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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 6, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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audience. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you america. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" i'm in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight clarence thomas speaking at a judicial conference in atlanta reportedly referring to quote, unfortunate events of the past week that both ill for a free society. a life he referred to a leaked draft court opinion and a subsequent uproar more of that
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ahead. plus breaking developments of the manhunt for an alabama corrections officer and inmate, a getaway found in tennessee there is no signs of the two. alabama governor says that poses a major threat to the public we will have a live report on the latest tonight and through pinocchio's from homeland security. courtesy of "the washington post." we will discuss the state of the southern border. but we begin tonight with pro-choice activist group, planning protests in church this mother's day. white house correspondent a strike in the latest of elements tonight evening kevin. >> across the country are expected to beef up patrols at catholic churches amidst protests over the coming weekend. following a leak of the supreme court draft decision. describing over towing roe v. wade. ♪ ♪ >> in new york city officers are being instructed to do at least two drive-by patrols of her tour
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between midnight friday, and midnight saturday to stop protests at the catholic churches. >> women can't be free. >> just one concern of heightened concern sweeping the country around the possible protests and the leaked draft opinion by the u.s. supreme court striking down roe v. wade. in washington concerns are so high that a nonscalable 8-foot high fence has been installed at just outside the high court. a move that comes as a liberal activist group calls for the fight to be taken directly to the residences of the courts conservative justices. even going so far as to post online maps and directions to their homes. google says of the groups post violate it terms of service. there's also questions tonight if that such protests or even legal. u.s. code says that it is unlawful to impede the administration of justice, at the home of an officer of the
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court. >> people should not serve in public life and feel like outrageous extremis on any side of the political side have licenses to physically and verbally attack a public official. >> while some congressional lawmakers are willing to step up and call the radical fringe, over the white house, outgoing press secretary jen psaki. >> does the president want protesters to influence the justices so they uphold role you wade? >> he believes that that's part of our democracy and part of the history of the united states in this country. >> also tonight you alluded to this we are hearing from the courts longest-serving member about the leak where courts talk about justice clarence thomas he told a group of judges and lawyers that the 11th circuit judicial circuit of government institutions not be quote, bullied into delivering what some might consider their preferred outcome. more obviously over the weekend will keep an eye on it for you
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but for now back to you. >> kevin, thank you so much. democrats hope the leak of a draft of supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade reshapes the potentially tough political landscape this fall. congressional correspondent chad pergram reporting tonight from capitol hill. evening chad. >> rich, it wasn't an october surprise but i may surprise. democrats will use the decision as a wedge against republicans this fall. >> it will be on the ballot. women will vote and they will make sure their voices are heard. >> the leak may be one of the most seminal events in 2022. >> within the democratic party it was largely with the democratic left. it was the question of if he was liberal enough. this in some way solves that problem. >> democrats are outraged and sore senate republicans for blocking confirmation of
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attorney general for the supreme court in 2016. 2016. then confirming pro-life justices. >> every single republican change senate rules to confirm not one, not to, but the reach from justices the u.s. supreme court. assuring that 6-3 majority. some of these lied to the senate by misrepresenting their views on the president when it came to decisions like roe v. wade. >> republican say that it's dangerous for them to target justices. >> in 2020 march across the street to the court, and shouted threats, threats. at multiple justices by name. if they didn't rule how he wanted. >> i want to tell you i wanted tell you, you have released the whirlwind, thank you. so claim your prize. [cheers and applause]
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>> i'm concerned that this will put justices lives in danger. >> it's the bolts are court security. against members of the supreme court and their families. >> democrats are campaigning not only against republicans, but against it itself. >> the way that some of these people got to the court and discrepancy of what they said in their confirmation hearings what they appear to be saying in this draft opinion, they create opinions for democrats to really. >> it also gives him a chance to switch the narratives away from high inflation, and gas prices. rich. >> chad thanks very much. the white house's soon-to-be former press secretary is largely handling the ministrations response the leaks supreme court opinions, though many in the are saying much more about it. the protest it is prompted. here is fox news media analyst and host of fox media buzz, howie kurtz. >> in the mist of a furious media debate over the drafts of
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the supreme court ruling that could lead to striking down roe v. wade. white house press secretary jen psaki told fox news that republicans are focusing on the unknown leaker as a distraction. >> the people doesn't think that roe v. wade should be overturned so maybe they want to talk more about the leak at than they do about whether women should have the right to make choices about their own body their doctor. it is an unpopular position in this country, including among people who may not even identify themselves. >> she is repeated to uncondemn the leaker. >> highest court and the land rock. >> there are some exceptions that contribute her's on msnbc and cnn have declined a potential court ruling to overturn roe v. wade is an outrage and provided a regular platform with the leaders of pro-choice groups. >> giant step backwards for women. as free people in america. >> the willingness to trade off women and women's rights for people's own personal political
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views is sickening. >> i can't believe that this is gonna happen. >> some fox news shows have posted both pro-life, and pro-choice advocates. >> this is a government doing the bare minimum, which is protecting the rights of a human being not to be murdered. >> both sides are pushing a controversy well beyond abortion rights. media liberals are warning that the courts conservative majority could toss out other laws on same-sex marriage, gun control, and privacy. media conservatives are tardy about respecting the courts independence and protesters demonstrating as conservative justices. >> abortion is an uncomfortable subject for public discussion that's from leakers and protesters, dark warnings about the future, many in the media are using the ruling as a springboard to store ideological points. rich quick to market >> thank you very much. in various pro-choice lights are
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calling for elevated levels of protest in response to the potential overturning of roe v. wade. a stick into where the legal lines are with tonight's panel. fox news contributor richard fowler, fowler sorry richard. "washington times" legal affairs reporter attorney alex sawyer, and a republican candidate. alex, start with you here what he think organ gonna see this weekend, and where is the line here even if you show up at a justices house, it is still a public street as long as you stay on the street, you can protest, you can stand in front. what is the potential here for people getting arrested? >> weathers a couple of laws and play and some people have suggested the federal law obstruction of justice, the problem with that in my opinion is you have to show intent. of course it looks at first glance like they're trying to bully the justices into changing their vote but a good lawyer would say this is a group that's planning this protest, they've drawn attention to other issues.
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how they handle their confirmation hearings for example. so we attain could be an issue. in virginia there is a law making it illegal to protest outside of. in my opinion i was of my friends from law school about this. the problem comes when a target about going inside catholic churches. and targeting churches that is considered vandalism. at church as a religious group they are protected class. that could be a hate crime, and of course that's like in a jail time and a fine when we reference the virginia law protecting outside of the home, that is a class c misdemeanor so that would look at this with a fine and not jail time necessarily. >> so when you're talking about the legal line here what about the public relations line here? what is the line here that protesters could cross were you then have a segment of the american population, and a turnoff to the whole idea of what they're pushing because the weather doing it. >> i think that's a good point rich and i think we should know
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is this. once we talk about peaceful protests are protected by the first member of the united states that's probably okay. the moment you decide to engage in violent protest, go to somebody's house and disrupt their neighborhood, i think will begin to slowly but surely move the messenger. and this must be very clear this is just a leaked document we know how the courts will actually go. but basically document i thicket it does sort of show where the quartet is over the course of minus. they do not believe that a woman has the right to choose. announcing to be on voters to determine what that means in the midterm elections and to be on the united states congress, will they pass laws that will affirm a woman's right to choose when she goes in for a doctor's office and has a conversation between her and her doctor, especially for elite decision those are no exceptions given at all. >> lets go to what justice thomas said earlier tonight in atlanta. this is from "the washington post."
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the court's longest-serving justice said that he also worried about a different attitude of the young that might not show the same respect for the law, as past generations did. recent events have shown that this major change is what clarence thomas has said about that. jake i've asked about this. clarence thomas is a 20 years old in 1968 and call the students were occupying university buildings. five years later roe v. wade is decided in that opinion was late. i'll be releasing a degradation here is a really a major change in society among younger people? >> i think a major change of several decades has been the gradual accumulation and concentration of political power in the federal government and particularly in the supreme court. i'm fearfully hoping that roe v. wade is overturned and rejects all insinuations of violence towards justices. but i don't see how anyone can be surprised, they're taking these grievously devices social issues, 50/50, 6040, 7030 and
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make it a 100, zero. nine unelected justices in black robes have made themselves the arbiters of the social issues of our time they should be decided by the people, and the states, not by unaccountable judges in washington, d.c., and other going to war behind 8-foot high walls and razor wire they shouldn't be surprised. they should not be making these grievously divisive decisions by five, six justices that should be devolved away from the federal government and back to the people where it belongs. >> see of a 6-3 court conservative majority what happens next in case this is decided roby weight is overturned. this is some and elizabeth warren had a say in a number of democrats are tardy about this. >> so when you read justice opinion when he focuses on his history. i says that we don't have to protect access to abortion.
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because historically women have access. boy that ought to make your nervous. because we don't have a long history of protecting equal marriage, we'll have a long history of protecting interracial marriage. >> so alex what you think valid point? >> i'm not sure if she read all 98 pages because he specifically says any draft opinion this would not apply to intimate relationships, marriage, he references contraception. it's also questionable when people talk about virginia and the supreme court case that made it unlawful to have interracial marriage or talk about justice clarence thomas who is in an interracial marriage were also taught about justice was in a racial family. to say that they're going to overturn such a precedent i think is outlandish. >> richard for the last several years conservatives have done a job using roe v. wade to get
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people to the polls. it is been a galvanizing opinion, do you think of roby weight is overturn you will see the same effect among progressives? >> i think over the past couple of years what you seen is a lot of republican support, republicans have had. i think democrats now know just how important this is and with this leak sort of decision you will see more democrats go to the polls. and this one point i want to make your about when you hear clarence thomas' quote there is this idea that all the court is moving to the left let's be very clear every time that there've been brave individuals in this country standing up for rights with her be the right to desegregate schools, or the right for people to have credit cards, are the right for the women to get mortgages. it's been a small group of americans say that we have to make america a little bigger, with the make america live a greater and we pass decisions that overturn a woman's right to choose or take away a private woman and her doctor. or make an america little bit
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smaller. our closing the gate for little less people will be have these conversations let's be very clear about what were saying with the applications of these decisions really are. >> i only have about 30 seconds hear about when i ask you could to run for senate if you become a senate republican, and were republicans take over the senate do you think that if there is a supreme court opening them and us couple of years in the final two years of joe biden's first term, do you think the republicans should denied to even hear that? >> absolutely i would only vote to confirm a justice who is in the mold of clarence thomas or scalia who believes that they said in a famous, no societal transformation without representation. they should not be decided by 5-4 majorities of unelected robes people in black robes. >> is how you feel about being married? >> they should be to facet by the people. by the people. by the people.
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>> is i feel the biracial marriages? >> by the people. >> to try to stand up for the little guy. >> do you think that you know what's best better than everyone else the 300 million people? >> all right guys guys working at the leave it there. >> getting credit cards is a good decision by the court. >> this is a beautiful sentiment. >> whenever we have it then you so much for joining us were moving on here a nationwide manhunt ongoing tonight. after authorities in tennessee found a getaway vehicle for the alabama corrections officer and inmate there've been on the run for eight days now. correspondent marianne rafferty has the details tonight good evening marianne. >> height one week since the correctional officer disappeared and what police are calling it jailhouse romance getaway vehicle is found 100 miles away in a rural area of interstate 55 williamson county tennessee. pictures of the burnt orange ford edge released by
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sheriff who says that large patches of green on the suv are believed to be an attempt to spray-painted vehicle no sign of the fugitive correctional officer and her prisoner companion in the area for the sheriff says that finding a vehicle still pivotal in the investigation. >> went over the cars, no ideal for they went, right now were trying to scavenge the area for any witnesses, also trying to research other stolen vehicles are reported in the area during that time. >> the lauderdale to just attorney saying that they withdrew $90,000 for multiple banks after selling her home much less than it was worth the only thing out of the abandoned vehicle was a radio in handcuffs, sheriff singleton same focus continues to be a vicki white safety since she and her companion was awaiting trial for can confessing a murder. >> almost a concern for her safety until we know she is
9:19 pm
safe. this guy can be volatile anything can set them off at any time he just lose it and decide that she is a hindrance to them. >> meanwhile a total reward of $25,000 is being offered him a 15,000 for, and 10,000 for vicki, also alabama mayor calling the pair a major threat to the public as it's unknown whether their armed rifle and an ar-15 was registered to vicki white had not been found. rich. >> marianne you very much. branson at the pentagon has announced another $350 million in military aid for ukraine, including counter artillery radars and electronic jamming equipment. this and are more evacuations from the steel plant with russia expected to escalate assault this weekend. at a victory day celebrations monday marching germany's surrender. they are live in lviv.
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good saturday morning. >> high the latest update is ukrainian and russian official state 50 people have been rescued from the steel plant on friday alone. the united nations and red cross say that they are working to free as many people as possible using humanitarian corridors there is an effort to evacuate more people today. for months and estimated 2,000 marines along with innocent civilians including women and children have been in that dark money total 'neath the massive steel plant. people are rotting is russian bombs and from above. now they're storming that plant by foot claiming a trade or an electrician showed russians how to get into the tunnels. forcing ukrainian marines to fight back or potentially die. rent keep you updated on that grim situation. ns russia launched attacks tax on this country, we been speaking with the mayor in southern ukraine it's been shelled almost constantly since the war began. the mayor told us that half the population is flood and those
9:21 pm
who remain face water shortages. troops are using american provided weapons and is urging for more. >> we are so thankful for their help in the weapons that we need to fight against russia. because us on a war between russia and ukraine. it's a war between two civilizations. so guess we need more of the weapons, we need more weapons to stop a vladimir putin to kill his warriors and troops who want to kill our children. >> this upcoming monday may 9th is a major russian patriotic holiday is called victory day, there's a lot of speculation a vladimir putin might do something extreme on or before monday including somehow ending that battle will keep you updated rich. >> thank you very much. live from levee of ukraine. the goodwill find of a lifetime and a little entertainment never heard anybody in the airport.
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♪ ♪ >> tenants viral videos tonight's spoke baby chief growing officer. she found out when she was 18 weeks pregnant her baby would be born without a femur and fibula in her right leg, she said that the heard story can bring a wagon awareness. her family was awarded $25,000, and free gerber products, and up to a year and much more. producer wanted to say that she is jealous of those eyelashes.
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♪ ♪ >> travelers at denver's international airport got a special performance thursday and celebration of single demaio. marriott she band singing and playing as passengers pass by as much better than basically anything else you hear in an airport. an antiques dealer has a find of a lifetime of the texas goodwill, a sculpture that she purchased for only 35 bucks, turns out to be a 2000-year-old roman bust while reportedly prevents her from selling and profiting off her discovery as it could be stolen property is unclear how exactly the bust landed in texas, it's now on display at the san antonio museum of art. archaeologists have discovered what they say he is the oldest known native american art in north america. in alabama cave that they suspect to be 1,000 years old respect or say that they might respect spirits of the
9:29 pm
underworld anthropomorphic figures and a serpent more than 3 meters long. it is but fox news night at social media. ♪ ♪ u.s. health officials are looking into more than 100 possible cases across about 2,000 states of a severe mysterious, and for you since deadly liver liver disease in children. senior correspondent is looking into that. thank you laura. >> the centers for it to see you and world health organization the illness is characterized by inflammation the liver and 25 states. including in new york. all five patients have died. santa cases could be connected to a global outbreak of the disease. two improbable cases has been found in 20 kate countries. >> as of may 1st at least 228
9:30 pm
probable cases with over 50 additional cases under investigation. >> according to the w.h.o. are lies in the fact the afflicted children didn't have any underlying health problems. the symptoms of hepatitis include fever, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of jaundice. the covid vaccine has any connection to the uptick in hepatitis the w.h.o. says of the code vaccine is likely not to blame because the majority of the children afflicted were not vaccinated. >> the cdc says of the best way to stay healthy as the tried-and-true methods we've all heard about. washing your hands, staying home if you're sick, and if you're sick see a doctor. rich. >> laura thank you very much. a former president donald trump lawsuit against twitter sick and lift his band by the tech company has been dismissed by a federal judge in sam at cisco.
9:31 pm
judge james did leave the door open in his ruling for further appeals by donald trump. and breaking tonight disney announces that it is cut ties with fred savage the executive producer and director of an upcoming reboot of the wonder years. following multiple allegations of inappropriate conduct. in a statement disney says the decision was taken following an investigation. and comedian dave chappelle has relieved field and an attempt to learn more about the man's motive he met backstage with isaiah lee following his onstage attack at the hollywood bowl tuesday night. leah's pleading not guilty to four misdemeanors including battery and possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault he remains in jail tonight when he does get out his order to stay at least a hundred yards away from dave chappelle. the homeland security secretary scores three pinocchio's in "the washington post" the latest on the border is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> when the joe biden administration is scheduled to an obit related border restrictions later this month. correspondent nate boyd with the inside access from laredo, texas. >> a show of authorities on both sides the rio grande in laredo, national guard soldiers, texas department of safety troopers, and mexican police all holding joint drills as title 42 is set to expire. >> i think this year presence of their support in the area as long as the ground troops and sends a message to both the mexican government and the migrants 4 across the new mexico they were ready. >> teams are trying to get ready for a migrant attempt 1 mile, 1500 to 3,000 haitian migrants are thinking of crossing.
9:38 pm
>> about a mile south his winner to find that group of 1500, 3,000 haitian migrants a way to take a look about right here using gps resources you see them just waiting on the other side of the border, the question is what will they do if title 42 is dropped on the 23rd of this month. >> the violent cartel charges 800 to $1,000 for each person across the river. it's unclear how many have that money. but laredo leaders still believe that the people are coming. >> they don't care they want to come over now, dental care about title 42, because they notes can be done. to speak on the del rio sector for migrants are back in mexico today after a boat rescue by mexican authorities near eagle pass. others made it across to be processed by border patrol. >> the month of april to be historic from what i'm hearing wagon to see the highest number of encounters and u.s. history for the month of april it just shows you that with her trying to do is not making any to have a significant impact on the border right now.
9:39 pm
>> a texas source tells me he just received a new intel report saying that 4,000 more haitian migrants are making their way to nuevo laredo reporting in laredo, texas, fox news. >> do you know what happens to these individuals? they are either expelled under the title 42 of the cdc, or they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings. they make their claims under the law if those claims don't prevail they are promptly removed from the united states. >> homeland security is defending the joe biden ministrations management of the southern border, but "the washington post" claimed that some of his justifications earn a score of three pinocchio's on their scale. a site about the situation along the border with former acting director of ice tom. tom thinks for joining us this evening it's a puzzle try to put
9:40 pm
together who can come over the border, what happens when they come over? generally speaking today, who was affected by title 42? who is getting expelled? and who can come in with what's called a notice to appear or to show up your immigration hearing? >> will some adults are expelled, but is fox news has shown many single adults still reach the adults. when he says that those are putting immigration enforcement proceedings again, he's lying. gave release thousands, thousands upon thousands of people with a notice to report. which means that you're not putting immigration, in fact it says neurontin immigration proceedings. the only put immigration proceedings unless they voluntarily iced on the road. so again that's why. when he said they lose their case there neatly expelled. another lie.
9:41 pm
they have 1.7 million encounters last year. ice had the lowest number of removals in the history at 59,000. 28,000 of those rules are on the last four months of the donald trump administration periods 1.7 encounters removed 26,000. so the secretary's numbers are just false and he keeps pushing a false narrative to the american people as a first cabinet person i've ever seen that testified and lied under oath to congress. >> here's what "the washington post" had to say about with the secretary had to say. the reality is much different, certain nationality such as mexicans appear on a faster track to deportation but others are not. the remark said that he was only referring to what happens when an undocumented immigrant lose their case. that's the distinction that most viewers likely miss. he earns three pinocchio's, the administration is getting pressure even whatever the situation as of the border the left.
9:42 pm
they're getting plenty of push from the right. what else can this administration do if it a fork in the road i can go one direction of the other. what are its choices here? >> the choices are clear. the secretary says that he can control title 42 because it's a cdc rule. okay, i will accept that. but then you have to remain a program. we sued him, i was a part of that lawsuit we sued this administration to put the program back in. the federal judge ordered him to do it. i may have slow rolled that thing for eight months. they removed a few thousand, the donald trump administration removed a few thousand an hour. this is what the secretary has full authority over if you really want secure that border, if they really want to save lives because more migrants have died during the joe biden policies than donald trump. if you really want to do that
9:43 pm
with the remaining mexican program across the border at the donald trump donald trump of administration did. >> doesn't report saying that the administration is looking towards fall and winter and is concerned about another covert search and looking for more money for therapeutics, though again for more money to renew type of vaccines as there were an argument that can be major in the courts that if the administration does do away with title 42 on this order under a health authority that you can expel certain migrants, that if it does do away with title 42 that you can sue the a administration maintaining look at, you are concerned about covert elsewhere can't you be concerned about covert here. >> absolutely the presidents of the other day that doj's is appealing the decision of judges noni mask on transportation and the repealing it. so apparently this administration feels like you and i will begin an airplane need to wear a mask, wear a mask. but don't come across the border they can come unvaccinated they
9:44 pm
don't need to wear a mask. so look either we have a covid issue, or we don't we can have it both ways. if you live title 42 than we shouldn't have any mass mandates. we don't have a mass mandate than the tug-of-war needs to stay in place because odyssey there is a covid issue. >> the former acting director of ice, tom think you have a much. >> and shannon speaks down with her mom and author to share a little encouragement coming up next. ♪ ♪ is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep?
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>> your regular fox news and i anchor had a chance to sit down with a very special guest here shannon. >> if you've ever felt the pressure to be perfect, to be chasing after improvement that you are worthy, whether it's at work or at home or even in your church. ruben want to hear from our next guest author of fantastic book when striving also a mother to six boys. were joined now by author. it's great to have you with us. >> thanks so much for having machine and it's good to be here. >> have to say i love your book so much i want to be this because you talk about all kinds of things with the take her eyes off this idea offender earn away
9:50 pm
we believe that god loves us just the way that we are and were perfect in his sight. you talk about how your plans for life are little bit different than you thought probably you would have from the beginning in her book you say that if you had told my college-age self that i be one day be a mother to six boys and love it i would've called you crazy. sometimes i think that god gave me this gaggle invoice to keep me humble and to show me my weakness. so talk to us what motherhood is for you and the concept of faith. >> yes, i think that sometimes you want to sign up for things that were really good at. we think that ken might just be used in ways where i can just shine and look amazing all the time, and motherhood that count doesn't come naturally. i'm an unlikely mode of six boys certainly found myself falling in love with the miracle of motherhood by every single day being a mom, my oldest is 20 my youngest is now nine. it is such a process that humbled me and showed me that i
9:51 pm
have to receive the grace of god first before i can show them how there is grace for them. >> what about this idea that women we know that they sever from anxiety at higher rates than men do, and feel different pressures and men certainly feel pressure and anxiety last couple of years everyone is been pressured. but in your book to really focus i think to an audience of women and talk about this idea of feeling the pressure to earn everything, to strive for everything come at a constantly be hustling and pushing it's actually destructive and takes us away from the peace that were really looking. >> i think it's even more so now all we have to do is really does open up our phones and we are constantly aware of what other people are achieving, how there keeping their home, all the things of the kids are doing. it is really easy to compare and we know in our minds a comparison isn't helpful, but somehow that achieving thing in our body we just want to win and
9:52 pm
earn to be more and do more to be in the everything. we wonder why were so exhausted the exploration would ultimately say okay, if we say that we don't need all that to prove our worth why we so exhausted? i think it's because we don't know where our true worth marcher belonging in our true favor and welcome come from. if we get that settled every known ultimately if you're a person of faith, if you know that ultimately is founded? you could run harder, fueled by gods grace not striving to earn it in the first place. >> that such an important distinction they'd already covered an exception allows you to go forth with whatever your life's missions is rather than trying to fight and scrape and try to get there. a verse that we have. i uses my first book women of the bible speak. it comes back and anyone too
9:53 pm
mothers and daughters bible speak. she is close with strength and dignity she can laugh at the days to come. what is at say to you about a woman who was found her self-worth and her reliance something bigger? >> yes, we are ultimately viewed what we are ultimately founded upon. so if our faith isn't something bigger than ourselves, then we were overflow what is consuming us. so if i want my kids to experience joy, our hope, or peace, it is really hard to affect that change and encourage them if i am not gravitating with that myself. i think his mom's we can start with us and we can say okay, my joy, this has to from somewhere where they're not my perfect we behave. that strength and dignity that god desires to give us. and we have that more secure in that, our denny's are secured and that, then there is no limit
9:54 pm
to how we can overflow to those around us. >> i found that it so many mothers in the latest book and mothers and daughters that these women some of them are flawed, some of them are very faithful. you did not include all of their stories which i think is encouraging so if and when we make mistakes we are imperfect you can still work in our lives. make summing beautiful out of our mistakes or detours and you talk about that as well. i love this book when striving i'm still in all of the six boys and artistry in every thing you do. so thank you for meeting time for us it's great to see you. >> happy mother's day. >> think thank you so much for having me shannon you you too. >> some good news tonight before we say gunite. a world war ii veteran breaks a relay race record at age 100 longbranch lester right you penned in philadelphia. the day after his hundredth birthday. he ran the 100-meter dash with
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