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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> we are out of time. thanks to judge jeanine pirro. greg gutfeld and i love you, america. [applause] >> hello, welcome to "fox news at night," i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, security -- right now all around the u.s. supreme court amid concerns about protesters and demonstrators following the leaked draft opinion that justices could be ready to possibly overturn roe v. wade, the latest into the leak, breaking news and where things
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stand at this hour and president biden reacting to the leak and slamming republicans, saying controversy is about more than abortion and warning that the crowd is the most extreme political organization that's existed in recent american history. plus, amber heard takes the stand in the defamation trial pitting her against her ex-husband johnny depp. the courtroom drama continues and we will break it down. we begin with what the president is saying about the impact of the possibility the supreme court could possibly overturn roe v. wade. white house correspondent kevin corke has details. good evening. >> to call extremists who voted for his predecessor is a shocking claim. however, it also reflects a
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renewed political focus on yes, an old foe, thanks in large part to renewed debate about roe. the economy, gas prices, food prices, crime, the border and foreign policy, each to varying degrees, political kryptonite for the biden white house. with roe v. wade hanging in the balance, there has been a noticeable shift in language and focus at the white house. >> president biden: this mega-crowd is the most extreme organization that existed in american history, in recent american history. >> this mega-crowd who voted for donald trump. from the white house perspective, they are no longer political adversaries, they're worse. >> president biden: this ultramaga agenda is extreme. >> the leaked supreme court
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decision could overturn roe, a decision he argues could change everything. >> president biden: now what happens if you have state change the law saying that children who are lgbtq can't be in classrooms with other children? is that legit under the way the decision is written? >> critics argue such wild-eyed warnings are designed to frighten the base. but also, part of larger plan to take the focus off domestic problems like the economy by painting the gop as scary and extreme ahead of the midterm elections. the marshal of the supreme court at direction of the chief justice is conducting investigation into the unprecedented leak that one called the gravest most unforgivable sin. a law clerk is the most likely source, the who-done it list
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could include a secretary, a top court staffer, a justice, a disgruntled court employee or perhaps a justice's spouse. clearly most people believe a law clerk is likely responsible. if case you don't know this, the court's marshal's handles security and tonight there are growing calls for the department of justice and fbi to intervene and neither is currently involved in the search for the leaker. for now, back to you, shannon. >> shannon: we'll see you in a minute. president biden sounding bullish on the economy as a whole wednesday. fox news polling shows three quarters of americans fear overall condition of the economy is not ashley strohmier will look at that.
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>> ashley: americans are struggle withing supply chain issues and republicans are pushing back at the president touts his economic agenda and budget deficit reduction. senator rick scott saying biden is doing nothing. listen. >> he's not doing anything, deficit is not going down issue the amount of deficit might go down a bit because we're in the pandemic the last year of president trump and so we don't have all the excess spending. the deficit is not going down. >> ashley: people can't get ahead due to constant rise in goods. >> people feel they are falling further behind because they can't keep up, even with a raise, not keeping up with expenses of daily living. they feel stuck, stressed, squeezed and nine out of 10 americans say that the biggest concern is inflation.
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>> ashley: this follows remarks from the president wednesday morning saying the u.s. is on track to cut the deficit by 1.5 trillion by the end of the year. take a listen. >> president biden: bringing down the deficit is one way to ease inflationary pressure where gas prices and oil and food and it is a different world at this moment because of ukraine and russia. we reduce federal borrowing. >> ashley: other plans would reduce it more and cut costs for families, one being capping price of insulin at $35 and providing tax cuts to utility companies. fox news poll show 44% of respondentss have experienced issues with gas and grocery and 32% felt heat of it, but nothing too serious. however, here is where numbers go up. another fox news poll, 61%
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disapprove of the way the president handled the economy and 67% disapprove of his handling of inflation. shannon. >> shannon: we'll break down the numbers coming up. great to see you. republicans moving to cancel homeland security disinformation board before it gets started, introducing legislation to prohibit dhs from establishing a panel to censor american speech. trace gallagher is on the case. >> trace: the bill is top to bottom, not only would it desolve disinformation board, it would ensure the board could never be reestablished and prevent dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas from using other parts of homeland security to censor information and it would require mayorkas to turn over all documents, written or recorded, on exactly how the board was
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established in the first place. in other words, a little sunshine on the censorship. during senate homeland security hearing, secretary alejandro mayorkas doubled down on the disinformation board saying the new department is meant to ensure free speech. republican senator rand paul wasn't really buying it. watch. >> how do you propose you will have an office of disinformation governance if you see a problem determining what is disinformation? >> senators, our work is not focused on disinformation at large, where we the department of homeland security become involved is when there is connectivity between disinformation and threats to the security of the homeland. >> trace: new disinformation czar nina jankowicz is not planning repeat her vooiral turn as mary poppins of disinformation, you know, when
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she did this. watch. >> ferocious, it makes them sound precocious. nina jankowicz is making her tik-tok private. removing access won't erase the public and false statementos things like hunter biden's laptop or christopher steele's credibility. here is senator tom cotton. >> what will she say next if republicans point out inflation and gas prices were on the rise before vladamir putin invaded ukraine, it is not putin's price hike. >> trace: alejandro mayorkas says nina jankowicz is recognized as tremendous authority, but did not say by whom, shannon. >> shannon: it is important. what about the new report that the cdc bought cell phone data, tracking information on millions
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of americans to keep abreast of where they were going, whether in compliance with the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions, what can you tell us? >> trace: cdc has been using cell phone data during the pandemic to track movement of tens of millions of americans not just for things like going to church and school, visiting neighbors, movement during curfew and detailed information about visits to pharmacy to figure out what was getting vaccinated. first information was being provided to the cdc for free and then the agency began paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to safeguard backed by billionaire peter till and an intel chief. the surveillance gives them deeper insight into the pandemic as it pertains to human behavior, say the cdc, but critics call it invasion of privacy. post-pandemic, the cdc might
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continue to track people for what they say is totally above board and ethical health reasons, you know, for your own good, shannon. >> shannon: that is what they have always been doing, reminder, everybody look at privacy settings on your phone and be aware. thank you. >> trace: you bet. >> shannon: biden administration considering to take heat over immigration policy along the southern border. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas says they are effectively managing the situation while blaming trump administration and lawmakers on capitol hill. >> we inherited a broken and dismantled system that is already under strain, it is not built to manage current levels of types of migratory flows, only congress can fix this. >> shannon: the administration still plans to terminate title 42, pandemic deportation policy
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initiated under former president trump later this month. new video tonight of russian strike on busy bus stop near a chemical plant in southeastern ukrainian city tuesday. the attack killed at least 10 people and injured 15 more, let's get the latest live from lviv with matt finn, it is now thursday morning. hello, matt. >> matt: shannon, in ukraine, president zelenskyy sat down with griff jenkins and zelenskyy tells jenkins president biden should visit this country. >> it is important, i think it is very important because in our minds, in our society, president biden and the president of the biggest democratic civilization for ukraine -- >> during the interview, griff jenkins asked zelenskyy about
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russian foreign minister lavrov comparing him to hitler, says he is used to these hits and calls on world leaders to respond. >> leaders of the world, each year in the time of this, they always say that never again, we have to fight. it is about diplomacy and about something official, don't wait, that is my message. don't wait, official date. >> regarding official days next monday may 9 is a notable day, russian holiday when russia celebratess victory over nazis there is speculation vladamir putin might do something extreme on may 9th, suggesting may even officially declaring war on ukraine. ukrainian president zelenskyy says official declaration of war
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wouldn't change much, ukraine has been at war with russia for eight years. in ukraine, russia continues to bombard the country with missiles and shelling, and russia is terrorizing the people. in mariupol, the standoff with russias, hundreds and thousands of people hiding in cold tunnels for months under the steel plant. red cross and un helped a few hundred people escape mariupol, outlook for people left in the tunnels is grim. ukrainian commanders say russia forces have begun storming the sprawling steel plant. up to 2000 marines are still hiding out. this video from ukraine, second largest city of kharkiv shows serene park being hit by rockets. ukraine says the shelling caused a fire and injured one woman. kharkiv has been bombarded since beginning of the war and
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kremlin spokesperson says this is nonsense. >> shannon: thank you, matt. similar to barrier that went up around the capitol last year is being set up around the supreme court building amid threats since monday night's leak of the draft opinion on abortion rights. we will discuss that with tonight's bream team. legal fellow, great to have you tonight. >> hi, shannon, good to see you. >> let's start with this, jen psaki at the white house answering whether or not the white house will condemn that leak. >> press sect. psaki: -- >> okay, we don't have that, she said, i don't think we have a particular view on that other than to say we note the unprecedented nature of it. may, invited to condemn and said
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we don't have a position, but it is unprecedented? should they not say more? >> they could say more and that is really the problem here, the left has had an attack on the independence of our judiciary for years now. president biden bragged about it, he purposefully takes into consideration politics when he was a senator trying to pick who was going to be on the bench. now we have a supreme court that has had an attack from the inside and we need everyone to rally around preserving our nation's institutions, most important institution. instead, they have chosen to shove it over the edge by turning this into a political stunt by using the stunt to their advantage rather than focusing on preserving the institution. >> shannon: the investigation into the leak is underway. a lot of folks feeling confident there is limited universe of peep and he will we may get an answer, the chief justice is after that. the content of the leaked draft.
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we don't know what the ultimate opinion will end up being, if the five votes for this draft at that time, two months ago that justice samuel alito was writing, a lot of people said and the president said this could be used to keep lgbtq children in separate classrooms, it is spinning out of control. justice a lot a lot, more than once says this is only about the issue of abortion, here is part of what he says. to ensure our decision is not misunderstood or mischaracterized, we emphasize our decision concerns constitutional right to abortion and no other right. nothing should be understood on to cast doubt on prez dense that do not concern abortion. the president said, i haven't read it yet, but other rights will go away. is that dishonest? >> no, jen, i don't think it is, people are waking up that are
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part of marginalized communitiess and have relied on supreme court decision with regard to privacy and notion of privacy, which is important to the roe decision, the casey decision that followed and other decisions like griswald, lawrence with regard to intimacy for lgbt couples. as the president said, a lot of things relye on the juris prudence that are in question and that is a concern for a lot of americans and out of concern for we talked about is the president being truthful in the statements, when you had multiple justices signing on this opinion and we don't know what the opinion will actually say come the summer, who said in their testimony that they believe roe is settled law, i think that is problematic when it comes to truth telling in this country. >> shannon: kevin, you are an honest broker, i believe that,
9:19 pm
they all said during the hearings that there is a long history of the court overturning decisions if they think they were previously wrongly decided. they have righted some wrongs, is this group ultimately thinks they are righting a wrong and we know justice ginsburg was critical of the way roe was decided, not thinking it was the best legal underpinning. scholars have said it was vulnerable to this kind of thing. >> certainly, shannon, good point. i'm with senator collins and murkowski, who have concerns about what they were told by many justices, including kavanaugh, justice amy coney barrett in one-on-one conversations where they believe roe was precedence and would be challenge necessary to overturn that. you have republican members showing concern with where the court is headed with that opinion. >> shannon: they had private
9:20 pm
conversations, but we know what they said in public hearings and they left room. get to new numbers out on the president. overall his approval number, 45% disapprove 53%, that has been steady last few months. when you break it down by issues, he's in trouble on big issues from russia, the economy, crime, immigration, the worst of this polling, which is brand-new, instagram, he is upside down by 39%, may, can the white house turn this around? >> i think they think they can turn this around by rallying everybody against roe v. wade and against the horribles who don't exist. they can't win voters on the economy, everyone feels pain of inflation. can't win on immigration or crime, they can't win on seeming like a strong competent leader. well, republicans are going to create separate classrooms for
9:21 pm
lgbt kids and everyone else, which is absurd and something no one has thought of before there is no way for them to rally support around poll numbers and this situation, to make up something else. >> shannon: quickly, kevin, before we go, will this abortion issue overshadow the other things where the president is upside down by double digits? >> good question, i think 188 days from the election today that the economy will be one of the most critical issues, you saw the president talk about debt and deficit reduction, prescription drug reform and taking the message to cincinnati, ohio on friday, that will be the foremost issue come midterms. >> shannon: 188 days, count on kevin to know, who is counting. >> we are. >> shannon: see if the economy does a 180 in that time. thank you both. coming up, did you know today is a holiday of sort?
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we'll show you how one airline is celebrating and a couple caught in a massive hail storm, caught on tape. what happened to them next, today's best viral videos are next. ep breath in. i mean, obviously, let it out. ghaa. yeah, i'm not really sure if this is working either.
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>> [yelling] >> what do we do? >> i don't know. >> shannon: terrifying. first on tonight's viral videos, this couple caught in a severe hail storm. filming dangerous conditions on her phone as the driver tries to figure out what to do, the couple was driving from missouri to albuquerque, new mexico when
9:28 pm
baseball sized hail started hitting their vehicle. never want to come this close to a massive wild animal, one colorado resident who filmed this episode with an elk, gorgeous. calmly chewing on something and doesn't look like he has a care in the world. she sees elk everyday. police rescuing a momma duck and 12 baby ducklings, the officers are releasing the brood back to a pond after they were found in a shopping center parking lot. alaska airlines company celebrating may 4 with "star wars" themed flight, the fuselage features images from the sci-fi franchise,
9:29 pm
collaboration between the airline, disneyland resort. anyone wearing a costume could get on the plane early. we hope you enjoyed your day, may the force, the 4th be with you. how about this? couple decided to tie the exot 37,000 feet above arizona on southwest airline flight. they were supposed to get hitched in vegas, they said "i do," with other passengers as witnesses. i wonder if that is legal. if you have social videos, hit us up. >> i have questions, time to bring back kevin corke, midnight snack and if you go often or maybe never, something favorite about mcdonald's menu.
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fillet fish. >> i've always been a big mac guy. we have fries on set. >> shannon: is our crew the best? >> when i'm done with the segment, i will eat the fries. you may not ever go or maybe you go sometimes, chances are you roll up to mickey d's on occasion, some more often than others, thank you, shannon. you probably know what is on the menu and you probably have a favorite, right? can you tell me what the top five menu items are at mickey d's? the answer might surprise you. tell me if you think you got them right. number five egg mcmuffin, pretty much my go to for breakfast. number four, happy meal. >> shannon: i like it, portion control for adults. >> number three, snack wrap, i've never had one. >> shannon: me either. >> shocked at that one. my favorite, big mac. number one, you guessed it,
9:31 pm
french fries, there are honorable mentions, apple pie, chicken nuggets, salad. >> shannon: don't go to mcdonald's for salad. we have mcflurries. >> thank you and thanks to tessa, for hooking us up. >> shannon: and sean warmed this stuff up. >> don't do it. >> shannon: yikes, fries, they have the best fast food fries, although i love the fries at chick-fil-a. >> one thing not on the list, i like their hashbrowns, good in the morning. i like those. i'm a big mac guy. i haven't had nuggets in ages. >> shannon: have yourself a nug. >> you can weigh in online, let us know if you have a favorite menu item or say, i never do
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mickey d's, we understand. play along on twitter. >> shannon: if you want to demand something come back, if you want to see it come back, let us know. >> mc pizza. >> shannon: peter doocy was about the mcrib. when i see it is coming back, i make sure peter knows. >> i like the idea, not the taste. >> shannon: no. it is the shape of ribs and onions on it. let us know if you love it. kevin, good news coming up to talk about. emotional testimony on the other side of the johnny depp trial, his ex-wife amber heard takes the stand and testifies against him. we'll get the latest next. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs.
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9:38 pm
alleged domestic violence that began after she made a comment about one of his tattoos. here are details from day 14 of this trial. good evening. >> after four weeks of witness testimony, including johnny depp, amber heard took the stand on wednesday, giving graphic details at times about her whirlwind romance which she said turned into a cycle of abuse. heard defended herself in the defamation lawsuit. heard told the injury about the first time johnny depp struck her, after shes she made a comment about an old tattoo on his arm. >> i didn't know what to do, you think you would have a response, i, as a woman, had never been hit like that. i'm an adult and i'm sitting next to the man i love and he slapped me for no reason and i'm all of a sudden realizing that the worst thing has just
9:39 pm
happened to me that could possibly happen to you. >> heard testified she knew she should leave johnny depp, but couldn't follow through. >> he seemed so sorry, i couldn't forgive him, it means it will happen again, no? i've seen the health class videos like everyone else. >> the jury listened to allegations of sexual abuse during what she characterized as a drug-fuelled rage. >> i kind of froze, i don't know how we went to bed that night, how i went to bed. >> johnny depp is suing for damages over 2018 essay she wrote for the "washington post," she said she had become the public figure representing domestic abuse and heard is counter suing johnny depp for 100 million in damages, she is
9:40 pm
expected to take the stand thursday. >> shannon: amber heard's explosive testimony wednesday. bring in host of nothing, but the truth podcast, bob bianci. i want to play something else here. this is heard today, she talks about being torn over her feelings with him, for him, and feeling like she was in an abusive place, relationship with johnny depp, here is what she said today. >> i was so torn, i was so in love with this person. when it was good, it was so good. it never felt love like that. when i was around johnny, i felt like the most beautiful person in the whole world. >> shannon: i have to say, that felt rehearsed to me. which any witness can do, it didn't ring true to me, i'm not a juror, what about you?
9:41 pm
>> shannon, the thing interesting, you have to take her testimony in the context of two important pieces of evidence johnny depp brought out. the first is audio recording that amber heard was illegally recording johnny depp, wherein, she's saying to him, you always want to walk away, i didn't hit you, i didn't deck you. you're calling it a punch and she's talking about domestic violence and making fun of him. witnesses said he would withdraw and walk away, that tape did not have a good look for her, especially when you claim you were being smacked down, sexually violated, he was probing her for what he believed was cocaine in her private parts. none of it seemed to make sense from a common sense standpoints, that she would be laughing at
9:42 pm
him, because he wanted to walk away from an argument. couple that with the psychiatric testimony from the doctor brought out because amber heard put mental health as part of her claim for damages and i couldn't help think when amber was testifying, the jury will assess credibility here, manner in which she was testifying, she talked exactly what johnny depp's doctor said amounted to histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. caveat, the fact you have those illnesses does not mean you are a domestic abuser issue but she talked about symptoms, where they have flowery language and no substance to it and they need to be center of attention. i couldn't had been but think the jurors were listening to her testify, that is manener which dr. curry, who did independent
9:43 pm
testing called mmpi, we know this in the psychiatric world, where it said she was not suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, independent tests, not subjective evaluation, foungd she was highly malingering, lying, being appalling during the tests. >> shannon: bob, we all want to give reverence, respect to somebody who is alleged domestic violence or abuse, male or female, we don't think people would make allegations, how do we balance that with wanting to have compassion for somebody and trying to get to the truth, if you can give a quick comment? >> the reality was that we knew there were people who definitely needed protection, prosecutors seriously being domestically abused and knew there was
9:44 pm
significant proportion of individuals that exaggerated or used that system to gain collateral advantage or for publicity. if you look on the devices, people that i know in the game as far as legal analysis and journalists, overwhelming sense of public opinion, certainly not the court, if i was a lawyer, i would be looking at this to say what did the people think about what they are seeing and it is overwhelmingly in favor of johnny depp and disbelief of her testimony and that would unnerve me if i was amber heard's lawyers. >> shannon: only the jurors are hearing every second and we hope they will get to the truth, whatever it is, so these people can move on in some way, if possible. thank you for your analysis. >> thank you. >> shannon: observing national
9:45 pm
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>> shannon: thursday marks annual tradition for the faithful in this country, national day of prayer.
9:50 pm
the event will include prayer for ukraine. joining me to talk about this year and about mothers and daughters of bible is national day of prayer, kathy brensel. this is interesting. we have a news survey on how people are doing and how much they pray. across the board, average american 53% said they pray every single day. 22% said not at all. what do you think we can learn from the national day of prayer as way to unify and look for the greater good? >> absolutely. our theme this year is exalt the lord who has established us. it is really our prayer that first and foremost that people would come back to a time of praise, that we would remember how great and wonderful our god is, how powerful and loving he is and with that, that it is not just a run in and tell god, here
9:51 pm
is how you can make me happy, here is my to-do list for you. we would stop and praise him and thank him and remember just as the author ian bounds remind us, prayers project our faith on god and the world. we are not just making a wish upon a star or throwing a penny in the well, we are speaking to the creator of heaven and earth who can actually do something about all that concerns us. >> shannon: this has been going on for decades, it is actually by law. one of the few things in washington we like to see that brings all kinds of people from backgrounds and parties together. >> yes, in 1952, reverend billy graham stood on the steps of the capitol and challenged congress and the president to call for a national day of prayer every year. congress took him seriously and they voted ushg nan mussily for
9:52 pm
the resolution and president truman signed it into law. every year by law a president called for a day of prayer for the nation. in 1988, that law was amended by many congressmen, democrat and republican, signed into law and amended by ronald reagan. first thursday of may, president must proclaim day of prayer for our nation. >> shannon: you were kind enough to listen you read my latest book and i talk about prayer a lot in the context of mommas praying over unbetter than babies and sleepless nights of worrying about your children. what do we do when the path our child is on is no longer the path we can help them on. mary found her strength at the foot of the cross, too often in churches, we are uncomfortable with suffering and, we might talk about it, we don't like to see it. this idea we have to be honest when we are struggling and
9:53 pm
people we may not know. i know you will have a special time of prayer for the people of ukraine this year. >> absolutely there is nothing better than a prayer partner and so how exciting that tomorrow millions of people around the world, not just in america, we have people praying for us and with us, we'll unite hearts and voices to pray to god on behalf of our nation. i did, i loved your book and i so appreciated you ended every chapter in prayer. prayer is caught, not taught. our father who art in heaven. when we listen to other people pray, it helps us grow in more intimate and intense prayer life for ourselves. thanks for doing that. >> shannon: we're told where two or more are gathered in his name, he is there.
9:54 pm
tomorrow, the effort will be encouragement to people around the world and we will bond for greater good and resolution to many challenges and problems. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, we'll be praying for you. >> shannon: thank you. kevin corke, you believe in power of prayer, too. >> i pray everyday and i've been to the president's prayer breakfast before, prayer dinner. it is a great comfort to be around other believers and people who say, i am not very religious, it is okay, come as you are, the best part. >> shannon: it doesn't have to be anything formal. i'm struggling today, i need your direction and help. >> a little every morning and every night will go a long way. >> shannon: you post verses and beautiful verses and photography and we are called to pray for
9:55 pm
leaders, too, for their protection and wisdom, because they have heavy burdens. >> i do that every monday, i want people to start their week in the right way. >> shannon: we all need that. thank you very much. great to see you. finish these nuggets off. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream, have a great night. >> the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. you get your clearchoice dental implants, thanks everyhow day let's dig into a let's chow" down day and take a big bite day, a perfectly delicious day . i love my new teeth day because you're your choice. today is the day everything is back on the menu. a clear choice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation, new fresh replacements, 1%
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