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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 6, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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questions and the press would do their job. man, could you imagine if they gave joe biden a third of the questions that they had given to president donald trump. very different scenario. >> carley: i have the numbers here biden 22 trump 92. obama 156. got to leave it there, lara. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> no, peaceful protests is not extreme. >> white house refusing to condemn protests at the homes of conservative supreme court justices. >> it is a crime to threaten people's lives and to try incite the kind of violence that we have seen. ask [bleep] >> man stormed the stage and violently attacked dave chappelle will not be charged with a felony. >> we have a district attorney who is not a district attorney is he a public defender for criminals. >> neil: all major market averages careening to levels we have not seen for the better
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part of two years. >> a lawsuit filed against the administration for colluding with big tech. >> arguing in this case government is outsourcing the big tech partners and fighting back. >> counting down to the kersh. . >> janice: i'm exciting to bring you all the sights and sounds from the kentucky derby. ♪ >> brian: that's the man that used to be married to kim kardashian doing what he does best singing out loud. that is new hampshire. i had any state i could pick from, i think it was fourth grade to do a state report and i picked new hampshire. and i wrote the state house and they actually wrote me back with a bunch of facts. i think i did well. >> pete: i bet right from the source. and you mailed it to them, right
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and they mailed the information back. >> brian: wrote a letter longhand and sure enough new hampshire said you should come. only been there twice. last time i was there was it the republican convention? >> pete: yep, it was there. >> rachel: does kanye sing out loud or does he wrap? >> brian: ted, do you know? [laughter] >> rachel: just checking. >> brian: he is a little different. >> rachel: disinformation board make sure you don't cross the line. >> brian: we don't have to worry about it they will tell us if it's true. i will be eliminated. why do you ask such hard questions? >> pete: welcome to the weekend, brian. i do this all the time. >> brian: rachel and pete i'm outnumbered. what am i kidding? you should thank me for joining me or i should thank you for joining me i don't know how to handle this pete treat it like a long weekend this is the beginning. >> brian: thanks for being here. >> rachel: happy to be here. >> brian: okay.
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>> rachel: he doesn't believe it i will prove it all show. >> brian: all week we have been talking about what's going on with the leaked draft of what is going to be the overturning, perhaps, in late june of roe v. wade. and i knew this was going to be inevitable. we have been seeing over the last few years. remember sarah huckabee sanders. and you remember the border secretaries and so many others who have their houses. have protests outside their houses. they are no longer allowed to eat out in restaurants because they happen to belong to a party or have a belief that other people don't agree with. it's happening again. >> pete: happening to the justices of the supreme court. not protesting outside the supreme court. but a left wing group, their name is ruth sent us has announced on social media they are going to the private homes inside neighbors of these justices. six justices. even though roberts probably hasn't shown any indication that he is one of the five on it he is on the list. all of the six conservative
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justices. here's what they said on social media. announcing walk by wednesday maf the six extremist justices. three in virginia. three in maryland. if you would like to join or lead a peaceful protest. let us know. we are not putting it on the screen right now. but it includes a map with pins of the locations much each one of the houses and presumably the exact address of where they live. >> rachel: yeah. so we all know what "peaceful protests" looks like. must not resist, force accountability using a diversity of tactics. i think it's outrageous. but also the hypocrisy of this is outrageous. i don't think it's hard for either of you to imagine what would look like if a bunch of pro-lifers showed up at, you know, any liberal justices home. >> brian: i think it would be wrong.
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>> rachel: they will domestic terrorist instantly. when asked about this, it was by the way peter doocy pressed jen psaki on these protests. here's what she had to say. >> so, you guys spent some time yesterday talking about who you think are the extreme wings of the party. progressive activists planning protests outside of the justice's. >> peaceful protest? no. peaceful protest is not extreme. >> these activists posted maps home addresses with the addresses of justices. is that what you want. >> the president's view is there is a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. we want people to protest peacefully if they want to protest. >> pete: it's a complete rationalization. just like they haven't said a
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word about the historic leak of this draft document, they refused. >> brian: distraction. >> pete: descrangz away from it. easiest thing to say from the podium on either side is don't go to people's personal homes. >> brian: absolutely. >> pete: we believe in protests. we believe in peaceful protest even though you don't have a good track record of that peaceful. stand there and yell all day long you can. stay away from people's private homes where their spouses live. their kids live. their neighbors have kids. it's dangerous and intrusive. >> rachel: little kids. kellyanne conway was on hannity here is what she though say how dangerous this could become. >> it should not be a occupational hazard to work at the united states supreme court as a justice or to be a family member of one of those justices. some of them have small children. i think many of them have spouses. and the threats that are going to their safety to their lives are very worrisome.
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it is american to disagree, to dissent, to protest, it is a crime to threaten people's lives and worse and plush their addresses and try to incite the kind of violence that we have seen in the past. and they are saying ruth sent us, referring to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg, no she didn't. she wasn't for violence like that. she never incited people to go folks' houses. she and anthony scalia were the best of friends by all accounts. i hope everybody turns down the temperature and law enforcement gets involved because i'm very concerned. >> brian: this is one of the reasons why less and less people of quality are going to be serving in the administration. think to yourself. okay not getting a ton of money. do your job effectively working 20 hours a day. and crack down on what's happening at the border or happen to support a war or don't support a war. the next thing you know your fourth grader has to worry that they're going to be screamed at as they go to the bus stop or they have to worry you get a
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call from home? why are these people on our lawn? what am i supposed to think? some of them looked very menacing, i don't feel secure of them saying explicit tifs about you in front of our children or at our house. why would you even do this? on top of that. >> rachel: that's a great point, brian. >> brian: why would you serve? >> rachel: absolutely. make good people not to serve. lots of good people not to serve danger and violence. >> brian: at the end of june if it turns out that these protest where was effective and a couple of supreme court justices flipped, they are going to be like okay, not only do though not get what we want know what to do this is tactic from here on out. >> pete: sollecito rules for radicalized. pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it that's exactly what they are doing. i don't think it's going to work though if you look at what was done to conservative justices or fidelity to the actual constitution. i hadn't realized "ruth sent us"
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was because of ruth bader ginsburg, even ruth bader ginsburg agreed roe was not grounded in solid. it was vulnerable from the beginning. roe v. wade has been the sick and twisted core of left wing ideology for a long time. you knew this kind of freakout was coming. it's just not going to poem's homes. people's homes. i go to your home sometimes. >> brian: and protest me. >> pete: that's because we are frenemies. in this case they don't know these people and they are showing up. >> rachel: it might not change the outcome in this. it does a lot to degrade our system. when i heard that there were -- you know, threats, potential threats, threatening actions outside of the homes of judges, sounds super third world. go to latin america it happens all the time. judges actually get killed. and as you spoke to it earlier,
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brian, people go, i'm not going to take that job it's dangerous to my family. not worth it. >> brian: talk to sarah huckabee sanders. told she can't go to certain restaurants. nobody going outside the trump hotel for dinner when they wanted to go out. because they never felt welcome in that city. sarah huckabee sanders what it's really like to do your job and be threatened by it because of it. meanwhile, 10 minutes after the hour. still ahead on this show, the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle on stage with a life that looked like a gun escapes felony charges. the shocking decision or shouldn't be shocking but it is wrong for l.a. because they got a soft on crime d.a. >> rachel: plus, taking the white house to court. why two states are suing president biden and administration officials for censorship. stay with us. >> brian: you will get to read next, pete. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, back with your headlines, parents sounding the alarm baby formula shortages across the u.s. have hit crisis levels. many taking to social media to post pictures of empty shelves as data firm data assembly reports 40% to 50% of major formula brands were sold out last week in 26 states. the state getting hit the hardest are iowa, missouri, south dakota, tennessee and texas. elon musk will reportedly temporarily serve as ceo of twitter for a few months after his takeover of the platform is complete. the move comes as musk musters up a fresh $7 billion in more
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funding for the buyout. meanwhile elon's mother speaking out against the "new york times" which tweeted that elon musk enjoy privilege in south africa. ask if they blame a child for a government's policies onto the you usfl now. stars against the panthers. panthers aiming for a second win after the last week's win over fox sports 1. bandits looking to dethrone the undefeated birmingham stallions tomorrow night on fox for part 2 of saturday double header. the generals pace off guess pittsburgh maulers. and are. >> brian: i know what you are doing this weekend. >> carley: that and the derby. i love watching the kentucky derby. i'm very excited.
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>> brian: how much have you lost betting on horses. >> carley: i have never bet money. should i start? >> carley: pro-gambling. >> brian: $40 million lost betting. >> pete: that will put extra pressure. >> rachel: amazing headline on the baby formula. how third world we have gotten. that's third world. they told moms and dads just dilute your formula, add some water because there are shortages. did you ever think that would happen in america? >> pete: no. >> rachel: it's insanity and stressful for parents and up 20% by the way. formula. >> carley: one of my girlfriends was telling me about it hitting people hard. >> brian: if you have similac drop it off or share it. >> pete: or put it on ebay. maybe not. don't price gouge. if you have extra, share.
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>> rachel: okay, share. >> brian: just to change gears. just a little bit. i don't know if you have noticed just to change gears just a little bit. disinformation roll out of this disinformation bureau the czar. not going as well as mayorkas originally thought. the more we find out about the czar herself, about her beliefs. she sounds like somebody that rachel maddow thought would be too left wing. and she is supposed to be the nonpartisan person in charge of deciding what is real and what's not. it has prompted over a dozen republican states from coming together with a petition to eliminate it before it really gets into gear. >> pete: on top of that, missouri and louisiana are suing joe biden, jen psaki, fauci and other administration officials because they are alleging that they colluded effectively with big tech to censor free speech especially on the hunter biden but as well as election
3:19 am
integrity and covid. here is a portion of what missouri's attorney general i believe his name is erec smith had to say about their lawsuit. you are not allowed to do this in a free country government and big tech. here's what he said. >> we are arguing in this case, doctor, that they are outsourcing that the government is outsourcing the censorship to their big tech partners. they are flagging it and by the way they are terrified. when we get into discovery and find out how jen psaki and fauci and, you know, mary poppins here are working with the big tech partners, what they're asking, what they're telling them to take down, we know it's the laptop from hell. we know it's the origins of covid. it's the eye on effectiveness of masks. we know all of these things that they have been working with them on and in lawsuit will help bring those to light and expose it and that's why it's an important case. >> rachel: he also said mary poppins in charge of this thing like to put cure rella deville
3:20 am
in charge of managing the animal shelter. we saw hoopla about the press secretary being replaced. she has a diverse background the white house really loved. what you didn't hears a much news about the former obama communications director anita dunn has moved into a senior advising position. if you remember anita dunn, she was somebody very big on going after fox news when she was under the obama administration. she asked people to email stories that she thought were false by the way, she is also who somebody in a commencement address named mall zay dunning as one of her favorite philosophers. this is not a one off on this woman who is now in charge of the disinformation board. systemic philosophy within this administration. i'm so happy these attorney generals are getting together and doing something about it if we don't stop this, they are
3:21 am
definitely looking at the chinese model. enough to doubt about that. >> brian: i will say this, the new press secretary people are saying raising some questions. her partner is actually a reporter at nbc -- at cnn suzanne malvo. and then you have jen psaki going right to msnbc. so i'm like can it be more transparent the linkage? >> pete: we know exactly who they're. one other nugget on this the irs has declined a new piece of news to audit joe biden. a lot of people wondering if they did audit him they might find whether or not there is additional income from hunter biden in those business dealings. when you think about the amount of obsession over donald trump's tax returns. just getting a look at maybe whether or not he paid the right amount might seem fair. the reason it's happening is a group apparently you can request that the irs allows people to inform on fellow taxpayers and win a slice of the proceeds. take a look at kilmeade money
3:22 am
you don't make for gouging on baby formula can you make from me. >> pete: you called side hustle. >> brian: i guess. so i can come in handy. >> pete: decided not worth looking at at all. >> rachel: not hard for the fbi to do these kind of white collar forensic financial audits. they do it all the time on all kinds of other criminal families. not hard to figure out if joe biden was using credit cards that hunter biden had or if he was using hunter biden's credit cards. not hard to figure out they are just not interested. >> brian: signed his tax form big guy that would also be a red flag. [laughter] >> pete: 22 minutes after the top of the hour. the man who rushed on stage with a deadly weapon or at least had one with him attacking dave chappelle during his performance is only facing now misdemeanor charges. >> rachel: that stunning decision is coming from soft on crime l.a. county d.a. george gascon. >> brian: ashley strohmier is here with more.
3:23 am
ashley? >> l.a. district attorney george gascon refused to charge the 23-year-old suspect felony for the attack sent the case to the city attorney recommending misdemeanor charges. gascon's office said after viewing the evidence prosecutors determined while criminal conduct occurred, evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct l.a. city attorney does take it seriously and vigorously prosecute this case. lee is only facing charges of battery, deadly weapon with intent to assault. authorize access to the stage during performance and interfere with a performer. john pushed back on gascon's soft on crime approach saying these concepts like public safety and justice most of us value are concepts george gascon can care less about. investigation into how lee got onto the stage in the first place is still under
3:24 am
investigation. isaiah lee is currently being held in $30,000 bond. now he may soon walk free. it's also unclear, guys, when his next court date is. >> brian: key where the knife was. i thought it was in his back. belt. they say it's in his bag. was his bag on his body? >> pete: exactly. >> brian: not a deterrent. >> pete: conflicting reports. was it in the bag. was the bag off the stage rushed the stage. did he carry it in the bag when he went on stage. it was somewhere on his body. did he actually brandish it on stage? it's all bad but they do matter at some level. and $30,000 bail? the guy is going to be out in 10 seconds. >> brian: today. he should be out today. i worry about the deterrent for the next comedian that's up there that doesn't have the security that dave chappelle has. he had bloikd up security ever since his so-called controversial comments.
3:25 am
>> rachel: leo terrell actually weighed in on this here is what he had to say. >> it's not safe to live in los angeles and dangerous for a comedian to perform. let's not forget the will smith situation. no criminal action taken against will smith. we have a district attorney who is not a district attorney. is he a public defender for criminal. how in the world can he dismiss this case? let the felony charges fly all the way court. let the judge determine if there is enough evidence. what you saw on that video attempt to inflict bodily injuries to an individual. that rest felony charges. we have a district attorney who is immune from any type of >> ainsley: himself. >> rachel: i used to live in los angeles. it was a wonderful place to live it did not used to be like this. my old roommate norm in the last year he moved, he moved to the u.p. he wanteds to get out of --
3:26 am
>> pete: upper peninsula of michigan? >> rachel: he didn't like the big city crime and wanted to feel safe and live in smaller town america. >> brian: lot colder in the winter. change his name for tv? >> rachel: no his name is norman i don't remember from the u.p. he works at a bakery and he sent us cookies once. do you remember those cookies? >> pete: i do. he thank you, norm. >> brian: i watched entertainment show billy bush interviewed howie mandel. i have some issues depression and stuff. i'm not going on stage. i'm absolutely cutting back my appearances. i don't feel right going on stage. that's an established comedian just like chappelle doing it 30 years i don't feel comfortable do iting it. >> rachel: in foreign countries they are afraid to tell jokes. this is the path we are on. it's very, very dangerous. >> brian: by the way you are in france and want a comedian we'll
3:27 am
license them. >> rachel: they do that? >> pete: agent. >> brian: no comedians in europe. >> pete: seems like an opportunity. >> brian: or the uae. promptly removed the dhs's claims say they fast track deportations even fast checkers say that's not happening. the unbelievable remarks coming up wrong. >> pete: plus, as the white house defends protesters targeting conservative justices, jonathan turley says the supreme outrage is only going to harden the court's resolve against roe. he is next. >> brian: i hope he says more than that. we have him five minutes ♪ ♪ find your beat your moment of calm
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everybody be cool, alright? we've got bonnie right here on a video call. we don't take kindly to video calls. oh, in that case just tap to send a message. we don't take kindly to messages neither. in that case how 'bout a ringcentral phone call. we don't take kindly to no... would you can it eugene! let's just hear her out. ha ha ha, i've been needing a new horse. we've got ourselves a deal. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪ this is not the stallion i was imagining. >> pete: the private home addresses of conservative supreme court justices released by left wing activists where they plan to protest the leaked roe opinion next week. now the white house says they are just regular protests. peter do you think the ache at activists areextreme.
3:32 am
>> peaceful protested no, peaceful protest is not extreme. >> pete: the group called ruth sent us says they will use and i quote a diversity of tactics to force accountability. fox news contributor jonathan turley is here with us with his take. tactics to force accountability outside the private homes of justices. jonathan, you have watched the court for decades. what do you make of this? >> i never thought we would get to this point that the white house cannot even muster the courage to denounce this type of harassment of judges or justices and their families. i mean, how did we get to this point? people have become addicted to rage. this is entirely gratuitous. it's not going to make any change on the court. it's not going to result in any alteration of the opinion. if anything, justices will feel that they have to stand their
3:33 am
ground with even greater certainty. so this is just gratuitous. this is part of our age of rage. and the president of the united states cannot even step forward and say, wait, yes, you have a right to protest but there is limits. there is questions of decency. i don't understand why that is such challenge for this white house. >> pete: to include points out the fact that drafts of supreme court opinions should not be leaked as well. but you know, you say how did we get here and that's the right question. but this may be new to the supreme court but it's not new overall. take senator josh hawley they went to his home. take senator sinema following her into the bathroom or senator manchin at his boat. this is a tactic meant to intimidate. and now it's moved to the supreme court is this something -- you alluded to it do they think it's effective on justices who have a lifetime
3:34 am
appointment and many of which have been open about their judicial philosophy? >> no. these justices are not going to back down. they have the courage of their conviction. and they are not going to yield to a mob. even the part of a continuum. for years democratic members have been challenging the institution and these justices. you have had senators standing on the stairs like chuck schumer literally threatening justices by name. you have members who are demanding court packing. you have people today saying you should burn the building down this is all part of that age of rage. enabled by our leaders, of course somebody leaked the opinion, for years they have been listening to leaders saying that this court is illegitimate and that because they didn't rule the way they wanted. they would be packed or gutted or made by jurisdiction largely instance consequential. all of these ideas are simply part of that same philosophy of
3:35 am
winning by any means necessary. >> you mentioned it just basic decency. something that is long since gone by the wayside in our country. we had seen it at the supreme court and they tried to preserve it now that's breaking down as well. we have got to go, jonathan. i do hear a detail though that it is your birthday today. happy birthday. >> it is. i expected brian to sing a rather sultry marilyn monroe version. >> pete: brian, would you? he is going to join knee for a second. >> brian: wait a second. we are out of time. happy birthday, professor turley can you take the rest of the day off go party like it's 1999 and that's when you were probably 30. >> oh, thank you. thank you very much. >> brian: i wish i was a better singer. jonathan, i wish i had this interview but did you a very good job with pete. i know he was your second
3:36 am
choice. pete you can take over because i will be charged with this interview. >> pete: good sport, jonathan, thank you. the kentucky derby dicks off tomorrow and we sent janice to churchill downs to bring up the best derby inspired dishes. janice, what's cooking? nice hat. >> janice: happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to brian, i will be back in just a moment. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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3:41 am
ing. >> janice: thank you so much. christine moore designed our hats to match our beautiful dresses and suits today. i started the kentucky derby off right with taste of derby. check it out. we are in louisville, here we are. it's the kentucky derby. the first thing we do is we go eat and drink at taste of the derby? you want to come? i know you do. let's do. >> taste of derby is opening night for the kentucky derby festivities. the guests tonight can walk around the facility or young center and taste what's available across the nation at tracks that lead the horses to ceshted. i haven't really eaten anything. do you have any recommendations? >> chicken. >> pot stickers. >> shrimp, tuna. >> my favorite was the one -- what was it like the smoked brisket?
3:42 am
>> the dumpling over there was really good. >> dumpling queen of los angeles so i brought my chicken donald trump brings from russia. this is kentucky so i made a soy bourbon glaze. >> so good. >> smoked wild catfish pickled onions and saltine crackers. >> i love the fuse the flavors of my childhood which is which .>> it's all fused together. beautiful. >> so tonight's scholarship winner will get a scholarship to sullivan university a culinary institution and churchill downs
3:43 am
is so fraud sponsor that every year with taste of derby. exciting to watch. they do it live tonight on stage. >> you won. >> i can't believe it i really can't. it's not going to hit me until tomorrow morning. >> i'm so proud of every student up here and she just rocked it. >> congratulations to you both. >> enjoying great music food and beverage but the money goes to a great cause. we donate $25,000 dare to care which is a local food bank. >> proceeds from the event to go to families in our community that are in need. we'll be able to give them relief that's really exciting. >> tell me about this. >> we thought that the horse carrot cake toasted hey ice cream. apples, granola and raisin caramel. >> janice: my dessert. i have to get up really early can i take this to go? >> of course.
3:44 am
>> janice: cheers. so much fun at taste of derby. wonderful they give back to their community in louisville. 148th kentucky derby. today is the oaks. the race for the lilies, the fillies come out and it is such a wonderful event. i'm so glad that this year is in full swing. everybody is going to be here. there are no masks here. people are feeling like life is good and we are back at the derby. so i can't wait to bring you all of the festivities. today is friday and tomorrow is the derby. yes, brian. >> brian: janice, isn't it like a celebrity strewn event? didn't you see tom brady there? >> janice: yes. >> brian: who are you looking to find this time? >> janice: that is going to be a surprise. i'm going to a popular party the brown stable barn party i met tom brady a couple years ago amazing guests tonight which we
3:45 am
will talk about on "fox & friends" weekend so stay tuned for that. >> rachel: janice, i'm going to say one more time how amazing you look right now. it's just stunning and you are just glowing and i love the breathy happy birthday to brian refused to do you did it and it was awesome. >> brian: right. i just don't have the lungs for that janice, she meant it. that was not in the prompter that came from the heart. >> rachel: did i mean that. >> any time can i do a marilyn monroe i will do it for you brian kilmeade. >> brian: kim kardashian has the dress she wore it out the other night. she lost 16 pounds. >> brian: i watched billy bush for one episode and i got all this information. >> pete: research. >> rachel: chef edwin lee will show you how to bring the taste of derby to your. >> pete: brian, you are wearing that hat like an old news man i have a tip i have got follow.
3:46 am
[laughter] >> brian: don't you laugh at that chris. you just hurt my feelings, how dare you? >> rachel: i mean it in a old hollywood movie way. >> brian: no, you insulted me, which is unbelievable. i feel like jimmy olson if he was hosting the show now 80 years later. carley shimkus is. >> carley: brian, you need to tip it down a little bit more. now you look like a gangster. >> brian: look like a tap dancer. [laughter] >> carley: we have got to turn to headlines starting with this ugly, ongoing story, actress amber heard breaking down on the stand while claiming ex-husband johnny depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle weeks after their wedding in 2015, watch this. >> and i thought he was punching
3:47 am
me. i could feel this pressure, felt pain. it was just the pressure on my pubic bone. >> that same night she claims he smeared art walls and fingers with his own blood after the finger was severed. caught on dash camera, a north carolina trooper using his own car to stop a suspected drunk driver, the trooper jumping into action when he saw a driver speeding up to enter an celebrate going the wrong way. thankfully the trooper was not hurt. the north carolina state highway patrol saying his bravery, quote: undoubtedly saved lives. authorities later managed to apprehend that suspect who was fleeing on foot. did you hear about this tax forms show a nonprofit chaired by patrice culler theres took
3:48 am
in. known funded through the silicon valley foundation. a group backed by netflix, facebook and twitter executives pushing progressive causes. the news comes after reports that facebook censored stories on blm using donations to buy a $6 million mansion in california. those are your headlines. >> brian: unbelievable. >> ainsley: why would they censor? >> pete: because they funded it so they don't want bad news stories about the group that they gave a punch of money. to say. >> brian: they should be outraged and investigated. >> rachel: outraged they bought a house like that. >> pete: covering up for them. still ahead. we are standing by -- i don't know what the voice is for this hat. standing by for the april jobs report following a terrible day yesterday, it really was for the stock market. what experts are saying about the u.s. economy and a possible recession. >> rachel: plus, fox nation goes inside the life and death of princess diana 25 years later.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> welcome back to "fox &
3:53 am
friends." this year marks a quarter of a century since the passing of diabetes that princess of whales. dives into the adoration of the people's princess and the mania before her death. take a look at this. >> i understood -- i was not aware of how overwhelming the attention would become. >> there was this toxic atmosphere that was going to end in tragedy. it would have to. >> british journalists was featured in the special and she joins us now. it's so great to have you. i have to tell you i'm so fascinated by the rural family. i watch everything to do with princess diana and i like this special coming out. i'm definitely going to watch it why are so many people still so fascinated after 25 years with princess diana? >> it's all the things that we
3:54 am
absolutely love. the same way you're fascinated i am, too. it's money, power, wealth, privilege scandals, betrassments death, forbidden love, tragic story of grand love affairs. all packed into this world of unbelievable luxury and wealth and aspiration. but it has a massive dark side. i think we are very fascinated by the question of what's really going on behind those glittery smiles when he they're waiving on the balcony. what's it like when they stop waiving and go back inside for their lunch. >> rachel: that's right. the press plays basically a character in this saga and experts are now saying that they feel like when they look at the whole story and what happened around her death that she was basically hunted to death. do you agree? >> i absolutely do. i don't believe for one second the royal family assassinated or
3:55 am
murdered princess diana. the atmosphere around it exactly as you say, it was like being followed all day and all night by a pack of strangers with cameras shouting at you. they would joss sell her. they would push her. they would insult her to try to get any kind of reaction. this isn't the same as being famous and in movies and magazines. this was intimidation. she found it very, very difficult to deal with because she was trying to fulfill her duty. she was a mother to cro two young boys. these two young princes grew up with sense of i object tim intimidation.there is no escape. >> rachel: one of the things i find interesting is the contrast between meghan markle and princess diana. it's obvious she would love to have the adoration e she didn't like the work and people don't talk about how hard diana worked at her job.
3:56 am
meghan markle tried it for a couple years and she is like i'm out of here. >> i know, as a brit i find it very refreshingly american that meghan came over and said this is not working for me because, of course, if you are a royal, it is duty all the time and you can be wake up and be in the most foul move and you go have to go out and shake a thousand hands with a bright sunny smile on your face all day long forever. >> rachel: i get it. it's a patriotic duty. bidisha, thank you for joining us. fascinating documentary. i'm sure everybody will watch it on fox nation. called the scandalous killing of princess diana, thanks so much. now, looking for a mother's day gift? one columnist says the best gift is a vaccine for kids under 5? really? and sarah huckabee sanders reacts next ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,...
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4:01 am
protesters targeting conservative justices. >> i never thought we would get to this point that the white house cannot even muster the courage to denounce this type of ramplet. >> spacex requests permission to come on board. >> spacex dragon capsule dropping down after six months in space. >> on behalf of the entire spacex team welcome home. ♪ ♪ >> pete: live sharp of national harbor, maryland. the wheel not turning yet. our wheels are kind of turning on "fox & friends." brian, hand it over to you because i know you like to open the hour of the show. >> brian: i do look forward to my hello i always seem to get the ferris wheel and it doesn't move sit there and forced to come up with something. >> pete: i had nothing so i gave
4:02 am
it to you. do you know what it is? i stay within myself. i knew what i had and i listened to brian kilmeade's advice. >> rachel: most famous quote. >> brian: that's how i raise my children. just do what you do. >> rachel: mid west quote in the midwest don't think you sore special. >> pete: i still say that. >> brian: a little self-esteem issue? >> rachel: tamp down the self-esteem just a little to stay humble that's the midwestern read. >> brian: what were you about to read? >> pete: passive aggressive is key to the midwest i was going to read what day it is. military spouse appreciation day. which is legit and cool. it's also school lunch hero day. so those that are providing school lunches, heroes, maybe a flexible use of the word hero. national beverage day.
4:03 am
any beverage you want today. and celebrating the holiday. if you take a drink today you have celebrated national beverage day. >> brian: here is to snapple. >> rachel: mint julep isn't that kentucky derby? >> brian: that's the transition we are looking for. going out to the kentucky derby. janice is full time and expenses are all taken care of. [laughter] >> janice: it's beautiful. the sun has come out and it was pouring rain when i got here at 4:45 a.m. this morning. and the drink today is the oaks lily and made with vodka. tomorrow will be the big mint julep day and i will partake in all of those drinks and festivities. the 148th kentucky derby, the running of the roses takes place tomorrow. today it's the lilies. it's the female horses. and we are going to celebrate. we wear pink today in honor of lily day and also supporting
4:04 am
breast cancer. we had so much fun last night at taste of derby where we got to sample some wonderful food from some of the chefs across the nation hand also talk to a chef later on this morning. we are going to talk to a trainer. there is no real favorite today or tomorrow at the derby. usually we have a favorite. odds to win. so it's really exciting there is no favorite. we pick the one we like or the name we love or what it looks like. and we bet on it so we are going to talk about all of that coming up. >> brian: janice, does that have a chin strap that hat? it looks like it's about to fall off? aren't. >> janice: what was that brian? >> brian: does it have a pin strap? >> there is a lot of bobby pins. >> rachel: just as beautiful from the back, janice. >> janice: it's like holding
4:05 am
books. >> brian: model school. thank you so much. that's the fun part. now the not so fun part the economy. the dow jones industrial average dropping over 1,000 points. the worst fall since the 2020 crash. >> pete: this comes as the april jobs report is due next hour. >> rachel: david spunt is live at the white house with more. david, good morning. >> good morning to you three. it's going to be released at 8:30 this morning. while we hope it is going to be a good jobs report. all indications are there may be some trouble right there. we do know right now that worker productivity has seen a lot of trouble. specifically more than 50 years of trouble. i want to show you this graphic worker productivity posted its largest quarterly decline since 1947. not something white house officials are celebrating this morning. this jobs report comes as the dow dropped more than 1,000 points. the worst day since the 2020
4:06 am
covid crash. which is interesting because just two days ago the dow rallied to best day since 2020 as the federal reserve on wednesday announced an interest rate hike by half a percentage point. the fed ruled out them going no forward prompting wednesday to be a good day. the ups and downs in the stock market spell one word volatility which can lead to recession. jared bernstein said yesterday said of recession you can never rule anything out. larry kudlow said a recession is likely. >> it will be virtually impossible to avoid a recession and frankly inflationary recession is the worst of all worlds. the fed has got to be far more aggressive, raise its target rate well above the inflation rate. start selling bonds in order to shrink the excess cash they have injected into the economy. >> today the president heads to cincinnati, ohio to meet with manufacturing leaders and build on what the white house says
4:07 am
473,000 manufacturing jobs since he took office. if the jobs report is bad, no question that will dominate headlines this week and the president leaves at 11:00 this morning. no events on his schedule, interesting today where he normally does speak about the jobs report nothing right now we will see if that changes. >> rachel: if i was him i would not want to speak today if all predictions are true. david, thanks for joining us this morning. >> rachel: by the way larry kudlow around the times those numbers come out. somebody who really understands the economy and what's going on not that you guys don't. >> brian: not only that, he was just there pulling the levers other thing saying raise interest rates to get control. when the fed only raised it .5% instead of .7%. the market rallied wednesday. yesterday, it falls precipitously it's good news, bad news. raise the rent of first time -- raise the rate i'm paying
4:08 am
mortgage 7% now. got spoiled down to 2%. it was down to 3%. >> pete: if you want to tamp inflation raise them consequences going forward. hesitancy to do that for the very reason. >> brian: only thing reagan did he also cut taxes at the same time. that's how he began to attack inflation. >> rachel: no good choices right now when you devalue your currency and you have this level of inflation. >> pete: speak of no good choice we will head down to the border and try to explain what the current administration's policies are there. well, alejandro mayorkas you might remember on sunday it was on "fox news sunday" and he was asked about administration policy with illegals flooding the border. remember? which this is how he tried to describe it. >> individuals encountered at the border often make claims for relief under our laws. if they do not make a claim
4:09 am
think are apprehended and they do not make a claim they're promptly removed. if they make a claim, then they have a right, under our law, to seek to advance that claim before an immigration judge. if the judge denies their claim, they are removed. we do not believe that individuals who do not have a right under the law to be in the united states, we do not believe that they should stay in the united states. >> brian: that's interesting and certainly noteworthy, especially when you consider the fact that people are really concerned about who comes in and who comes out. "the washington post" did a fact checker, glenn kessler and he looked at what mayorkas said. he said three pinocchios what he is saying is flat out not true. we watched tom homan come on here and say a secretary just outright lie under oath when he testified last week and he did not -- he didn't get sworn in with brett baier but they did say three pinocchios. mayorkas gave the impression of
4:10 am
a smooth running machine. reality is different. certain nationalities mexicans appear on faster track of deportation. others are not indeed. 1 million people internet country without proper documentation have been given deportation orders and still have not left. others have disappeared. dhs in its defense of mayorkas' remarks said he was only referring to what happens when the undocumented immigrant loses their case, that's a distinction that most viewers missed. mayorkas earned three pinocchios. can i expand on that? you come in and say here's my case. okay, we are not going to have a chance to see you. we don't have enough judges. take this cell phone and we will are going to call you, track you call you when your case suspect. fine, can i have a new outfit? yup. what bus could i get on? will it be a plane? can i grab my kid? fantastic. they go and wait for the phone to ring. they never chuck the phone, they always show up. nobody thinks that.
4:11 am
>> rachel: when this disinformation board came out of mayorkas' homeland security department when we heard about it, you heard rumblings from both him and jen psaki saying we're going to check on disinformation coming out of the border. hispanics are very worried because some of the early voices, the whistleblowers of what was going on at the border were people who lived there. who are a lot of them hispanic. it was a lot of democrat sheriffs, democrat mayors. my question is what does mayorkass have have in store for disobedient harps. he doesn't want anyone who actually lives there and experiencing what's going on the chaos, the crime, the lack of resources that are being strained right now because of what is going on, he wants his lies to stand as truth and he wants to tamp down the voices of people like henry cuellar and frankly the citizens there. this is a very dangerous thing i think he knows he has been
4:12 am
caught. that was "the washington post," pete. the fact checker you would think maybe -- these are no friends -- these are friends of the administration. >> pete: generally speaking don't pay attention to fact checkers. "the washington post" fact check your friends so abridge jus. border patrol agents turn their backs on mayorkas. they know exactly what is happening. why they don't want our cameras and guys like bill melugin on the border. he can try to dismiss it away but what is happening is tragic every single day with more jarring examples every single day. here is what bill melugin tweeted he saw firsthand. more awful drowngs at the border. more dead children. this has happened multiple multipletimes. there were outrage kids in cages is not not worthy of the same outrage. and the parents are just released into the u.s. after their kids drowned, rest in peace.
4:13 am
>> rachel: kids in cages, aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez was there protesting and then she found out that the cages were actually built by the obama administration. and then she left. she left, she went back to new york children are dying the irony is that the biden administration has wrapped this entire border policy and break down of legal immigration in the blanket of compassion and this of course shows this is a dangerous journey children are dying and you only get these reports from people like bill melugin who've as to be him and griff jenkins the only ones on the scene. >> brian: bryan llenas is on scene now. not going to drop in the water and save them what happened with the texas national guard. one guy drowns tells the other guy to stay on the cement where he was. that is happening on a daily basis. you don't say that i have a big hear. i want to left refugee in. go sign for human traffickers to bring children and other families and say this is my
4:14 am
opportunity to come. and a lot of them are dying. these horrific ways. and the kids are in cages to wall them off from the adult because they want to make sure those kids were okay no barack ground and don't have facilities to handle this. that's in defense of what barack obama was doing. they blamed donald trump for that. >> rachel: i heard the little children by the way were from africa. another testament it's not just latin americans. >> brian: word gets around the globe come one, come all. 14 minutes after the hour. >> pete: toss it over to carley with few additional headlines. >> carley: yes, i do. liberal roe v. wade protesters will reportedly target the homes of and churches on mother's day. activists on the site ruth sent us walk by wednesday, may 11th at the homes of the sex extremist justices three in virginia and three in maryland. the fda is limiting the use of the johnson & johnson covid vaccine after an investigation
4:15 am
reveals those who got the jab have an increased risk of developing life threatening blood clots. the fda is only authorizing the one shot dose for people 18 and older who do not have access to other covid vaccines. there have been 50 confirmed conditions of the rare condition including nine fatalities. tom brady comes clean on tiktok the famed quarterback famous rule justin bieber in the latest social media trend. watch. this tell me something honest. >> game against the raiders. [whispering] >> controversial call happened in 2002 between the new england patriots and the then oakland raiders. the referees overturned a fumble call in favor of brady, of course, which could have knocked the patriots out of the playoff. patriots won the super bowl that year. how was that?
4:16 am
those your headlines is that a big deal? >> brian: huge deal. >> pete: imagine the butterfly effect he doesn't win the 2002 super bowl. one call. >> carley: all because of justin bieber, too. >> brian: loses to the raiders he doesn't get there true blood maybe still gets the job next year and tom brady never becomes a quarterback and ends up working at his dad's lumberyard. >> pete: still a good life. >> brian: i'm sure they got benefits. >> carley: this got meta really fast. >> pete: don't think we didn't remember, brian, that tomorrow is a special day. >> brian: tomorrow. >> brian: tomorrow is a special day brian kilmeade. regular hosts on the weekdays also did not forget and we have a bit of a message for you, brian. watch. >> now, brian, in honor of your birthday since i'm not here to say happy birthday in person. i have a few gifts for you. so the first one is going to be some gum, joel is going to hand
4:17 am
me a piece of gum. thank you, joel, because you hate chewing gum. i can prove to you that i can chew gum and walk and talk and do your pizza walk frontwards and backwards and read at the same time. i'm shore i know you hate this i will try not to smack. okay. here we go. general washington could not hold, this is your book, could not hold a grudge for long. after cooling off for several weeks and realizing that no real harm had been done by the misadventures of james townsend. he began to reconsider his decisions. what do you think of that? and, i have another gift for you, pete is going to help me out on this one? pete brought me a copy -- i mean one of your pictures, your head shots. i will sign my name. and say happy birthday, happy birthday, love. >> brian: while chewing gum. >> pete: chewing gum and
4:18 am
walking. >> pete: perfectly executed walk, gum-chewing. from ainsley herself. >> brian: a signed picture of me. >> pete: signed by ainsley for your birthday. >> brian: side of the shot. >> brian: most sarcastic present i have ever got. unbelievable. that is perfect. wherever ainsley is i appreciate her showing that she can walk and chew gum and read at the same time. >> rachel: and you got a nice birthday song from janice dean this morning. >> brian: that's true. >> pete: happy birthday. if you missed the show yesterday, brian was bragging about his ability to walk forwards and backwards and how he has invented this amazing walk. we uncovered some footage. it turns out you have been doing this for quite some time. training for this. this is brian kilmeade at a younger age. [laughter] >> brian: right, i was born blond. >> pete: you have been ready to go. >> brian: what is wrong with you
4:19 am
people? >> pete: we need to call that family and get approval for it. >> rachel: not not really him? >> brian: they didn't have film back then. i'm an old news man. >> pete: answer her question what are your plans? >> brian: what are my plans? i actually don't have big plans because it's going to meld into mother's day on sunday. but i'm actually -- well, i will tell you about it later. i will say this. it's a big day for my family because my wife dawn, a good friend kathy are about to launch a brand new business today. she is launching a boutique and there they are. they open up in about two hours in massapequa. so this is a big day. see, between mother's day and dawn launching her business are a. >> rachel: your birthday is -- >> brian: very exciting and have been working on it. >> pete: can we have them on the show? we do the small business on the
4:20 am
weekend. we should have her on. >> brian: she wouldn't do it with me because maybe with you guys. >> pete: congratulations. >> brian: thanks for the child video and ainsley's sarcasm. >> pete: we will sign it too if you want. don't move big show ahead, larry kudlow, will cain, geraldo and general jack keane all coming up.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
♪ >> brian: war on ukraine getting bloodier reins more bombings mariupol southeast right now. zelenskyy pleading for the evacuation of civilians and wounded fighters trapped under the facility. >> currently russian shelling and the assault do not stop. but civilians still need to be taken out. women, children, many children remain there. just imagine this hell. >> brian: meanwhile, further rest, russian forces are blocking humanitarian pathways in kherson and capturing local officials in the region. bring in strategic analyst jack keane. general, between kherson and mariupol i'm wondering if the russians are going to put up their flag, use rubles from now on and say that's going to be our victory for our victory day may 9th. do you think that will be the big announcement? >> yeah. i think that's coming.
4:26 am
certainly the reason why they made the decision to no longer starve out the people who are in the enclave there at the steel plant and now attacking again is likely because they want to make this announcement on 9 may that they have captured the city of mariupol there are russian leaders in the stay of mariupol preparing for some kind of announcement and celebration there as well as moscow. you are absolutely right. kherson is also a city they have captured. kherson blast translate to a province will also be likely designated as independent republic or annex. whatever political means they are going to use to describe it it's all fake, of course. certainly. but, yes, they are going to do it. maybe also transnortheast moldoe announced on that day. the mariupol thing so much focus on the steel plant, i believe there is a human catastrophe waiting to unfold in mariupol
4:27 am
because thousands of people have likely been killed by airline bombings and also also simply by murder. i believe that the russians, it's reported that they are burning those bodies in cream that tore yums to remove the evidence. they don't want another bucha like experience find the horror below that rubble and mass graives. likely tens of thousands of people killed in mariupol and murdered. >> brian: they leveled the whole place. general, there is a couple things happening in the broad scope. not only are the russians being taken down to size for their antiquated equipment and poor performance now the eu makes an announcement we are going to stop all oil imports from russia and natural gas within six
4:28 am
months. giving a special waiver to hungary and sweden and finland are about to become nato members and it's just a matter of paperwork and procedure. that's a disaster for russia. >> yeah, this is absolutely one of the miscalculations putin made. he certainly under estimated the [inaudible] west would have as a result of invasion in ukraine. you see it on the sanctions and how tough they are getting and actually dealing with something that's going to hurt the europeans and that is an embargo on oil and eventually something to the same effect on gas. that could not have even been conceived of a couple of months ago, the europeans moving in that directions. and certainly look it, an expansion of nato as a result of his invasion. totally fundamental miscalculation on his part in terms of what is happening, the security framework in europe is changing.
4:29 am
listen, we have 40,000 troops in eastern european countries. 20,000 of them are u.s. the other 20 are other nato forces that were not there prior to the invasion. this is all as a result of putin's aggression. so, nato is stronger as a result of it. the eu is stronger. as a result of it. and certainly what is happening to his russian forces. they are stalled again in their second offense and they are being systematically depleted once again. >> brian: so much to it. thank you for summing it. it has been a human catastrophe because of the barbaric brutality of the russian forces they have no skills. thanks so much, general. >> united states talking to you, brian have a wonderful week. >> brian: general keane, one stop shopping find out what's going into the war important to so many especially here in the u.s. coming up on one nation saturday
4:30 am
8:00 amongst our guests steve forbes what's happening with our economy. john after it on how to get along with people you disagree with john roberts from the terrorist organization about what being labeled extremist the worst in our country's history meaning the conservative republicans and maga movement and chris rufo why have these corporations been so silent when it comes to roe v. wade. it's because of what happened at disney i believe. chris rufo will expose it nothing but silence on the biden administration eagle pass texas the end of title 42 looms weeks away. the mayor of that town says he just want's the government to step up. he will join us next.
4:31 am
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. ♪ >> pete: welcome back. nothing but silence from the biden administration on the raging border crisis according to this texas town. facing a massive influx of illegal immigrants as the end of title 42 nears. that's despite dhs claiming it would, quote: engage extensively with local government. governments like eagle pass, texas. order salinas is the mayor of
4:35 am
eagle pass he joins you now. you say effectively you have heard nothing about coordination or plan as it per saints to your border town? >> that is correct. i mean, recently we have had such a huge influx of people going through eagle pass and it's disappointing that we haven't heard from our federal government from our president, or vice president on the situation going on in the border eagle pass, our city, beautiful city, but it's one of the hot spots for illegal immigration and we would like more attention on this sung from our president and vice president definitely. >> pete: considering the fact that 2,000 based on washington examiner's report and you confirm this 1,000 of which are got-aways and interdicted. 500 of which at least are released 1500 a day into your community it that the federal government doesn't care? do you think they are bypassing you? what is it?
4:36 am
>> >> i mean and those were the numbers a couple weeks ago. i believe it has increase, of course, we are getting ready for may 23rd whenever they repeal title 42. we expect thousands of more people coming across. people that are just waiting in mexico for may 23rd so that they can come into eagle pass. i winner i heard a solid plan. i heard that dhs put out a six point plan. that doesn't get to the issue of how you are going to stop these thousands of people from coming in to texas, these immigrants from coming into texas. that plan doesn't address that issue specifically. >> pete: mr. mayor, what's the impact on your citizens, the citizens of eagle pass, the services? >> you know, this has definitely had impact on police department, fire department, every day i get calls, concerns from citizens.
4:37 am
you see groups of people walking our streets it's become something normal. we have gotten so many calls and of course auer police department they have to respond to all these calls. so in turn we have seen an uptick in crime in our city. also our fire department has to respond to many calls regarding people people drowning in the river. people needing help. we have limited resources in eagle pass. we are a city of 30,000 people. our police force is limited. we need more resources because we have so many people coming in to this city that we're going to need more resources and we have been asking for help from the federal government. we need more help from them. i am very grateful for the work the border patrol does we also have the state with the dps. a lot of troopers. so my hats off to all the first responders that are helping us. but we do need more attention
4:38 am
from the federal government specifically our president and our vice president on this issue definitely taken a toll. >> pete: you are a moderate democrat. you are a volunteer as the mayor and your quhiewnt is under siege. mayor, thanks for speaking out. hope someone at the white house is listening and willing to reach out. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> pete: thank you, mr. mayor. mayor salinas. anybody, just talk to him? still to come. the writers guild of america is going full tilt in favor of abortion. urging hollywood not to film in states that would have bans if roe v. wade is overturned. our "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain after that next. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪
4:39 am
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♪ >> brian: all right. here we go again. hollywood calling for another red state boycott? and believe me there is a lot of states they are boycotting. over the leaked supreme court draft opinion on roe v. wade. >> pete: i believe it would be 26, brian. >> brian: good luck with that. >> pete: the writers guild of america urging tinseltown not to film in states likely to ban abortion either outright or at some stage if roe v. wade is overturned. >> rachel: the union tweeting we call an our employers to consider the laws of each state when choosing production locations to ensure that our members will never be denied full access to reproductive care. here to react "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain. so, will, first of all, good morning. good to see you see you tomorrow morning as well over the weekend. so this is interesting. the hollywood, you know. hollywood says don't film in other states. other than them. i haven't heard as many boycotts as i would have thought.
4:44 am
>> will: there might be a reason to that rachel. this is a victory this moment is a victory not for just anyone that would consider themselves pro-life but anyone consider themself adherent to the rational and originalist view of the constitution. abortion has been caught for 50 years in this state of suspension where we have had this rule from the federal government realizing now that it goes back to the states in our little laboratories of democracy can choose for themselves their own destiny, and then businesses can respond is the way the united states government was envisioned. it's the way we have handled almost every other important cultural issue. just take this for just a moment and go well, okay. we talk about the writer guild in hawaii, i mean hollywood's choice here for just one moment. but the fact that there is even just this moment in time where they can make this protest is actually a victory. now, the point you got to, rachel, there's a reason i think we are seeing fewer businesses to sign up to protest states. that reason is governor ron
4:45 am
desantis of florida. >> rachel: yeah. i agree. >> brian: because of disney? >> rachel: because of disney. a lot of people not going to do this anymore. i'm not going to give you my money. willful will i think for years, corporations have had a one-way street to protest in favor of woke politics, the nba protesting the bathroom bill, the trans bathroom bill some years ago. we have seen it numerous times often in sports. when it comes to these state policies. and governor ron desantis changed that oneway street. he said okay, fine, you want to play politics and we can play as well. you don't get the benefit of political and governmental policy so, you know, hollywood gets tax breaks in a lot of states to come and film their movies and if they want to get involved in the politics of those particular states, i don't think they should plan on filming movies in texas or in georgia and getting favorable tax breaks. they may be able to count on it ron desantis has changed that equation to all of a sudden i think any corporation, any
4:46 am
industry that says let's get political has to understand the cost of getting political. >> pete: yeah, will, i hope you are right. how about upping the ante of doxxing and identifying of supreme court justices homes and left wing groups telling people to go to their homes? >> it's really scary, pete. the main take away i have on. that was you look at not just this particular news item roe v. wade, but short everything over the past year you say there is a lot of talk about democracy there is a lot of talk about the sanctity of our institutions and all of it is utter b.s. it is meaningless. they are in favor of outcomes. if they do not get the outcome that they want, then they will literally bern it down. threaten justices. >> brian: will, that's now and this is on dock for mother's day and dock for today and the weekend maybe next three weeks if the decision is real or not if they are going to go through with it remember in the past in
4:47 am
the trump years they quickly found out where people lived cabinet secretaries and they would make their lives miserable in many cases scare the hell out of their families. they are doing it no nonstop. we have seen some of that video. in fact we probably have some of it this is senator josh hawley's house. he has a pregnant wife at the time. and he said really? i have to go to work i'm not getting paid a gazillion dollars i'm speaking up for what i believe and what the people of missouri want me. to say to identify worry about my own security at my house? a lot of people are just going to say i'm not doing this, will. >> will: exactly as the leaker intended, right? you can put up some of our colleagues homes in those images, couldn't you? anybody that disagrees, anybody that gets in the way of the outcome, it's not democracy in the defense of. you are willing to use threat of violence to accomplish your outcome. >> pete: you are exactly right. will, speaking of outcomes. we know the outcome of 8 hours
4:48 am
of weekend television will will be shear delight who will bring us to that outcome, will? >> will: look at that panel stretches all the way across your screen congressman john katko, mike huckabee, stuart varney, nancy grace, da dorinda medley. dorinda is from the real housewives and she will be on this weekend. [laughter] >> brian: that's what rachel shows. >> will: birthday boy will be with us tomorrow. >> rachel: you are joining us on your birthday. >> brian: i'm going to do it. >> pete: hardest worker on television. >> rachel: it is that's amazing. >> pete: will, you better have a gift from him for all of us. >> brian: new tradition people sign my head shot. if you want to find a picture of me and sign it to me that would be great. >> rachel: his wife is opening a boutique she says go to "fox &
4:49 am
friends." >> pete: will, we will see this weekend, man. >> will: all right. >> brian: is he a deep thinker. >> pete: he is. >> rachel: you haven't seen him in between commercials. >> pete: he brings the weekend up a peg. >> rachel: he does. >> pete: considering the alternative. gearing up for the kentucky derby janice dean churchill downs the fastest two minutes of sports. >> janice: yeah and wonderful cuisine. edward lee are you going to show us something fun? >> elevated classics for all of your derby festivities. >> janice: fantastic. stay with us. ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> rachel: we're counting down to the 148th kentucky derby all morning long and you'll be watching the run for the roses on saturday. we have your derby inspired dishes that you need. brian? >> brian: sorry, fox news meteorologist janice dean joins us live from churchill downs with the owner of 610 magnolia and former top chef, ok, former
4:54 am
top chef contestant chef edward lee. you impressed? >> janice: very well done. i'm so impressed, brian, with you always. edward lee, thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> janice: 20 is a big year for you. tell me. >> 20 years in louisville. 20 years of my restaurant 610 magnolia. 20th derby. >> janice: amazing! tell us, i don't cook very well. can i do something like this? >> yes, i can. i have a couple of things that you can do at home. i'm also the new sponsor for culinary director for g.e. monogrammed appliances. >> janice: congratulations. >> all of this is cooked on a monogram. i have a b.l.t., it's not any b.l.t. it's cream cheese and cucumber mixed into one. a little fresh tomato on sourdough bun open faced with a little bacon on top. >> janice: very nice. it seems light! >> yes. it's perfect. and then we have barbecue, right, everybody loves barbecue especially on derby. but i elevate it a little bit so
4:55 am
it's a quayle -- quail barbecue and it's a spicy bean dip. i can't tell you exactly all of it. >> janice: you can whisper afterwards? >> yeah, it's like a jalapeno with a little vinegar, oil and lots of herbs. >> janice: and dessert! >> ok, so this is a classic dessert that we make at the restaurant, it's called the bourbon aficionado, risky rum cake. i'll foam it up with a little butterscotch. i need your help here, ok? >> janice: help eating? >> i need you to sprinkle this dehydrated chocolate and freeze dried corn. >> janice: that seems a little odd. >> all the flavors that you would find in bourbon but in a dessert. >> janice: i like that. i trust you. >> while you're doing that -->> janice: yes? >> i'm going to drizzle a little bourbon infused maple syrup. you've done this before. you said you can't cook. you've done this before. >> janice: i have never done this before but i can't wait to try it. >> all right. here you go. >> janice: is this one of your favorite dishes at the
4:56 am
restaurant? >> this is the classic dessert that's been on the menu for 20 years. >> janice: cheers, my friend! let's eat! that is spectacular! hmmmm. congratulations on everything. thank you for coming today. happy derby. happy 20. >> happy derby to you. >> rachel: the last trip i took for "fox & friends" i had a hard hat and a jump suit. and i didn't get this. anyway. >> brian: you can get a flower hat. janice and chef lee. janice is back next hour with the derby trainer. >> pete: nice. still ahead, pro choice activists are targeting the homes of supreme court justices over that leaked draft opinion and the white house is defending them. >> rachel: sarah huckabee sanders knows what it's like. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment
4:57 am
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for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online. it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries, little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed. >> today, nervous markets. >> dow dropped more than 1,000 points at the close of the market yesterday. >> while worker productivity fell the most since 1947. >> no, peaceful protest is not extreme. >> white house refusing to condemn protests at the homes of conservative supreme court justices. >> these justices are not going to back down. they have the courage of their conviction and they're not going to yield to a mob. >> hip-hop history. [beep]. >> the man who stormed the stage
5:01 am
that violently attacked dave chapelle will not be charged with a felony. >> we have a district attorney who is not a district attorney. he's a public defender for criminals! >> we are counting down to the 148th kentucky derby. >> you're wearing that hat like an old newsman. >> rachel: that's what he is! >> rachel: i got a chip! ♪ ♪ walk this way ♪ ♪ talk this way ♪ >> rachel: wow, it's 8:00 a.m. eastern time. getting a little run d.m.c. to get you going this morning. good morning, everybody. i'm filling in for ainsley this friday here in new york city. good morning, brian. good morning, pete. >> pete: good morning. in for steve as well and both here with the newsman. >> brian: in rachel's eyes, talking about the hat. >> pete: old timy. >> rachel: old hollywood. >> brian: looking at that hat, i don't know where it is. >> rachel: he put a press thing
5:02 am
in like the little fan around the hat. >> brian: you know, it's hard enough to remember my phone. can you imagine every morning you had to pick a hat? a lot in the 20th century. >> pete: it was a signature. absolutely. >> rachel: i know somebody, brian, there's the hat. >> pete: it's all about how you wear it. sorry about that. you can go, you know, kind of stylish or brian went old time reporter. >> rachel: he did. there it is. look. come on. >> brian: go ahead. >> pete: brian is official. >> brian: right. we now have lanyards. it says you're press. >> rachel: you could be in an old jimmy stewart movie now. >> brian: tell me about your career, slugger. >> rachel: exactly! exactly! that was great. >> brian: there you go. >> pete: can't top that. >> rachel: spoke really fast in those movies and you do, too. >> brian: i do. i'm in the wrong era.
5:03 am
i would have been so successful 50 years ago. >> rachel: there's somebody else who is wearing a beautiful hat. honestly janice dean has never looked more gorgeous than she does at the kentucky derby today. honestly you are breathtaking! good morning, janice. >> janice: thank you, i have to thank christine moore because she's the official millener here at the kentucky derby. brian, you could work at the daily planet. i think it's fantastic that he wore a hat. normally doesn't partake in customing and wearing of hats. the fact that you got him to wear a hat today is impressive. 148th anniversary of the kentucky derby. that happens on saturday. friday is the oaks. so it's the running of the lillies, the female horses. and we wear pink. a lot of proceeds going to breast cancer awareness. and i have to tell you, we got here this morning. it was pouring rain! we are expecting rain in the forecast today. but the sun came out just for
5:04 am
"fox & friends." you can see the beautiful spires in the background here at churchill downs. it is a bucket list event. i love covering it. i love the horse racing. i love the food and the drinks! i also love the fashion! we've got a trainer coming up, i can't wait for you to be introduced to so stay tuned! >> rachel: thank you, janice, you pull it off well. we said we were going to bring the weekend to the weekday show and we got brian to wear a hat. we do this kind of stuff all weekend. >> brian: i know. i know. i have cable. i watch you guys. >> rachel: and you're joining us tomorrow. >> brian: i'll be joining you tomorrow. >> pete: we leave our dignity at the door on the weekends. >> brian: we get it back during the week. >> pete: the dow jones industrial average on more serious news dropping over 1,000 points in the worst fall since the 2020 covid crash. >> brian: this comes as the april jobs numbers are due shortly -- within an hour. >> rachel: that's right. and david is live at the white house with more. david? good morning. >> good morning, in about 25
5:05 am
minutes, we'll get that april jobs report. white house officials hoping it will be pretty. we'll see exactly what those numbers say. we can tell you a number that is not pretty right now, that is worker productivity. the lowest it's been since 1947. largest quarterly decline since 1947, i should say. not something folks here are happy about. this jobs report comes as the dow yesterday dropped more than 1,000 points at the close of the market. this is the worst day for the dow since the 2020 covid crash. it's interesting because two days ago on wednesday, the dow rallied to its best day since 2020 as the federal reserve on wednesday announced an interest rate hike by half a percentage point. the ups and downs spell one word. that word is volatility which can in turn lead to recession. white house economic advisor jared bernstein said of a recession, you can never rule anything out and our own larry kudlow at fox business says a recession is incredibly likely. >> it will be virtually impossible to avoid a recession, and frankly, inflationary
5:06 am
recession is the worst of all worlds. fed has got to be far more aggressive, raise its target rate well above the inflation rate. start selling bonds in order to shrink the excess cash they've injected into the economy. >> later this morning, the president will head to cincinnati, ohio to meet with manufacturing leaders and build on what white house officials are calling 473,000 manufacturing jobs since he took office. but if that jobs report is negative, that will likely dominate headlines this morning. again, that jobs report coming out in about 25 minutes. back to you. >> pete: thank you very much. that's a sharp jacket. would you mind lending it to brian to complete his newsman look? >> it's old fashioned. >> rachel: yes. >> pete: i like it. >> rachel: he's bringing back that really polished journalist. >> brian: either i send you the hat or you send me the coat? >> one or the two. >> brian: one or the two. david, thank you so much. >> rachel: looking good. >> pete: larry kudlow will join
5:07 am
us in 24 minutes when that jobs report comes out. >> brian: instant analysis right there. let's bring in sarah huckabee sanders from the white house press secretary gubernatorial candidate and wants to be the next governor. have that job that her dad did. she knows how to do it. first thing is first. you know all about being harassed, too, right, sarah? >> unfortunately, i do. i would like to block out that part of the role i had before that. >> brian: it's back! now with the supreme court justices are targeted. when did this start? >> you know, i don't think that anything that the left does we will see them ever condemned. it is absolutely probably the single most important issue to the left to push for abortion and the killing of innocent, unborn children. they will lie. they will lash out. they will leak. they will try to intimidate our supreme court justices all in this cause. and it is absolutely disgusting
5:08 am
what is happening. i pray for the safety of our justices, for their resolve and that they will continue to push for the dissents of the most vulnerable among us -- defense of the most vulnerable among us and i'm hopeful that the leaked draft that we have seen holds true and this will be a new day in america where every life has the ability to live in our great country. and it is really tragic and sad to see what is happening across the nation right now. >> pete: you're right, though. there's a complete unwillingness to condemn these tactics from the podium you used to stand behind. here's our own peter doocy asking jen psaki about it yesterday. >> you spent time yesterday talking about what you think are the extreme ways of the republican party. do you think the progressive activists planning protests outside.
5:09 am
justices' houses are extreme? >> peaceful protest, no. peaceful protest is not extreme. >> these activists posted a map with the home addresses of the supreme court justices. is that the kind of thing that the president wants? >> the president's view is there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. we want people to protest peacefully, if they want to protest. >> pete: not extreme. passion! >> i mean, it's truly mind boggling to see the hypocrisy of the left. i was constantly asked to condemn every action that ever took place anywhere in the country and yet, this white house never seems to step up and do that. and the fact that they are intimidating our supreme court justices, attempting to do so, i
5:10 am
think the good thing is that we have seen most of these justices through their confirmation process try to be intimidated and they didn't back down. they stuck to their guns. and i hope they will continue to do that. hold their resolve and push forward and that we will see every life in this country protected. >> rachel: you know, sarah, you and your dad have been foot soldiers in the pro life movement. have been huge advocates and i think it's interesting just to see the contrast. this is how the left behaves. for 50 years, pro lifers have been, you know, heart broken as jen psaki says, true sadness because pro lifers believe this is the human rights issue of our time. and nobody went to the homes of the supreme court justices over this. i mean, there is, you know, pro life movement. it's a pro america movement that actually genuinely cares about the institutions that make us a great democracy! >> absolutely. and i think if this leaked document had said something
5:11 am
differently, you wouldn't have seen a rush for barricades to be put up and things of that nature because that's not how our side has engaged in this process over the last 50 years, we have very forcefully and peacefully spoken out about the defense of the defenseless and tried to fight for those who have no one to speak for them. and to see the change and the aggressive nature of the left, i think that is far more heartbreaking than what they're reporting on their side of it. >> brian: look at some of these other incidents and you see so many democrats feel it's totally ok to get in the face and get into -- get in front of the houses of people who are making decisions or policies that they don't agree with. and this is in louisville, kentucky, in 2020. protesters trying to intimidate rand paul. this is rand paul, remember when
5:12 am
he was in washington, d.c. one of the times in which he was leaving the r.n.c. at the white house. >> rachel: they tried to intimidate his wife, too. >> pete: ted cruz, mitch mcconnell, you've got, you know, joe manchin at his boat house. endless list of political opponents from their view they are happy to rationalize this intimidation. >> you know, i was the first white house press secretary in the history of our country to require secret service protection because of the credible threats that were made against me and my family even. and the idea that there was never the level of condemnation on those types of attacks from that side. i think tells us everything we need to know that this is -- there is no line too far for them to cross to push their agenda and to push their message. we're seeing the institution of the supreme court and the sacredness of that broken in this leak as well as the actions
5:13 am
of those following it to push their agenda and i think that's what people are waking up to across the country. and frankly, they're not going to take that anymore and they're standing up and i think that we will see a huge red wave in november in large part because some of these actions. >> brian: all right, let's talk about somebody is going to be taking this job for the first time. good-bye jen psaki and hello corinne jean pierre. some are pointing out the fact it might be a problem because her partner happens to be suzanne malbeau of cnn. do you see that as an issue when jen psaki is leaving after three minutes and going to msnbc, that optics could be better. what about this? >> look, i absolutely loved my job as the white house press secretary for president trump. it's probably one of the best jobs that i'll ever have. it was hard, but it was a phenomenal experience. but that was partly because i had a really good story to tell.
5:14 am
i don't envy karine at all because every single thing this administration touches whether it's the economy, the border, crime, inflation, foreign policy. they destroy it. they don't have a good story to tell, i certainly don't envy the role she's stepping into. and i think it's going to come with a whole new set of challenges, but i hope that she is met with a much better crowd than i usually got on a daily basis. but i certainly don't envy the job that she has in front of her, and the amount of conflicts that this white house has is pretty staggering to say the least. and i hope that people like peter doocy will continue trying to hold their feet to the fire and at least have one person in there asking tough questions of them. >> rachel: for the left, everything is political even mother's day. we know that the left has now called for protests, by the way, of churches on mother's day which is just absolutely insane. but here's a "washington post"
5:15 am
headline saying all i want for mother's day is a vaccine for my kid? i mean, you're a mom. has that ever crossed your mind as a great mother's day gift? >> no, i'm usually looking for an extra hour of sleep. nothing of that nature. i'm excited to celebrate this mother's day with my three kids. hopefully, sleeping a little past 6:00 a.m., the normal wake-up time from a very boisterous group. but it's sad that that is the look that people are hoping for in this. i want my kids to be happy and healthy and excited for mother's day. >> brian: you want gifts, right? >> absolutely, i love a good homemade card. no pressure on my husband, good homemade quality gifts from my kids this year. >> pete: to round this out, this "washington post" column ends by saying for mother's day i bleeping want a bleeping, bleeping vaccine for my bleeping
5:16 am
child. it's the only thing that i want and a bottle of good dry shampoo. >> rachel: so heartwarming. lovely. >> brian: what about some of the states? what do they want? >> rachel: this is interesting. in your state of arkansas, they want a meal that they don't have to cook. new jersey moms and wisconsin moms have a lot in common. they want a nap. new york moms want a spa treatment. they're a little more upscale, i guess. and in minnesota, they want help with chores. i'd take all of those. >> i support -- absolutely. i fully support all of those, meals i don't have to cook and a little extra sleep sound pretty good. >> rachel: all right. >> pete: if the huckabee household is listening, you have your marching orders. >> brian: she wants to be the next governor of arkansas. she's on her way for doing that. happy mother's day. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> rachel: send the next governor to the spa. >> brian: meanwhile, carley has been working on the news. >> carley: i have something here
5:17 am
that moms do want. a serious one, though. it's something that a lot of parents are talking about. parents are sounding the alarm saying baby formula shortages across the u.s. have hit crisis levels. the shortage was originally brought on by supply chain issues and then compounded by a formula recall at a michigan production plant earlier this year. data assembly reporting 40% to 50% of major formula brands were sold out last week in 26 states. actress amber heard breaking down on the stand while claiming ex-husband johnny depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle weeks after their wedding in 2015. >> i thought he was punching me. but i could feel this pressure with just the pressure of my pubic bone.
5:18 am
>> carley: that same night, she claims that depp smeared the walls with blood after his finger was severed during a physical fight. the trial will resume next week. phil nicholson claims that he lost $40 million gambling in four years. the author claims the discovery was made by auditors when mickelson was under investigation for insider trading. losses reportedly happened between 2010 and 2014. the book "phil, the riproaring and unauthorized biography of golf's most colorful superstar" comes out later this month. those are your headlines, guys. >> brian: wow, that's going to be -- between that and saudi arabia maybe going to the other tour that greg norman is setting up. it's been a controversial time for phil mickelson. >> pete: how much did he make? did he make $80 million? $120 million? $40 million? >> brian: it's an unauthorized biography. not his. >> pete: is it really? >> brian: we'll see what happens. see how many books he sells. seems like a nice guy, right?
5:19 am
>> pete: he does seem like a nice guy. we're all worried about the day that unauthorized biography comes out. >> brian: rachel is working on one on will, she's afraid of you. >> rachel: unauthorized one of pete would be more interesting. >> brian: see how that goes. >> pete: after he finds jimmy hoffa. >> brian: very close. >> pete: he actually probably will. still ahead, the man accused of attacking dave chapelle on stage with a knife escapes felony charges. >> rachel: that's right. geraldo rivera says the latest woke decision is adding fuel to the fire for an ongoing recall effort. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have
5:20 am
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>> you have to be ready for anything, you know, we have security. we have all that. sometimes people get through. the fans should stay in the stands, let the performers do their thing. you paid your money to see them do their thing. you did not pay your money to become part of the show. and get arrested. >> brian: right. that was rapper and actor ice cube. moments ago on fox business with "mornings with maria" reacting to the shocking on-stage assault of his fellow performer dave chapelle. meanwhile, the man accused of attacking the comedian with a knife that was masking itself as a gun, i know, is getting a slap on the wrist thanks to the los angeles d.a. george gascon. here to react, fox news correspondent at large and co-host of "the five" geraldo rivera who is also an attorney. geraldo, the whole thing with him being charged with a lesser charge is because they were saying, make sense of this, that he wasn't holding the weapon. it was in his bag. but we're thinking he was holding his bag. did they make the right move
5:25 am
here giving this guy $30,000 bail and charging him with a misdemeanor? >> this is one of those cases, brian, where you have to say do you believe me or your lying eyes? here it is, he whacks them right there, got him down. he has a bag with him. the bag has a knife in it. the gun/knife, you know, bizarre weapon that he carried. george gascon embattled l.a. county district attorney decided that it was not felonious assault. that what you're looking at right now did not constitute felonious assault. why? because he did not brandish the weapon and threaten the performer dave chapelle with it. he's charged with battery, possession with a weapon with intent to assault, unauthorized access to the event and delaying the event. all misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail. he's being held right now, brian, he got thumped really badly and got beaten pretty badly by the security guards and, you know, by some reports many of the friends of dave chapelle who happened to be
5:26 am
backstage including jamie foxx, jon stewart and busta rhymes all friends of dave chapelle say they did not participate in the beat down of the guy -- of the fellow isaiah lee, the 23-year-old who shocked everybody. it turns out isaiah lee's brother gave an interview. isaiah lee has lots of transgender friends who dave chapelle famously made the object of his scorn and ridicule. and he also, isaiah lee, the perp had mental health issues. so the headline, though, is that george gascon, embattled l.a. county district attorney has opted not to do the felony case so it goes to the city attorney. so it goes from county to city and city court, he can only be prosecuted for a misdemeanor, brian. >> pete: how do you feel about that, geraldo? you used to do a show. whether you're a comedian or musician, i get the sense that
5:27 am
everyone has to bulk up on security. and some people aren't going to get booked if they think they might be a problem for that arena, for that concert hall. >> one of the famous friends of dave chapelle there at the time was chris rock. chris rock when he came on stage quipped "was that will smith"? because of the slap, the infamous slap at the oscars. the problem with will smith's dramatic and flamboyant and distressing actions is that now, live performers like dave chapelle have to factor into their act that they are there, they are vulnerable even though they have security, you saw the lag time between the excellent security and the attacker actually reaching, you know, the object of his wrath, of his nuttiness, so dave chapelle gets tackled and then the security guard. he could have easily been killed. that's what comedy will be! there will be steel cages and
5:28 am
chicken wire and lines of security guards that will separate performer from audience. and that's the tragedy of it. in terms of george gascon, last i saw, they have over 400,000 signatures on his recall petition. they only need 566,857. so i think that it is likely particularly given the catalyst of the case as notorious as this that george gascon will continue to be pushed towards the door in terms of isaiah lee, we hear he's going to be in court today. don't know whether that $30,000 bail will be continued or not. but it is the case that does not help the l.a. county d.a. but does give dave chapelle more jokes to tell. he's already telling them, transman and so forth. >> brian: he doesn't feel as though he attacked the trans community and encourages everyone to look at the closer so they can make their own judgment.
5:29 am
appreciate it. straight ahead, don't go anywhere. the april jobs numbers will be released in minutes. larry kudlow standing by to react next. we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but, no matter how healthy you feel, your immune system declines as you age increasing your risk for getting shingles. so, what can protect you? shingrix protects. you can protect yourself from shingles with a vaccine proven to be over 90% effective. shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering,
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finding the perfect designer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in austin between a dog named klaus and her favorite shade of green. it's actually salem clover. and you can find her right now on when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on >> carley: we are back with a fox news alert. the april jobs report was just released. u.s. adding 428,000 jobs last
5:33 am
month. that's more than economists' expectations of 391,000. meanwhile, the unemployment rate staying at 3.6%. it was predicted to be 3.5%. guys? over to you. >> brian: all right, let's get some instant analysis, thanks, carley from larry kudlow. larry, it looks like the numbers slightly higher than thought. the unemployment 3.6%. what's your take? >> my take it is i have to gather all the numbers in the report but here for "fox & friends", my first brush is it came in as expected. it's a little less, the last three months they had been running about 550,000 per month on average. this comes in at 428,000, the market expected this number. 3.6% unemployment and my research pals are going to give me more information. i will just say this.
5:34 am
these kinds of numbers do not suggest that we are currently in a recession. >> brian: good. >> i want to make that point. i think it will be very difficult down the road with high inflation to avoid a recession, ok, and i think as i said before, the longer the fed waits to knock the inflation rate down, the worst the story is going to get. but in terms of here, these are april numbers, i don't see the recession call. i don't think it's a fabulous economy. but job markets are still pretty good. there are a lot of job openings, right, we have the numbers over 11 million job openings under six million unemployed. i'll get more information, brian, if you can keep talking to me for a few seconds, i might even have more information. >> brian: all right, one more, wages, wages, here's a wage number. 5.5% 12 months so it's in line with expectations.
5:35 am
>> brian: but that's less than inflation, right? >> 5.5%. >> brian: increase in wages but less than inflation. >> yeah, you know, c.p.i. is 8 1/2. wages 5 1/2. that's in a nutshell the whole problem's story. you know, working folks are working and they are getting jobs and they are getting paid. but inflation is robbing them of their real income. and that's, you know, along with gasoline and food and other prices, that's the big issue, real wages continue to fall. that's why the fed has got to take out the inflation rate. they have to own up to it, first of all, instead of whitewashing it like powell has been doing. how about this, brian? how about the congress stops spending? or how about we -- i know, this is off the charts, you can't get it. how about, for example, we allow more oil and gas drilling or
5:36 am
pipelining? or we stop blocking infrastructure? you know, there's a lot of supply side inflation in the economy. how about if we cut back on regulations. i know these are things that we used to have in a prior administration in which i served that have gone away. i'm making these off the cuff thoughts. >> pete: you mentioned interest rates a number of times and their willingness to go that route to prevent a recession. they just raised it, you know, by .5. how much higher should they go? if the policies aren't going to change on the inflation side which we haven't seen no indication from the administration they are, where do you see interest rates going if you want to prevent a recession? >> well, how about prevent inflation? i mean, if you prevent -- here's my thought. it's a bit contrary. if you want to prevent a recession, you need to prevent
5:37 am
inflation. price stability is the cornerstone to economic prosperity and growth. you know, think in real wages, ok, if you're earning -- if your wages are going up 5% or 6% a year, you know, we had a report yesterday the cost of wages is up 7%. ok, that's good. i'm glad working folks are making more money. but i'm not glad that they're losing money after inflation. >> brian: right. >> you got to tackle the inflation. go after the inflation. that's where the fed is slow and behind the curve. so you're up 1/2 percentage point to, what is it, 3/4 of 1% to 1%. that's the fed's target rate. they're going to have to take that. i think they're going to have to take that to at least 4% in the next 12 months. all right? and that may not be sufficient. but i would say at least 4%
5:38 am
which means they're behind the curve, they got their work cut out for them. long term rates like a mortgage rates might come down think of this if inflation fears come down because the fed is tougher. do you follow? >> brian: yeah, right. go below the fed. larry, in about six hours, you'll have to put on a tie and host your show at 4:00. are you up for it? >> i wore a white shirt for "fox & friends" this morning. i mean, look at me. i got a white shirt on. >> brian: you're all business. now he has to work on his serve for three hours. >> rachel: exactly. thanks, larry. >> brian: really appreciate it. >> rachel: still to come, we are celebrating asian and pacific islander heritage month by highlighting the most decorated u.s. winter olympian of all time, apollo ohno. >> brian: yep. meanwhile, we'll head back down to churchill downs to meet a trainer with an incredible story coming up.
5:39 am
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find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. >> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." fox is celebrating heritage month by highlighting the community's culture, history and contributions. this morning, we learn about the most decorated winter olympian of all time, apollo ohno. fox news correspondent susan lee has more. >> rachel, that's right, to celebrate asian-american native hawaiian pacific islander month, we'll bring you inspiring profiles each and every week from the community. we start this week with a look at family and perseverance with speed skating champion apollo ohno. >> the most decorated olympian in u.s. history. he won eight olympic medals in short track speed skating
5:44 am
including two individual golds. >> in that 40nd time frame, nike sponsorships, the difference between the one that wins the gold and the person that is fourth off the podium, that difference is this much. >> he was raised in seattle by a single father who immigrated to the u.s. in the 1970s. >> my dad sent me an e-mail, picture of me as a baby. and i'm like holding on to his pants leg and the caption that he writes me in this e-mail says i'm thinking, i have no idea how i'm going to raise you. >> i was writing that, apollo saying that dad, don't worry. i raise you. >> apollo, you come from a biracial heritage so japanese, your father, and then your mother was european american. did you ever meet your mother? >> not since i was born. my dad decided to take full custody. for me, i always had, i think, subconsciously this idea that i never wanted him to feel like he
5:45 am
was never enough for me. >> apollo's father recognized his young son's natural ability early on and determined to him realize his full potential. auto i've to be very responsible from how to guide him. from that on, i was really focusing on that he's going to get very higher level of the training or educations. >> including some tough and some would say unconventional training methods. didn't he force you at 12 years old to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to go skating, practice skating? >> yeah, and we would drive to these empty school and church parking lots and he had strapped a miner's light on my helmet because it was dark, right, middle of the night. >> the rigorous early morning routine and discipline would eventually pay off. ohno was the nation's top ranked speed skater before the age of 20, subsequently carrying the weights of expectations and
5:46 am
hopes for u.s. olympic gold. >> there's not one country that has a weak skater. and that makes the field very, very, very, very high, you know, and makes no room for error. >> you went into the 2002 and 2006 games as a favorite in a lot of those distances and came away with one gold medal each games. but was that the pinnacle to get on the podium? to be number one? >> i think that's the metric that we use, i think, as society of your semblance of success. >> for you? >> people often ask me, you won eight medals. what's your favorite medal? you probably think one of the gold medals, right? not even close. it was the first race that i went to in 2002, very first final that i competed in. i was the favorite. i was on the cover of "sports illustrated" and with a half lap remaining i'm in the lead and i can see the finish line. an athlete falls into my left hip. we go crashing into the pads. i scramble and pick myself up and throw my skates across the finish line and end up winning silver in that race.
5:47 am
>> a moment is a lesson of picking someone up after falling. >> i told him, you know, you won the silver. you didn't lose. i think that was one of the most proud moments. >> ohno would go on to compete in three olympic games, winning two golds, three silvers and four bronze. he retired from the sport after the 2010 olympics challenging transition, he says, is not easy for top athletes who have devoted their entire lives to single purpose and sport. >> i'm still obsessed. i still work hard. i still do the work. but it's done so i think out of a realm that is a little bit less focused on the prize and much more on the process. >> post retirement, apollo is active when it comes to venture capital investing, crypto, as you know, motivational speaker and author sharing his life lessons for success. >> rachel: this story is also about his dad. he's a tiger dad. we'll have to bring this story back on father's day. thanks so much, susan.
5:48 am
appreciate it. great story. >> thank you. >> rachel: still ahead, we're counting down to the fastest two minutes in sports. janice dean is at churchill downs with a trainer hoping to win this weekend's kentucky derby. and they'll join us next. first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning. >> bill: nice weekend to be in louisville, better than the northeast. good morning, great show! breaking news on the economy, standby for what it means for your family happening right now. will you see protesters at church on sunday? have democrats abandoned rural america? there's a democratic lawmaker who is here today and will make her case. a big election in a critical battleground state. we'll talk to republican leader in that race for what is on the line. come join us on a friday. see you in 12 minutes. top of the hour. ♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
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>> brian: all right, this saturday marks the 148th run for the roses and if you're looking for a horse to put your money on, you might want to consider white arbrio. >> rachel: abario? >> brian: that, too. >> rachel: the kentucky derby contender has 10-1 odds and a trainer with an incredible story. >> pete: fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is with trainer joseph jr.
5:53 am
janice? >> janice: that's right. and it's white abario, correct? >> that's correct. >> janice: this is very exciting. you're from barbados, is your family here celebrating? >> yes, my family and wife and kids. my mom and dad also made the trip. it's very exciting times. >> janice: i mean, what got you here? >> i mean, the horse obviously and this is the moment you want to be in. you need a good horse to be at the kentucky derby and thankfully we have a horse that we think is capable of winning it. >> what's special about this horse? >> everything is special. you need to have a unique horse. he has the speed and ability to stay the distance and very talented. >> janice: why is the exciting building for him now? >> just like i mean, like i said, this is the biggest race in the world, in my opinion and especially in america. you see the crowds in the morning and he's never seen anything like that before and i think he's taking it in and likes when the people take pictures of him.
5:54 am
>> janice: good thing to have. >> he perks up and you can see his ears. he's enjoying it. >> janice: how does a young man from barbados get into horse racing? >> my dad and granddad was in horse racing. i was born into it. it's been a passion and love of my life. i came to america to get to the next level and so far, we've been blessed with opportunities to get here and here we're at the derby trying to live the dream. >> janice: it's an american dream. >> it is an american dream and it's my dream, also. that's why i came to america to try to accomplish it. >> janice: how does it feel two years of the pandemic and now we're back better than ever! >> definitely nice to be -- have people here. we were here two years ago with our first derby runner and it was very indifferent. there was no fans. there was very little media and to get back here and see all the fans and media, special feeling to know that the world is getting back to some type of normal life. >> janice: congratulations to you. i love that, you know, you are an american story, story of, you know, resilience and coming to america for a wonderful reason.
5:55 am
>> thank you very much. and i'm glad to be here. and thankful for all the opportunities given to us. >> janice: god bless you. i'll be watching your horse tomorrow. >> thank you. >> janice: all right. ok, back inside! live at the kentucky derby, 148 years, we can't wait to see you. it's happening tomorrow. >> rachel: thank you, janice. >> pete: appreciate it. >> brian: the kentucky derby is coming up. you know what we're not talking about? the mets scored seven runs in the ninth inning to win 8-7 over the phillies. >> pete: i agree. we should talk about that. >> brian: all right. >> pete: after the break. >> rachel: where's your hat? there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable.
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oh boy. >> what are you doing this weekend? what you're doing tonight and tomorrow. big weekend for the usfl. the stars will face off against the panthers. tomorrow the bandits and the stallons in their hometown and city as they change venues all on fox sports 1. also catch the new jersey generals against the pittsburgh maulers at 2:30 and houston gamblers against the new orleans breakers sunday at 3:00. a great reason to go to alabama.
6:00 am
a group of yankee players. watch this? >> the yankees are in the house, anthony rizzo on your left. >> they hold the best record in baseball but having fun at the ranger games. the rangers won 5-2. >> happy birthday to my daughter, margarita. her birthday is today. >> bill: good morning, guys. all eyes on the april jobs report out moments ago. slightly beating expectations but you've got soaring inflation and you have a labor shortage that's not going anywhere as we say good morning. you made it to friday. i'm bill hemmer. dana is off today and welcome to dagen. >> report coming out minutes ago showing the u.s. added 428,000 jobs last month.


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