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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 6, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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at the time. >> neil: i hope it is a special day, remember if you want to beer from the homemade thing, processed meats and cheeses, the gift that keeps giving. >> $25 apparently. >> neil: $19.99, just bill me. have a great one, see you tomorrow, here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: hello, everyone, and judge jeanine puro, along with harold ford jr., kayleigh mcenany, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ the white house adding more fuel to the fire as far left lunatics threaten to terrorize the supreme court justices. a group of radicals posting home addresses of the six
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conservative leaning justices and encouraging protest following the leak of the draft opinion that could overturn roe v. wade. the supreme court has a huge fence around it now and there are growing concerns about security threats. and pro-abortion groups that just show up outside of churches this weekend. like this protest outside a catholic mass with people wearing the red tapes of the handmaidens tv show. but the white house does not seem bothered. >> do you think the progressive activists that are now protesting outside of some of the justices houses are extreme? >> peaceful protests? no. peaceful protest is not extreme. >> their home addresses of the supreme court justices, if that is the kind of thing that the president wants to help your side make their point? >> i think the president's view is that there is a lot of passion, a lot of fear. a lot of sadness from many, many
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people across this country about what they saw and that lead to document. i think we want people's privacy to be respected. >> jeanine: and hillary clinton is also inflaming passions over the end of row. >> any american says, look, i am not a woman, this does not affect me, i'm not black, this does not affect me. i'm not gay, that does not affect me. once you allow this extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next. >> jeanine: all right, greg. it appears that the white house, the administration, jen psaki has no interest in discouraging the protest outside the supreme court justice holmes. >> greg: first i would like to point out that kayleigh is making me think of my days in college because you are a big giant highlighter. i feel like i have to just take you and highlight my speech. >> kayleigh: got to be bright. >> greg: this weekend is an anti-mother's day. isn't it so surreal?
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but i bet you one bucks, judge, the people who lost their collective minds over january 6, the only person who died was a protester. they will justify anything in the name of abortion. what did jim say? a lot of passion and fear, configurator by the dems who are acting as if abortion is being banned outright. the new york claims that it's only 14%, the estimated decline in abortions, and i know that's out for people who are really working for that quota, but people can get abortions and they probably will, and that's just the way it works. but the problem is, i have mentioned this yesterday, there is a filter of evil that the woke operates on. if they disagree with you, it's not that you are wrong, it's that you are evil. and that excuses all of their behavior. if you are against them, then they can do whatever they want. that's how they justify the riots after floyd. the republicans don't do that,
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they don't see the other side is evil, they see the other side is wrong, so they are less likely to get physical, of course there are extremes and exceptions, but the democrats have the memories of goldfish. don't they know if they normalize this behavior, the rights always learns from the left. it was not like the tea party just came out of nowhere. before that you had occupy wall street. january 6 actually came after antifa and blm. and also the riots, so if you normalize violence, you are also normalizing violence for the other side. so the best -- if you are political leaders would condemn this, because i hate to tell you, you know, it's -- it always -- we are in this typical thing, and republicans, activists, conservative activist, they have an internal braking system and don't lose control or destroy things because they are more prone to process, order and orderliness. that's why these right for life marches are so calm and peaceful
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and there is no litter, right? because to go to climate change protests, piles of trash. so it's like there is -- the right always has a bit more to lose when it comes to the stuff, because they believe in structure. but obviously they're going to be exceptions, but i think it would behoove the democrats not to make excuses. >> jeanine: you know, kayleigh, we hear about the rage. and for some reason the left feels not only entitled to rage for more than the right, and i don't know if the right does it the way that the left does, but they feel entitled to act out their rage, that it is okay for them. then the administration not saying anything about justice or the supreme court, their homes or young children, the catholic mass on mother's day coming out, these people on the right are basically saying, since roe was decided, they're been 63 million abortions. and that's a long time period earlier this week, but the people on the right aren't going
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crazy, but the left feels they are entitled to rage, and there is no sanction, why? >> kayleigh: they are green-lighted by the white house, so jen psaki got a second bite at the apple, was asked about the violence in the protest at the homes, here's what she said, she was asked specifically does the president want protesters to influence supreme court justices so they uphold roe? which basically that verbatim is a crime if you look at the u.s. code, by protesting at their home? her response was this. i would not say that the president has a particular view on it. exact same thing she said about the leak. does not have a particular view on the leak. so no view, protesting at a supreme court justice is home, no view. i get jen psaki's leaning, she needs her street cried they are, they say all kinds of outrageous things, tiffany cross said let's quote her exactly, pick up a weapon and get involved, nicole wallace apologized to drone strike domestically on u.s.
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citizens, so jen psaki needs a hot take. you have a hot take care by literally green lighting a crime, and you can look at the statute, there is also a code of virginia against protesting at a primary residence, she green-lighted a crime from the podium, she green-lighted a crime and a gavel space. >> jeanine: terrible. >> greg: you are a green light. >> kayleigh: i am a green light. >> harold: back around the table, two things here, first off no one should ever encourage violence to make your points, your political point. >> jeanine: i don't mean to interrupt, i think we all agree with that, what about going to supreme court justice holmes? >> it's wrong, i don't know how much more, but here's what i would caution everyone, this happens across the board. remember, there were abortion clinics that were blown up by conservatives back years ago, back in the '60s, the '50s
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and the '60s, black america where water hosed by people who were with different views in them, this is important, it's understandable, and it's sensible, but what it is not as violent, the president, the white house should encourage anyone who wants to protest a protest peacefully. if it crosses the line, those people should be prosecuted. much like i thought parents had every right to go to every school board meeting and say what they needed to say and want to say, when you threaten the political official or an elected official, you cross the line. the issue here with the protests and the roe v. wade decision are two different things. if you have an opinion on roe v. wade, express yourself, the court will make a determination and decision here. politics is behind a lot of this. i've a strong opinion about this. i think that people should have the right to choose. there should be limitations on abortion in the country, but roe v. wade has worked, but the court will have an opportunity to weigh in on june and the american people will have to live with that decision and we will have to live with the politics after.
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and hopefully the next election, democrats will get out and vote for those who share their opinion, please don't cross the line and engage in any violence before any elected official, any judge. spin on the problem is that the president did not say, don't cross the line, don't do anything violent. when they are talking the language of the left is, you know, we have to rise up? we have to let them know, what other language that they were using. it's very forceful active language. >> lawrence: nothing forceful from the president or jen psaki, as you can remember, he often talked about his compassion and religion and him as a man of the catholic faith, yes, specifically targeting catholic churches, they have not said a thing about that. to harold's point, the problem is not protest or evil, even peaceful protests or the violence, obviously that is wrong, it's the fact that the view of the system, the fact
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that they feel like protesting a judge should change their position -- that is the core of what to the democrats believe, and we are just saying this to the supreme court, but if we remember, this has been happening all across the country. protesting judges, telling the judges on the jury that they should not listen to the testimony that is provided for them or read the brief. they want to tear down the system, and i think at its core with the democratic party believes today is wrong. i mean, we can talk about protests all day, they should not be protesting judges, because judges should not be influenced by protests. and i think that that is the real issue. >> harold: the people that have protest at the capital, what were they going undo there? >> lawrence: i don't believe a january 6. >> harold: i agree with you, i have a new agree with your point. >> jeanine: coming up, a huge controversy on "the love you" a cohost a shock to that black people can be conservative. ♪ ♪
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>> kayleigh: move over, jill biden, you are not the only one insulting conservative america. calling the most extreme political organization in u.s. history. i hundred of others more extreme. and on the last, taking his pew and insulting millions of black and latino conservative. >> i don't stand by, he has done things -- >> black women first, always understand that, but i have many conservative values that it will talk to you about. so you look at your network. he has come and when you look at your network you are standing behind -- >> i feel like that is an oxymoron, a black republican. >> right here is a republican. >> i don't understand how black people are out republicans or latino people are recoverable flamenco republicans. >> kayleigh: never to disappoint. oxymoron, you cannot find the country on the map as don lemon
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tackle that crowd. >> greg: better to be an oxymoron then just a. [laughter] it's hard to be the dumbest person on "the view" it's like being the smelliest member of antifa. in terms of the most extreme organization, jill biden went to the funeral of a leader of the most extreme organization, the kkk. so it's kind of weird to say something like that to somebody's face that you really don't exist. she is looking at a black republican and saying, you know what, i don't even understand who you are or what you are. i think she is a bigot, she is against diversity of thought. she is guilty of sunny supremacy. she thinks she is smarter than everybody and that she is so anti-individualist, that she can't believe a black person would think any way different than she does. she artie does not like white people, she exposes her own weaknesses as she is in a
2:18 pm
severely limited life experience that she does not know any black republican sense operates in a suffocating bubble, that's kind of sad, but it's also bigotry. it's -- she is rejecting the diversity of thought which is really the most anti-individual thing you could be. that we are a nation of individuals, not of groups, and he just say it. >> kayleigh: right. >> lawrence: they say it's not just latinos and younger voters, but knowing the drop and 20 percentage portents against the black and latino community. >> harold: is happening in every single group, and the reason why democrats can get away with this type of language is because we have a pro republican said that say absolu. insulted her right to her face. let's talk about oxymoron, let's talk about the democrats believing that the government
2:19 pm
and the country systemically racist, but they also believe that the solution to that is more government. they say that they care about black lives, but yet they support planned parenthood whose founding mission was to exterminate black and brown babies. and we are not even going to get into the dead bodies in the street today over their little two year experiment of defunding the police. they say they care about the kids and believe that young people, black and brown should have a quality education, but when we need teachers the most, they side with the teachers union. they sign up for a black businesses and want to reform and get rid of redlining, make sure regulation is out of there. they put the policy in the community with black businesses and brown businesses the works. i could go on and on about everything of the policy that is a total oxymoron, but i won't do that, because i think election day is a different story. my only prayer is republicans do something different this election. they deserve it on a silver platter, when i go back to my
2:20 pm
local barbershop and talk about how the crime and the policies economically just crush our community, they look at the win. >> kayleigh: exactly right, lindsey bremmer shot back at sonny hoffman and said coming on to talk about oxymorons, what about being a catholic and being pro-choice? >> jeanine: i was very impressed with her, and she makes it very clear that you can to look at black americans, hispanic americans with a simplistic color chart. if you are this color, you have to think this way. it's a very condescending and arrogant way of looking at people, basically saying, if you're this color, you have to think this way. and how about people who are black, hispanic, i don't care if you are pink, and you have an individual process that is far more intricate than people who look at your skin color, how about a prosecutor who will pick
2:21 pm
a jury of this color because i know that they are going to vote this way. that is wrong belittling of that people. and the irony is that these are the people who champion diversity unless it is diversity of thought. if it is diversity of thought, then you are not allowed in. you are not welcome if you don't agree with us. shame on them. >> kayleigh: shame on them, harold, it echoes the language of the white house talking about this ultra maga agenda sounds like the incredible hulk, who may be i resembled a day given my outfit, but thinking about the ultra maga agenda. i don't think it is effective. >> harold: you are probably right, this is the cancel culture we live in, people hear an idea they don't like and they want to cancel it. as long as it is something that echoes what they want to hear, when i was in law school, every night it got together with a group of friends, a burger joint
2:22 pm
and went to the university of michigan. and the only rule was you can't hurl a personal insult. we talk about the issues that we discussed in class and political issues, and i went up to three, four, five hours at times when we were really enjoying ourselves in having these debates. you can cancel because you don't agree with it, you can cancel john mccain or a black republican or democrat because you don't hear them, we are strengthening these ideas print to this point we want to have this debate. i may not agree with you on everything or kayleigh mcenany on everything. i agree with jay and greg on a lot of things and the judge makes me on a lot of things. but unless you are willing to engage, she is my friend, i don't know if she meant what she said, but i hope she reflects on it and understands. if that young lady she disagrees with, you're not going to win her over or the people that believe in her argument by saying that she does not exist. you can beat her argument, undermine her argument, but you can't undermine the person. we need to remove the personal insult and get back to the
2:23 pm
substance. whether it is on economic issues, business issues, social issues, whatever it may be. >> lawrence: the last thing i will say is harold is a gentleman and trying to find common ground, but they don't want common ground. >> harold: i don't disagree with you there. >> lawrence: you know them by their fruits, when you are on this panel, she had the same opportunity on national tv to bring people together. on her side, she takes it to shame black america who has a point of view, and by the way, not all of us -- there are a lot of conservative black folks at home that identify as independent or conservative, there's only 26% of black americans that identify with liberals, so that's a majority of all of us! that is who she is talking about when she is saying that. >> harold: we should invite her on the show and have a conversation. it's because i don't think she would ever come. i'm just surmising that. >> greg: we would have the lowest rated show if we had her
2:24 pm
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once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: the democrats are boasting about biden's economy, in the markup foraging 28,000 added last month, and continuing to rise, the cost of everything. now says upset americans don't understand just how good the comedy is right now. watch. >> i think has an entire picture of economy, and i don't think that the people in america are getting -- understanding completely where it is. there are some bad things, but
2:29 pm
if we are making these decisions off of the assumption that no jobs are created, that's just not true. >> lawrence: even cnn believes it is just belonging, watch. >> i was going to use the word awful, essentially if you ask americans how they view the economy is a poor or good, 77% say bad, bad, bad. just 23%, you have to go all the way back to 2012 to see numbers that bad, and it is not much of a surprise if you ask folks what's the most important problem facing the country right now? what is the top issue? the economy! >> lawrence: enterprising costs are not as much of a headache, they can't find formulas to see their babies, your mom, do you think that this is going to swing women voters to the republican based on this issue? >> kayleigh: no, absolutely not, that is a real phenomenon, women who can afford diapers. i have a friend who helps out a charity who provides diapers,
2:30 pm
that's how bad the economy is right now, but it is a different story if you go on chief of staff twitter feed, the last eight hours has retweeted 19 tweets saying how great the economy is. this is just a sample of another strong jobs number, solid jobs report. in a certain point, the lady doth protest too much to quote shakespeare, and that's exactly what it's doing, because it is the 1% who thinks that the economy is excellent. i don't know who the 1 percent is, may be jeff bezos, but that's a matter that matters. >> lawrence: is that a communication flaw? they can't spend this number? >> harold: you never want to try to tell people that they are doing better than they think they are doing. what james was saying is that we have some fundamentals where we have to figure out how to frame the message until they share what is the problem. you touched on one or two other
2:31 pm
problems, crime on the border is one thing that we have to get the message around, but put a policy in place at the american people are going to have confidence in. when they show up, the president once a week, i would be in the city with the d.a. judge, and the police chief coming back to washington saying these are the things we have to help cities like the ones that i just visited what they are asking about and what we need cash bail reform, more police officers on the street, providing a mental health services, and when it comes to the economy, we have to invest in cities that create new jobs and attract new jobs, but how do you bring more 5g and ensure that we can produce a potato chips and semiconductors in america? how do we not fall behind china with batteries? i would be talking about things that i interpreted from james, and giving democrats the greatest thing that we had was the economy stipulation where the white house had to listen. >> lawrence: when your prosecutor and trying to give
2:32 pm
someone a break and they have all of these charges there's only so much you can do to work with them. >> and i don't want to work with them if they have that many charges, but that's another issue. the problem is that inflation is raging like never before. inflation has gone up by 8.5%, wages have gone up by 5%. this is a government that is dis- incentivizing work and incentivizing jobs. all right? they are incentivizing people to stay home and to not go to work and to pay students for their lawns for no reason when there are 11 and a half million jobs available, and only 6 million people looking for a job. so it is the incentivizing and the dis- incentivizing that this government is involved in and what they have done with the oil and gas and everything else is they basically shut down the growth. we have already have one quarter with 1.4% drop, if we have another quarter with another drop, we are in a recession.
2:33 pm
all right? i am not a genius and i am not an economist, but i know that. so don't tell me everything is going great, i don't care how you frame it. the bottom line is people are hurting, people are hungry, people are obsessing jobs, house, rent, it's very bad. >> lawrence: it just seems like they insult the voters when they have no more arguments, instead of saying, turn it around, don't believe your own eyes or your pocketbook. >> greg: i don't know if they can turn it around, the shortage of baby formula, what is he going to have for lunch? thank god there are no shortages and stuff that i eat and drink, i check it's the great consumer index, and chinese ribs with the red wine, fine. this baby formula thing though, i did not know about it. jessica told me -- and it's like i imagine -- this is something that i'm getting to a point, i think. if you are disassociated or
2:34 pm
detach from a problem, sometimes you don't even know it exists, and it reminds me of how detached people in the media were with the covid shutdowns. or the effects of the economy or the effects of crime, because you never hear -- you have security where you work and stuff like that. and food shortages, and the media could sustain a lot of the stuff, especially the shutdowns because we just worked her way through it. we could get studios at home. so people are hurting, but the same people in the media have the means to absorb the pain that others don't, same thing with crime, their answer to crime is two words. what scares me in the future is this war and the effects of the war on future food shortages. if we are already having problems right now and we are all in on this thing, and every country is going to feel it, especially the poor ones like africa, and i think that when you have food shortages and this is what dana has explained to me a number of occasions it usually
2:35 pm
does lead to more war, the countries that go to war go to war because they don't have food. so we are having this conflict going on right now which could create severe food shortages which will then lead to more war. it could be a good time to start figuring out a negotiated settlement before it gets really, really bad. that's my take. >> lawrence: i think the biggest story here is the media, we saw this during covid saying we are all in this together and they see it differently and eventually turn on the media. i think that it's going to be the same for this issue as well. up next, knives are out for elon musk, the big attack on the world's richest man is next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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2:40 pm
and stance on free-speech landing him in hot water with the media. "the new york times" being accused of targeting the world's richest man in a new profile. "elon musk grew up in an and lead white community in south africa to be surrounded by antiblack propaganda taking over twitter is a free speech win, but did not suffer the effects of misinformation." a lot they are as you think about his purchase here and the implication for free speech, but what about this "new york times" piece? it's before it's crazy, because most people do not read behind the headlines, and suggested that he was racist, and then you go and go through the article and find out, no, he left because it was racist, and then also had many black friends which a lot of people always mock, but how else do you judge whether somebody is racist or not it is by who they hang out with.
2:41 pm
so some of my best friends are black, it sounds really trite, but that's actually a measurement of who you hang out with. if you don't hang out with people who are black, that might say something. elon musk has not done anything. it's like complaining about heartburn before you eat at taco bell. and saying that he will make twitter worse. it's like saying taking a shower will make your potbelly bigger. there's no connection. twitter is not -- is in a bad state as it is. he can make it bigger. the other point and i will shut up, how do you quantify a story like this, because it is not news, but it is also not opinion. it is like a manufactured conclusion based on loose connections, so they start with the conclusion. he is from south africa, i bet we can twist this thing into a racial thing. let's work that. let's start there and work backwards. it is to do this all the time at men's health, i would come up with a cover line and go five steps to a flat abs and then sign it. and they would go into it. that's how we built the magazine was come up with the content of
2:42 pm
the actual headline first and work backwards. that's what the news business is now. they don't report it, they create it. >> harold: does all of this attention help him as he is amassing the team and the capital to do this? i think he went to the same school that i went to, but does this help him in some way? >> jeanine: it's interesting that you ask that question, because when they started with the racist thing, we know that if the left wants to demonize you, they call you are racist. there is no word worse than a racist, it can be a variety of things, but we all know it is bad paid when they started with him in a red part of the article that said he is one of those free-speech absolutists as if there is something wrong with one of the pillars on which the country was started, but i must tell you that this is all an attempt to simply demonize the man and you know what, my ears are closed, i am done listening. and his mother had the greatest answerable and said now you are
2:43 pm
going to blame children for decisions made by a government? people in south africa where there was apartheid, but he went to a school, black schoolmates and spent time with his black friends, his father said that he was aware that there was something wrong with apartheid. he was a kid. give me a break. i am done with that hate. let them prove themselves through twitter, let them do -- give them a chance to run or win or whatever he is going to do, but i'm done with the hate. >> harold: the battery, people in space, what is your thinking? >> kayleigh: he has 2-0, don't underestimate elon musk, the point that you make judge and greg, i have it here. they bury those points in paragraphs nine, 11, and 13 as they always do. so it in no way reflects the conclusion, and the question i would have it is ironic that this comes on a day where president joe biden said even back when we had real segregation all of those guys,
2:44 pm
at least we would end up eating lunch together. to those comments got them in hot water with kamala harris on the campaign trail. so looking at expose this weekend on the war and peace like model lament novel you could do. it won't happen. >> lawrence: as was said, the worst thing you can call a person is a racist, but it's the first thing progressives used to discredit. let's face it, they left them before, and that the opposition research is really not opposition research coming out to defame him. i would not so much watch elon musk, i would watch jack dorsey, do you see him secretly cheering for elon musk? he is a devout liberal. and you know what that tells me, they are all tired of this. a lot of them don't have the money or the guts to stand up for it. but look at all of these companies -- all of them are all of a sudden silent.
2:45 pm
you have not heard a peep from them. because they have been pressured for so long to just get on board. they disagree with it, but no one wants to be beat cancer. so don't just watch the lawn, watch all of the people that are silent or secretly supporting him. i think that he is not just for conservatives or libertarians, but a lot of the liberals that are sick of this nonsense. >> harold: good point, fan mail friday is up next. ♪ ♪ [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside
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♪ ♪ >> greg: greatest opening sequence of any show. fan mail friday, first questions, i have a feeling it will end up all of you making fun of me. but the first question from scott, what an annoying do you have? do you have, judge, that you don't think any of your coworkers noticed, you first? >> jeanine: and constantly move. i constantly move. before i would not pick that one. >> jeanine: what would you have picked?
2:50 pm
>> greg: that, when you say, what are you doing? swing on viewers disagree! >> greg: take over my block. harold, you don't have any -- what annoying habits? >> harold: the fact that i am a democrat. >> greg: is not annoying, but when you start, good to be back here. >> lawrence: can i be honest? >> jeanine: no, lied to us. >> greg: a taken issue with everything else you said. that just means you are a gentleman. like lawrence said. >> lawrence: i talk with my hands a lot, they move, they've got to move. it shows what i'm feeling and i also talk with my face which is a bad thing even if i don't say it with my mouth, you'll see it on my face but what you do, you always are scribbling on that pad, but he talks to me. >> greg: that's so true, that's not the worst of it though. >> kayleigh: i guess you would have to to ask emily compagno and harris faulkner come everybody has outlined that they
2:51 pm
use, circle back, minus that is exactly right. i say it over and over. >> greg: what does emily say? 1000%. tier point, 1000%! used to be 100%, and then she said -- of course mine is -- go ahead. i kind of move my foot a little bit. i have been doing it not lately, but i've decided i'm crossing my legs now to stop it, but i don't know what it is. it's all of this amazing energy inside me. [laughter] all right, this is interesting, what do you own a ridiculous amount of, kaylee? >> kayleigh: oh, gosh. >> greg: say baby formula. >> kayleigh: disney movies, all before the controversy. so there you go. >> harold: shoes. >> greg: how many pairs? >> lawrence: 243. 243. all air jordan.
2:52 pm
out of the closet. >> greg: all right, judge. >> kayleigh: they are beautiful in her office! >> greg: i own a ridiculous amount of love. and records. i own so many records it is disgusting and i don't know what to do with them. >> harold: the records i gave you for christmas? >> greg: yes, of course, i play them. and by the week, i listen to it once. anyway, i will shut up, because "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 2. now covered by medicare for those who qualify.
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it is time now for one more thing. >> tonight another great shope got john waters, the legend, kennedy. it is fantastic. let's do this. haven't had a birthday in a while but check out this two
2:57 pm
toed sloth named fernando at a birthday party it is hot. they gave him roses to munch on and a tree made of biscuits, apples, and zucchini they went to a strip club, which i don't condone. i don't like objectives by slot spear expect okay, all right. my one more thing, it's a forme speech to myself i take pity upon those who speed and then get stopped. take a look. >> excuse me i notice you don't have a license play. okay. you've got 30 days to get it fixed. police in clermont, florida, ar using safe driving videos, essentially a therapy dog when she's not leaving cops on you t
2:58 pm
speak to turned out to be a 2,000 bus. she purchased a marble busted 2018 productive during research the sculpture which had been looted during world war ii has now gone on display at the san antonio museum of art pair expect that is amazing it is. >> by shannon bream's book, friend of fine. i've read part of it. also i misplayed this last time harper joe biden -- at this time. she watches the five. >> what does the dolphin say. what does a duck say what does greg gutfeld say.
2:59 pm
she said peter in the commercia break. how old is she quick. >> she was two and now she is two and a half. catch my show. sean hannity will be a special guest pair also this is a florida principal. she said if it was not for the quick action of a school bus driver, 40 students might have been in grave danger he could smell smoke coming from the hoo of the bus said he jumped over and got everybody off the bus before it burst into flames she said she acted so quickly because she loves the kids pick a true hero look at that bus. it was something with the engin or something like that. she wasn't keeping up on at. >> you've got to do the repairs. i've never seen a bus just firs in the flames like that.
3:00 pm
let me ask you one more thing. who is on show tomorrow night? thanks for mentioning it. sean hannity is going to be on. will see you back here on monda night pair i hope you have a wonderful weekend. happy mother's day. >> good evening and welcome to los angeles. a solid april jobs report does not call him a very shaky wall street. markets we with new main negative after marv the economy out of more than for hundred thousand jobs last month. and the unemployment rate remained at a near half-century low. foxbusiness joins us now from new york. good evening pair expect that jobs report you talked about today did show the labor market is still quite robust in many ways,


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