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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 6, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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would sound like. >> bill: how come? sounds like a -- >> dagen: i promised that i wouldn't sing on television. if april showers bring may flowers what do may flowers bring? >> bill: we'll get showers this weekend. we have a nor'easter coming. enjoy the weekend. you at home do the same. julie is in for harris today. >> thanks. raising safety concerns for the conservative justices as protests continue over the leaked draft opinion of roe versus wade. it looks very much like the white house is simply just shrugging it off. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm julie banderas in for harris. thank you for joining us. there is a liberal activist group taking things to a dangerous level. they are publishing the supposed home addresses of the six conservative justices on the high court and they are saying we must rise up to force
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accountability. backlash at such tactics and rhetoric is growing but apparently not at the white house. >> do you think the progressive activists that are now planning protests outside some of the justice's houses are extreme? >> peaceful protest, no. peaceful protest is not extreme. >> he doesn't care if they protest outside the supreme court orr outside someone's private residence? >> i don't have a government position on where people protest. >> bill: republican mike lee has something to say about it. he said the protest plans take things too far. >> in this day in age in particular, laura, there is never a good legitimate reason to go and protest at the home of a public official. this is a place where they sleep. this is a place where if they have children in the home where they are raising children. it is an implicit threat of
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physical violence and that has no place in our system of government. certainly no place in our judicial system. >> david spunt joins us live at the top of the hour. >> a group plans to protest at the homes of six conservative justices in virginia and maryland at some point next week as a result of this leaked draft opinion. that group is called ruth sent us, a nod to the late ruth bader ginsberg. they are posting the home addresses of the six conservative justices encouraging people to walk by and demonstrate. they aren't calling for violent but going to private homes of justices raises questions. >> people have become addicted to rage. this is not going to make any change on the court. it is not going to result in any alteration of the opinion. if anything, justices will feel that they have to stand their
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ground with even greater certainty. >> there is a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be spektd. we want people to protest peacefully if they want to. >> an example of not a peaceful protest but a peaceful praise if you want to call it that, supporters stood in front of justice alito's home thanking him for that stance in the draft opinion. two senators, chris coons from delaware and john cornyn of texas came together in a bipartisan way to introduce a measure in the senate that would provide security for family of supreme court justices around the clock following that leaked draft opinion. other members of the senate are on board with this plan. >> people should not serve in public life and feel that outrageous extremists on either
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side of the political agenda suddenly have license to verbally and physically attack public officials. >> while jen psaki made those comments you just heard now president biden has yet to specifically weigh in. the president heading to cincinnati today. he should be leaving the white house in just a few minutes and see if he stops in front of a camera and answers
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it's the law, your constitutional right as long as it is peaceful. these are an angry group of democrats furious, pro-abortion rights and if you look back at the uproar of the capitol hill storming, if you will. that was a group of angry republicans that were completely out of control in trying to reverse the election. here we have democrats that are going to basically try to move forward and overturn roe versus wade. i believe we lost mark thiessen. >> if the supreme court overturns it, it would provide them for a political lifeline. marc, you say it's the opposite. in your op-ed titled watch out,
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democrats, abortion ruling may help republicans. that is an about face. how so? >> first of all, you know, the democrats point to polls showing that the majority of americans oppose overturning roe versus wade and that's true. polls show most americans don't know what it would mean. a poll showed 66% of americans think overturning roe versus made would make abortion illegal everywhere in america and it won't. when they wake up the morning after it's done abortion hasn't been outlawed. a fox news poll this week showed that 54% of americans support the mississippi law. they support banning abortion after 15 weeks with exceptions for the health of the mother. and also gallup poll shows that while a majority of americans want to limit abortion to the first trimester only 28% support it in the second trimester and 13% in the third
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trimester. democrats position of abortion on demand until the moment of birth is not popular. >> a lot of americans are unsure about what this actually would mean. polls show most americans say they don't want the high court to overturn roe but as you point out polls also show that most americans don't know what overturning roe actually means. in fact, the 2019 study reported that over 65% of americans incorrectly believe that if roe were overturned abortion would be illegal everywhere in the united states. it would not. that's not true. explain how this works for our viewers. >> so here is the thing. exactly what you said. roe will not make abortion illegal. what it will do is allow states to impose the kinds of restrictions that the polls show a majority of americans support. a majority of americans only 13% of americans support third trimester abortion and so first trimester is 12 weeks.
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majority of americans say it should be restricted to 12 weeks. knights of columbus poll showed 71% of americans support some kind of legal restriction on abortion. this is in complete contrast to the democrats' position which is taxpayer funded abortion on demand until the moment of birth. jen psaki was asked does joe biden support any limits on abortion she said no. does he support abortion until the moment of birth? that's yes. that's a 13% position in the united states. >> that the not really how joe biden feels. joe biden is pro-life. we have known this since before he ran. >> no, he is not. >> he is taking the stance of pro-abortion but he is a religious man and if you look at past interviews of this man well before he ran for president, well before he was even the vice president, he was pro-life. i tell you now look it up. he was. he has flip-flopped.
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>> he is not anymore. >> he is pandering to his party and that's the unfortunate part. that's all the time we have. thank you so much for coming on. major stock market plunge yesterday just a day after the fed raised the interest rates for the first time in 20 years. some experts warn the worst is yet to come. what does that mean? steve forbes will give us his take next. plus dhs secretary mayorkas getting called out for his claims about the removal of illegal immigrants. the "washington post" slapping him with three pinocchios in its fact check and critics have had enough. >> you know, every day we see another step by this administration that becomes more absurd, glaringly unlawful, and it leads one to beg what's next? if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure
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>> julie: april jobs report beating expectations but some experts are warning the jobs boom may not last as the nation faces the worst inflation in four decades. the labor department reports the u.s. economy added more than 400,000 jobs. that's good news, right? the unemployment held steady at 3.6%. listen to what former trump economic advisor kudlow points up. >> in a nutshell the whole problem story. people, working folks are working and getting jobs and they are getting paid but inflation is robbing them of their real income. >> julie: peter doocy is live with the latest from the white house. >> good morning. the economy is the leading mid-term issue in just about
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every single early mid-term poll that exists. president biden knows it and so now the democratic political arm, dnc is trying to highlight that with their new catch phrase in this statement. while republicans rally around and ultramaga agenda to raise taxes on the american people and end medicare and social security guarantees and vote against capping insulin prices democrats are fighting to lower costs for hard working families across the country. but a solid jobs report doesn't just lower prices and that's the point the president's political opponents at the rnc are making. the latest jobs report doesn't change anything. for families suffering under biden's failed economic agenda that has resulted in sky high inflation, soaring prices and now a serious threat of a recession. and that bit about the recession, that's something the president's top economic advisors are very sensitive to. >> i can tell the american
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people that we are much better positioned when it comes to that recession question than pretty much any other advanced economy i've seen. probably more importantly -- >> what do you tell -- >> hold on, you can never rule anything out. >> officials overall that we talked to around here thinks things are going well in the biden white house. but they know that inflation is top of the list of problems for them. >> julie: you think? i'm glad they are finally admitting it. thank you very much, steve doocy. steve forbes joins us in studio in "focus" now. great to see you. let's start with the good news. i like a little bit of a silver lining. jobs are up, unemployment down or steady. what do you credit that to? >> it's part of the recovery from the lockdowns. we still don't have the number of jobs we had before covid-19 shut everything down but we're still making progress. i think we would have made more
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progress if they hadn't put artificial things, raising energy and businesses are being squeezed and they won't have the capacity to hire more people in the future. so those are self-inflicted wounds. if the administration would take a vacation waging war against commerce they could come back in six months and look like heroes. they can't resist the temptation to muddy things up. >> julie: the unemployment rate is at prepandemic levels but we are suffering from major inflation, pain at the pump and americans are sick and tired of it. the polls are at an all-time low for the president and the economy is not doing well. so how long will this keep up? >> well, i think you will see it for a little while longer just because there is that momentum of people for example if you want to hire somebody you put out three requests instead of one hoping you can get a bite and the person will show up and stay for a few days.
8:20 am
so that will take a few months before it gets turned off. with rising costs and i think with the federal reserve not knowing how to really fight inflation and slowing the economy artificially. look at interest rates. start with the housing market. booming now. when you have 30 year mortgages from 2 1/2 to 5% and people with adjustable mortgages will feel it later this year it will hurt. the fed i don't think knows how to fight inflation and grind the economy down. >> julie: interest rates rising in a second but watch this, cnn senior data reporter who hammered biden's poor polling on the economy. watch this. >> you ask americans how they view the economy is it poor or good, 77% say bad. bad, bad. you have to go all the way back to 2012 to see numbers that bad. they blame biden but really blame inflation. you never see that many americans agreeing on something. >> do people feel president
8:21 am
biden is doing enough to combat that? >> no, they do not. this to me is the most worrisome sign if you're a democrat, right? >> julie: there you have it on cnn. they know it is bad, it is awful. those are all the words being used. the blame game. who is to blame? i'm not hearing much of that. >> the administration started the blame game. they try to say it's vladimir putin and then they will be pointing fingers as they are at oil company executives, food producers and others out there, drug manufacturers and the like. everyone but them. the book inflation we came out with >> julie: you mentioned it. you beat me to it. the book by the way, inflation. >> one of the things we point out is -- thank you very much -- is that governments for centuries when things go wrong look for scapegoats. in roman times they blamed the christians and medieval times it's witches and today is oil
8:22 am
company executives. the villain, the administration is hurting the recovery from covid and the federal reserved created too much money, attacked the integrity of the dollar and now trying to clean up the mess they created. >> julie: the one thing i hate the most not just for elected officials but people in general, accept responsibility. take responsibility for your mistakes and your actions. accountability, that is the most important thing. i want to take a look at the markets. yesterday the carnage was a disaster. basically let's take a look at the dow. yesterday it fell about 1,000 points. and right now it's holding relatively steady. but this is after stocks had their worst day since 2020 yesterday. we were just talking about the fed rates, interest rates raising for the first time in decades. could this hike prevent us from
8:23 am
long term inflation calamity that occurred in the 2020 era or in the 1970s, even worse? >> in terms of artificially raising rates that raised the cost of money. what the fed should do is let the market set rates between borrower and lender instead of trying to guess what the rate is. when they start raising rates, that raises the cost of business. you'll start to see a lot of companies that were accustomed to the fed having zero interest rates, zombie companies were kept alive. when you look at the junk bond market you see the rates starting to go up. a lot of companies will be in trouble when they don't get any more free money. the federal reserve. created so much money. they are sitting $2 trillion of cash at the fed right now, that starts to go into the economy and inflame inflation even more. you have -- instead of stabilizing the dollar they will make the patient worse. >> julie: let's try to stabilize the economy first.
8:24 am
>> by leaving it alone. it was like doctors used to do 300 years ago when the patient got sick they bled the patient and biden trying to raise taxes, bleed the patient, no. >> julie: inflation book just out. this is america right here cover to cover. thank you so much, steve. great to see you. have a great weekend. more reports of differences between president biden and vice president harris. this time over student loan forgiveness. how deep and wide is this divide? how deep will it go? plus this. >> we're seeing thousands of people line up on the other side of the border just counting the days down to when they can come over and you know mayorkas has been absent to say the least. >> as the end of title 42 restrictions approaches a texas congressman sounding the alarm and fact checkers are calling out the dhs secretary's latest migrant claim. nate foye with the report from
8:25 am
texas and congressman brian maas in "focus" next.
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(♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> the people in my district and along the border are asking for help. everybody is living through hell. the chaos is spreading and spreading and spreading all due to joe biden. >> julie: texas congressman tony gonzalez on the desperation in border communities as the crisis shows no sign of ending and could get worse even if trump era title 42 covid restrictions end as planned in a couple of weeks. to remind you title 42 means that if an illegal immigrant comes into the united states there will be no covid testing. come in positive or negative take off your masks, we don't care and feel free to roam our country. the texas national guard and the department of public safety are holding drills in laredo to prepare for that possibility.
8:31 am
meanwhile some 1500 haitians are among those waiting in mexico to cross into the u.s. nate foye live in laredo, texas with the latest. >> right across the river you are going to find those 1500 haitian migrants that you reed. i want to show you cooperation among the authorities on both sides of the rio grande. first here on the united states side of the border you see the national guard in texas dps, humvees and vehicles, armed soldiers here displaning force to stop and deter any possible mass migration event. if i could ask my photographer to shoot across the river, you will see mexican cooperation similar to what we saw last week in eagle pass, mexican police and national guard also partaking in today's drill. these will last four hours. air boats and helicopters in the air, a lot of resources being deployed. a few city blocks away from where you see those mexican authorities is that group of
8:32 am
1500 haitian migrants. we have new video that we can show you. texas dps helicopter yesterday taking this footage. the group gathering in april. a lot of people as you heard the congressman say are frustrated down here including the democratic judge of webb county which is where we are. here he is talking about the haitian migrants. >> this disappoints me. those haitians, that 1500 tomorrow could be 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 as we've seen in other places. >> more new video. in the past two hours if you were watching after 9:00 a.m. we showed you four migrants stuck in the rio grande trying to cross in eagle pass. in the past hour we can confirm a boat with mexican authorities picked them up and have been rescued and brought back to mexico. texas dps a traffic stop turns into a lot more. trooper finds just under half a million dollars hidden inside this truck. the driver was arrested for
8:33 am
money laundering and have pictures of an ammunition bust in hidalgo, texas. 16,000 rounds of ammunition. just yesterday in the rio grande valley sector we can confirm a mexican national who had previously been arrested for sexual assault in texas was arrested and four known gang members were arrested after illegally crossing into the united states. we'll send it back to you, julie. >> julie: thank you so much. homeland security secretary mayorkas is hearing it from critics after his claim that undocumented migrants were quickly tossed from the u.s. watch. >> you know what happens to these individuals? they are either expelled under the title 42 of the cdc, or they are placed into immigration enforcement proceedings. they make their claims under the law. if those claims don't prevail,
8:34 am
they are promptly removed from the united states. >> julie: really? well, even the "washington post" is piling on. its fact checker gave his statement three pinocchios writing mayorkas gave the impression of a smooth running machine. dhs in its defense of mayorkas's remarks said he was only referring to what happens when an undocumented immigrant loses his or her case. a distinction that most viewers likely missed. republicans and other critics are calling for mayorkas to step down or face impeachment. >> my god, man, own the moment. you've been called upon to resign by myself and others. next year if we have the majority in this committee, which we shall, you are still in office you will face impeachment.
8:35 am
>> secretary mayorkas will be impeached. if he doesn't resign he will be impeached. >> to say your priorities are misplaced is a dramatic understatement and the time has come for you to resign. >> julie: brian maas is a member of the house foreign affairs committee and also a member of the house transportation infrastructure committee. thank you for talking to us. let's talk about mayorkas's words. he says undocumented immigrants were promptly removed if their claims don't prevail. the "washington post" in fact says the opposite that one million people who entered the country without proper documents have been given deportation orders and they still have not left. so the question is does mayorkas suffer from fuzzy math or flat out lying? >> let's take the sentence before that one as well. they will immediately be placed into immigration enforcement proceedings. that's true. and what are the
8:36 am
administration's version of proceedings? take them into the country by a law enforcement officers under homeland. put them on a bus and give them healthcare and send them somewhere else around the country to appear at a court date stimulates in the future maybe two or three years in the future or never. that's what immediately placed into immigration enforcement proceedings actually looks like. he is not lying, he is just not telling you the truth there. where he starts to lie is to say it's prompt. it is not. >> julie: definition would be not telling the truth. who am i to say? critics. >> the guy in charge of disinformation governance board, the head of that. >> i love that title misinformation board. they corner the policy on misinformation. critics of the biden administration border policy say their abandonment of ice detention centers are called alternatives to defense.
8:37 am
only exacerbating an ongoing crisis at the southern border. lump that in with the possibility of the eradication of title 42 later this month and what do you get? >> you get this problem. let me bring you to something that happened last week. i sit on the foreign affairs committee and get a lot of delegations from foreign countries, members of parliament, secretaries of different parts of their government, you name it. i had a delegation in from guatemala gas week into my office and blaming the biden administration for what's going on in their country. the coyotes come on tv and run ads saying if you give us $5,000, $10,000 look at this add of what joe biden is saying. we can get you into the united states of america no questions asked. this is what the guatemalan delegation is telling us the problem and what is being aired on their tv. this problem is going across border because of joe biden. >> julie: there is a recent polywant l -- poll i want to
8:38 am
put on the screen. majority of americans say it is not the right time to end the title 42 policy. most americans, 57%, say now the not to time to end title 42 border policy. of all times to end this thing, why now? what are they trying to prove? >> this is the only covid policy that democrats want to get rid of is the one that keeps people from coming into america illegally. the only one they want to get rid of. they want to make sure you continue to wear masks, kicked out of the military if you don't get a vaccine still and other things like that. the only thing they want to get rid of. why? they believe in open borders, in letting people come across those borders without getting a covid test or anything else, without worrying about the drugs they bring across, the fentanyl, human trafficking, sex trafficking. everything else. it is an america last policy.
8:39 am
exactly the opposite of what donald trump had in place with american first policies remain in mexico. it's where that party is at. people try to understand why would they do this? it's where their party is at. the party of open borders. that's it. >> julie: you open the border, they will come and die here. as you know you've seen reporting here on this channel how migrants are drowning by the dozens, by the hundreds. people being killed or losing their lives by coming into this country. we're allowing it to happen. a humanitarian crisis to say the very least. congressman maas, thank you for talking to us. >> all the best. >> julie: student debt forgiveness is a divisive issue to say the least. it is pitting the president against his vp? her not wanting a tough assignment or something deeper? republicans are rolling out a plan to bring down the biden
8:40 am
administration's disinformation board and how the ministry of truth got started. >> another waste of money, of taxpayer dollars. this is another example of incompetence, of hypocrisy. do we really need to make all these government agencies more bureaucratic and put a weak, incompetent cabinet secretary in charge of it? people with plaque psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the splash they create. the way they exaggerate.
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>> i think as a performer you have to be ready for anything, you know. we have security and we have all that. sometimes people get through. but what happens to this guy you don't pay your money to become part of the show and get arrested and look like you got beat up pretty good. so stay in the stands. >> julie: rapper ice cube sounding off on the attack on dave chappelle tuesday night. the suspect 23-year-old isaiah lee is in court today facing only misdemeanor counts. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. >> the alleged attack has an appearance on the dock. that hearing has not yet begun and isaiah lee is not yet in
8:46 am
court. if indeed he makes an in-person appearance. when he does he will only face misdemeanor charges after los angeles district attorney george gascon refused to file in the felony charges because gascon says nothing the accused man did when i rushed the stage and charged into the comedian amounted to a felony. they told us after reviewing evidence prosecutors determined while criminal conduct occurred, the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct. lee was carrying a replica gun with a knife attached. you see it there. originally was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon but a video shows lee wasn't holding the weapon at the moment he attacked chappelle. it has been handed to the city attorney's office and face only
8:47 am
misdemeanor charges. deputy district attorney, a frequent critic of gascon, tells us anyone who arms themselves with a deadly weapon in this case a knife and violently attacks an innocent person, famous or not, should be charged accordingly. gascon's decision not to file charges will likely now become an issue in the recall campaign against the d.a. organizers of that campaign say they've collected more than 400,000 of the required 566,000 voter signatures to get the recall measure on the ballot. lee is facing misdemeanor charges could be out of jail as soon as today. we'll let you know what happens in court. >> julie: are we surprised? attack somebody with a knife and fake gun and you get out a
8:48 am
couple days later. do we know a motive why lee rushed the stage and pummeled chappelle? >> we have no indication of a motive. dave chappelle has been the target of some anger from the transgender community for jokes he told. we do not know at this point if that had any relevance in this attack. we don't know what was in the mind of the accused attacker 23-year-old isaiah lee. >> julie: great to see you. have a great weekend. call in the cavalry. attorneys general in 20 states are banding together demanding the department of homeland security about this disinformation board. >> it is absolutely necessary to understand what's going on behind the scenes in this administration. the secretary of homeland security announce a disinformation governance board ignoring all warnings that we've had in history where this
8:49 am
is an alarm bell. you've got to understand what's behind the scenes and look at the documents and to do so through discovery is very effective. >> julie: booug else are sounding on capitol hill. house republicans sent a memo to jankowicz yesterday. a ministry of truth idea should be revolting to all americans. they want all records on the board's creation and mission and any coordination with twitter and facebook. full disclosure. power panel. fox news contributor charlie hurt and professor of african-american studies jason nichols joins us now. charlie, let's talk about the 20 attorneys general and their letter. it was obtained by fox news digital. we have to give them credit. they write this is an unacceptable and down right alarming encroachment on every citizen's right to express his or her opinions, engage in
8:50 am
political debate and disagree with the government. do you agree with republicans and these led states by republicans that the dhs's new disinformation governance board is unamerican? >> absolutely. i think that all republicans on capitol hill and quite frankly democrats, too. old style liberals. the liberals that used to populate the democrat party should be outraged about this and try to get to the bottom of it. i think it is interesting this internal debate in washington now about whether or not this thing is the scariest thing that we've ever seen or it's something totally ridiculous headed by a lunatic that somehow the biden administration plucked out of somewhere that is absurd. it doesn't matter to me. what matters is any time you have this level of an attack on free speech in this country by the most powerful domestic federal agency that we have that is going to -- that claims
8:51 am
to determine the truth versus disinformation, we should all be outraged. it should be a ritual where we all get outraged. grab the pitch forks and have a bonfire and remind everybody this is not what happens in america. >> julie: okay, jason i will assume you'll disagree with that sentiment especially the pitch fork and fire. attorneys general from missouri and louisiana have filed this lawsuit against president biden and other top administration officials. they allege that they pressured and colluded with big tech social media companies to suppress information on the hunter biden laptop story, covid-19 origins. security of voting by mail. louisiana's a.g. says and i read it as quote, big tech has become an extension of biden's big government. they are suppress resting truth and demonizing those who think differently from the playbook
8:52 am
of stalin and his ill being. biden is censoring free speech. are the democrats trying to eradicate free speech? >> i would disagree with that. now i will say i am 100% for disclosure for freedom of the press. so if that is the actual goal of the lawsuit that these attorneys general are trying to put forward, i support that. i had my initial concerns about what this board was supposed to do. but it seems as though they want that are already taking place and the kinds of disinformation they're trying to battle are the exact things that one of your earlier guest was talking about. the human smugglers who are putting out ads saying that we have open borders and scammers who are scamming victims of natural disasters. those are the kinds of things that actually affect our national security.
8:53 am
if you understand what homeland security is about, it is about national security. so i don't necessarily think that most americans understand that. i do think that is a failure of secretary mayorkas in the roll-out of this thing and not letting people understand what's it's about but i also believe as we can all agree there should be transparency, americans deserve to know what their government is doing and what they are spending their time on. >> julie: critics and vice president kamala harris and you will want to get back to this. critics are saying of the vice president that she opted not to appear with president biden in a video about student debt forgiveness. playbook writes the vice president has been increasingly wary of becoming part of the public face of the administration's response. lots of reaction on twitter obviously. one users asks is there a democrat in the country who will appear with joe biden?
8:54 am
and another sarcastic calls the vp a team player. curious what she thinks her next step in politics is. maybe san fran mayor, but not potus. why isn't she sharing screen time with the president, charlie? >> i think this is a very important point. that is that it was -- biden administration policies are so unpopular they can't get their own vice president with him. >> julie: or doesn't she want to do the job? she was assigned the border and that didn't really go so well. >> either she doesn't agree with it or embarrassed to be seen agreeing with it. >> let me jump in. put your pitch fork away for a second. i just want to say i think number one, there are two leaders that can have differing opinions on certain issues. or else it would just -- we've also seen where vice presidents
8:55 am
and their presidents have disagreed before and i don't think i need to go into that with people like mike pence and president trump having their disagreements. >> julie: all right. i have 15 seconds left in the show and love to keep going but they do have a cut-off for me. thank you both and have a great weekend. thank you for watching at home "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is next. s have ea, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. so if you need money to take care of your family, use the valuable va home loan benefit you've earned with your service.
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♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> emily: this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone, and kayleigh mcenany here with my cohost, emily compagno. also joining us, carley shimkus, cassie smedley, and charles payne. pro-choice activists are now targeting catholic churches for mother's day protest. think about that, let that sink in for a moment. some citing the roman catholic faith of several of the conservative justices who reportedly support the leaked


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