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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 5, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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hopefully jesse will be back soon. i am just here to tell you he is feeling much better, he had his surgery and god willing he will be back sooner than you think. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you can question whether joe biden actually got, what the number, 81 million votes in the last presidential election in action later in the show we will. but even if you accept there actually were people who voted for joe biden voluntarily, it's hard to believe that many of them got anything like what they expected in return for their votes. joe biden, not to be dark about it just honest, joe biden has turned out to be an unparalleled
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disaster. it is not an overstatement and it is a generous assessment. our country has ever seen anything like joe biden has done. barely 15 months into his first term as president, joe biden has crash the stock market, provoked a food shortage, opened our borders to millions of illegal aliens, presided over historic rises in murder, inflation, and drug ods, as well as a corresponding plunge and overall life expectancy. and then because all of that wasn't punitive enough for a country as racist as ours, he dragged the united states into an entirely pointless war with a nuclear armed power on behalf of a corrupt foreign government that once bribed his drug addicted son. that's all real. joe biden did all of that. and those are just the big, easy to measure crimes he has committed. we spent virtually every night cataloguing some of the rest, shuttered schools, permanent looting, latin american levels of wealth inequality, tampons in the boys bathroom. $7 a gallon gasoline, unprecedented race hatred, homelessness, mental illness, suicide.
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it above it all across the pacific ocean, a chinese government that is laughing out loud as we destroy ourselves for no reason. that is some of what joe biden has done so far. we promised a return to normal. he has delivered war and economic collapse. joe biden is old enough unfortunately to almost never certainly be held accountable for any of what he has done but his party should be. how will any democrat outside west hollywood ever get elected in this country again? in a fully functioning democracy, that would be an honest question. but biden has a plan. turk of the fear, they i'm complaining, criminalize the opposition. just 24 hours ago, joe biden, president of united states, told us people who don't support him of the single biggest security threat that faces this country. not al qaeda. not the chinese military, not the mexican drug cartels, not even russia, which we are told daily is the wellspring of all evil. no, you. you are the biggest threat because you don't vote democrat. as joe biden put it, "this maga
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crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history." the most extreme, the worst. worse than the clan, the nazis, than the anarchist murdered an american president, that is you, you are an existential threat to the country you were born in. it is hard to believe joe biden said that. but he did say it. and of course, some people believed him. here's what the supreme court looks like tonight. you will notice the riot grade security fencing around the building. why is it there? it is there to protect the justices inside from the mobs that joe biden has incited with the demagoguery you just heard. samuel alito is a 72-year-old legal scholar whose views would have been considered ordinary and mainstream maybe five years ago. now, according to joe biden, he is a dangerous extremist, he is a member of a movement more threatening than any political movement in american history. what's the result? well, today, alito had to cancel
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a public appearance because there were too many threats on his life. for each one of those threats is in fact a threat to us and our country. you don't want to live in a country where supreme court justices cower in fear for their lives if they reach the wrong conclusion. that is the definition of a failed state. turns out we have a justice department that exist to prevent things like this from happening. that is the whole point. that under joe biden the doj is too beholden to the mob to say a word about it. you can't offend antifa, they are a vital constituency. here is the attorney general merrick garland appearing to tell us what he is worried about most. watch. >> consistent with the president's executive order on tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad, we are issuing a comprehensive environmental justice enforcement strategy. communities of color, indigenous communities, and low income communities often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, pollution, and climate change. >> tucker: welcome of course.
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the great know my greatest threat is global warming, which by the way is racist like so many other weather patterns. that is what merrick garland is most afraid of tonight, and of course, in order to fix global warming which is existential! whatever that means. you are going to have to hand merrick garland and joe biden a lot more power over your life. sorry. that is the only solution. much more on that to come. but for now, here's what you should know. merrick garland didn't even mention the threat, the physical threat to this country's highest court because those threats come from the left and therefore aren't really threats. see how that works? you are about to see more of it. a left-wing activist group is now published what it says are the home addresses of justices amy coney barrett, john roberts, samuel alito, brett kavanaugh, clarence thomas, neil gorges. quote mike "we must rise up to e accountability using a diversity of tactics" explains the group's website, a diversity of tactics. what are those >> president biden: you can imagine they already include disrupting catholic church services. not a big deal.
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in order to change is the prim court, that is not an attack on democracy or anything, merrick garland is not concerned. now if someone were to vehemently criticize oprah, that would be different. a press conference on the national guard. but the supreme court justices, they deserve what they got. and so, under these conditions, violence is already beginning. abortion lunatics just vandalized a church in colorado. same thing has happened to a pro-life counseling center in portland. in los angeles demonstrators threw rocks at cops for some reason. what did they have do to do with it? who knows. war on the system and the injured one of them. but merrick garland isn't worried about any of that. his fellow democrats support that. they are calling for it. they long have. here is chuck schumer from two years ago threatening mob action if any supreme court justice were ever to get out of line. watch this. >> i want to tell you, gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have unleashed a whirlwind
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and you will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> tucker: you will pay the price? really? these are people with lifetime appointments, so how exactly could they pay the price? we can't vote against them. what can we do? we can hurt them. we can harass their families. we can make it impossible to live in this country through threats of violence. "you won't know what hit you" said the thug from new york. apparently they are about to learn what is going to hit them. remember when liberals use to oppose violence? they did. give peace a chance. it is hard to believe there was ever a time that was true. maybe they're just pretending. in any case, they are not foreign. violence is the religion. here and abroad. you are seeing it on display right in front of you whether you have noticed or not. in eastern europe. so rather than trying to save a civilian population of eastern europe, joe biden is pushing for a hot war against russia. in fact, he is already engaged
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in a hot war against russia and so are we whether we know it or not. "the new york times" just ran this headline, "u.s. intelligence is helping ukraine kill russian generals." oh, no big deal. party for the paper, "the united states provided intelligence about russian units that has allowed ukrainians to target and kill many of the russian generals who died in action in ukraine more," according to senior american officials. so they are bragging about it. and not just that they are nbc news reports biden officials are also bragging about helping to shoot only russian transport plane carrying hundreds of russian troops, and then tonight, since being here, tonight the administration is saying out loud it is to help sink a russian warship. why are they doing this? more baffling, why are they taking credit for it in public? why would you tell people you are doing that? there is only one reason because you want war with russia
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more against nuclear armed countries is hard to imagine. there has never been one. there is no reason to have a war like this there does not need to have no might be a war like this. biden wants it. we are not imagining that, he is telling us what he is doing. we are just ignoring. many democrats are telling us what they are doing. biden allie congressman of massachusetts saying out loud on fox on monday. watch. >> as they wrap this in the senate with ukraine funding in covid funding, you guys okay with that? >> i support it because it is the right thing to do for ukraine. obviously there's a lot of politics involved and there will be domestic debates at home about policies and whatnot but at the end of the day, we have to realize we are at war and not just network to support ukraine from we are fundamentally at war although it is somewhat through proxy with russia and it is important that we win. >> tucker: really? we are at war. did you know that? that they text you to let you
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know? because wars tend to escalate and wars that are existential from one side in which the leader of the country feels he may die if he loses ten to escalate very quickly. obviously. seth moulton is not worried, it is just important we win, he tells us. we, who is we? and important to whom, exactly? is there anyone outside washington who wants a real war with nuclear arms russia? who exactly is seth moulton talking about when he says we? we were wondering and then we watched biden yesterday, he traveled to alabama and michigan mike visited the only constituency in america that longs for war with nuclear arms russia and that would be his donors. he toured a lockheed martin plant and as he did biden posted we are sending so many weapons to ukraine that mothers in the united states are naming their children after lockheed martin's missile systems. watch. >> when we build weapons and equipment to help defend freedom and sovereignty in europe years ago, that's true again today,
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the javelin missiles manufactured here. they are highly portable comments from the effective against and wide range of targets. targets 400 meters away. in fact, there's even a story about ukrainian parents naming their children, their newborn child javelin, not a joke. >> tucker: it's a joke, just a little joke about weapons systems. it used to be when american presidents talked about killing people the first thing they did was make certain it was absently justified, we have been in braided, or harbor, 9/11. this is an entirely voluntary exercise. the second thing they did was attach gravity to the idea of people dying because when people die it is sad. they leave behind spouses and parents and siblings and children. death is sad. acknowledge that. they don't joke about it. joe biden considers that an uplifting story. joe biden is demented and he is
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dangerous and so are the people who work for him. that is true. sorry to say it out loud but israel. this country needs same leadership immediately. pray the midterms are fair. joe kent will find out, he is running in the november midterm elections from a former member of the army special forces are trying for a seat in washington state at a republican primary. we are happy to have him tonight. joe kent, thank you. you just can't say enough. we are at war with russia, gave administration tells us we are at war with russia and i'm just wondering what percentage of the american population knows we are at war with russia and supports it? >> i don't think any american knows we are at war right now because congress has not done their job. they have blindly authorized billions of dollars to go to ukraine to exacerbate this conflict. we are allowing our intelligence community without any kind of oversight to brag now out loud that we are killing russian generals, sinking russian ships, taking every single action to provoke the russians to give them no other option but to view us that we are at war and
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congress has not respected us enough, not shown us the deepest decency to come back to their ds until the american people this is what this conflict truly is, this is what i'm going to need from you, taxpayers, billions of dollars at a time when inflation is out of control and at a time when our southern border is being invaded, i need to send it overseas and by the way things go wrong i may need to save your sons and daughters off to go die in the blood lands of eastern europe or if it goes really wrong we will be in a nuclear conflict but we don't have same rational people that care about this country or respect its people in charge right now. we are in very dangerous waters right now, unprecedented. we have never been here before and there is no guard rails right now for what the biden regime is doing to this nation. >> tucker: and they did what they always do, which they shouted down anybody who asked questions. defines the police, shut up racist, the facts, killing people get in a nuclear war.
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they completely emasculate of the other side to the point where we all went along with the same kind of didn't notice it was happening. >> it is absolutely ridiculous and we have to understand what the name is. they're going to call us putin stooges and try to shut us down. and exactly, we don't care, the new republican party, america first movement is all about putting our nation first and doing what is right for our country. we don't care what the other side says to us. they say hey, we need you to settle up and go to war with russia, we say why and absently not end there is a constitutionally appointed process to follow. this needs to go to a war powers debate on the floor of congress. no congressman right now should be authorizing one more penny to go to ukraine. if we give them any aid whatsoever we should be dictating to zelenskyy that he should be at the table with the russians trying to stop the killing. the intelligence community right now that is leaking this information, that is trying to get us in this more, these people need to be found out, held accountable, stripped of
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their jobs and their clearances because they are pushing us toward a war not keeping us safer. >> tucker: it is too crazy. someone toria nuland or joe biden says you don't love america, really? just laugh at them. joe kent, i appreciate that, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: the idea that political violence against your enemies is a new thing is not true, another thing we have havt called out explicitly enough, it has been going on a long time on the left. here is maxine waters from 2018 doing that. here is just one example. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get up and you tell them they are not welcome. >> tucker: yeah, they are not welcome in their own country. and the mob obeyed because they always do obey. it is not the first riot she has
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called for, by the way, check the tape from 92 in los angeles. but it works. all the sudden trump administration officials cannot have dinner in restaurants and woke up at three in the morning and kids terrified because people are screaming at them and that was no problem at all. over the next four years, biden voters were going to accelerate, destroy the major cities, firebombed court houses, rigor of political opponents. it is all extreme, no one remembers. he is one of the few journalists who bothered to cover that as it was happening, host of the turning point usa show "front lines" and we're happy, happy to have him on. supreme court justices being intimidated into changing their legal opinions. sam alito can't speak in public now and no one is saying anything about it, like what? >> tucker, this is criminal cartel behavior, threatening political opponents or any opposition, this is exactly what we see in third world countries when it comes to politics.
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but this is the same playbook we saw in 2020. the far left views politicians, democrats, they gaslight their bulk mob in order to mobilize them, energize them to commit political violence and literally get political goals done for them. that is literally domestic terrorism. they used blm to do it, they used antifa to do it come immediately after the scotus documents were leaked a couple days ago, i started to track antifa on twitter and immediately it antifa was calling to terrorize their oppressors, they took to the streets in portland and started to analyze. this is the new normal they want us to accept where riots are normal and only the far left can commit political violence and get a political point across. i'm not saying the right to do that i'm saying it is clear the deep state and far left is doing it and they allow it because they are on the same team. this is all about killing and murdering babies but i guarantee, tucker, these people care more about murdering babies and they do george floyd and they are going to do more, you
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just watch. abortion needs to die and babies need to live. >> tucker: i've got to say, it is not even a partisan point. if pro-life groups were physically threatening liberal justices over an abortion decision, i would say you can't do that. that is an attack on the system which has worked 250 years. you can't do that. no one on the left will call these people out. it is the unbelief. drew hernandez, i appreciate your brave reporting. thank you. 's so we have an election coming up in november, obviously a lot hangs on it, as you can tell if you are paying attention. the question is will it be fair? so it is entirely appropriate to ask was the last election fair? asking that is like a criminal act or something. but every american has a right to demand free and fair elections. period. so after the break we are going to talk to someone who conducted what seems to us like a legitimate and thorough investigation into what happened in the 2020 presidential election. she will tell us what she found.
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stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, since the moment that the media called the 2020 election for biden, a lot of people on the right and a lot of conservatives have had questions real questions about the integrity of the election p.
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we have not said a ton about it, done a couple segments on it but we have really tried to be as responsible as we can. we don't want to make mistakes. on the other hand, we and you and every other american has an absolute right to seek the truth about elections or any other topic and to say what you think about it. period. so we are, it turns out, the only news outlet left in america that believes that. it is now effectively a crime to ask questions about what happened during the last presidential election. that is not an overstatement, by the way. and why is that? why can you ask those questions? democrats always ask those questions after an election and on some level it is okay, it is not an attack on democracy to demand fair elections and to demand proof of fair elections and end is in fact a defense of democracy. when you defend a system, you are supporting the system. but the biden administration does not agree with that. they want you to shut up, vehemently want you to shut up. the department -- a
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law enforcement agency, the biggest in the country, believes asking questions about the last election is a crime. >> breaking news at this hour from the department of homeland security, that agency warning police departments across the country that false claims about the 2020 presidential election are fueling calls for violence on social media. >> tucker: false claims about the last election are fueling violence. now violence is always bad. we are always against violence no matter who commits it, unlike the left, but asking questions about the last election is constitutionally protected. it is a right given to you by god and safeguarded by the u.s. government. period. but they are telling you you are committing a crime and you are violent if you ask questions. [laughs] democrats have been saying this since election day. and keep in mind, there are questions. the last election is not like previous elections. democrats use the pandemic to change voting rules in ways that made it much easier to commit fraud. that is just true.
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we have to do this, people will die if we don't, they told us. at no point you may recall that the media raise any questions about these changes to the process. within moments of the 2020 election outcome, without conducting any investigation at all into a brand-new system of voting, they concluded any claim of voter fraud was meritless. >> top aides suggesting the defeated president, president trump, hold rallies to drum up bogus conspiracy about election fraud. >> the g.o.p. keeps spreading complete the on substantiated claims about voter fraud. >> the attorney general telling federal prosecutors to look into the arm substantially and claims of voter fraud. >> no widespread fraud in the voting process. >> tucker: of course they have no idea in that if that is true. just shills for the democratic party. you know that by now. we are not going to keep repeating the same line and it is so obvious, they don't know anything. they are just starting something
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because their friends the democratic party told them to. why the obsession with mail-in ballot and? we have not had that in the history of this country at the scale we just had it? people can't go to the polls anymore because why? why are they soul in favor of mail-in ballot and? that connected to the fact joe biden who is a husk and a mannequin from everyone knows that somehow got more votes than barack obama, who is a living person, really? that is a fair question. you will notice the democratic party was thrilled about mail-in balloting. >> the american people chose joe biden to be their next president by an enormous margin. the most secure risk in american history was accident. >> the most secure election in modern -- >> 2020, the most secure election ever. >> tucker: [laughs] the most secure election.
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they can't tell us how, they are just lying. maybe it was the most secure but we have the right decipher our self. period. we have an absolute god given right. in fact we need to because we have an election coming up and an election after that two years later and if we are going to have confidence in the outcome of those elections and we pray we do then we need to be absolutely certain we know what happened in 2020. there is a long preamble to our next interview which was wih catherine pingel bread. she is conducting what seems to us like an entirely legitimate, cool-headed investigation into the 2020 election and we are happy to have her join us tonight to tell us some of what she found. thanks for coming on. this is a great topic and i hope we can discuss at greater length in a different venue but give us the highlights of what you found. >> sure, well, you laid it out. there was so much inconsistency in 2020 and we, checks and balances being removed left and right, you can't help but wonder why and you have this infusion of private funding, drop box is
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largely unregulated -- recipe for fraud. being deposited in drop boxes that are not being monitored. what we thought, what is a way we can test the theory, is there abuse or not? reinvested in a tremendous amount, 10 trillion cell phone pings, geospatial data that allowed us to monitor the movements around drop box is to develop patterns of life and determine whether or not unique devices were going repeatedly to drop boxes. over time, that became a pattern that included not just drop boxes but also far left organizations, and we noticed a pattern consistent with the nexus between both of the organizations and the drop boxes. 's overtime when we did this five states and five jurisdictions, as i sit here tonight, i can tell you, there was rampant abuse of those
5:30 pm
drop boxes, and the data that we have is immutable and proves it. increasingly by video. >> tucker: so can you be a little more specific for those of us too old to understand what i drop box is and what roll it might play in an election, why would you have a drop box, just go to the polls, that is a separate topic, how exact we might this have worked? if there was fraud as you think he's pings to suggest, what does that mean exactly? >> sure. in the 2020 election, there were drop boxes put in place on a scale never before seen. there were a lot of promises made about surveillance video being attached to all drop boxes and standards being enforced but none of that really happened on scale. so what we decided to do was basically geo-fence, sort of a digital way to put a net around each drop box and then wanted to find out if a phone, if individual devices crossed through that net, really what
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turned out to be an extraordinary number of times. over the five states in the five jurisdictions that we studied, in order to make the level of study, the average number of drop boxes was 38. 38 drop boxes into the, you know -- and, by the way, also including the visits to the nonprofit organizations. so there is definitely a pattern here and increasingly now as we are seeing video come out we are able to match the drop box pings with video. and you see it for yourself, when you can match those in the states that have video, you see people stuffing in ballots. and nobody was watching this. why even have surveillance video if no one is going to check it? >> tucker: why would you have a partisan organization, these left-wing nonprofits you just described, have any role whatsoever in the mechanics of voting? that just seems prima facie insane to me.
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>> well, this is what we have been trying to gain ground on for over a year. investigate this. why are these patterns here? and really all it would take is the beginning -- this is the same type of data that was used in the january 6th event. they were certainly very good about rushing to deanonymize those pings and track all of that. let's see some parity on the side of elections. there was 1 ton abuse in this cycle and we have to get to the bottom of it because if we don't fix this in 2020, which was outrageous, when you look at the way the numbers add up, outrageous. and if we don't get a handle on this, we are destined to repeat it in '22 and '24. >> tucker: why wouldn't congress just passed a law that says elections are run by the government, that we all pay for, and we hope and civil service rules we hope keep it
5:33 pm
nonpartisan? why don't we just ban any involvement from any politically oriented nonprofit to the mechanics of voting, left or right, why is that hard? why should mark zuckerberg get to control the mechanics of an election, what is that, that is crazy? >> it is. you are seeing states now pushed back and say no more private money into elections, they are removing drop boxes, there are some positive steps being made but all of these -- many of these temporary changes that were put in place because of the pandemic, those are now codified. so it is the new normal unless your state is pushing back, and you know states need to run elections, no question about it, but they need to run those elections constitutionally and that is the missing link that began to emerge in 2020. no matter what the constitution says, they are going to do what they want through baw fare and
5:34 pm
consent decrees, americans not recognize there is an abuse of process, we are careening to a really ugly place. i mean, 2020, based upon our data, 2020 is beyond question, that outcome would have been different. >> tucker: last question. i haven't heard a single republican officeholder, certainly in the senate, say we cannot allow left-wing billionaires to control the mechanics of voting. that does not seem like a controversial statement to me. it would surprise most people that is impossible to be true. why hasn't any senator said that? are they so intimidated by insurrectionist claims that they can't say that out loud? >> you know, there needs to be a lot more being said about a lot of things. i don't know. what i do know is that america's instinct was right. and even though a lot of the puzzle pieces weren't in place
5:35 pm
early on in 2020, coming now into 2021 and into 2022, the picture is becoming clearer. the subversion was in fact real and we have to take it seriously because it is not going to correct itself. >> tucker: well, yeah, it is always the same playbook. they scream at you so aggressively that you sort of back off, okay, and then you realize they are screaming at you because you are on the right track. it is always the same. catherine engelbrecht, i hope we talk to you again. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so joe biden has a new censorship czar working out of the law enforcement agency, and since we know her name, we thought it would be worth taking a look at her history. turns out she has a long history of accusing anyone who disagrees with her of disinformation. including, by the way, parents who have concerns about critical race theory, they are engaged in disinformation. that is the lady running the agency. more on that next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so our new minister of truth, a peppy little chick from georgetown university. sometimes it is hard to know whether she is ridiculous or sinister or both. we also know in addition to being absurd she is a hard-core political activist who spent the last couple years repeating the democratic party's talking points. every day we find evidence of this so we thought we should bring it to you, here's the latest from october of 2021. >> critical race theory has become one of those hot button issues that the republicans and other, you know, diss and formers who are engaged in disinformation for profit, plenty of media outlets making money off of this, too, have seized on and i live in virginia and in loudoun county, that is one of the areas where people have really honed in on this topic. >> tucker: republicans and other dis- informers. [laughs] that you didn't know you are a distant former. so it turns out you are not allowed to say things that she doesn't like or you are a
5:42 pm
distant former for profit working for putin. hard to know if this is absurd or sinister or both, probably the signature biden administration mixture of the circle but don't take our word for it. a senior fellow has a much better assessment than we do. thanks for joining us. what do you make of this person from our new truth czar? >> she pulled something out of her little mary poppins bag, right? now she has come up with this idea that the parents are disinformers. for two years it has not been enough to call us white supremacist and bigots, now keweenaw on. because ultimately for the democratic party, we the parents are a threat, so now we have a woman who is actually a character assassin in charge of our office of disinformation. >> tucker: it's a little bit
5:43 pm
like biden. biden is so obviously not present that he seems harmless but actually he is highly aggressive and cruel, and maybe that is what is going on with her, she is so ridiculous, so low iq and kind of ditzy sorority girl you don't get she is actually kind of soviet. >> it is truly disturbing because her little anecdote -- i know those parents, tiananmen square, challenge tierney, in america fighting for american democracy. they are great parents. at no time have we been anything but sincere. we are such a threat to these folks, right? what we are doing now is creating this incredible network of moms and dads all across the country come up mama bear's and papa bear's who are saying you know what, you can call us any names you want because if you have raised a teenager, you have gone through everything, right? but it doesn't matter, we can survive and be resilient.
5:44 pm
>> tucker: such a wise point. sincerity is the most important quality at this moment and the greatest art to them and you are sincere, i agree completely. asra nomani, thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: so that was nina jankowicz who we just told you the head of the ministry of truth and already she is being sued, by the way, the states of missouri and louisiana have filed a lawsuit against officials like janco it's for a tax to free speech. biden administration has repeated the called on facebook and other platforms to censor opinions that are critical of them. eric schmidt is the attorney general of missouri, joins the suit and joins us tonight. mr. attorney general, thanks for coming on. tell us why you are suing. >> look, we are fighting back against two of the most powerful and corrupt institutions out there, big government and big tech or colluding, working together to suppress speech and they do it in a couple different ways, tucker.
5:45 pm
they are pulled over these special protections like section 230, also been very outspoken, jen psaki has talked about how they are flagging posts in july of last year, flagging post for facebook as disinformation, so they are working directly with them, we know that and now this newest orwellian chapter, this dystopian chapter of the ministry of truth, you have mary poppins in charge of this thing i guess now and that would be like putting, by the way, cruella de vil in charge of managing an animal shelter, it's a total disaster, okay, these folks are nuts, they are intent on suppressing speech that they don't like, calling it disinformation, misinformation, so we are filing a lawsuit and tucker, you talk about this all the time, the reality is individuals have a right to speak their mind. this is the core of the american experiment, government is there to protect your rights, not to tell you what you can stand when you can say it, and landmark lawsuit, going directly after the collusion, they are working
5:46 pm
together to suppress speech and we are fighting back. >> tucker: as a constitutional matter, government cannot encourage censorship. we know that through the supreme court, many rulings over the years, violation of the first amendment, correct? >> yep, that is exactly right. what we are arguing in this case is there outsourcing that. the government is outsourcing the censorship to the big tech partners, flagging it, and by the way they are terrified. we get into discovery and find out how jen psaki and fauci and mary poppins here are working with the big tech partners, what they are asking and willing to take down. we know it is the laptop from hell, the origins of covid, we know it is the ineffectiveness of masks, we know all of these things they have been working with them on in this lawsuit will help bring those to light and exposed it and that is why it is an important case. >> tucker: mr. attorney general, i appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: up next, the shannon bream, our friends, with another best seller on a very
5:47 pm
famous newspaper best seller list that remains nameless. that is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we've got more good news, by the way, welcome shannon bream, not only a good person and a great tv anchor, she is once again a "new york times" best seller. her new book is "the mothers and daughters of the bible speak: lessons on faith from nine biblical families." it's not the first time she has done it. shannon's last book, "the women of the bible speak," was also a best seller. she is the anchor of "fox news @ night" and she joins us to tell us about her brook and celebrate. congratulations, how cool. why is the selling so well? >> you know what, that is a good question! with the first book we were like oh, my goodness, people are really responding to this and i had people say i am doing it as a book club, doing it with my bible study group or dealing it with my kids, whatever, i think because the stories are so relatable, people forget they are tucked down in the bible but we pull them out and i want people to know this is a woman i can relate to. these are women who have been through all kinds of tragedies.
5:53 pm
you home and in on the most disastrous families in the entire battle, we include those because we want people to be encouraged, my family is not this messed up. her mother's it is a good gift and there are good moms and crazy moms in this bible, so there is something for everybody. >> tucker: i love how unembarrassed you are about your faith. you are a great advertisement or faith, you are happy, grounded person. i mean, was that a decision? this is kind of personal, that you made at some point, i'm going to be honest about who i am? >> well, you know, i was raised in a house where faith was the number one thing for us and my mom modeled this better than anybody for this, a person will literally bring home a stranger from the grocery store because she met them and they had nowhere to go and they may move in with us and stay for a few meals. my mom, for her it was not just a sunday thing, it was very real, every day, how we treat people, be humble, you are a sinner saved by grace but thank god god loves you and accepts you and we are made in his image and if you view other people that way i think it gives you a
5:54 pm
great perspective on just respecting people whether you agree with them or not. >> tucker: and you can tell if they mean it by the way they treat other people and i can affirm you actually mean it. i would love to see you succeed and love to hear you talk about it. shannon bream, thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. great to see you. >> tucker: here is a story you kind of knew you would see. george gascon, the sorrows-backed pro-criminal prosecutor in l.a. county, done so much to wreck our second-biggest city, has decided not to file felony current charges against the men who physically us i would assaulted comedian dave chappelle during a rough performance at the hollywood bowl a couple nights ago. no, facing a misdemeanor charge for running up on stage at chappelle with a knife. oh, why? because it dave chappelle made fun of the trans movement. try that at a michelle obama event and see what happens. probably not getting a misdemeanor charge, right? we see how it works. we will be right back.
5:55 pm
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>> tucker: that's it for us tonight. the biden administration is giving us so much to worry about existentially, we kind of missed this, fda issued shocking new warnings associated with vaccine risks. we will tell you what it means tomorrow night. until then, have the best night with a ones you love. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight it is official, the most arrogant, dishonest press secretary in modern american history, she will soon be gone in a little over a week. chief propaganda circle that jen psaki will step down after reportedly negotiating a big new contract with nbc news. former home of lying bryant. anyway, i'm sure psaki will feel right at home at the conspiracy channel network, and coming up, we are going to give her a proper and very special send-off. jen, i hope you will circle back with us and watch later.


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