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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 6, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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dominic stephen king. it is terrific and here is the big reveal. >> the border? >> are you pregnant? >> he does not have to... because show me your hands. get out of the vehicle. >> laura: margaret at. >> carley: a fox news alert refusing to get them abortion protests with conservative supreme court justices as left-wing groups circulate where they live and a project to protest roe vs. wade. speak with there is never a good legitimate reason to go and prot at the home of a public official. this is a place where they sleep. this is a place where they have children at home or where they are raising children. it is implicit threat of physical violence that has no
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place in our system of government and certainly no place in our judicial system. >> carley: you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning carley shimkus. >> joey: joey jones and for todd piro. and all are blocked off and the midterm quarterly with a personal security after the leak. nancy mace home was vandalized last year and she has here with her message to the white house and plays a real threat to safety. >> carley: we begin with doug luzader live, good morning. >> outside the court this morning everybody braces for protest and churches this week and peered a fence has gone up ceramic the high court with major protests in the days ahead and the progressive groups plan to target the homes of some of the justices appear at the white house was asked about those plans. >> do you think the progressive activists that are now protesting some of the justices houses are extreme?
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>> peaceful protest? no. peaceful protest is not extreme. i think our view is peaceful protests there is a long history in the united states of that. we certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful and not resort to any level of violence. bateman justice john roberts blamed the leak and one bad apple but president trump is responding to president biden's attacks on make america great again movement in the wake of the leak saying maga is saving america. hillary clinton has also weighed him. >> this opinion is dark. it is incredibly dangerous, and it is not just about a woman's right to choose. it is much more than that. in the american, this is not a woman, i'm not, i'm not black, i'm not a woman but once you allow this extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next.
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>> okay, next week's senate democrats are going to push for procedural vote to codify roe v. wade. that effort is expected to fail. carley and joey, back to you. >> carley: doug luzader live for us, thank you. let's bring it russ vought, the budget director under current president and also for the center of renewing america. russ, good morning to you. let's talk about the protest expected to take place outside of the six conservative supreme court justices home. the group that is encouraging this, they released a statement stating our six supreme court that hurt women, lgbqt plus and immigration rights we must rise up and force accountability with diversity of tactics. they publish their supreme court justices home addresses and plan to protest next wednesday.
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>> yeah commit is incredibly troubling. this is what happens when you take the outrageous steps of leaking a document like this appear they are trying to put massive pressure on the supreme court and trying to intimidate physically and essentially create violence in the streets so they can change the result of this important decision. what hillary clinton is out there saying is this is the most worst thing in the world when all this is is a powerful step to return power to the people in their legislature to decide these important questions and not have nine justices in the supreme court do it. what they are about to do is very dangerous in the sense of giving this power, very important thing to make sure these justices are protected. >> joey: rose, the fine line between posttesting and
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intimidation is a great area that being crossed. why won't the biden administration come out and condemn this or acknowledge the fact that this is dangerous instead of making excuses and saying basically they don't have a position on it? >> well, that is one of the most troubling aspects of jen psaki statement here that this is a peaceful protest. of course, we have heard that language be for peer that is what they use through the summer of 2020 and when behind some of the other networks, they had diners and businesses in a blaze appear they are talking this is a peaceful protest. it is not. this is what happens when you incite violence and chaos in the streets with a leaked opinion from an institution that was previously venerable for being able to keep these decisions internal until there is a result in an actual decision. >> carley: chuck schumer says he will bring up a bill to codify roe vs. wade but they don't have the votes to do it
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even if just 50 votes. joe manchin has voted no on a similar bill in the past, but it does seem like the biden administration wants to keep the abortion topic in the bloodstream. >> i think they do. i don't think they have a lot of good news going on right now. every step of the way weather economy, inflation or the effect they blame it on events the american people know has nothing to do with it like the invasion in ukraine appear they want to keep the fight on anything they think might have an edge. i think the reality though, they don't have an edge on this. the american people throughout this debate, they are either pro-life or throughout this debate they will realize this decision will allow these decisions about life and protection of the unborn to be made by state legislatures. they will have more of an opportunity to participate in that process and just waiting on
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justices to opine behind closed doors as to what the law should be. the founders never intended it this way, and i think this position will ultimately be the american people can support and bring us actually together so we can have these debates in places like legislatures as opposed to behind the closed doors of courts. >> joey: russ, moving on to the border another hot topic for americans, the biden administration looking at title 42 and my understanding, they will bring expedited removals since the late '90s. basically there are rules where you can send migrants once they get here. they remain in mexico and send back immediately to mexico under title 42 has that may be phases out. we are looking how to get those migrants back to the home countries. something like cuba and nicaragua to send them back but it's not all that clear when you put them back in mexico. can you explain this process and with the administration is
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looking at doing? >> yeah, just to say there was information yesterday about trying to expedite in certain cases the use of title 42. but the main point here is that they are trying to get rid of title 42. title 42 has been incredible device to be able to secure the border where we are able to when people come across the border, we are able to remove them very quickly under the trump administration within two hours on their way. they don't need to be detained. they don't need to be put in structures. that has allowed us -- we have 7,000 apprehensions per day. that has allowed us to have in the neighborhood of half of that go back immediately. when you remove title 42, 18,000 apprehensions per day that will come as a result. we won't have the ability to remove those individuals. so we will have an explosion at the border. the fact that in the weeks leading up to that eventuality of title 42 not being in place,
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they have some moves created to be able to make the crisis less bad is not something that i think is particularly important because they are going to get rid of this thing in a very aggressive way. and we need state governors to be able unilaterally to secure the border and they have the authority to do that. >> carley: use of the limitation of title 4200 trump administration. the fox news polling shows 72% of voters want title 42 restrictions to remain in place. an overwhelming majority there. so, if this is repealed, it hurts the biden administration politically. >> there is no question about it. their policies are bad and they are also unpopular. this is another one. as we mentioned from the economic standpoint, but there is a solution out there and that is for state governors -- we have republican governor in texas and one republican
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governor in -- to clear innovation and give to the state trooper dimmick troopers to return these illegal immigrants to the border at the same way that title 42 works. so, we are calling on those governors to do that. >> joey: russ vought, thank you for joining us. >> carley: thank you so much. >> joey: majority of louisiana suing president biden, jen psaki and dr. fauci for the sensor speech it called misinformation. >> carley: that is the allegation, brooke singman with the details, brooke, good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys the republican attorney general claims the biden administration "pressure to include it with big tech companies like facebook, twitter and youtube with the hunter biden laptop story and questions around the security of mail-in voting during the pandemic and information about the effectiveness of wearing masks to stop the threat of
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covid." one of the two attorney general leading the suit eric schmidt said it was done to -- >> outsourcing and they are terrified. we get a discovery and jen psaki and dr. fauci and mary poppins here are working with the big tech partners what they are asking, what they are telling them to take down. all of these things they are working with them on and the lawsuit to bring that to life and expose it. >> they say the conspiracy dates back to the lead up to the 2020 election. >> carley: brooke, i understand republicans have an effort against the disinformation, what are the details? >> that is right, more legal action could be coming against the biden administration and republicans on the house judiciary committee demanding the newly appointed disinformation czar
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nina jankowicz testified before the panel and turn over records related to the disinformation board creation and admission with communication between the administration, facebook and twitter. she is set to lead the new disinformation governance board that has a history of spreading misinformation or self. at a hearing on wednesday, senator rand paul stepped up. >> if you are going to go around saying you are the arbiter of information and disinformation, if you should have nothing to do with speech. >> he's not alone, 20 states are threatening legal action to disband what they called the un-american and dystopian board altogether. fox news exclusively obtain the letter to dh secretary alejandro mayorkas and it reads "americans will hesitate before they vote constitutionally protected opinion knowing the government censors may be watching." attorney general ashley moody to define and she will join us next hour, harley, todd. >> carley: looking forward to
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the interview. elon musk to serve as the ceo of twitter for a few months after he takes over the platform and it's complete to push out twitter's current ceo who has only been in the position since last november. it comes as twitter take over face sct review with left wing activist group claims the deal poses an immediate threat to american democracy. the fcc has 30 days to consider the deal and to decide whether to take the issue further. here is what greg gutfeld has to say about democrats panicking over the future of twitter. >> twitter risks become a pool of misinformation? what is it already? when someone mentions twitter you don't picture guys and powdered wigs in the hall debating work ethic on the capital society while having afternoon tea. who was buying it? it appears three organization which are left wing outfits.
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the cofounder of accountable tech, a spokesperson for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. so, he definitely knows about a toxic ecosystem. media matters is a better couch bound leftists. >> carley: the third organization ultraviolet is part of the pressure campaign to get twitter's advertisers to uphold several of the platforms current community standards. >> joey: a fox news alert, the industrial average dropping 1,000 points in the worst single day drop since 2020 covid crash. the volatility causing investors to panic. plus it comes as a worker for nativity in the u.s. and the biggest drop in 74 years falling by 7.5%. this ahead of the april jobs report today. vp harris is in hot water and a new report says she refuses to appear in a video with president biden student debt forgiveness because she does not want to become the face of the
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issue. politico is reporting the video in the works weeks before harris' team backed out. previous administration unlikely with progresses to call to wipe all student debt. critics calling her regressive, not progressive, on twitter. >> carley: karine to replace jen psaki as white house press secretary. karine joan hear the press secretary and president biden announcing promotion in a statement bidding farewell to ji want to say thank you to jan raising the bar communicating truthfully to the american people and keeping her sense of humor. jen psaki is leaving the white house for one week from today. >> joey: more than 5 million ukrainians have fled from russia's constant barrage of attacks. dr. janette nesheiwat from the polish ukrainian border to tell
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us why she sang on the ground. >> carley: 2,018th alexandria ocasio cortez cradle for so-called but where is the same compassion for the migrant children dying on the trip to the border right now? we have a new development on the border crisis. ♪ ♪ - look, this isn't my first rodeo, and let me tell you something. i wouldn't be here, if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, a battle raging inside a mariupol steel plant in western ukraine as russia ran stuff a tax on the south. >> joey: matt finn with more on that. >> good morning, here in ukraine the situation and mariupol is growing more dire. an estimated 2,000 ukrainian marines within since the villains and even children hold up in the tunnels beneath the steel plant as russia bombs from above. now ukrainian official is claiming a trade or become an electrician show the russians how to get access to the tunnels. russians are storming the plant with tank spirit forcing the ukrainian marines to fight back, surrender or perhaps died. the ukrainian commander's pleading for the evacuation of civilians and fighters who are dying in agony because of a lack of proper treatment. here is president zelenskyy. >> currently, russian shelling
1:22 am
will not stop but civilians need to be taken out, women, children, many children remain there. just remember. >> he denies the trip storming the plant although a separatist group shows to show extensive military activity on the ground the red cross tells fox news with an update that 127 people have been rescued from the steel plant through humanitarian corridors and 300 people rescued from mariupol overall, the red cross, ukraine to free as many people as possible and they have not forgotten about anyone. there are emerging details and questions about intelligence the united states is providing ukraine. john kirby saying the united states has not provided the specific intelligence that led to ukraine with the premier warship here this is speculation about how involved the u.s. was in that attack. "the new york times," meanwhile, fighting u.s. senior officials
1:23 am
reports the united states provided ukraine with intelligence that led to ukraine killing approximately 12 russian generals on the front line. the pentagon only say america is giving ukraine intelligence and it can use to defend itself. first lady jill biden in romania, slovakia and scheduled to visit with refugee mothers on americans mother's day this sunday, carley, joey. >> joey: matt, thank you as always. thank you. all right, let's bring in fox news medical contributor dr. janette nesheiwat live on the ukrainian polish border, good morning, doctor. >> good morning, joey. >> joey: so this is your second trip and personal location you are at right now and tell us what you are saying now as it was compared to two or three weeks ago and the first time you went. >> so, from a medical perspective, i think the situation has actually worsened based on the patients that i'm seeing. i think that is because putin
1:24 am
has no restrictions and no limits on the amount of harm he will restrict on innocent civilians. hence, hundreds of millions, i'm sorry millions of refugees coming to the border. you see millions that are displaced from their homes because of safety issues. and so i expect to see the basic broken bones, lacerations, wounds, abrasions, that sort of thing, but now on top of the physical injuries, we see injuries, sexual assault and rape and also mother and children's heinie, kiting and bunkers weeks and weeks coming out malnourished, i don't make dehydrated and malnourished. she broke her pellets pelvis, soap greater need for medical attention and a greater need for humanitarian aid as well. >> joey: fled from poland to the start of the war, does it look like this place and medical
1:25 am
personnel needed to take care of 3 million people are getting there? or what are we seeing? >> yeah, so obtaining the supplies is the easy part. but delivery is the difficult part. you know, working right now in lviv at the railway station but because of putin's bombing the rail railway it is too dangerous and that is why we are at the border. so what is logistically fake humanitarian pathway for us to get the supplies that we have two the patients that are needed. for example, people end mariupol or kyiv it is very difficult and risky to get out to them. so we have a team trying to go out there pick them up in the ambulances and bring them back to us so we can take care of them. it is logistically difficult, but we are trying to do the best we can with the resources we have. biden requested $33 billion from congress, but only 6% of that is going to immediate humanitarian need. we definitely need to ramp up
1:26 am
those funds and allocate appropriately and expeditiously. otherwise, that could delay results and bad outcomes or death. >> joey: i know you are not to ready and on your national law but the injuries you are seeing, or using evidence or hearing patients tell you about potential war crimes on the people of ukraine? >> oh, absolutely, joey, without a doubt. rape is ongoing with minors, women and children are being abused. we see humanitarian aid workers being attacked. their efforts are being interfered by the russians, making it more difficult for us to do our jobs. and then, of course, the innocent killing of civilians who are by standards and not just soldiers. so absolutely without a doubt but what can we do about it? will there be any punishment? it is heartbreaking, and we need to focus on humanitarian aid at the highest level possible. >> joey: dr. janette
1:27 am
nesheiwat, thank you. you are doing god's work, a hero's work. so thank you for joining us. >> thank you joey. >> joey: thank you for the work on the ground. >> thank you, joey. >> carley: not even celebrities are safe from the left soft on crime policy. george gascon just downgraded charges for the armed suspect to attack dave chappelle. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: amber heard getting emotional and breaking down on the stand while claiming ex-husband johnny depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle just weeks after their wedding in 2015. >> [crying] all the things that would come out and... take over and it was, you couldn't see the johnny and love.
1:33 am
it was just other things. and no one told him. no one was honest with him. you know, he would pass out in his own vomit and lose control of his thoughts. >> carley: that night, heard claim johnny depp through furniture and his finger was severed during a physical fight. that trial will resume next week. the man with a deadly weapon attacking dave chappelle during his performance is only facing charges. >> joey: ashley strohmier with the latest, ashley. >> l.a. district attorney george gascon refusing to charge the suspect with a felony for the tech but the city attorney recommending misdemeanor charges. the op-ed said after reviewing the evidence, the prosecutors determines the criminal conduct occurred, evidence presented did not constitute a felony conduct. the l.a. city attorney's at the office takes protecting the public seriously and are going
1:34 am
to "vigorously prosecute this case." isaiah lee only facing battery with a deadly weapon with intent to assault, unauthorized access to the stage during a performance, and acting to delight and interfere with performance. l.a. county d.a. pushed back on soft on crime approach saying, "the contents of most of us value our concepts. george could house phone could care less about." meanwhile the investigation and the first place is still under investigation and howard stern weighing in on the attack. >> people are getting nuttier and no deer and they will use these opportunities to attack people. >> isaiah lee currently held on a $30,000 bond and may soon be free and it is not clear when his next court date is, guys. >> joey: thank you, ashley. this little guy to use potential
1:35 am
sentencing from other accused of murdering her daughter. the mother faces charges for merger assault on a child and torture relating to the death of her 4-year-old daughter in august 2020. two felonies and tried and convicted and the third straight would mandate 25 minimum year sentence. smith is due back on court may 18 for her arraignment. joe, the vice president of national fraternal order of police say democrat leaders need to wake up. >> emboldened by the far left to go out and commit crimes knowing there is not going to be any consequences. look at the rights in 2020, no one is held accountable for their actions in that period of time. an entire generation you can do whatever you want on the streets. you will not be held accountable. you will not go to jail and we asked politicians to take this seriously. we get pearl clutching or mayor adams with a fancy jacket on.
1:36 am
here is an idea instead how about you step out there until people that will hold these violent criminals, these degenerate dirt bike shooting people on the streets, we will hold them accountable, throw them in jail and this violent crime under control in this country. >> joey: we have a lot more this energetic spokesman for the recall gascon campaign when he joins us live in the next hour. >> carley: president biden finds herself in a new controversy after video surfaces of completely dismissing parents concerns about crt in loudoun county schools. >> critical race theory has become one of those hot button issues that republicans and other distant farmers who are engaged in disinformation for profit have seized on. i live in virginia and loudoun county and that is one of the areas where people have really honed in on the topic. but it is no different than any of the other hot button issues that allow disinformation to flourish.
1:37 am
>> carley: loudoun county parent, you just heard her critical race theory of hot-button issue that republicans and other distant farmers are pushing for profit. is that true question work >> you know, that is interesting. good morning. last i checked, the information assembled is actually costing quite a bit of money. so anyone saying it is actually for profit is pretty and interesting to me. it is supposed to be free the last time i checked beer the home, the warfare is about the information and about truth versus what requiring misinformation. i was thinking through the last two years what we have uncovered what has been uncovered is pretty shocking. and to my knowledge, not a single thing that has been revealed has proven to be untrue. and if anyone has any doubts, just go look at the contract that has been collaborative back in 2019 when 240 some thousand dollar contract and half a million or maybe even approaching a million out in
1:38 am
total payments. look at even the engagement letter that lcp has had with the law firm june 2021. that is a real document. you can pull it. a real document that proves they had a relationship from the start and this investigation was not independent at all but actually to cover there but appearance of things like that, it is not disinformation but actually affects uncovered. >> carley: so what are some of the things you have uncovered going on in the classrooms that concern you the most question work >> you know, one thing that really boils me as a parent, i have two kids left in lg ps and the recent email after email, every day that was tout the wonderful aspects of what is going on loudoun county public schools and undoubtedly, there are certain programs and certain kids are exceeding. but these kids if they graduate with a 4.0 gpa and awards and
1:39 am
everything else on their transcript, if they graduate lcps or 13,000 school districts in the country actually believing america is evil or the capitalism is the problem, we have not done our jobs. wrinkly way lcps the superintendent and this board is simply lame and it's not happening. they are rubber-stamping every meeting here at the real misinformation is on our kids. in the real world, they don't get to retake tests if they score less than 80. in the real-world achievement and reaching goals is actually relevant and awarded. they actually get punished for bag behavior not just because of skin color. >> carley: i think a lot of parents when it comes to critical race theory want to know why, why is in the classrooms and mast neck, science, the basics. >> i believe they are not in the curriculum. i agree with that but why did
1:40 am
they teach the teachers about the five tenets of crt back in 2020? the equity consultants are the ones making the money. the teachers have been trained on crt. so that it is how it disseminated down to the classroom. so, really the misinformation is through the teachers. there are great teachers, don't get me wrong, but overall, the tenant crt and lying about gender validity, the race theory, claiming kids, teaching them more about race and victimhood. it is really just surviving. this is not an enlightening type of concept. >> carley: it is, that is dividing the school rooms. it is dividing whole communities. it seems like what you're saying is there is no paper trail so it is more hidden. clint, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: joey. >> joey: congressional candidate wesley hunt said it is completely unacceptable for the biden administration to prioritize illegal immigrants for the men and women who serve the country.
1:41 am
i will be talking to him about that next. >> carley: counting down to derby day. joining us live from churchill downs. you will not want to miss that coming up. ♪ ♪ that the fellowship is sending from israel directly into ukraine. this will feed the people inside of ukraine and the refugees on the border. food, medicine, warm clothing is needed now!
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♪ ♪ >> carley: three illegal immigrants including two young children drowned in the del rio river trying to cross into the u.s. the two kids reportedly seven and 9-year-old brothers from africa here the incident marking 20 drownings in the del rio area since february last year. a stark increase compared to the average three to four the year before and our very own film illusion "quite the outrage when kids in cages. is this not worthy of the same outrage? rest in peace. dhs is looking for volunteers to help manage the border crisis as the biden administration prepares to live title 42b of the document obtained by the "washington examiner" is reportedly going out to federal officials across the u.s. here the memo asking for support as a democrat processing center, and
1:47 am
it says volunteers must use citizens, u.s. citizens but no prior experience is required. joey. >> joey: all right, dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas changing course after facing backlash from the plan to ask veterans affairs to help out at the border. >> we are not making that request with veterans affairs department. the veteran's affairs department will not allocate the resources to the border. >> joey: army veteran wesley hunt said president biden's putting illegal immigrants before the men and women who fought for freedom's. text of congressional candidate, good morning, how are you a question work >> good morning, brother how are you doing? >> joey: good to see you this morning. listen, i understand he's backtracking now but just the notion they put a plan in place to take resources from veterans affair that you know used in va, you know, they are understaffed,
1:48 am
undermanned, and he will take from that and sent it to the border? what is your reaction? speak with the simple thought of doing that is absolutely ridiculous and using va resources for the border that was actually created by the biden administration is flat-out un-american. and psyched about the resources from the veterans and use them for the border to fix the problem is flat out wrong. you know, this is very close to home for me. plus 14 of my west point officers on the global war on terror. but we have a suicide crisis and the veterans take his or her own life every 18 days. and we have had 30,000 people that have been killed by suicide and also only lost 7,000 killed in action. four times as many to suicide than the other way around. so, we have to do a better job. this administration doesn't want to focus on the problem. they will take money away from our veterans that need it the most.
1:49 am
>> joey: of the veteran affairs to the border, but we do have national guardsmen at the border and we lost national guardsmen last month frank to save what ended up being drug smugglers. do you think this administration cares more about illegal immigrants than they do our own men and women in service? >> well, they clearly do, we have 3 million people in the country illegally. again, stick to the problem and reimplement some of the policies working during the trump administration pier this administration chooses to stand by idly and not just enforce the laws we have on the books but not only is it hurting our fellow americans but people trying to cross over illegally. it is wrong. >> joey: wesley, we will turn the page on a topic that really kind of blows my mind. democratic congressman eric swalwell said republicans could pose interracial marriage next after roe vs. wade supreme court leak. listen, i will let you talk now. >> just when i think the left can't get any further left, eric swalwell walks into my
1:50 am
life. i can't understand this guy to save my life, brother. you know, just won a primary in the district with 70% white. president trump would have won by 25 points and i beat out nine other white males in a primary by at least 25 points. you know why? the people actually don't care about what i look like. i have a biracial family with two beautiful girls at home. we are literally being judged by not the color of our skin. he is wrong. the republicans are not recent so eric swalwell better think twice. >> joey: i have met your wife and she is phenomenal. i'm sure she is proud of you. this tweet reminds me of dacia powell skit and you might want to look it up -- reminds me of a dave chappelle skit, you might want to look it up. >> god bless you. >> joey: you to, brother. we are counting down to 148 annual kentucky derby. >> carley: it is at time of
1:51 am
year once again and our very own at the churchill downs with a preview for us. let us take a look. ♪ ♪ >> we are in louisville. here we are the kentucky derby and the first thing we do is we go eat and drink and taste the derby. do you want to come? i know you do. let's go, so take the derby is the opening night for the kentucky derby festivities. and guests can walk around the facility at the center and what is available across the nation that tracks. that the -- i haven't eaten anything. do you have any recommendations? >> pot stickers. >> shrimp, tuna. >> my favorite was the one -- what was it, the smoked brisket. speak with the dumpling over there was good to. >> i brought my chicken dumplings and a surfeit for
1:52 am
kentucky so i made a bourbon glaze. >> there you go. it is so good. >> wild cat fish with pickled onions and some saltine crackers. because so, these are the coconut crisps. >> i love to choose the flavors of my childhood. >> here we go, okay. [laughter] >> you are right, it is all fused together. beautiful. >> so tonight scholarship winner, we will get one from the university: mary institution and churchill downs is so proud to sponsor that every year. it is also exciting to watch because they do it live manatt on stage. you won!
1:53 am
>> i know, i can't believe it. it will hit me tomorrow. [cheers and applause] because so proud of every student and she just rocked it. >> congratulations to you both. >> you are enjoying great music, food, beverage. and a great cause. we donate $25,000 each year to a local food bank. speak with the proceeds from the event to go to families and the community in need and we will be able to give them relief. that is really special. >> tell me about this. >> so a horses diet. carrot cake with toasted hay ice cream, apples, granola and raisin caramello. >> it is my does her and i have to get up early. so can i take this to go? >> of course. >> cheers! >> carley: it looks like you had so much fun and the kentucky derby, we are wearing our hats because you can't talk
1:54 am
about the derby without a hat. you have a beautiful one on. >> joey: that is phenomenal. >> so do you. you both look spectacular. this is pristine more special, and here at churchill downs, she saw the dress and she created the hat for the dress here and she did that for all three of my outfits which we will debut on "fox & friends first" and fox & friends tomorrow, the big day 148 kentucky derby and we a. i have to tell you i feel right at home because every time i come here every year, it pours rain. and i think that might be good luck because the last time it poured rain we had a triple crown winner. so i'm excited to bring you all of the tastes, the sounds, the festivities from 148 kentucky derby. this is the race for the lilies today, the phillies, the coral horses if you will. we all wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer.
1:55 am
so i can't wait. this is my favorite event and you know that of the year. the people here are so excited appear this is the first year, well, almost three years that we have gotten things up and runnig fully. everyone is going to be here. no holds barred. everyone is excited and i can't wait to bring you the sites and the sounds of 148 kentucky derby. amazing. >> carley: you always do a good job covering the event. you always look beautiful. it is always running so i wonder how you stay well-maintained. but janice dean. we will be checking back in. it is all in the magic. can't wait to see you again. thanks, janice. >> joey: you look fantastic. >> all right, got it, by. >> carley: jam-packed 5:00 i work coming nancy mace florida attorney general ashley mood, lara trump all on deck. keep it right here on
1:56 am
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>> left wing groups circulate maps in a push to protect roe v. wade. >> there is never a good legitimate reason to go and protest at the home of a public official. this is a place


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