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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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georgia judge the determent you are allowed to vote for marjorie taylor green even if "atlantic" magazine and "new york times" don't like her opinions because that is democracy. here is a victory should celebrate. have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love, the governor's race in california, a man with a chance to win joins us monday. we'll see you then. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." fox news alert, the 45th president of the united states is onstage in pennsylvania at a huge rally despite what was heavy rains for republican senate candidate, for dr. mamet's pickle it has been raining nonstop all day but that has not stopped locals from turning out in force, we'll take you there live in just a moment but first we contrast and turn to the washington swamp for our current president can barely do anything much less hold a massive rally.
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38 people at his last event in new hampshire or wherever it was. of course, if biden does ever hold a rally, not many people would show up especially if it's raining, he's probably the least popular president of the modern era and for good reason. we have a record high inflation, 41 year high, record high gas prices, the highest we've ever paid to. the stock market is plummeting, the economy now is shrinking, you're paying more for every product you buy in every store. real wages are going down, the border is a disaster, war in europe is waged and what is joe doing? he's not even giving the ukrainians enough in terms of military equipment to win the war against vladimir putin and if you're keeping track like we are, joe biden abandoned americans behind enemy lines in afghanistan, it is day 265. this is the tip of the iceberg, there is no law, no order, they have defund, dismantle, no bail laws all over the place and now
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ahead of the midterms democrats are attempting to gain power by any means possible including violent threats, political intimidation, they can't run on their record, they can't run on biden's a charm and charisma because it doesn't exist, they can't run on his keen intellect, so they are preying on the fears of the american people with some of the worst, most dishonest we've ever seen in coming up during the show we will show you how the left is attempting to gin up hysteria including a campaign to docs, harass, intimidate u.s. supreme court justices and their families going to their homes. now we take you live on the ground in greensburg pennsylvania where president trump is now speaking with doctor's. >> we did an incredible job and we got everything, a person from the state department came over and said that was the most amazing thing i've ever seen in government! i said it was quite easy as i told you it would be. when republicans retake
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congress, we should immediately pass legislation to ban the federal government from unloading plane loads and plane loads and truckloads and everything else of illegal aliens in american communities. into our homeland, this is our homeland that we love and we cherish. our country is full, we can't take it anymore. they are trying to destroy our country, we can't let that happen. in addition to illegal immigration, biden has blown out the refugee camp by 800% plus. think of that, we had a cap on the number of people that could come into our country, he's 800% above the cap and that doesn't include the ones that come in legally which is frankly most of them. including bringing in tens of thousands of unvented,
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unscreened foreign nationals from afghanistan on the planes, hundreds of thousands of people and only 3% qualified to come in. some of them are terrorists. i've been very good at predicting -- did you ever hear that? you are going to be paying for that, we are going to be paying for that for many years to come, republicans should vote to restore my strong policy prohibiting refugee resettlement without the approval of local government, under the defund the police mantra, they want to defund the police. [boos] our high crime and democrat run cities are also being ravaged by the scorch of violent crime, its violence. last year, philadelphia -- here we are in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, we have to talk about philadelphia where frankly i went to college, a very wonderful place called the wharton school of finance.
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last year philadelphia broke all records for murders. listen to this, this is un-american city with 562 homicides. 562, that is a war zone, that's not a city. for 32-year-old woman who was seven months pregnant was gunned down outside her home as she unloaded gifts from her baby shower, a few weeks ago in pittsburgh a 15-year-old boy was left dead after being shot in the head while riding his bicycle down the street. in march, 50 bullets were fired into a crowded pittsburgh party leaving to go people dead, eight others gravely wounded and still more badly injured when they jumped out of windows to escape the slaughter, they jumped out of windows when they were badly injured. democrats are the party of
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crime, the party of chaos and the party of death, they are, whether you hate saying it or like saying it, they are the party of death, republicans are the party of law, order, and life. you know what else republicans are? they are the party of the american dream, they really are, the party of the american dream which is being taken away from you. if you want to make our country safer for violent criminals, both for the radical democrats. if you want to make it safer for your family, your children and for law-abiding americans, you must vote for republicans, you must. i don't know if you heard -- our party is growing by leaps and bounds with the hispanics, african-americans, asian americans, everybody. the party is a much different party than it was when i started
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six years ago -- six years ago, really and we have a much different party. some people say trump -- call it whatever you want to. it's a party of safety and common sense. right here in pennsylvania, that starts with nominating the man who has by far the best chance to win. pennsylvania's u.s. senate race this fall. my friend, dr. mehmet oz -- she's a great man. dr. oz, i've known him a long time. his show is great. he's on that screen, he's in the bedrooms of all those women telling them good and bad and they love him. came into a place, women waiting for something unrelated, they are saying that dr. oz? he's taken a lot of horrible,
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unfair shots. wall street people who have plenty of money, spending millions of dollars, treating him unfairly, enormously successful career on television, now he's running to save the country just like i do from the radical left lunatics and maniacs. dr. oz is a man who truly believes in make america great again or the maga movement, he believes that 100%. he supported by sean hannity and we all love sean hannity. rick perry, and very importantly he is supported somebody known as me -- he's supported by me. as your senator, he will fight
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to end illegal immigration, end sanctuary cities and put dangerous criminals behind bars, that's what he wants to do. he's going to stop the democrat, socialist, communist and confront china like no senator in the history of our state. by the way, you have a senator who is very weak on china, this guy to me, i wouldn't give him my endorsement so he wouldn't run. this guy to me is so bad on china. let me ask you a question, pat, a stupid question, china has been ripping us off for many years, you've done nothing about it. if they are charging us 100% tariff, are we allowed to charge them 100% tariff? >> no, sir, it's not free trade. >> are we allowed to charge them 50%? nope. >> 25%? >> can't judge anything. i said there's something wrong
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with this guy, this is your senator, he knew that. he raised his hand to impeach me and i would have given him the nod, i would've given him the nomination, he would've never raised his hand which tells you i have a certain courage but i also believe the lot and the other senators we happen to have republican senators but he wanted me to endorse him and i couldn't do it because he was so bad on trade he was giving our country away to china. dr. oz is running against the liberal wall street republican named david mccormick who i've known. he's another one in all fairness, he fought hard for it, he hired almost every person that worked anywhere -- if anyone was in 200 miles of me, he hired them. but he didn't want my endorsement but i couldn't do it. you have some other very good people, i know in particular
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these two people, they are both leading but i have to say, dr. oz is leading by more. a poll just came out, he's up by three or four points. david came out very strongly against me on numerous occasions, this was before he was going to run and all of a sudden he says i like this guy a lot including with respect to the disinformation spread about january 6th, total disinformation. remember about january 6th if i might. i am the one who strongly requested the 10,000 military soldiers or national guard to nancy pelosi and the mayor of d.c. on january 3rd, 3 days early because she's in charge of the capital, both of them and she and the mayor turned it down, they didn't want it. secretary of defense offered it to them, they turned it down -- they were in charge -- they
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could have it or not to. if they had listened to me and my recommendation there would have been no january 6th and the select committee of highly partisan political hacks and losers would never have been chosen, it should never be going on right now because we offered to have 10,000 soldiers circling the capital so you would have never had a problem but they turned it down and now they are saying conspiracy -- he doesn't love our country. i love the country so much more than they do and i've done much more for this country than they have. [cheers and applause] i don't know david well and he may be a nice guy but he's not maga. he's more pat to me than he is maga. i know he was with a company that managed money for communist china and he's absolutely the candidate of special interests
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and globalists and the washington establishment and those are the people that are not only spending millions and millions of dollars on his campaign, they have unlimited money to try to destroy oz, they want to destroy this great warrior and a truly nice person, they aren't going to do it. they are also the people ripping off the united states with the bad trade deals, open borders and every other thing the people in this audience will never stand for and you fully reject. totally controlled by mitch mcconnell, the old broken down crow. mitch mcconnell is the least popular politician in the country. he's an old broken down crow -- i want to be nice. i had that word -- i just want to but i couldn't do it. i would go home and the
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first lady would go why did you use that foul language? i love you so much but why did you use it? he's an old broken down piece of crow. david fits in with him, they gave away this $1.9 trillion to the infrastructure deal to the democrats, there is virtually no infrastructure. liz cheney, adam kinsinger, mitt romney and all the other rhinos trying to destroy our party and to destroy our country fit in so nicely with david mccormick, that's the way it is. we can't let it happen. he will quickly fold to the fake news, he is going to fold immediately to the radical left democrats, that's the way it is and oz will never do that.
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he will fight to the end and he will always have your back. we can always count on dr. oz. i know him well. he did an interview with me on his show, i did a show years ago and he said i want to do a physical on you and i said that's okay. just like a joe biden everybody running for president should take a cognitive test, he wanted to a physical -- i felt great. he came out with a great report, he's very healthy but he should lose some weight. i said that's not good to. that's not good, you had to say that -- didn't you? you had to say that, you could have been perfect. i would've liked him even more if he would've said he is really healthy and he has one of the greatest bodies have ever seen. we can always count on dr. oz to stand up for the united states and against communist china and if you don't mind, i would like to have dr. oz come up and say a few words.
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>> do we love president trump, pennsylvania? has joe biden made him miss him even more? the only thing he has built back better is a republican party. president trump leads, he sees the shining city on the hill, he sees it here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, he's fighting to save it but he's fighting for more. when you save the soul of pennsylvania, to save the soul of america and the rest of the world is watching us, controlling, authoritarian surveillance state of china, they see democracy giving rise to capitalism that president trump made function so beautifully just 15 months ago.
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it seems surreal it has been ruined so quickly. that's what it means the world to me that you are here, god bless you and thank you for the endorsement. >> thank you, oz. he didn't need this, just like i didn't have to be here tonight and this horrible rainstorm. our first lady said are you crazy? do it a different day and i said i'm not going to let those people down, they had been there for four days, we are not letting them down, we are never going to let them down. the primary is on may 7th, early voting begins this tuesday may 10th, get out and vote. if you want to see the fake news crying tears of despair on election night just like they did -- again, we did so much
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better the second time, they said we are never good to let it happen again. they may let it happen again, vote for dr. oz, he is an outstanding person. we are also joined by representatives and these are warriors, these are friends of mine, run up here and say a couple of words. john joyce, mike kelly. alex mooney, he is in the big race. that's one of the big races they keep saying is mooney going to win? he's being backed by trump, he's got an opponent but i think he's going to do really well. the next congressman. >> sean: when he gets back to speaking we will go back to the massive rally in pennsylvania tonight. join us right now fox news contributor charlie hurt, florida congressman and as i said fox news contributor
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joe concha -- congressman, i'll start with you. 55-08 trump endorsement is a pretty good track record, what impact do you believe this has on the race? >> it's going to have a major impact, i watch the pennsylvania debate from the other day and they had a couple candidates who looked really good but president trump coming into pennsylvania showing his support for dr. oz is going to have a major impact, i'm i'm not sure w the other candidates can overcome the momentum that dr. oz is going to receive. >> sean: he's up three or four in the last poll somebody showed me, your take joe concha, how important is this endorsement? e1 michael michael 55 endorsements. >> if you are j.d. vance or dr. oz, you are counting your lucky stars that you got this endorsement. dr. oz is getting national tv attention and will get plenty of headlines tomorrow. when you have a close primary
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race with multiple candidates like we have in pennsylvania, like we saw in ohio, that can make all the difference. bottom line is donald trump has his rally speech down pat apparently and he seems so comfortable in these settings, he never comes across as a politician, trump is trumped, he is authentic and unfiltered, you can agree or disagree with what he has to say but he's very consistent with his principles, he's unapologetic with his perspective and given what we've seen over the last year and a half i'm sure that is refreshing to more than a few folks. >> sean: let's go to your thoughts charlie hurt and the reason -- and the president referenced that, i endorsed him not to because i've known him as a friend, i'm not endorsing people that are friends, i endorse people that i know believe in conservatism, capitalism, our constitution, law and order, choice in schools, low taxes, less bureaucracy, energy independence, constitutionalist on the bench, free and fair
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trade, peace through strength, those are the people in looking for and i had numerous conversations on these very topics and just like when i came out very early for president trump i put all my conservative credentials on the line and i said he will govern conservatively and a lot of conservatives beat the out of me at the time. i think i was proven right, as were you. >> i think the most important thing, not to state the obvious but we are talking about a primary and that is where the republican party is shaped. the fact that president trump is investing so much of his political capital in reshaping the republican party -- he said in a minute ago that the republican party today is not the republican party that he found when he ran in 2016. that is very true. he is very much altered the face
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of the republican party and i think very much for the good. there was an entire wing of the republican party who actually believe the democrats talking points, talking about secure borders, somehow anti-hispanic or racist. a look at the republican party today, everybody agrees at the border is probably the number one issue, securing the border -- >> sean: is at a 40 year inflation high? the highest gas prices we have ever paid. negative growth in this last quarter, heading towards a recession. the disaster in afghanistan, the disaster unfolding -- there's no urgency to help ukraine beat vladimir putin. if we were committed to that i believe they could do it, they have the will to do it. as bad as i predicted joe biden's presidency would be, it is far worse but to those principles that donald trump ran on and governed on worked.
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you can finish it from there. >> on every one of those issues, you just mentioned they have gotten so much worse under joe biden, you can pin every single one of those things directly to joe biden's policies in making them worse. >> sean: that's the thing, all of these problems -- we had the border under control, the economy was roaring back, we didn't run out of covert tests when donald trump was president. we were energy independence, we were a net exporter of energy. now imagine biden trying to make a deal with the iranian mullahs and import oil from there and let the russians build a nuclear facility and take off the no-fly list -- the revolutionary guard to sending emissaries to negotiate oil deals with that venezuelan murdering dictator thug? opec keeps rejecting joe biden and his request to produce more
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energy and pump more oil, that's insanity to me when we have more energy than we could ever use for 200 years. >> you're absolutely right, joe biden has failed on every issue not just facing americans at home but americans across the globe and our allies positioning across the globe. he has always been wrong, it's one of the reasons he has been lingering in the senate for ever, he got elected and didn't go anywhere. he never did anything and now he's in charge. unfortunately the american people are seeing firsthand what america first principles mean and how they impact every segment of our population versus a tired democrat politician playing the bernie sanders playbook that does not work for anyone. >> sean: i see the president's back speaking again, we'll go back to greensburg pennsylvania, president trump stumping for dr. oz in that senate primary for the republican nomination to
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run for senate in november, let's go back to president trump. >> we gave $28 billion of it to our great farmers, we love our farmers, many in pennsylvania. to protect pennsylvania energy workers, i withdrew from the unfair paris claimant accord, a rip-off. i canceled obama's falsely named clean power plan which was a disaster, other than the name of the plan, it was a disaster. i ended the war on pennsylvania oil and gas and i ended the war on clean, beautiful coal. we put our minors back to work to come we fought for pennsylvania and we won for pennsylvania and when we win this november, this coming midterm which i think it may be will be the most important in our country's history, we will fight and win for pennsylvania and our country itself because our country is in serious trouble. we will win and weibel's office
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horrible, horrible onslaught with a republican congress. we must defend parents rights, no teacher should ever be allowed to teach transgender to our children without parental consent. we will save our kids and we will also keep men out of women's sports. in addition we will get critical race theory out of our schools out of our military in every part of our federal, state, and local governments, then just about on his first day in office, he rode an executive order ending it. got rid of all of them, one of our highest priorities will be to crack down on left-wing censorship and restore free speech in america, we don't have free speech. we don't have free speech and we
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have a totally crooked. we will immediately terminate joe biden's so-called disinformation governing board, how about that one? a chilling and un-american power grab that we will not allow to stand, go out and sign up now for truth -- i'm so happy to be back on social media which is number 1 on the apple store, all others, number one. can you believe it? i open this thing, we have a great platform, what a great honor it is to look at that, it's going to be the voice of the people are killed by the way, jason miller i want to introduce jason miller, he's a great friend of mine, he's done a fantastic job, he also has a big voice out there on social media wherever he may be. wherever you are in this crowd
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of people, we love you. thank you. i'm glad i remembered to do that, the radical left democrat party is not a 50% party within our country, i believe that. they are against god, guns, oil, law enforcement, the constitution and the founding fathers. other than that, they are wonderful. the only way they win is to cheat in elections, i really believe that, you can't be against those things and think you are a 50/50 party. we have to restore election integrity in our country. in 2016 we won pennsylvania by a lot. from that .2016 to make 2020, republicans out of registered -- because of me to a large extent the democrats in pennsylvania, listen to this. 21-1, that never happened before. we out registered them 21-1
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which is why on election night, we were up by more than 650,000 votes, it was over. and then, we are going to be closing up for a little while, they said. at every level republicans must fight for universal voter i.d., citizenship confirmation, no more fake drop boxes -- they are fake. no more private money pouring into local election offices, no more. just like in france. we just had and we got to view a big election that just took place. we should have one day voting with only paper ballots and mail in ballots accepted only from distant military service members if they are not in the country or people who are very, very sick. it should last one day, what about these elections that last 48 days where they have boxes and boxes? they are in rooms and storage,
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nobody watching over them, you say what's going -- one day paper ballots. one day election? paper ballots like we used to have. we have a process that nobody trusts and you can't have a great country of nobody trusts the elections and frankly you shouldn't trust them, they are so corrupt. we are six months away from the most important midterm victory in american history and we need a landslide to so big that the radical left cannot rake it or steal it. at a certain point if you win buy enough they can't rake it but we are watching them very closely, more closely than ever before. we are going to take back the house and take back the senate and we are going to take back america. in 2024, most importantly we are going to take back our beautiful
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white house. get your friends, get your family and get everyone you know, get out to vote for dr. oz, you got to do it. i want to thank j.d. vance for being here by the way, what a job he did. he's hot, he's a great, hot celebrity. maybe he won't remember me anymore he will say trump? he's all right. he's going to remember all of ud for a long time politically in my opinion, very smart and he's the one that can win and he will win in ohio. j.d. vance, good man. he really stepped forward and you know what? the people of ohio really
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stepped forward, they did a great job of. a republican congress, we will fight for more jobs for pennsylvania families, fair trade for pennsylvania workers and more pennsylvania factories forging more products stamped with those beautiful words, made in the usa. we will shut down by the in sport disaster, reinstitute our strong remain in mexico policy. we will reimpose title 42 which i understand they are ending. you want to see people come into our country? knockout title 42? strengthen the patriots of vice and border patrol and we will end catch and release, we will end chain migration, a disaster. we will end the visa lottery and we will quickly finish the remaining portion of the wall. could have been done in a few weeks, we will stop the democrat crime wave, we will give our
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police the power they need and the respect they deserve. i want to thank the pennsylvania police for the treatment they have given me, i love the police police, they do a great job, they aren't given the kind of accolades they should get every single day, it's dangerous work and they do an incredible job. we will not take legal protection ever away from them, they want to take legal protection if they haven't to make a mistake or somebody sues them, they have to protect themselves, that's not going to happen. we will restore law and order to america, we will hold china accountable for unleashing the virus upon the world. we will protect innocent life, defend our constitution and defend the second amendment. we will probably uphold the judeo-christian values and principles of our nation's founding. by the way, very importantly as
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you know during that term, records -- almost 300 federal judges and three justices of the supreme court of the united states and they are making a very big decision now. we will restore patriotic education to our schools and we will teach our children to love their country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. in conclusion, our maga movement -- make america great again, is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our country and the fake news can't even challenge it. it's the greatest movement in the history of our country and probably beyond that. some of the most vicious
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opponents are people have ever seen, despite great outside dangers, and we do have tremendous outside dangers more than ever before because our so-called leaders -- i say so-called, they don't know what they are doing or how to deal with it. despite that, our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister, demented and evil people that we have from within your cono matter how big and powerful these corrupt radicals may be, you must never forget, this nation does not belong to them. this nation belongs to you. it belongs to you. [crowd chanting "usa"]
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i want to thank you all for coming out in this unbelievable weather. i want to thank me too, i could've had -- by the way, your wife is so incredible, you're going to get a great first lady in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, you're going to get a first lady, i know her well. she loves her husband and her family, thank you very much for being here and a standing, especially the first lady, standing with us, thank you very much. this is your home, this is your heritage and american liberty is your god-given rights. from allentown to johnstown, from easton to erie, from harrisburg to pittsburgh and right here greensburg, we stand on the shoulders of american legends who poured out their blood, sweat and tears for
6:37 pm
our rights and our freedom. pennsylvania is the commonwealth where our founding fathers declared american energy independence, think of that, you were the first ones many, many years ago, who would think -- we had it done a year and a half ago and today we are begging for energy, we are begging enemies for energy. it's where the army weathered its brutal winter in valley forge, where general george washington led his men in a daring mission across the delaware and where our union was saved by the immortal heroes at gettysburg. gettysburg, pennsylvania. one of the most vicious battles in history and one of the most beautiful places on earth, isn't that interesting? this is the state where
6:38 pm
generations of tough, strong pennsylvania minors, factory workers, and the steelworkers forged of the greatest nation in history of the world. it was the hardworking patriots like you who built this country and it was the hardworking patriots like you who are going to save our country from what's happening right now. we will stand up to the radical left lunatics and the rinos and we will fight for america like no one is ever fought for the country before. there is no mountain we cannot climb, there is no victory we cannot have, we will not bend, we will not break. we will not yield, we will never give in, we will never give up, we will never, ever, back down.
6:39 pm
as long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand a small chance of victory because we are americans and americans kneel to god and to god alone. my fellow citizens, this incredible journey we are on together has only just begun. oz is going to help us to have it keep going. it's time to start talking about greatness for a country again, we don't do that. we don't talk about greatness anymore, we talk about everything else. one people, one family, one glorious nation under god. with the help of everyone here today and citizens all across our land, we will make america
6:40 pm
powerful again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, pennsylvania, thank you very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: we will have full reaction to president trump's speech, a full-throated endorsement tonight. it's been an amazing race to watch, two things that come to mind of the top of my head, do you think joe biden can do a rally like that? i think it's impossible and i doubt many people would even show up. what has been an amazing thing about this race it -- i support dr. oz i'm very upfront and open because he's in america first conservative. he believes in lower taxes, less bureaucracy, he believes in energy independence -- look at the state of pennsylvania. we have 200 plus years of natural gas under our feet, he could be supplying our nato allies are western european allies. dr. oz has faced tens of
6:42 pm
millions of dollars from establishment hacks turning him into somebody unrecognizable. he supports secure borders, energy independence. he supports law and order, he supports school choice, he supports constitutionalists on the bench. he is a believer in peace through strength and he believes in free and fair trade, i know because i've known him. one i endorse the donald trump very early on there are a lot of people that attacked me and said hannity, what about donald trump, he was once pro-choice, he once donated to democrats, even the clintons -- and i was like yeah that was so he could keep building buildings in new york, he knew the system and he played the system because it was the only way to get his workers to be able to work. he admitted it was ridiculous. dr. oz is an america first make america great again, save america conservative. now the president with a 55-0 record of endorsements in a row,
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this is going to be an interesting to see the impact, we'll have full coverage of the president and his rally but i want to turn our attention back to the white house first where joe biden has had a rough couple of days -- take a look. you decide. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> where my heading? really. afghanistan, iran, iraq, now ukraine. there it is, educating people in the back. >> she's over here, how can you miss her? >> i tell you what -- that's my granddaughter, my oldest daughter, eldest granddaughter. >> and her fiance.
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>> sean: obviously he is not doing well and during one lucid moment, he openly reminisced about the good old days when he ate lunch with segregationists. you can't make this up -- take a look. >> we always used to fight like hell, even back in the old days when we had real segregationists and all those guys but at least we would end up eating lunch together. things have changed, we got to bring it back to. >> sean: good old days, having lunch with segregationists. wow, that's the same guy that partnered with a former klansman robert byrd to stop the integration of public schools, he didn't want public schools to become racial jungles, that was his word. every week he gets worse and worse. make no mistake, joe is not in charge. he barely knows -- today is friday, what they of the week it is. radical socialists have taken control of the democratic party
6:45 pm
and for the past year they had been steering this country off a cliff faster than i anticipated. i told you it would be bad -- live free or die, america, the world on the brink. end of the midterms in order to distract from their many failures, liberals are now attempting to gin up mass hysteria after someone leaked justice alito's draft opinion that could soon overturn roby ry wade. in spite of all the hyperbole out there, lying out there, propaganda and misinformation, abortion in america will still be legal in the u.s. and will be regulated by state legislatures. this is what we said for a long time. if you are a conservative and believe in the constitution, they made up enumerated rights in the constitution, that is supposed to then go to the state, that is the tenth amendment. according to prominent democrats the world is ending, the sky is falling, the country will never be the same.
6:46 pm
>> this opinion is dark, it is incredibly dangerous and it is not just about a woman's right to choose, it is about much more than that. many americans say i'm not a woman it doesn't affect me, i'm not black, it doesn't affect me -- once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next. >> this is a radical, right wing, runaway, republican sanctioned assault by the supreme court on our freedom, our constitution. >> we don't have a long history of protecting equal marriage. we don't have a history of protecting interracial marriage, we don't have a long history of protecting access to contraception. all of those things we have counted on and he said the america we are could potentially under justice alito's own analysis go out.
6:47 pm
>> sean: now what's their plan? let's go back to court packing, we'll try that. not what they're saying is true, not one word. their radical followers are taking to the streets in some are attempting to harass supreme court justices at their homes. activists posting a map online, putting out personal address of supreme court justices, others are outside the supreme court building where law enforcement now have erected a large wall and those working inside for far left rioters. one left-wing group is planning to target pro-life catholic churches on mother's day and just this week a church in denver was vandalized with a pro-abortion graffiti. let me be clear on this program, we condemn all political violence, all intimidation, we've got to include and protect every single elected official,
6:48 pm
every judge that service, everybody that works in government needs to be protected and frankly every american deserves law and order and safety and security because without which you cannot pursue happiness. that's the problem with defund, dismantle, no bail laws the democrats have supported. the democrats are willing to condemn violence only when it helps them politically, no one in the democratic party is even willing to condemn the doxxing, giving out the addresses and the harassment of u.s. supreme court justices. their silence is deafening like in the summer of 2020, 574 riots. we've had dozens of dead americans, thousands of injured police officers, billions in property damage, where is that committee? looking into those riots? where are those prosecutions? many democrats hailing the supreme court leaker as a hero. it's almost as if they wanted these justices to face
6:49 pm
intimidation. democrats only care about power and this year there is no way they can run on their record, it's so atrocious. buckle up because we are about to face a steady stream of hysteria now for the next six months. here with reaction nevada cemend candidate has the endorsement of president trump -- 55-0 in terms of endorsements that he has won, pretty impressive. how important is donald trump's endorsement. in your case we saw what happened in ohio, and to dr. oz tonight. >> i'm so honored to have the president's endorsement from the first week of this campaign, and the bottom line elections aren't just about electing republicans, we need to elect a fighting conservative's. president trump nose and voters in my state know i'm a fight a
6:50 pm
conservative, we fought against the obama administration, sanctuary cities, second amendment, these are the things that i bring to the table. that's why president trump is standing with me. obviously i was his chair in 2020, we had to fight against the election integrity issues but we need to make sure we have america first conservatives who understand the status quo is not acceptable. we have to find a way to take back our country, we have to find a way to be on the march and that's something i plan on doing is the senator from nevada. 's be what i can tell you in han a minute what conservatism is, we believe in liberty, freedom, capitalism, our constitution, lower taxes, less bureaucracy. we believe in law and order, we believe in choice in schools and a better education and parental involvement in schools. we believe in secure borders, energy independence, these are not complicated issues. we want people that will not
6:51 pm
legislate from the bench but rely on our constitution in making their decisions, people that are constitutionalists. free and fair trade and peace through strength which we desperately now need to build back up -- our military, it's pretty simple, it's not complicated and we know when those policies are adopted that they work because they worked under donald trump. that's why i'm supporting people like you and dr. oz because i know you are the guys that are the real deal like president trump was, go to washington and don't let that change you and fight for the things that your promising. that's great for the people in your state, great for the people of pennsylvania, great for the people of ohio, then we have other guys like marco rubio in florida, we have tim scott in south carolina, we'll see what happens in north carolina. we'll have herschel walker in
6:52 pm
north carolina, von johnson in wisconsin. a lot of good people running here. >> we have a chance to change the party. we need to be a party that is not accepting what we have been doing over the past decades, there's no question that president trump taught us how to fight back, how to make sure the media doesn't get to control the narrative might actually represent our voters and what our people believe in, there's no question that america was in incredible shape heading into the biden presidency and overnight, we see with the opposite of america first policies looked like. it's an absolute disaster in every single area of policy and foreign policy, obviously gas, inflation, law and order, the border, they are all catastrophes and people shouldn't think this is an accident. this is the leftist worldview in action, we have up close and
6:53 pm
personal this was what america will look like if democrats are in charge. we need to flip the senate, my races were the most important flip races in america, they are already spending $40 million against me to try to save -- >> sean: they spent that on dr. oz, establishment republicans who don't like the america first movement. >> chuck schumer, they know this is the seat that will decide the senate and they are going to do whatever they can to save -- we just got law enforcement to flip to us because they know i was top in nevada and stood with law enforcement, didn't abandon law enforcement in 2020 when they needed them my dislike -- nor to be found, officer shot in the streets of las vegas. i went to the memorial today, what other profession besides the military do we have to put plaques on a wall once a year to
6:54 pm
honor those that are serving for us? these democrats fail to support our police, made their lives more in danger and guess what? the voters are mad and they are ready to kick them out and put fighting conservatives in actually represent -- >> sean: that's the difference, that's what's changing. for the establishment as hard as they try, they are not beating donald trump. i predict you're going to win, i predict herschel walker will win and a lot of other great candidates, judy vance will win, thank you for being with us. turning out to the state of georgia for the far left stacy abrams is running for governor again, currently asking her supporters to donate to pro-abortion nonprofits instead of her own campaign. she's running unopposed in the democratic primary, she is the only choice and will face the winner of the republican primary former senator david perdue, the
6:55 pm
trump endorsed candidate, he joins us now. it's always difficult going up against an incumbent. i read our mutual friend who used to be a state legislature and once ran for lieutenant governor, his insight is that you are this close to getting this race into a runoff and in modern georgia history, there has never been an incumbent who has won a runoff if you can get to that point there go where do you think it stands now? what are the differences between you and the governor? >> there are many differences, thank you for having me again. this is about the future of our country, this is a people's race against politicians, i'm running against a governor who has been an office for 20 years, nine years as a secretary of state, four as a governor, is not enforced voting laws and any of that time it right now he is leading us down with crime, education, and the economy go tennessee and texas are going 35% faster than we are, this is
6:56 pm
a governor protecting his job at all costs. there is a gap between what i'm seeing around the state and what the polls are saying. we are surging right now, we are all over the state, we will continue to do this the next 17 days until may 24th, i'm encouraging everybody to get out and vote. we have had record numbers of people turning out in voting early, we hope that will continue. >> sean: you've taken a strong stance if roe v. wade is overturned, where do you stand? >> chief justice roberts said it will come down and immediately i would call for a special session of our state legislature to ban all abortions. i've called and the governor to do that, i think we need to be united and so far our governor has said i want to keep my powder dry like he's set on so many things. this is a major difference people want to know about, voters should know where our governor stands on election day. >> sean: i thought it was game changing, i watched one of the
6:57 pm
debates and i was stunned how poorly he performed, we are going to watch this race very closely and we are all on team herschel, herschel walker is doing a great job in his campaign. david perdue ruth, thank being with us. here now fox news contributor tammy bruce and leo terrel. how pivotal, how important is the trump endorsement for dr. oz? he went all in tonight. just like j.d. vance, do you expect the same results? >> i have missed president trump, the enthusiasm, the inspiration. >> sean: he was on his game. >> america knows this and now, we elected him before on a wing and a prayer presuming he would deliver on what he said, we now know he does deliver, that he knows what he's doing. his choices are choices that he knows he needs there in order to bring this nation back up. the democrats have thrown us
6:58 pm
back onto our knees and this is what the american people realize they were lied to by the by the administration. bad enough to have trump be lied about, then again for the people to be lied to, to be told a lie about the candidate and what they were going to do. it is as though they are setting us on fire for revenge because that man, donald trump is better than them, he can save this country, has already done it and it's choosing people to win in local elections because he loves this country and i don't think they expected it. don't underestimate donald trump, you dare not do that and i can't wait for what's coming up and i agree with you, i think these individuals, these great men and women he has chosen will win just like we are going to win when he comes back. >> sean: i want to get your take and i wish i had more time for both of you, the rally went longer than we thought. your take. >> let me tell you right now, i am a republican because of donald j. trump. he has changed leo 2.0, i'm
6:59 pm
committed to this man 24/7. this country was a disastrous shape and you can say right there, no other candidate can have a 40-50-60000 people come up for a rally. donald trump put america first. >> sean: in the pouring rain! >> there are republicans who are jealous of donald trump because he's popular and because he puts america first, that is why i am 24/7, mr. president i know you're watching, i'm committed to you, we know that, we need him as our 47th president. >> sean: can you imagine a record endorsement, 55-0? you are right, joe biden couldn't do this rally, he's not capable of it and may be the tweets weren't so mean after
7:00 pm
all. >> the american people want him back, they have seen the difference, it is envy that is driving the g.o.p. establishment. >> sean: will not be back next week, good to see you both, thank you for being with us in making the show possible, please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham and >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington on edge tonight. now, i'm going to say this very bluntly. with their refusal to forthrightly unequivocally condemn these terroristic tactics of their activist democrat base, the democrats, the white house, they're putting the lives of the supreme court justices in jeopardy. yes. i mean it, in jeopardy. now, a party that spent the past 16