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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 6, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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combined. i agree. >> there is nothing more delicious than the first drink after work after a successful hard work week, that's when you do it, and then it's like you deserve it. >> our happy hour ends now and begins now. "america reports." >> john: a couple hours behind you, emily, i'll join you at the bar. at least 20 republican-lead states threatening legal action over the disinformation board. free speech advocates warning the disinformation board could push far left narratives while censoring conservatives online. >> house republicans are demanding a closer look what the group will do. any chance of an investigation with democrats in the majority in congress. we'll ask republican florida
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congressman later in the hour. >> john: dangerous security threats for the supreme court justice. a far left group posting home addresses of the six conservative leading justices and encouraging protests following the leak of the draft opinion on roe v. wade, and they could be coming to a mother's day church service near you. >> i'm anita in for sandra smith on this friday, and this is "america reports." fox news digital confirming an increased police presence at the homes of those justices whose addresses were made public. now targeting catholic churches for mother's day protests. citing the catholic faith of several members of the high court. >> john: a lot of noise around the issues, but not from the white house, not condemn the doxxing of the justices.
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>> any comment on this? >> hello, 20 minutes ago jen psaki asked on air force one specifically about this issue and she repeated the same line that she did yesterday where she said the white house and the president are in favor of protests as long as those protests remain peaceful. meanwhile, president biden had two opportunities to speak to the camera today. he passed it twice, we'll see if he says something later this week. ruth sent us, it is a left wing group named after justice ruth bader ginsburg, and honor to ruth bader ginsburg, and this group is specifically encouraging people to go to the homes of the supreme court justices in virginia and maryland specifically those conservative justices. a statement from ruth sent us said our 6-3 extremist supreme
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court routinely issues rulings that hurt women, racial minorities, lgbtq+, and immigrant rights. rise up using a diversity of tactics. >> people have become addicted to rage. this is gratuitous, it's not going to be an alteration of the opinion. if anything, justices feel they have to stand their ground with even greater certainty. >> there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. we want people to protest peacefully if they want to protest. >> right now, anita and john, there appears to be some bipartisan concern on capitol hill because texas republican senator john cornyn and delaware
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senator, a democrat, co-signed a bill to provide security protection for the families of supreme court justices. that is something that would be new, it would be around the clock, 24 hours. so far it is getting a lot of attention over on capitol hill. this group ruth sent us is encouraging people to go out next week. right now they are not calling for violent protests online, however, it does raise questions when you have people going to the private homes of these supreme court justices. anita. >> it sure does and let's hope the protests remain nonviolent. >> john: the u.s. economy adding 428,000 jobs last month, but the unemployment rate slightly ticking up to 3.6%. behind the numbers out of control inflation is wiping out wage increases, although average hourly earnings have increased by 5.5% over the past year. 8.5% inflation rate is stopping many workers from keeping more
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jingle in their pockets. former deputy white house chief of staff and fox news contributor, karl rove. beating expectations but wages lagging behind inflation. and the productivity index, the lowest it has been in 74 years. >> yeah, look. this was a reasonably good jobs report at the top line, but let's put it in context. we today have 1,100,000 fewer people working than the month before we went into the pandemic in 2020. 11,500,000 job openings, and we have 5.9 million people unemployed. what that means, we have a lot of people who have taken themselves out of the workforce which is why we have all these job openings, far more, you know, two job openings virtually for every person officially unemployed, biggest, most important number is not the jobs number, per se, it's the fact
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that inflation is rising at 8.5%, if you are working, your money is -- your paycheck is buying 3% less than it did last year. so you make $50,000 a year, you are suddenly finding yourself unable to -- $1,500 less in purchasing power than last year. >> john: all good points, karl. i'm jealous of your whiteboard, so i got myself one here. because some numbers i wanted to put up on this. lingering job losses, increases in some areas but leisure and hospitality they are still 1.4 million jobs behind april in 2020, and 690,000 from where we were in government back in april of 2020, education and health services, those job creation numbers are still down 409,000, and then we go on mining and logging, just write this in
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here, minus 73,000 from where we were a couple years ago. wholesale trade, we are down 57,000, and finally, one more number, manufacturing, we are still down 56,000. so karl, despite the fact jobs are going up, we have all of these job categories that are still down substantially from where they were two years ago. >> yeah, and look, different factors for different industries, but you are right. this was a good overall jobs number, but our economy has still not healed when it comes to getting people back to work, and then when you toss on top of that raging inflation, it's going to make it even more difficult to get people not only back employed but also feeling good about their personal economic circumstances. a very large percentage, depending on what poll you look at, 65, 75, 85% believe the economy is going poorly or only fair as opposed to excellent or
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good and why people think their own personal circumstances are a large majority say not as good as they were four years ago or two years ago. >> john: karl, your thought on what's going on with the supreme court because we have seen the white house refusing to condemn both the leak and the targeting of conservative supreme court justices, particularly at their homes and these protests coming up next wednesday. listen to the exchange between peter doocy and jen psaki. >> these activists posted a map with the home addresses of the supreme court justices. is that the kind of thing this president wants to help your side make their point? >> look, i think the president's view is there is a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we want people to protest peacefully if they want to protest. that is certainly what the president's view would be. >> john: karl, yesterday
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virginia senator mark warner denounced the leak and said who was was responsible should be held accountable for it and punished. what does it say the white house won't denounce the leak and won't denounce the planned protest of supreme court justices at their home? >> yeah, their silence speaks volumes. and look, i have a personal feeling about this. as a former white house official whose personal home was subject of a number of protests, i can tell you how it affects a family. i signed up for it. my wife and 10-year-old son did not and similarly the supreme court justices signed up for being the subject of public anger, but their families didn't. and the idea that the white house refuses to speak out on this is dreadful, and unacceptable, and all it would take is for jen psaki's home to be protested or another white house official's house to be protested and i think they might have a different attitude. president biden knows better than this. he ought to speak out about it, he ought to condemn the leak
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from the supreme court and he ought to make it clear it is unacceptable for people to show up and protest at the homes of members of the supreme court. this is -- this is beyond the pail and the president is doing himself and our country no favors by his silence and by jen psaki's very clever nonanswer, which seemed to me to be an encouragement for people to show up and protest at those homes. so maybe they ought to get a little bit of their own -- get a little bit of their own medicine to realize how bad it is to encourage, allow sanction and in any way, shape or form approve these kind of protests at the homes of supreme court justices. >> john: she certainly didn't seem to be saying anything that would discourage them from coming out. karl, always great to see you. i love our battling white boards. see you again. anita, this is clearly an attempt to pressure the judges while the opinion is in flux,
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and some have said it's incumbent for them to get the opinion out, and people will not stop protesting, we don't know what the outcome is. as long as the opinion is in limbo, it will give people the opportunity to put pressure on the justices. >> certainly one of the most hot button issues of our time and we'll see when the supreme court will make a decision on this. the white house says they are not going to speak about any pushback until the decision comes out, so we'll see what happens there. >> john: all right, we'll keep watching it for sure. >> putin's forces continue to bombard the steel plant in mariupol as they seek total control, just in time for the russia military victory holiday on monday. trey, what is the latest on the
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ground in mariupol now? >> anita, good afternoon. british intelligence indicates russian forces will try to completely seize that steel plant in the southern port city of mariupol before marking victory day on monday. today we spoke with ukraine's internal affairs minister about the situation. >> five days before russia invades ukraine, the minister of internal affairs visits the eastern front lines. at the time, he's joined by a lieutenant colonel in the national guard and commanding of the azov regiment. >> i think we are ready for any scenario, and i see our arm force are ready for any scenario. >> 11 weeks later, he is back in the ukrainian capital working day and night as lieutenant colonel is inside the azov steel plant where ukrainian forces defend the last pocket of
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territory they hold in mariupol. >> today he's a hero of ukraine, one of the main defenders of mariupol, he's the one who organnizes the defense of the asov feel plant. >> over 500 civilians have been evacuated from the steel plant by corridors of the united nations. officials from moscow agree to a ceasefire during this period, russian forces bomb from the air and the ground. >> we understand there's no logic in putin's actions. he has a thirst for victory, the 9th of may upcoming he needs to bring somebody's head for his people and show he's victorious. if it's not happening, he's going to make further steps to further escalate the conflict. >> ukrainian officials don't know what russian troops will do if they make it further into the plant. they do know there are not only civilians at the site but also an estimated 2,000 ukrainian soldiers. anita. >> trey yingst, a terrible
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situation there in mariupol. thank you for that report. live in kyiv. john, i was reading an article the other day about those people trapped in that plant. when the military was finally able to come in and bring them supplies, they wept, they just wept because you know, they have been without the basics, basic necessities of life for so long in there. >> john: and you can imagine what it's like for them, they are living their lives, nobody knows exactly what this invasion and war is all about, and there they are living in these horrible conditions, hundreds of people, if not thousands around them are dying, and now they are trying to get out of the country and all the while they are saying what happened here, what did we do to deserve this? and the answer to that question is absolutely nothing. >> no one knows what's going to happen on may 9th, i'm sure they are bracing for that as well. >> john: we'll talk about that later this hour, and the touch
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screen and lay it all out for you. >> president biden adamant title 42 will end this month. why is he ramping up expulsions of migrants in a deal with mexico. we are joined on that. >> the alabama corrections officer and the murder suspect she helped escape from jail still on the loose. u.s. marshals service taking the lead, will they ever be able to track them down. >> we are just doing everything we can to try to determine where they are at. >> they could be anywhere in the country. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that!
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>> john: fox news alert, at least four are dead in a massive explosion at the five star hotel
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saratoga in the cuban capital of havana. explosion may have been caused by a gas leak. search and rescue efforts are underway for people who may be trapped in the rubble. anita. >> all right, title 42 is set to expire at the end of the month. president biden is sending mixed messages when it comes to his border policy. officials tell the associated press the president is quietly sending migrants back over the border, after striking an agreement with mexico to take up to 120 cubans and 20 nicaraguans a day. here to talk about it is christopher oliveras. areas in san diego, el paso and
10:21 am
the rio grande valley. so 100 cubans and 20 from nicaragua a day. why do you think the administration is being so hush-hush about this? >> mixed mess tags. only going to expell 100 cubans and 20 nicaraguans, and the thousands coming across daily, last month, some of the sources i've talked to, between 34 and 35,000 cubans for a single month and you are only going to deport 100, and doing increased rapid expulsions under title 42, but they are not intended to keep title 42, they want to lift title 42. it's total hypocrisy, trying to do the rapid expulsion, but they want to lift 42. mixed messages, this should have been taking place from day one
10:22 am
having the conversations with mexican officials, and one thing we have been doing ever since we launched operation lone star initiative by governor abbott, and to date what the governor has been able to do by signing the historic agreements with mexico, our state leadship are having consistent conversations with the mexican authorities. last week at eagle pass we worked with the mexican authorities and were able to contain and control an area, and even today in laredo, texas, we are trying to control the areas with increased activity. >> the numbers are astonishing. 1 million encounters since january, historic high. what happens when title 42 expires? d.h.s. secretary warns there could be 18,000 migrants crossing per day. do you believe that? what are you seeing there? >> that's what i've been hearing as well by talking to the men and women on the front lines, state partners, federal
10:23 am
partners, local law enforcement, that's what they are anticipating with the lifting of title 42. 18,000 a day, not sustainable to the smaller communities that already have a strain on resources, and that's why the state of texas we have to bear the burden, take on this responsibility to provide all the state resources, state funding to try and secure the border. it falls back to what the federal government needs to do, and policies effective prior to 2021. in march we saw historic number of 221,000 on the southwest border encounters. from the people i've been talking to, month of april will be historic. highest number of encounters in april. even though, goes to show you that even what they are trying to do, it's not making a significant impact on the border right now. >> big job on your hands. thank you so much for your time today, sir. john. >> john: 221,000 for the month
10:24 am
of march is over july of last year, 7,129 people every day. high up above the rio grande river in laredo, texas, a team has nate foy up in the helicopter. describe where you are and what's going on. >> john, we are straddling the rio grande right now, where you are looking here, there is a group of between 1,503,000 haitian -- 1500 and 3,000, we can show you a live look at the haitian migrants, they are gathering under tents, it's
10:25 am
100°, it's hot. mexican authorities and police and national guard all working both sides of the rio grande river below where we are right now. i want to point out this is a dangerous area for mass migration. the northeast cartel runs this area, they charge between 800 and 1,000 a head. so a mass migration is rare. migration happens when people are willing to pay, 1500 to 3,000 haitian migrants, it's dangerous for them. and a lot of frustration in texas. we heard from democratic judges in web county and hidalgo county where mcallen is, the biden administration is not pushing immigration reform and title 42
10:26 am
is set to expire this month. the group a mile from where we are right now may get bussed across the border from mcallen, that's intelligence, something that we are watching, and the authorities from both mexico and the united states today are working to make sure that they are prepared for whatever comes next. >> john: nate, when you take a look at the numbers, february to march, increase of 60,000 border encounters between the two months. we are not into the busy season and not approached the time when the title 42 rescission is going to happen. talking about the folks from d.p.s., border patrol, texas highway patrol, other people on the border, texas rangers, what are they expecting june is going to look like? >> john, everybody is expecting a big increase. and frustration is not just from
10:27 am
d.p.s. and border patrol and national guard. humanitarian response falls on a lot of n.g.o.s and charities. people are overwhelmed, why you know, you heard the judge in hidalgo county to invite president biden, and in webb county, to have kamala harris come to the border and see the problems first hand. they feel the people here, they feel they have not been listened to and the people in washington, the lawmakers, they want them to see this problem for themselves to make a better path forward. >> john: nate, is it possible to train the camera on the display on the helicopter, and still seeing the haitian migrants getting ready to come across the border? >> yeah, john, we are. if we can show the live look at the haitian migrants, just over the shoulder of captain rodriguez with texas d.p.s., so helpful in showing this issue here. john, i mentioned a really hot day here in texas and across the
10:28 am
border. you see a lot of people gathering. intel this really started picking up about a week ago. again, the numbers between 1500 and 3,000, and you see people here just waiting and you know, the democratic judge in webb county wondering if perhaps when title 42 is set to expire on the 23rd, if that's when they will make the move. people are watching. >> john: the display, is that a camera on the helicopter or feed from somewhere else? >> correct. yeah, it's on the helicopter. >> john: all right. that's something in front of where you are right now. what else have you been seeing along the rio grande. when bill was up in the helicopter, we saw dozens coming across the rio grande, despite the fact there is razor wire and
10:29 am
the police in mexico were trying to stop them from running into the river. >> at 9:00 a.m. we saw four migrants stuck in the rio grande in eagle pass, we started on thursday about 50 people, two groups passed overnight. we are working our way up north in the border. we are at the laredo sector working up to del rio. we have not seen a large influx of migrants crossing but when bryan llenas was watching, we saw a man drown in eagle pass and bill has been here for the better part of the past year and i want to show you one more time a live look from the texas d.p.s. helicopter of the haitian migrants trying to stay cool and really risking their lives, the northeast cartel that runs this area, it just shows how
10:30 am
desperate these people are, and it's kind of a waiting game, just over two weeks until title, you know, title 42 is set to expire and it's something that people here are preparing for. >> john: we all remember the scenes under the bridge on the american side of the border and our hearts go out again to the family members of the national guardsman who tried to save a couple of immigrants who turned out to be drug smugglers. and thanks to texas d. p. s. for a bird's eye view of this. anita. >> very interesting look from the air, john. well, senior republican members of the house are voicing their frustrations with freshmen congressman madison cawthorn, after a video was leaked earlier this week. one of a number of scandals plaguing cawthorn. chad pergram is live on capitol hill with more. what exactly are lawmakers saying about the latest
10:31 am
controversy? >> another day, another video, scandal, eye roll, that's what it's been like lately for g.o.p. north carolina representative madison cawthorn, from posing in r women's lingerie and being groped by an aide, and he brought a loaded gun to the airport twice. nancy pelosi says the g.o.p. needs to take care of their own. >> i thought you were arrested to try to take a gun on the plane. his member was treated differently. >> g.o.p. north carolina senator tom tillis has had enough of cawthorn. >> absurd to embarrassing. >> what if he wins the primary, what will it mean for the district? >> disappointed for his constituents and that's why i'm working to avoid that outcome. >> tillis is backing chuck edwards over cawthorn in the
10:32 am
upcoming primary but it's unclear if that makes a difference. cawthorn earned the endorsement of former president trump. >> i'm not real sure that we moved to appoint where there will be retribution by the voters because of the loyalty and the fidelity that a lot of republicans have, particularly to the former president. >> cawthorn is shrugging it off. >> i was told i look pretty good in the pictures, there should be some bipartisan agreement on that. >> one senior house g.o.p. source described cawthorn as an immature kid who does not deserve to be in congress. anita. >> definitely going to be in some hot water. >> thank you from capitol hill. >> russia holding war games rehearsing nuclear missile strikes, after they were talking about a full nuclear war. james, heritage foundation and
10:33 am
retired army lieutenant colonel. james, great to see you. i've got the map up here of the baltic sea area, sweden here, finland over here, making noise about potentially joining nato. this is a remote area of russia which basically is a weapons depot and the baltic sea fleet here, the baltic sea area was practicing missile drills, electronic missile drills, aring did not fire anything with this missile here, which is nuclear capable. was that a brush back to sweden and finland or bigger message? >> big shot of deja vu, i was in the military 25 years, and part of the assignments were missiles like that back in the old days. they have a range of several hundred miles, which is, which can affect a lot of part of that
10:34 am
part of the world, and they are multi-capable. not just nuclear missiles. they also can carry conventional warheads and so i'm not really sure if this might send a demon strative message, i'm not sure it's an actual -- there's no evidence it's an actual military threat. the reason i say that is we kind of have two wars in ukraine. we have the russia war on the grounds, actually getting increasingly conservative in the sense the russians are taking less risk, less willingness to expand the conflict. they are screaming they are going to start world war iii and the end of the universe, but if possible the drill is part of the larger kind of public threatening but it's difficult to say this is actual, represents an actual military --
10:35 am
if you were planning to actually do a real military strike you wouldn't be advertising like this in ways to be seen. >> john: that's true, but the former president said if sweden and finland join nato, it's not nuclear free. that's a hollow comment. where we are in terms of the progress of the war and that russia is taking it carefully, they still do not have mariupol, apparently some ukrainian pushback in car difficult and izyum as well. russia does not seem to be doing a lot here, and may 9th the observance of victory day, the day they defeated the nazis, they were hoping to have it wrapped up by then. >> two things, one, the russian military in a different place
10:36 am
does not mean they are going to fight any better. it's not 1,000% surprising. the issues that have plagued them, lack of leadership, poor training and planning, logistics, those do not disappear overnight. the other thing, it does seem like the russians have been more conservative and concerned about expanding, you know, expanding their casualties on the -- and i understand that, really important, putin has plowed through the professional military. if they want to raise the stakes and do more, they would have to, and some of, i think some of the military leaders, they would have to go through mass con scription and mobilization. that would be a game changer for putin. average russians don't care about sanctions, does not affect them. they are not seeing body bags come home. but if they move to national mobilization and conscription, the war would extend to all russians and they would see it
10:37 am
personally and that creates risks as well as new capabilities. >> john: and thought if it's not wrapped up by the 9th, it's not going to be, putin could declare all-out war. one other thing i want you to comment on, russia has been trying steadily to push west toward odesa, but the ukrainian military has pushed them out of mykolaiv and now the ukrainian military is making gains in the northwest section of kherson, which russia claims to control. they can't even get through in the south. how much longer can they continue to do this before they reach the point of culmination, where they cannot fight anymore. >> people have -- the ukrainians are going to fight and die for odesa. as you look on that map, if there a red line across the end there, ukraine becomes a landlocked country and it becomes a different world for them. so they are going to throw everything into the fight to
10:38 am
protect odesa like they did when they fought for the capital kyiv. >> john: and the military hardware pieces are coming in, and germany is sending as well, so a lot more weapons to go after the russians with. see how it goes. james, great to get your take. thank you. have a good weekend. >> great conversation, john. also, elon musk's $44 billion deal with twitter now under a federal microscope. could an investigation delay his twitter takeover? >> john: the manhunt for the corrections officer and the murder suspect she helped break out of jail lasting more than a week now. where are they? will the lack of evidence get in the way of catching up to them.
10:39 am
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10:44 am
never been so scared in my life. it was black, i couldn't see him and he was looking at me and i was trying to get through to him, i was trying to say to him in some way that it was me. >> anita: after a pre-scheduled one-week hiatus, she will be back on the stand. and john, such graphic testimony you have to wonder what the jury is thinking. if they think one of them is more believable than the other. >> john: and let's not forget, too, in all of this. often there's a case here, but they are both actors and up there on the stage, sorry, not the stage, but on the stand with what is very well rehearsed testimony and you are a juror who is used to seeing everyday people, or maybe the first time in a jury, and you are watching
10:45 am
two very high profile, very studied actors going at each other, it is difficult to know who to believe. >> anita: yeah, and it's hard to stop watching, the testimony getting quite interesting. >> john: yeah, especially when they come back to the bed. the search for two fugitives, a federal investigation after an alabama murder suspect and a sheriff's deputy went on the run eight days ago. there will be a news conference at 3:00 eastern with the latest. where does the manhunt stand, steve. >> no signs of progress after eight days, u.s. marshals released some photos of casey white, the man who confess today murder and serving 57 years. it shows him with tattoos, some linked to white supremacist organizations. also released photos of vicky white, the prison guard, changed her hair from blonde to black.
10:46 am
and released a skecht as well, the prison gord 5'5", and the conflict 6'9", over 300 pounds. and friday was to be her last day on the job and some co-workers brought in gifts for her retirement. those colleagues are devastated by what's happened. >> just goes to show that you really don't know someone until, you know, they pull a stunt like this. 17 years unblemished record and one major screw-up. >> the escape was planned for weeks in advantage. two days before, white bought a ford suv with cash, and now officials say both are armed and dangerous. >> john: looking at a report, they may have discovered the 2007 ford
10:47 am
edge the two of them were travelling in, some developments in the case. steve, thank you. anita. >> anita: well, the new -- d.h.s. new information board deemed un-american by g.o.p. critics and now it's facing potential legal anxious. some want the board czar to testify. >> john: the white house refusing to condemn far left protestors targeting supreme court justices outside of their homes. jonathan turley is worked up, he is slamming the biden administration over this and asking where is the white house's courage? he'll tell us all about it coming up. >> i never thought we would get to this point that the white house can not even muster the courage to denounce this type of harassment of judges or justices and their families. i mean, how did we get to this point?
10:48 am
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10:51 am
>> anita: attorneys general across the country are joining the growing list of people with major concerns about president biden's disinformation board. 20 republican-led states are now threatening a lawsuit against the department of homeland security which they say is an
10:52 am
effort to crack down on free speech. house republicans want more information on what this group will actually do but there's little faith of a congressional investigation with democrats in the majority. let's bring in house oversight and reform committee member florida republican congressman byron donald. thanks for coming in today. what more do you know about this disinformation board? >> unfortunately, i know what the american people know, which is not much. alejandro mayorkas was in the senate, he had no answers for senators why they decided to put this together. be clear, joe biden has not been truthful with the american people about the border, about afghanistan, about his lack of response before the russian invasion into ukraine. he's been a disaster on the economy, so they got to get their stories straight. what we want to know on capitol hill, house republicans is what was the rationale going down this line, who is nina jankowicz
10:53 am
and why she qualified, and why is the federal government telling what is trut and what is not. >> anita: the letter says the existence of the disinformation governance board will inevitably have a chilling effect on free speech. americans will hesitate before they voice their constitutionally protected opinions. knowing that the government censors may be watching and some will decide it's safer to keep their opinions to themselves. that's the letter. aside from that, you are on the house oversight committee, what can your committee do to try to find out more. i know you have the questions, what more can you do? >> what we are going to do is put pressure on carolyn maloney, she chairs the oversight committee to hold hearings on this. the american people need answers. this is completely unprecedented. we have never had an agency of the federal government decide they were going to start being the truth police. so, we are going to put pressure on. at the end of the day, this
10:54 am
falls to the voters. if you want a federal government that's going to be supporting these kind of orwellian dictates, continue to vote for joe biden and the democrats. if you want a government to live in the confines of the united states constitution, you need to vote republican in november. >> anita: the timing of the board creation is interesting, right after elon musk announced he is buying twitter, i don't know if it's a coincidence or not. but these are stories the biden administration is accused of suppressing, hunter bider laptop, wuhan lab leak, efficacy of masks to stop covid s. anybody going to call out president biden or his administration, are they going to be reported to the board for those things? >> something tells me if you work for joe biden you are not going to be reporting on his disinformation. but the american people know the truth. everything you just listed that
10:55 am
the administration said was actually false, actually turned out to be true. so, we don't need this type of a board. what we need, frankly, is for news reporters to do their job and put pressure on this administration and ask simple tough and direct questions, and let people use their brain, their god-given talent and own logic to make a decision for themselves. that's what should be happening on capitol hill and coming out of the white house. >> anita: certainly a lot of questions for this board and for congress. we'll see what happens there. representative byron donald, thank you so much for joining us today. john. >> john: fox news alert on what we said at the end of steve's report, the authorities, including the u.s. marshal service believe they have found the vehicle in which casey white and vicky white were believed to be travelling. found it in williamson county, alabama, two hours north of florence where this began.
10:56 am
we understand they will have a press conference at 2:00 central, 3:00 this afternoon, so more information coming up on that. again, authorities believe they have found the vehicle that these two fugitives were trapped in, or travelling in, rather, and it was in alabama. where are they? try to find out when we come back. we never have complete control. not really. we can't control inflation, we can't control government debt, we can't control a declining dollar... i could go on. but buying gold and silver from rosland capital... is a way to help take control. rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira and silver brochures.
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11:01 am
for jonbenet. happy friday, anita. >> anita: i'm in for sandra smith, might be the most infamous cold case in the modern history, 1996 christmas, the child beauty queen was murdered. a lot of people of optimistic we may know who killed her, but begin the send hour with the fox news alert. >> yeah, their silence speaks volumes. supreme court justices they signed up for being the subject of public anger but their families didn't and the idea that the white house refuses to speak out on this is dreadful. >> they will lie, lash out, leak and try to intimidate the supreme court justices. >> a bad situation and i think the condemnation should come from the top down, from the president down. >> the failure of the white house to condemn this is simply appalling. >> i think that kind of action
11:02 am
is outrageous, either end of the political spectrum. people should not serve in public life and feel that outrageous extremists on eat end of the political agenda suddenly have license. >> john: widespread condemnation from republicans and democrats on the had hill and beyond but not from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> peaceful protest, no, that's not extreme. >> anita: white house reaction to the far left's move to set up outside the homes of conservative justices. the tactic has one of our go-to court watchers all fired up. >> never thought we would get to this point that the white house cannot even muster the courage to denounce this type of harassment of judges or justices and their families. >> john: activists have a new location in mind for their next protest, churches on mother's day. jonathan turley with much more
11:03 am
to say in just moments. >> anita: but first, team coverage, outside of st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan and peter doocy live at the white house with more on all of this. >> peter: good afternoon, anita. aboard air force one jen psaki plainly stated that white house officials hope the final row v. wade opinion does not look like the one that was leaked. and that means that white house officials share a goal with pro abortion activists. >> do you think the progressive activists that are now planning protests outside some of the justice's houses are extreme? >> peaceful protest, no. peaceful protest is not extreme. >> activists posted a map with the home addresses of the supreme court justices. is that the kind of thing this president wants to help your side make their point? >> look, i think the president's view is there is a lot of
11:04 am
passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. >> peter: the u.s. code, 1507, clear explanation. it's illegal to picket or parade in or near a building occupied by a judge, juror or witness if your hope is to influence them. and that is punishable by up to a year in prison or $5,000 fine. >> there is never a good legitimate reason to go and protest at the home of a public official this. is a place where they sleep, where if they have children in the home, raising children. implicit threat of physical violence. >> organizers are planning several huge protests in big cities across the country next
11:05 am
saturday, and white house officials have not said whether or not president biden plans to join any of them, anita. >> anita: thank you, reporting from the white house. now the protest targeting churches. live in new york city with that. lauren, i bet the folks at the church were not expecting a protest on mother's day. >> well, no, but i think they are going to be prepared for it. here at st. patrick's cathedral, like in many parishes around the country, it's a special day to celebrate motherhood. but also using the day to protest against the possible overturning of row v. wade. the group ruth sent us posted the red capes of the handmaiden tv show, and abortion and the possibly overturning of the high court decision that made abortion legal. the group is calling for protests at prominent catholic
11:06 am
churches on sunday, mother's day. the unprecedented leak of the high court's opinion has ignited pro choice rage. the catholic church has been at the forefront of opposing abortion and some conservative bishops have said you could not be a good catholic and support abortion. it has put president biden at odds with church hierarchies, and biden supports abortion, some bishops have said he should not receive communion for supporting something that kills the unborn. now, they tell us they are aware of a call for protest and working with law enforcement here in new york city to take any appropriate steps if needed. >> lauren, thank you so much. >> john: jonathan turley, rewind the clock back to the briefing yesterday, where jen psaki was asked point blank by our peter doocy if they denounced the leak
11:07 am
and the targeting of the judges. here is what she said. >> some justices have young kids but neighbors are not all public figures. would the president think about waving off the activists that want to go in residential neighborhoods in virginia and maryland? >> our view here, peaceful protests, a long history in the united states and country of that and encourage to keep it peaceful and no level of violence. >> john: white house is basically saying go for it. >> that's right. i mean, there was a time when the president was a moral compass for the nation. presidents have often tempered the passions of their own party, and this is a president that seems to wait for polls to determine what principle he's willing to uphold. and it's striking because this was a president who actually opposed roe v. wade, amended the constitution to get rid of it
11:08 am
and now a believer in what he calls the right to abort a child. this is a mixed message on his part. people said what happened to your views, why did you change your views, but none of that is the problem. you are allowed to change your views. people of good faith can disagree. but what i assumed we would agree on is that there are certain things beyond the pail, certain things that may be legal but are deeply inappropriate. one of those things is targeting judges and justices and their families because you disagree with how they view the constitution, so you descend upon their homes, including justices with young children. why is that a tough question for this president? >> john: yeah, you know, you talk about him changing his views. he also changed from where he was during his inaugural speech, he claimed to be the great uniter, just a couple days ago he referred to maga people as
11:09 am
extremists, he seems to be ignoring federal law as peter doocy just pointed out, in being very ambivalent about the idea of protesting judges at their homes which again, i have the law in front of me. punishable by up to a year in jail. so anybody who protests at the supreme court justice's homes on wednesday should be locked up in the pokey for a year. >> well, i think that the argument they will make is this is not an effort to change the opinion. the interesting thing -- >> john: jonathan, how can they -- how can they even begin to make that argument that this is not about trying to change the minds of a justice? >> no, the funny thing is, their argument in some ways is word. we just want t punish them, retaliate. i don't know how anyone could possibly think that these justices are going to yield to the mob. they didn't spend their lives in
11:10 am
the judicial and legal systems to yield to a mob, even with a president who refuses to wave them off. i have more faith in all nine of these justices to succumb to that type of pressure. but those types of cases are difficult to make out. but what we should all agree upon, there are certain things that we can condemn, even today, even in the age of rage, there are a few things that we can collectively condemn. i mean, have we gotten to the point there is no institution, no value, no sense of decency left. and i think part of it is what you are seeing. addiction to rage. we have become a nation addicted to rage. >> john: you talk about no decency left, senator mark warner, one of few democrats who will come on the program on a regular basis, had the courage that the white house did not
11:11 am
have, to condemn the harassment of justices. >> i completely condemn the leak and whoever leaked it, i don't have the foggiest idea who did it. whoever did it, ought to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. but let's not jump to the conclusion because i've seen all the theories and again, this is the kind of, i think, cheapening of america where rules, morals, are being undermined on a constant basis. >> john: in full agreement with you, cheapening america, undermind on a constant basis. >> and when the white house was asked about the leak, they also refused to condemn it. and you are left there breathless. >> john: jen psaki said i don't think we have a position on that. >> yeah, this is one of the core traditions and critical ethical standards that govern the
11:12 am
supreme court. and the white house could not muster the courage to say that's wrong, you know. there's -- instead, the white house seems to be endorsing the idea that means don't matter as long as we reach certain ends. but they may be radically disjudging this. i don't think the american people approve of any of this. they are shocked by this, and i think the president is going to find that looking at just the polling coming out of his base is not going to lead to his being treated well either politically or in the long-term by the verdict of history. >> john: he's got a lot of ground to make up and other issues, particularly who will decide who occupies the congressional seats and the white house come 2024. jonathan, always great to have a spirited conversation with you, appreciate it. >> thank you, john. >> anita: fox news alert now, we want to update the breaking news
11:13 am
in alabama, and the new clue turning up in the case of a murder suspect and a sheriff's deputy who have been on the run for more than a week now. >> john: we are expecting an update in the case at a news conference at 3:00 eastern. steve is with us in our southeast news hub and press release by the u.s. marshals service about the vehicle. >> that's right, really the first break in this case over the past eight days, the convict and the guard running free for the past eight days from an alabama prison, escaping together. the ford suv purchased by the guard in cash two days before the escape, and report says it's been recovered in central tennessee near the city of franklin. it's not clear when the car was dumped there, or where they left from the franklin area, but central tennessee this convict has a history, casey white, and a lengthy history. violent home invasions as well
11:14 am
as shooting and wounding a former girlfriend. 75 years to life and facing the death penalty. lead agency pursuing him and her now as well, she's been fired from her job as a corrections agent, and really shocking her whole community. 17 years as a model officer, employee of the year and suddenly runs off with a confessed murderer. it's really gripped the nation and certainly shaken this town in tennessee where they were from and this alabama courthouse and jail as well. it was supposed to be her retirement day on friday, instead she helped break out a confessed murderer. they have released a number of photos of the two over the past 24 hours. casey white is covered with tattoos. 6'9", over 300 pounds, a real history of violence. vicky white is 5'5", and likely the escape is funded with her
11:15 am
money. sold her house days ago. a planned and careful escape and perhaps going back to his old haunts, territory, where he has a history of violence in central tennessee could be the first mistake by this couple. john, anita, back to you. >> john: i have friends who live in franklin, a little excitement in their neighborhood. apparently, steve, we understand the vehicle was found last friday back on april 29th at a tow lot, but it was only today that the marshal service put together the connection and confirmed it was their vehicle. so, if they were in the franklin area, they could be long gone for places unknown. we have talked to some people who thought they were headed for the mexican border but that would appear at least initially not to be the case. >> that's right, and the sheriff in alabama has said we have no idea where we are. and they did get a six-hour jump right out of the gate, only in
11:16 am
the afternoon officers were aware they were missing, shock and disbelief. initially they thought the prin guard might be a captive, a hostage, and began to know more, they had a "special relationship" for the past two years, raises a lot of questions what went on in this alabama jail, was it extra food or more favors exchanged between guard and prisoner, john. >> anita: you mentioned that vicky white was a model employee, received numerous awards for employee of the year. a lot of people who know her say there's no way she did this on her own. she must have had some help and there is a $10,000 reward right now, i'm sure it's only going to go up. are you hearing anything about anyone who might have helped her, accomplice? >> it seems the two planned this out very carefully. she put in her retirement papers, her last day was friday, the day of the escape, and sold
11:17 am
her house for $95,000, under vaf of what it was valued at by the county so they had plenty of cash and likely they have been using the cash for escape. parked the ford suv eight minutes from the prison so they switched from the patrol car, got the shackles off, and took off. six-hour head start and now heading back to tennessee is at least their initial stop. once it became well-known what kind of vehicle they were driving in, it is likely that they knew it was time to switch vehicles so they still have now several days' head start and not clear which direction they are heading in. >> john: at least part of this seems to be me -- meticulously planned out. real life "fugitive" going on here. >> yeah, this is fairly predictable. once -- even before this bolo went out, or the announcement
11:18 am
went out about the car, i think it was always the plan to get rid of the cars and this particular car, like what bank robbers do. 1 or 2 switch cars almost all the time if they know what they are doing. so planned this out, and we talk about the planning. she's very capable of doing this type of planning. logistics person, arranged all the transportation, she was assistant director of transportation, $100,000, probably holed up in a house, and watching the watchers, if you will. watching the news shows. >> anita: you mentioned the cash, yeah, plenty of cash, 90 to $100,000. so you know, authorities cannot track them with credit card transactions.
11:19 am
how long do you think that would last for them, this cash, and then do you rely on the public for help, people who are seeing their pictures on tv, if they see them in a store, see them somewhere to call in. is that what they are relying on? >> i think 100% -- not 100%, there are plenty of leads in these types of situations. historical activities, financial activities, social networking, emails, phone calls recorded at the jail, maybe they were talking about plans on the phone, there are a lot of leads, but clearly the sheriff, pretty candid, has said this trail is cold, and that's directly proportionate to how much media activity they have. i think you'll hear at 3:00 that they are appealing to the public to call in with more leads. i just don't think they have a lot of hot corroborated leads at this point and the $100,000 could hold out a long time. i would be more concerned about
11:20 am
his volatile personality and her safety at this point because eventually all of that is going to run out. he has a history of violence with women, and you know, capital murder, he was in for capital murder, another girlfriend that died of suicide, alleged suicide, they reopened that case, so any woman who is with him in this scenario is in grave danger. >> john: yeah, i was wondering about that very thing, chris. we have heard stories in the past of convicts cultivating, if you will, relationships with sympathetic corrections officers. do you believe that that's the case here, and if it is the case, that he cultivated vicky white in order for her to get him out and get far away from the jail that he might have a reasonable chance of running, i don't know, into the smoky mountains or wherever in that area, she's now expendable to
11:21 am
him. >> exactly. i think he groomed her over the last two years, whether he's a sociopath or psychopath, she's 57, he's 38, 20 years difference, she lived on five acres by herself, her ex-husband just died last year. i see someone who he saw as vulnerable and it's called grooming. it takes, you know, you have to did it over time. he's playing the long game, but over time he won her over. i think she is in grave, as i said earlier, grave danger. she may or may in the know that. once he tires of her or once he does not need her, he can't good out, he's 6'9", he sticks out, but she's 5'5" and ordinary person, and she could put on a covid mask and buy more supplies, get things they need, buy another car if she needed
11:22 am
to, two aliases, he needs her right now but i think that's going to run out. >> john: you said you believe they were probably holed up somewhere, checking the internet, the news, finding out where the authorities are going here. holed up to go where, unless they want to pull an eric rudolph and hideout in the mountains of north carolina five years, they can't stay in the united states. >> yeah, i have some experience with eric rudolph. we did a geographical profile on him and we didn't know where he was but said he has not left the mountains, his base of operations, center of gravity, when he knows, and that may be the case with this guy. it's going to be hard to get into mexico or canada, i don't think they can take public transportation. i don't think they can take airplanes, and i think -- in
11:23 am
this case, not sophisticated people, i think they are going to be in the united states and i think they'll be somewhere within several hundred miles of where that car was seen. they would have had to have planned out getting someplace to stay. couldn't have -- couldn't have gone to hotels and motels. >> john: you think it's just a matter of time before the marshals get them? >> i do. i think his personality is such that eventually he's going to tire of her and you know, i fear for her safety, i pray she gets, we get her back alive, regardless of what she did. but a guy like that, he's either a psychopath or sociopath, he's going to tire of her at some point, a history of violence with women, lethal violence with women, i don't see this ending well. >> john: chris appreciate your investigative talents and see where this thing goes. it's moving fast and furious, the press conference in about 40
11:24 am
minutes' time. >> thank you. >> anita: fox news alert out of cuba, a powerful explosion blasted through a five star hotel in havana. the island nation's capital. at least eight people are now dead, but certainly that number could rise as there are 13 people missing, and about 30 known injured. officials say it was caused by a gas leak. you can see here from the video how it blew away the walls of that upscale hotel, look at that, looks like a bomb hit it surrounding the area in rubble. a school next door was evacuated and none of the children had been hurt. we will watch for updates throughout the hour and bring them to you. >> john: looking forward to that. word the federal trade commission is taking a closer look into elon musk's deal to buy twitter. and that could delay the official takeover by months. kelly o'grady is live in los
11:25 am
angeles with more. how are we not surprised? >> great question, right? it's just another piece in the saga. i mean, he's facing yet another challenge to the takeover with this. reportedly reviewing the $44 billion deal and will decide next month whether to do an in-depth probe. the review is routine, comes as antitrust law criticizes the bid claiming "the deal poses a number of immediate and direct threats to american democracy and free speech." ohio congressman jim jordan condemning the statement. and antitrust experts are pushing back on the charge arguing the law instead focusses on competition, not free speech. so the portfolio does not pose a threat how the body has historically operated. >> over the last two decades under any administration and based, again, based on the free press, i don't see a competitive problem. >> this last year has seen
11:26 am
traditionally uncontroversial mergers subjected to f.t.c. investigations. driven by the redefining, and factoring in social dynamics like equity and digital age challenges like data privacy, and experts worry the growing uncertainty could complicate the musk deal. amid all the pushback, one question developing is how much will musk endure, even if the deal passes, scrutiny could continue for months, potentially even spooking his new equity investors he nabbed yesterday. a lot he's having to deal with, john. >> john: a lot of opponents of his would like to see the equity investors spooked, though we are seeing some who were not -- did not have a lot of faith in him, now ponying up billions of dollars.
11:27 am
>> like the saudi prince. >> john: seems to be convincing some folks. >> anita: biden administration touting the april jobs report but experts point out the reported wage growth has been completely wiped out by soaring inflation. let's bring in fox business anchor david asman, joining us. >> great to see you, anita. >> anita: so much to talk about. strong jobs report, slightly better than expected. experts say the real story are the wages, you cannot keep up from inflation. take a look at the numbers. according to the labor department, inflation out pacing wages 8.5%, wages up 5.5%. and you know, people out in california are paying six bucks a gallon. ho you do you keep up with that? >> you don't, and the point is, i don't give much credence to the experts. experts get it wrong more than the american people do.
11:28 am
american people have great instincts, they are the ones that shop and buy and buy stuff they can't afford. 77% of americans have a negative view of the economy right now. of course, that has political implications, very bad for the president and democrats in general. but you also look at some other figures, and i just want to emphasize, it is a good number. a very good jobs number, it was a bit better than expected, we are still a million jobs behind where we were in december 2019. also had some disturbing numbers come in this week. we had a drop in productivity. that's the amount of goods that an individual or group of individuals or company can produce and we had a drop of 7.5%, the biggest drop in productivity since 1947. you very rarely get figures that go back that far. we also add to that, 1.4% drop
11:29 am
in the g.d.p. in the first quarter. if we have another one of those drops in one more quarter, that's a recession. so we have a lot of problems. what we need right now are incentives. we need incentives for people to go out to work because we had a drop in labor participation, fewer people going out to work. that was a bad sign from today's figures. so we need more incentives to get people to work, more incentives for businesses to grow and produce more. more incentives for oil and gas companies to produce. instead, we are getting disincentives on all of those fronts and that's not good, that's not going to help the situation. we are not providing the right medicine we need to get back on our feet to where we should be. where we were back in december of 2019 before the pandemic. >> anita: and then you have to factor in the interest rate hike, more in the next few months, stabilize the economy. in the meantime, it means higher interest on your credit card,
11:30 am
harder to borrow money, maybe put your house re-fi on hold and a lot of jobs open there. 11.5 million jobs open as of march 2022. 1.9 jobs per person. >> yeah, and only 6 million people looking for jobs, so that's, you have 5 million more jobs than people. that's usually a great thing, and in many cases it is. but you think of the per verse reason why we are in that reason, people were paid for staying at home so long when we turned off the economy. we have never done that before, it was a horrible thing to have to do and we had to do it because of the pandemic. maybe we did, maybe we didn't. the bottom line is we got to get those people back to work, and unfortunately a lot of small businesses, the big companies don't worry, the amazon, apple, they can afford to pay 20, $30
11:31 am
whatever, restaurants and retailers are going out of business. and if we go into recession, all the extra jobs are going to disappear very quickly. what happens, of course, the businesses will good out of business, the ones now offering the jobs and the jobs will go away. a recession changes everything and we may be looking at one soon. >> anita: some of my favorite stores and restaurants have gone out of business, david. >> it's a shame. >> john: texas national guard department of public safety holding drills as the state prepares for the end of title 42 scheduled for the 23rd of the month. border officials have their hands full. nate foy is live flying over the laredo, texas border area in a d.p.s. helicopter. what's the latest from your perspective? >> we are turning around right now, forgive us if the shot is
11:32 am
shakey, we are straddling the rio grande right now. outside this window you are looking into mexico. now, x you would think as you mentioned there are drills going on with american and mexican authorities along the laredo border. you would think that would deter migrants. but while -- the last hit, border patrol ground units requested air support as multiple migrants crossed the river. they have arrested one of them. multiple migrants have not been caught, so they are tracing footprints on the ground. back out here now as we cross over the first port of entry as you look out into nueva laredo, between 1500 to 3,000 migrants are here, estimates they started arriving last week, and the northeast cartel is especially
11:33 am
violent. they charge between $801,000 a head to cross, and why mass migration events are rare in laredo. when you have 3,000 haitians, not everybody has the money. >> john: looks like we are losing the signal from nate. i thought i heard you come back. >> i can hear you, john. i'll keep going. if you can hear me. we are heading east now, and you can see that there are creeks that lead into the river and d.p.s. is telling me, our pilot is telling me the migrants will use the creeks where you know they can kind of get cover from air support, and then these creeks are right next to houses that you see here in laredo, texas, and cars waiting to pick them up, and then a stash house, then the migrants, after being
11:34 am
in the stash house -- [inaudible] border patrol at a checkpoint. so you know, i mean, this is not something that is rare. yesterday our captain was telling me they had 34u89 pel groups, one group of 11 runners, and then four runners, and turn-backs, they go back to mexico as a result of the chase. a busy day, ironic as this happened when there is a joint exercise with texas d.p.s., and the national guard, and mexico. it's a busier day. >> john: 221,000 apprehensions in the month of march, and who knows what april will look like. anita, you can appreciate the fact he's in a helicopter using a device that uses cells to communicate the signals will go in and out.
11:35 am
but he gave us a great perspective of what's going on along the border and the haitians gathering, reminisce tent of what happened in del rio, stunning pictures of all the people under the bridge that the biden administration clearly did not want us to see. >> and sounds it's organized, people cross the river, jump into a getaway car, taken to a stash house. so, you know, that's why it's so hard to apprehend these people. they have a plan, they have will and determination to get here. >> john: no shortage of people trying to get across either, or people to funnel them across the border. parents outraged as one state shoots down a request to pause sex education for 2nd graders. we are talking about kids who are just 6 or 7 years old. and upper -->> anita: upper education dealt with a big dose of woke. students at a big university calling on white people to
11:36 am
recognize the ways they are racist whether they are racist or not. >> john: this week's woke round-up, brian kilmeade.
11:37 am
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#1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as zero dollars at >> john: we are awaiting an update some time in the next 20, 25 minutes on the whereabouts or what's known, i guess, about casey white who is the murder suspect on the left there, and vicky white who is the corrections officer who allegedly helped him escape, at least that's what we saw on the surveillance video at the lauderdale county lock-up. the vehicle they were travelling in is pictured here, 2007 ford edge, found near franklin, tennessee on april 29th, it was in a tow lot but the u.s. marshal service just today tied it to them, so we'll hear from the authorities in the next little while about more about this vehicle and the potential
11:42 am
whereabouts of casey white and vicky white. they seem to, at least for the moment, disappeared into thin air. anita. >> anita: we look forward to that update, john. in the meantime, there is fierce reaction from parents in new jersey, after the state board of education revealed it would not convene a new panel to review the controversial sex education guidelines, including for 1st graders. brian kilmeade is on deck for that, he has a lot to say. but first, david lee miller live in the newsroom. >> anita, a number of parents give the board of education a failing grade for ignoring concerns about teaching kids as young as seven about sexual orientation and gender identity. the school board rejected requests from four of the own members for the robust review aabout committee of experts. a letter said we are hoping the committee and department will recommend removing some of the
11:43 am
more controversial and graphic language as well as reexamine the age appropriateness of the grade at which some of these topics are recommended to be taught. the new guidelines were approved two years ago during covid, some parents only recently became aware of the change. >> i think that it oversexualizes children. i think it's bringing up the topic of sex at a very early age that they shouldn't be thinking about. >> new jersey's education commissioner says local school officials have discretion on the curriculum and are encouraged to seek input from parents. >> it is critical to include parents along every step of that decision-making process. and, recognizing that some families prefer to have these conversations privately. >> the controversy in new jersey could have impact in other states. a new fox poll found 74% of
11:44 am
voters across country are extremely or very concerned about what is taught in schools. new jersey's new guidelines will take effect in the fall. anita. >> could be a lot to take in for a 7-year-old. david lee miller, thank you. >> john: we spared no expense to find somebody who likes to talk about a lot of issues like this, and with facility. so, bring kilmeade, co-host of "fox and friends" and host of "one nation," feeling he did not do enough work today, he hung around for us. new jersey will go ahead with this, despite some parents, pink, blue or purple, might feel like you are a boy, you might feel like a girl, you might feel like a girl if you have body parts like boy parts, or you might feel like a boy some people may tell you are girl parts. >> it's way out of bounds, and
11:45 am
florida, pretty much a 50/50 state, maybe more toward the red today, depending who the governor is, and they, over 54 to 60% do not want sex taught k-3rd grade. new jersey, ok, blue state we can do things differently, no, parents are parents, and i think no one is talking about midterms or thinking about primaries, they are going really, you are talking about that, asking my kid to ask these questions in class, they are coming home, bringing it home to me. way over the skis on this in new jersey and i think some lesson plans are, it's crazy for me, there are statements here where they say the vast majority of parents support quality inclusive sex education and some are stirring it up. they believe the teachers are in a cocoon, we should gut it out,
11:46 am
and i don't think it can be converted to a don't say gay bill or gay thing, you know, you are being nontolerant, or intolerant. keep in mind, it was not too long ago election in new jersey and this blue state almost turned over governors to a virtual unknown. >> john: topic number two, white student accountability. students at the university of south carolina school of social work were invited to a white student accountability group, the college says it was not us, it was a student project, didn't have anything to do with it. but there was a collective statement by faculty at the college of social work which said as part of our pledge of solidarity we recognize white privilege and silence contributes to the horrific racial inequities. in our view, the indifference of color blindness is ineffective, and education must stand as an institution of anti-racist action. south carolina clearly has a
11:47 am
dark history when it comes to race, but the idea of being color blind is not enough, and people have to be accountable because they were born white, your thoughts. >> white privilege, the white fragility that whole curriculum is getting new scrutiny right now, the university of south carolina, i think it's interesting. sociology says don't blame us, that's the students group that brought it forward. conservative group put the spotlight on it. and i think you have a choice to go out and either keep it to yourself, what does it take to get an a in the course, and good exercise for the average american going to school, lucky to afford a great school like the university of south carolina, no, no, i'm not going to apologize for things that happened 200 years ago, but i'm not going to pretend that slavery and segregation and jim crow didn't exist. doing in 2022, doing nothing but hurting society, and excuse to say i can achieve, look at
11:48 am
american, i love the fact the faculty backed out of this. they say don't blame me, it shows they knew they were wrong. >> john: i like to save the toughest question to last, here it comes. what's on "one nation" this weekend. >> we talked to chris rufo, interesting corporations are not weighing in on roe v. wade and he blew the lid off the disney story and critical race theory, why are they keeping quiet now, don't want to see the damage done to disney, and what may 9th could bring for vladimir putin, and then julie with the news tool. one day i would like to get you into studio if i can negotiate with your agent about you working weekends. >> john: would love to do that, first thing i have to do, get your photographer. a fabulous picture of you. >> thank you, it just came out. >> john: sign it for me.
11:49 am
see you this weekend, anita. >> anita: the c.d.c. looking into the death of five children that could be linked to the mysterious hepatitis outbreak. more than 100 cases have been reported nationwide. let's bring in now dr. marty mccarie for more on this. very scary, there are 109 cases in 24 states and puerto rico. the vast majority of those cases, children had to be hospitalized and eight of those children had to receive liver transplants. i mean, this sounds very extreme. >> this is very concerning. this is severe hepatitis. some of the cases the children required a liver transplant operation. the deaths have been concerning for a while now. c.d.c. is acknowledging that they are investigating five deaths out of the 109 cases, but
11:50 am
the w.h.o. has said for a while they have many more cases than are proportionately reported in the u.s. and they were looking into this two weeks ago, and it's a concern, it's a delayed announcement. >> john: marty, we were looking at some early reporting on the potential origin of this. there was a cluster of it that seemed to emanate from the u.k., but this could just involve some sort of adenovirus, g.i. symptoms with the common cold. >> that's right, it's a common virus that has many different subtypes and some are dangerous, some are not. people forget there are about 1 million viruses in the world and 1% are in the human species, crossed over into humans, so a lot of viruses that circulate and this is one that, like meningitis, sort of causes severe illness in the small subset of people and that is the mystery right now.
11:51 am
>> anita: so doctor, if you are a parent and hearing the story, your radar goes up. what should parents be on the lookout for? >> i think there's a case in your area in a child, that your child may play or interact with, with such little known about the transmission or the mechanism. right now it's probably good just to do some smart practices. unclear where the cases are occurring, but for now not much to do in terms of changing your behavior to avoid this, because we are not even positive it's associated with adenovirus, but for now, it's smart to be careful around any area and any region where the cases have been described. >> john: marty, we should point out, you are a pediatric pancreatic transplant surgeon, the pancreas next door to the liver. some of the children have needed transplants.
11:52 am
but those kids and level of disease, what can the effect be on them? >> jaundice or turning yellow, the skin turning yellow, sometimes the whites of the eyes turning yellow and sudden and unexplained way nothing else having happened recently, those are the flags somebody should come in and get the basic liver function tests done in any emergency room. >> anita: so 228 cases in 20 countries have been reported according to the world health organization. no information yet on what would link these cases, but now we are looking at cases in the united states, you see the signs and symptoms of hepatitis, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea. other than the jaundice, symptoms of the flu. so, how do you differentiate whether your child is really sick or needs some serious
11:53 am
attention? >> that's a very difficult distinction to make, and often times what tips off someone to come in and allows us to take it seriously, the parent will say it's a sudden change of behavior, feeling ill or lack of interest in doing anything. when there's a sudden change and the parent can sense something's not right, that's when it's a good time to call a pediatrician. >> john: thank you for your expertise, see you again soon. renewed attention given to jonbenet ramsey's murder and new hope her killer will finally be brought to justice 25 years later. casey stegall is in dallas. >> it's wild, perhaps one of the most famous cold cases of all time, a story that captivated
11:54 am
the world back in 1996 when 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey was strangled to death in her boulder, colorado home and found in the basement the day after christmas. remember, a ransom note was discovered at the scene and for years the public suspected the parents. but they were cleared by investigators. all leads have been exhausted, and no arrests have ever been made. but now jonbenet's family is calling on the governor by way of petition to allow the ramsey family to process the d.n.a. evidence using newer technology and methods not previously available to investigators. >> it's going to take a lot of help to get that moving. you know, the government is very reactive and we are talking about politician, we want them to do the right thing. >> governor jared polis said new
11:55 am
technology could help track down the killer but fell short of saying if he will grant the request. some who have worked on the case saying turning over samples to a different group could be problematic, since it is an active and open investigation. >> a bunch of people sign a petition that do not understand the techniques and the difficulties in this case. i know the boulder police department understands. >> all right, so boulder p.d. had this in a statement, as recently as march 2022, the boulder police department hosted another meeting with federal, state and local agencies working on this case and in consultation with d.n.a. experts from around the country. that collaboration will continue, so to be continued as we watch that one out of colorado. john. >> john: casey, thank you.
11:56 am
anita. >> anita: john, democrats are struggling to get on the same page across the board heading into the midterms, especially over the issue of abortion and the filibuster. bring in fox news contributor byron york, the chief correspondent at the examiner, democrats have exhibited a lot of noise and rage around the draft opinion from the supreme court but do they have a strategy to work around the potential ruling? the white house says they are not going to release anything until a ruling comes out. do you think they have a strategy? >> no, it's pretty clear they don't. we are all operating in the dark, don't know exactly what the supreme court is going to do, we have the draft opinion, don't know if it's the final thing or the final vote, we just don't know. but, here is the thing. there is a pretty big middle on abortion in the united states. most americans do not want to see roe overturned.
11:57 am
but at the same time, most americans support significant limits on abortion. the problem for democrats is that their base is made up in largely of people who do not support limits for abortion. they really would like to see abortion on demand put into law. you are seeing this debate among house democrats right now, they are trying to come up with a bill to pass, which would codify roe versus wade if it were struck down by the supreme court and they can't all agree what to put in it. >> anita: yeah, and some vulnerable democrats across the country are likely to put the focus on the midterms. politico says this, abortion rights is a flash point for the four democratic senators, we are talking about one from nevada, new hampshire, georgia, and arizona. there they are.
11:58 am
but is that a winning strategy? >> well, the problem is, all four of those states just like everywhere else, inflation is a terribly big problem. crime is a big problem. border security is a big problem. and look at the polls and the pollsters ask americans saying speaking about these midterms coming up, what are the most important issues in your mind. recently had one from politico after the supreme court leak, they listed seven different possibilities like economic issues or security issues or women's issues, abortion ranked fifth out of the seven. people are obviously more concerned about inflation, it's costing them more to do everything every day. they are really concerned about the possibility of a recession coming up. a lot of people are concerned about the situation on the border. there is just a whole bunch of other issues that rank higher in
11:59 am
voters concerns than abortion does. the problem for any democrat who thinks the roe ruling could rescue them from a bad electoral situation, that's probably not going to happen. >> anita: to your point quick, a fox news poll what people are talking about, americans are concerned about -- ok, we don't have time for that poll, breaking news. byron, thank you so much for joining us. john. >> john: sorry, byron. go to florence, alabama for a news conference regarding the escape of casey white and vicky white after their vehicle was found just near franklin, tennessee. let's listen >> we're assuming where it was abandoned and it was abandoned so quickly that they probably had mechanical problems with it. because it was abandoned in the middle of nowhere on the side of a county road where obviously would draw attention and be found. so we know where the car is, we
12:00 pm
know what direction they went. right now we're trying to canvas the area for any witnesses see any stolen vehicles were in the area. i have a copy of the report. we're sort of back to square one as far as the vehicle description. working on if there's any stolen vehicles in that area. i'm hoping that we will get a break in that. we're no longer looking for the ford edge. i always have with me our direct attorney, chris conley. he has an update on the reward information. >> thank you, sheriff. after talking with the sheriff, i contacted the governor's office this morning and submitted a writt


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