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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 6, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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unfortunately that is all the time we havee lefth this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us. thank you ford making this shor possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of y hannity if you'reou looking for the daily news and information, hannity, .com, we got it all for you. in the meantime, let your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, the ingram angle is next .t have b a i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingrahamm angle from washington tonight . thanks foran joining us , ricket radical's. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. the economy is is doing doing fairly well. it's we expect growth to be to be solid this year for the first time since 2001. st the treasury department is planning to pay down20 the national16 debt issue to the public this quarter. we recovered faster than
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projected. >> nice try, guys,s, butut by any objective measure, america across the board is facing some of the most severeor challenges in our nation's history in china we haveyna a dangerous geopolitical threat. there's a war raging in eastern europein. oi the dow dropped a thousand sixty three points today. inflation is outpacing wages. l. our industrial base is crippled and of course we'rean 30 trillin dollars in debt now this at a time when america needs leaders who can begin at least to tackleneed these major issues one by one in a practical and sophisticated way. but unfortunately. with biden we have a fundamentally frivolous and unserious group off people. our president is a man incapable of even saying the word plutocrat, let alone havinglo a type of executive leadership and judgment that we all need and deserve. y even now nobody even thinks that atng this point biden does anything
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anymore. essentially his staff escorts him in and out of eventsgr and they hope he avoids grabbing the air when he's supposed to walk off the stage. h his team should have surrounded him though with a cabinet of experts who could do the parts of the job that he's obviously manifestly incapable of doingbl and with such a weake presiden, he really needed a vp who is n w smart enough to earn the trust of the voters, someone who could do the job if she had to. that's kind of the whole point . kamala harris, though, is a laughing stock who left too much more . parents are seeing the value of education at christmas and say we're not paying them nearly enough these times this is the border up. not today.
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a friend in need is a friend. i think that was my favorite laugh ha of all. now instead in kamala biden's just surrounded by another person who can't do the jobsu and he's surrounded by scores of incompetent people who livee each day to please maybe the panel on morning joe not one of these cabinet secretaries was chosen on merit. think about mayor pete south bend, indiana. he knows nothingngna aboutot transportationhi. what's the biggest way the transportation has been permanently changed by the pandemic? we think trains,k planesea and automobiles. but what about bikes, scooters ,wheelchairs for that matter? and of course,e, go for my birthday. dad, mayorkas knows! nothing about the border. >>e we inherited a broken dismantled system that we have effectively managed an unprecedented
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number of non-citizens seeking to enterki the united statesng. is it just me or does he always seem scared? yellen might be the most economically illiterate treasury secretary we've ever had ias. >> when do you expect inflation to get back to the you two percent range? well, i expect that to happen next year. monthly rates of inflation haveo already fallen substantially. i expect improvement by the ende of the middle to end of next year. >> here's r a rule of thumb.'t e if you can't find the prompter or the camera, itt might not be a good time to see the treasury secretary. now our military leadership, it's also embarrassing. i'd call them jayvee, but that's an insult to allll the great jv teams acrossea the country. > i want to understand white rage and i'm white and i want to understand it. we're clear eyed about the challenge that china present with china is not 10 feet tall this america good
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argument. >> jennifer granholm, what does she know about energy department of energy isno really committed to increasing energy affordability, energy resilience, to securing the clean energy supplyresi chas that are needed to to reduce our reliance on unabated fossil fuels and increase our energyy independence. he someone wrote that for her .r they were all chosen for their relative abilities to appear on liberal tv shows and appear politically correct. so biden diversity equity and inclusion ambassadors is what i like to call them now the angle you might remember begged the administration to switch these people out early on and put in truly experienced and pragmatic individuals of talentedma. everyer single person on his economic team should be fired. this means treasury secretary janet yellen by energy
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secretary jennifer granholm never should have been there in the first mayor pete at transportation he can bikeway almost all of his economic advisors should go and on what basis should jerome powell be renominated as fed chair? by the way,l no basis. now the white house needs to admit that they made mistakes, a lot of them and then they can begin to move forward maybe to begin repairing what they in fact wrecked. but the reality is when you really think about it, let's all be really candid in this moment of distress for america . they don't care what happens to you. they thinknk gas prices should be higher. they're always jealous of europe's high gas prices. i just went to france p and they're gas prices much higher. i remember that conversation you had with your cousin.ho they think countries should be stronger than ours and that we should be weaker.nk they think schools should be used to promote radical social agendas and they think government fundsnk should be distributed to those groups who are likely to helpke the democrats. nk criminals
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they criminals deserve a break and that you neveran do. on and forth the next six months they're going to scream and wail like you heard elizabeth warren the other day about everything except stuff that will actually help you and your family. so as the dow was plummeting today, this is what cnn was locked on lordi there are>> more tapes. newly released audio reveals house minority leader kevin mccarthy discussed actually removing donald trump from office. melanie tal, how many more tapes could there be out there?? well, if you're kevin mccarthy, you're hoping there are zero more tapes t will encouragehe people to riot and smash things ,use mail in ballot stuff, the ballot boxes. of course we'll do that as welli . one ofn the most shameful thins i think that's happened in the past 50 years is that so many who spent their careers pretending to be republicans have abandoned the supporters who voteders w for them or
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read their lousy articles in the first place rather, f and working to replace this doddering fool with an america first leadert, they'd rather prop up radical incompetence. their hatred of trump trumps what's best for america. >> people were betrayed by a sitting president of the united states. now we gatherr due to a selfishur man's injured pride. thanks, matt . now remember when biden claimed he was just a guy from scranton who cared about the little people christie's the world from park avenue, it from scranton was looking out forng the average person out there, people i grew up with in scranton. that's the lessonit i never forgotten when i grew up surrounded by a lot of hard s work and folks in scranton, pennsylvania paying six bucks, a gallon for gas. joey?? well, now a little people will find it's going to be harder to get a job, pay their mortgages
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for groceries, even forget saving for a rainy day.. they're going to need that money to pay off their bills, sending their kids that teach maybebe what the kids really need to know to be successful in life. being dashedone one bye one in the biden crew couldn't care less. they think they'll quiet your concerns by hyping the role reversal or by making up fake things abouthi the fantasy. as long as these people remainer in power,, our lives and the country we love will continue. i'm sad to report to deteriorate. nothing will reallyriorate. impl that much until they're beaten at the ballot box. so badly that they're going to think long and hard about nonsense again ory at least not for l a very long time. time. and that's "the angle." jo and that's the angle, right?in s joining me now is larry kudlow,k host of kudlow on fox business and former director of the nationalna economic council under president trump. larry, it's greatse to see you
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tonight . are we in the biden recession now? well, i don't think we're in aa recession right this moment. to but i got to tell you,ou with record high inflation,, it's going to be almosto impossible to avoid a recession and given the fact that there's no confidencefa in joe biden and by the way, there's no confidence in fed chair jay powell, we could wind up with an inflationary recession which would be the worst ofwi al possible worlds. i mean, both of thoseos guys are trying to whitewash the inflation problem. so what you've goth t nowhe inft interest rates are rising. we had big wage cost numbers today. real incomes, real wages afterin inflation are falling. fal it's very difficult consumerif confidence is down. small business confidence is down. wn i don't think we're in a
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recession right now. but as i say, i thinknk it woule be virtually impossible to avoid a recession either laterau this year or next year. now,ra larry, here's how one of biden'ss economic advisers actually views the economy today. is this country is this economy in a position of strength to face what's coming at? soso the answer if you look at our job market, if you look at our gdp growth, if you look at household, how householdst, incomes are doing or d their savings are doing, you would conclude that we are approaching this moment from a position of strength larry.. . gdp shrank last month and inflation is destroyed int savings. people are getting poorer in the united states. what are these people talkingse about and does this in any way calm the markets? youu know, i want to say jared bernstein is an old friend of minene and personally he's realy a good idea.oo
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well, sure.d laura: i' he i'm sure he savedm kittens i from trees, larry. count but this is the country goingryn down the two. your i've got to say, i love you and you're one of my favorite people. everyone's friends fds with everyone in washington, new york . we all love each other.. we all know that's great. al our country is falling apart and these people are lying about it. i don't think wei don' can mince words at this point.t. they're lying to the american people. i'm sorry to jump on you. it i'm fed up with this. yes, i understand. yes, i but analytically under i don't a what jarod's talking about because in fact he's talking about consumercausus incomes. we'll look at consumer incomes a after inflationft are falling and small business incomes after inflation are falling. so i'm notot sure where he's coming from on this. >> i mean, look at the federal reserve blew this a year ago. i don't know why jay powell is being reappointed. he certainly doesn't deserve it. he has the people do not have
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confidence. he was out there yesterday..ut laura , and he tried to whitewash the whole problem. he sounded like joe biden i blaming inflation on vladimir putin and covid. that's nonsense. vladimir the problem here was too much federal spending, too much federal borrowing and too much central bank money printing. and the fed has got to stopin whitewashing the problem and go to it eithergo wise the longer they wait and the more they tried to avoid these issues, which is what biden is unfortunately doing, the worse the recession is going to be . i mean, the worst possible combination is inflationary recessionn, a double barrel of poison. that's the worst thing you can have and that's my concern right now. again, the fed is not taking action. we're still spending too much in washington. you've got these guys are talking about raising taxes, which would be the worstst thing in the world. they should all be fired. fire joe biden, any one ofd. these people, larry, are there any single one yelling jay powell,
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the council of economic advisors, i mean friends and i should any of these people be in this position after they blew off the inflation concerns that you raised and larry summers raised a yearr agoea, any of them be still working because in corporate america they all would have been firedon on basketball team if they were coaches, they'd be fired long ago. well, i'll put it i put a little more positively. you mentioned larry summersri who got this right. you met jason furman got this right. . i mean, i think moderate w democrats with experience and some weight should be in and this administration and they should replace a lot of the economic policy makers and that's probably true good throughout the cabinet, as you noted in your and your intro.t e but again, i just want to make this point the longer they wait to take action to ward off this inflation, the worse it's going to b be and the worse the recession is going to be . we got to go there working
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folks are going to suffer. folks i get hammered. i'd like i'd like to avoid the middle class getting damaged and hammered, as you say. and that's, you know, stop. we got to it watching this onge it and change it now they don't want to own it.ei >> this is part of their plan.n, i'm actually believing they're enjoying this moment. larry, i love having you. thank you so much. and of o course democrats have been the leadership is laying waste to ourur urban areas as well. great american cities that we love now they're coddling criminals and hammering businesses with high taxes in this environment, boeingta just announced it was blowing out of the windy city. obviously fed up with a soaringn crime and the declining livability for its employees. that's kind of a nice concept, don't you think? loving the place you live northerk. so boeing is headed to northern virginia. the lobbyists are going torn be happyst to have the whole crw together. it's not just boeing. ken griffin who runs the hedge fund citadel is thinking of leaving town. it runs, of course,
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thirty eight billion dollars in assets. so maybe lori lightfoot, the mayor of chicago, should d have done more to stop scenes like this instead of joining the blm crowd that makes lifee harder and more dangerous for law enforcement as well. that would have been nice.e ht what a nightmare it is here now former speaker of the house and fox news contributor newt gingriche , author of the upcoming book book we can order now on amazon defeating big government socialism. newtig, it seems like people ara really feeling the pain now of this . whatever we're going to call g it's not a recession yet. feels like one to a lot of people and seeing forli themselves what liberalism does to america. well, look, i think every placee from going to the gas station
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to going to the grocery store which by the way, by september willll be a bigger story than gasoline. food prices are going to go up summer on a worldwideld basis. they're going to be genuineebe crises and hundreds of millions of people are going to t be at risk in places like india, the middle east, sub-saharania africa.i i think people have t nohink ida how bad the food situation is going to get by the summer's and how expensive it's going to be by september. but in addition, if you've worked hard and saved all your life, i talked to somebodya today who knows a greatt deal about the economy who had just looked at his 401k and realized how much of a hammering they taken in the last few days. so if you're a retired person relying on a decent stock market, you'vee mar got a probld you are dealing with theea challenge of gasoline or jobs because i think that where you and larry kudlow talked about is exactly right. they wait
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on inflation, the deeper the recession is going tothe be. we lived through thisbe with jimmy carter and ended up getting called stagflation and people added up the unemployment rate and the inflation rate and turned it u into the misery index by adding the two numbers together we have a grave danger of beingve worse off in another year or a year and a half than we were under jimmy carter. ter. this is so staggering that people like you don't sleep enough. i actually stay up worrying about this because i think of the people t i grew up with andt i grew up as blue collar people what their lives are right now, they're freaking out. they're really worried and upset and they have a reason debate and a rightut to be . but newt, former rnc chair turned msnbc darling michael steele, he thinks republicanst should be the ones that are worried. now watch mitch mcconnell and aa number of leaders in washington are very worried about what was once a really well paved w yellow brick road to winning
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in november. now pockmarked by the supreme court narrative which will transform the playing field even further. ra newt: mixed metaphors aside, should republicans be concernedg ?ol well, first of all, i think, when you're on msnbc y you sound very different than you mightdi have in other conversations. no, i think republicans have on rising crime rates, as youne mentioned a minute ago on the inflation rates, on the economy in general, on an open borderal with frankly a totally out of touchit with reality. secretary ofality secret homela. every time you turn around this is an administration whether it's on education or , it's anegulations astonishingly bad administration and the effect is in people's lives. it this is a great problem foru the democrats and the news media. you can't say enough thingsca t
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overcome the price of gasoline or the cost of food, you know, and the real world real people get up every morning. no they know it's not working. m and no matter what you tellk them in theti new york times ori nbc or what the president tries to tell i them when he's coherent, which is less and less oftenen they just don't believe it. and in fact itt, makes the democrats look likeea they are out of touch with reality. they're either lying or they have no idea what's really happening and you're not sure which is a more accurate description d or it's all in the end purposeful. the great reset that so many of the globalists hoped for. newt, it's always great to seeu . thank you so much. and could you advance his win in ohio, usher in a new and much needed pivot towardiv the americaot first agenda in tg us senate? blake masters is banking on ando he's here to tell us how he intends to pull it off in arizona. plus,o why is the pentagon bragging about u.s. intel being used to kill russian generals? >> tulsi gabbard has some thoughts on that coming up.
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toward donald trump whenhe he entered the white house on june 20th. 2017. butja vance of course overcame millions of dollars of negative ads from globalist groupss like the club for growth to win it.te so could this be the beginning of an a american first takeover of the u.s. senate and who could be next?la maste well, blake mastersrs is hoping he is. he's running for the u.s. o senate in the state of arizona.u blake tonig, great to see you tonight . thanks for being here. how can you kind of capture this ? i mean, if it's possiblele, the ohio ohi momentum against more wars for economic growth, all the issues that the america first agenda cares about and move that through arizona and a crowded primary a? absolutely, laura . we're doing it every single day. you know, we're seeing a seismic shift. america first a it's here to stay. president trump launched this movement in twenty t sixteen and meant he upset the apple
12:27 am
he upended the political establishment. i think he literally saved the country by winning in twentynd sav sixteen when hed it by running on and then delivering this bold agenda. it's secure the border. se right. it's stop the senseless wars we've . let's be smart and tough but weo got to stop that . he delivered this economy that worked. that it worked for americann workers and families and you know where he doesn't get enough credit for this part. people forget about itorget abo president trump championed traditional conservative causes. it's becausehamp of him more thn anybody else that we right now have the most pro child, proil family, pro-life supreme courtyn that this nation has ever seenat . e it's incredible and the energy has shifted nowhas speaking off the pro-life issue, mark kelly, the incumbent democrat senator , has just come outod in favor of codifying roe versus wade. i mean, as we said, we got the country falling apart on all these different levels and the democrats are rushing in to essentially say we need more abortions.
12:28 am
that's the holy graild more form in arizona. how does that issue play?ue play veryry candidly. i think it's a pro-life state and i think this is a pro-life country. martelly who doesn't care about the open border. he doesn't care about inflation. it's like he's a rubber stamp h vote for the joe biden agenda.e what he does care about apparently is unlimited partial birth abortion. par he can't articulate anytial-birr restriction he's for he's all for planned parenthood goingar t seven months in utero to sever spinal cords and dismember babies. i'm sorry to be so graphic, but like we have to talk at this level. that's what it is. i think it's gastly. he's out of step with arizona and you know, i'm running on a on a bold agenda this president trump 2016 agenda. it 2 was great on the life issu. it's great on every issue. okay, this is the playbookhe that me and other rising leaders are using. we're not all the same. we sound different. we have different styles. rump you can't copy president trump. he's one of a kind. but the common thread hereer again on this life issue and everything else is we're
12:29 am
mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymoreny. ep what'sta happening to our country? it's unacceptable what the left is doing unacceptable wha and we going to take this country back . are you concerned that a majority would be new majority number 2umber two? number three. number four, they're, all i men to quote larry kudlow, they're all nice guys.y're i have friends. nice, but they're all part of the old gop establishment for the most part. they're very pro war and ukraine i mean, they are spending a lot of money. they're billions and billions of dollars and trade stuff are not there.ariffs i definitely not with trump on the tariffs in china, they want to lift a whole bunch of tariffs which wouldld be disastrous for our economy and our manufacturing base. so are you concerned's that that's that is a wall thatl america first senators t would not themselves be able to cross or get across? well, maybe you can't crossil the wall. we're going to punch pun right through that, although we need a change at the establishment. politics isn'twehange. working e
12:30 am
old republican talking points, the same old republicans in office. itmo doesn't work anymore. you know what the left is doing is is you've got open borders. you've got skyrocketing inflation skyrocketing crime. hr what are they literally want to8 teach your eight year old to be transgendersg and then if you complain about it, i'll caller you a terrorist and let the olde guard the old guard like i'm sorry to interrupt. the old guard doesn't like to talk aboututse this . f i feel like i know how theyl feel.the those issues are icky issues tho rather talk about how we have to have more trade with asia or we have to spend more money to send our values which our kids are taught our racist values races vs. so they're comfortable thereom and maybe on taxes they don'tis like the other issues.suo so you do believe those issues are important now? we'll let you go. g>> absol absolutely noutel, i want to bee party of low taxes. i like low taxes. absolutely. low but the republican party cannot just be the party of low taxes, right? if that's all we are, then we'll lose no.
12:31 am
what about esgwe scores? right. we need to ban those from fortune 500. right.t. we need to denuke ify this country. we need to stop chinese styles social credit systems before it happens here. right. you need new energy in theha us senate. that's what j.t. represents. that's what i represent. we r need vibe shift. you get us in there, we willen materially change how the usat and it works. i like the i like to go to blake and like i likee the young vibe coming from a lot of you guys.nd i think we need to mix it up.p. it's time for me to interation to come in like great to see you. thank you so much. and last night we told youin what vance's win signified that american, especially the burgeoningd a gop of today they do not want war . but some big revelations should have america worried. the new york times reported that the us has provided ukraine with real time intel that has led to the killings of russian generals. hou just a few hours ago, nbcrs, nes reported that u.s. intel helpra ukraine sink the russian flagship. up here now is tulsi gabbard, former congresswoman,
12:32 am
a presidential candidate, lieutenant colonel in the u.s. army reserve. tulsi, a us government says no, that's not true . intel specifically targeting russian generals t. ement how dangerous is this american involvement getting? this is just one piece of the larger reality that we the american people are facing, which is that the biden administration has already gotten us into a war with russia, not just the cold war but a hot war .t and they're using ukraine as our proxy. we heard secretary of defensese austin say just the other day very clearly what our goal iso and i'm going to quote him. he said we want to see russiahe weakened to the degree that it cannot do the kinds of things that it's done in invading ukraine, end of quote. so what does this actually mean on a practical level?it it meansines the united states and nato will need to use economic and military means to decimate russia's economy and military. that means taking out hundreds of thousands of our troops, tens of thousands of their tanks, their vehicles,
12:33 am
their planes v and so forth.t te and that will not be the end ofe it, though, because russia will see this even ifhi we get close to achieving this , russia will see this as a threat to their very existence and they've already said how they would react. a a react. they'd react with they would react with nuclear weapons starting with tactical nukes and you and i know very well that once that pandora's box is opened of nuclear war , there's no way to get about it that the american people, the people of europe, the people of the world we the e destruction because of this nuclear war in the east coast of the united states threaten. yeah, i mean the west coast,es the united states threatened it's all,,it threatened under this scenario. now i want youd. to listen to me . when i was i was watching the other networks today about how the nationalistic the surete community, you know, cia is spinningx- this new york times>> reporting watch. >> there is an importantct distinction between giving the ukrainians information in order to targetioia individul
12:34 am
leaders and giving the ukrainians informationdede that helps them prosecute the conflict which by nature of conflict will occasionally include senior commanders who are in the field to say i've heard a lot of parsing of words in the past, but that's that's pretty much on top of the list parsing of words a and mumbo jumbo really trying to obfuscate again what theirob goalvi really is and their goal and what they are doing, the actions and policiesei we're seeing is put us directly in war with russia, which the american people don't want. you know,pe people are struggling. you've talked so much in this show already w talked tonight at how people are struggling allll across the country higher gas prices, crazy high inflation, high rents, what to speak of, what the cost and consequences would be to continues to escalate this war with russia. and that's that's frankly wheree i have hope because the power is in our hands. we've seenif our primary elections are going on .. the general election will be here very soon.
12:35 am
now's the time for weo the american people to take a very strong stand for a future of peace and prosperity and thoroughlyca reject any democrat orra republican who will not workri towards that future of peace and prosperity and who will who will not reject this war with russia that threatens our very lives and the well-being of ouril families, our children and our future on tuesday. wonderful to see you.we got thank you so much. okay, we've got a clue tonight within segment. you love it. admit it.t. the it's going to be revealed at the end of the show. t is using the answer okay, here it is. the left is using a best selling author to salvage their election prospects. so who is it? tweet me your guesses atf ingrams angle and we're going to see if you get it right. but up next , we got a lot of reaction to our bill gates versus elon musk. examinee. and wouldn't you know there'snt some new developments tonight . we're going to bring them to youu in moments only by talking to centuries from the man
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asked this question given some of his unsafe associations ,how does bill gates continue to receive such golo in media coverage? well, maybe the answer is pretty simple. last fall he donated nearly three hundred and twentyo million dollars to various media organizations, some really big ones in order to promote his global agenda. okay, now take the other side.. here is the new york timesk this morning reporting that elon musk grew up in elite white communities in south africa detach from apartheidcotd atrocities and surrounded by anti black propaganda bck. he sees his take over twitter as free speech. butt in his youth did not suffer the effects of misinformation. that's a terrible headline right? expect to read this awful stuff about elon musk, but when you actually read the article, which i'm not sure how many people are doing anymore o, musk's dad was an elected official from an anti apartheid
12:42 am
party musk school has a robustlu anti-apartheid curriculum and must not only hadad a number of many black friends, but he was bullied for standing up to other kids who actually were racist and finally must chose to leave home to avoid fightingb for an apartheid regime. so think about this . this the time sets out to obviously write this horrible hit piece supposedly racist youngng elon musk attempting to tie his support for free speech to support for apartheid south africa. but despite the framing in the title of the article, the facts actually completely negate that narrativeve . so dishonest. here now is charlie hurt washington times opinion editor, fox news contributor. ei charlie, i know you'retor, fox t surprised at this at all, butha it was so dishonestly framed and it was a click bait. if you see online even it gotit me it tricked.
12:43 am
yeah. it's why it's torture to even try to read the new york times if if a reporter if a journalist who really cared about free speech and journalism came from marswo and landed on the planet, they would look at these two people. they would look plo likmu a guy, musk and they would a see a her. they would see a guy that stands up for free speech and innovator, a free thinker, a guy a that's trying to envisi what the future is going to look likelo versus a guy like bill gates who as you pointas out, is pretty creepy. but in addition to that , he is a massively wealthy billionaire who has been in bed with china ,an authoritarian regime and has has these visions of a globalized new world order. g if you are just coming from from out of the middle of nowhere, you would you and you f cared about free speech and you cared about journalism, you would side with a guy like elon musk over a guy like bill gates
12:44 am
any day. but it turns out if you spend three hundred and nineteen million dollars giving money away to places like npr and atlantic monthly and nbc and cnn, it turns out it buys you a whole lot of really nice press coverage. coverage. charlie, there is something that bill gates said at the 90 second street y about the fatality rate of covid, which would have been interesting if we knew a little bit more about this earlier on . but i want to play this for everyone. watch. we didn'tt understand wa a fairly low fatality rate and that it's a disease mainly of e the elderly, kind of like fluence, althoughldit a bit different than that .au >> remember, people got banned from social media for sayingg the flutality was like . a lot of them didn't.anned for alex berenson might have gotten banned for that and t nowin he's saying that like, oh , thank you , bill , for the insights b. the rea yeah. and of course, the reasonha
12:45 am
that bill gates didn't sayt that more than just at one time is because to say anything else undermined his larger mission of building a globalist regime built around around his wealth, quite frankly, charlie, wonderful to say thanks forng joining us . here's an interesting development, the same left that claims to feel unsafe 16 months after january six . they're now encouraging dangerous protests at both the supreme court and even the homes of conservativese senatoes. senator mike lee deliversr a strong message tong the mob m next . have you or a loved one been exposed to firefight foam as a military or civilian firefighter or have you lived or worked at a military base and drink the water contaminated with gas in the foam and have been diagnosed with kidney , pancreatic or another form of cancer? your illness may be the result of exposure to a toxic chemical used for firefighter and fire
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your home could be worth more than you think. visit bonaly .com todayre the always prepared to protect and defend from alld enemiesro t foreign and now weo have to protect ourselves from enemies domestic. >> how close within the president's terrorists haved shown of discrimination to come back ? i will again. we're not ready yet to take the americans who are saying these things about taking down the capital , taking down representative democracy. now six months later, those same democrats have whipped up their activist class into such a frenzy that a massive newfane has been erected around the supreme court building and justicesen have had to cancl
12:51 am
public events. that's eveneven more dangerous. a group called ruth sent us is encouraging protesters to go to the homes of republican justices and picket using google maps to pinpoint where they live. >> joining us now, utah senator mike lee, author of the new book saving nineoo and former law clerkk to justice alito. >> senator , it turns out that this vitriol during the cabinet hearings which at the beginning wasn't just the beginning seems to be getting worse. they know only contempt for the rule of law and now contempt for the justices themselves. that's tragic. well, how dangerous could this get? senator , i mean, sending o people to the homesf of the justices i mean, you do that when someone is nominated to the court and it's kind of dramatic whenever you take your coffee on the way they show the video.. but this is somethingng quite different. the marshals office,ar i understand, is quite worriedri about us . t
12:52 am
they're quite worried and they a have everynd reason to be quite worried. look, in this day and age and in particular, flora, there is never a good legitimate reason to go and protest at the home of a public official. this is a place wherer they sleep. this is a place wherere if they've got children at home where they're raising children, it's an implicit threat of physical violence and that has no place in our system of t government, certainly no place in our judicial system. and that's what they're wanting to do. l and remember, laura , why they're doing this . they're doing this to delegitimize, degrade and isolate those members of the supreme court who may be considering joining the master poorly written and eminently correct opinion of justice alito in the dobs case. this is simply unacceptable. look, they madea a constitutional doctrine out of whole cloth, one thatri doesn't existne. they're mad now because the supreme court is finally recognizing that it doesn't
12:53 am
exist and they're wanting to use violence to get their way. >> that's shameful. and senator leahy, the gop establishment have not been big friends with them on a lot ofot issues and these social issues they mouthed the platitudes of being iss pro-life. but then when it came to this decision, it's kind of a lot of them like let's move on and talk about taxes or inflation. you have beenu such a stalwart pro-life senator and advocate for your whole really your whole life, yet you're being challenged by a so-called independent being funded by out-of-state billionaire and other leftist activists. so i'm getting all these tax and knew you were coming in , coming in . so how do we help michael? how do we help mike ? i don't know how we help you because i think your you're buviously going to win this .. but tell me what's going on here in this race. >> well, first of all, anyonean who wants to help me can do so by going to my website at leastb for senate .com bets leifur senate .comsie when they go to leave for senator .com, what they will discover is that i'm being challenged by an
12:54 am
opponent, one who's running as an independent, but it's now been backed by the democratic party, one who voted for joe biden encouraged others to vote for joe biden and has praised joe biden while criticizing everything donald this iever did.. this is not someone who hashe the interests of the american people or the constitution at heart and the economy and all the other issues we've been talking about crime and so forth. they're willing to throw all those away in order to try to kill off the america first agenda. mitt romney, the fact that he's not endorsing shameful people of utah deserve you tog get reelected. and i'm looking forward to t watching this race sincerely. thank now the left is using a best selling author to salvage their election prospects. who is it? hurry up.heir ele tweet me all your guesses atctin inkerman. a >> i'm going to see if you get it right next . i don't even want quick best way to bring it up. speed got circular rapid graphss two times faster speed along,
12:55 am
read everything else just seems slow. it was let's get to the yard. why are so many people turning to superbikes? because it would be crystals give you the energy and blood
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: okay, the left is using a best-selling author to salvage election prospect. who is it? george dora wealth and a.j.
1:00 am
dominic stephen king. it is terrific and here is the big reveal. >> the border? >> are you pregnant? >> he does not have to... because show me your hands. get out of the vehicle. >> laura: margaret at. >> carley: a fox news alert refusing to get them abortion protests with conservative supreme court justices as left-wing groups circulate where they live and a project to protest roe vs. wade. speak with there is never a good legitimate reason to go and prot at the home of a public official. this is a place where they sleep. this is a place where they have children at home or where they are raising children. it is implicit threat of physical v


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