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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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shocking twists that led them to movie johnny depp and who is ever heard screaming on fox nation?? that's it >> tonight . f the administration is giving us sogh much to worry about existentially as they say, we kind of miss this fda issue is warnings associated with vaccine risk. we'll tell you what it means tomorrow night. in the meantime,mo atrr the bess time with the ones you love, we'll see you tomorrow and welcome hannity. and tonight it is official the most arrogant, dishonest press secretaryarro in modern american history.on she willl soon be gonene in a little over a week. cheap propaganda circle back jen psaki will pro step dog after reportedly negotiating a big new contract with nbc news, the former home of lying brian. sa anyway, i'm sure psaki will feel right at homee atom the conspiracy channel network., and coming up, we're going to give her a proper and very special sendoff. jen , hope. you'll circle w back with us and watch later.
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also tonight , a disturbing story out of losrb angeles. di the city's farst left district attorney is now refusing to pursue felony charges for the man that viciously assaulted comedian like dave f chappelle. a lot isun funny as anyway. but attacked him while wielding a gun shaped knife s, a fake gun ,a real knife, a gun that looked like a knife. we'll show i you that in momenty and like many liberal cities, happily there you can seo happily tolerates violent crime . no bail laws or let's say defund, dismantle a pd oh , kamala harriss praised the lapd for defunding some of the lapd. more straight ahead. first we do turn to the steps of the u.s. supreme court nownd surroundeded by a large chain link fence with big cementnc barrierse erected overnight to protect the building. rightly so in my opinion. wewebuil need to protect every institution, every monument, every personryry that serves in this government. t this is the right thing tohe dol hopefully democrats have
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learned something from the five hundred and seventy four riote in the summer of s 2020 and the capitol breach in twentyty s twenty one , by the way. still no answers as to why nancy pelosi, mayor murielr bowser didn't use the up to 20 thousand troops authorized required by law by donaldre trup two days prior again as required by law. why didn't't now many people on the left are very, veryy angry that individual states c and voters could soon decide abortion law for their state overturning roe v. wade. ta all the talking points, all the lying, all the hysteria. it's not true .l not out it willla not outlaw abortion . by theited states that is the big lie that is being spread by the likes of w chuckho schumer who himself threatened two justices. justice gorsuch and kavanaugh on the steps of the u.s. supreme court o screaming you won't know what hit you among
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the threats. and ase we speak, they're threatening to burn our systems to the ground as per usual, democrats returning tong their favorite political tactic. that's mob violence and intimidation. intimidation. one liberal group is now organizing an effort to stalkni and harass supreme court justices and their families at homes.omes. this is not this is not okay in this country. but tonight prominent democrats refused to condemnmn this threatening behavior just like they refusese to ever speak out against the violence from their base and the five seventy four riots in the summer of 2020. take a look2020. if t so he doesn't care if they're protesting outside the supreme court or outsidede someone's private prison. i don't have an official u.s. governmentff positione on where people protest the reason people are protesting is because women across the country are worried about their fundamental rights that have been law for 50 years, their rights to make choices about their own bodies and their own health care are at risk. why that's why people are protesting. >> they're unhappy. they're scared.
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the message here give us what we want or else is? that the message now yesterday is seeminglyda deranged. elizabeth warren called supreme court justices right wing extremists who have hijacked the supreme court. she tweeted quote , we must expand the court to rebalanceo it r and defend our basic right, including the constitutional right to an abortion. in other words, she wants w a court that will do and bidding alone. now warren's comrade,, the congenital liar adam schiff, he also also demonized the justices and called for court packing. by the way, senator mike lee ofa utah has a new book coming out on this very topic. now clearly the marching orders have been given is does this mean now what the summer 2020 and all the riots? is that mean that season is i back ? i pray to god no. this. my prediction is this if god forbid something does happen like the summer of 2020 five hundred andn seventy four riots in america, we had dozens dead, thousands
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of cops injured and tens of billion dollars of property damage. and guess what ? nobody investigated anything and defended it. it they were silent when. they needed w to speak out. their silence was deafening.le they only condemn violence and riots that obviously advance their own political narrative on this show i have and i will continued to condemn allem violence politics should not play a part in that. we should protect our institutions, our elected just liks ele. that's a simple slam dunk fore me just like in twenty twenty during blm riots that left dozens dead, thousands injured. all of this happened. how is it that nobody covered this ? that manye on the democratic side were so unwilling to condemn what was obvious now fake news cnn referred to it right that seemed right there as a fiery but peaceful . monstration they actually said that the same year senator rand paul, you mightame remember, and hisrl wife were nearly trampled by far left protesters after the rnc convention.
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left wing rioters also showed up at senator mitch mcconnell's home, confronted him and his wife. they also harassed the pair at a local diner. i'm sure you remember that moment. they also terrorized senator josh hall, his wifeaw and their newborn baby at their front door. they confronted ted cruzz and his wife at a restaurant. they also harassed trump's dhsd secretary at a restaurant. t we played that tape before because they didn't like trump's border wall . in twenty eighteen they stormed the steps of the u.s. supreme courtt me. they pounded on the front door in order to disrupt kavanaugh's confirmation t. and more recently they followed senator krysten sinema into a bathroom and filmed her going into a stall becausein she wouldn't kill the filibuster. now they later then also tooky their kayaks out and they went over to joe mansions houseboat because he wouldn't support build back broke americart. b and while this farra left brand of political intimidation rarely works democrats, they just can't seem toca helps. themselves. but don't or they'll never
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be an investigation into this . >> take a look. you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. but i like to debate this gentleman. i said no, i said if we were in high school i'd take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of them. you hadd to be ready to take a punch. i think i'd be ready throw a punch, get out and you go out and you everyone should take note of that on both level that this is they're not going to let up and they should not. >>. i want to tell you what i want to tell you know, you have really whirlwind and you want to ridee get up in the face of some congress people. does any good running away from donald trump? i think you need to go b back ad then a bunch in face up therehe you say the things he of course i want too punch him in the faceth. yeah, i have thought an awful
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lot about blowing up a you have the last time i just needed president michelle says when they go low we go they go low, we kick my >> was barack obama telling this guy mr. burgess well put mr. burgess up again. upag. hannity eat themm >> i'm ready anyway. democrats love mob rule but only when they're on the losing side of an issue.. noww they are six months away from what could be an election beatdown. it's no secret it i the american people are notot happy, rightly so. inflation historically bad, gas prices historically histe border worse than the border worse than ever. chai the supply chain crisis is totallys messed up.orld stage r no one on the world stage or even in this country it seems h likes joe biden respects him. n and now a massive drop todayst in the stock market could spell
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the beginning of a painful new recessionn as presidentre trump very accuratelysi predicted, joe biden isel t destroying this great american economy and he's doing it in record time, sadly. me let me tell you about the stockt markethe. goe when the stock markets goes up, that means jobs. it also means 401k. if you got in if you everre became president with your ideassi, you want to terminate my tax, my taxes. i'll tell you what you'll lose . half of the companies that have poured in here will leave l and plenty of that are alreadyth here. they'll leave other places have they will leave l and you willh have a depression the likes of which you've never seen. like well, looks like trump was right again. was right a low gas prices, record low unemployment and major economic growth because that's what we got with president trump. i'll choose that guypr that guyt that calls our fake news for what they are fake and makes occasional mean tweets butut ges the job done. i choose him anyway. i want to biden we get economic
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turmoil along with a cognitives mess as a president who blames all ofro his problems on trump supporters or vladimir putin he called us the most extreme political faction in modernex american historyly actually in american history. in res, formeredyay president trump, he reacted. he told fox news .com quote, our country is going to the make america great again movement is saving america. there ise to joe iss nothing extreme about energy independence and a secure border . there's nothing extreme about safe cities and the rule of law. nothing extreme aboutxt parental involvement in their children's educationre. there's nothing extreme about freedom of speech and freedom of expressionexpr. there's nothing extreme about individual states regulating abortionvidu. n extreme and sadly there is an extreme political faction in this countryhis. but there on the other side of the fence outside the supreme courtth and inside the walls of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the most radical government ever elected in the modern erahe
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by far it's not even close. it was reaction former senior counsel to president trump kellyanne conway, also former white house chief of staff mark meadows, former white house chief of staff, also reince priebusfar pri to toss a coin wt the better chief of staff? i'll let kellyanne makefi the final us . kellyanne, we'll start with youa tonight .nn start with you tonight because president trump was righ because president trumpt was right again. you know what people said? well, donald t trump fought a with the press. he called them fake news mediane and et cetera, et cetera.nt the country was so much better off i never thought it would w get this bad this fastou. >> and i don't think any american did. t they did not in lesso time than it takes to have a baby shot and they basically unraveled his great accomplishments and started to ruin america. look , when the white house in which the three ofre us worked, nobody ever wondereds who is the president, who's in charge and what ishe he thinking? all of those were assured at every moment. but i have too say something
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about the montage of lunacy. treate you this too is the beginning of your monologue. itit should not be ancc occupational hazard to workk in the united states supreme court as a justice or to s be a family member of one of those justices. some of them have small children. thinkdr many of them have spouss and the threats that are going to their lives are very worrisome. it is american to disagree, to i dissent, to protest. it is a crime to threaten people's lives and worse and publish their addressol and try to incite the kind of violence that we've seen in the pastst. , and they're saying rude sentence referring to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg. she didn't she wasn't force violence that she neverll compelled anybody, never incited people to go toeo folks houses. she and the late great antonin scalia were the best friends by all accounts. so b i really hope everybody turns down the temperature and law enforcement gets involved because i'm very concerned. but as for these use , look,ents everybody knows putin kim jong
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un , iran, jinping, they were all at bay when donald trump was in there. gas prices were lower, but our morale was higher too.ere lower. in the polls it actually includes issue sets but also ask just aboutdes the state of the nation. peopleleel are very hopeful. i think the last thing people really had hope was in on election day 2016 when they felt there was going wgh to be somebody different doing something differently and now traveling by is no way to run a country. joe biden thinks donald trump didd i undo it? t spight is no wayo to run a country, folks. and that's what we've got and. e so the maga hat movement, according to joe biden, mark meadows, the maga hat movement is the single greatest, danger and most radical group in america. let's seeha people that believe in energy independence secureeon borders, constitutionals on the bench, free and fair trade, peace through strength.o that's so radical. it's's so over the top. i've never heard such ideas>> that were that crazy. well, listen, sean, kellyanne
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is exactly right. right when we were in the. white house ,you didn't have to guesss who was the president of the united states because president donaldf trump was calling the shots and actually the maga hat movement, which is more than just the republican party .t that's where joe biden got itmo wrong. we've gotcr democratsand and unaffiliated voters that are part of the maga hat movement that says that they believe that america should be great. we should celebrate the greatness. and when joe biden actually leaves eighty five billion dollars worth of weapons to the taliban ,that should be condemned. and when they start to politicize the supreme court as they've done with leaking this document and ultimately by calls to pack the court and expand the number of justices so that liberaluall progressives can get their way ,it's just not what america isco all about, but it is what politics is all about. and that's why we should be calling out many of the progressive left that have on the supreme court.
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youu know, ryan brought up the five hundred and seventyf four riots in the summer of 2 2020. we had dozens of deadd americanh . we had thousands of copss injured. we had billions in propertyind,e damage. played i played the rhetoric.tori kellyanne referred to itc. and the democratic party as a whole. democratic party as a their silence was deafening almost the entire time it seemsw to mehe that when it comes toci criticizing their radical base ,then i played comments of prominent democrats and the ones who want to punch donald trump in the face and dream an awful lot about blowing up the white house. nothing ever happens to n them ha. cons but ifer it was a conservative, if one day sean if hannity lost his mind and said something that's stupid, i don't think i'd t do anotheres show ever fort the rest of my life and i might have l the fbi at my door asking a lotd of questions and they might put me in these really p nice lookig handcuffs if they have. well, that is so true in here
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where here's where w we're at. these are the tactics of liberals in america. the good in america news is, isi think americans are starting to reject these tactics. tar and whate are the tactics? one is false labeling. they want to call everyone a white supremacist t has a maga hat on who who doesn't think that society should be taught in school. they call parents scienceci deniers becauseen they don't wat their two year olds and their five year olds wearing masks they call people who don't think that boys should compete against girls and sports tranz then they move toobic the platfm and they say that if you post anything that we don't agree with your op on twitter, youtt have a facebook and instagram. now elon muskerbo says you basically go jump in a lake. i'm going to take care ofwi twitter. then what do they do then they resort to violence and it's blm and it's antifa and these are and the reason why to answer your question ishe that these are the tactics embraced by liberals.
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and every once in a while i look at the rules for r radicals. we've talked about this before, but one of them in these rules for radicals is to find ways to intimidate margin lies and and isolate and punish individuals that espouse opinions that you don't agree with . sean, it's embedded in what they believe and howe, they operate. not a so this is not a surprise.e. but i doo thinksurp americans ae starting to have enough of this stuff and that's why they're going to get killed in november. kellyanne g, when i play chuck schumer threatening gorsuch and cavanough, is that a threat ? because i think it was yes, it was. and ast chuck schumer and i want this old white guy tell me what to do with my body shewn and how to think that very well. could you go ahead? ean: no, it was a it was a threat to work and threaten them.e right. by theic way, have you noticed as always cameras involved? they have to bother.
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and heidi cruz at dinner,r, kirschen yalcin, the secretarlw of homeland, they've always gotd their camera out and then they go, which makes you tch wor i think it's all escalated nowid and it's because of something you said earlierli, which is h that people are lying about what would happen if in fact that opinion holds and roe n versus wade and noo longer exit . of course abortion will be accessible. people are lying about that andd the left l benefits from the fat that a majority of americans when you ask them what is roeov vs. wade actually provide, they get it wrong. the democrats love that .d people know planned parenthood gets a half a billion dollars in taxpayer money selling fetal tissue and baby body parts a few yearsll to go there for nine month abortion. they're for selection, abortion. they're for taxpayer ninth fundi abortion. onrt i would ask every liberal out there, every pro-choice or just can you think of one abortion you think is a bad idea? justel one tell us describe we have many schools that allow for that . we kill it. we put the states in this union that allow abortion upun until the moment of birth. and then of course we played ralph northam.
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let me letlp. as well that yeah. let a me ask marc this question that was giving out the addresses of supreme court justices clearlys this is all y effort to intimidate the mark and maybe make the casebe as as people like the congenital liar adam schiff and elizabethia warren are suggesting we pack the courts but my message to c conservatives are would be never give out the address of any justice, any elected official, anybody that works on the lowest leveldy of government. and if you everr see anybodyan in public leave the alone. say hello if you want. be nice. otherwise leave them alone. well, leave them alone. ce and certainly what they're calling on a lotrt off the lefto do and going to protest at t some of these justices homes is not only inappropriate but it's dangerous. ry listen, we're all we love this country and being able to protest and it's express
11:20 pm
your opinion is something that we should be able to peacefully do. and you can do those, you know, in the public square. but t to suggest that doxing someone and giving out their address this is all about intimidation. this is what the leftftti has mastered and they continue toma master it and where are the democrats condemning this ? you know, when you think of the supreme court, no matter what the makeup of the court has been, is or will be , you want them to be a neutralal arbiter of the truth. and yet what we see are politicians and the leftul particularly pushing their agendaar and in this leakd document is is really an affront on the supreme court and that neutralitye co. s let me give you the last word. same question i really now fear for these justices and i would never want a conservative everus act in the same way.. reince priebus no, never. and i think that's
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the difference between republicans, democrats, liveals and conservatives by the golden rule. do unto others as you want to be done to yourselfot. ur butse the real question the real issue here is that democratsai and liberals, as kellyanne said ,they've taken it tooen far. they went to late term abortion. they went to taxpayerab abortios and then they said we're not going to tell parents whenel a 5 year old girl wants to go after school and have an abortion and that's when parents rose up and parents are rising up alls over this country like they did in virginia. they're doing it here and they're doing it cross red states in america and they're calling the questions and to the courts and the justices are likely to respond. . all all right. thank you all for being r r with us. we appreciate it. kellyanne us.. thank you . mark meadows, thank you and thank you . it's official tan jen psaki circling back around the white later lr the final time this month. she's leaving. she's going right there toeaea my fiancee. fa
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we'll show you some of our favorite circle back moments from the outgoing press secretary. we're kind ofre honoring her wih this and then later, the man that attacked dave chappelle on stage not facing felonyrg charges when he had a fakees gun with a real knifefe in it. are you kidding me? we'll explain. college wasn't built for me. he didn't care if i had to work a double shift or if my kid had a deadline. the deadline. i want to set the deadline. i'm going to take test when i'm ready. i want to take courses online feet up when i know my stuff. i went to university that cares about personal choices on the graduate, on your time and on top of university hoping you could talk to you and spread. it's time to start using
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every dollar protects and maintains your local waterways for future generations to enjoy it. take me fishing. doug off. sadly of people on the left,, the jen psaki era at the white o house is officially comingff to a close. president biden announced today that karrine chomper will become the new white house press secretary, replacing soki . his last day is next so as circle back , psaki now heads for the exit door. let'sok take a look back at some of her greatest hits ,
11:27 pm
shall we, to honor her ? >> you may have noticed this week that your gas prices haveve i want to talk to you a little bit about why a lot of it has to do. a vladimirir putin probably known and widely known, peter , that there was a broad range b f russian disinformation back in 2020. why is the administration lying? thousands off migrants from the border to florida and you're in the middle of the night? well, i'm not sure>> it's in the middle of the nightht as individuals come across the border and they are bothbo assessed for whether they have any symptoms. if they have symptoms, they are the intention is for them to be quarantined. that is our process. they're not intending to stay a lengthy period of time. i believe that get better will not add a dime to the national system, correct? it won't. why why should americans believe this ? because it won't people s it it was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain. people couldn't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmill'sme
11:28 pm
delivered on time, not tots mention all sorts of other things. so why o tragedy in the treadmil that's delayed. and last thing i want d to dor before we get to your questions, i often note i'm going to circle back i hatei to disappoint conservative twitter, but i'm going tove thi circle back on a number of things as we oftenng do directl. we do wish jen well looks likeea she'll fit perfectly with a new friends. the conspiracy theorists ats and dnc. and by the way,ot she's notme the only former biden whiteta house staffer headed to liberal nbc news where they used to have lion brian is the fate i saw dead bodies floatingut right outside my hotel roomsi when i was at katrinana only problem was the hotel was that didn't have flooded streets so there were no bodies floating anyway. former vice president, a former , spokesperson for vice president harris sanders is debutingym a new show on msnbchi this weekend and she claims she will not use the show to be a nonstop cheerleader foror the biden white house, whichau would be great because that's what every other show in thatne network prettytw much is.
11:29 pm
now this despite the fact by the way, we t now know her very first guest reportedly that will be the first lady, jill biden. anyway, how nice.h and with reaction all of this former white house press secretary and outnumbered co-host kayleigh mcenany and fox newspres contributorit joe concha is with i like i think i like the early t morninghe lights and we don't check for covid because they'ren not going tog be here very long. the putin price, putin p inflation, the tragedy of the treadmill. i mean,, the trage we got a lots there. >> kaili. yeah, you have a lot of winners, in the last 48 hours. the factt that president biden l said that lgbt children would be segregated from heterosexual children and when jen psaki was pressed for an example, she said, well, there are discriminatory laws and issues further what state has these discriminatory laws? and she said while there are haw these was not an answer on the leak that happened. she wasas asked about that .
11:30 pm
and what do you think of this leak from the supreme court? she refused to condemn it. she was asked about violence ate the justices houses this protest at the justicese houses to which she essentially condoned legal activity becauseo you're not allowed to do that in virginia and she called it a peaceful protest twice. she was asked in last 48 hours about the legitimacy supreme court opinion to which she would not answer whether they would acceptupon that opin, saying it's 48 hours and i can tell you that she depends and so too will jump here on a compliance softball press corps because if any trump spokesperson i've given any of those four answers, i can tellre you there'd be a lot of shouting, you know, from experience you were behindeh that podium not by the way. i don't think i'd be very goods at that job because the odds of me holding my tonguepi and keeping my patience are probably next to zeroo. joe concha, i think you'd probably agree with me, you know, but but think about it. i really mean this it's not a joke when i say i think she'll imperfectly because b msnbc went for threeec long yeas
11:31 pm
lying about trump russia collusion and the russian dossier. christopher steele, they weree dead wrong. they've never apologized. they never retracted. they never corrected their error. the same people ted that immediately declared biden's real laptop ton be russian disinformation in the weeks leading up tofe the twenty twenty election. >> i think shect fits in perfectly. they're well, first of all, let me address that you have and probably does as well irish amnesia. and what that means is you f forget everythingor about the grudge. so yeah, youotgo wouldn't be vey good at that job. talli was able to be a little more disciplined if i was ifd. i was a member of the woke mob,f you'd be in trouble for saying that . but it's okay. i'm my feelings are hurt. all right. thank you .jen look, jen psaki leavesps the white house for msnbc as you mentioned. watch yesterday saw its most ubiquitous guest call the founding fathersye and we're quoting here racist faces and zero pushback, by the way,
11:32 pm
gently's for a network where the aforementioned joy reid claims that the media only cares about rush's insidious invasion of ukraine because white people are involvedvawh this is the same prime time host who called the supreme court quote a pro just white christian court because justice thomas justice justice sotomayor, they don't actually exist and she goes to a network where its highest rated host gets a six day weekend from the network while working one day a week. and miss soccers replacement kelly just mentioned in all fairness to conspiracyea theorists rachel maddow, in fairness to her , this isn:cl a really hard job.oi i've been doing it the longest in prime time and cable and i've been doing radio thirty five years, three hours a day now for the last however many years. so in fairness to her an hour a week is really tough. it can be right because you'reth on what, five hours a week on this network and then fifteen hours a week on radio. twenty yeah 20 to one . yeah that makes sense.
11:33 pm
you know as we mentioned cringe up here. she takes over . she's married to a cnnnd political correspondent by the way. so you have no conflict there. in the end jen's legacy will be that she is tasked with defending the indefensible. right. and that meansinde, she said that spending additional trillions of dollars wouldld actually reduce the deficit and inflation. no, she said with a straight face no,o, that republicans werd the ones who wanted to defund the police. no, she claims that the catastrophe at the border is because of donald trump and that walls don't work okay. she also declared zero evidence in the most condescending way possible. i think that's her mostt notabln attribute if you want to callal that being pious that peteris doocy has his questions written for him never in a thousand years she's going to be celebrated. of course,e, to like the greatet press secretary ever, sean, eve because when you haven a president that's 33% approval and the white house communications team has a severeni messaging problem that she led , you know, in thed end the numbers, the dubiousin
11:34 pm
statements say otherwise in terms of when we're talking about the legacy off jen psaki, let mee ask you both the sameor question. who should i feel more sorry for? peter doocyryry because he's not going to have jen psaki tomo battle with anymore or kareene jean-pierre who's taken over and it's going to have to deal with peter deuce's questions. >> i don't know what a caitlyn jenner you feel more sorry for. oh , certainly cringe down here. you know, i watched part of one of her briefings today when she was filling in and itms sees to me that circled back that montera might be replaced with i don't have anything for you because i counted and inas the video i was watching 21 times in one briefing, one person jumps, said some rendition of i don't know,n i don't haveow anything for you. i can tell you one person was not going to let you get away with that. two people, jackie heinrich, peter doocy, they will show up and think about that . she only has two reporters in the room, only two who willat follow up w and that was very
11:35 pm
hard for them to handle. we'll see how korean handles that guarantee. if there's a list that jen. psaki leaves corrine jumpier, it's going to be number one on the list will be how to deal with fox news. peter doocy and jackie heinrich. i guarantee that's the number one . a bit of advice. would bet i would bet soki is going to leave with her successor joe . i think you're right, john. and look, at least the hashtag bomb we probably don't have to see anymore unless she said something provocative h h on msc but. honestly, when you watch y jen psaki, she's awkwardod and when she doesn'ty have somebody to spar with and she won't on msnbc, i don't think she's going to be this big success that people think to be .ing i think that in the end she needs a foil and she won't have one there. l >> seathe tape. that's all i have to say. save the tape. i agree with you and you should have your own media show. haley's o got her show. she's doing great. thank you both, drew.
11:36 pm
thanks, don . all right. coming up, the soft on crime ladha in their office says the man that attacked comedian dave chappelle on stage is notpp going to be chargedelel with assault with a deadly weapon. he had a knife in a gune that looked like a gun and it aa wasn't a real but it was a real knife. why is he nothy being charged leotta point turell greg jarrett they'll try and sort fact from s fiction on that madness straight ahead, a heart attack. do they have life insurance? no, but we have life insurance ,john. i'm trying to find something we can afford fortunately in only a few minutes. let's go down john. five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty nine dollars a month and white and a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty one dollars. go to select now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford to select . quote we shop you save for
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now and hulu recent nail fungus is nasty. the nail starts improving the appearance of fungus damage. stonehill's in just two days it's clinically proven formula penetrates the nail for results you can see quickly autopsy nails give fungus damage toenails a makeover when you can watch get the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm anytime, anywhere . >> fox news out of you on 360. america is listening. icebreaking new developments tonight following the dave chappelle attack on stage duringment a show tuesday night. well, far, far less soft on crime c. district attorney george gascong office announced that they're not going toon charge the attacker with felony
11:41 pm
assault with a deadly weapon. you see the knife that's a deadly weapon and that looks like a real gun.. but the attacker is just being charged with four misdemeanors. and according to audio from the shows, aftermath tame t by tmz, chappelle thanked the security team adding probably just being funny.,, i g i felt good.oo my friends broke his arm. i was trying to kill him, could have killed them. meanwhile, the incident raised concerns me from other celebrities. comedian howie mandel calling it quote the beginningde ofco the end for give in to people that act like this . you can't ever anyway. here with reaction, fox news contributor leo 2.0 tero fox news legal analyst gregl, jarret . we are going to start with you. you know, i train in mixed martial arts. i do a lot of situational self-defense preparation for moments like what we see with chris rock or in this casee dave chappelle. i thinki who are the funniest comedians out there. and you know, for example, i have said to people and they
11:42 pm
think it is know what the hell he's talking about when it comess to martial arts at close range. if i'm dealing if i'm with a gun that is pointed at me right here where i can go like this and strip it literally break the guy's finger, strip the gun, step back rack and do for over three, i'd rather do that . somebody pointeded at my forehead, okay, i'll push it up , i'll jam it back , break his finger and jam it into them . step then i'll strip it, step back tap racket and they'll do for three their same threat. put a gun at my back i'll get the gun off line, fight the man, strip the gun, break his finger, step back tap rack for over three something we do regularly a knife to me in the hands of somebody close quarter fighting. i'm only talkingnght about close quarter not distance. i would rather deal with the firearm than i would the knife somebody just had that knife could could have killedfe david chappelle. and if you attack an innocent person deserved to get the kicked out of you and he's lucky it wasn't worse in myut view. w.
11:43 pm
i'll tell you, sean, it's not safe to live in los angelesge and it's dangerous for comedians to perform. let's not forget the will smith situation. nosm criminal action taken against will smith. we have a district attorney who is not a district attorney.s he's a public defender forld criminals. how in the world can he dismissm this caseiss? let's have felony charges fly all the way to court. lettha the judge determine if there's enough evidenceid what you saw on thateo video, yu see an attempt to inflict bodily injury to an individual. these are felony charges. but we have a district attorney who is immune from any type ofon prosecution himself. we have one month to get a recall petition on the ballot against this public defenderga. and one final point, sean. the problem here is this that he punished his case to the city attorney for misdemeanor. that city attorney m is runningt
11:44 pm
for mayor.o he's not going to do a darn thing because he's not going to try to wreck his chances for running for mayor. we have no law and order in los angeles. you know,s an what i'm talking about? close quarter situational self defense. you know, a knife is one of the deadly weapons somebody can use if they get the right play, if they get an artery, y they if they get you in the right place, you will bleed o out. you will likely die. they be in the heart.dy you're dead. there's nothing anybody is going to do to bring back how could you not refer to that as a deadly weapon? wel well, it's hard to comprehend how this is not treated as a f serious felony. it's obviously anelio assault aa battery, both of which arere felonies. but since he had a deadlyy weapon, a fake gun that triggers a knife, dave chappelle could have been under certain circumstances killed in front of a crowd of thousands of people. look, this is symptomatic of an ultra progressive district
11:45 pm
attorney, george gascon, whose policies have led every category of crime to skyrocket. homicides are up almost 40%, gs shootings up 70%. armed robberies, thefts, beatings, you name it.yo they have all gone up considerably. and the people of los angeles, my hometown and i'm there frequently they're angry in a sense they're fed up and thus the recall election and the people who are backing it, guess who they are. hollywood the hollywood elites are now financing the recallfi to kick gascon out of office because los angeles is now a pro criminal paradise and everybodypr er is a victimst because this district attorney doesn't careri about victims ofc violent crime. he only cares as leo said, about helping the criminals. the hollywood elite has finally decided, gee, this was
11:46 pm
a bad idea. these are the same people that cheered on the blm protest that were violent as well as the defund policede and everybody in los angeles iso against gasconn law enforcement own dea staff. law enforcement, some d.a. staff, the the los angeles county sheriff is against an he will not survive a recall if a it gets on the ballot. well said, both of you. and youo and you know what ?wha we've got to protectt, theseny anybody any public figure davec chappelle could have beenat this gd to death that night. that was a deadly weapon. has this guy's got to go. thank you both. when we come back , a huge update in john durhames investigation into the russian probe not one but twoti massive rulings in his favor. jim jordan, jason chaffetz, break it down next . selling a home is expensive and stressful so we created our smart solar system to sell your home for top dollar
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absolutely free ketel to three
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six nine three six nine. ve and tonight we have majorco updates and special counsel john durham's long investigation into the origins of the russian probe. russiaia probe. w he now wants the jurors to hear about the quote intersection ofw clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman's work. remember, he's the one thator is charged here against president trump and with that ofer christopher steele and his dirty disinformation dossier that hillary paid for. now during a pretrial hearing, one of durham's lawyers argued that the jurors should be made aware m of a july 2016 meeting between sussman and steele, calling it a provocative and a provocative and relevant. this came on the heels of the presiding judge rulingev durham's favor, agreeing to review dozens of the records which were withheld on claims of attorney client privilege 2016llary clinton's campaign to see if they were t improperly concealedhe.
11:52 pm
it was reaction congressman jim jordan and fox news contributor jason chaffetziore. jim , i'll start with you now. durham wants jurors at this trial to know that clinton's attorney michael sussman in twentyon sixteen they want about this intersection of his work against former president trump and that ofha the author of the debunked steel dossier and the judge rightly pointed out, well, this information was leaked to the press. you can hardly claim attorneypr client privilege privilege, which i thought was a powerfullt statement by the judge. >> yeah, durham wants the court to knowm the truth and it was a conspiracy. sean.conspiraabout it, you got s you got christopher steele, tech executive one mr. jaffe who create a lie. you got glenn simpson with fusion gps who peddles the lie to the press.. you got michael sussman who takes the lie and hands it to the fbius again, not just anyone at the fbi but jim baker, the chief counsel. and you got marc elias and the clinton campaign overseeing
11:53 pm
the whole operation. it wasn false. it was garbage, but it was a conspiracy to keep donald trump. the white house in durham is a on to him and he wants tond make sure the court has the truth and the facts plain and simple .ce and you've commented recently on fox news .com about a lot this jason chaffetz and you mentioned to me, a number of conversations, the name mark alias. what does he have to naoo with us? well, mark elias is in the center sorry. a lot of controversies along the way. yeah, the way e this works, the scheme is the dnc and hillary clinton pay a lawc firm in this case perkins couey and the person who's overseeingg this is marc elias working for him is this michael sussman. and what they do is and theto reason they do it is to be able to claim attorney client privilege and that you can'tou see it. but millions of dollars i are flowing. i thinkk one of the interesting things that will start with this case, which starts a week from mondayy on the 16th is how much money was
11:54 pm
actually flowing and what was going on because then the representation through michael sussman goese o jim baker and jim jordan just pointed out who's generalba counsel. he's got the highest position there at the department ofes justice has this meeting and failed to tell them that he's actually working for hillary clinton in the dnc.theya they startrt this probe and they they had been involvedol and engaged in this thing. but t it's a way to hide the money. it's a way to move the money and then hide it back . but the judge so far short is actually made two really goodgs positive rulings. now i've complained bitterly aboutean: i've h how long it's . dorham jim jordan, are you confident that he now knows the real truth about what happened? >> i think but the pointhe jason just made, john, i think it's interesting because again, justman doesn't just go to anyone goes to jim baker any emails jim baker the day before and says, hey, jim , i got
11:55 pm
some important information i want to pass along to you now?want he wasn't is doing that out of the kindness of his heart. the he was working for the clinton campaign. we know he liedca aboutmp - duro has yet to indicate yeah, he lied about it. but i think i think the fbi had to knowth i think jim baker had to k he gets an email from dustmen investments, his friend, you know, he works . perkins cooey how did he not know this was all part of the clinton campaign?tol hat goes. so we'll see where that goes. but overall, i think johnng durham is certainly being t thorough and certainly trying to get to the bottom of this and we certainly appreciate >>is work. we s just hope it happens quickly. last 20 seconds,seco jason . well, it hasn't happened quickly yet, but i just wantai truth and justice prevail. i'm glad it's going to is do toa a jury trial and i'mnd glad the judge is allowing the durham. do you think the dorham do you think durham has the completele story real quick? i , i do. and what we need to expose is where all the money was foror and follow the money. thank you . vote for hannity next ruling to
11:56 pm
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unfortunately that is all the time we havee lefth this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us. thank you ford making this shor possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of y hannity if you'reou looking for the daily news and information, hannity, .com, we got it all for you. in the meantime, let your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, the ingram angle is next .t have b a i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingrahamm angle from washington tonight . thanks foran joining us , ricket radical's. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. the economy is is doing doing fairly well. it's we expect growth to be to be solid this year for the first time since 2001. st the treasury department is planning to pay down20 the national16 debt issue to the public this quarter. we recovered faster than