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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 5, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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report for the month of april. they are hoping for steady job gains in the vicinity of 400,000. you know the drill on wall street. if it misses that number or their concern things could get worse. well, it gets worse. a lot worse. but maybe it doesn't. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone paradigm judge jeanine pirro along with just jessica tarlov, martha maccallum, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ he has promised to unite america, but now joe biden is. half the country is extremist with his poll numbers in three fall and his headed for a white house wipe out the
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midterm. >> let me tell you about this agenda. it is extreme asthma far. i don't want to hear republicans talk about deficits and their ultra maga agenda. these maga republicans. i don't want to mispronounce that. this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history. >> mr. unity seems to forget that it is his party that is full of extremists. far left democrats like the squad want to defund police departments everywhere. they want to open the border, wide open to criminal cartels by letting title 42 expire. they want to push their ideology into every facet of life. biden igniting a backlash with his comments. >> essentially saying that this "maga" crowd is worse than terrorists.
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no matter how you feel about the maga crowd, this is an authoritarian assault on our freedom. >> i thought joe biden wanted to stand for unity. he >> martha, you had a lot on this. it just seems like this is joe biden's deplorable moment. a guy that is so low in terms of the midterms in just under six months. why are they calling everyone else deplorable? >> you can imagine that president trump and supporters and trump candidates think so, they give, this is exactly what we made it. he has a just and alienated have the other country. he is pulled against his own former thinking. he could be taking this moment and saying, i understand how you feel. people who support with the justices are going to decide,
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because i want felt that way myself. in fact, as the senator he said he didn't like the supreme court decision on abortion. i think it went too far. then he said when he was a proponent with republicans under the reagan administration of doing exactly what's happening right now, scratching roe v. wade and send it back to the states, he advocated for that. he wanted to vote for that amendment. he said it was because i was a roman catholic. a victim, or whatever. he's alienated everyone. the truth is that some people are somewhat more in the middle on this issue. our own fox news poll, 54% of the people who answered at think that 15 weeks is where the band should be. 15 weeks is what the mississippi law was about. it lines up with what you see in most of europe. this is not a radical opinion. when you look at how people stand on this. i think this is an online
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decision for him politically and i think that he's going to sort of feed right into the hands of what his oppositions going to be. >> just got, one of the things that biden said that really stunned me was that he set up i'm not prepared to leave if she was of privacy to the whims of the public." if he so convinced that the court is so wrong, why are they willing to let the states decide? let congress passed the law. >> congress will pass the law, or they will try to next week. i saw something i thought was really smart. there are 13 states right now that if the draft comes to fruition will immediately make abortion illegal or it will go to six weeks and that is making it illegal. have some things a little more moderate to get it done. and by some prayer of passing the senate. in the house, have a conversation about a 15 week ban when you are staring at 15 and you have these trigger laws, get
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something done that then you have to put moderate republicans on the back foot in the senate and they have to come forward and explain why they want to take this middle ground approach. 15 weeks, say miss europe, with the mississippi laws and to make them a decision. they will pass something in congress and it will stay on the senate and we'll be back back to square one. i think what we saw from joe biden, and i don't think that his comment was anywhere near having the impact, because talking about maga republicans is separate. he is talking about people that are big trump supporters and people of been calling liberals people with -- crooked hillary. >> 90% support inside the republican party. >> at 60 million people, 70 million people voted for him. but it doesn't really help the
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country. more people should participate. there are a lot of people who vote for a person who is on the ballot because they support the policies of the party when they don't really like the person. >> they didn't use his name, they just said maga. >> that was his model. his slogan was "make america great again," that is where maga came from. >> it offends a lot of people. >> is a p.r. person, there is a lot a lot. >> somebody did, he said it about 14 times. let me go to pete. one of the things at the white house did not seem concerned about at all today and jen psaki did not seem to have any response, was the docks enough -- the information on the supreme court justices, the five joined in this opinion so that people couldn't protest in front
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of their homes. that is typical of what the left does. the right doesn't do that. those of the people, that is why they call it. why can't the white house condemn that? >> they haven't even come out and said -- let alone the docks enough supreme court numbers so we are going to try to intimidate them at their homes, because they are so far down the train that they say that speech itself is violent. and therefore in response to that speech, violence is justified. politics is religion to them and as a result, the ends always justify the means. in this particular case, they are ramping up the fear. because they don't have any alternatives. even though everyone knows this is going back to the states, the congressman said. >> that doesn't mean an abortion ban. >> they live in those states. >> you are yelling. no one else was yelling. >> thank you. >> that is what people vote for. they vote for --
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>> that is what democracy talks about. they are ramping up the fear on the maga crowd. demonize the opponent and make the opponent the bad guy. and hope you can win. >> greg, it comes to you. but there are a couple versions right now. the president and the left is now trying to convince everyone, this is the end of gay marriage, racial marriage contraceptive. when the opinion is three separate places, this decision has nothing to do with those other cases. speaker they are counted on the fact that no one is going to read it. it normally does for people -- you read it, i didn't read it. i know you are telling the truth. for most people, they are on their phones doing other stuff. so when they are the stuff from joe biden, he combined through
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different issues when he is talking about this. it's actually not -- you don't get mad about it, you get sad. because it's an empty vessel peer that is why repeated the slogan for the software was put in. they put the maga software in and it sputtered and came to life and he got stuck. maga, maga, maga. this is the latest example of a comment or smear. when everything about trump being mean or whatever, he went after the media. he went after politicians, celebrities, and even athletes. he never really -- i don't think he ever singled out a democratic voter or democratic voters. the salesman wants to get everybody. but the democrats -- the democrat leaders punched down. they do it into his, they smear millions of people are they chasing an individual down in the media whether it is for posting a meme or wearing a maga hat. but this is part of a larger
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trend, which is because the modern woke frames everything as moral or immoral when you are talking about religion, it's actually flip from the republicans of the 80s. the majority is now on the left. until there's -- he was able to explode without any breaks. nobody could come to the breaks, because the brakes or forgiveness. what are you seeing is an incredible flip. the democrats are less forgiving and more judgmental and the republicans are the open times. you are showing all of these republicans -- you are getting people that would normally have excellent roles. this is an overarching theme if you look at the masks against the unmasked, the denigration of parents. letting them eat cake narrative about food shortages and gas prices bear there's a disdain for the unwashed masses. that was the stereotype. but secretly, so has been the
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♪ ♪ speak of the dhs secretary grilled by senators and kind of revealed he didn't actually know
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that much about his newly hired disinformation czar, despite calling her qualified. take a look. >> she has consistently misinformed the public about the hunter biden laptop story and spend the light that it was russian propaganda. use social media to launder propaganda herself. >> were you aware of this information when you chose her? >> i was not. >> how could you not be? >> did you do any research on our? >> is the department aware of her tiktok videos? >> senator -- >> they are really quite precocious. >> senator, i was not. >> he's so funny, senator kennedy. 20 g.o.p. led states are threatening to sue over the disinformation board and republicans make an issue over the lack of vetting for the chief.
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newly uncovered video shows are dismissing concerns about a critical race theory is in schools. >> critical race theory has become one of those hot button issues that the republicans and other distant informers who are engaged in disinformation for profit, there's plenty of media outlets that are making money off of this too. it is no different than any of the other hot button issues that allow disinformation to flourish. it's weaponizing peoples of motion. let me start with you on this. what i loved of what she said -- if you find yourself getting emotional, there's a good chance that someone is just manipulating you. so just call yourself down and say, i'm being manipulated could not not going to let it happen to me because i know what they are up to. >> you are right. the other statement was the republicans and other distant informers, as if there was all there.
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we the republicans are just informed. and all those parents that are testing the school board because they really are in it for the profit. it is a drooping irony of our moment that the person in charge of the government on disinformation is herself at this informant. intentionally on one side of the aisle. the people that hired her and knew exactly who she was. and know exactly what your political inclinations and instincts are. she said do you seek him, thirtysomething d.c. creature that went to georgetown and that same way that bubble things, which is one side of the aisle is to some formants, the rest are the elites. coming for the maga crowd about what is acceptable. they wanted it that way, thankfully she tweets and tiktok more or less and knows about it. maybe she won't get this position. the department of homeland security supposed to keep us
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safe. and instead it is facilitating open borders in the southern border and creating a government to censor speech of citizens. >> this is an unfair criticism of her. >> now. if there wasn't evidence for it like a tiktok i could watch or a tweet i could read and everything is recorded now and people have to be conscious of that. when you're part of a digital generation, that is something you often find out too late that this is something she's been doing as a professional and that is perfectly fine. maybe you are not suited for this particular position. it doesn't mean that there isn't room for you in the world and to have another great job. but this physical question of when mayor arcus is going to say, it's not worth it for me anymore. >> this is what happens. they want this person and this is person is going to end up a little too extreme. maybe if we sacrifice this one for this one, we will get this thing we want. maybe that is what's going on
2:20 pm
here. i believe that he had not seen the mary poppins video. someone on his team i'm sure had an instinct it was going to be a problem. maybe that is an indication of knowing what's wrong with our times as well. people do not think ahead as to what the response is going to be from the other side. this happens constantly running absurd candidates who have crazy pasts. they think, oh, they won't find out about that or whatever they were doing. >> i wasn't talking about you particularly. >> i know what you mean. >> a lot of people have this kind of background, janine. there's not that many stand-up folks who were dying for these kind of jobs i don't think. or even perhaps running for government. but what do you think about the performance there and this? >> every time he speaks, i say to myself, there is a perfect example of a man who lies every time he opens his mouth. like a mother borders are secure. if 18,000 people come through a
2:21 pm
day, if we look at title 42, it will be fine. the man has never said a truth as far as i'm concerned. i don't believe him and with all due respect, i must tell you, if anyone in any place in the united states should recognize that there's got to be a vetting of an individual, it has got to be in washington, d.c., when you are talking about a white house or administration. this isn't like in high school they are hiring a guy five years ago that got drunk or something. a disinformation board or whatever they want to call it. all of a sudden this guy -- she is eminently qualified. not qualified cup of the opposite. she has proven that she is not qualified. this is what i hate about politics. i hate the fact that people don't believe in right and wrong
2:22 pm
and truth and justice anymore. it is about power and winning and lying on your way to get a net. makes me think of you. >> thank you for that. >> dhs should stand for dom hire secretary. he claims that he could not disclose how he hired her as if their hiring process is sacred. doesn't the government require businesses to kind of make their practices transparent? this guy doesn't know who is running the board and he doesn't even know who's running the border. see what i did there? pretty good. that's normally i would say a harmless person. a walking hardware trend. she tweets about that. crt is a right-wing fear
2:23 pm
attracted. laptop is russian disinformation. these all good -- the year down my problem is not that it's late, doesn't make her a bad person. it doesn't make her a bad person. the problem is she's not unbiased. if you look at everything she talks about and believes in cobo she is swayed by what gets in touch and in her world. if they actually keep this actual board, they have to really try to bend over backwards to find somebody with a centrist perspective, somebody that they might not flight, you know? somebody that passes you all 50% of the time and doesn't tick you off the other 50%. we know that there a lot of people out there. i would use somebody like bill marr is an example, because half the time i want to throw something at the team e.
2:24 pm
that's really brave or really amazing. you could to know exactly what side she's going to come down on just by reading your tweets. social media has made it very transparent. i don't think he knows who i am. >> what are you talking about? [laughter] >> a newspaper that someone who's neutral. that is what i need. you pointed out, he would discuss the inner workings of the higher class. first of all, it's the united states government. he can't tell you how he hides the person because he hired them with their money. anyway, i had to come of the president and his vp at odds again according to some new reporting. this time over an issue that they really want to make a lot out of right now. so when we come back.
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ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.” ♪ ♪ >> more proof of a rocky relationship between kamala harris and joe biden beard the not so dynamic duo apparently divided. kamala decided against cutting a video with biden over student loan payments. becoming the public face of the policy of not wanting to upset progressives who are demanding biden cancel all debt, just suck up. a real story, or was it pushed by the biden camp to show his norm moderate? i smell a rat, what do you think? >> which one is the rat? >> everybody and dcr routes. >> all democrats are rats?
2:30 pm
[laughs] i don't think this is about progressive or not progressive enough. they're all these new polls that came out in the last couple of weeks about how strong kamala harris is performing right in with black voters. the population of the democratic party turned out in the highest numbers on door of the least likely to be slipping over to republicans producing the numbers of latinos big time. i wasn't as concerned with the idea that she thought she was being tied to something that wasn't progressive enough. it is much she wants to have her own platform, if it happens in 2024, he doesn't run. that is going to run, but we do know two and half years in d.c. is a very long time. >> in biden years. >> two and half years and biden years. >> this also connects back to her, she was upset about people not standing up when she was walking into an office. getting a portfolio that she wasn't pleased with even the majority of what she's dealing with is what she dealt with when
2:31 pm
she was vp. it's about finding your own place and not so much the spectrum of at. >> this is a million things that she could do. she is the vice president of the united states. she is a woman, a woman that so many young women want to look up to. she is in the unique position in american history. pick an issue. and not laugh about it. how about the root causes of abortion? maybe she could do that one. maybe she could do any issue. but the problem is she is either lazy, incompetent, has 13 people who quit on her. she doesn't like the guy who gave her the opportunity to be vice president and after she called him a racist -- i'm thick the woman would get along with anybody. i don't care who she thinks she's dragging along with her. i wonder if it's also just cockiness that she thinks the
2:32 pm
work is beneath her. she is not doing anything. but maybe she just thinks, i don't have to do it. >> when you let a story get out that says that you refused to be in a video of the president, that is not a good luck, right? one of the things i think mike pence was so good at was being come on a supportive role. i'm steady ending i'm going to make sure that i feel like the government is running well and efficiently. i think that mike pence actually really -- he was very present. he was out a lot, talking about things that he cared about. clearly something is really rotten in denmark and it is really clear. i think she does look unhappy, not a psychologist, but she looks aggrieved all the time. and it is a normal job that you can really make something of if you decide to do it.
2:33 pm
i think you are coming think she should be in the video and i think she should get on the team. >> it's like a bad episode -- or a great episode -- wife swap. >> that show was really fun. speaking to find out while my, my spouse isn't so bad after all because i cannot live with this person. >> an arranged marriage or a marriage of convenience, but this is a political marriage going south. they know they have to stay together for the kids. there left wing base. and for their cause. they started out with the regular lunches in 2021, we're going to meet together to discuss policy. kamala wants joe's job, he has to fake it.
2:34 pm
one person. he's got one vote. they are going to keep going at each other. >> you know what they need? >> is this like shocking to you? i'm also not going with the idea. i think that joe biden has a lot of skills and policy positions that appeal to the widest slots of democrats and there's a reason he won in 2020. i don't think anyone could have won that election. >> they need to come up with a version of marriage counseling for the president or vp, once a week. elon musk. to speak i could see that. >> we are bringing in a consultant. and we are going to talk it out. we are going to have a little time to create -- to air how we are feeling. >> it's like the beginning of that the movie marriage story."
2:35 pm
>> that movie was incredible. flush monk speak up next, radical d.a. letting the guy who attacked dave chappelle off easy. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. ♪ ♪ >> unless you live in california, people are getting out of crime infested blue states at a record pace, and for good reason. for the second straight year, california has reported a drop in the states population. and perhaps it's because people are fed up with radical d.a.'s like george gus: come as declining to pursue any felony charges against the man of attacking comedian dave chappelle. the suspect apparently had that fake gun with an ejecting knife weapon in a bag, but did not
2:40 pm
actually use it during the attack beer judge, let me go to you. there was also bail set at 30,000 before we knew these details. that seems shockingly low. when you look at these crime incidents, it'll surprise people. >> it is no surprise. except for the fact financially, california is run -- there really is no -- i don't know how to explain it. financially, they are in a mess. they are almost bankrupt. but crime wise, gascon is trying to recall for a second time. apparently they've got 40000 out of 566000 signatures and almost raised already $6 million. he has got to go. he believes in the criminal, not the victim. he's letting criminals out of jail. he's not adding any of the additional punishments for columns, et cetera. but i've got to tell you something about this attack on
2:41 pm
dave chappelle, who i love, by the way. if he didn't have that weapon on him when he was attacking dave chappelle, it wasn't a felony, i'm sorry. and i hate to say this, but it's true. if that thing was in his backpack and if he didn't use it in the assault on dave chappelle, maybe you could say it was an attempt at an assault as a felony. but right now, gascon, by sending it to the city court is probably right about it. i don't know what the guys record is. i would've given him a lot more bail, only because anyone who is willing to jump on to stage like that in front of that many people has no fear. he has no fear and i can guarantee you that there's more in this guy's background. but unless it was within his reach, it is not a felony. >> really quick, considering the weather california has come a is there any introspection amongst universal statewide democrat
2:42 pm
leadership? >> i think so. when people look at their tax revenue, when they are brought into the real world, that is what happened in new york during the pandemic when everyone went to florida and texas. governor started paying attention to that. to your point, jerry brown left surplus. >> i know. there's been a shift on what's going on in california. people don't like to see the spirit but they especially don't like to see it to random people. the everyday people. they were going to be 20 people on the stage within a second. i'm thankful that he was fine. but odds are he's a lot safer than someone who is attacked on the street. those are the things that are topics of conversation across political parties right now. >> greg, martha, real quick. >> we think people in california are leaving, but are the numbers going down? because i bet they don't count the homeless population which is obviously growing as they make
2:43 pm
it more acceptable to camp on straight and aggressively panhandle. skid row is now becoming skid city, so they may be shedding people when they should be shutting people. >> very good. >> thank you. see what i did there? >> i was interested in what janine had to say. what would he be charged with? >> assault in the third degree is a misdemeanor. probably a year. >> nla, even if the judge -- even if he was prosecuted, it would be a drive-by sentence. they drive and by the prison saying okay, he served her time, drive home. >> it does change between this on what happened with chris rock. i think that harris made a great point about how differently these two cases were handled. you do have to worry about people on stage. broadway around the corner here. it changes the tone or when you start to see these things.
2:44 pm
>> this is why i retired from chippendale's. >> that was always a problem for you. people always clamoring on stage after you. >> everybody. >> email your tapes to "the five." >> stay right here, amber heard making explosive accusations against johnny depp and the $50 million defamation lawsuit. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dramatic testimony in johnny depp's defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife amber heard. accusing him of being controlling and abusive. >> we'd get back to the hotel room and johnny shoves me and kind of grabs me by the collar bone pit i remember he threw a bottle at me. it missed me, but it broke the chandelier. he just whacks me in the face.
2:49 pm
he hated, hated james franco. he got so angry at me, slapped me across the face. crying saying, no one had ever embarrassed him like that. >> martha, you've been covering this case on your show. where do you think things stand as of now? >> i don't know. i mean, i just think that these two people are what everyone thinks hollywood couples are like, you know what i mean? absolutely off the wall. you don't know who's telling the truth. who is truth. but i think that there is culpability likely on both sides here. but the bar that she has to -- that he has to prove is that she had actual malice and that she was calling him an abuser in editorial that she wrote. he has to prove that she had malice in constructing that editorial against him and that it cost him a lot and that he lost jobs because of it.
2:50 pm
but the whole thing is a sorted soap opera and -- i hear things that i believe on both sides. >> judge, you've dealt with a lot of domestic abuse survivors and specifically men. can you talk a little bit about what you been seen. >> first of all, it is very rare that you can get a man to come forward and admit that he is a victim of domestic violence, extremely rare. whether it is an attempted murder or something less than that. i'm not going to waste a lot of time, but just that's a fact. johnny depp came out and talked about that for a guy who considers himself masculine, that is something that is debilitating for a man to have to admit. a woman actually stopped him around. and he had injuries he was able to prove and that he has pictures of, evidence of, that kind of thing. credibility is something we can't wage here at the table. it is what the jury sees and hears and my sense of her -- i'm
2:51 pm
not believing her as much is on believing him. i think if he came outside, i have a problem, if a drug problem, i don't stop around, but the bigger issue, the umbrella is the fact that each of them had problems with their parents. and their parents have problems, not necessarily with them. okay, i know. but the truth is i think they were playing out their parents lives and she i think was a little much angrier than he and the testimony that's come out -- he knew what she was getting into before she married him. she needed money, she admitted that, there was a motivation to marry him. and she decided to do that and the question is whether or not the jury is going to buy at. >> i think they should get back together and do a remake of charlie and the chocolate factory. he plays charlie and she plays the chocolate factory. >> i got it. >> quick response very literally.
2:52 pm
>> okay. >> that made me very grumpy. >> it is sad, it's utterly dysfunctional. do you feel for the kids that are in the middle of this. it is stereotypical -- what are you doing to me, greg? >> drama, throwing bottles at each other. messy divorces. i guess that makes you feel little bit better in my own life. >> i never take solace into other people's despair. just bad all around. >> we were talking about how it's pretty incredible to think how we all thought johnny depp was an abuser and it took us four years to get to this point were we actually heard about what his relationship was like. one more thing is up next.
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>> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing. greg, hit it gut get tonight great show 11:00 p.m. rob o'neill, heather norton. kat timpf, let's do this. greg's uber news. if there is a millions of jobs that need to be filled. are you to in the case of uber. take a look at this, now hiring bears to drive. see that bear? >> i can't tell. >> bear in a car. >> greg: i knew this would be a problem. see there is a bear inside that car. >> judge jeanine: he is not driving. >> greg: you save this, judge. >> dana: bear claws. >> dana: not on the steering wheel. >> greg: connecticut by the way. >> greg: i didn't interview the bear. that's your job.
2:58 pm
>> judge jeanine: my turn for one more thing. tonight i'm hosting "primetime." we have a lot of great people on. you have to watch to see who they are. in the meantime there is a -- >> dana: do you know who they are? >> judge jeanine: pam bondi, and a whole bunch of other people. i'm very busy. i have to talk about this now. it was stumed up but no goose pennsylvania elementary school. students at school so excited at the elementary school when the mother duck let her newly hatched ducklings pot pond they went through the school first. they have a sensory garden where the mother laid duck eggs, after they hatched the ducklings waddled through the hallway. she is trying to say thank you very much. this is certainly the moment the children will remember duck duck goose goose. no goose. okay, jessica. >> jessica: so, 3-year-old pearson was very excited.
2:59 pm
[laughter] >> jessica: so excited about his mom getting married. maybe too excited the adorable toddler couldn't help himself when he saw his bride to be mother in the gown. his mom said she wouldn't have wanted her special day to go any other way. >> judge jeanine: how sweet. >> jessica: isn't that cute? >> go ahead, pete's. >> pete: this isn't sweet. i humbling submit upcoming book june 14th. battle for the american mind revealing the cover tonight and it's about the 100 year progressive takeover of k through 12 education. how they did it before there was critical race theory. there was critical theory. before there was social, emotional learning there was transition to social studies. the progressives have been working really hard. we did the research along with co-author david goodwin june 14th. preorder now because you know supply chain. >> martha: history to social studies and that's when things
3:00 pm
went awry. i took a lot of social studies. >> greg: me too. >> martha: have a podcast dave rubin don't thread on this country. walker hayes awesome country music star and craig cooper who is his neighbor. it's one amazing story about what their friendship brought to their lives and a big new number one hit now. >> judge jeanine: okay. so that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: judge i take to you now and toss to you at 7:00, right? >> judge jeanine: yes, i will be there. >> bret: i will do that. >> greg: a bear sandwich. >> bret: good evening i'm brought baier massive sell off federal reserve's policy to curb inflation wiping out yesterday's big gains on the markets and prompting further worries about the long-term state of the u.s. economy. the dow cratered today 1063 points. the s&p 500 lost 153. the nasdaq fell 6437. get insight now from fox business


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