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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 4, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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springs eternal going forward paid one at final peak at the dow up. the federal reserve has everything under control. does it? will explore that a lot more tomorrow and whether this lasts. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino come along with geraldo rivero, justin jones, and geraldo rivera. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president biden and democrats ramping up the rage of the supreme court after a bomb shell lake indicated that the high court is ready to strike down roe v. wade. protesters taking to the streets in major liberal cities chanting "we won't go back." some clashing with the l.a.p.d.
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police say a group through rocks and bottles at the officers. one cop was injured. top democrats echoing the fury coming from the base. >> the united states supreme court think they can impose their religious views and all of the women of this country and they are wrong. how dare they try to stop us from determining her own future. how dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms. >> president biden adding fuel to the fire and dubbing some serious attacks of republicans. >> this is about a lot more than abortion. what happens if you have states change the laws saying that children who are lgbtq camping classrooms with other children?
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is that legit. what are the next things that are going to be attacked? this is really the most extreme political organization that has existed. >> dana: judge i want to start with that. there's this idea that this left is pushing that the supreme court next are going to ban interracial marriage. what that would be very strange for clarence thomas to do. >> i agree with this. look, according to joe biden and the dems the sky is falling. this is for them the worst thing -- they can predict anything will happen and they will use this as a reason to fire up their base because they have nothing going for them in the midterms. make no mistake, griswold versus connecticut, loving versus just virginia, all of those other cases, alito was very clear in the decision. we emphasize our decision recognize the constitutional right to abortion and no other
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right paid nothing in this opinion should be understood cancel out other precedents that do not concern abortion. he makes it specifically about abortion. in addition some of those other rights are based on equal protection. civil rights, not necessarily on the right to privacy. that should all be revoked from the discussion of this case. >> dana: geraldo, we have not had a chance to hear from you on the show this week, we'll give you the floor. >> geraldo: i think first of all republicans make a mistake when they emphasized the crime of the leak itself over the impact of what the decision would entail for the women. i think that emotion, however you think of those particular personalities, that is legitimate. this is more problematic i think, and judge i think you would agree with me, because it goes both ways. what this shows is that the
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senate confirmation process by which a nominee is interrogated by both parties and give their reasons why they are fit to be on the high court, is absolutely deeply flawed. why? because these nominees lied. they go before the senate of the united states, they swear that they are going to be judicious and good shepherds of the court and impartiality in the importance it has in the american society, and that the star a decisive says, the president of these cases as well established. 30 years, 40 years, 49 years, that that is something the supreme court honors. then they turn around the minute they get in the high court they make a decision that is so dramatically opposed to what they said during the confirmation hearings, shame on
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them. shame a neil gorsuch, same shame on amy coney barrett. they knew when they were swearing to those senators and the conversations in the senate offices that they were going to vote to reverse, or overturn roe v. wade where they knew it and they lied about it. i don't know how you fix that. i don't know how you can repair when the most sacred office in the land, the high court of the united states, is peopled by politicians. >> dana: if i was accused of being a serial because i like beer at 60 and i would say whatever i want to get out of that building. >> dana: let me disagree. you said i would agree with you. i absolutely do not agree with you. there was no line to the senate on the judiciary committee. they talked about stare decisis. stare decisis means that you follow precedent. they were cleared to say this is
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not one of those super due process cases like board -- brown versus board of education board of education that overturned plessy v. ferguson separate but equal. they were very clear. especially amy coney barrett. she was cleared to say stare decisis means that the courts under us have to respect our decision is a supreme court, the highest court in the land. and thus it is super due process, unless it is like brown versus board of education where you cannot separate a white and black children then we can decide based on what comes before us. >> geraldo: five have three daughters in the state of ohio in the fetal heartbeat law that will now be in that place, it will not be the law of the state of ohio. what am i going to tell my daughters now? that they don't have control over their body? that they can't make those choices for themselves? that's old man scratching his belly and some other state is going to say that --
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>> amy coney barrett is not an old man. >> let's listen to some media responses to all of this if we could. >> the founding fathers didn't recognized abortion is a fundamental right because the founding fathers were racist misogynistic jerk faces. >> i think we are all invited to question the legitimacy of -- >> so don't think this is just a war on women. it could be a war on people of color, and gsy people. >> greg: this is why pro-lifers win, because they can state their hopeless case so plainly. you ask somebody why they are pro-life they will say because abortion takes a life and we believe life is sacred.
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you could disagree with that, but you cannot disagree with the simplicity of it. the problem with the pro-choicers as they do not have the balls to state their case plainly. like i prefer freedom over fetuses. don't sit here and say i come up -- like it's going to be interracial marriage next. >> geraldo: my body my choice how much simpler could you get? >> greg: let me finish. you insulted a few people there. we talked about this, people are more concerned about what they lose and what they will gain. you don't have to imagine loss. all you have to to us talk to somebody who lost a child. you don't have to imagine it, it's there forever. a pro-choice mom can look at her adorable 2-year-old and think my life would be nothing without her 2022. in 2017, when she was young and singleton didn't have a kit you can only imagine the loss of her freedom, right? so that's the issue. the issue here is that people
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need to imagine -- they cannot step back and see how pro-choice arguments are driven by refusal to imagine what that baby could be. but then when that baby bees, then suddenly a change is, right? and they have to create reasons, they have to crate all of these reasons to be pro-choice. rather than just be honest and say yes it kills an unborn kid but i prefer my freedom. that's all you have to say. you'll get so much more respect. the other thing that drives me crazy now that i'm on my soapbox as it used to be, even the pro-choicers would admit that abortion was an ugly thing. but they felt like it had to be a necessary evil, something that would be safe and rare. that was the argument you always heard. now when you go anywhere on social media it's something to celebrate, to cherish. >> geraldo: that is baloney. >> greg: i'll give you evidence. >> geraldo: like people want a wire hanger --
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>> greg: of the unborn child -- this is exactly what i expected. bring out the old coat hanger. >> geraldo: come on, keep going. you know something? you insulting punk? >> greg: of my your new bond gino? >> i don't have anything important to say -- listen, their original court case, what a lot of people don't understand is under the privacy of the supreme court went and not only did this a abortion is legal but they sent out all of these arbitrary boundaries bear the first muster always, the second sometimes, the third trimester never. casey comes along and almost comes along and says it's about viability. they try to bring in some science. the point is the supreme court doesn't have the authority or
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even the understanding to create law and regulation because in doing all of this what are they saying? they are saying you should be able to have the privacy to make this decision with your doctor. but that is a baby and we are supposed to protected with constitutional rights at some point along the way, we just don't know what the some point along the way he is. you can sit here and not have to have a lot agree or be an accomplished judge is an american citizen to say okay, you may be that law back then really didn't do it right. maybe we need something different. it wasn't a law, it was a supreme court decision bid that's part of the problem. >> i just want to say one thing, the supreme court came down in this decision. it is -- and said it is not a constitutional rights based on all the reasons i went on yesterday. they didn't say it was illegal, they said we are going to give it to the people. you decide. you and congress can decide, you and the states decide. >> dana: one thing we haven't brought up here and we're going to tease right after i make one small point, this is about the science.
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about all of the things that we have learned about fetal pain, fetal heartbeat, and informing people's decisions. the sonogram to see, the pictures you put on the refrigerator, and that love you have as a baby. >> everybody on this issue believed they is a point on that line that i care to hear from. if you don't i agree -- once you become apparent, what you want does not matter anymore. your job is to take care of the child. that i do believe. >> dana: had president biden boasting about the economy while trying to pin his bat poll numbers on republicans. ♪ ♪ your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar.
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>> president biden boasting about an economy in trying blame everything that's gone to on republicans. the president bombing on almost every issue in a new fox poll mike viti's underwater on climate, russia, the economy, guns, crime, in the migration, and inflation. biden did not say much about inflation, almost mentioning that a couple of times. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. it's extreme, as most maga things are. it will actually raise taxes on 75 million american families. over 95% there is no reason that a billionaire should be paying a lower tax rate than a teacher or firefighter bid that's a sharp contrast to what today's republican party is offering.
2:18 pm
i don't want to hear republicans talk about deficits on their all trout maga agenda. i want to hear about fairness, i want to hear about decency. i want to hear about helping ordinary people. >> greg: he believes his plan is rooted in fairness and decency. has he gone outside? everything that's come from this administration, from debt forgiveness to anti-cop mentalities, the pro-crime, it's unfair and indecent. >> dana: every time he said the old trust maga agenda. i must've done very well and the focus group so you will hear it a lot. let's see if they get better at delivering that message. when biden talks about the economy you cannot help but the things he inherited. he inherited about a million vaccines out the door a week there that was pretty good. he had the economy, it was a much better shape. you didn't need the american rescue plan, which poured gasoline on the fire of inflation. so i think it's curious that he decided to go after the
2:19 pm
republicans on this and not the fed. because you can actually go after the fat and say they made bad decisions on inflation and i wish they would've done a better job. that is a punching bag that would make sense. now what is talking about in terms of republicans wanting to raise taxes, this was the whole dustup between senator rick scott and senator mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell and the rest of the conference was like what are you doing? rick scott is stuck to his guns bear this is why pit however i think most people out there are going to say i've never heard of rick scott and i don't hear any of the republican talking about this. what are you going to do about gas? >> so they used this phrase ultra my god, which i guess that the new phrase for extreme. so it is the extreme agenda? if it's protecting your family from filing a crime and being able to afford feud and fuel while joe is been embracing an extreme focus on that allowed all of this to take place?
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>> joey: maga means america first. but the people in the left it means white supremacy. also if ultra maga was focused group width doesn't that sound like let me get a pack of those ultra maga 100s? that's what i think about it, that's all here. you're talking about a guy that stands there and speaks with such conviction over an economy that this week all he wants to brag about is his ability to lower the deficit that was raised by two and half trillion dollars post covid. here it comes slowly down the last two years. we spent three or $4 trillion in the year because of a pandemic that shut our economy down, but all he asked to brag about in the economy is the fact that he hasn't continued to spend as much as money is see to it in 2020 pay that's all he has to brag about. of course he's going to use words like ultra maga agenda, because if you view the numbers he'd be raked over the coals.
2:21 pm
>> greg: judge my conspiracy voice inside me says this is why the supreme court story dropped at this time. because they needed this amount -- this many weeks and months to kind of push the stuff away. it's all bad news. >> jeanine: i said yesterday there's no question bear the bloodbath predicted in november this gives them something to gin up the base and raise a lot of money. but you know what is so incredible about joe biden talking about ultra maga, we've got the fastest paste inflation this country has seen an old for 40 years. 87% of americans are concerned about the future of this country and inflation. biden has the lowest job rating as it relates to inflation and this country. and what's amazing is this is biden's fault. on the one hand if he opened up drilling, and he opened up north american energy between canada, the united states, and mexico we would be able to drill
2:22 pm
something like 2 million gallons a day for a hundred years. okay? now they are going to destroy the real estate market because they are now going to raise the interest rate, which is going to destroy the building of homes. everything is going to in a handbasket with this guy. so is going to blame it on republicans in america's know it is him. he is a loser. >> greg: is he going to run in 2024? >> geraldo: great question i don't know the answer. i imagine it depends on his health as we get closer to it. i want to quickly say it's not all horrible news bear the market was up over 900 points today. the deficit will go down by $1.5 trillion this quarter, that is good news. but inflation there is no doubt, i have a very big family. some are more needy than others. everybody is feeling the squeeze right now. everybody is feeling the pinch. inflation is real and it is a key down my cancer on the economy. >> greg: up next america first
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>> a big night for america first politicians and the bad one for the far left. trumpian force meant boosting an ohio senate primary. >> now this campaign i really feel like was a referendum on what kind of republican party we want and what kind of a country we want. we went to battle. do we want to republican party that stands for the donors who write checks to the club for growth? or do we want to republican party for the people right here in ohio? ladies and gentlemen we just answer the question. >> the far left having no such luck is aoc back nina turner
2:28 pm
lost her house primary challenge and tim ryan who is set to face up with j.d. vance in november doesn't want anything to do with joe biden. >> president biden, will you invite president biden to campaign for you? >> we welcome everybody support. i don't think surrogates are going to play a huge role here. i want people to get to know me. i want to control my message. i wanted to be my face in my background, my record. >> it will get the tim ryan in a minute. but here you have j.d. vance's, dana, whose third or fourth in line. trump lays his hand on his shoulder and you take someone from third or fourth and he wins the primary. >> if you look at the others that were running, they lost and he gained. it matters. i also think the timing matters.
2:29 pm
it up and at just the right time so we could surge to victory. when he was talking about what kind of republican party are we going to have come and we don't want these people, you're going to need all of the republican votes, because this is going to be one of the biggest races. now trump won the state by eight points. i think it definitely states republican. but tim ryan is somebody who's getting a lot of grassroots support. the left will try and say he's very moderate. check his voting record. it's 100% with the democrats. then yesterday he said he wanted to qualify roe v. wade. that'll be an issue he wants to deal with. most of very interested in the fact that aoc thinks she's can have all of these additional squad members to join her after the midterms. so far that's not turning out to be the case. >> it's interesting that apparently this fake news -- they wanted to write about the death of donald trump's of agenda. now the left has been bringing up trump. now with this suppose a decision
2:30 pm
they are really bringing up my god, now trump is showing the power that he has. >> they need donald trump right now. they need somebody -- they need a demon. i think these outcomes are more related less to trump's done then the democrats disastrous embrace of the hard left localism. it's creating is you can see a pendulum swing. that's why you're getting a lot of young candidates. sometimes it will be colorful, but you see a lot of change going on. there's one variable in these elections that he also explained in the supreme court supreme court lead and why it. over 230,000 democrats turned out on ohio. as the highest turnout ever. there were hundred and 60,000 fewer dems that came up to. that's an enthusiasm gap so why did brian stelter could walk through it. hence the leak. the leak was essentially a steroid for enthusiasm. >> jeanine: when you talk about enthusiasm, virginia showed up at the suburban moms are coming out to protect their
2:31 pm
children and schools. this enthusiasm gap, now that the dems have leaked, are they going to change the suburban moms to now come out and fight for roe v. wade and keep them in the democrat? >> geraldo: i think the suburban mom, how they respond what's happening with roe v. wade will be a really significant issue. i think that in some ways it does bail out the democrats who are flailing in they had no point -- they didn't know where they were going. dena i am in nina turner's congressional district. it was reassuring to me to see the democrats go put -- who is in democratic terms a moderate compared to nina turner, who is endorsed by the squad and aoc and so forth, i also think tim ryan is the only democrat statewide who has a chance against the republicans. i am stunned by j.d. vance's victory, the impact of trump's
2:32 pm
endorsement is something that is breathtaking. i don't know if anything like that in my lifetime in american politics, the fact that he tugged vance, who is doing 10% and then suddenly was doing 20 plus percent in the republican primary is stunning to me. it's trump's party, ohio as a republican state. abortion is the one issue were suburban moms might be motivated. i've always thought that abortion has been the secret issue. i remember a conversation i hadn't with sean hannity in 2016 after the debates in las vegas. i said you know sometimes i think abortion is really the issue that nobody is going to talk about. now they are talking about it i wonder how it plays out. >> jeanine: you know, joey, j.d. vance comes out of this primary the favorite. he's going to be running against tim ryan who won 70% of the
2:33 pm
democrat vote. tim ryan is strong. the question is in the general election does donald trump, does that carry him to victory? >> joey: you said the death of donald trump's agenda. whoever wrote that needs to hang it up and go do something else for a live living. the only thing more popular among conservatives than donald trump's is donald trump's agenda. donald trump's agenda doesn't have the tweets, january 6th, or any of the personality of donald trump. its results driven and it's what people enjoyed in contrast to what they are living now. j.d. vance is a prime example of that. he is not donald trump, but he embraced donald trump's agenda, that's how we earn the endorsement and that's why he is going to win. another example is brian kip. he's everything american first except for the favor of donald trump and he's going to do well in georgia. donald trump's agenda with or without donald trump as their winning ticket. that's why i think ron desantis backed by totaled trump will blow the doors off in
2:34 pm
2024. >> jeanine: all right tim ryan will be on special report with bret baier. so check that one out. up next, comedy chaos. an armed assailant attacks comedian dave chappelle of. ♪ ♪ for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: not this again. this time it's comedian dave chappelle violently attacked on stage during his comedy set. >> make some noise for hip-hop history. >> greg: the man lunging out
2:39 pm
of the comic out of nowhere. he reported they had a fake gun with a real knife stowed inside. i'll let joey explain what that looks like. thankfully chappelle is okay but the assailant was not looking so hot. he left with a dangling broken arm plus he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. fellow, chris rock, of all people, at the live show after the attack joking was that will smith? i thought that was a ride. what about the weapon? >> joey: from the way it was described it as it sounds like a switchblade, like a novelty. it looks like a gun, you hit a button and a knife comes out. it's a weapon. that's what he came sat him, that's assault with a deadly weapon. i think everybody is going to reevaluate what security looks like and they probably should've after the oscars. it's unfortunate because we get to go to these improv scenarios where we get to sit real close to the stage and hear a comic make fun of everyone of us, including themselves bear that may go away with stuff like this.
2:40 pm
is it possible that this one person put this idea in the milling people's minds -- >> geraldo: or already got the idea. >> joey: or do people feel empowered -- what will the charges be levied against him? is he already back on the streets? >> jeanine: they almost predicted they will be copycat situation. my question is how did you get a knife through security? i like the fact that everybody immediately understood what it was. it's like there is precedent, we saw what happened with will smith. we are not going to tolerate. were going to go on stage and stop this guy. he was injured, his elbow is going the wrong direction as you can see. you know it? that is what you get. >> dana: i'm actually really mad on behalf of dave chappelle. i know you guys are too. this attacker is going to get charged with assault with a deadly weapon. hollywood -- remember we did the
2:41 pm
show here and everybody is defending will smith? i'm like weight, so he is the privilege of celebrity, so he doesn't have any consequences, which makes the copycat much more likely. and what all of these jerks have done is basically you want to watch dave chappelle and the live show behind glass? that's where it's headed. now you're going to have us situation where these guys who get up there and perform wherever they might be. they have to be fearful? i could never do stand-up comedy but i imagine that all of your nerves and emotions are already heightened and you have to add fear -- a lot of fear on top of that? i think that the decision by the oscars to not charge -- or by the police did not charge will smith is a problem. >> geraldo: it was chris rock's decision.
2:42 pm
you do stand up, greg. >> greg: no we don't. >> geraldo: don't you do live shows? >> greg: do live shows but i don't do stand up. >> geraldo: do you have security? >> greg: what is your question? >> geraldo: the question is do you have security? >> greg: the irony here is chappelle said let's hear it for hip-hop and it was a rapper who rushes the stage. that guy wrote a song called chappelle which he put out on spotify a couple of years ago when he was going to see chappelle. then that show got canceled because of the pandemic. hiding the real knife and a fake gun is very interesting to me. usually hide the weapon and something innocuous like a carved out bible. but his arm was and him and he paid for it. his arm looked like a pretzel. it just shows you how vulnerable performers can be. this is not a netflix special. they confiscated phones. if that weapon was actually a
2:43 pm
usable gun chappelle could've been killed. and of course if you blame trump on this, just great. >> geraldo: how do you blame trump? >> greg: a lack of civility. can you believe that, geraldo? >> geraldo: see he wonders why. stay right there, the median democratic politicians who dismissed the hunter biden laptop story now getting slapped with a massive lawsuit. ♪ ♪ ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real,
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♪ ♪ >> joey: a liberal media getting taken to court probably discredit the hunter biden story. the delaware repairman who blew the whistle on the skin of filing a hundred million dollars defamation suit against adam schefter, cnn, "the daily beast," and political. he said they also accused him of russian disinformation in this business was ruined as a result. great, that sounds like the four horsemen of the apocalypse there. i think for all intents and purposes they may be rigged the election by covering the story up. but this is interesting. he said twitter labeled him a hacker.
2:48 pm
that's how they ruined his reputation. >> greg: he was treated like everybody else who runs headfirst into the contrived narratives of the media on social media and tech giants good that either teacher was a very bad person, whether you are the covington kid, brett kavanaugh, or you are a crackpot or a schemer, or you are somehow involved in some kind of russian disinformation plan. we are entering a phase where journalists have to ask themselves if their definition of speaking truth to power has been defined down to everyone but power, you know what i mean? it's like everybody outside their own liberal bubble is fair game. then when we find out they were wrong it is too late. they won the election after they pulled the hunter biden thing. this guy probably has a case. >> joey: and, dana, it's not just the four he mentioned that he's not the only person that's been taking the task here over this. you talk about "the new york post" was banned for twitter. but we have a show tunes extraordinaire who may become
2:49 pm
the czar of what is or isn't true, and she tweeted about this. >> dana: one thing i want to point out is that the roe v. wade, that's the supreme court decision that's rocked everyone, but there's another court case working its way through the system that's called times v sullivan. i'm not a lawyer but many will correct me and it says that it's protected publishing for a long time because if you are right about somebody in the public you have to -- you have a complaint then you have to prove that the publisher had actual malice. will's lawsuits are working his way through the system. sarah palin has one. i know that the publishers are actually very concerned that this could be overturned. so something like this would be a much easier thing for him to sue on. the disinformation czar to be come although she wants to be -- so basically she went back to the tweet that she did about the laptop. she's trying to explain to everybody. she said i was actually just quoting the candidates themselves. if you are explaining your
2:50 pm
losing pair to let me explain something. you are not going to have this job at the department of government disinformation is not going to exist. i think it will be better for secretary mayorkas and the chief of staff of the white house to cut this problem was. she seems like a decent person. that ago and find another thing to do. you are not going to be the czar of the ministry of truth betas just just not can happen. >> joey: she should go to a broadway show. geraldo, you've been known to have passion for some opinions. do you think this repairman is a case? can you at least conceive that he was -- obviously his life was ruined about this. >> geraldo: i have no doubt. i also believe is the most glaring example of a media cover-up ever. and that it did have the most profound impact in terms of swaying the residential election. what the laptop revealed was the most embarrassing kind of
2:51 pm
misfeasance by a first family of her. i don't know what you do about it now. i think the lawsuit is a stretch. i also think it would be extremely expensive to for this man to pursue it. what he needs is like a billionaire rabbi. like what was the website? gawker? that's what he needs. he needs someone with a lot of money to back him in these lawsuits. >> joey: judge, you might have the most expertise on this. does he have standing? >> he's the one that can show actual standing. >> joey: e illegally obtained possession of the laptop. >> jeanine: they can argue all they want. it was brought to them. it was given to them. it has his signature. what i love is that you know this adam schiff that light to all of us and lied to congress
2:52 pm
and said he had absolute proof beyond a reasonable doubt that there was russian collusion between donald trump and the russians. adam schiff says not at the will of congress, but he said on cnn that this was a kremlin backed smear by this man. that is defamation per se as far as i'm concerned and the daily beat says he stole the laptop, that's defamation per se and accusing them of a crime. and you've got all of them. if anything tells us he will require of her. this gentleman is bringing the lawsuit, the laptop repair man. if you want oss's credibility watched tucker tonight. >> joey: but all of the things that were true and they are -- >> jeanine: but i wouldn't even say that. take it back right now. you don't want be part of the
2:53 pm
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2:58 pm
dad has been performing in cabaret in southeast england 30 years in his blood. >> dana: great fun. i have a story about a song too. i thought you would like this. the earth was literally shaken as garth brooks performed la summer. tiger stadium, listen here. ♪ ♪ >> dana: audience of 100,000 sang in muse. the small earthquake was captured on lsu size graph. marked the second time they registered a tremor from fans. they love that song. unofficial song. >> greg: we have great show you might know this person judge jeanine pirro. kat, tyrus. great show. awesome bear news. this is pretty impressive acrobatic bear.
2:59 pm
he wanted to get to the bird seed. he required this requires some agility that basically i don't even have. >> dana: like ninja warrior. is he a hungry. >> greg: very hungry. he has a lot of pounds there. >> judge jeanine: grab it. >> greg: he is almost there. almost got it. >> dana: just like ninja warriors. >> greg: keep it up. >> judge jeanine: i was afraid he would land on that pole. >> joey: i want to hear this. aaron judge crushed 427-yard home run into sixth inning against the blue jays. i'm a braves fan i don't care about the score of this game but the ball was caught by toronto fan which is awesome but then he turns and hands it to a yankee fan. the kid starts crying. that's an aaron judge home run. it was pretty awesome. >> dana: all right, geraldo. take it away. >> geraldo: latest edition maybe
3:00 pm
the last geraldo's news with geraldo. it's "star wars" days may 4th. may the fourth be with you. to tell you the truth i loved "star wars." i'm a "star treky" person that's when i had my first network show william shatner. that was my years. >> dana: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: what about spock? thanks, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight president trump's favorite candidate wins the ohio republican senate primary j.d. vance finished first in a crowded race. he will face democratic congressman tim ryan in november's general election for the seat held by retiring g.o.p. senator rob portman. we will talk live with tim ryan in just a few minutes. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says he thinks it's very important that pine come to


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