in taiwan. your thoughts on where we are as we face a lot of threats in the world and potential geo political change. >> we do face a lot of threats
12:33 pm
but we're the biggest super power as well. we're not fighting in ukraine. we're supplying them with arms. that's why it's important to get our defense budget up, get the spending bills approved to keep resupplying our own military as we provided some to the ukrainians, that we replenish. i think that we're fully capable of exercising deterrence in asia for some time to come even as we continue to supply the ukrainians. >> so chris jenkins sat down with president zellerlier today. he was quite clear, president zelensky,about what he sees happening at the steel plant in mariupol. that there's a back and forth. a moment when 100 people are allowed and the bombing continues. here's what he said about it. >> the united nations together with international red cross are doing this to help the evacuation of our people. however, i told them that russia wishes to destroy everybody who
12:34 pm
is still in the steel plant. they may not agree to any evacuation. >> martha: i mean, the loss of life is just absolutely devastating in ukraine. there's children said to be in there as well. what do you think about where this war stands right now and how much longer russia can keep this up? >> first of all, just on what we heard there, what the russians are doing is barbaric. they have killed tens of thousands of people already. the mayor there estimated over 20,000. they're refusing to let people out. then they're shelling them again and their intention is to starve them out or bomb them out. killing everybody that they can. it's barbaric. as far as where this goes though, the russians have strategically failed. they have not taken over ukraine, they have not toppled the government, they're no longer in a position to threaten kyiv other than by lobbing bombs
12:35 pm
at it. no ground forces. no opportunity to take territory there. as we approach this may 9th victory day celebration, putin is looking for something that he can say is a victory. that's why i think they're doubling down on mariupol, to say that they created this land bridge from russia to crimea and taken more of donbas. this is not going to last this way. the russians are exhausting their military capabilities. ukrainians continue to fight back. and even after may 9th, they will keep up the fight to take the territory back. this is not going to go well for russia in the long run. >> martha: quick last question for you. the news that the e.u. says they're going to cut off their imports of russian oil over the coming months, i guess, maybe six months period, how do you think that is received at the kremlin? >> i think it's received with disappointment and skepticism as well. maybe they're still going to try to block that implementation from the e.u. it's a very serious step.
12:36 pm
the european union sends russia hundreds of millions every day in order to buy oil and gas. shutting that down is critical. they have said it will be by the end of the year. i hope they do it by this summer, the end of the summer. has to be faster to shut off the flow of funds to russia. >> martha: it's the fourth round of sanctions from europe against russia. thanks very much, kurt volker. good to see you, sir. so on the heels of a big win for former president trump's pick in the ohio gop senate primary, we asked gop voters about the direction of the country, the job that the president is doing on key issues like immigration and inflation. ohio is always an important state to watch in an election.
12:37 pm
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you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way.
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you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. >> martha: a big win last night for j.d. vance in ohio. also a big win for former president trump. his nod gave vance the chance to move ahead. let's see what ohio voters have to say about it. we have a registered republican and co-owner of a business in norwalk, west of cleveland. kimberly brown is a registered democrat from cleveland. she's a hiring manager for a medical company. great to have you with us today from ohio. i want to start with a little bit of a victory speech last night from j.d. vance and we'll
12:42 pm
get your thoughts. >> we have such an opportunity here in the state of ohio. i think so many of our people, so many -- again, it's not just republicans. it's moderates, it's democrats. i think as much as i can't stand the leadership of the democrat party, most of the people across the state of ohio whatever they're voting for are good people. we believe we ought to fight for them. >> martha: deb, what are your thoughts on what he had to say about his win? >> i didn't support j.d. vance. i liked josh mandel. he's a home grown boy. i've been watching him since 2012. i like his address on the financial responsibilities that we have. i'm hoping that j.d. vance will take this -- i see it not necessarily as much of a trump victory as an anti establishment victory. so i'm hoping that he will grab
12:43 pm
ahold of the values that we have in ohio and we'll go forward with that. i agree it should be republicans, democrats and independents, conservatives, liberals. it should be ohio. we need to work together to make everything a little better. >> martha: kim, i know you said you pulled a democratic ballot at the election yesterday. what did you think of j.d. vance's win on the republican side and he will likely run again to tim ryan for that seat in the senate? >> totally correct. you know, i'm not a fan of mr. trump. so due to the fact that he received trump's support, i for one will not even look at a j.d. vance. i'm looking at tim ryan. i did -- i don't mind saying it. i voted for tim ryan. i'm going to believe in the middle class and the poor and i want ohioans to work together. as i will always state with me, it has to be people over party. i could care less about the
12:44 pm
republicans, the democrats, libertarians. it's how are we going to move our people forward as far as people being human and understanding certain issues that we have to endure in order to make life better tomorrow than what it is today. >> martha: so kim, let me stay with you and then back to deb. we see in the polling that about 87% of americans are very concerned about inflation. they say that is their top concern. what is your top concern as you look at the mid-terms? >> well, as i look at the mid-term, i'm still concerned about post covid-19. we're still in the midst of that. it appears that people have forgotten about it. we have a lot of small businesses that have closed down and they have not gotten the necessary support, help as far as finances and human capitol to actually reopen or move forward. nobody is talking about that. i'm also concerned about the infrastructure of our roads. if you go through the basic neighborhoods, we know that
12:45 pm
we're on the verge of a lot of roads crumbling. nobody is talking about that. nobody is talking about the inflation of gas prices. people are not talking about the war on russia and ukraine. they're not talking about the oil and what this is costing the american people. people have to understand that people go to work to make a living. we don't go to work to put gas in our car. sometimes we have to be more human and understand our family units. i don't think that a lot of candidates are thinking about that. they're still talking about stump speeches and feel good speeches. at the end of the day, how as americans how are we going to survive as people. >> martha: deb, what do you think matters as you look to mid-terms and how is the country doing as a whole? >> inflation has to be number 1. the egg prices here in norwalk were about 79 cents before easter. they're $2.63 a dozen right now.
12:46 pm
gas, of course, absolutely our gas. it's everything. we went to dinner the other night. dinners that were 60 in the fall are $112 now. it's horrible. i also know that we have a small business. trying to find people to work is very, very difficult. you can -- the pot is only so big. you can only pay so much. we want people to want to be better, but it's hard when every penny that you have is going towards getting you to work or for child care or food. we don't want to just live on rice and beans, although they're delicious, but that's not what we want to do. >> martha: you want a little variety. >> absolutely. >> martha: all right, ladies. thank you very much. deb ludwig and kimberly brown from ohio. thanks for coming in today. >> thanks for having us. >> martha: he's a huge country music star between the megahit
12:47 pm
"fancy like." now walker hayes is sharing his own story of struggle and hardship and unlikely friendships that led him to a deep christianity. that is next. ♪♪ throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset...
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♪♪ >> martha: yeah, you know who that is, right?
12:52 pm
that's walker hayes. he's here with us today to tell us about a friendship that changed his life and help the former atheist to find faith. he has a new book "glad you're here." two unlikely friends mending fences. hi, guys. good to see you. >> thank you much. >> martha: so you know, let me start with you, walker. there's a long story here. you have been sober six years. you went from having a tough time in your career where you got a job at costco to make things work with your six kids to now you're at the top of the charts. this man had something to do with that in terms of success. >> yeah, this man led me to jesus christ. got was merciful to show me his son through a human. craig and his family loved my family unconditionally on another level.
12:53 pm
a level that we have never felt that welcome before. so yeah, we went from complete strangers to now year next door neighbors. the fence is ripped out and we do life together. >> martha: and you know, this book is called "glad your here." you wrote a song about craig. i want to play a little bit of that song. it's called "craig." i'm not sure you had about a song named at you. here it is. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> martha: so craig, you reached out and said hey, i'm glad you showed up at church. >> yeah, i feel like god just
12:54 pm
blessed us and smiled on us when the hayes walked in to our lives. i feel like it's a friendship from heaven. just one that has been a blessing really to both of us. and to our families. so i have always been encouraged, strengthened, built up any time i hung out with walker. even before he was a believer. my deepest desire and heart was to come to faith in jesus. so when that happened, it blew me away. two versions of the song. one that he wrote as an unbeliever and one that he wrote after he became a christian. hearing both of them for me still blows me away. i'm stunned. >> martha: so you know, what do you think when you listen to that, walker, and you think about the old you, you had an addiction, which a lot of people
12:55 pm
watching this, either have had it themselves or knows somebody that had. what was the trigger for you? what changed? >> christ. his salvation that he offers me. that's it. i'm still a sinner, i'm still broken. i need the lord more and more and more. it's by his grace that i was able to quit drinking. the odds of that are not good. there's some of that in my family. it's tough. yeah, six years sober. so yeah, that's about it. a lot of my life has changed since. for the most available thing that has changed is my soul has been purchased by the blood of crist. >> martha: simultaneously you're selling out arena. so you went from costco and losing your car to selling out arenas. quick thoughts on that. >> rags to riches. yeah. it's all worthless compared to
12:56 pm
knowing christ. it will all go away. we're enjoying some success, career rise. but i feel like all the success is so we can share this message and just have a platform to stand on. say the name of jesus. >> martha: it's a powerful message for other people, for other friendships, to open your eyes with a friend like this that walks and says why is this person here? so chris cooper and walker hayes, thank you. best of luck to you with the tour. the book is called "glad you're here" and we're glad you're here. >> thank you. >> here's jen psaki taking questions from peter doocy. >> get distracted from what is most important. not the leak and the story of the leak. it's the fact that women's healthcare is at risk for millions. >> the president said what happens if state changes law
12:57 pm
that says that children that are lgbt can't be in classes with others. what is he talking about? >> we've seen extreme laws that target lgbtq families. he's saying we don't know what they're capable of. >> which state is trying to segregate lgbtq children in the classrooms? >> we've seen laws that are discriminatory. that's what the president is referring to. he doesn't know what additional steps could be taken by extreme wings of the party that would rather divide rather than work on issues that the american people are focused on and impacting them. >> another one about abortion. why is the president talking about the judgment to choose to abort a child? >> the president's view on a woman's right to make choices about her own healthcare is well-known, well-documented. >> he said abort a child.
12:58 pm
>> i understand. that's his position. >> how can you say this is not a political issue when the president's statement talks about getting pro choice officials elected? >> did i say it's not a commit call issue? >> yes, you said some call it a political issue. you said it's not. >> the vast majority of the public believes that this should not be overturned. i meant to say it's not a partisan issue. i don't think it is. there's republican and independent women, men across the country that do not believe the supreme court should overturn a woman's right to make choices about her own healthcare. 30% in recent polls thought that they should. that's what i'm referring to. go ahead. >> a couple on the roe opinion. earlier this year president biden made a speech on voting rights. he said it's important to do that. will he make an address to the nation on abortion access? >> i don't have anything to predict about an address to the country. you've heard him speak about his views today and yesterday.
12:59 pm
it's only been two days since we saw the leaked document. >> on the comments today and yesterday, when he was asked about abortion, the president focused on privacy, children, married couples. why isn't he speaking more directly about how this impacts women, poor women, women of color. how comfortable is he talking about this? >> he has. he did yesterday both in his written statement and when he addressed this publicly. his point to continue to talk about this, this brings in to question our fundamental rights and the fundamental rights of people across this country on who they marry, what choices that they make about healthcare that goes to his own experience fighting against robert bork in his nomination many years ago. >> he did not use the world abortion -- >> it was in his statement yesterday. >> until yesterday. >> martha: okay. breaking just moments ago, secretary of state antony blinken tested positive for
1:00 pm
covid. he's not seen the president in a few days. he's not considered a close contact. the podcast with walker hayes and chris cooper will drop saturday. i spoke to them this afternoon. really interesting story about their friendship and his music. so i urge you to take a look at that. that's "the story" for today. i'll see you back here today. have a great afternoon and evening. neil is next. >> inflation is much too high. we understand the hartship it's causing. we're moving to bring it back down. >> neil: that man is the only game in town. the fact that he moved interest rates up as expected, that led stocks up. that was not expected. all on the belief that the federal reserve is about the only entity trying to deal with this problem. say what you will of jerome powell and company, that is the game that we're depending on. the optimism built on still


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