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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 6, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> emily: this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone, and kayleigh mcenany here with my cohost, emily compagno. also joining us, carley shimkus, cassie smedley, and charles payne. pro-choice activists are now targeting catholic churches for mother's day protest. think about that, let that sink in for a moment. some citing the roman catholic faith of several of the conservative justices who reportedly support the leaked
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draft opinion striking down roe v. wade pay that's right, they are targeting their faith. some catholic churches and buildings have already been vandalized. if take a look at these pictures. absolutely grotesque. religious statues have been desecrated, and the spray painting of profanity. messages like my body my choice and you don't speak for god on current churches. the left-wing group posted a tweet describing the justices as six extremist catholics calling for protest site catholic churches in posting this video of activists appearing to disrupt the church service. amazing. you can hear the groot chanting abortion on demand without apology. some of them wearing handmaid's tale outfits. the same group that directed protesters to the homes of the
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conservative justices. the white house, of course, refusing to condemn this move. here is the white house press secretary, jen psaki. >> do you think the progress of activists that are now planning protests outside of some of the justices houses are extreme? >> peaceful protest? no. peaceful protest is not extreme. >> these pro pastors posted their home addresses. is that the kind of thing the president want? speak of the reason people are protesting is because women across the country are worried about their fundamental rights. >> i wonder if that's what she would say if they showed up at her home, i wonder not be or threats of political violence, harassment, and intimidation are a far cry from what president biden promised us on inauguration day. >> today on this january day my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our
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people, uniting our nation. i ask every american to join me in this cause. to fight the photos that we face, anger, resentment, hatred. extremism, lawlessness, violence. >> i cannot get over the call for unity in the images we are now seeing, emily, and churches desecrated. it reminds me of writing through the streets of d.c. after i had to leave my apartment at home in florida because of protests. i remember vividly seeing the veterans affairs sign, and a c.a.b., all cups are -- i will not say that word. now we see these images churches. jen psaki if they were at her home which should be calling them peaceful protesters? >> emily: she would not. as a catholic this breaks my heart. as a human this breaks my heart. as a citizen of this united states it is preposterous that the white house speaker is
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declining to condemn any calls for violence, that she is refusing to condemn the calls to protest and federal judges, supreme court justices personal homes. i have no idea why she is somehow conflating that with women's right to choose but she says supersedes the gravity of the lake where the gravity of publishing these federal judges private information. we saw what happens to federal judge and her son was shot dead on my front doorstep because an aggrieved person who had access to or published home. now that publication is being amplified here. meanwhile we have a report by the inspector general of the doj that says that the u.s. marshals are not equipped at this moment to adequately and accurately protect these federal judges, let alone the supreme court justices. read the national center will host to the call yesterday with many law enforcement agencies including the fbi and the state department that raised concerns about the level of extremist potential for violence, lone wolf actor --
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this has nothing to do with that. this has calls for protests that the white house is refusing to tamp down, because they are trying to dog whistle to their progressive left. i'm frightened for what might happen this sunday. >> me too. carly, i did not think that i would see a day that from the white house podium illegal activity is conducted that's what we heard yesterday with the refusal to cause the call the protest of people's homes -- we pulled it up 18 usc section 1507, however with the intent of influencing any judge in the discharge of his duty pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the united states or in or near housing of building a residence occupied or used by such a judge shall be fined under the title or imprisoned for more than one year or both, that's federal statute virginia statute, also makes it illegal to protest in front of a private residence. why will she not call it illegal activity? >> the judge -- they released a
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statement saying we must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics. force accountability using diverse tactics here that's an aggressive call them action. that's much more than jen psaki described his passion -- there's always been a militant nature to the pro-choice movement. it's gotten much more rage failed in recent years when you go -- if you've ever seen video or go to a pro-choice rally you see signs that says abortion is essential. but it doesn't even make sense. air, food, you do not put abortion in that category. i think a lot of it boils down to how appealing victimhood is today. i am a woman, how dare you take that right away from even though that right is taking another human life. but we are a far cry away from safe, legal, and rare. there is an aggressive element
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to this movement so i fear for what could happen. >> i do as well appear charles, let's take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the protests that have occurred. in president biden's thoughts on at least one of them. >> we will not go back, we will not have people dying. >> i don't think they are appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody where the only people it doesn't happen to our people who have secret service standing around them. so as part of the process. >> charles that was mitch mcconnell's home, joe manchin's and kyrsten sinema being chased into a bathroom pit on the point joe biden says as
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part of the process. >> he laughed it off. this goes further to your point, it feels like the white house is encouraging this. i think what is so ironic as these are the types of folks who keep talking about january 6th. i don't know how you can do them both, okay? you had a peaceful protest were a bunch of people who left it became violent, now they spent five months telling us it's an insurrection and a coup, because a guy in the viking hat was good to the president of the united states i guess. you spend all that time pointing to things that this led to violence, that left of violence. here you have it out in the open. led to a insurrection. you're right, this is a chance that approval. we know what's going to happen. the likelihood of violence, of somebody getting physically hurt, it goes up exponentially.
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this is so irresponsible. i will say one more thing is we play some of these biden shots earlier, he keeps preaching fear. that's all he does. he wants black people to be afraid, he wants gay people to be afraid. >> it's true. kathy, i've known you for a long time. you are a great person of faith, a catholic, how does it make you feel when you see six catholic extremist justices and those awful desecrated images. >> wars the devout catholic and the white house standing up for your fellow catholics? also i know you've been to march for life, i've got every year. hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers descend upon washington, d.c. i don't remember protests on the liberal justice homes. there is a way to actually peacefully protest, we know what that looks like. if it did not look like that i would expect our leaders do condemn it. the fact that they are not on
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the left who are they beholden to? were these dark many groups saying don't you dare call this out? that's what i want to know about. >> wears that money coming from? i would love to know. we did some research and we know there they are at least putting you to a group affiliated with black lives matter. there is a tangled web. we hope to untangle it. just ahead of you noticed the president biden is often on his fake set? he's not in the oval office, he's in the south portico. a new report revealed that it's got something to do with moments like these. the details next. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool.
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♪ ♪ >> with the midterms coming up there with us as you'll see more president biden out on the campaign trail. but that may not be the best strategy after recent public outings that did not quite go exactly as planned. now it appears his handlers at the white house have taken extra steps to keep the president on script. a new report from politico saying the administration has opted out of using the oval office for b press events and is instead using an imitation set so that biden can read off a teleprompter. this comes just days after the president makes up his own job title and extent he stated that the u.s. was arming russia instead of ukraine, watch. >> there might not been many debt senators from baylor commits a small state.
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despicable for russia attacked we made sure russia had javelins and other weapons. >> charles, never the day there's something new. and fundamental. >> it's tough to talk about. but he is the president of the united states, he is the commander-in-chief. listen, let was brought up in president trump was in office. he was sharp but they were talking 25th amendment and that kind of stuff. it appears sometimes if he's overwhelmed or tired or maybe age is catching up to him, but it is a serious problem. there been some times i think he's gone on script of script are deliberately and that's created issues. how often does the white house have to walk something back seconds after he speaks? i don't know what the solution is. maybe that's the only way he can through this. >> i think it's interesting that we see lots of reports of super spreader events, and
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vice president. but coincidently none of them were close contact with the president. i find it concerning. is this the biden agenda or the biden staff agenda? what does this mean that we have a president not just about as he absent minded and can't stay on script but whose script is it? that's what i like to know more about that i feel like you should at least be in close contact with the vice president from time to time. >> that's right. we have a montage of just some of those incredible gaffes are in president keeps engaging in. i think we should stop calling them gaffes. were questioning sort of -- etiquette flies something of a greater nature. let's take a watch. >> pollutants -- yeah. plutocracy. >> my dad if you were watching now, he passed away -- god bless
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you all. [applause] >> oh, boy. yeah, the president is not good off-the-cuff. he's not good with a teleprompter either. but he really struggles during those unscripted moments beard when he was in poland he delivered the single greatest speech of his presidency. whoever wrote it should be very proud. it was on message and powerful. then it may have been one of the things you're referring to, he added that for regime change. it totally overshadowed what should've been a very powerful moment for the president. it's like he can't get out of his own way appear the white house knows which is why you see the easter bunny popping up and they really want the teleprompter. if you remember during the presidential debates he would abruptly cut himself off. i think that may have also been coaching. like stop while you're ahead. he was realizing that he was getting off track and that he
9:19 am
would just stop. so politico has a piece of that says if trump runs for president again, biden is going to. and that his campaign schedule will be much more aggressive. you just have to wonder if that is a legitimate possibility for him. i do not see it. >> let's talk about the media for a second. charles brought up what happened under the prior administration. frankly the silence is deafening as we all talk about what is the emperor's new clothes in terms of mental acuity. there is not even been one question can they remember under the prior administration when president trump joked about buying greenland from denmark. denmark. msnbc brought on a harvard medical school psychiatry professor who ended up contributing to a book about the subject, right? but he never examined the former president obviously. so i'm not advocating for that. but at least can we get a question from the media? >> you jog my memory this morning. i had not seen this greenland
9:20 am
psychologist dr. whatever, but i reached out to some former colleagues and i said let's see some other examples of when this happened, because there were many paid one of my former colleague was was like dear member when he hydroplaned down the ramp near the former president would talk about sometimes the bottom of issues would be slippery. that said, head end of story. at "the new york times," drums halt and walk down the ramp raises new health questions per the president also appeared to have trouble raising a glass of water to his mouth during a speech at west point today before he turned 74, the oldest the president has been in his first term. have you seen any headlines abide in me of that nature? when you compare biden in the gaps he's had in the mental acuity with president trump free flow of notecards not even -- talking to the press each and every day almost. biden has to go to the south portico for with a fake set come i also remember president trump there was a 2019 west point visit. the press for two years went nuts. in fact i was told that one media outlet threatened to
9:21 am
report there were heart issues president trump had. it was a routine exam he went for. we told them this and they wouldn't listen. it had to be a heart attack of course that's what they're going to say. my point is the press was nuts under president trump. he is the most agile, free-flowing with that guy i have met. can't say that about biden. and where are the questions? >> by the way we could buy greenland. if it's ever up for we wanted. will put a bid in. >> i'm not holding my breath for the media to ask questions even though it is sorely needed. and you're right, obviously trump had bigger stamina than i did. it was incredible. the apologist media covering up for biden and putting these structural things, the mechanics -- could you imagine
9:22 am
if that had been under the prior administration. it's such a different story now. all right just ahead ever since he announced his plan to take over twitter, elon musk has been vilified in the press. now "the new york times" is portraying him of a man of a man's white privilege who grew up surrounded by racism. not surprising. ♪ ♪
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life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. ♪ ♪ >> since elon musk's takeover of twitter he's been a top target of the left, vilified as anything from a threat to democracy come into an egomaniac. our own tucker carlson predicted the liberal media would soon call elon musk a racist. >> it doesn't even any sense.
9:27 am
of course at the bottom of the meltdown it's always the same charge, he is a racist. wait until "the new york times" piece telling you elon musk is a racist. >> right he said that like a month ago. that's exactly what happened. it didn't take long for "the new york times" with this headline yesterday, elon musk left a south africa that was ripe with misinformation and white privilege. nailed it, tucker. the paper also tweeted elon musk grew up in elite white communities in south africa detached from apartheid atrocities eroded by antiblack propaganda. he sees takeover of twitter is a free speech when. it's predictable, quite evidently. >> i saw this yesterday and i tweeted bid all [bleep] out one part of the tweet, but all shared with you. this is the most disparate cabal -- i've set all day and a
9:28 am
low even for "the new york times." it's the antithesis of judging by what one by the polity of their character. i'm just so sick of it. all they want somebody to racist on somebody as this. i'm blessed my kids have grown up with black privilege because i've worked my ass off and the greatest country in the world. there is smearing him anyway. and it's just unnecessary. but tucker was right, they've taken every route possible to harm this man. he knew they would do that, that's why i love him. he knew they were going to do it and everyone of these things and he's making them look stupid everyday. every single day. >> he is. cassie, this is what they do. they reached out to his relatives, they reached out to former classmates, they reach out to -- i remember former middle school teachers in my cases, this is what they do to anyone that they view as a threat to the left agenda or a
9:29 am
symbol of the right. elon musk, not somebody on the right. he's an ideological ideological enigma but it's a threat. >> it's the playbook. they have the story written before they have the facts or lack thereof. my favorite are some of these former schoolmates who were black and are black and they are like yeah, we were friends, he's great. there is not a single shred of evidence to support this narrative they are putting it out there anyway because they have to. because their preferred narrative is under threat. because if elon musk returns twitter to the free speech place that it should be, to the town square that he wanted to be that's bad for business for the legacy media. they've got to attack at while they still have a chance. >> let's be honest, this boils down to letting president trump back on the platform. >> 100%. >> you know it's ironic about that? trump saved the legacy media by the near times was going out of business, look at what happened. last would have for sale in the first place?
9:30 am
when he got out of the office twittered the stock was $70 and it's gone down since then. president trump save legacy media pair that's the irony. >> he might've been able to save cnm plus. we won't know. >> i mean maybe. >> now you've gone too far. >> too far. >> he's not a magician. >> emily pointing out some really good points from "the new york times" piece. he said that "the new york times" vows that elon musk had nonwhite friends growing up in apartheid south africa. his own father was an antiapartheid politician. so he didn't have to serve in the apartheid military. >> this goes back into the identity politics that is really furthered by the left, which is that as you pointed out it does matter apparently where you are from. you are never able to extricate yourself from a situation that you are that the identity of where you are from rather than
9:31 am
learning from the experiences. i had the honor of living for little while in cape town. apartheid south africa is -- i mean i can never be overstated in terms of the horrors and oppression the people encountered under it. imposed extraction or post dismantling of that of apartheid, that was a difficult place. the fact that as he pointed out there, that elon musk's father was an activist against it, that he had interrelate will make interracial relationships, that is a very significant. when you are under those regimes, when you are in the post shadow of those situations it's hard. that stuff is baked in stone for decades. they're not giving him the benefit of the doubt. who would know more, the consideration for free-speech diversity of thought and low quality of humans and their opinions than someone who grew up in apartheid south africa and witnessed the regime change in an immigrated here and chose to dedicate himself to an ideological freedom of thought,
9:32 am
freedom of speech. nobody would know more than him and yet he is being vilified. >> that's a fantastic point given your fantastic experience. alex massey pointing out the fact that his father did speak up in this way means that elon musk -- i'm just really struck by what's up for debate these days. we've already run through the founding fathers are racist, america is not up country to be proud of, a systemically racist country. now we finally hit free-speech is racist. that's what this piece is about. elon musk was wide and grew up in apartheid south africa so he really didn't see that free-speech. and misinformation can be bad for minority communities. really free-speech is the antidote to racism. it gives a voice to the voiceless. but we live in a time where people really are more comfortable in their safe spaces and they value that more than freedom of speech.
9:33 am
>> i think you hit the nail on the head. free-speech is now racist. who would've thought this is where we would be in 2022. up next progressive d.a. letting the guy who attacked dave chappelle with a knife off easy. ♪ ♪ my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck,
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9:38 am
evidence to warrant anything more. haley? notwithstanding the video heard around the world when a million people have their cell phones and we all watched on national television is this poor man was attacked on stage by a guy with a fake gun with a huge knife protruding. how much more evidence do you need? >> right this is insane, emily. he was not allowed to have that they are, he brought it, he charges the stage, it is after they were supposed to be a $30,000 bond. now there's a question on if there is any. george gascon, he has a reputation of this. there was a murderer who murdered marijuana delivery person, literally murdered him during an armed robbery, and he's posting in prison being let off by george gascon. that's the blueprint there, he's making historic change for us all. there was another person is
9:39 am
sexually assaulted a young woman, he is on tape, she's on tape is a transgender woman saying celebrating us going home on this, so literally there are a sexual assault predators, there are murderers praising gascon and he just lets people off, including this crazy man. >> cassie, what is it say when the greatest advocate for the defendants in the criminal justice system is the d.a. not doing his job? let's get a read on why they declined to prosecute as a felony? the office say they've referred the case but after hearing the evidence prosecutors determined that there is just simply not enough evidence essentially appeared in california assault with a deadly weapon is what's known as wobbler. it means you can prosecute it as a misdemeanor or felony. it depends in part on the weapon used for the injury -- is a california attorney i would argue vehemently this would be a felony given the nature as well as the circumstances and bringing in the weapon were no
9:40 am
weapon was allowed, hijacking the stage. i mean lot went into this. it's horrifying. now millions of people have seen that video. who knows who else it will inspire to engage and lead violence? >> that's exactly right. these prosecutors in these d.a.'s who said, criminals, have you felt like committing a crime today it's your lucky day. they say all the elites -- they have the power. no, not even dave chappelle could get a guy locked up. and that's a problem for the rest of us quite frankly. which adds to the rest of us have been for crime is committed against us? the only thing i pulled from this finally happening to the elites and the famous the well-connected is that they will use their voice in their soapbox to say that something needs to be done and maybe we will even use their vote to do something about it. >> don't hold your breath on that one. >> it's optimistic friday.
9:41 am
>> it's already happening, right? we've seen how many videos of people going into stores, stealing things, knowing there's a certain threshold and they won't get charged with ending up spirit i was reading a story in the journal of a man getting arrested 60 times. >> how to even have that much time? >> you go there, you take a bunch of stuff, it's a load a loaded threshold, then you do it again two days later. the only good news is with people saw the video and maybe people saw it happen after, we did answer that eternal question must run to find out. he found out. that was good, but i don't understand why we are sleepwalking through this period were crushing society. we are really -- i don't know if it is a guilt trip -- i'm not sure what motivates this. but maybe, cassie, tear point when things like this started happening on park avenue in new york and parked beverly hills more often maybe
9:42 am
we will get some change. right now it is out of control. >> went to that point, the los angeles residents are trying to recall george has gone for that reason peer they voted him in under notions of the support of criminal justice reform ideology. but he was so far left, without telling anybody like let's get this guy out -- now when they're such a high-profile crime, with the whole world is looking at you and you declined to prosecute it as a felony, what message does that send to your commitment to actual justice? >> there is real energy behind the recall george because scone movement. i would be surprised if they were not successful. i've talked to a lot of people about how many signatures they've had and they have -- they will get enough signatures. i think that there is so much anger from democrats and republicans alike over how crime-ridden their community is that he might be out of a job very soon. i think that when this dave chappelle attack happened
9:43 am
obviously every bill back everybody what's the deal the boat appeared at the because of the will smith's lap? not convinced of that. is it because dave chappelle made jokes about -- and his brother says he has a lot of trans friends although we do not have a motive yet. we don't know why this happened. we do know that this is a prime story. the fact that criminals are so emboldening california that this guy felt comfortable enough to do this in such a public setting is a mental health story and a crime story. for sure. things need to change in california. that's why they are bleeding residents every single year. >> so with a deadly weapon you only needs a specific intent of committing the physical act. we still don't know the motive. and for prosecutions as a matter with the motive is. because he engaged in that crime. kelly, we talked a lot about his recidivist rate, that factor so heavily into this. 85 plus percent of crimes that occur here in new york city occur in three of the precincts
9:44 am
for the same people who are arrested are arrested for the 66th time i getting the same crime. it's really difficult for law enforcement to end it when there is no support of these elected officials and the d.a. needs to get them behind bars and up the street so that they can focus on their job, which is protecting the rest of us. >> it's always prioritizing the criminal, never the victim, never -- what breaks my heart is you do not hear their stories often come as the parents and the children who have lost parents, and i remember watching one woman cry and say my son would still be here if this guy would've been locked up. so when you hear about people with 60 arrests, no the inevitable trajectory for a lot of these people is going on to do more and worse crimes. the thing about the innocent victims, the innocent people would be here right now if we kept these people in jail. it's just simply not fair. >> absolutely. just ahead what's the secret to getting ahead in the workplace? some say it's all about
9:45 am
mastering the art of "failing up." more on that next.
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okay everyone,
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♪ ♪ >> some country music on this friday. many of us like to think that
9:50 am
hard work wins out but that might not always be the case. "the wall street journal" calling out the so-called art of failing up in the workplace. people with the mysterious talent for advancement exist in almost every company. they have fancy titles on their coworks -- they do what exactly? some get ahead by brown nosing, some ride collie coat tails. others play a mean game of golf, get the last word on zoom calls -- we have another person, or turn on so much time that there is skus don't register. currently, i think this is exactly right. i just know in my life by going through workplaces over a decade, you learn that hard work and just putting your head down doesn't always pay off. you also have to be the vocal person to say give me that next job. like you have to do both. >> i think we've all been in a position where you're sitting at your cubicle and you look over at the corner office and go out with that guy does all day.
9:51 am
like what is he doing? sometimes though it's about personality, sometimes people with more vocal personalities -- and i actually think that it's a skill. i think it always feels really good when you see a person who grinds it out. and that guy work so hard i know is its own shown to be very proud of himself. yes, the hard work does pay off. but you're right about the skill set of those who do know how to advocate for themselves. emily, this stuck out to me and it's from "the wall street journal" case. ken kal says if he had his way, talent and hard work would be enough to rise. one of those guys who knows how to talk about company leadership. get talking about the big game and knocking back a few is exactly how some people who get ahead seem to do it in his view. in those cases he suspects
9:52 am
business acumen matches matters less than the populated factory. but it is a skill set. >> it is and i think that speaks to a company culture appeared a specific one depending on where you are working, right? in some places it means a lot that you step out and hang out with your boss and go to those after work activities. i think there's something to be said for articulating what you want. because you will not get ahead if the executives don't know what you want. but they also in that article talked about how people who fail -- and they phrase it as like a learning moment, that they will that was a source of consternation for their employees. but that's exactly what you should do. when you mess up you learn from it and own it and that shows your willingness to move on. is not always the mistakes you make but how you respond to it but your employers are looking at the dean whether you are a good employee. >> charles give us some sage advice. >> what happens in politics were people's i am going to vote for this person because i like them, right? that's what i think frustrates republicans. i do say it, they are laying out facts and the democrats are more
9:53 am
likable. my advice is if you can't do it start your own business. but have fun too appear to go to work and have fun and say hi to everyone and shake everyone's hot hand. >> well said. cassie quotes mark. >> you have to be around ceo. no one can advocate harder for you then you will for yourself. be the worker. i think the latter is a lot higher for people who are good workers. at some point the schmoozer's top out pdf advocate for yourself to let people know hey, you're doing really good job in it like the work that i do, right? be around ceo. >> like the political -- i would argue some of us -- >> there is no greater example of failing up then our vice president. before the smoke -- >> we cannot end the segment without that.
9:54 am
that's the point of the day. how the vp failed. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure. with rosland, there are no gimmicks, no hassles...
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9:59 am
fantastic. >> and the tips and tricks, ok, everyone is drinking mimosas, the tip to pour just orange juice on the zoom screen so the employer is like oh, yeah, she's having orange juice. >> anything that gets you from behind your screen, putting on real pants and interacting with people again, i'm in favor of. >> real pants or just say no to drinking, what say you? >> i think the work from home thing is going to backfire, only a few people "work." today in the jobs report, 7 million people from working from home down from 10 million a month back. knocking back while you say you are working is tough. >> work product is more sloppy. >> this makes drinking not fun.
10:00 am
two separate things never be combined. i agree. >> there is nothing more delicious than the first drink after work after a successful hard work week, that's when you do it, and then it's like you deserve it. >> our happy hour ends now and begins now. "america reports." >> john: a couple hours behind you, emily, i'll join you at the bar. at least 20 republican-lead states threatening legal action over the disinformation board. free speech advocates warning the disinformation board could push far left narratives while censoring conservatives online. >> house republicans are demanding a closer look what the group will do. any chance of an investigation with democrats in the majority in congress. we'll


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