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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: i'm kidding we'll see you tomorrow, have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> hannity: now charged with assault with a gun shaped knife and lunching at the comedian during a stand-up routine and of course incredibly smart and stable ladies of the view they know exactly who to blame. what you think? donald trump? >> what you think is happening? it's happening on airplanes, it's happening on street corners, people are just running, i mean the
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hollywood bowl, is man up there. >> the pandemic, the opioid crisis, the fact that donald trump was out there saying things like just knock the hell out of them i swear that they'll pay for the legal fees. >> this is not a political thing, i know you want to wrap it all the politics this is really about security. >> this didn't happen before. >> wasn't particularly right-leaning and smacking chris rock. >> donald trump released on civility. >> hannity: unfortunately joyless but hard is not from her donald trump derangement syndrome thankfully hilariously funny i hope he is okay however his attackers not looking so good the assailant suffered multiple injuries during the impact including an arm that looks now you attack sn innocent person you might want to attack expect to get the adam
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schiff kicked out of you. coming up piers morgan will get his reaction also dhs secretary on capitol hill again today where they struggled yet again to explain what he hired a far left activist and joe biden's ministry of truth the lowlifes that's come up straight-ahead butter tops or at night comes from the white house apparently our cognitive struggling commander they represent the most extreme political faction in american history because of them will kids will soon be banned from going to school and just made this all out. >> this is about a lot more than abortion. what happens when you have she states changing the law that children who are lgbtq can be in classrooms of other children. is that legit under the way that
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the decisions are made? what are the next things are to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history. >> hannity: in american history will deal with that in a minute but that's predictable democratic ally, we used to get every two years, four years, republicans are racist, misogynist, xenophobic, trans-phobic, you know the routine. but a that obama said those people in pennsylvania the people that think that there bibles and religions artillery called basket of chips to. her fbi once referred to conservatives as from supporting smelly walmart shoppers. they are the most extreme political faction in history? half the country joe? then of course joe biden just said is a simple disgusting
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political scare tactic no basis in reality, he is demoed gagging in the most dishonest way possible in fact ruth gator ginsburg herself once all but purred addicted that roe v. wade would be overturned because it's on shaky legal grounds and for decades get this, joe biden himself actually agreed with sean hannity and he wanted rove he wade tossed out on a constitutional amendment, where's the media mob asking joe biden what made him change his mind in the 70s, and senator biden said that i don't like the supreme court decision on abortion, i think you went too far, i do think that a woman has the sole right to say which it happened to her body. in the 1980s, he supported that constitutional amendment with the recently passed orange hatch of utah and a constitutional amendment that banned roe v. wade and letting states decide abortion law, and in 2006, joe had this to say about abortion take a look.
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>> tell me about abortion, what you stand and how we face at issue? >> can be very difficult, i do not view abortion as a is a choice and a right. i thing it's a tragedy. >> hannity: not a choice you are right according to joe biden events and more recently yesterday he referred to roe v. wade as the ability to abort a child. not a fetus, a clump of cells, but a child. he was the word, take a look. >> the idea that working to make the judgment that is gonna say that no one can make the judgments to aborted child based on a decision by the supreme court. the its way overboard. she propaganda was check out her
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answer. >> wise a president tsai about the judgment to choose to aborted child? >> the presence of you on a woman's right to make choices about her own health care is well-known, well documented, and well stated. >> i understand peter but it's what his position. i cannot say this is not a political issue when the president statement about this is pro-choice officials elected. >> that i say is on a political issue? >> yes you said don't call it a political issue is not. >> hannity: nobody really knows what he things about abortion or frankly in that matter. he might not even know any of this himself but the marching orders have been issued and the entire democratic party is hell-bent on lying to the american people and using this issue to blame voters. the vice president kamala harris late last night take a look. >> those are public and leaders were trying to weaponize the youth of the law against women.
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what we say how dare they. how dare they tell a woman but they can do not do with her own body. how dare they. how dare they try to stop her from determining own future. how dare they. try to deny women, their right and their freedom. >> hannity: democrats are trying to unleash an angry mob just like they did in the summer of 2,020 that fateful summer remember 574 violet ryans left dozens of people dead and thousands of cops injured and billions of property damage. these were violent demonstrations by the way the kamala harris publicly supported. like she supported the bail fund and the defunding in the l.a.p.d. the message is clear. give us what we want or just gonna keep burning the neighborhood to the ground. here is a question by the way.
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where is that congressional committee? looking into the 574 riots? i guess if a riot doesn't impact politicians i guess they don't care about those riots, the only impact we the people. not democrats are yearning for a similar call to action ahead of the midterms. let me tell you what were not to do on the show. we are not going to take the bait, most americans have made up their mind as a relates to abortion, 67% of americans according to gallup they support restrictions on abortion, i know some radical democrats they believe in fact that you can have an abortion up until the moment before birth, that obviously isn't fantasy and then you have -- you can have an abortion even after birth how insane was that statement? now this week far left agitators there answering the call once again taking to the streets with fresh new protest including one in los angeles that it did turn violent. i have bad news for the
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democrats, you're going to try to distract the entire country and think that this the one issue that will save you and tooth out 2022. roe v. wade is overturned abortion will be legal in america and most other places. by the way if it is overturned abortion will still be totally legal in most every state, abortion access will exist for every american so the question is why the demi goggin the issue and lying to the american people? is everyone of their policies have failed. thus a distraction. now is an important issue? yes. two people have a lot of passion views on it, yes. should be legal in america? yes. they all have the most liberal laws and while the american people are evenly divided on the issue of abortion, the vast majority of americans are deeply worried about other things you know, like the economy.
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highest gas prices we've ever paid, high prices, the highest prices we paid for everything that we bind every store we go to. the disaster in afghanistan. the war in europe, the crisis at the southern border, poor leadership in d.c. now these are issues that directly impact every american, every single day, and by the way they know who to blame. joe biden is an unmitigated disaster in every poll shows it. so all the democrats the media mob they want to inflame their emotions, they want to focus on only one topic, they never want to talk about any of the failures of joe biden as a matter fact the mob and the media they cover for joe biden, delta you that the world is coming to an end, it is not true. will try to use abortion as a political wedge and lied to you and then you realize oh abortion is still legal the states decide. we will tell you the cold hard truth separate fact from fiction. we'll bring you the facts and cover all of the issues that impact you the american people day in and day out. the left has lost touch with
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reality, they have no good story to tell, obama, hillary, you just need to tell a story they don't have a story to tell. unless the make one up. it's only one way to bring them back to earth and that's for you to the people to show up, at the polls, vote them out of office in six months, if you've not registered i strongly suggest you do it now. because in these six months were now facing a very pivotal inflation point in this country. in pivotable, turning point election. get this right now as of tonight every civil candidate that president donald trump has endorsed in the primary, look at his record, 55-0. here with more the founder travis with us with the author of the big new book battle for the american mind uprooting essentially of miseducation fox & friends we can host his first congratulations on the book. will throw it up on if you look at this one issue i
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understand why democrats are doing what they're doing. they are all these other issues they don't want to talk about. roe v. wade if it does go away the states will decide with the laws will be. i doubt if any states will totally completely outlaw abortion, nothing that can happen. if they did people will have access to neighboring states new york, california, or any other place want to go is that correct? >> that is correct the far left extremist shift is syncing with joe biden at the helm. they know it. they believe that this criminal leak of a potential draft of a supreme court decision is there life raft and they are clinging to it and screaming from the hilltops. they just declared that you, me, i don't speak for clay but i presume that clay and everyone else who is support the policies of donald trump or believe in
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america first is the most extreme movement in american history. they have pegged and maxed a rhetorical response and as you pointed out the bitter cleaners of barack obama to the basket of deplorable's to hillary clinton. that type of demagoguery doesn't work politically as well. and to hear kamala harris say how dare you, only thing that does is make voters say where is that passion on any other single issue? it only reminds voters in the electric that the only thing they care about is aborting babies or children as joe biden admitted as opposed to addressing things that are crossing the american people right now. so it shows the left and the extremist that they are and i don't think that it'll be effective but it's tragic, here we are. demonizing the president, once out of the political aisle effectively is terrible. >> hannity: i'm pro-life clay
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i do make exceptions, some people disagree with me. rape, -- they say that they're pro-choice but they will always say that abortion should be rare, and it should be first trimester. what is happen with the democratic party many of these blue states i list them last night, they actually allow abortions up till the moment of birth and then of course those comments post birth abortion with his murder. i think they've gone so hard core radical on this issue that they are the ones out of touch, but the 67% of americans think it should be legal but think that there should be restrictions for example mississippi is saying 15 weeks max. what are your thoughts? >> i agree with the vast majorities of the american public and law with what you just said sean enos was going on
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here. the democratic party we just spent basically a year and a half all of joe biden's a administration arguing that democracy is under siege, is now outraged that nine unelected justices are poised to say hey, let's let 50 states decide what the law should be so that all of your state representatives, all of your state senators, and your governors of both political parties can have a robust debate and figure out the appropriate policy and every state. so that thinks the federalism we cannot 50 state laboratories. i went to law school sean, anyone who reads the roe v. wade opinion, almost unanimously regardless of their political opinion if you take away what the result is agrees that it's an awful opinion. you quoted ruth bader ginsburg saying as much and she certainly agrees that abortion should be legal. what is happening here is that we are holding democracy
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accountable for 49 years we have been able to have a real debate sean and i think this is significant. it's often about whether or not the supreme court should be legalizing abortion in some way, now it's about whether your individual state and whether you want to support people on either side of the aisle, that is what should be happening here, this is democracy flourishing, this is judicial restraint, this is the opposite of judicial activism, this is a democracy in action you would think the democrats remember sean wasn't too long ago on the supreme court with a stood up and said every single american has to get a covert shot or you lose your job. now they don't want democracy to work on this issue doesn't add up. >> hannity: it so it's good to see you. also congrats on the new book. pete's new book joined us now with more former congresswoman tulsi gabbard is with us. kelsey i love to get your reaction to joe biden's reaction
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saying that the maggot crowd is the most extreme political organizer station that is a recent american history but start with antifa the group blm. you're a democrat how do you react to that because this is obviously ridiculous. >> it's were some ridiculous sean, it's absolutely despicable and outrageous. when you look at the president of the united states of america calling millions of americans essentially terrorist, people who politically oppose them are voted against him he's calling them terrorists an attempt to intimidate them into silence and we know that this because we have heard this before from both him and his attorney general. your member when the attorney general said anyone who holds extremist or antiauthority views will be targeted for investigation and potential prosecution by their domestic terrorist unit. it's essentially saying that this quote unquote maga crowd is
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worse than terrorist, this is outrageous so for every american was watching, every american would seem this, no matter how you feel about the maga crowd this is an authoritarian assault on our freedom, and we need to stand together very strongly against his attempt to intimidate and silence anyone who holds political views that are different from or opposed to what this president and has a administration are furthering. it's an assault on our democracy. >> hannity: what are your thoughts on the rush to cling to this potential decision in the supreme court which would over rule roe v. wade. joe biden supported something that -- it's interesting that he has been asked a question. it will be returned to the states, abortion is knocking to be unavailable or illegal in america so the demagogue in that
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issue i'm arguing that the reason that they're doing it is because they don't have anything else that they can run on and say hey, we did this, this, and this. and were all better off because of it in my wrong? >> i thing when you look at the different efforts to assault our freedom and democracy, it continuously points to the fact that they are afraid of the people. they are afraid of us, they are afraid of this question being put to the people through their state legislatures, the people's voices to be heard. i think it's also critical to point out that this leak is a very dangerous precedent for supreme court for three important reasons. number one, first of all this person is a thief who stole this information released it with a very specific intent to try to when sent protesters in intimidate and pressure are supreme court justices to make a political decision rather than a decision off the constitution. number two, the fact that
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supreme court is not in place to legislate from the bench. pupils were presented as our charge to make laws, not the supreme court. they need to make decisions based on the constitution of the department of justice lastly needs to go and prosecute this crime which is exactly what it is to make an example out of out of the person who leaked this information because our supreme court justices cannot operate under the fear they will have partisan political activists in our house intimidating and threatening their ability to do their job for the constitution. >> hannity: justice alito supposed give remarks at a event he had to cancel and we know why tulsi gabbard it was great to have you. thanks for being with us. coming up, last night comedian dave chappelle here we go again. it's the slap heard around the world now's the tackle witnessed around the world, dave chappelle attacked on a stage during a live show were an employee of
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the tape piers morgan ways in as we continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: comedian dave chappelle was attacked during a performance of the hollywood bowl video shows a man rushing onto the stage tackling dave chappelle before being surrounded by security and being detained now the 23-year-old assailant was reportedly carrying a replica gun with a knife blade inside it and he is now been charged with assault with a deadly weapon now dave chappelle is okay he even joked about the attack right after it happened a spokesperson for dave chappelle tells fox news that he is fully cooperating with the police is investigate what they call an
6:26 pm
unfortunate and unsettling incident. footage from outside the incident shows the attacker when carried away on a stretcher with a pretty serious looking arm injury now chris rock slap heard around the world he was also in attendance last night apparently joked about the incident asking was at will smith? 's reaction a host of piers morgan uncensored whose airs new episodes for times a week when you go to across the pond we love to see piers morgan. when i watch the slap heard around the world with will smith part of me was like okay if you're that sensitive once you talk it out, it was an overreaction. now we see this attack against dave chappelle i have and i think that chris rock, dave chappelle, larry the cable guy, every irreverent comedian i love those guys where people
6:27 pm
reacting this way to jokes? >> i think sean it's a natural extension of what you see all day long on twitter on the social media platforms where you see this cancel culture running around with things that only their views about issues is acceptable and anyone that differs from that view has to be shamed, abused, punished, canceled, and i were seeing it manifest itself violence. it is very sinister development they are comedians they can't tell irreverent jokes on stage without a fear of being smashed in the face or worse, this guy had a weapon that could have killed dave chappelle and was a take freedom of expression? or comedy so i think it's all very unsettling and the consequence of what would solve the oscars i was a bit like you i was kind of in a way a scene out of a barroom brawl between one guy dissing another man's
6:28 pm
wife. but now i kind of think you know set a very bad precedent the president is now being replicated because i think if i was comedian right now like dave chappelle are these guys with a big following in front of a big audience if we walk on stage now chris rock is anywhere near you wearing about or pinch of coming from? >> hannity: you're tired of a culture i've been on fox first 26 and half years. in all my time on the air i never called for any person to be fired, and he showed to be canceled, any show to be boycotted one thing people seem to forget is that audiences they have a choice, they don't have close to a radio show, they don't the watch a tv show, they don't have to go to a comedy show here. what part of freedom in all of this people missing because when i go like a family go watch comedian i want no holds barred, say anything you want and if you're going to be so easily
6:29 pm
offended stay home. i'm not offended. dave chappelle is funny he's irreverent he's politically incorrect, i think is one of us comedians out there. along with chris rock. >> also what i also think is unsettling is that he's come under a lot of fire dave chappelle for some netflix special where he addresses this whole issue of transgender is him in america. and you raise some really interesting points about it the inequality for example in sports. rising of these issues. they should be debating and a free democratic society by the united states. and it should have a bigger debate and argue and reach points of consensus. but that's not allowed so dave chappelle made some jokes about the transgender community i think there were transphobic i think she's having fun i think same with everyone. but in return for that he got death threats, yet threats against his family, he had up his security and i was seen being attacked on stage and
6:30 pm
comes back to what i set about this new cancel culture. is that in a way it's a form of the very fascism that the so-called liberals who profess to being woke as a form of fascism that they say that they hate most in life. so they're going around trying to dictate will be try to find what's acceptable what's funny, what's supposed or allowed to watch on television and movies, what statues we can reveal, what historical figures we can respect and so on. if you don't toe the line nothing will use violence to make you do it. that is fascism. and it shouldn't be happening in modern-day america or britain or anywhere else. the so-called democracy. >> hannity: all the years have been a media not once have i ever been to the white house correspondents' dinner. my record stands i didn't show up this year, apparently it turned out to be a super spreader event anyway some got it and go. [laughs] i'm never been once. i'm never my entire life thought that trevor noah was funny, i
6:31 pm
watch the show seem like every other comedian late-night comedian to liberal so is one-sided, i washed some clubs after he went after fox news, cnn, vacancy and news, cnn plus, he went after republicans he went after democrats when after trump, he went after everybody i said wow for the first time he's funny. go ahead. why these late-night comedians try to force a political agenda? >> i think trevor noah he made a very good point i've been concerned about over the years but i think it's very good job because he made this point that when you see what's happening in ukraine when you see what happens in russia or china and north korea. we see all this going on it's really about canceling people's right to free speech and expression when he turns to joe biden's and i'm allowed to
6:32 pm
insult the present united states sitting a few feet away from me, that was a powerful moment where i think every person in america and everyone around the world to look at that moment and reflect what happened on dave chappelle. how can be that trevor noah is allowed to do what he did at the white house correspondents' dinner and that's free speech at its best and how at the same time are you seeing people attacking comedians for making jokes because they don't think that they are entitled to make that joke without getting violence against them. that's what's happening. >> hannity: someone's got to hurt. >> some guy could kill them. and if dave chappelle was stabbed to death by the sky. >> hannity: occur been really bad. >> imagine that moment where comedian was killed for comedy, that would been a terrible moment. more moments like trevor noah mocking the president sing a few feet away from them is a lot less tolerance about what went
6:33 pm
on with dave chappelle. >> hannity: we only have about a minute left we spoke last time when you'd walked off good morning britain the number one morning show now to the tank without you that's make you really proud [laughs] we talked about meghan markle and a lot of the people know what off, is. but i think you're gonna know pretty soon you heard about this department of homeland security proposal of a ministry of truth against disinformation. organ of the government decide that, how bad did you get in britain? this might be a preview of coming attractions here. >> to me the principle of having a government trying to regulate free speech is just wrong. i never believed in it here. i know we accepted her frankly but we do. but american particularly with the first amendment. a tummy believed the department of homeland security for you to take free speech from the
6:34 pm
american people. by the way of representing a democratic government right now with a democratic president when the last few years alone i've watched as they peddled the russian collusion nonsense i watch the hunter biden laptop scandal being suppressed and so on. is that their idea free speech? because it's the people who did that are now can i dictate the american people what free speech is that's a really concerning mold moment. and it should be happening. the american people should be able to express themselves in any way they see fit. at the government is really serious about disinformation look to your own backyard and stop peddling your own disinformation. and that's why american in britain my message is directly to governments. on some of the stuff they come out with. >> hannity: i love having you. >> great that talk to you all the best. >> hannity: the homeland security is grilled by republican lawmakers today about joe biden's bullard or failure and of course his department's new ministry of truth he had no
6:35 pm
idea the person that he picked was a purveyor of misinformation. we have the take coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> hannity: as he appeared before congress today yet again republicans rarely took advantage of his trip to ask about the head of his new disinformation governance board or as new ministry of truth leader including senator john kennedy from louisiana who did this to say take a look. >> when the department picture, did it know that she had said that mr. hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation?
6:40 pm
>> we were not aware of that we do not discuss the internal hiring process. >> hannity: dhs is responsible for they asked on the southern border to go your screen and you'll see in this graphic compiled by the office of senator ron johnson of wisconsin how historically high the number of crossings were seeing right now really is and remember it's only getting it worse when title 42 was repealed supposedly later this month. senator johnson confronting this about them take a look. >> your sector for homeland security united states america. i've seen the surveys there are tens of millions of people around the world who want to come to this country and i understand that i'm sympathetic with that. but we need to secure our border and we pretty will had it done. it was your administration that stop building the fence. you stop completing it, you dismantled these programs. again you can sit there and deny the actions you took. your policies.
6:41 pm
sending signals to the world and title 42 is the final signal that our border is completely open. >> we did not believe that the policies of this a administration have caused the migration. >> you're living in an alternate reality. >> hannity: now with all of this wisconsin senator ron johnson. they denied even knowing his disinformation czar for the head of the disinformation government board had totally dismissed hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation nor that she had vouched for the now discredited completely discredited steele dossier. as a matter of fact as he went through every issue that she was wrong on she's probably one of the biggest purveyors of disinformation herself and the secretary admitted that they didn't really know that they
6:42 pm
could take responsibility they didn't know and we don't discuss our hiring policies why not? >> he also is not to fire her right off the bat either. the hearing was surreal it was like he was an alternate universe and alternate reality. rented a little history lesson going through our chart of exactly what is led to this massive flow of illegal immigration it would something not acknowledge the fact that president donald trump has stopped the flow of unaccompanied children, family units exploiting are very generous credible fear standard under asylum. pretty will have that button down. we're about ready to complete the fence we could've then moved to legal immigration system and he and his a administration completely dismantled all the successful programs that stopped just obvious that we had this problem fixed and he completely dies anything that they did has anything to do with this massive surge of illegal immigration.
6:43 pm
it was just surreal. >> hannity: but the whole idea of ministry of truth is i call it our government disinformation board should to be the other way around? should it be we the people keep in government accountable and who's gonna decide what's true and not true? and how do you pick someone who is fully responsible for purveying disinformation nation to head of this ministry of truth that to me seems to be a question that needs to be answered and frankly when you add the border component, i would argue that a strong case should be made that he should be impeached from this job because this has nothing to do with homeland security. >> he certainly incapable of securing the border he couldn't answer our questions congress may no law abridging the freedom of speech, we've made no such law, the president's job is to fatally execute is a lot execute. so clearly as ministry of truth
6:44 pm
is unconstitutional. but again the harm that this a administration has done and he has been at the helm of homeland security and opening up our borders putting back for years to fix our legal immigration system and willy's aggregating to me is that he detailed that some of the problems with the return to mexico in terms of rape and murders. they documented how many women are in the traffic and how many murders and how many people have died in the desert he was completely oblivious to. even though those are orders of magnitude larger because the flow was much larger than any number of people that we return to mexico because a pretty much well shut down the flow. >> hannity: the president's personal to the constitution which is the foundation for every law that we have and they are not only ignoring the law there aiding and abating lawbreaking and the transporting
6:45 pm
people to the state pretty much of their choice in the dark of night if i did that that be human trafficking, speaking earlier on today a friend of mine and the great state of wisconsin who said that there is unprecedented millions of dollars coming from outside of wisconsin to influence your senate race this year and democrats have made you a number one target what's your reaction to that? >> some about $19.3 million. obviously a number one target. i have a tough race on my hands. but i'm here in the capital and that's all i can really talk about. while working to watch very closely. this is a very key race is probably one of most important seats at this time. i think the people of wisconsin they needed to find out where that money is really coming from. senator, either way we appreciate you talking with us. all right coming up, disturbing reports about the fbi and the
6:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: more disturbing reports about the american people that means you being spied on by our own government according to documents obtained by the cdc is tracking data from millions of phones to see if people are obeying the covid lockdown orders and while the data was originally covert related views the documents also reveal that they intended to use it for more general cdc purposes as well none of the cdc provided us with a statement acknowledging that they access this data and even admitted to
6:51 pm
extending our contract with a third party data providers safe graph for an additional year. in this revelation comes to light just days after an annual report that shows that the fbi search americans information without warrants as many as 3.4 million searches of data previously collected by the nsa. you kidding me? the action of former treasury former official and the host of the podcast, monica crowley and fox news contributor 2.0 terrel, monica i guess i know for a fact for my privacy is dead and gone and buried pretty much every other day. some pretty much use to it. in all seriousness we have a government spying on us and our fbi are cdc? >> over the last 24 hours sean there's been a lot of complication about the supreme court possibly
6:52 pm
overcoming roe v. wade's a lot of democrats allow people in people in the left screaming about rights but i don't see those same people today sign about the privacy rights for the average americans like those of us on the show on watching the show tonight for being subjected to horrible searches like we just saw from this report of the fbi and the cdc a monitoring millions may be tens of of americans cell phones to monitor their compliance on markdowns, monitoring their mobility, where they were going during their covid lockdown in the pandemic where the little parks and gyms and stuff like that. remember a couple of years ago the cia under john brennan had to admit that they were spying on the senate intelligence committee i think that's just the tip of the iceberg and every time we get reports like this we understand that we are now super orwellian surveillance state in america and this is very
6:53 pm
dangerous and it's only to get worse instead of getting better. little old me i guess i'm a little old. i thought you actually needed a warrant to spy on people like this and gather personal information like this. apparently i was wrong but i've been learning first-hand that there's no such thing as privacy for me in this country over the american people were tired about millions of americans. your civil rights attorney's is not by law a civil rights violation? >> yes and then all of a sudden where is fourth amendment? forces protection that is afforded to everyone, sean i'm telling you. what is so scary about this. these are bureaucrats within the fbi who are basically protected by civil servants within the cdc and when that statement this collection of evidence might be useful for the purposes -- what is the purpose of the cdc? do about the seas not to be the
6:54 pm
enforcement police. and the fbi? will president trump can tell you how reliable the fbi is. it will use their power, use their authority not go to a judge and use their power to search americans which the major no-no. this is something that every american should understand that our fourth amendment right, our right of privacy. >> don't they need a warrant? >> the law is yes 702 section they need a warrant unless you're going after so-called foreigners were not american citizens and here's the concern. the broad concept the fbi has an exception. they have exception use that would rule where they can search americans. this is a threat to the for them mn and here's the last point sean. if they're searching we don't know that. we don't know if they're searching monica, sean hannity
6:55 pm
that's the danger of these bureaucrats who are embedded. >> hannity: i were the most about you i'm just saying. monica will give the last word tonight you 30 seconds. >> just points to the fact that this government is completely out of control. there is no consequence to abuse of power is no consequence to violating our americans constitutional rights, completely out of control we need to truly drain the slump come november because all of these institutions need to be uprooted root and branch all of the corruption needs to be illuminated. >> hannity: i think equal justice under the laws as gone dead and buried, equal application of our laws, now unreasonable search and ski seizure thank you both, more hannity straight ahead. ♪ ♪ visibly diminish wrinkled skin in...
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