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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 5, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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well, it's horrific and here's the big reveal. >> are you pregnant, grace? >> show me your hands on the wheel. >> greg: margaret adler. how pathetic ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: all right! happy thursday everyone, what a glorious time to be alive! especially if you're me. so, once again, we are seeing the left go after speech. last week, coming after
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elon musk for buying twitter and that's them on the left. in case you're normal and have no idea what an ngo's, it stands for no good organization. really clever. they are nonprofit groups that claim to be independent of any government, but pushing radical agendas like no cash bail and censorship. less accountable than government employees. this week, the ngo sent a letter urging a boycott of twitter if elon musk takes over the company. backers include former clinton operatives george soros as well as the european union. the european union signed a letter. ukrainians must be thrilled if they hear that the e.u. has their priority rate. sure, we are under russian attack, but somebody was made to chrissy t again. how she doing? see who else on the letter? the canadian government.
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boo. boo them! is this what governments do? assign letters demanding advertisers to boycott american companies? sorry, we didn't expect them to sign a letter boycotting beavers! but let's not forget, it was a canadian prime minister that called canadian truckers nazis. if justin trudeau's worried about speech, he should look in the mirror. last thing he wants to do is argue with the person of color. [laughter] i get why he hates twitter, and you kind of speech about him is usually going to be critical because he socks. he's the worst thing to come from canada since neil young's voice. [laughter] even moose are thinking do we know a realtor in tampa? musk responded to the letter
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with a tweet asking who funds the organizations i want to control your access to information? let's investigate. he added some lights the best disinfectant. try getting rid of gangrene with a sun lamp. it agrees musk will detoxify the information ecosystem and worse, a direct threat to public safety amongst those already most vulnerable and marginalized. wait, are we talking about free speech on twitter or defunding the police? they don't think twice about vulnerable people when they get rid of cash bail. but allowing free speech on twitter, that will leave a trail of dead bodies from here to silicon valley. you think you'd be watching in chicago after 4:00 p.m. but anybody they want to eliminate from discourse and as usual, in the name of the marginalized but has a white wealthy leftist marginalized
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group ask what they want? they wouldn't dare go into a marginalized neighborhood, they may be stabbed by a guy who's on the street it takes to their own policies. the fact is, polling shows how marginalized groups want what everybody else wants a good job, a house, freedom of crime and speech and an autographed photograph of greg gutfeld. that's what everybody wants, except for the idiots that pretend to speak for marginalized groups. while boycotts have been around forever, these are no not about a product but silencing any opposition using the social media mob. it's a level of extortion that would make tony soprano drop his goblet. this group also claims that an advertiser wrist association with the platform amplifying eight extremism misinformation and conspiracy theories. maybe the letter was meant for cnn.
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they also claimed that under musk's management, twitter wrist becoming a cesspool of misinformation. that's like saying taking a -- risks sticking up a time square porta potty. i know that for a fact. twitter risks becoming a cesspool of misinformation? what is it already? when someone mentions twitter, you don't picture guys in powdered wigs debating capital society will having afternoon tea. musk can make a cesspool of untruths is like complaining about diarrhea before the event to chipotle. just thinking about it. who is behind this? it appears it's three organizations which are left wing outfits. jesse labor, cofounder of affordable tax. so, he definitely knows about a toxic ecosystem.
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media matters to the bidder done of college-bound leftists spend their time watching fox and tweeting about it. nowhere elon musk scares him so much? they might make the lonely loser's work so much harder. but it's been about monopolizing speech, not even trying to hide it anymore. >> announcer: the night on chest news network. >> david brooks here, home of the fair and focused debate. not swayed by public opinion. we've got two people here on opposing sides of an issue. how do you feel about elon musk and twitter? >> billionaires in the corporate interests have no right to effective political discourse in this country. i read it in "the washington post." >> you support elon? what's it like this poor minorities?
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>> miss, any thoughts? >> we are flirting with fascism in this country. lady liberty did not consent. >> there you have it, folks, a fair and fine debate you will only see here on the cesspool network. back to you! >> greg: the creepiest thing i've ever seen. but it's kind of appealing. of course the left are no different than students on campus that shut down speakers, they will not tolerate competition. the problem is that musk doesn't care, he doesn't need advertisers to make twitter work, he needs a belief in free speech, a few extra billions he found under the couch cushions, and balls the size of caitlyn jenner. let's welcome tonight's guests.
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he turned al qaeda's number one into a pile of number two, former navy seal and coauthor of the brand-new book, rob o'neill! he is so bright, her future has to wear shades. a financial expert heather zumarraga! norton antivirus can save you from his infectious laughter. comedian and cohost on sirius xm, jim norton! [cheers and applause] she is like a q-tip, thin, white, and could be harmful to your ears. fox news contributor kat timpf! [cheers and applause] jim, it's always great to see appeared >> a delight to see you will be our dismay when i could see you all the time if you could. i never want you to leave my
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eyeballs. >> thanks, you never leave my dreams. [laughter] >> greg: do you like elon musk and what would you do if you had that type of money? what would you buy to fix? >> i wouldn't buy anything to fix unless there's a lot of broken. [laughter] there are! if that answers your question. no, i love elon musk and i love -- twitter is a great place already. it is a terrible place like yesterday somebody uploaded this video of madison cawthorn in a hotel room pumping my face. >> greg: it's so unfair! he's a young kid having fun! rob, good to see you. kill anybody lately? >> not in front of a camera. [laughter] >> greg: what do you make of this open letter, this signed
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letter from canada, a country that's telling us about free speech? >> the same with canada was involved, george soros is involved, the obama's, clinton, david attenborough, it surprised me that you know, hillary clinton is going as somebody who wants to colonize mars when she married semitic want to put a finger on your -- [laughter] i'm sure bill all time like getting rid of the internet keep your hands off grinder. >> don't come to me after that! >> greg: you don't have any jokes, do you? >> no! >> greg: i wasn't expecting that. heather, i will give you the big business question. at the boycotts have been used in exactly the same way as
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silencing tucker and fox. they did it to joe rogan. in a way, it was over spotify like oh, my god, don't put our music on spotify. now they are doing it to musk. do these things ever actually work? >> no, because then you will create another platform but that's an interesting question given that you take the world's richest man and instead of creating his own platform, he's got billions of dollars. not trillions, not yet come up a billions of dollars and he decides to buy twitter. that goes to show that there is a monopoly in social media. why wouldn't he just created his own? instead of buying with the liberal platform and he wants free speech. it goes to show you how the liberal media and mob is controlling what's being out there. americans should be able to see both sides. he wants everyone that disagrees
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with him -- not hate speech, but he invites their voices also. so americans can decide for themselves. i don't think americans are dumb. when presented with all the facts, let us decide for ourselves. [cheers and applause] >> greg: well put, young lady. not a single perverted joke. before i ask you a serious question, i've got to commend you on your latest character. the freakiest creature i've ever seen. and somehow, i feel like i know the person or i've met the person where i've seen the person somewhere in clips. how did you get the twitching down? >> i think it came more naturally to me than i thought it would. >> greg: i have a side question and i've been thinking about this. we hear about george soros with the rid of all the things the progress of das or in this case the anti-free-speech letter. do you think that he's aware
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that this is going on? he's like in his late 80s. it does he know the organizations that he's funding are actually -- you don't know the answer. >> we don't hang out. [laughter] not even once. >> greg: not even once? have you tried calling him? >> no, but the phone works both ways. >> greg: that's true. what do you make of this the fact that this letter was signed by the e.u., our fans, media matter. >> i really don't believe that they're passionate about civility on the internet. given how many times anyone who has worked here, they've had multiple times where they twisted something you have said and then presented it in some incendiary way so that people will go after you and attack you. but really reading too much into twitter to mention stuff like that is like a form of self
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harm. you're going to find horrible stuff, but it's not a safe space for women. and i'm a woman. the list of things bothering me at john 64622 calling me a -- is like at the bottom of the things that worry me. >> greg: first of all, i don't appreciate you venturing though mike mentioned burner. [laughter] what was the name of your character? >> dirtbag deb. [laughter] >> that's really good. what you want to do? like you're hanging out got nothing to do, dirtbag deb is around. >> let's call deb. it's because she's a good time. >> greg: but you can't get rid of her! >> but you will never judge you.
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>> greg: all right, which group is the most politically extreme? biden thinks it's trump's team. americans rate the economy as poor and blame the man who cannot find the white house front door. wednesday, a day of the week after finishing the 2:00 p.m. dinner, president biden has been overturning roe v. wade. i plowed right through that. like, yeah, as if it was real.
8:20 pm
he did whatever. and then, roll the tape! >> what happens when you change the laws saying that children who are lgbtq cannot be in classroom with other children? is not legit on the way the decision is written? what are the next things that will be attacked? this crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> greg: in american history! take that weather underground, and tivo, black panthers, did i leave out any other once? probably. he's more of a mess than i am. he threw three different stories into the mental blender that's his ramshackle brain and none of it's based on anything he read because it's clear he didn't read a thing. he's mixing up his topics the
8:21 pm
way i mix up my masseuses. they are greek. all greek to me. joe went after republicans for their visions for the country. >> senator released what he calls the ultra mega agenda. it's extreme as most things are. >> greg: sounds like a 2-liter bottle of mountain dew. to the max. i guess it's pretty radical to be extremely into the constitution were extremely amused by trump's jokes, or americans deserve safe orders, a thriving economy, and a president who knows what day it is. anyways, biden toning anything his administration done to improve the economy is hilarious when you consider a new cnn poll find 77% of americans say it's in the toilet.
8:22 pm
meeting the economy and cnn. when asked to rate the economic situation of the country today, 47% said somewhat poor, 30% said very poor, and the remaining 23% said wake me up when ron desantis is president. joe, wake up! wake up, joe! what do you have to say about all this? >> no, no, look, there's nothing worse than maga. there's nothing more dangerous than maga. all rights? except may be the ultra maga, mega maga, maga extreme, bonus maga. my pillow maga. magneto capitol, triple x maga. spongebob maga pants. rob o'neill.
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[cheers and applause] >> greg: i guess he knew you were on tonight, rob. why is it that this is the same mistake that hillary made, she's done this twice. why is it that they look at millions of people and decide to brand them as opposed to saying go after political leaders just what trump did? >> i think it's dangerous. first of all, i agree with the lgbtq kids should not be separated from villains -- whatever you said. they tried to spin it making these people terrorists, the worst they've ever seen. they can't win what the lockdowns, with this, whatever they come up with the next thing. right now, they're going to separate -- whatever they want to do, all they want to do's have the state vote on something. they're trying to get rid of this and they haven't learned that the only way they can win election is by cheating. they're not going to win by trying to divide everybody,
8:24 pm
divide and conquer. >> greg: it's all about the vision, dirtbag deb. >> i'm only dirtbag deb in the afternoon. [laughter] >> greg: why do you think he's turning his ire to the a make america great folks? what did they do to him? >> i mean -- okay. i think it's always a mistake when he or any democrats try to painted as if anybody who voted for trump is ultra maga. it's a thing, but not everybody who voted for maga, was for january 6th. a lot of them didn't have the hats. they just didn't want -- they just didn't want biden to be president. i think when he presented that way, a lot of the people who voted for trump because they thought it was a better option, it's not going to make them want to listen to him more. if anything, that's how people get more radicalized i think by
8:25 pm
if they ultimately think that about you, they dig their heels in further. i don't think that it helps anything in terms of making it work. >> greg: good point. you don't mind smearing people, john. >> i certainly don't. >> greg: let's shift the political realm. i mean, it's a natural thing to denigrate the opposition, but can't you do that without going after the voter. >> that such an amazing point. i feel bad for president biden. and he speaks with the same confidence i speak with when i'm trying to explain to a woman why i'm done in 30 seconds. [laughter] right? but i'll tell you, i think one reason that they are focusing on maga and obsessing over trump's diversion. he's got to focus on something other than the fact that the vice president's office lost more people in january then
8:26 pm
netflix. >> greg: it's true. lost like 700 people. they don't know where they are. i think we kick that went to death. >> yeah, we did. >> greg: heather, i want to bring out some economic polling numbers. are you ready? they are not good. >> i'm ready. >> greg: that goes for the numbers. they are just not good. >> i have some. they want but here's my question, don't you think that the country would be feeling a lot worse if we weren't so distracted by our technology? i feel like i remember inflation being really bad in the '70s because we didn't have the internet. >> you're saying they the internet is making inflation -- it's underplaying the effects? >> i think they're so distracted the food shortages -- inflations everything bad. >> greg: you have technology, on your phones all day long, the average american goes to the grocery store. up over 20%. gas pump gas is at record high
8:27 pm
prices especially diesel fuels filling up any type of automobile. inflation at a 40 year high, front and center regardless. if you want to get into the politics of it, i know we are calling the maga group extreme and we're just playing the blame game. and you're all of the blame them americans, the number one concern right now is inflation. that was the fox news poll that came out 34% of americans disapprove biden's handling of the economy and 77% -- i had to look at my notes. they say that biden says that the economy is for. but that's the most important issue right now that is facing america. regardless of if he wants to deviate and blame trump. where has he been? or as the president? does he not know? right. okay. [cheers and applause] >> greg: all right! you never know, you never know
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better hearing has never been this easy. try lively risk-free for 100 days. visit >> greg: that's amazing music. clueless ladies of "the view," ended up black and blue. then they had the gall to assume that we missed them in the bedroom. yesterday on "the view," known as dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber and incredibly somehow even dumber, they tried their best to leave the chapelle attack to the donald. >> the fact that trump was out there saying things like knock the hell out of them, i promise i'll pay for the legal fees.
8:33 pm
>> trump unleashed on civility at least. >> greg: sorry, i haven't seen a stretch like that since jerry jerries we spent snapped eating a tortoise bear hand. of course, "the view" forgets that democrats like maxine waters and told anti-crop protesters to get more aggressive. it wasn't maga. thank you, joy and sonny, for the lamest attempt to blame black on black violence on trump since jesse smell it ball two nigerians maga hats they then tried to tackle abortion. it's become women in the world conducted drives. kenyan women enforced sx fan until oh political infighting deceased. since then, they had a stable
8:34 pm
government. if we have more power than we think we have and this would be right in the bedroom. >> greg: nonsense. if people weren't having -- and can you, how did we end up with president obama? i'm joking, don't laugh! my goodness, people! is in that sexist is that sexist to say woman's by shouts of changing the world's with their bodies and other minds? on other end, if you mean "the view" are putting it on ice, it deserves a noble prize. joy behar did promise to never have -- with me, i'd run out and buy a lottery ticket. joy behar suggesting a strike, like suggesting not to serve steak it a pita convention. joy behar suggesting a strike like saying jim norton
8:35 pm
suggesting a strike. [laughter] i always hear about this, jim, the strike thing is a solution for problems. i don't believe it ever works. >> it happened to me before. it's been happening for 14 years. i woke up and there's a bunch of women around my women with signs, no, [bleep]! >> greg: i'm glad you didn't say -- >> you can always tell who's getting late if there's a big racket in front of their apartment. >> greg: for the longest time when i knew to new york, i never knew what that meant. if you walk up the street and you see the big rat in front of -- a big inflated rat.
8:36 pm
unions will blow up inflatable rats and put it in front of a place that's nonunion or something. >> on a golf course before. i asked what it was about, i didn't get it. my wife said do they use union construction? no, i didn't know what it was either. it wasn't in the bedroom, thank god. i never had rats in my bedroom. >> greg: just crabs. [laughter] put the camera and heather's face right now. absolutely disgusted with all of us. [laughter] it's okay. it's all right. you know, kat. >> yelp. >> greg: two opinions here, pick which one you want to talk
8:37 pm
about. >> what a tough choice. talk about blaming trump or joy behar and ann sex. i don't think it's going to work. i don't think the supreme court's going to sit down and say, you know what? we heard joy behar did not going to be doing sex anymore. now we've got to rethink everything derrico [laughter] it's great to come out to be passionate about causes, i'm just not sure that this is going to be the thing. i think she just wanted people to know she still having sex. >> greg: the irony, a sex strike them i reduce presidencies and reduce abortions. maybe this is a pro-life answer for democratic? >> i just think that the issue is "the view" is a certain audience, i personally think if
8:38 pm
they see joy and will be they'd be happy. but they're spinning it a little bit that there's a governor somewhere not having interracial marriage is like a press conference of 1960. all they said was the state should bow on it which they're saying now. they want to suppress what could be democratic, they will shut you down, and that's what they god. that's the economy. >> greg: bad news, heather. the last word to you. you can pick either topic. >> either topic. a convenient excuse to blame trump for everything. blaming dave chappelle, the violence on donald trump as well. we can go back to the gladiators 2,000 years ago, there were extremely violent. you know, the blm riots, the police brutality, i mean, at some point in time you've got to stop blaming others and look in the mirror. but i do think joy they are, i'm
8:39 pm
in agreement with all the men on site if she has a sex strike, i don't like it will change any opinions on the supreme court. >> greg: i think will end on that note, that's a very professional assessment, heather. >> i tried. to be when you did job >> greg: you did a great job. coming up, freedom is what he preaches in the land of peaches. herschel walker joins us next! ♪ ♪
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8:44 pm
>> how are you doing? >> greg: they like you here. they like you. >> that's good. >> greg: you're extremely far ahead in the polls. why would you even bother to do this interview? >> well, i wanted to do the interview because i love the show and also i tried to tell my campaign staff i want to play like we are behind. i want to play like 20 points behind so i can make sure we win this seat so i can make sure i'm in the senate. >> greg: that's great. [cheers and applause] all right. how is early primary voting going. are you pretty confident? >> i am confident. right now, i'm leading in the polls. but i'm doing what it takes to win this seat. my opponents, they are upset and calling me names and saying everything they can about me. but they haven't realized that i'm a competitor, that i win i
8:45 pm
what i set out to do, and i'm going to defeat them and go up against senator warnock to win the senate seat. >> greg: now, i've got to ask you. you've had so far a really great life. much like me, you're a great athlete. [laughter] what would you ruin a perfectly awesome life by entering politics? i'm going to open up a chain of restaurants or car dealerships, retired ex-athletes to come but you said i'm -- that's pretty selfless because you know it's going to be tough, right? it that's a tough life. >> it's going to be tough. i'm america's dream where we lead people into office that forgot about to put america first. i think they forgot about it. i'm sick of them separating the country and i'm ready to fight and say come on guys, if you
8:46 pm
want to join me, go to my website. let's change the state of georgia and let's change the country. >> greg: what do you -- [cheers and applause] what do you think are the big issues or the big problems that upset you most right now? i mean, we talk about the unity stuff. crt, we talk about immigration, inflation, what kind of gets your blood going? >> right now, what gets my blood going more than anything is the economy. right now, people can't afford gas to go to work. they can't afford meals, can't afford eggs, that's terrible, and the major thing is national security. not just not supporting our military like we should do because i hear all these politicians talk about pieces of strength. i want you to know that if you don't support our military, we will have no strength or peace. then we are bored of being wide
8:47 pm
open, board of being wide open when we had all the senator, congressman going down to the border and it was such a big deal. now, we've forgotten about it and they're onto something else because of terrible policies they released on this country that's not suitable for the people and not suitable enough for america, not suitable enough for georgia as well. >> greg: one last question for you. do you still box slide? >> i do not come up and i'm going to do this. at what i will do is i will get ready for my opponent coming up in the primary, and i'm going to push them down the hill and make sure. >> greg: nicely done! excellent! thank you, herschel, best of luck. great talking to you! you got it! where there! up next, you build on mars, you will need a ladder, and may be
8:48 pm
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>> greg: we are short on time so here is a story in five words. mars colony made of urine. i'm already having misgivings, but i will go to you, jim, first. so, heather... i'm sorry. scientists are creating space grids by mixing martian soil with several substances including a compound found in urine, what do you think? this compound is called urea. i read the article and i use it. it comes in a lot of beauty products. >> greg: really? >> itself understand. but it is not -- my husband said that is urine and i didn't buy. no, it really is a camel though my chemical good for your skin and this can have compounds on mars. so what is a one day
8:53 pm
inhabitable. that is really cool, but i don't think it is coming from people actually beat 17 speed when we are a primitive staff and that is a story for us. that is so shallow. i didn't even read the story. >> i did but i still choose to believe that it comes from pee. >> why wouldn't you. it is probably cheaper. >> greg: it is cheaper and it sounds like all people on earth can do together, right? almost like believing in santa claus, in a way, santa claus israel, by the way. rob, you know, i often think people say we haven't found life in outer space but do you think the plants are disguising themselves so we don't frighten them because they don't want to give us they are pee?
8:54 pm
>> mixed with urine but we make mortar. [laughter] >> greg: rob! as usama bin laden said, "you are killing it." [laughter] jim, does this knowledge make you want to live in mars or near mars? >> too bad they didn't come up with this when i was a kid. they could have put an apartment complex out with a mattress. apartment complex and i've been doing 30 years. >> that was the problem. [laughter] speed to kick yourself over that. >> i guess if you live on mars it's a good thing if you have a leak in the ceiling. >> greg: i don't understand. all right, this is actually a
8:55 pm
serious question, why mars when it's hospitable? i don't understand. elon musk is 100% and since we will be there and he is like the smartest dude. >> he is and the world's richest men as well. the atmosphere is 100% thinner than that of earth. and it is also iron rich and 95% of it is carbon dioxide, co2. so we are right. and i'm not even a scientist. i actually read the article past the thing about urea and brick so we could go to mars. >> greg: i'm very impressed. you are back today. >> i do my best, only for you. [laughter] >> greg: see, we can be filthy and informative. [laughter] much like stuart varney. [laughter] don't go away. we will be right back.
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
saturday bridgeport factory and if you don't, jim for all my dumb shows. thank you for having me greg, this is fun. >> greg: always a pleasure, thank you jimmy, rob o'neill, kat timpf, our studio audience with evil kevin corke. i am greg gutfeld and i love america. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" him kevin corke in washington wishing shannon bream. an 8-foot high security fence going around the supreme court as abortion rights continue and now neoconservatives with security concerns with the justice on the court after a group calls for protest at


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