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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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oh again. >> welcome as tucker carlson so happy friday. it's pretty hard to arguepl with people who are passive aggressive. you may have tried it before. why are you so angry? they scream stopping violence, a snarl as they punch you in the face, passive aggressive people are intent on dominating you, but they're too dishonest to admit it's not an honorable style of attack, but it's very effective mostly because it's so bewildering.
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the democratic party practiceseo democrats will never meet you in an open field of battle. instead they will sneak up k behind you and knock youno unconscious with a bag of sanctimony. this is the party of weak men and angry women. so passive aggression is their only mode of communication onl. you've ever seen one of genre saki's press conferences? you know exactly what we're talking abouts, y. we watch one of them yesterday. in fact, itt was her last peter doocy ask you what the administration thinks of the fact that liberal groups have posted the home addresses of conservative supreme court justices on the internet. why are they're doing this ? well, it's obvious why they're doing it and no one denies why they're doing itn. t they're doing it in order to frighten those justices into the changing their votes on roe v wade. that's illegal. r r clearlylyit's a federal crime. it's also,ls by the way, the roc to chaos and collapse. you can't you can't allow angry mobs to make your country's laws. that's what we've banned y lynching. but jen psaki did not have a problem with this. this. people are understandably upset with sam alito's views. sheere with sam said. v
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soie you shouldn't be surprised. they want to express that concern in person by screaming at sam alito and his family. quote, i don't have an official u.s. government position on where people should protest jen psaki or those are the rules. now how would you feel if angryp protesters showed up outside, say michelle obama's houseed? a of course they'd be thrown into thumbscrews within minutes and charged with racism wou andu would applaud as they languished in jail. but conservative supreme court justices know that's a different story because conservative supreme court justices deserve that'ser john saki's but it is not. in fact, since we've speaking of this topic, the official positionio of the u.s. governmet ,no, according to 18 u.s. code 15 07, the official position of the u.s. government is you're not allowed to intimidate judges, period, quote whoever with the intent of interfering with obstructing or impeding the administration of justicetig with the intent ofin influencin any judge, jury witness orwi court officer, the discharge of
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his duty pickets or parades in or near a building housings court of the united states or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge or witness or court officer or with such intent as any sound truck or similar device or resorts to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence shall be fined orbe imprisoned. so it's very clearly a crime. jen psaki either didn't know this or far more likely didn't care because as far as the biden administration is concerned, justice alito is responsible for the threats against his family. if you h ought to be targeted d by a mobon that don't write opinions the mob doesn't like dumbo. you did this to yourself. it's your fault we're hurting you. that that's always the position of passive aggressive people p in the position of the passive aggressive party . so we recognized it immediately because we watch this stufffve r a living and then we saw this and it made us think this ran on cnn this morning. now for days we have assumed based on quite a bit of evidence that the main threaten supreme court justices right
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now into our justice system c itself comes from groups of activists, liberals who are enraged by the idea that roe v wade might be repealed. these are the people who are spray painting churches and putting sam alito's home address on the internet there the mob and they're angry and we know why they're angry. the whole thing made sense to. us . but according to cnn, that's not what's happening. in fact, it's the opposite of what's happening. the real threat cnn informed us this morning comes not from people who are angry about sam alito's opinion but from people who are happy about it. so the ones who are celebrating with sam alito wrote arer the ones who are the real danger to the supreme court. watchme this morning. >> law enforcement officials are preparing for potential violence in the capital and nationwide after t the leak of d that supreme court draftra opinion that would strike down roeinown v. wade after 50 years. capitol police are warning the far right is calling for violence against a religious group planning to rally for
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abortion rights while it isy live outside the supreme court . listen. seeing fences go up there is sort of like post january six . what are you seeing and what specific intelligence warning if policeng officials this poin, law enforcement source tell us if of them they are closely monitoring social media chatter that suggests that there's a potential for violence against abortion clinic providers, abortion clinic staff, members of the judiciary that would include the justices here as well as members ofe the federal governmentthe. and what we know after january 6th and what law enforcement knows across the country is that social media chatter can manifest intoni actualea violence. sometimes people really do say what they're going to do. you got that . law enforcement sources tell cnn the real threat here is the far right, the far right offenses are going up outside the supreme court because the far right poses the threat . the far right is the one you have to watch out for. the they're the ones whose electronic communications you've got to quote monitoror
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closely and it makes sense now that roe v. wade may be going. away. these people are going to wantwa to bomb as many abortion clinics as they can and hurt m as many supreme court justicesju as possible. after all, the supreme a courtth may get rid of a law that they have hated for 50 years. 5 so0 you can see why they'd be moved to violence againstst the supreme court. now our first response was to laugh. absurdagainst to be real . how dumb doo they think we are? and then we rememberedis what the president of the united states and his attorney general have been telling us for more than a yeare . they've been telling us that no matter what happens, no matter what it may look like, the people who did it didn't vote for us . yeah, the people who didn't us are the dangerousit ones. 's it's always there for what i have not seen a more dangerous threat to democracy than the invasion of the capital .cao the greatest terrorisml. related threat that we face in the homeland is the threatom domest violent extremism according tont the intelligence community,
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terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today, not isis, not al qaida. white supremacy, not al-qaida. white supremacy. sosu we reviewed those tapes. it's hard to make sense like the mongols and the visigoths before them. these dreaded white supremacists have declared war on civilization. these trump voters and there evidence that is all around us . we've just ignored it because vel now level we don't want . but in retrospect it was always right in front of us tont recall when trump voters looted that macy's in new york city, they couldn't help themselves to there. n then they torched to police precinct in minneapolis, the very symbol of the law. they set it on fire and then they burned a federal building in portland, oregon. in case you've forgotten what all of these right wing attacks looked like from white supremacists, here's what they did
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on the show. you can see why they're puttingg up barriers and forer the supree ,thosee people are so happyon with sam alito's opinion, they might start burning and looting again. and of course that wouldit be consistent with the years long reign of right wing terror we've been living o through because their thirst for anarchy and chaos is never l sated. at one point these trump voters seceded from the united statesth . they setey up their own nation f lawlessness, drugs and squalor and violence o within the very city limits of seattle just like the confederates of eighteenenli sixty one . 18 but with more weed61 and spray w paint right in the middle of seattle . they
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talk about brazen but that's who they are. that could happen in yorketownou . no wonder america's abortionist community is cowering in fear tonight and i gets worse. these maga hat people have so little respect for lawaw they think nothing of rushing into buildings, department stores, walga o liquor stores, foot locker and just takingnt what they want. they steal armfuls ofrc merchandise o the door like it'i theirs and then purely to amuse themselves they push strangersrs in front of trains and open fire and subway cars. they drive trucks through christmas parades and beat elderly asian women on the street. you can't control these people because they're beyond the reach of logic. they are so primitive and superstitious they haveo come to believe they can defeat nature itself with magic amulets like cosmetics and women's clothing. they think they're shapeshifters. you can change their physical form format will just become something different. er you'reyt seeing one on your screen right now. people like this don't believe in history or science. they're barely literate so they communicate insteadca. grunts and unintelligible sounds here's the leader the chief of their tribe u
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speaking in a language onlyn they can understand. so the best way to get something done if you if you hold near and dear to you that you like too be able anyway ,what did he just say? we don't know.'t you'd have the right polemicists maga hat person to understand. it's an esoteric language thesea primitives adorn their bodies with fantastic decorations. they dress in costume . costume. some even push pieces of metal through their faces in order to look fierce. look at them in their warpaint. hi, my name's i'm a preschool teacher. recently we started wearing pronoun pins and the kids get to pick a new pronoun in every we have something that pick likes here every single day and we have some change. so i'm a nonbinary teacher and my kids know minoring. they know i'm not a girl or boy. i use them pronouns in the classroom. we work on it not only can getet it, that's okay and i go by nrcc spray in the classroom
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not miss or mr. daniel bought me a children who maybe he was crazy but not only that but they also know that i'm gender fluid. i'm going to give you my explanation about what it means to be transgender as well. so when babies are born the doctor looks at them and they make a guess about whether the baby is a boy or girl as young as three and four are actually aware of their gender identity even ifbo they don't have the languagee for it. say that pre-k through third grade are not ready for such topics is actually internalized homophobia and transphobia>>. margaret mead wrote about l people like this anti-social elements, a feature of any society. but in our case oca the maga hat people p number in the millions you saw a just a few on your screen and because there are so many, they threatened the very t foundations of our civil society just likef a under mayorkas and the attorney general have warned us they are so powerfule. courts and legislators bowed before the great prosecutor can't even restrain them but instead do their bidding. why? because they're afraid not to.
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do you remember what the maga hat people did to minneapolis when a jury dared to convict their spiritual leader derek shervin? the maga hat people stormed the jail french open. they carried him on their shoulders back to their guerrilla camps in the mountains where they danced transiently before bonfires made a back issue of the atlantic magazine howling into the night sky and theny indelible lesson to the rest off us . they returned to the city of minneapolis and sacked it because that's what they do t when they don't agree with a jury decision, they riot. that's the maga hat people are like and that's where the greatest threat we face. you remember that moment we save the tape. ladies and gentlemen,eat we her, the maga hat people, everybody out here doing a civic we love being together as a family. go we play more but it's stomach turning as jen psaki would look like she's neverak recovered fromi. jen . buck sexton remembers very well he's the co-host of the class that's about . and so he's going to say buck sexton, thanks so much for coming on ..thanks for so when you watch cnn and they
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tell you that because a supreme court justice sam alito wrotesa an opinion that the right likesa that the threat of violenceol comes from the right, what's your first reaction to that ? r? >> the democ the democrat party is wallowing in its delusions at this point. doesn't know how to get out of them, quite honestly. i mean, the notion that there might be right wing violence in response v to a decision that the right overwhelmingly likes makes absolutely no senseg ..out h and beyond that , let's thinker about who we're really talking about here with the pro-life movemente . those aren't tiny molotov cocktails they're holding when they hold not vigils or candles i mean, these are people who are overwhelmingly in the pro-life movemente, want to protect life and protect people and are orderly. but the democrat party hast never actually had a reckoning with the fact that there was a long standing insurrection in the year 2020 and it was blm and antifa and it was egged on by people in the press. theree was mass looting and mass hysteria in cities across the country. coun they've never even had a moment of introspection aboutad a thisd now they want to lecture
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us about lawlessness in the aftermath of a decision goes against them. but what if you're willing to believe that there's a right to abortion in the constitution? you are willing to believe absolutelyly anything and that's where the left is right now.t but it's like this with everythingng. i mean, this is the way they communicate. and it seems to me that people who are not passive aggressive miss it every time they say things like you're violent as they burn your cities. as you just pointed out, we'reki not letting your kids into college because of their skin color and you're a racist. everything is like this . i can't remember an issueer on which liberals flatlyal declared their intent and then backed it up with evidence on this case. i think that there's some degree of political insurance that they're trying to put forward here by making it seem like, well, ify i things do get really ugly and tucker, i think they probably will and hopefully that won't happen. but with, with riots and protests, they'll make it seem like they're provocateurs on both sides of this becauseov i do think that people have
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started to figure out more and more as the miracle, the unifying biden presidency and the adults in charge hasn'tt really taken the way that they t promised that the democrats the lefthade they are the right party .e t this is what they do.he they are the mob.reak out they're the ones that freak out when they don't get their way through childish tantrums. they don't petition the court. they threaten you or try toth burn down the court. we all b see it. and so by trying to muddyin the waters, they make themselves feel better aboutl some of the history that you've already shown and god forbid something really bad does happen. they'll say, well, it was because of rising temperatures across the boardec, rising temperatures from the democrat ante for lunatics trying to burn thingsbo out. bad. it's just so bad forever. i mean, leavingin asideg the ise wherever you stand on abortion is not good for people to threaten supreme court justices . it's not good to spray paint churches or intimidate people out of going to servicespa something people are intimidated about going to church this coming sunday. what is the white house.. to sa? don't do that .me the lack of willingness i mean this was honestly
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a little stunning. i watched those press conferences a lot with jen psakii c. that i watch what they say t in this white house, the fact that they wouldn't take one moment to establish the most basic principle that our supreme court justiceshat sup are suprea court. their safety is inviolate and we have that is nonpartisan . this old tensions are really high. don't say something likeen that when tensions are rising on the left and among democrats. but jen psaki doesn't want to upset the democrat base who are enraged and who are effectively melting down before our very eyes. and so shed won't say what's so obvious, so clear , which is ifs you have any principles about sacred democracy and our institution, you don't you lay off the supreme court, you don't actually threaten people. you don'tns, put upes their addresses. but they are the they arere they and iof the mob don't think they'rere going to be able to turn that off anytime soon. so there's real reason for r concern, unfortunately. yeah, itel seems dangerous for sure. buck sexton, i appreciate. momt thank you . thanks, tucker . so every moment that we're talking about stuff like this , we're not talking about the economy, which for most people isch really the core question. there are shortages of basicce
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goods. s food prices are skyrocketing. economists are very concerned.y should you be concerned hillstrand people like diana don't come along every day. they have an absolute demand that she is an exceptional and determined being scandalous. back with an all new report series on the shocking life of princess diana when donna to from the coach to realize this was never really about prince charles is always there with she would vomit four to five times the day she made 5% at scotland yard being there in this action never time so
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stuff, go to sleep the stars
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baseball. >> so for one hundred years, united states, the world's breadbasket has sent food around the world f to help nations suffering with food shortages. now in a reversal that none of us saw coming joe biden our president is warning that we will soon face our own food shortage and ine fact that shortage is already here. there are many indications of but here'sns one that's particularly distressing parents finding it very hard ton find baby formula to feed their children. watchen this morning a terrifyig prospect for parents around the country. stores running out of baby formula unable to restock . he hasth a veryat specific branh new transgene that he has to have due to allergy d and intolerance issues. shawna bowman says she can't find any formulala al for her 11 month old son jacob. we have been having to look prettyve heavily for it, i would say for the last four or five . but this last month it's just become impossible to find.
10:23 pm
soso you don't ever want to make people more afraid and moreon paranoid. to you don't want to do to the public with the biden administration did with corona for a full year and whip people into a frenzy. but it is worth paying attention to stories like and the one we're about to tell you about indicators that the economy is in trouble and someone c in charge got to start paying some attention to it. so truck drivers in many cases are saying they have to quit because they can't afford to drive because diesel fuel is too expensive. here's one news report on that>> . truckers diesel prices are becoming unbearable. this independent trucker saysy he's losing more money on the road o. the prices are getting higher and we don't get good prices because the cost around eight hundred dollars to fill up each time he goes and the prices coming up that maybe just so no one in washington cares about truck drivers because they tendd
10:24 pm
to votee for orange presidents and therefore they're bad people. but pe what happens if lots ofir truck drivers stop driving their trucks? well, virtuallylytruc everythinu buy ever, whether it's online or in a store comes by truck. so that could be a hugeco problem. in fact, it could be a paralyzing problem for the country and there are noig signs that the price of diesel is going down anytime soon. >> prices at the grocery store e will be more expensive because diesel you know, taking a cruise is going to be moreor expensive. >> getting on a plane is going to be a more expensive filling up is going to be more expensive. patrick beyond with gas.emand but he says the demand is outpacing the supply a as trucking airline and cruise industries pick up pace. i don'tt really see the situation improving drastically anytime soon t. the i don't see the situation improving drastically any time soon. now that's just t one man's opinion, but it seems to be the trend that we're watching now. the federal reserve should be on this , but it was the federal reserve that toldn us that inflation was just going to be transitory.
10:25 pm
here's a former vice chair of the fed warning of an imminent recession. i think a recession is at this stage almost inevitable. and we also see uncertainty about oil pricess up and down, et cetera. and so, you know, as i've said earlier, it's a witch's brew and the probability of a recession is i think recessioately very, very high. okay, recessions are bad, but let's be honest, asset prices have been completely disconnected from reality for some time. soven of course going to be a reset at a certain point. a lot of things areal over valued. the problem is whe the fundamentals seemm screwed up, fertilizer iss a fundamental you need it to eat and the price of fertilizer has reached record levels since biden took office. if this continues, people haves, trouble buying food and that is a problem. no administrationro seems to cae or even aware of this . now here's samantha power who worked for famously barack obamaa. she's now the administration's administrator for internal developmenton and really one of
10:26 pm
the most ghoulish people in the federal government ever, the least qualified, most . erratedis here's her take on potential food shortages. watch this . fertilizer shortages are real now because russia is a big exporter of fertilizer and even though fertilizer is not , less fertilizer is coming out of russia as a result, we're working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure and compost. and this may hasten transitions that would have been in the interest of farmers to makeon eventually anyway. a crisis go to waste. but we really f do need t this financial support from the congress to to be able to me emergency food needs. so there's samantha power lecturing us and farming. do you think smith knows anything about farming?? you have any idea where food comes from? is she ever done anythings in her life that's real or useful? productive? no, of course not.e kno what she does knowws is how to leverage a crisis and i'm quoting never letet a crisis goo to waste. you've got to wonder about
10:27 pm
the motives of these people and how they're managing our economy. charlie gasparino is a senior correspondent at fox business. got a fantastic piece out in the new york post on how the fed is managing inflation today. out on how the fed is managing he joins us tonight. charlie gasparino, thanks so much for coming in . >> i fintech trying'm s to get up, sl try to get over the post comment, think this is so you look, if you don't understand agriculture or the economy, , which is true of a lot of people, maybe you don't talk about it in public. he the message they're sending is right, don't care tucker ? i think what we havee here is one of the most avoidable, easily avoidable economic crises in the last so the twenty years and something that was created pure pure cynicism, cynicism, cynicism on biden's part. kept and he kept spending and kept putting all these lefties in regulatory jobs. and it was cynicism because he wants to be more liberal, more transistors, na more transformational progressive than his buddy barackl h and that's why he didk it.s why and everybody knows that's why he did it because there was no e reason to pile on all
10:28 pm
the spending this time last year or try t to because the economy is improving. it's cynicism on the federal reserve'sn t jerome powell thate time because he wanted to get reappointed to be fed chair and now we are in a real pickle. listen, we may get out of this with a mild soft landing. that'ssh what powell said yesterday. but the chances are we're not the american people are paying for this . and i know everybody touts job gains and all this other stuff, but if you're working and you're and you're an inflation eats through your your wage increases, which is going on right now that guess what it's like being in a recession and that happens with a lot that's what's happening with working s class people right now as youon demonstrated earlier before. so it's good for profligate governments because it reduces the cost of sovereign debt. it's good for people who deal t in debt for a living. it's just so terrible for t the for the fabric of the country like wage earners. don't they knowry that they should have? i mean, what's what's baffling about what powell and bidens
10:29 pm
it's more about it's more baffling to powell because powell does have a clue.n i thought biden has never beensh the sharpest the economy is that larry summers you know, steve rattner, all these you t know, liberal economists were saying lastying we're going to s massive inflation if you don't stop spendingtodi, we're going o have massive inflation. if you don't stop printingne money and then the only cure for massive inflation is tove induce a recession that could be deep. y and theou reason why you do that is because when you have massive inflation, it destroys the fabrics t of every society. it's like being in a recession or a depression. so you try to try to kill it. it's only it's i hate to p put t this it's like chemotherapy. it's the only thing that works and it hurtstslike and that's what we're going to go through now. and we're only doing this right now because joe biden was so cynical that he wanted to be more progressive than obamand and powell wanted a job for
10:30 pm
another term. it's very nicely put. , thank you soeroke much for. coming on .ear speak any time, tucker . t so for more than a year they told us that you had to get the coronaviruses facts or else they would fire you in spanish from society. any questions about maybe the long term effects? was there a downside to this at all?l? a this? shop shut up.u'll be conspiracy not you kicked off the internet. well, now the numbers are coming in and there was reason for concern actually . sorry. true .iduciary the fda has issued a shocking a warning about one coronavirus vaccine will affect your night, but it's a new show. so we're going to tell you what it is and i'm throwing youe out. everybody be cool. take ki all right, buddy.nd rightly here in a video call. don't think i'm in a video't call. t to call. t to oh , in that case, just topno... send a message. don't take kindly to messages neither on that case. how about a ringcentral phone call hin? 'v eugene, this is out of the media. we got you.
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dosis by super zyla .com and order yours today lendell. thanks. on this incredible video the power of a obamagate dropping your secret ingredient to any time games just a drop of water from retired supreme background and 10% field cover . so every day online if you're paying attention you see liberal politicians issuing these little confessionals. well, i took the facts and allti the boosters and i'm sick in bed with cogat, but. i'm still got i got the back not being me t just noticing ite so if it works, so why are they getting covid and getting sick get, some dying from it? well, no one's asked that question. so schools in this country still forcing kids t to take the cupboard shut or else. so any pointis is a former
10:36 pm
student at union college in schenectady, new york and she was expelled from her college for not getting the vaccine even though her physician advised her not to get it e. we are happy to have thanks so much for coming on . so is this story as straightforwardrd as it souns they told you to get atso your doctor said don't get itun and then they kicked you out. r yeah. hi,g tucker .me. thank you so much for having meh cause yeah, you're right. so i'm fully vaccinated. s i received my second dose back in september i and i got so sick from it to the point where i ended up being hospitalized and continue to have symptoms to this day. i mean prior to getting this vaccine i was healthy. so when i got a reminder from the school tellingl me, you know, time to get a booster shot, i sent an email with my concerns. my request for an exemption wass denied. i mean, they denied my hospital paperworkthen . they denied a letter from my physician who know me long in that administration of unione college where he's taking no ill advised from me tof get a booster right now. and i went to the lengths of calling pfizer themselves then confirming that all their patients have had
10:37 pm
the same reactions and for some reason the expertize of the union administration trumps the makers of the vaccine and it was denied. i mean there was nothing i was saying that was going to make them accept it. i mean, their decision was final. i was expelled. i mean, i tried to talk to t everyone in the administration, but i was always hit with excuses and told to meetol with angela stefanutto, the nurse at to the health centr who , you know, didn't want to treat me when i was sick. youen know, i went in and she ws like, are you here becauseu' you're truly sick or because you wantre to receive the booster? i even went tohe the length of talking to my president, sending him an email and explaining my concerns and what was going on . and i got to truth and his response pretty much saying, you know, we try to work with you on this. i hope you choosewa your education. so there was nothing i wasng saying that was going to make them, you know, accept me at that school. so for prioritizing at my heal they expelled me. they unwomanly me from classes.
10:38 pm
they kicked me off my on campuss housing gave me 72 hours to leave on declining my food card and now i'm not even permittedk back on campus. so it's why i'm choosing to take a stand that'ss unbelievable. i mean, i'd bet money in college and expect to be out of business in ten years anywaye along with a lot of these places. but that's so it turns the it ws not a private medical decision between a young woman in her position. is that what you're saying? yeah, pretty much.h. youn you know, i was on the track so i value, you know, the doctor patient relationship. but everything i was saying was just denied. what are you going to do now?. you know, right now being expelled? i'm at home and i'm just takings this time to focus on my health ,recover fromva the vaccine injury as well as looking for a job because it's hard not to's think about, you know, everything that's going on when something you worked so hardd for your whole life is just taken away so easily. it's just you got to keep busy, . and on top of this , you know, i'm a first generation mexican
10:39 pm
student, so my goal has alwaysud been get to college, be the first in my family to graduate. you are with a college degreede and so i actually love being in college. you know, asidero from the administration, the professors there are amazing students. youy are great. they receive a great education.r but i don't know if union is ank option anymore. i haven't heard anything back from the administrationn . so right now i'm in the processr of looking into other colleges and i'm hoping i can find one that, you know, values me as a person, values my education, values my freedom of bodily autonomy. it's it's actually beyond belief and go fund me. shut your account down to it. that's one of the worst stories i've heard and i've heard a lot in a long time. i appreciate your coming h on tonight. good lucky're. or i hope they're punished for what they did to you.that, i mean it to thank . yothank you . so you just heard from a young woman with a vaccine injury.. no one wanted to hear about it.f shut up. you're expelled. don't talk about your vaccine injury. well, she's not the only one .hy sorry, that's justit's true tru. there are a lot of people like that actually. and the fda has just admitted it. the fda determined that the
10:40 pm
risk of thrombosiss, the jnj vaccine warrants limiting that vaccine to quoteos those eighteen plus four other approved vaccines are not accessible or clinically appropriate. now more than 90 million people would be taken that they were sure that it was completely safe that does not appear to be true. now lots of medicines have side effects. s not the vaccines are not the only medicines a side effect they all do. the lying about it that's so infuriating and the fact that it was mandatory pfizer millions people took pfizer.pfi. we're learning a lot more about pfizer's vaccine in the 2020 one report to the fda. pfizer rejected adverse reaction reports from the database and other similar databases from sixty two countries in that report, the number of doses shipped the worldwide is redact? why would they redact that ? why don't we have a right? they made people take it, but without that number you can't really put n the adverse events into context, which is the point of redacting it. what we do know is that document lists nearly twenty thousand adverse reactions to the vaccine.
10:41 pm
twelve hundred the people who had adverse reactions died. that is a non-trivial number. twelve people died. really? can we learn more ? another thousand people experience irregular heartbeat a case where your heart is over one hundred beats per minute. that's dangerous. fifteen hundred people experienced a nervous systemnc disorder. a thousand people experienced loss of sensationed , touch feeling in the skin. so again, these are not smallll things. what do they mean? what's the extent of them? why can't we have all the numbers? dr. aaron caryatids, the chief of ethics at the unity project and he joins us tonight. doctor , thanks so much for coming on . so if you want to reassure people and make them less paranoid and suspicious, maybe just, give all the numbers and let them know what the truth is. why don't they dodo that ? that's exactly right. transparency is a basic principle of public health ethics. it was violated over and over with a mass vaccination and particularly with the vaccine mandates where people were not ohe v allowed to exercise informed consent both because they were underhe
10:42 pm
the threat of school expulsionoo as we heard in the last segment, or losing their job. and even if they weren't under a mandate, they still didn't have accesstill to all the relet information. so we had f to file this freedom of information act myself and some of my colleagues last september just to get the pfizer data. they wanted to slow walk it wanted to take seventy five years to release data that they ha were able to review at the fda and only one hundred and eight days and now we're starting to get that data after many people have already taken the vaccinene safe and as youty mentioned, some ofn the safety data in the pfizer analysis is quite concerningte and we could talk more about that . and of course, yesterday'sut announcement about the johnson and johnson vaccine . j i'm glad actually the fda is acknowledging that there is there is this concern about thrombosis, about blood clots with the jmj vaccine. but tucker , i got to be honest, i'm a little s surprised that they're applying that level of scrutiny to the jmj vaccine but not to
10:43 pm
the many vaccines, not to the pfizer and moderna vaccine because actually if you look ata overall safety issues, the jmj vaccine probably has a better overall safety profile thann they might have higher incidence of thrombosis. but there was another recent very important study on all cause mortality. and i think lasttthe time l i ws on with you, we talked about this statistic is a good way to cut through a complex issue and a lot of statistical noise and they compared all three of the vaccines on all causeou mortality. are you more likely to live or die after you l get this vaccine ? and the johnson johnsonon actually had a modesthe improvement, whereas the mmr in a vaccine showed no improvement in all cause mortality. so i'd likeso to i see'd like te level of scrutiny applied to all ofhe the vaccines. yes. and compassion and care for people who are injured by i mean, that's the least weor can expect from our doxxed to help us not dismiss us or punish us for saying how we've an injured doctor and carry out one of the truly reliable sane o
10:44 pm
voices on this topic. no one's going to call you a kook. i'm glad you came on tonight. thank you very much. thanks. so one interesting thing that's happened in the wake of the supreme court about roe v. wade is all of a sudden women exist again. no more burning persons a women and they have bodily autonomy and whatever. but no one told the associatedbo press they're stilldy on another track and they've just issuedia new guidelines explaining that actually women don't exist. the term isha pregnant people whose right will settle it after the break. and once you come all this way . hi grandma. i play baseball today. that's great. what position did you play? first base to my grandpa used
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very well on the screen. people in the news and his lack of would one one eight eight nine one lone star fox or watch any time we'll take this manea present on our in the rescue story. sharon stone earlier today with the one hundred and seventy obamagate and never ending fun for me and welcome bolnick. just remember it is in your hands. download media now report
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10:49 pm
go to parkinson's dog or call 1-800- mopti info so we learndi the other day that anyone who didn't vote fordn joe biden is not only immoral, obviously ,but it's dangerous extremists. now joe biden, fbibiex has begu, of course, a purge of political decisions from within the bureau. >> doxxedy. kevin corke has a story for us tonight. hey, kevin , say good to be with you, tucker . an incredible story, a real stunner of a reporttma that congressional lawmakers demanding answers and i mean now this is newsin i from capitol hill tonight that the fbi has been quietly suspending the securityed clearances of employees
10:50 pm
who attended protests before last year's capitol riot. that according to the new yorkk post, the fbi's move was described in a letter from t the top republican on the house judiciary committee, ohio congressman jim jordan. now the bureau's decision is also drawing pushback from republican leaders who say the fbira staffers aren't chargd with a crime and they're having their first amendment rights trampled in the process.proc and while it's still uncleares exactly how many employees we're talking about, jordan's letter said multiple have been affected. he also says, by the way, the doj ig that the inspector general is now examining whether the bureau violated federal civil serviceurea lawsla in the proc now we did get a letter tonight from the fbi and in a statement they tell fox news under no circumstances would we take action against employees for lawfully exercising their first amendment rightsg. but i should also point this out, tucker . this is a good reminder weon still don't know to what extent, if any, the fbi may have played the days leading up to the protests at the capitol or on the day
10:51 pm
itself something worth examining, tucker . that'scapitol. for sure. the great kevin corke forou us tonight. thanks so so a bets so is you know, if you're not a woman, shut up. you're not allowed to have an opinion on abortion because women create children all by themselves and play no role. so that has been kind of c the status quore in our conversation for like 50 years. then all of a sudden about 20 minutes ago we started to s hear that actually men can get pregnant with men can get pregnant. do they have a voice in abortion and why their tampon machines in the boys bathroomt you make of ally' this ? well, the associated press, which not only setsba our language guide butut also helps to find the way were think hasat decided to answer this question in their new guidance on it. here it is quote phrasing like pregnant people should be confined to storieses that specifically address the experiences of people who do not identify t as women.p okay, so apparently as long as you're talking aboutus abortion, you can use the word women again. but if not, don't. all right. chadad m bickmore has been
10:52 pm
a journalist for a long time. he deals in words. he's the editor in chief of outspoken traffic. moore joins us tonight to unravel this mystery from the associated press. his what does this mean exactly chapbook to you know? well, i'll tell you what , if you hate women, it's a great time to be alive. you get to love them being sporting events. you get through laugh with them being shocked by men walkingg out in the buff in their stores and their locker rooms and you get to demean them by calling them birthing units and uterus habas and people cervixes. it's wonderful if you're misogynistst. but what i really want to know is how do you refer to what's the ap guidance on idiotic liberal journalists who want to alter reality just to over the fear that maybe four people might get offended h i mean, i haveig some choicee words, but this is a familyth show so i won't use them right now. how do you write i mean, how dod you do that without using obscenities?
10:53 pm
that's actually been a problem quitetin this show for some time. but i love a your point about hating women. so we hadad y the metoo movement three or four years ago. we're going to respect womenen in like 20 minutes after that . it was like shut up, ladies. the men are here and there now women i mean no one noticed that it seemed like right. and so many women who weree champions of the meta movement are silent about this or maybe they just don't want to be canceled or too fearful of of what might come forcanc them but you're also correct to point out that while suddenly w women exist again as of monday with the the roe v. wade leaguee ,i wonder why that could be .hi and i wonder another thing that also is is happening is the timing. if you remember around this time last years , it's mother's day coming up, we had joe biden insert birther peopleb into his chillon six trillion dollar budget proposal and coryd bush was talking about birthing people is a big news story. them rightht around this same w time.s so what is it with mother's day that want to get these moms to
10:54 pm
hire their horses and remind them that , you know, men can get pregnant through and have babies? this is the message men are talking about. i like women and beingng a woman not just wearing lipstick and a dress. it's like more than that ima would say as a man i've noticed . david moore, great to see youto tonight . thank you . you.easure. >> t souc we told you about the effot in the name of democracy to prevent votersem in georgia from being allowed to vote for the most popular member of congress in georgiat, marjorie scalabrine. well, a judge hasss ruled on tht and we'll tell the results next . you can only one thing the rest of your life would have been easy, but pretty sure that's not one thing. barbecue buffet, buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue is rocks and barbecue chicken and the most coveted. hi, my name is jay michaelson with hands on clothes. i've been bathing and grooming horses and dogs my entire life and i had my fair share of the common problem with metal
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shepperd's great with whole grain of value last silent spot there might go to see how they feel right if you're comfortable okay guys let's get to work and bring with another new york times best the mothers and daughters of the bible study examines the lives of nine biblical families through the lens of motherhood and daughterhood make it the perfect gift this mother's day covino now at fox news books .com. >> so here's a news flash that you already knew the people who yell about defending democracy hate democracydo everything they can to stop democracy, which means prevent people from voting for the is their choice.. it happened in georgia recently. democrats in the state filed a legal complaint to keepnt voters from voting for congresswoman marjorie , the most popular m republican in the state of georgia. they didn't like her views. georgi should not be allowed to vote for her . thank god those efforts failed to date. ff the georgia secretary of state adopted the decision from
11:00 pm
a georgia judge determinedre yes ,you're allowed to vote forar marjorie taylor greene even if the atlantic magazine in the " new york times don't like her opinions because that's wait for it democracyneli. so there's a victory we should celebrate and that's the end of our week. ones have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. the governor's race crtv in california, a man with a chance to win joins us monday.e we'll see you then. y on "hannity". this is a fox news alert. the foot president of the united states donald trumpat is on stage in pennsylvania ates a huge rally in spite of what was heavy rains forhe republican senate candidateav d. mehmet oz. now it has been raining nonstopa all day, but that has not stopped locals from turning outs in force. there live we'll take you there live in just a moment. but first we contrast and we turn to the washington swamp where our current president can barely do anything muchhd less hold a massive rally against


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