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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 5, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that could be a buying sign. just saying. >> john: down on tuesday, up on wednesday, and now down again today. what will tomorrow hold, anybody's guess. market seems to be looking for both good news and bad news here. >> sandra: and the white house briefing room, big questions. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the >> martha: thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. it appears the strategy is this, blame president trump and his supporters. that's what is emerging as democrats and president biden struggle under the weight of problems that are too complex to fix in the short term. >> let me tell you about this maga crowd. they're really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history.
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recent american history. >> martha: so president trump responded to that to fox just a short time ago saying that in his opinion, maga is safing the country. this editorial claims that president biden might be doing distracting here. it says biden's bid to paint the supreme court draft opinion in the first salvo of remaking america is an attempt to change the subject. soaring inflation and open borders and rising crime, the subjects that the public cares about the most. so this is the world that we live in right now, folks. the highest court in the land, they're putting up fencing that is deemed to be tall and nonscale be and our highest court. a group is plan protests outside the homes of those they call the six extremist justices. justice alito, who wrote the draft opinion has just dropped out of a public appearance that he was about to make at a
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judicial conference. senator josh hawley, who once clerked at the supreme court is standing by. first, pete hegseth from "fox and friends" weekend and richard goodsy here to take this on. so richard, let's start with you. you see that editorial in the post saying the president is trying to distract everybody by calling everybody that wouldn't vote for him extremists, the most radical political organization in history. is that a wise move for somebody that was going to bring the country together? >> that's not what he's trying to do. he has his economic numbers. best job creation in history last year. most small businesses created in history last year. biggest drop in the deficit in history last year. and he's trying to call out the theory that was behind this draft supreme court decision, which was not just ban abortion but ban same sex marriage and would ban use of contraceptives -- >> martha: nobody said that.
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>> excuse me? >> martha: they're not in that opinion at all. >> what justice alito says the privacy is not found in the constitution. that is what those supreme court decisions for the right of contraceptives are predicated on. so that's what joe biden is trying to call out. in addition to banning books and basically the -- >> martha: don't you think that is getting a little crazy here? i mean based on what is in this opinion when you read it? don't you think that's a little much? >> absolutely not. under this opinion, the rapist can sue for terminating a pregnancy that he caused. that's -- >> martha: that's in justice alito's opinion? you read that? >> no. >> martha: then i'd say you're extrapolating in a way that is unfair. >> the opinion says if a state has a reason to pass a law, it's a low bar that they're asking like the state of texas to
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clear. that's the law that states like texas have passed. >> martha: let's just -- pete, this opinion says that it's not a federal decision. it's a state decision. for abortion rights. that's what it says. this is actually something that president biden was a proponent of when he was a senator in the united states. he said, you know what the? roe v. wade goes too far. this is a decision that should be at the state level. so what do you make of the larger political effort here to sort of, you know, call people that are maga the most -- the biggest extremists in the history of american politics? >> what richard did is build up a giant strawman, which is a distraction from what joe biden said. the most extreme movement in american history, he did say modern american history. plenty of extremism there on the left is a maga folk. i'm a maga phone. am i extreme?
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my parents extreme? the cops? are they extreme? that's exactly what joe biden is saying. when donald trump stood up and said, you know what? they're not coming after me. they're actually coming after you. i'm in the way. that's what people hear and that's what they see when joe biden said that. if you read the draft opinion that was illegally leaked likely by a progressive -- >> i disagree with that. >> it is narrowly tailored. what the left always does is goes to the extreme examples. we've heard democratic politicians say the conservatives want to ban biracial marriage. conservatives don't want gay students to be in classrooms with straight students. that's absolute malarkey. you find to fight a strawman. you rattled off statistics. talk to people in america -- >> martha: i want to -- i appreciate what both of you are
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saying here. but i want to -- the question that i posed to you, is it wise. is it politically wise? you have a lot of people who live in the suburbs a lot of independent voters like 70% that have a disapproval for this president. is it ways to do sort of the basket of deplorables plan here? is that smart on the part of this president? >> that's not what he said at all. he said, you know, the police are the good guys. donald trump watched the police get their heads bashed in -- >> back to january 6. >> if you disagree, take it up with the jurors that -- >> did you say the same thing about the rioters and the blm protesters? >> they burned a biden headquarters to. so it's nonsense. so the fact of the matter is, martha, to answer your question -- >> martha: is it politically wise to alienate half the country with that comment. is that wise? >> he's not accusing those
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independents that don't want to ban abortion, who don't want to raise taxes on tens of millions of people like rick scott's program does that doesn't want to end medicare and social security like rick scott. a senate leader does. that's not what those people does, the u.s. -- >> martha: each state will get to decide. that means the voter goes to the poll and how do you vote on the abortion referendum? i can say this way or that way. the people that work at the supreme court don't get to decide. i get to decide for my own self and for my own state with my vote. >> over a dozen states have passed laws saying no exceptions. health of the mother, nothing. no rape, no -- >> martha: this will have to be
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approved by the people of the state that vote. >> the states passed the laws -- >> the people voted for those representatives. >> great. >> you're the party that runs around democracy dies in darkness. >> and martha's question is that a way to reach independents. they are freaked out at the notion that those laws -- >> you're a party of defund the police, the party of open borders, the open party -- >> and you're the party of bashing police on the capitol ground. >> martha: it's not fair. nobody wants to see -- >> you're party -- >> martha: we're like normal people. okay? we don't want -- nobody wants to see a policeman's head bashed in. whether it's at the capitol, i don't want to see police officers in minneapolis chased out of their own precinct and driven away. we have a fair forum here. i'm going to keep that because i
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want to see -- when it comes time to vote, i want to see what independents do. that's what is going to be so fascinating about watching this mid-term process. what is more important to them. inflation or what is happening at the supreme court. we'll see. we'll see what they decide. thanks for being here. we like panels that have both sides on them, richard. we appreciate being here. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: peter, thank you. the president has called the supporters of the state-decided abortion law extremists. he would have to wear that label himself. as a senator, granted a long time ago, but it's fair to show what he said. he said i don't like the supreme court decision on abortion. i think it went too far. i don't think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body. then in 1982, president biden then senator supported an amendment to let the states
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overturn roe v. wade. he was the only democrat that voted with republicans on this. in defending his vote, "the washington post" wrote at the time that biden noted that he's a roman catholic and said i'm probably a victim or a product, however you want to phrase it, of my background. he basically said his religious beliefs led him to that conclusion, that it would be better to go to the states. now he says this, which has alarmed pro choice advocates yesterday because he used the word "child." >> martha: tough to hear that. we have the words on the bottom. i hope you put it together. he said no one should impact the decision of whether or not to abort a child. let's bring in josh hawley from
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missouri, the member of the senate judiciary committee. he clerked for chief justice roberts. a few things to get to. thanks for being here today. obviously people change their opinions. this happens. it appears that president biden changed his opinion on this. you can give latitude for that. it's fair, i think, to point out what the prior opinion was. >> well, why would now he want to force his opinion on everybody else in america. that's the real question. that's what he wants with roe. he says there's one view on abortion and the supreme court will control it and he joe biden will dictate it. this is what would happen if this opinion becomes the decision of the court. it means the people get to decide what the abortion law should be. what the laws protecting life should be in their state. that's what this is about. that's democracy. that's what the constitution gives to the people, the right to control this issue and to make up their own minds. >> martha: it's interesting to note in our polls, 54% said that
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they believe that a 15-week ban is fair. that was the line that they would say is fair. that's more than half a majority in that polling just to point that out. 15 weeks is the number that the mississippi cases all about. so just to mentioned that. now, you clerked for justice roberts. you can see the fences going up around the supreme court. justices cancelling their speaking engagements and getting doxed in terms of where they live. what do you want to say about that, senator? >> this is a threat to judicial independence. this leak -- i don't know who did it, but the left is sure celebrating it. what they're trying to use it to do is to pressure the supreme court into changing its opinion, changing its deliberations. they're trying to undermine the independence and integrity of the court. to threaten justices families and publish home addresses and say we're going to protest this.
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justice barrett has small children at home. it's wrong. it's reprehensible. the leak is reprehensible and the attempt to use it to undermine the integrity of the independence of the court is dangerous. >> here's what bill barr said when he spoke with us about it yesterday. let's play that. >> well, i hope that they put them in jail. this is a grave an unforgiveable sin. i think it is likely they'll find out who leaked it. it's a relatively small group of people that could possibly have done that. i think the full weight of the law has to be brought against them. >> martha: you agree with him there? >> if there's been a crime committed, there should be prosecution. if there was a lawyer, by the way and i suspect it was given who has access, they should be disbarred, should be fired. and we'll figure it out. we'll see what the circumstances were. if there criminal acts committed, of course they should
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be prosecuted. this is dangerous. have to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> martha: so the chief justice roberts just called this leak absolutely appalling. we know that the marshall at the supreme court is the person in charge of it. yesterday -- we're waiting for jen psaki to come out. yesterday she was asked did the white house object to this leak. do they believe it's wrong. she didn't take that head on. what do you think about that? >> of course they don't think it's wrong. they're loving it, celebrating it. they're trying to use it against the court. right now on capitol hill, you have senators that are threatening the justices saying we're going to pack the court, threatening to hold hearings not on the security of the court but how to get them to change. if that's how it is, we might as well elect the justices. if it's a referendum on ever representative different decision. what should happen here is the court should be able to do its job and the left should quit trying to interfere. >> martha: well, in the
12:15 pm
right-hand side of the screen, we have the fences all around. i think it's dismaying for every american to see the fences that we saw around the capitol building and to see these fences now that we're seeing around the supreme court. senator hawley, thank you. good to see you. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> martha: congressman tony gonzalez of texas wants to know why the president wants to release a dam of new my gants on what he says is already overflowing community and is the u.s. intel -- is u.s. intelligence making targets of russian generals, former deputy supreme commander of nato is here on that next. >> this is uniform muniformally irresponsible for the russians to guard and speak to, boast about their nuclear weaponry. there's no reason to bring it to
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>> martha: so we know what happened in kyiv. now the question is the east. is ukraine now winning the war again in this region? russian forces struggle in that part of the country, it appears that the ukrainian forces are succeeding taking back strategic towns around kharkiv, the second largest city in ukraine. having already saved kyiv from the russians, which was obviously an enormous victory for ukraine. could these victories cut off the key supply lines in the russian effort to take donbas, which obviously would frustrate them in a very large way in their efforts. how about this question?
12:21 pm
is the united states giving the ukrainians intelligence and weapons that are taking down russian generals? the u.s. will not confirm the number of generals that have been taken out but the smaller version of the switchblade drone, which is now arriving on the battlefield can be used to identify and kill individual soldiers and could take out a general sitting in his vehicle or giving orders on the front line. stunning. the pentagon responded to that report moments ago. watch this. >> i won't go further than what i said before. certainly no further than today. we provide them useful intelligence that allows them to make decisions to better defend themselves against this invasion. i think the less said about that honestly the better. >> martha: with that, we bring in former deputy supreme allied commander of nato. nice to have you with us in
12:22 pm
new york. good to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: it's clear why they don't want to elaborate on how much our intelligence is being used to take out russian generals with this astonishing equipment ability. what do you think about it? >> i shout a view of the pentagon, it's not in the interest of the ukrainians or the soldiers fighting that battle to be too open about the details of the intelligence. suffice it to say that the united states and other allies are giving ukraine huge support. that support would cover intelligence and other capabilities as well as weaponry. that is exactly what is needed at the moment. >> martha: i know you said it's time for nato to increase the tempo in our role. you think that is happening? >> yes. it is. i think that that line of churchill to roosevelt, give us
12:23 pm
the tools and we'll finish the job here. it applies to the ukrainians. they have shown courage, ingenuity and resilience as well. they do need the tools. we have to continue to ramp it up. what they're achieving at the moment and your report covered it, they are achieving tactical success in this battle of the donbas. they've had a number of victories but it's all about turning tactical victories into operational and strategic success. to do that, they need to build up their offensive capability and that requires all the nations of nato and other partners to give them what they need and to ramp it up. >> martha: seems that one of the things that inspires other countries to do that is when they see what's being done by the russians in ukraine. president zelensky spoke about this and compared some of their efforts to hitler's regime and world war ii. watch this. >> they're following the concept
12:24 pm
of gobles and using the same methodology to weak end the world of these phrases of lavrov. >> martha: it's stunning. we had this comparison by lavrov. this idea from putin and lavrov that -- to all of the people in russia, we're taking out nazis, a new version that exists in ukraine. now putin has apologized for lavrov's remark with regard to that. why do you think he would do that? >> i suspect he's looking at the impact of his remarks on a country that has thus far stayed pretty much neutral in this, israel. israel has a lot of citizens that originated in ukraine and citizens that originated in russia. lavrov's remarks, which are frankly disgusting, will have really hit home in israel. putin realizes he can't afford to alienate more nations, more
12:25 pm
countries than he already has done. nevertheless, honeyed world from putin do not hide the fact that his forces, his troops are committing unspeakable atrocities in ukraine. we should all never forget that. >> martha: so richard shirreff, thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: another story we're keeping an eye on, amber heard giving more dramatic testimony against ex-husband johnny depp, accusing him of slapping her, shoving her and kicking her in front of other people on an airplane. let's listen. >> did you bleed from the vagina as well? >> i did. >> did you experience any pain later? >> i didn't -- i wasn't thinking
12:26 pm
about that. i was heartbroken. eventually i realized i could be hurt because i was bleeding. but i -- i convinced myself i wasn't broken. the bottle wasn't broken or it would be worse. discomfort was feeling afterwards. just paled in comparison to how scared, shocked i was. scared. i just married this man. i just married him. >> forgive me for asking this, but i need to just make sure the record is clear. >> martha: okay. we're watching this very
12:27 pm
disturbing testimony of what happened according to amber heard between these two individuals. it just gets sort of more unbelievable with each thing that we learn here. david spunt reporting live from the courthouse in fairfax, virginia. hi, david. >> hi, martha. disturbing and emotional for amber heard. she's been on the stand all day today. she was on the stand three hours yesterday. after today, there's no court tomorrow and no court all next week. court is in recess. the jurors will have ten days to think about what she said. >> at some point johnny and i are on the living room. he whacks me in the face. i remember my nose being swollen, discovered, red. and i took a picture of my face.
12:28 pm
>> heard said she was a bruised and battered spouse. she told the jury again about what she says were multiple episodes of violence against a result of depp's temper. depp continued to look down and continues to look down instead of at the witness stand just feet in front of him. the actor is suing heard for defamation, $50 million over a december 2018 "washington post" op-ed that she described herself as a victim of domestic violence. depp's name was not arrested. he was not charged as a result. he denies hitting her. we cannot say this enough, this is a libel trial meaning the burden is on johnny depp to prove that she demonstrated a reckless disregard for the truth in her op-ed. it's a high bar to prove. depp's attorneys believe that he will convince the jurors and he will prove it. amber heard is telling an emotional story and her team says her words speak for
12:29 pm
themselves. martha? >> martha: thanks, david. a poll out this week is toughness for democrats. it reveals that a majority of hispanic voters want republicans to manage the border crisis. republican congressman tony gonzales on that and new calls to impeach the dhs secretary, mayorkas, after a volatile hearing that just took place on capitol hill. we'll be right back.
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12:34 pm
secretary alejandro mayorkas talking about the woman running the disinformation governance board and calling nina jankowicz an expert in her field. republicans want to know what it is that this board will be charged to do. gop members of the house judiciary committee are asking to hear from and ask questions to jankowicz herself about this position and exactly what it will entail and won't entail. secretary mayorkas says the board will fight this disinformation that encourages migrants to try to get into the united states as the feds are about to lift title 42 covid restrictions at the border. first, we check on the border with nate foy, who is in roma, texas this afternoon. hi, nate. >> hey, martha. overnight we saw multiple crossings here in roma, texas, including a group of 20 or 30.
12:35 pm
they turned themselves in to border patrol. we have images to show you. first, i want to show you new video from texas dps as they chase a drug smuggler with over 400 pounds of marijuana in the truck. you can see the chase starts on rural roads. then it makes its way on to the grassy area surrounding the rio grande. the truck plunges over the embankment in to the water. texas dps and border patrol call this a splash down. watch this. >> splash down, splash down. >> martha, what you don't see notably is the driver being taken in to custody. that's because they get out of the truck. it was the plan all along to swim back to mexico to avoid arrest. you do see agents confiscating 486 pounds of marijuana. that's texas dps on that bust.
12:36 pm
here in roma, multiple groups crossing including this group of 20 to 30 migrants turning themselves in to border patrol overnight. the numbers are expected to go up if title 42 in fact ends as planned on the 23rd of this month, which will put even morn pressure on local charities to deal with the humanitarian crisis. >> recently there's been another increase. every night there's hundreds of people that come across our border. we only work on one site. i'm sure there's other sites in roma. any given night, there can be up to 200, between 200 to 400 people crossing our river. >> to give you a perspective, there's a single bus that leaves this city every day at 10:00 a.m. that goes to huston. this city is not built to deal with an influx of migrants that they're seeing now and certainly not at the estimates that dhs is
12:37 pm
putting out if title 42 ends later this month. >> incredible video nate. gives you a sense of the dangerous work that these agents do and the situations that they get in. thanks, nate foy in roma, texas today. so joining me now is republican congressman tony gonzales of texas. congressman, good to have you with us. welcome back to the program. nice to see you. when you listen to that woman talking about 200 to 400 people coming across the river, this is a very familiar scenario to you. what are you asking the government of this country to do to make things easier where you live? >> thanks for having me on. it's simple. the people in my district, the people along the border are asking for one thing. they're asking for help. i'm here at the security state bank. i heard it all day long. i started off about 100 miles or so from the border. i was in dilly. i had lunch with the police
12:38 pm
chief there. he told me story after story of what is happening. every day, pure chaos. i met with the superintendent at the local school. everybody is living through hell, a few stories that are not making it out, we think of these smugglers and the coyotes, part of this cartel organization. they expanded. the police chief told me a story, chief delgado told me a story of a 60-year-old woman, a grandmother smuggling migrants. he told me of another story of a soccer mom that had her 11-year-old child in the front seat while they offered migrants. they're bringing $1,000 a head to bring people over. the chaos is spreading and spreading. it's all due to joe biden. >> martha: you know, when you think about this disinformation post and the administration says that it was started under the
12:39 pm
prior administration in order to make sure that people were not -- that the magnet was not drawing them and that they didn't have false information. what do you say about that and what do you think about this new version of it under nina jankowicz? what are you expecting of it? >> we should be terrified. secretary mayorkas and dhs has not been transparent at all. this organization hasn't been transparent. they won't tell the truth to media and members of congress. we all thought we were sold that this is sleepy joe and a quiet administration. it's been anything but. what it has been is no show joe. no show in ukraine. no show along the border. now they're trying to have -- create this environment where they're basically spying on us and creating this -- determining what is disinformation or not. i spent 20 years as a navy
12:40 pm
cryptologist. we fought against this as the russians and iranians. those are the countries that have disinformation campaigns. >> martha: you're calling for the impeachment of the dhs secretary and senator hawley is also on board with that. why do you believe that that is necessary and do you think there's any chance that that could happen? >> you know, part of it starts with one, solutions. we've identified the problem over and over again. republicans have come to the border constantly. just hosted leader mccarthy and elise stefanik down here as my tenth delegation. this is part of the problem. we have to make sure that we have repatriation flights that send people back that don't qualify for asylum. once that happens, the spigot turns off. i look at it whether it's mayorkas or somebody else, cdp commissioner, magnus, he needs
12:41 pm
to be responsible as well. regardless who is in the white house. congress needs to lead again. title 42 goes away in 18 days. there's a way for moderate democrats that talked about being supportive and helping the border, now is the time to keep title 42 in place. >> martha: more to talk about. we'll let you go with that, congressman gonzales. good to have you with us today. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: so okay. the dow is not having a good day to put it mildly.down 1,200 points. what a roller coaster this thing has been and adds, of course, to the problems and the economy and how people feel. they look at their 401(k). that is not great for the president because it makes people feel not great about the economy. so we're going to talk about that as we get towards the market close 19 minutes away. elon musk pushing back against an attack on twitter over his
12:42 pm
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>> martha: so elon musk wants to know who is out to convince advertisers that if he takes over, they should all ban twitter? the world's richest man tweeting, "who funds these organizations that want to control your access to information? let's investigate. made lead to some predictable places."
12:47 pm
david asman is here. but first to kelly o'grady with the back story. >> this is about dark money. it's funding the liberal agenda. now they're using it to police free speech as well. 206 activist groups and ngos urging advertisers to boycott twitter. digging in, the list includes big business, election and human rights down access dog and george soros and even twitter themselves. donors are not clear, but the co-founder is a former foreign responsibler spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign. this is a new focus. another target is the supreme court. protests are aimed at pressuring
12:48 pm
justices and dark money experts say this policy focus is concerning. >> the dark money spend being apparatus has been largely dominated by arabella advisers, the front group to george soros and his team. not only is it money that is influencing elections, but it's money that is influencing the trajectory of the policy of the country. >> if you follow the dark money, whether it's policy or business, what i do have the note, with this push back, elon's quest for an open town square gives believers that he security another $7 billion to fund his takeover. there's some momentum there. >> martha: very interesting. i love that he's questioning what's going on out there. thanks very much, kelly o'grady. all right. talk about questioning what's going on out there, i looked before and i saw the s&p number.
12:49 pm
i thought it's getting better. the dow is down 1,300. tech stocks having a very bad day. the worst day for the market since june of 2020. it adds to the concerns about the economy. more than 77% of americans say the economy is in bad shape. cnn says president biden is close to the point of no return with americans. a new poll shows that 77% number says the economy is in poor condition under the currents white house. with that, we bring in david asman. we're about 11 minutes away from the close. it's got a long way to go before it bounces back. what is going on? >> we're looking at dow jones. that's down 4%. nasdaq is down 5.5%. a lot of people, if you check your 401(k)s, apple and other stocks in there. you mentioned the poll.
12:50 pm
people's opinions matter, their sentiments matter. people stop buying things if they're not sure they can afford them. when inflation is high and we're not worried about the economy, if there's a recession, all the surplus jobs may disappear overnight if they have a recession. businesses won't be around to hire people. that's why if people stop buying things, that means corporations may less profit. if they make less profit, stocks do down. it's that simple. powell, the head of the federal reserve board said he can get rid of inflation with a soft landing. that means without a recession. the market today is saying we don't believe it. one, we don't believe there's a soft landing. two, we're not really sure he can get rid of inflation. it's not only printing money that causes inflation, it's when you have less stuff being made. we have figures today, productivity numbers today, down 7.5%. way more than expected. it was expected to be less than 1%. that means people are not making
12:51 pm
as much stuff. people are less productive. this is an after effect of the lockdowns. we turned off the economy and paid people for not working, people came in to the work force again with bad work habits. they're not producing as much. we see it in the service sector when we go to restaurantses or the retail sector. we're not satisfied with the service we're getting. people know what we're talking about. why isn't the same thing happening in the factories? turns out it is. that's why factories are making less than what they used to make. we're a less productive country at the same time that prices are going up. it's a terrible combination. >> martha: what do you think about elon musk and these letters that were send to 26 people banding together from all different entities, you just saw. they're coming after him. >> it's scary not only for elon musk but what is happening with the justices. to suggest there should be protests at the houses -- that's obstruction of justice.
12:52 pm
these guys are and women are deciding on cases that the protesters don't like. it's illegal to do that kind of obstruction of justice. bottom line with elon, he's doing fine. we just heard, he's getting more money for his purchase of twitter. even prince aulede said he didn't trust elon, he's parts of the group giving him money now. elon will survive and takeover twitter despite the protests. >> martha: thanks, david. >> by the way, twitter is up. the only stock that is up. >> martha: thanks. howard stern, the king of all media according to him for sure, blasting hollywood's hypocrisy after the attack on comedian dave schapelle. >> the audience at the oscars gave will smith a standing ovation after the attack. that is the truth. it's on film. it ain't fake news. they didn't break will's hands. they shook them.
12:53 pm
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> people are getting nuttier and nuttier and using these opportunities to attack people. >> martha: howard stern talking about this attack on dave schapelle. the comedian was tackled tuesday night in l.a. the suspect will not face we just learned any felony charges in this case. jonathan hunt has all the breaking news on this today from los angeles. hi, jonathan. >> hi, martha. the 23-year-old man that police said attacked dave schapelle was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. here is that weapon that police say isaiah lee had with him, a replica gun with a knife attached to it. the office of l.a. district attorney george gascon has decided not to pursue felony
12:58 pm
charges. while lee had the weapon in a bag, he didn't use it during the attack on schapelle. the d.a.'s office told us a short time ago in an e-mail statement after reviewing evidence, prosecutors determined that while criminal conduct occurred, the evidence has presented did not constitute felony conduct. isaiah lee will now face likely a misdemeanor charge, an outcome which critics say encourages similar attacks. the very point that howard stern was making about will smith's treatment by fellow movie stars was a he attacked chris rock on stage at the oscars. >> listen, you don't treat will smith any differently than they did the schapelle attacker. the audience at the oscars gave will smith a standing ovation. it's true. it's on film. it's not fake news. they didn't break will's hands, they shook them. it's wrong. they all should be ashamed of
12:59 pm
themselves. >> already many comedians are worrying that these responses by hollywood stars on l.a. prosecutors sends a message that it's open season on comedians that dare to offend anyone with their jokes. martha? >> martha: you have to think twice in that business these days. thanks, jonathan. so brand new episode of the untold story podcast, which we're so grateful that more and more of you are tuning in to each week. i speak with dave rubin. he wrote a brand new book called "don't burn this country." here's a bit of our conversation. >> we have had something so extraordinary in america for 250 years that has brought untold and unimaginable freedom to more people for more walks of life, for more places on earth than any other place in the history of the world. there's a feeling that we're giving it away right now. >> martha: download that. you'll learn more about dave, too. his personal story, which is a
1:00 pm
cool interesting story as well. also talk about the 2024 presidential election, what he thinks will happen. fox news is where you can download that. almost friday. it's thursday. we'll see you back here tomorrow. thanks for joining us. have a great afternoon and a lovely evening. thanks. >> neil: about those gains yesterday, sorry. we reversed them all today. the dow, the nasdaq, all major market averages careening to levels we have not seen or at least of this magnitude for better than two years. interest rates backing up and a reassessment of what the federal reserve intends to do moving forward on an inflationary problem that won't go away. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." what in the world is the the real estate of the markets? yesterday's nearly 1,000 point run up in the dow based


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