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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 5, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> greg: me too. >> martha: have a podcast dave rubin don't thread on this country. walker hayes awesome country music star and craig cooper who is his neighbor. it's one amazing story about what their friendship brought to their lives and a big new number one hit now. >> judge jeanine: okay. so that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: judge i take to you now and toss to you at 7:00, right? >> judge jeanine: yes, i will be there. >> bret: i will do that. >> greg: a bear sandwich. >> bret: good evening i'm brought baier massive sell off federal reserve's policy to curb inflation wiping out yesterday's big gains on the markets and prompting further worries about the long-term state of the u.s. economy. the dow cratered today 1063 points. the s&p 500 lost 153. the nasdaq fell 6437. get insight now from fox business correspondent jackie
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deangela's in new york. >> good evening to you. we saw incredible volatility over the last couple of days i would say, bret. essentially fueled why uncertainty rising interest rates and inflation. deep sell off on the dow today canceling out yesterdayed's sharp gain. the u.s. federal reserve had the ability to cool inflation by raising interest rates. when borrowing costs go up for consumers and corporations, demand falls, and, thus, prices fall, too. the critical issue is how much to raise and how fast. the fed doesn't want rising rates to hurt too much and it doesn't want inflation to hurt too much. the delicate balance. when fed chair jerome powell raised rates a half a point yesterday, the stock market cheered thinking easier lending will continue. powell could have moved three quarters of a point and he at any time. but then today's drop reflected realization today's inflation will likely persist.
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>> i think you are going to see a consumer in great need over the next six months and i think food right now, we are still working through supply chain issues. trying to really rebound from covid and that's been very, very damaging. >> the consumer is impacted by all of this. paying higher prices for goods and services. including food and gas. buff now as rates rise trying to buy a home more costly, too. november 10th 6 last year the average rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage hit 2.89% according to freddie mac. in anticipation of rising rates. # 5.27% today the highest since 2009. the immediate yum home price in this country right now is 405,000 according to with a rise in rates, the monthly payment on a home at that price has gone up $431 in a little less than six months. assuming the borrower doesn't
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refinance, that adds up to about $155,000 over the loan's life. even with that jump in housing costs and fears, that potential first time buyers can no longer afford to purchase a home critics of the fed say powell should move faster on rates to ease prices on goods and services more quickly. critics of the administration says reckless spending in washington that triggered inflation needs to stop now. bret? >> bret: okay, jackie, thank you. also breaking tonight as the investigation continues into the leaking of that u.s. supreme court draft opinion on roe v. wade abortion case, president biden still refuses to condemn its untimely release and this evening security concerns about the justices in the wake of pro-choice reaction to the prospect of a roe overturn. peter doocy has details from the north lawn. >> good evening. we just heard that white house officials are working hand in hand with democratic lawmakers
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up the street trying to figure out if roe v. wade goes away maybe there is a law protecting abortion access. right now, not enough support for it. but we're also hearing tonight that the white house is going to stand alongside protesters that plan to show up at the justice's houses. >> let's celebrate today. >> as the president celebrates cinco de mayo. >> i'm glad someone in this crowd loves me. >> abortion activists are organizing protests at six private residences of supreme court justices all marked on a map published on their website calling themselves ruth sent us as a nod to the late justice ginsburg organizers write announcing by wednesday may 11th, 2022 at the homes of extremist justices three in virginia and three in maryland. if you would like to join or lead a peaceful protest let us know. the group's financial backers unknown for now. they are offering to paid people to show up advertising stippens available. a new non-scalable fence now
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surrounding the supreme court not high enough for lawmakers. a bill aimed at giving the supreme court authority to provide around the clock protection to potentially endangered justices. >> this risks violence against members of the supreme court and their families. >> democrats are on the same page. >> people should not serve in public life and feel that outrageous extremists on either end of the political agenda suddenly have license to physically, verbally attack public officials. >> chief justice roberts told a group of lawyers in atlanta the roe v. wade draft may have been leaked by a, quote: bad apple and called the release, quote: absolutely appalling. some democrats agree with him. >> i completely condemn the leak. whoever leaked it, you know, should be prosecuted. >> the white house officials won't go there. >> our focus is on is not getting our distracted or eye off the ball of what is most important if you go across the country here, which is not the leak. >> now white house officials are
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balancing expressing their preferred policy with public safety. >> justices have young kids but their neighbors are not all public figures, would the president think about waiving off activists that want to go into residential neighborhoods in virginia and maryland? >> peter, look, i think our view here is that peaceful protest, there is a long history in the united states and the country of that and we certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful. >> that is one of the last times we will see jen psaki at the white house podium announced today her final day will be next friday may 13th. she is going to be replaced in the top job by her deputy careen john pierre who makes history as the first black woman and first openly lgbtq person to be white house press secretary. bret? >> bret: didn't jen ask you whether you were sad to see her go. >> i the battle features a tv
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star and a hedge fund ceo. but the biggest personality in all of it may be former president trump. correspondent alexandria hoff has the story tonight from western pennsylvania. >> dr. mehmet oz met with voters in mount lebanon, pennsylvania where a question was quickly raised about his stance on abortion. >> some of your videos have been very condemning. >> abortion has returned front and center to commonwealth senate primary after the supreme court's draft opinion on roe v. wade was leaked. a breach that dr. oz called criminal. >> democrats are talking about insurrection all the time. attack on a branch of government is insurrection. >> pro-life stance is part of why president trump endorsed him last month.
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statements of when life begins have forced the celebrity heart surgeon to play defense including on the stage last night. >> you have a track record completely opposite the positions you are saying now and the pennsylvania voters need to know. >> david mccormick is currently polling neck and neck kathy barnett, jeff bartos and carlos sands not far behind. unlike j.d. vance in ohio, dr. oz did not experience a windfall in the polls following the backing. we spoke to several voters who put it will like this. >> i vote in the primary because i will probably be voting for the endorsement of trump's dr. oz. even though i heard that he is a liberal as far as abortion is concerned. >> i'm a heart surgeon. i have taken care of babies when they're first born. i appreciate the sacredness of the heart. nine months earlier that sacredness is still there i believe life starts at conception. >> past belief he shares with former president trump that exceptions should be made in cases of rape, incest, and to
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preserve a mother's life. >> dr. oz is set to speak alongside president trump rally here in the commonwealth. in fact, also speaking will be ohio nominee j.d. vance. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. now overseas heavy fighting being reported tonight in the besieged mariupol ukraine where russian troops attempt to finish off the city's last ditch defenders and complete the takeover of the strategically vital port. kremlin denies its soldiers are storming the plant and that there has been a ukrainian push back there. ukraine's military claims it has recaptured some areas in the south and repelled other attacks in the east. washington based institute for the study of war says ukrainian forces have chargely stalled russian advances in the east it says intensified russian airstrikes on transportation infrastructure in the western part of the country have failed to stop aid shipments to ukraine. let's get some thoughts and insights from fox news senior strategic analyst retired
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general jack keane, general, thanks for being here. >> yes. wonderful to be here, frankly. >> bret: it seems like the russian, u.s. policy in the big picture, has shifted. has changed, on really both sides. >> yeah. i totally agree with that. that's a great question. the fact is that after the first failure in the north and obviously second phase was donbas region in the southern coast, russia began to change the narrative to cover the failure. and the change in narrative was we are conducting a war against united states and nato. proxy war that they are conducting and that's who we are opposing. now, the narrative on state run television is not just we're in ukraine to fight nazis or committing genocide against russian-speaking people in the south and east, we're fighting united states and nato who are trying to encroach on the security and stability of russia. this has been a constant theme of his when conflict hasn't been
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taken. >> bret: full on proxy war in his mind. >> yeah. and it builds that big narrative to convince the russian people that russia was the victim. the second thing the united states policy and listen the administration is not going to agree with what i'm going to say but i think actually this is what has happened. there is a policy shift. and initially first couple of weeks, women's support for the ukrainians in terms of arms and ammunition, very specific. it was more of a push them and based on very good sources that i had, biden administration was putting pressure on zelenskyy to make a deal. take a settlement. is zelenskyy and his troops did an extraordinarily well and as a result of that. world opinion was changing. public opinion in the united states suddenly very supportive of the ukrainians, zelenskyy one of a kind figure. captured everybody emotionally and psychologically.
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helping defeat the russians inside of ukraine. actually using the word to attain victory and then went all out to get ammunition and supplies. not just out of the united states depots. but organized 40 other countries to do the same. so the policy, yeah. it has shifted. >> bret: why do you think the offensive for the russians has stalled again? you know, they are putting all this fire power in there. putting all these people in there. and, yet, the ukrainians are repelling in a number of different cities. >> i will tell you, bret. looking at it now, after this much time a couple of months. there are systemic problems there that they cannot overcome. >> bret: russia. >> yeah, russians. first of all, they are generals. they cannot put together a competent campaign plan that's sensible and that people are capable of executing properly within their limitations, overly ambitious. conducting an an attack donbas
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four separate axes which they did entering the country at the beginning. the second thing is command and control. centralized old soviet monologue command and control doesn't work well on a fluid battlefield with all the technology that we have on the battlefield today. what people don't understand, the american military, fighting a battle like that. we put a plan together. and then our subordinate leaders at the junior level make decisions based on what the enemy is doing. they don't have to ask permission. they just act. because they are in a difficult situation. the other thing they reorganize the russian military into these battalion tactical groups that everybody has been hearing about. in doing that they gave away the headquarters above them normally control about five of them. and they are gone. so they fight these units individually with no one providing reconnaissance for them. they don't have the artillery that they should have. and they never them together because they don't have the
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capability to do it. logistics has failed miserably again. >> bret: quickly, general, the question i get time and time again is how does this end and how does putin have an off ramp? this thing? >> well, may 9th may tell us a little bit. because that's a celebratory thing in russia's world war ii to defeat naziism. he could begin to take a victory on that day, based on the territory he owns, mariupol. that is why he is attacking mariupol. is he willing to take the casualties by the way now. starve them out. 9 may is coming. they want that done by 9 may so they can celebrate actually in mariupol as well as moscow. claim that claim kherson and that kind of like a province politicize make it independent place. donbas extend that a little bit. they have gained some territory but not much. and i think transin moldova come into play something they
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politicize as independent republic. that is something but it's a far cry from where he was. i think they have to come to the realization that actually occupying a significant amount of territory in ukraine is likely not going to happen. ukrainians they have an opportunity here to push the russians out. they are going to need significant amount of support. and my calculation, just on artillery alone the russians, the one thing they do well is artillery and the thing that kills artillery is artillery. we will have to send them a lot to do it. a lot more than we already sent other nations. there is opportunity there. at the end of the day, it will be probably likely that there will be some kind much hopefully with the ukrainians taking pa back most of their territory. the opportunity is there for them too it. >> bret: a long time. general keane as always. thank you. grand? >> bret: amber heard talks about domestic violence during her marriage to johnny depp.
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>> bret: breaking tonight,
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federal health limb tators strictly limiting who can receive johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine due to a rare but serious risk of blood clots. the food and drug administration says the shot should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or specifically request the johnson & johnson version. authorities for months have recommended americans starting their covid-19 vaccinations using the pfizer or moderna shots instead. the man accused of attacking david chairman will not be charged with a felony. his weapon a replica gun, a knife was in his bag during the attack and not actually used. lee will now face a misdemeanor charge gas cone has taken heavy criticism for what critics say a very lenient position on violence. an alabama sheriff says the extremely dangerous prisoner and corrections officer who helped him escape spoke regularly over
3:22 pm
the phone during the past two years while the convict was being housed in a different facility. casey kohl white and vicki white while not related are said to have a special nonphysical relationship, the pair vanished after fleeing friday. u.s. marshals are now in pursuit. vicki white sold her home for cash late last month. she was about to retire and had spoken of relocating to the beach. more tales of terror tonight from the story of actors of marriage amber heard and johnny depp. she says she was victim of domestic violence. he says her accusations have ruined his career. david spunt is in fairfax, virginia tonight. >> it wasn't him. i have never been [inaudible] >> amber heard telling her side of the story to jurors second day. johnny depp listened with head
3:23 pm
down. through photographic evidence heard described herself abused and battered woman in love with a man high on drugs who couldn't control his temper. >> he shoved me up against the fridge. he had me by the throat. and he just was holding me by my throat. and i wondered if it was the drugs. i wondered if it was him. >> heard told jurors that depp physically attacked her on an airplane in front of others. >> i was looking out of the window and he slaps my face. and i -- it didn't hurt me. it didn't hurt my face. i just felt embarrassed. depp is suing her for $50 billion over a will op-ed she authored describing herself as a victim of domestic violence. depp's name was never mentioned in the op-ed. but he claims it ruined his career. he denies hitting her and was never criminally charged. depp's attorneys must convince a jury that amber heard demonstrated a reckless disregard for the truth in
3:24 pm
writing her op-ed. defamation is a high legal barr to prove. depp's team believes they can prove actual malice. court is in recess next week. the week after amber heard will be cross-examined by depp's team. expect tough questions. bret? >> bret: david spunt outside the courthouse. additional leaked audio from house minority leader kevin mccarthy about the capitol riot january 6th. fox 7 in miami as walgreen's reaches a $683 million settlement with the state of florida in a lawsuit accusing the company of improperly supplying millions of pain killers. >> the state says those drugs contributed to the op-ed opioid epidemiclinked to half as over the last two decades. fox 5 several tornadoes and flash floods tear through texas and ong yesterday. a school, a marijuana farm and several structures were damaged. no injuries reported there. and this is a live look at
3:25 pm
rochester, new york. one of the big stories there tonight, ms. pacman alongside dance, dance revolution. macarena of time, zelda game and said meyers civilization inducted into rochester's world video game hall of fame. ms. backman was released in 1981. remember that? about one of the best selling arcade games of all time. i played it, did you? that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. >> bret: tonight another leaked audio recording of house minority leader kevin mccarthy's phone calls on january 6th. >> drip, drip, drip. the latest leak did i vulings a blockbuster.
3:31 pm
kevin mccarthy and aid discuss the 2 w5th amendment of the constitution to remove the president. >> the options cited by the defendant so far are the 25th amendment which is not exactly solution here. >> takes too long, too. >> mccarthy privately blamed former president trump for stoking the capitol riot. >> what the president did is atrocious and totally wrong. >> the resolution is adopted. >> questioned the wisdom of a second impeachment of a former president press are fog smooth transition between. >> i think the >> it's nearly unheard of to have a conversation at such high levels about the 25th amendment but legal scholars say it wasn't the right remedy. >> the 25th amendment addresses physical or mental disability it
3:32 pm
doesn't address a president who is viewed as obnoxious or deeply wrong in actions that he may have taken. >> member of the 1/6 committee say the tapes are a treasure throve. >> it helps to flesh out what kevin mccarthy was doing and what he is saying because he has lied so often since then about what he was doing in those days and hours. >> the 1/6 committee just interviewed donald trump jr. in private. the committee goes public with big hearings next month. the last major hearing hits in september. that's when the panel releases its report six weeks before the midterm elections bret? >> bret: chad pergram on capitol hill. there is growing concern among president biden's supporters about his decision to end covid inspired asylum rules along the southern border. tonight we see another example of just how dangerous the situation is becoming there. correspondent nate foia is in fn
3:33 pm
south texas tonight. >> new video shows a drug smuggling attempt stopped by the texas department of public safety. troopers in brownsville chase as truck until it plunges down embankment and splashes into the rio grande. >> confiscate 486 pounds of marijuana. but the driver sets away swimming across the river back into mexico with scenes like these even members of the biden administration worry more migrant also come if title 42 ends as scheduled on may 23rd. >> we must acknowledge that our immigration system and particularly our asylum system are outdated and were not built to contend with the populations and volumes that we are now seeing at our border. >> on capitol hill today, a senate committee hearing this warning from the assistant secretary at the administration for children and feargets we currently have 8390 children in our care; however, we are planning and preparing for any potential increase and referrals
3:34 pm
that might result from the termination of title 42 for adults and family units. >> family units continue crossing the rio grande into roma, texas, including this group of roughly 20 overnight. badly needed humanitarian support is coming mostly from charities. >> it's just crazy. you have hundreds of people crossing the river and they have got to process all these people. we are an in between to help bring calm and everything. >> bret, here in roma, we are told hundreds of migrants cross each and every night. to give you some perspective, there is a single bus that leaves town every day at 10:00 in the morning. we will send it back to you. >> bret: nate foye in roma texas, thanks hundreds of people to hospitals with breathing complications. suspended several hours. fifth sandstorm to engulf iraq within a month. and hong kong beaches and pools reopen following beijing's
3:35 pm
announcement to ease some of its tough quarantine rules for afristles overseas. china has maintained its hard line zero covid approach but has imposed less burdensome restrictions in beijing than in other cities such as shanghai where millions were placed under strict lockdown. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. when we come back, daniel krauthammer joins us to talk about his late father as you look at the green room there. and we introduce you to this year's winners of the annual dr. charles krauthammer memorial scholarship. ♪ ♪ , so your business can get more. (grandmother) thank you for taking me home. it's so far. , so your (young woman) don't worry about it, grandma! this'll be fun. (young woman) two chocolate milkshakes, please. (grandmother) make it three.
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♪ >> bret: news by its nature is an immediate enterprise getting it fast for today's audiences. but our late colleague charles krauthammer in many appearances over the years on this program was often more focused on the long term. how what happens now will affect future generations. in that spirit, we are so proud here at fox news to continue honoring his memory by announcing the graciela croix and emmet gaffney are the recipients of this year's dr. charles krauthammer memorial
3:41 pm
scholarship: some people were born to be journalists. others find their way through a keen intellect, endless curiosity and the desire to carve new paths in life. that was charles krauthammer. >> you are betraying your whole life if you don't say what you think and you don't say it honestly and bluntly. >> bret: his early ambition was to be a psychiatrist and despite a diving accident that left him paralyzed, charles graduated at the top of his class at harvard medical school. the journey took him to the nation's capital. >> i thought once i'm in washington isn't that where they do politics? one thing will lead to another. >> charles' regular appearances on our show were a treasured celebration of the power of idea was. his views cut through the noise. poignant one minute, pointed the next. it was analysis seasoned with experience and a clear-eyed sense of the possible. critical of political pomposity on the left and right. >> the big estherer that we make is to lose the damn war because
3:42 pm
we refuse to recognize hot enemy is. if you are a conservative you should be optimistic. i was the dogging that didn't bark. >> bret: just a few months ago we inaugurated our redesigned washington offices and dedicated our new green room to him. a fitting tribute since he often held court in there with guest and younger journalists. after his 2018 passing, we also created a college scholarship for the children of fox news employees working in partnership with the national merit scholarship program. this year's recipients emmet gaffney of new jersey whose father brian heads our documentary unit. emmet is the editor of his high school newspaper and a pitcher on the baseball team. he hopes to study history in college in wisconsin. >> part of that intrigue in that is that i don't exactly know what i want to do, i can can find of explore those interests, hopefully in college and by this time in about four years hopefully i will have something
3:43 pm
lined up. >> bret: graciela croix of maryland. her parents lillian and phil mccloy work in our washington bureau. accomplished dancer and volunteer in her community. she hopes to study psychiatry or speech therapy in college in florida. >> seeing him overcome that much is push me getting this award in his name do my very best in school just to honor his legacy of always helping people and putting so much effort and hard work into everything he does. >> bret: congratulations. charles said his father inspired him always to know everything, learn everything. passing that gift onto the next generation of thought leaders through this memorial scholarship. what better way to honor the memory of dr. charles krauthammer. joining me now daniel krauthammer. charles' son himself a writer. great to see you. >> so good to see you too, bret. >> bret: such a great time when we do this every year now and to see emmet choose history, at
3:44 pm
least so far and grace choose psychiatry, both things that your dad just loved. >> yeah. no, it's incredibly appropriate, i think, in so many ways. you know, that my father was so passionate about learning. not only that but saw it as a duty that's what everyone should do is take it to the fullest. and the fact that emmet is history and grace psychiatry i couldn't think of two subjects closer to my father's heart. he would joke sometimes when young students ask woo ask him how do you get to this point of being a renowned journalist first you go to medical school. in all seriousness he thought that education really taught him something about what happened. makes life worth living. and then it was he saw what could put all those things that mattered at risk, which is politics gone wrong. and i think he would be very
3:45 pm
proud for these two rising students to be following those paths and to continue the kind of passion and commitment to learning that he put his life towards. >> bret: we talked about this. your father's words cut through the noise here on the panel. we often find ourselves going back into our archives. things happening now to listen to your dad's wisdom on different things. here he is on ukraine policy. >> putin wants the crimean peninsula. he has got it we have to make it plain that he has to stop where he is. russia sees america shrinking defense budget to the point where it becomes irrelevant. if you get obama of all people turning it around, that's a long-term price that the russian also regret. >> bret: he wrote in the "the washington post," obama's foreign policy of denial. no one is claiming among ukraine would have definitively deterred putin's current actions. the possibility of a bloody and
3:46 pm
prolonged ukrainian resistance to infiltration or invasion would surely alter putin's calculus more than obama's toothless sanctions of empty diplomatic it gesture as preposterous geneva agreement wasn't worth the paper it was written on. i walk into people every day i want to know what charles would think about this moment. i'm guessing that's pretty close. >> i think. so i think about this all the time. i have gone back and real estate so much of what he wrote in his books and columns. he was unfortunately credit dib by mr. prescient. he learned tis history. when you let a tyrant push and push and don't push back they take more. look at writings from 2014 when putin first took crimea back in 8 even when he went into georgia 2000 and 2,000 when putin was just uttering his goals my father saw it incredible by mr. clearly and he knew the lessons of history going back to the
3:47 pm
20th century and 30's and before that if you don't have a strong free world led by america to push back and uphold, you know, the sanctity of the laws put in place to keep the world peaceful. >> it instead gets dominated by the likes of putin and xi and iran and unfortunately i think if we had done much of what my father argued years ago we might not be where we are today. >> bret: listen, we miss him every day. his words. please give our best to your mom. i do potentially is a seat at the panel if you feel like. >> thank you, bret. i would love. to say we are dealing with a lot in my family. my mother and i want to thank you and suzanne scott and everyone at fox for continuing my father's legacy with this scholarship and we wish all the greatest luck and our congratulations to emmet and grace and we are very excited to see what they do with these pads of learning they have embarked on. >> bret: it's great to see you
3:48 pm
too. thanks. up next, the panel on how today's tanking stock market and tomorrow's job report could be bad omens potentially to democrats this november. ♪
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is. >> to slow too often it created the inflation now they want to have credit for solving the problem when in fact the problem may actually exacerbate the situation.
3:53 pm
don't have enough tools in the tool kit for the economy that we have today. >> when they were talking about inflation being transitory, it's like standing outside looking at a tornado and predicting it is not going to come at you. we are already in a recession. so they have to deflect all of the things not going to well for this administration. >> bret: need some dam mean for dramamine forthe stock market. inflation much too high. powell puts the hammer on price hikes. inflation since the 2008 wall street crash if surging prices continue that prospect has sent stocks sliding. guy benson political editor down jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters and "the washington post" columnist marc thiessen. mark, you know, for people looking at the economy, listening to the administration talk about it, there is a disconnect.
3:54 pm
>> very much so. and first of all i dismiss krauthammer. i wish i had gone to medical school. inflation was already eating away everybody's paycheck and now inflation and the stock market are eating away at the retirement savings and for this president the list of litany of worse keeps getting worser. we already have the worst inflation in 440 years. worst crime rave since the 190s. worst border crisis and worst labor shortage 11.5 record million unfilled jobs in this country. worst mortgage rates in 14 years and worst productivity since 1947. on the cusp of a recession to put a cherry on top. this is a bad situation for this president and is he not getting any good news. >> bret: jeff dog, that point in our new fox news poll compared to two years ago your family financial situation is there is that word again worse 44%. that is the head wind the democrats faces a they go to november. >> you know, bill clinton as governor when he was running for
3:55 pm
president said it's the economy, stupid. i think that phrase still applies. and virtually every political campaign sense. it will certainly apply this year and apply in 2024. it's a challenge inflation is not something that he can just bring down unilaterally. he likes to blame the war in ukraine and covid and i think that economists would back him up in saying that those are certainly having an impact. he owns the economy. he owns this -- the governing right now. and it's certainly something that republicans are going to hammer him about in the midterms and after that. >> bret: guy, we talk a lot about different issues and obviously the abortion issue rose to the top this week with that leaked draft opinion it really is the economy. >> right. we have a very short attention span collectively in our society these days. what you are not going to lose sight of how much you are paying every single day for gas, for
3:56 pm
groceries and that sort of thing. your point about abortion which is clearly at the forefront of our discussion now. i think the democrats who might be banking on that to be sort of the savior issue for them might be some wish casting. some wishful thinking there looking at the new fox news polling. yes, most people support retaining roe v. wade but also support pretty substantial restrictions on abortion that democrats typically don't want to talk about hence your exchange yesterday with congressman from ohio had cannot want to tack that question that you put to him because it's thorny for the other side of this equation as well pennsylvania senate race. take a listen to the debate last night. >> i have been america first my entire life. president trump endorsed me calling me america first i knows what you should know i love this country. >> people naturally pivot toward democrats who won't solve your problem but they will cut you a check. that's how we are on this path
3:57 pm
where we find ourselves on the road to serfdom. we need to get america first. we know we want to send an america first senator to washington. not a squish, because we know that's how we are losing our country to the radical left. >> bret: after j.d. vance's win you can't get more trumpy on that stage i don't think, marc. this is your race. i asked everyone to pick one what do you think. >> the prism of the ohio senate race if i was david mccormick i would be sweating. donald trump picked somebody who was not a leading candidate who was in third or fourth place with 10% of the vote and catapulted him over the top into first place. before trump -- before trump's endorsement mccormick was leading oz in the fox news poll. he is now up 2.5% in the rcp average ahead of him. so, it's not the 23 points that j.d. vance got but it's a bump and in a divided field, it could be the decisive factor. >> mccormick is supported by a
3:58 pm
bunch of former president trump former advisers. >> bret: including his wife. jeff, your race? >> my race is the georgia governor's race. also interesting with the trump angle. the former president is supporting senator perdue against governor kemp. governor kemp, however, is really way ahead in the polls, both in the primary and in election or for the general against stacey abrams. he has a lot of money. stacey abrams also has a lot of money. though she is spending a lot of money. former senator perdue apparently is considering dipping into his own fortune to make up for that cash change. >> j.d. vance 32%. perdue 32%. the difference is the field isn't divided. >> bret: your race, guy? >> looking at the general. florida governor's race. i don't think the outcome is necessarily indoubt. the incumbent is in pretty good shape desantis, the margin could being in a election statewide as we start to look even past 2022
3:59 pm
i got my eye on this one. >> bret: you think desantis is lays the ground work? >> i think he might be. i think he is building a reputation and a record and a big win down in florida could reallily put wind in his sales. >> bret: can he do that in. >> trump isn't without the baggage. is he a counter puncher but without all the negative. >> bret: all right, panel. thank you very much. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a special day ♪ >> bret: on this cinco de mayo carlos is spreading happiness to
4:00 pm
san diego sheriff deputy immigrated with his family to the u.s. from mexico in 1996. deputy mute says mariachi music lets him give back. will happy cinco de mayo. tomorrow on "special report" inflation. that's does it for us fair balance and unafraid. judge jeanine pirro hosts "jesse watters primetime" right now. hi, judge. >> judge jeanine: hi, bret, nice to see you again. >> bret: you too. have a good show. >> judge jeanine: all right. ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: good evening and welcome to "jesse watters primetime." i'm judge jeanine pirro. tonight, a radical leftist group has released the addresses of the conservative supreme court justices calling on their legion of liberal followers to march to the judges