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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 4, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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people never grow up or stop drinking. meanwhile that's it for jesse watters prime time tonight. jumping on fox & friends i radio from -- coming up at 8:00 on saturday. listen up for the snare drums and five seconds tucker carlson will appear on your screen just watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson live" its arctic think of a topic that's more divisive than abortion. in the news today obviously but most americans to matter where they stand on it or how passionately they feel about it they don't really want to talk about it because it's just too painful. so with that in mind organ open this show with an issue that unites all of us its democracy. everybody in america is for democracy, democracy is the
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basis of our political. they often say so and of course alternative to democracy is bad tyranny and no one is for that. so it's heartening to lose that preserving democracy in the main idea really the only idea behind draft opinion about the roe v. wade decision. virtually everyone in the country has heard about his 98 page opinion because it was leaked on monday night. and at the same time all the talk about it no one seems to have any idea what is in it. nobody's actually read it, people on television keep describing him as a hater of somebody who just hates women and hates rights, a sadist whose only pleasure is extinguishing human freedom and happiness of course predicated on abortion that's what they're saying. when a familiar with his, we can't confirm or deny this either way but we can tell you having actually read his opinion that there's no hint of any of this from what he has written. in fact there's not even an attack on abortion. he could be pro-choice for all
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we know. he merely argues that americans have the right to vote on how abortion is regulated. and for nearly 50 years roby weed has taken that right away from them. that's it, that's a sum total of the supposedly controversial opinion if you don't believe it has a lot opinion concludes. the constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion. roe v. wade, we now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives. now is a factual man, but if you cared about it you can really argue with that claim because the constitution does not affect prohibit american voters from banning abortion, or for that matter does not prohibit them americans from legalizing abortion. because the u.s. constitution does not mention abortion in any
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way. and anyone who claims that it does as the decision claims is lying to you. read the document for yourself it's online. so why exactly is everybody so mad at samuel alito? it's it's the very definition of democracy. a bitter disagreement over abortion, both sides have a case to make, they can take that case to the public and the public gets to decide who is right by voting on it. that's called self-government since when is that scary? well, since one side decided that self-government is too risky and had to be eliminated, now they couldn't say the satellite of course because as we told you the alternative to democracy is tyranny and no one is for tyranny. so instead they played another board game that's always how it starts. the inverted the definition of the word democracy to mean exactly the opposite of what
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democracy is meant for thousands of years. in washington at this point democracy now means we are in charge of everything, shut up. at some us exactly how they're describing democracy. this "washington post" had this headline as usual doesn't seem real. an abortion ruling they are at odds with democracy. because letting people vote on things is now at odds with democracy. it's hard to believe that anyone can say, but joe biden didn't say anything. just today joe biden declared that people who insist on voting for things are not only wrong but the single greatest threat facing the united states. people who still believe in destiny's and understanding democracy when they have power are more dangerous joe biden said that al qaeda, even the party. these people are terrorists and you know we do to terrorists? watch.
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>> this is about a lot more than abortion. what happens if you have states change the law that says the children who are lgbtq camping classrooms with other children. is that legit on the way that the decision is written? where are the next things are to be attacked? because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> tucker: everything about that is a lie. it's not a decision it's an opinion. in that opinion says explicitly this reasoning applies only to roe v. wade. and should not be applied to anything else. it says that flat out and he did it clearly. so we said it's a lie but here's the line that you should never forget i'm quoting it. this magna crowd which is tens of millions of people who voted for donald trump is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in
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history. in history, all human history. worse than hitler, worse than stalin. it's hard to believe that he's talking about tens of millions of american citizen but he is. and you should know that no american president ever has talked about his own people like this or even considered talk about his own people like this, it is shocking than any president and he just did. and it's easy to see where it goes from here, we need you to terrorists? you know what you do, you kill them. it doesn't matter if there american citizens. there terrorists they must die. so you should take close attention to what president says at the podium and everything he says that he reads he does have a choice. what are we seeing? worsening accorded effort by the joe biden administration to recharacterize political ideas as terrorism. so to get people to accept this instead of using rational arguments because there is no rational argument and this is the definition of a tyranny.
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a racing democracy, replacing it with autocracy and force. so instead of convincing people to doing what they always do which is fear and hate. here is kamala harris. >> those republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women. will we say how dare they. how dare they tell a woman what they can't do and do with her own body. how dare they. [laughs] >> tucker: how dare they she squeaks. how dare they say what they can do what a woman can do with her body. where was this kamala harris a year ago when thousands of women were fired from their jobs and banished from society because they refuse to submit to the other kamala harris' claim that she controlled their bodies not them. they didn't have any experiment o'hare medicine that hurt a lot. it's true. and by the way since when did
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kamala harris believe in the thing were calling women, what happened to birthing people. they disappeared in a day along with our concern for the ukrainian civilian population. it turns out that women can now get pregnant, what? yes, just women. and if that sounds like transphobia to you well, yes. the old kamala harris told that that is transphobia. she is a ally, but here she is denying the lived experience of transit nonbinary. to say nothing. nyu law school they noticed they pay attention to semantics or to get lawyers. they're calling out this kamala harris for her transparent transphobia like literally. one student leader said the entire student body that the opinion was racist that goes without saying that's implied. but then added this important
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observation. not just women get abortions! which means that we really mean it. acknowledge. yeah take that kamala harris. stephen kidded siri yourself a bigot? lately it seems like a lot of noise and experts don't really hear themselves were little short on self-awareness on iq points and here's the greatest example of the week. this is from pbs host, a journalist. we're just gonna read it and let you enjoy it. i'm in mississippi outside the jackson's women health organization. so she is on the screen. while concerns are concerning the possible end of roe v. wade some women here tell me that they feel gutted. devastated, like someone has died. [laughs] [laughs] so the lady said the abortion clinic feel like someone has died.
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but no its prepbs and they don't even know that they're saying it. i know was more like that than elizabeth warren. she barely has control of herself on the best day but on the day when people talk about abortion she loses control completely here she is. >> i am angry. i'm very angry upset, and determine. the united states congress roe v. wade, they just need to do it. >> i've never seen you so angry. >> this is what the republicans have been working towards for decades. they've been out there plotting, terribly cultivating the supreme court justices so they can have a majority on the bench. we've heard enough. >> tucker: i'm so angry she says, i've never heard you so angry. [laughs]
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[laughs] of course she is angry is what she is. elizabeth warren is angry full-time she's angry, and that which he is a perfect for her party. the party of we command and unhappy women. the party of joe biden and kamala harris. the hallmark? irrational and enraged, and by the way dangerous because rational and enraged people are by definition. the twitter account libs of tick-tock which were trying to pull off the internet to see what's actually happening on there. just posted this video of abortion enthusiast calling for violence in the wake of the draft opinion wants this. >> if they actually do this, yes. i'll be the time were writing would. i've the pitchforks you get the gas. >> there's only one solution to this. to all of this, it's all
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interconnected. it starts with this and it's not foe. >> you ever wake up in the morning and think you just want to burn it all to the ground? and by bring it all to the ground the old white men and women who support them they want to tell me what to do with my body. >> if roe v. wade gets overturned there will be mayhem in the streets. >> tucker: week of men and unhappy women that's the party right there and also by the way people who commit violence but when they commit violent it's not insurrection, is taken to the streets and expressing themselves. even if you set fires and rush into state legislatures and capital buildings, not insurrections. because the new rules are if you deal with the regime you can do whatever you want and if you don't you go to jail. and everybody knows this that's why people there were going out and causing mayhem in los angeles there were so upset that voters in other states states they don't live in might
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have the right to exercise democracy and vote on abortion and then they attacked the police. ♪ ♪ >> [bleep] [bleep] you are a punk. >> tucker: what we watching here or watching government by canceling. if they give these children what they want or they scream and kick their go crazy there so angry. i've never seen anything. [laughs] but it's not just people burning things in the streets of l.a., this is the attitude up and down the food chain. the people who torch wendy's and go and look at the apple store, to the students at yale law school. more supreme court justices to the bench than any other school. yale always plays people who
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took very seriously now it's hard to. they deface school with shock. it's fascism the students wrote to allow people in the states to vote on something that affects them. [laughs] it's fascism. to allow people to vote on something. so you know how this works, they don't want to have an argument and want you to shut up. it's a soliloquy it's just them talking. you're talking disinformation if you persist in talking it will go after you. dave chappelle is a comedian probably, liberal who knows what he thinks about politics but he said some things that are on authorized and as a result of that is under heavy around-the-clock security. so he was doing the show last night in los angeles on the hollywood hills to talk about stuff when somebody decided to assault him with a firearm watch this. >> hip-hop history.
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[bleep] [bleep] >> tucker: so to be learned from that? dave chappelle who's probably kind of liberal is hardly the biggest threat the regime faces is just the guy who wants to tell jokes and tell the truth. and so but he physically knocks him down. don't try to convince me that chapelle is wrong for. that's how they are. get in their way and they stick their foot soldiers on you. that is democracy. he's a comedian he'll be up on the stage in indianapolis. we hope is that security he joins us tonight thank you so much for coming on. it's pretty easy to take the question here is abortion which we do about it? but this decision basically says go vote on it because it's a democracy want you decide in the response from a lot of people on the left is shut up on my you you make of this? >> well, it's been pretty effective if you look at the
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last couple of years we look at buell lemon all the riots, they have essentially got their way. and be kind of foolish not to go back to that playbook. look at covid, anyone who disagrees with anything that they said to many doctors they disagree anything they've said or anyone who tweeted something that was different from their normative views. they were thrown off. we have let their tactics be effective. i talked to comedians every day and they're like i think about the jokes before i save them the audience i worry about it's been effective so they're gonna keep going with it as long as we let them keep going with it and it keeps being effective. >> tucker: will sure if you let your kids spray paint your living room will probably keep doing it. why didn't somebody think about that will be allowed a small group of angry people to torture
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cities? >> i don't know if you really think about a stand-up club like a comedy club it is the town square. we all we sort of talk about the digital town square that is twitter, but a stand-up club is a town square. a person gets up on a 3-foot riser amplifies their voice and shares their opinions we somehow decided the town square was an antiquated idea for whoever had the microphone set something they disagree with. i know do shows and people in the audience are disagreeing out loud, they're giving their opinion out loud, that's never existed in the past. you are the audience i was comedian, you sat and listen, you got a two drink minimum, i set my jokes. people are bold now is like the same thing it's happening on comedic stages is really happening on commercial airlines flights. people are now somehow feeling
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like they can physically put their hands on other people they disagree with. >> tucker: that's something we need to stop in the democracy defenders will be opposed to that. it's weird. adam corolla i appreciate you coming on thank you. so most party primaries don't change too much besides who's gonna get the slot, i get a b of a general election but occasionally somebody runs who nobody in washington wants to get the job and gets it anyway and that happens last night in the state of ohio. came from behind to win the republican senate primary. we can't overstate how alone he was. democrats of course. although ammonium other public and party were against him too. as explained last night hit a message for people he actually liked tears are summarized. >> were to do battle against the establishment left that thinks that people's jobs come to think
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that people's values, that think that people's basic livelihoods and sense of dignity in their own country is not something worth protecting. that is about aware about about the fight. >> tucker: he joins us tonight, congratulations. it's been 24 hours since you one but two weeks ago and nothing anyone thought that you would a good shot at winning. i think you're enjoying it what you think you one what about the message? >> i think i had the support of president trump and it helped a great deal but more importantly actually aligned with the america first movement on the core issues. anything at the rio public and establishment of people who got very rich from shipping american shops overseas at some of their sons and daughters to dine stupid wars we were pushing the exact opposite direction of course the money people didn't like that, but some very important people did. mainly the voters of ohio who sent us to do battle against the democrats in november. >> tucker: what's so interesting is that the rap
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against you was that you were a fraud. skeptical of trumpet now is all in trump's agenda. but if you were a fraud it would've sent you money my impression were that they hated you because they suspected you were sincere. they can smell the sincerity on you. >> i think that's exactly right tucker when you look at some of my biggest enemies in this primary, you know the slimeball karl rove who shipped a lot of american jobs over seas and got rich in the process. a lot of americans to dine stupid conflicts. you've karl rove spent a lot of money he criticized my candidacy even called my donors after trump endorsed me to draw my campaign. a lot of ways the what this reveals is that you have some very corrupt political consultants in the republican party who despise around voters it was crazy tucker a couple of days before the primary thing we already, locked it up we were way ahead of the polls republican donor group put
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$2 million on tv to attack me which really didn't hurt my candidacy against the other republican you just me against the democrats. the candidacy revealed an incredible amount of corruption in our own party i think that some of things i do of the fight against tim ryan form running against is a total fraud but we also to fight against the corruption in our own party. >> tucker: honesty is i think what most people want. i really am grateful that you one and i'm glad you came on. j.d. vance thank you so much. >> thanks tucker. >> tucker: there's a lot of problems in the state of oregon, but democrats have a handle on the core problem in the menstrual equity. in six menstrual equities to putting tampons and boys bathrooms. it's totally normal with the state of oregon. we have more than that in a minute. this repair shop that received hunter biden's laptop joins us
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next to explain how is fighting back against those who spreading russian disinformation. it seems a good dream now. but it's totally real. more up ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: women are back,
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they were back for the first part of the joe biden administration. which is more of a mouthful less romantic. women are back they are absolutely back we of roe v. wade to thank for that. only women gets away in on abortion but is still raised the question what is a woman? in oregon that is an essential question and they still haven't figured out. oregon schools are now mandating tampons in the boys bathroom it's menstrual equity and you're getting it whether you wanted or not. [laughs] covered this pacific northwest is a host in seattle he joints is to confirm if this is a real story is adjacent? >> he signed some and called the menstrual dignity act which elementary through high schools to put three tampons and menstrual pads in every single bathroom including the boys bathroom and to ensure that
5:28 pm
schools actually comply with the law oregon department of education release this toolkit for educators declined that there is now a quote, right to menstrual transgender and nonbinary and spirit students this toolkit offers some gender affirming recommendations discussed about people who ovulate something girls are supposed to say menstruating student and beyond these pretampons in schools are supposed to provide gender confirming medically accurate instructions on how to use the product which obviously you can't be medically accurate if you're pretending whitney tampons. smacks explain why there's only 30% sign a proficiency rate for organ students according to last year's data and this is not unique to oregon, california passed a law in illinois as well. if i just check out this month from a debate over republican is trying to figure out why they're doing this. >> do males menstruate?
5:29 pm
>> this bill is intended people who menstruate. >> okay, still not making the connection. why do we put them in both restrooms? >> just for the record boys won't be work using it for administration, boys to men strayed. >> tucker: so super super quick. issue real, real or come completely generated to trigger the rest of us? she's a real person. >> i've not done a deep dive investigation into that. i suspect it might be a hybrid of both if he's program was some crazy things. >> tucker: it's good to see you tonight jason thank you. back in april 2019.
5:30 pm
your later "the new york post" reported on the contents of that laptop and of course the rest of the story big tech censored it because we were on the eve of the presidential election candidate campaigning and funding in joe biden and so denounced it including the intel said it was russian misinformation. >> disinformation that he knows to be fabricated and supplied by a foreign intelligence service and despite the warning he still is doing it. >> this whole entire thing is obviously a russian plot. >> sort of a crazy kilt at this point. which is also all marks of russian disinformation. lack of trying. >> functioning as a russian asset by pushing russian disinformation. >> we reported that u.s. authorities are seen that those emails that we just talked about are connected to an ongoing russian disinformation effort. >> tucker: the russia hysteria will not age well will take this
5:31 pm
in ten years and wonder what country was that? and it's already starting to happen already the laptop is not russian disinformation it's real and so was hunter biden. they smeared the repair shop owner as a tool of vladimir putin. that man is taken arch action is a former person in charge shop and he joins us tonight to explain. thank you so much for coming on with us we appreciate it. stay called you of tool of vladimir putin would you doing about it? >> while and taken them to court. the collusion that took place in mid-october of 2,020 it just astonished me when it happened i couldn't believe it was unilateral decision for all this information without deciding that is to be any collateral damage. which there wasn't.
5:32 pm
>> tucker: the country was hurt, joe biden one in a unfair election for your life was overturned to me what happened to you? >> initially people just assume that i was a hacker or a thief mainly because of twitter labeling the material from the laptop being hacked and then banning the subject matter completely. but after 51 intelligence pillars of the intelligence community said it or call me russian disinformation campaign and adam schiff to one cnn to follow that up to express his concerns with the rest of the nation's most remote from point on i was labeled a stooge of vladimir putin. >> tucker: you don't have your store anymore? >> no, i had to get out of town before the election. i do close the shop in delaware. >> tucker: have you gotten a call or an apology from adam schiff?
5:33 pm
>> no, i don't expect to get one either. >> tucker: i hope you see them all in bankruptcy. an innocent bystander chander the right thing, a tool of vladimir putin, thank you for coming on tonight we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: the investigation they tell us but you have to wonder how the one remaining nonpartisan constitution in the country was so completely colluded and what is it mean for the future of the court and how we see the court that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands
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>> tucker: we don't know who did it and were not to speculate the name of anyone who might have done it it just speculation. it does seem likely that an activist today. it seems most likely and if that were the case you probably not be surprised about it since law schools are training students not to debate but terrorized their political opponents. here for example is the scene at
5:39 pm
uc hastings law school in the state of california when students were confronted with a speaker they in like watch. >> black lives matter, black lives matter. black lives matter. black lives matter. black lives matter. black lives matter. >> tucker: little tantrum. little nonsense but who said black lawyers don't matter. but they're gonna run our legal system and that's a huge problem they've covered the insanity for extensively than any reporter with "the washington free beacon" thank you much for coming on. there's been little speculation we don't want to impugn the integrity of any individual person that was or a radical form who did this with that shock you if it turns out to be true? >> no tucker wouldn't shock me at all, because the students
5:40 pm
that you just showed that us on an isolated incident. american law schools are graduating tones, and tons of students like that every year. it's not just hastings it's not yale law school, such as harvard law, it's all the law schools. and is not just that, it's an entire generation of lawyers who are going to go on to work in white shoe law firms will go on distaff government agencies and who will sit on federal courts. including potentially supreme court for all we know. the law firm however it is supreme court justice one day. that's totally a possibility. >> tucker: the aptitude levels, they're not just more political they seem a lot dumber than they used to be is that my imagination? >> you know, it's probably not totally your imagination i would
5:41 pm
caution against underestimating the students right? if we look at the craziness but the reality is that in 20 years, they chocked on the sidewalk we are the law. that was one of the things that they were talking at the protest of roe v. wade. they are the law thus the problem. while they are going to be the law. there really is no law outside of the people who make and interpret it and who are these people? it is graduates of law schools. >> tucker: went to points don't underestimate them does mean that they're not clever enough to run the country is not a fascist slogan? no person is the law. >> no, will certainly not for an early democratic slogan. [laughs] law students are not representatives of the average
5:42 pm
americans i think it's safe to say. >> tucker: no they're not. aaron i appreciate you coming out tonight thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: except for the leak that got justice breyer out of his job that he was retiring he didn't want to retire. so two leaks during the joe biden administration does feel like the court is really changing and not for the better. civil rights attorney for american liberty and well-placed to assess the changes thanks much for coming on. tell us why this is important to the rest of us? >> it's very important tucker for a couple of things. number one what is the signal about the institution of the supreme court and the law, and the number two what is it say about how democrats are using the court or abusing the court to achieve their goals. and respectable lots and of an old-fashioned profession people put esquire after their names.
5:43 pm
we've a sense of honor when you are a lawyer and you get to the other side discussing something confidential by mistake, you're supposed to turn back over to the other side, similarly when you're a law clerk. you are bound by an absolute code what is internal is internal and it's not ready to be released until the judges say that it is. so what happened here is the pick up on what aaron said is that today's young lawyers have learned to shout down their opponents, throwing tantrums and brute force went over persuasion and here i think obviously to me a lawyer week this probably one of the law clerks and the liberal justices were willing to say why don't like where this is going some releases to the mob to get the result that i want, pressure of one of the justices are two of them to change their vote which is perhaps avoid mobs
5:44 pm
outside their homes threatening their families and hate mail and that sort of thing. that connects to be here and from now on it's a justices dealing with a controversial opinion it will be a concern that somebody who doesn't agree with it within the building will release it. think about if you're a lawyer. with that many important cases, i was on the winning side of three cases of the united states supreme court's of the last 18 months. mention of somebody had tried to release one of those opinions in advance or try to pressure the justices devoted different way. that's really what's at stake here. and the sanctity of the court is an independent, deliberative body is very well based has gone away as judges are looking over their shoulders. i think that's tragic and think that's to be able to be something that we can recover unless there is identification of who did the same punishment. now from a political perspective it's obvious that what is
5:45 pm
happened here like you said earlier and in your show democrats can't pass these laws in the state so they are using the brute force against the court to a commerce these goals politically. that is incredibly evil in a the very foundation of our system of government tucker and that's what's at stake here in this leak. >> tucker: one of the great, were the only civil rights attorney slept in this country thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: if there might be something wrong with the economy not just the obvious level of the consumer market prices are up at a much deeper level, the united states national debt over a trillion dollars. so what you do with that debt? will there's only one way out of that debt, and that is inflation and that's why they've created inflation. we talk to someone who explains is better than probably anyone you've ever heard that his next. ♪ ♪
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so if you been to the grocery store or gas station a hardware store if you've bought anything from a house, to
5:51 pm
a stock, college education, to buy for, you know that inflation is out of control. the question is why? did von reboot really do it? no. the government did and they did it on purpose. our sovereign, debt levels are so high and inflation is the only way out. we've never heard this principle explained more clearly than by a macro who just sat down and have an hour-long conversation with for fox nation. the holdings worth listening to but here's part of it. ♪ ♪ >> the world is coming to a i think were living through the first bursting sovereign debt bubble in a hundred years. so if you look back in time, 1999, we had a stock bubble it burst, policy makers upstairs to the banking and the housing market offsetting the loss to men of the stock bubble. we have housing bubble that
5:52 pm
burst, the kick that problem upstairs to the sovereign debt level by virtual of the backstops put in place by the american government and foreign governments of their domestic economies around the world. >> tucker: sovereign debt is what? >> it's a debt of a government. >> tucker: this is america's credit card bill. >> it's fulcrum faith and credit. >> tucker: the good news is we haven't pledged yellowstone to the chinese. >> it's all unsecured. like the old superman movie where going up. was superman with christopher reeves she's falling out of the building and superman catches urges like i got you she says who's got you. so we kicked it from stocks up to the banking system up to the sovereign, there's nowhere else to kick this up to unless we let the martians come in and write us a check, the only place to
5:53 pm
kick this up to his view of the currency, the evaluation of the currency. any time the gdp of the sovereign got to these levels only three ways out. it's either restructuring or default which is not can happen, the united states is a printing press the only way we would default as if we choose to default it's not gonna. sustained period of high inflation, or sustained. a financial oppression which is a little bit of the same thing or even hyperinflation. nothing hyperinflation is happening in the u.s. either. so they laid out the game plan where they to do this. how does this tie back to the russian situation? i think the russian situation in terms of the invasion of ukraine. >> you have to inflate it away. >> tucker: when you see inflation and how do you measure this really, we try to even what is inflation is hard to define it feels like but when you see
5:54 pm
it as a macro economist you're not shocked? >> we've been saying in the whole aftermath of the covert crisis that these factors have been building up, up to this point and then when you see what debt it is as a result. i think it was a necessity that debt did what they did they couldn't stand aside and let the system can one hitch chaotically that doesn't serve anyone's interest. but by virtue of that crisis, the steps of they had to take to make sure that the system didn't collapse boosted the debt levels to what sort of in a recoverable craziness. part of the top gun metaphor. there's no getting out of it. so at that point you have to inflate it away so i think you can see the steps of the serial stimulus the stimulus in 2021. >> tucker: causing inflation is a way out of debt. >> it's the only policy
5:55 pm
prescription once you get the debt to where it is. ♪ ♪ >> or member they're doing it to you on purpose. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: i'm kidding we'll see you tomorrow, have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> hannity: now charged with assault with a gun shaped knife and lunching at the comedian during a stand-up routine and of course incredibly smart and stable ladies of the view they know exactly who to blame. what you think? donald trump? >> what you think is happening? it's happening on airplanes, it's happening on street corners, people are just running, i mean the
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