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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 5, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> she had said that mr. hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation. >> i was not aware of that. >> her tik-tok video? >> senator -- >> they are really quite precocious. >> carley: republican senators hammering dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas for being clueless that has own disinformation czar. you are watch "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: i'm joey jones. brooke singman joins us with more. >> brooke: good morning. nina jankowicz is the new russian disinformation expert, her track record says otherwise, lawmakers putting her blunders on full display in front of dhs
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secretary alejandro mayorkas at a senate hearing yesterday. missouri senator josh josh hawley asking if she had -- steele dossier, which has since been widely discredited. listen. >> she's consistently spread false and misleading claims about the steele dossier which was a piece of russian propaganda. she's responding to lindsey graham and says your party funded the disior first. were you aware of this when you chose her? >> i was not. >> brooke: the dossier was funded by the clinton campaign and authored by intelligence officer christopher steele, the now discredited dossier tried to tie donald trump and members his 2016 to russia.
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>> you think the steele dossier included russian disinformation? >> senator, that is not a question i'm equipped to answer. >> fbi concludes steele dossier was full of russian disinformation. cnn propagated this disinformation dmradly for years and years, the difference between your opinion and our opinion is that as despicable as it is that cnn propagated this disinformation, i wouldn't shut them down. >> alejandro mayorkas claims he had not seen the tik-tok video of nina jankowicz dressed as mary poppins, a group of republicans introduced a bill to defund what they call orwellian ministry of truth. >> carley: thank you. ranking member of the house oversight committee james comer has his reaction last hour.
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watch this. >> this is another example of incompetence, hypocrisy, we don't need this position, the troubling thing about this position, if he had picked someone credible, this is law enforcement agency and the fact he admitted before congress under oath, he didn't upwardly vet this person to put in a key is another example of alejandro mayorkas' incompetence in addition to his lack of border security, in addition to bureaucracy he is creating for ice and border patrol. >> joey: the nina jankowicz story is becoming a alejandro mayorkas story, it is fun to poke fun at her with the videos and the tik-tok, this is really another chapter honing in on alejandro mayorkas can't do the job. for him to say i didn't know she was partaking in this information, shows incompetence at a new level.
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>> carley: dhs secretary gets criticism for crisis at the border, which he should. the roll out of this disinformation czar, disinformation board, it is going to be called ministry of truth, what else can you say about it? then they roll it out at a time the same week that democrats are attacking free speech on twitter and you find out it is monitor whatting people say, questions about what is does and then we find out that the person who has appointed to lead it only likes liberal speech. the reaction is going to play out exactly how it did. there is republican effort in the house to dissolve the board. james comer is one of the people leading the effort without any democrat support that effort is going nowhere. it is a valid attempt. i think that maybe they'll dissolve the board on its own
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quietly rollback. >> joey: our colleague has been all over this and said she doesn't think this is going anywhere issue the board won't come to fruition, we will wait to see. >> carley: wait and see. fox news alert, ukrainian -- sitting down with fox news as russia claims the city of mariupol is now under its control. matt finn joins us live in lviv with more. good morning. >> matt: good morning. we have the latest update on that dire standoff in the city of mariupol. for months now hundreds of ukrainian marines and innocent civilians have been hide nothing cold, dark tunnels under a steel plant. ukraine and other reports say russia is physically storming that plant after dropping bombs for weeks, it could mean face-to-face combat with the ukrainian marines trying to resist russia for months, the last resistance in mariupol, city russia wants to claim it
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controls. red cross tells fox news, 127 people have been rescued from the steel plant and 300 people rescue friday mariupol overall. ukrainian president zelenskyy spoke with griff jenkins in the capital city of kyiv in ukraine. zelenskyy says president biden should come to ukraine because the people view biden as the president of the leading democracy. >> i continuing is very important. you know, in our minds, society, president biden, the president of the biggest democratic civilization for ukrainians for understanding. >> matt: next monday is russian holiday celebrating victory over nazi. russian forces have been -- extreme before or on may 9, some
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western intelligence suggesting maybe declaring war on ukraine. the kremlin says that is nonsense. this video from ukraine's second largest city kharkiv appears to show an amusement park getting hit by rockets, it caused a fire and injured one woman. kharkiv has been bombarded since the start of this war. a new fox news poll finds 85% of people feel what happens here in the ukraine matters to life in the u.s. and that is a number, opinion that has been unchanged since march. back to you, guys. >> carley: live in lviv, thank you. senator ted cruz about the supreme court leaker. watch. >> there was one woke left wing twit, who decided to hell with his or her obligation to the justice they work for. >> carley: republicans on mission to find out who did it
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and they promise that person will face consequences. >> joey: president biden panned for using his faith as a "child of god," to defund abortion. we will discuss that next. (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more.
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>> joey: welcome back. republican senator ted cruz unleashing on the person behind supreme court's draft opinion leak. >> what we saw with this leak from the supreme court, it is the culmination of a multi-year campaign by the democrats to politicize the courts, politicize the justice system, weaponize it, to attack the supreme court. the left is bound and determined to tear down the institutions of our country, to destroy the senate, they want to end the filibuster and blow it up or destroy the supreme court. >> joey: cruz believes it is one of 12 law clerks who may be behind the incident. senator john cornyn says he will file a bill creating criminal penalties for anyone getting in the way of this investigation. >> carley: president biden claims he is a child of god while trying to justify
2:14 am
abortion. he is getting backlash for this comment. >> president biden: i believe i have rights i have not because the government gave them to me, which you believe, but because i'm a child of god, i exist. i delegated by joining this union here to delegate some rights i have to the government for social and good. >> carley: allie beth stuckey is here to discuss. allie beth, it is great to see you, what is your reaction to what the president said yesterday? >> it makes me sick, when you think about what we're talking about. we're talking about the killing of children, talking about the killing of babies and what about their rights apparently, the same joe biden in 1992 introduced amendment to try to return the abortion decision to the state and who said in 2006, he does not believe abortion is right. apparently now he believes it is
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so much a right, it is necessary to be recognized as a child of god. it is insane to see the development he's had in his view of this and it makes me sad as someone who claims he is a person of faith, he certainly has changed his theological views of human life. >> carley: we're hearing a lot of reaction from democrats who are saying that everybody is rights are at stake, women's rights are at stake. kamala harris called the fact that roe v. wade could be overturned, she said this is a direct assault on women. former president obama released a statement and said millions of americans woke up fearing their essential freedoms are at risk. you're a woman, what is your reaction to that? >> look, let's remember, again, what abortion is, all of the conversations issue the left loves to use euphemisms like reproductive justice, abortion is euphemism for what is
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happening here, you are killing a human life. i believe in autonomy and choices, liberty and rights. those things end where another person's right to life wins. every stage from conception onward is a human being and they are entitled to human rights, most fundamental right is right to not be murdered as a person. it is simple, a lot of people seem to not understand that. >> carley: a new fox news poll show majority of voters believe gender identity should not be taught in the classroom before fourth grade. 55% of voters are saying the florida parental rights law is the way to go. we were told this was a horrifying thing, how do you explain that poll allie beth? >> pre-fourth grade, kindergarten through third grade, five to nine year olds,
2:17 am
yeah, i would say teachers, adults who are not parents of children should not be talking to kids about gender switching and sexuality. that is kind of common sense. i'm surprised the number isn't higher, no place for this kind of indoctrination, republican or democrat want their kids to learn to solve math problems and read and write, they don't need to be talking about sex at six years old. >> carley: education topic, nobody fought harder than randi weingartner who is now saying remote learning is huge problem because of mental health crisis. she is sounding the alarm, our kids are in crisis and we had a mental health crisis before covid, but for two years of disruption, two years of looking at the screen and not having a normal routine and rhythm, recovery is tough.
2:18 am
i think you hear parents who are saying this two years ago, imagine how they are feeling right now hearing her wake up to this idea when she was fighting so hard to keep kids at home. >> she's not just waking up to it, she's realizing she made a bad mistake and people are blaming the teachers unions and randi, as they should, they have been advocating for closing down schools in the most disadvantaged areas for two years and moms saying this is not right for my kid, my kid is struggling, they are lonely, on the brink of suicide and people like randi weingarten did not care. i don't care what randi has to say, she will not be able to cover up the fact she is guilty of perpetrating this madness for two years, seriously harmed our children. >> carley: i think a lot of parents we've been speaking to throughout the pandemic would say too little too late from
2:19 am
randi weingartner on that point. thank you for joining us. that child of god comment is not the only outrageous thing president biden said yesterday, he insulted half of america. >> president biden: what are income things that will be attacked? this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history, recent american history. >> joey: congressman byron donald will respond next. my mental health was much better. my mind was in a good place. but my body was telling a different story. i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements. some mental health meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, or td, and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. it's the only treatment for td that's one pill, once-daily, with or without food. ingrezza 80 mg is proven
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>> carley: amber heard takes the stand in the defamation case against her. the actor testifying johnny depp would get violent when he abuzed drugs and alcohol, recalling the first time she claimed johnny depp struck her. >> i as a woman had never been hit like that, he slapped me for
2:24 am
no reason and i'm all of a sudden realizing that the worst thing has just happened to me that could possibly happen to you. >> carley: heard getting emotional calling her marriage to johnny depp as a never ending fight and heard testifying that johnny depp once threatened to kill her on his yacht for calling him drunk in front of his kids. police are charging the man accused of attacking dave chappelle of -- >> joey: calls for more security at live events. ashley strohmier joins us. >> ashley: that man is being held on $35,000 bail. according to his former neighbor, russell, taylor, the man has a temper and could be set off with just a word. taylor said it is no surprise he attacked dave chappelle on
2:25 am
stage. spokesperson released statement saying as unfortunate and unsettling as the issue was, dave chappelle went on with the show. despite the attack, dave chappelle refused to let it overshadow the festival following up with this. >> it was a trans man. [laughter] >> is that will smith? >> ashley: safety of comedians has been a hot topic since the will smith chris rock slap, chris rock insinuated when talking to dave chappelle. we care deeply about the safety of creators and strongly defend the right of stand-up comedians to perform without fear of violence, here is tyrus on the
2:26 am
violence against comedians. >> you have to beef it up, that is more expensive. what signals are being seen. what was dave chappelle wearing? what did he say which led to the attack? that is irrelevant, they take the blame away. >> ashley: piers morgan said if the guy had a weapon and killed him, where does that leave us with freedom of speech, direct consequence of what we saw at the oscars. >> carley: thank you so much. we did speak with jack brewer about this last hour, who had strong opinions on the incident. watch. >> another black person attacking a black person, no different than will smith and chris rock and this is what is sad about america, is that now the most vulnerable have been lied to and now we think we're
2:27 am
victims and think we're not being held accountable, we hate the police officers, that's been put in our ear, this is just too much, when you have so much freedom in your mind that you think you are above law and order, there is a problem with that, no matter if you are the mayor, a state leader, governor, president, we need our leaders to stand up for law and order. >> carley: to this, american turn chinese olympic athlete gu -- crisis in china. >> you really are the whole package, i mean, savannah and i were just talking about you. olympic gold medallist, everything in fashion, what did you get on your sat's? >> a 1580 on my sat. >> joey: joe concha joins us now with reaction, joe, she's young, soft questions, i get that.
2:28 am
when you grow up in this country american and choose to go compete in the olympics for a country that commits genocide and attacks us through cyber and other means, give us your reaction? >> joe: after everything we've seen over the past couple years, particularly with covid, which has killed a million americans, to do an interview like that, i don't care what her age is, okay, i can't believe i saw this in terms of when they were introducing her, this is what nbc said, juggling new-found fame with competition, college and stunning appearance at fashion's biggest night. read the room, guys. i like what nikki haley had to say, "every athlete needs to know when they put their flag on, you stand for freedom or for human rights abuses, there is no in between."
2:29 am
to do an interview like that, i'm sorry, i know it is the today show, a morning show, and she is 17 or 18 years old, if i were producing in that situation, i would have just passed interviewing her altogether or if i did interview her, i would say what do you think of what is going on with the uyghurs. >> carley: she did defend herself for playing for the chinese communist party. >> what i stick to, i know there is no wrong or right, there is only intention and i'm trying to make the world a better place in my own way, if people disagree with that, that is okay. >> carley: that is her response there. i don't think she has one. a lot of people look at her and recognize she's talented, beautiful, smart, but she's also a traito >> joe: that is great that you represented china, go live there now.
2:30 am
if you are representing them, i imagine you would want to live there and raise any family you may think of having and have fun in shanghai, where they just had lockdowns for a month for covid. not like we did, lockdowns that have driven people to suicide over there. go have fun and live there near uyghur camp and that's that. >> joey: sean penn and dennis rodman, praising dictators, i don't understand it. another topic. vice president kamala harris is getting mocked for these remarks, take a listen. >> how dare they tell a woman what she can do and not do with her own body. how dare they. how dare they try to stop her from determining her own future. how dare they. >> joey: joe, this quote, i continuing is pretty perfect. conservatives reacting this way.
2:31 am
greta that you knowberg is better at pretending to be outraged than kamala harris. she is a despicable trans phobe, stop invalidating the lived experiences of pregnant men. a lot to say there. >> joe: we have biologist in the west wing, that is great. who knew we had a d list actress playing real life role of vice president. kamala harris didn't show any emotion when 113 u.s. service members were murdered in afghanistan, didn't show passion when it comes to more police officers have been shot this year than any other in recent memory. we didn't see this kind of intensity approaching three million people crossing the u.s. southern border and deadly drugs
2:32 am
that come with it, killing americans between 18 and 49. excuse me as i go, if i'm with more than a few people who see this as nothing more than performance art or picking and choosing what you decide to get passionate about and what you don't. got to go. i won't join you on friday, off to a place that is cold and rainy, seattle, i'm not happy about it. >> carley: cold, rainy, i bet it is seattle. enjoy your time. stay safe. thank you. >> joe: okay, have fun. bye-bye. >> carley: bye-bye. the man who exposed hunter biden's laptop says he's received threats and even had to relocate after being called a liar by the left. he is suing schiff, along with several outlets who carried out orchestrated effort to bury that story. >> joey: jean paul mack isaac will be here next.
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>> carley: hunter biden's laptop repairman is suing schiff, cnn, politico and daily beast. joining us is the ceo of the america project, the organization sponsoring the
2:37 am
lawsuit and john paul mac isaac. john paul, we know your life has been turned absolutely upside down you were accused of spreading russian disinformation, tell us about the last few years and what led you to file this lawsuit? >> good morning, carley, thanks for having me on the show. last couple years have been pretty tough. it was pretty quick out of the gate i was labeled a hacker and after schiff and 51 experts pinned a letter and tell american people i was a russian asset, things have gone downhill from there. >> carley: you lost your business, you were accused of being a russian agent and your community turned against you, is that right? >> yeah, things got heated, i had to enlist the wilmington police department to make sure nothing bad happened to me while i was at the shop. after a couple of weeks, it got
2:38 am
so bad i had to close my business and flee the state. >> carley: you had the laptop in your possession for a while and spent time looking through it. president biden said he never had discussions with his son about overseas business dealings, from what you saw on that laptop, is that true? >> i don't think he was being sincere when he said that. >> carley: what in the laptop stood out the most? >> for me, it was national security concerns. there was a lot of things i saw on the laptop that should not have been sent in the open, especially white house information pertaining to the ukraine being sent to private ukrainian citizens to benefit their business and the national security ramifications from that alone i felt fear for the nation. i felt fear for myself personally because of personal and incriminating evidence i had seen, i feared retaliation and
2:39 am
an effort would be put in place to silence me. >> carley: you gave it to the fbi and a copy to rudy giuliani, now the american people know what is on the laptop, as well. brian, tell us about the case against schiff, cnn and politico and the daily beef, why them? >> they were the main ones that perpetuated the lies. this case is about concerted effort of these organizations to and people to really knowingly lie about john paul to the american public, create this image about john paul that he is in some way sided with the russians and it was all their desperate attempt to ensure that president trump didn't get reelected. the problem with that is there were -- john paul was one of the
2:40 am
main victims of that attempt. it really is about making them see what they did and see figure we can get john paul some justice. >> carley: joe, ceo of the american project, the organization sponsoring lawsuit. tell us about the organization and why you're doing what you are doing? >> the america project is building largest network of grassroots organization and individuals to support freedom and the rights of the individual. we saw this case, in particular, as an egregious example of how government officials and media collude to create a false narrative and to destroy a person's life. for me, in particular, as flynn's brother, this hits home, i reached out to brian and said this is something we would like to get behind, this fits in our mission of supporting freedom and individual rights. we are happy to be part of this, we want to see justice for john
2:41 am
paul. >> carley: retired general michael michael flynn, we thank your family for your service. you have a go account, we know you have been through so much. >> can be found, it is called build back mac isaac, my friend kristen set it up for me, i've been overwhelmed with the support i've received so far, without the support, i wouldn't be here. >> carley: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> carley: federal reserve hoping to offset record biden-flation. cheryl casone is breaking it down for us. >> joey: and the botched withdrawal from afghanistan encouraged an air force veteran to run for congress, we'll talk to her next. ♪
2:42 am
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new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. >> joey: welcome back. federal reserve is raising interest rates by half a percent, biggest increase in two decades. >> carley: historic hike toechlting to curb the worst
2:46 am
inflation our country has seen in years. >> cheryl: this was baked in and you saw market reaction yesterday, had a strong day. as expected, the fed did raise interest rates by half a point as soaring inflation continues. press conference, fed chairman jerome powell saying more rate hikes are on the way. >> inflation is much too high, we have tools we need and resolve it will take to restore price stability on behalf of american families and businesses. raised policy interest rate by half a percentage point and anticipate ongoing increases will be appropriate. >> cheryl: dr. kevin roberts reacting with both of you last hour. >> my wife and i say to our kids, money doesn't grow on trees, the fed has been making money grow on trees, 4.6 trillion dollars. that will come home to roost and
2:47 am
this is bottom line. >> cheryl: stimulus, you have heard me talk about, benchmark federal funds sitting at three quarters of a percent to 1 percent, highest since we have seen since the pandemic began. >> carley: what is going on with elon musk and twitter? >> cheryl: hashtag, not a big deal. 43% of respondents say elon musk buying twitter doesn't matter. the takeover has sparked outrage among liberals. musk wants to bring back free speech to twitter. musk likely plans to take twitter private, but as we've said, there is a lot of reports he will take it private, clean it up, clean house and bring it back to the public market in a couple years. >> carley: interesting. >> joey: we'll see, i'm not against it myself. thanks. somalia born immigrant left the defense department after
2:48 am
president biden's chaotic exit. she is running for congress in maryland. that candidate joins me now. good morning. >> hi, good morning. thank you for having me. >> joey: absolutely. you are a refugee yourself, how did seeing what happened in afghanistan, not just the exit, but how we brought americans home and refugees, how did that affect you? what is your response to that? >> very deeply. it was absolutely terrible. the withdrawal hit close to home. i deployed to afghanistan, one of the special operations soldiers that were killed was a member of the team and the unit i supported directly at that time. it hit pretty hard. >> joey: thank you for your service, thank you for serving this country. you are promising to attack crime, you are running in the baltimore area. this year in baltimore homicides are up 12%, nonfatal shootings
2:49 am
up 22% and convenience store robberies up 456%. what are you hearing from residence when it comes to crime, regardless of political party? >> it just needs to stop. it is over. it is time to take care of the police force and make communities safe again and bring back stability to the neighborhoods. we have a much more compact district and we're looking at the counties and maryland is a small state, everything impacts everybody and we need to take care of our district and our state and our country. >> joey: that area is known to be more democratic area, more liberal area. can a republican running for congress, promising to be tough on crime and to refund the police, can that message win? >> absolutely and it does win. look across, not just my district in my home town and
2:50 am
home state, across the country, everybody, that is one bipartisan thing we can agree on. these are not okay across the board. you see the economy, you see the crime rates in maryland. everybody is sick and tired and ready for something different and maryland, democrats have taken maryland for granted and it time they saw they don't have a choke hold and the incumbent has been acting as heir apparent and he's not. we took care of that lifestyle in 1776, it is not a monarchy and people want represent agsz and that is what i bring >> joey: amal torres, thanks for joining us. all right. democrat eric swalwell says republicans are not stopping at roe v. wade and posted a tweet saying interracial marriage might be next on the chopping block. response to that next. >> carley: what is coming up on
2:51 am
"fox and friends"? good morning. >> i don't think justice thomas will buy into that, i don't want to slow you down. president biden launching an attack on republicans calling them "the maga crowd, most extreme organization in american history," really? lara trump is here and will respond and king will be here live and shannon bream will react to the protest over the leaked supreme court draft opinion and brian brenberg will break down what happened with the fed interest rates yesterday. did you see this, sixth inning homer by aaron jo,heartwarming moment as he gives the ball. they will be friends for life. back in a moment. when hurting feet make you want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology
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>> what are the next things that are going to be attacked because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history -- in recent american history. >> joey: the president taking a bold shot at the 74 million americans who voted for president trump in 2020. >> carley: congressman byron donalds is a member of the house oversight committee. he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> carley: a lot saying maga crowd comment from the president yesterday reminded them of something hillary clinton said in 2016. >> puts of half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorables, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> carley: in that moment from hillary clinton fired up the wrong group of people. republicans, trump supporters. is history going to repeat it 168? is the president going to live to see the day that he regrets that he said that?
2:57 am
>> first of all what the president said is ignorant. if have you been watching antifa move through the streets of america you would know better. he doesn't know who antifa is he said that's an idea. this is bigger than that you have a president who is elitist who doesn't know what he is doing. republican voters are already mobilized and ready to go. this just adds more fuel to the fire. >> joey: you know, congressman, when the president says stuff like the ultra maga crowd, they are really trying to isolate voters. assign labels like white supremacists and zone phobes. maga is america first doesn't that mean all america first? >> in our politics you have people who vehemently disagree what the policies should be and frankly what the politics should be. when you do this to americans. try divide them because of who they support, to be president of the united states in the future or who they supported in the past, that isout rage just.
2:58 am
i thought joe biden wanted to stand for unity. he has never stood for that he has been one of the most divisive presidents we have ever had. >> carley: your colleague eric swalwell said something notable this week and would he wanted to get your response to it he posted a tweet saying republicans won't stop with banning abortion. they want to ban interracial marriage. do you want to safe that? then you should probably vote. what's your reaction to that comment from swalwell? >> my comment was what i tweeted back at him. he is a fool. is he a moron. he doesn't know what he is talking about. all is he doing is gaslighting black voters something democrats do all the time. let me take eric swalwell down memory lane in 1924 in the state of virginia there. was the racial integrity act that was passed by democrats. that is what made interracial marriages illegal in the state of virginia which led to the loving decision in 1967. it is the republican party that has always stood for civil rights for black americans in
2:59 am
the united states. so he doesn't just get to flip the script today. the reality is we have always stood behind interracial marriage. we always will stand behind interracial marriage. eric swalwell is a clown pure and simple. >> joey: congressman, real quick it, seems like democrats are taking what's happening with the supreme court, specifically abortion, and they are bringing in interracial marriage and bringing in gay marriage and trying to fear monger and stoke fear is that because they don't believe this specific issue of abortion is enough to maybe save them in the primaries? >> that's absolutely correct. what democrats will never acknowledge abortion has been a very divided issue in the united states. it's never been a 70/30 issue in the united states. it's been very divided. they can't run campaigns purely on abortion. what they are going to try to do is run it on taking away quote, unquote rights. if you actually read the draft opinion from samuel alito they are very clear this is actually tied specifically to roe v. wade and planned parenthood vs. casey no more, no less.
3:00 am
they don't want to just keep it to borings. they want to expand it. >> joey: congressman byron donalds, thank you for joining us this morning. >> carley: thank you very much. >> any time. >> carley: i don't think clarence thomas is going to be voting to ban interracial marriage any time soon. thank you so much for being with us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ [chanting] >> installed a security fence all around the u.s. supreme court amid concerns about protesters. [chanting] >> the president is saying about the impact of the possibility the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade. >> this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> when they are found, they are going to be fired on the spot. >> republicans unleashing on the supreme court leaker worst breach in high court history. >> one little woke left wing twit who


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