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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 7, 2022 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> civilian rescue efforts now underway in mariupol as russian president vladimir putin reportedly wants to control the city in time for monday's victory day. welcome to fox news live, i'm griff jenkins in lviv, nuclear. >> griff, it's good to see you there in ukraine. you've been there more than six weeks now, more to talk about, expected escalated attacks, perhaps on mariupol ahead of that victory day celebration as
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you mentioned. >> and anita, it's great to be with you, that's what everyone is keeping an eye on here and that's monday, victory day, the day in history when the soviet union declared victory and it's a particularly special day because on the 73rd day of this war, president volodymyr zelenskyy put out a message on his telegram account to all ukrainians across the country please do not ignore the air ride sirens. it comes as russian missile strikes are pounding the seaport of odesa and in war torn mariupol, they're storming that steel plant at the same time the mayor there says there are some evacuations of women and children that continue. when we sat down on the 70th day of war with president zelenskyy, it was an amazing moment. here was a guy you would expect to be exhausted, getting little
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sleep and everyone thought he would flee and ukraine was thought to capitulate quickly instead he stayed and fought and rallied the nation and now rallied the world. and former press george w. bush saying that he is the churchill of our time. and stunned by his enthusiasm and everything i wanted to know he gave me a strong answer and engaged. and we give you now for the first time a much fuller part of that interview. anita: thank you for sitting down with the president, i'm looking forward to more in the coming hours. griff, see you later. the search continues for the missing alabama murder suspect and the corrections officers accused of helping him escape after what officials found what
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they believe to be the getaway car. charles watson has the latest on this compelling story. >> good afternoon, the lauderdale county sheriff says they have indeed found the s.u.v. presumably used as an escape vehicle 100 miles in lauderdale county. they say that the ford edge that the corrections official pre positioned and spray painted, it was pat a tow yard and they say that casey white and vicki white abandoned it along a rural road. >> and we don't know what direction they headed. they headed north from here friday afternoon when they
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abandoned that car, which direction from there, we don't know. >> and so, the u.s. marshal service has released several photos of murder suspect casey white and his tattoos, some of which authorities say are affiliateed with ale a -- alabama white supremist group. and vicki white who probably could have dyed her hair to brown. and the duo had reportedly a special relationship for two years while he served time. and it motivated her to sell her home as she walked out of the jail. the height difference between 6 foot 9 casey white and her 5 foot 5 frame could work against the couple and that and the
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rewards offered for capture. >> the streets talk, they're off the grid and they've got cash. he's almost seven foot and 300 pound and hard to hide in plain sight. you can run, but you cannot hide. >> the marshal's office asking for any tips what they might have about the whereabouts of casey and vicki white. they're asking the public to stay away, they're considered armed and dangerous, they could have ar-15's or handguns on them. anita: keep us updated in the next hour. charles watson live for us, thank you. for more on this shocking story, former d.c. detective and defense attorney ted williams and also a fox news contributor. good to see you this afternoon.
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you know, this is really the stuff movies are made of, right? you have this woman, vicki white, 56 years old former assistant director of corrections for the lauderdale county corrections facility in alabama, four times she was named employee of the year, people who knew her said they felt blindsided by this and you saw the pictures of her with tinted hair and perhaps she's wearing a wig now or dressing in disguise. what is your take on this woman? >> well, i think, my take initially, anita, is this this probablyobably was a very lonel woman and that this prisoner, casey white, attracted her attention and as a result of that, she decided to help him to escape. this is like-- like a needle in a haystack right now. and anita, just think about this. she's 5 foot 5 and sidewalks with somewhat of a wobble.
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he's 300 pounds, 6 foot 9, and they stand out like a sore thumb. so-- and she also sold her home, undervalue. it was worth around $300,000 and she sold it for 95,000 so she has that cash money going for her, but the public, the public is going to be what is going to help the authorities to catch this couple. i have to believe that they're probably held up in some kind of a hotel room hoping they can get some of the heat off of them. >> yeah, and ted, you know, by all accounts, the public is certainly keeping their eyes open for them, but they're both said to be-- they should be considered armed and dangerous and casey white, especially, has quite a criminal record. he was serving 75 years for a series of crimes, including murder, but let's put up on the screen some of the other things that he had done in his past. robbery, burglary, unlawful
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breaking and entering of a vehicle, kidnapping, domestic violence. officials say the longer this woman, vicki white, there you go, you see the crimes, the longer she's hanging out with him, she herself is in danger, explain. >> she's definitely in danger. this is a career killer, habitual criminal, and so he's going to use her, i believe, as long as he can and when she's no longer usable or she could very well-- he could very well kill or harm her. look, vicki white is also a person who knows the system. she's dealt, i'm sure, in the past with the state and she knows how law enforcement knows how law enforcement captures fugitives. so that makes her valuable to casey white in helping him to
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escape. anita: quickly, 30 seconds, so we know they have $90,000 cash to spend. they're not using credit cards so they can't be tracked in that way. how else are police looking for them? >> police are hoping that the public will help at some stage, they're hoping that they will rear their heads and they'll be able to capture them. i have to believe that vicki white, knowing the system will not call her family, friends or anyone, so, it's going to be up to the public to give law enforcement the information to capture these two. anita: all right, everybody take a good look at these two and if you see anyone that looks like them, please call the authorities. ted williams, thank you for that, i appreciate your time and we'll see you again, griff. >> my pleasure. griff: and now, our exclusive one-on-one interview with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. we sat down with him at the presidential office in kyiv
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which many are now calling the presidential fortress. watch. >> sergey lavrov compared you to hitler and russia now says that they support the neo-nazis here, what is your reaction. we're used to these hits and the reaction to the statement of lavrov. i think that the reaction must be more powerful, it must be lightning like. >> leaders in the world in the time of this or special days of holocaust, et cetera, and they always say that never again, you know, we have to -- it's about diplomacy and it's about something very officially, don't wait, that is my message, don't wait official dates. >> when we talk about
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anti-semitism, i have not heard from any sort of jewish communities or societies on the territory of russia. >> some have suggested to western intelligence that putin may officially declare war. what do you think will happen on may 9th, if it's a declaration of war, what would change for you? >> for us, this is not going to change anything. for us war is going on for eight years now. the full-fledged war has gone on for seven days and whatever putin is going to say, the possibility is still there. they want to show what kind of czars they are, they ruined entire city like in a hollywood movie. that the victory they're striving for, may 9th is going to be remembered around the world as a tragedy, as a bloody day and certainly not the day to forget. . >> do you have what you need? do you need more on what do you
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need? >> we have key weapons without which we could not be occupy the cities like mariupol. we have a big issue. russia blocked all the trade routes and we cannot export our wheat. they occupy our ports and they are taking out our goods. i don't want to say this now, i don't want to name specific countries who behind our backs are making deals to buy our grain from russia that was stolen from ukraine. >> can you tell me who is trying to buy this? >> not now, but we have the names of these countries. if they will do it, of course, we'll tell. >> how important is it that president biden come to kyiv to see what has happened here? >> it's important. i think it's very important because you know in our minds, in our society, president
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biden, the president of the biggest democratic civilization our partners, our strategic partners, i think that it will be great signal, very important signal. johnson came and i also think it's very good for him, that is is good for him because the united states support us. so, i mean, that president of the country, which support us, i think is good for him to be here. if it's possible. i don't know. griff: spoker pelosi came. >> yes, so it's possible. griff: tell me how this ends? >> only with victory. we have no way out. griff: mr. president, thank you for your time. and stick around for more of our conversation with president zelenskyy. we spoke about what he needs
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from the u.s. and he thoughts on whether the sanctions against russia are working. you can catch that exclusive other part of that interview coming up in the next hour. stay tuned. anita. anita: griff, great stuff. can't wait to see more. in the meantime, major fallout this weekend after the scotus abortion draft decision leak, including plans to interrupt mother's day services around the country. we'll go live to the white house and st. patrick's cathedral in new york city next. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein,
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>> and welcome back. the white house refusing to denounce enraged pro choice activists who plan to protest at the homes of several supreme court justices tonight after publishing parts of their addresses online. lucas tomlinson is tracking from the white house. >> clarence thomas has reportedly said the court would not be bullied. the white house says the justice's privacy should be respected. here is peter doocy afterward. >> these activists posted a map with home addresses of the supreme court justices. is that the kind of thing the president wants to help your side make their point? >> look, i think the president's view is that there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from
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many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. >> google has removed a map showing home addresses of the conservative supreme court justices saying the map is quote, no longer available due to a violation of our terms of service and/who are policies and they say that it's for publishing private information with malicious intent should stop. >> the justices are getting threats on their lives right now and they need to step it up. make arrests for conspiracy for obstruction for assault. >> let's talk about how the leak came out. no, we're talking about what this means in the lives of the american people and our commitment to the calibration that is contained in roe vs wade. >> there are further protests planned this weekend.
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so far, president biden has not weighed in about them. anita. anita: lucas tomlinson at the white house. griff. griff: reaction to the leak's draft opinion posing a threat to catholic churches across the country as they prepare for weekend services. alexis mcadams with more. >> hi, griff. it's not just here in new york city where churches are preparing, it's all across the country. people are called out to protest in front of catholic churches here in new york city as well in on mother's day. this coming as the new york post has sources from the n.y.p.d. who say they're expecting a heavier police presence in front of st. patrick's cathedral. someone leaked draft u.s.
9:21 am
supreme court decision. that 1973 decision established the constitutional right to abortion. and they immediately called on disrupting churches on mother's day. and what is inside appears to be a catholic church where mass was in session. and costumes from a sale has they chanted pro choice. and president joe biden commenting about this leak. >> the idea that we're going to make a judgment that's going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the supreme court, i think goes way overboard. >> activists are calling on americans to protest as we mentioned. and in colorado police telling us they had at least one church that was vandalized and that church in bolder tagged with
9:22 am
messages, my body, my choice. and they said that the draft opinion was authentic, but it was not final. and they're trying to find out exactly where the leak came from as protests are expected. back to you. griff: alexis mcadams outside of st. patrick's cathedral. >> for more on the supreme court draft opinion we're joined by the senator from alabama and senator commerce, science, transportation committee. senator, great to have you. >> great to be here thank you. anita: you're welcome. i want your thoughts on the protests planned at their homes after their addresses were released online and how the white house has yet to condemn any of this. what should the white house be saying if anything? >> i think this is going to
9:23 am
backfire on the pro-abortion people around the country. the person within the supreme court's close circle who leaked this improperly, will be found out eventually and this person will be barred, perhaps be celebrity in the left wing circles, but will be disbarred from practicing law. and i think it's really, really breached centuries long precedent of the court. you know, people like senators and representatives are used to this sort of thing. they can protest in front of my office and this office i'm talking to you from, we've had protests. that's part of it. supreme court justices are supposed to call balls and strikes as the chief justice said when he was confirmed. they're supposed to interpret the constitution as it was written and they're really not subject to public opinion,
9:24 am
they're not supposed to be. i think this is improper. i think both democrats and republicans should have denounced the leak. so far it's only come from our side and i think democrats and republicans ought to say, get off the church grounds, let people have mother's day in their own religious way tomorrow, and let the supreme court interpret the law as it was written by the founding fathers in the constitution. anita: yeah, we're definitely in uncharted waters here. and a lot of reaction from the democratic side of the aisle vowing to do something about this decision. let's listen to senator chuck schumer. >> the blame for this decision falls squarely on senate republicans who spent years pushing extremist judges and justices while claiming this day would never come. but come it has. anita: so, he's blaming you,
9:25 am
senator, for a decision the supreme court has every right to make. it was always a possibility. what's your reaction to that. >> he's using the term blame and that's his right to do. i think a lot of voters around the country would say that the credit, if this is in fact does end up being the final decision of the supreme court, the credit will be to those of us who believe that this decision should be returned to the people of the united states and their elected representatives. i just defy anyone to look in the constitution as it was written or as it has been amended over time and find a constitutional right to abortion. roe versus wade was wrongly decided and i think politically decided. if this turns out to be the final decision and the chief justice has cautioned us not to jump to that conclusion, then i
9:26 am
think that most americans will be comfortable with the people and their elected representatives making this decision as they have done for some century and a half before the decision came down in roe versus wade. anita: we'll see what happens there for sure. let' turn quickly to the compli and ongoing inflation problem and the stock market rollercoaster the last week. the jobs report came out yesterday slightly better than expected. you see on the screen, 428,000 jobs created, but inflation is rising at a faster rate than wages. take a look at this. inflation 8.5% rise. wages only 5.5%. last week, you tweeted this, the economic pain americans are experiencing is no laughing matter. we need our commander-in-chief to cut the jokes and do the job he is supposed to do. so quickly, what should the president do to ease all of this economic pain. >> well, the first thing he should do is open up the keystone xl pipeline and quit
9:27 am
declaring war on something plentiful in north america, north american oil and natural gas. it's the biden's administration's war on producing oil and gas that caused the huge spike at the pump and then this inflation, prices are up 8 1/2% across the board, and as your chart just showed, wages up 5.5%. that means middle class american workers that got a nominal pay raise actually are 3% behind from where they were before they got the pay raise. so, inflation is terrible, i think it's going to be the major issue this year and larry summers, the treasury secretary under the obama administration warned president obama and the democrats in the house and senate not to do this, when biden first took office he said this will cause an inflation, it has done that and it seems now unless we're very, very
9:28 am
lucky, we're going to have a recession because of this. we should have created many more jobs than that report yesterday. anita: all right. senator roger wicker, thank you so much for your thoughts there. really appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. anita: and for the other side of the aisle we will bring in massachusetts democratic congressman and member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. i want to ask you first about the action of the supreme court on abortion, and on this topic you tweeted this, reproductive health care is a human right, congress must protect abortion access because for the final ruling we know that scotus, the supreme court, can't be relied upon to uphold roe. what would congress be able to do to protect abortion rights if roe versus wade is overturned? >> thanks for having me on.
9:29 am
my republican colleagues seem desperate to talk about anything, but the headline issue here, the first time in living memory, the supreme court is taking away rather than granting a right. by two to one margin americans disagree with them because reproductive care is a right. and the supreme court needs to codify roe. chuck schumer has called for a floor vote to see where they stand on it and a filibuster so we have a majority rule that can guarantee 170 million american women their basic rights and access to reproductive health care. anita: all right, i asked our previous guest about the making public of the home addresses of the six conservative supreme court justices in the wake of the leak of the draft opinion. should the president or his spokesperson publicly condemn that action? because they haven't done so yet. >> i'm sure that the president
9:30 am
like those of us in congress are focused instead on this emergency, it looks inevitable that the supreme court is going to overturn roe and we need to be working with planned parenthood and reproductive active if now, and they're going to be in health care deserts and we need to provide health care for them. i understand that republicans want to talk about the footnotes to this issue, but the headline here is that the supreme court is rolling back rights and americans don't agree with it. anita: just quickly what's wrong with having and letting states decide? a quick answer on that, please? >> because we don't let states be the final arbiter of fundamental rights and reproductive health care is a fundamental right. anita: okay. let's turn very quickly to the economy. americans are struggling with inflation, gas to food prices
9:31 am
highest they've been. let's look at rise in gas prices the last few weeks. look at this, almost double from a year ago. in california paying $6 a gallon, it's painful to pump your gas at that price. do you think the president has a good handle on how to help everyday americans, about 30 seconds, please. >> we're absolutely seeing a painful rise in prices, forcing hard trade-offs, a two-year pandemic that shut down the biggest supplier in china, a war between a massive oil exporter and massive wheat exporter, these are issues roiling the supply change as demand is surging back. job recovery, 12 straight months created and a supply-demand mismatch here and causing the economy to overheat and we're making investments in the supply chain, r and d and work force development and training to unleash the capacity of the u.s. economy and we are going to take on prove tearing by big oil, they need to pass on the profits to
9:32 am
lower prices at the pump. the previous guest said there's a war on oil. there's an actual war that's much more the cause of what we're seeing at the pump. representative auchincloss, thank you for your time and we will be right back. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. when i'm on my hands and knees and i'm digging through the dirt, i feel something in me, like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow with miracle-gro. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials.
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>> 36 minutes after the hour now, live images from eagle pass, as new reports of a haitian high my grant caravan after the surge expected after title 42. and the latest and we saw you up in the helicopter yesterday giving us an amazing aerial view, what are you seeing on the ground today? >> well, anita, a source with the texas dps tells me based on a new intel report, 4,000 more
9:37 am
haitian migrants where it's positioned, and a mile back, a group between 1500 and 3,000 haitian migrant already there. you could have as many as 7,000, possibly more migrants waiting to cross into laredo when it ends on the 23rd. take a look at this video. now from two days ago, also on a separate helicopter mission taking video surveillance. all of these people are going to need to pay the northeast cartel, 800 to 1,000 per head to cross the river and texas intel indicates that perhaps this group of migrants are going to bus to reynosa across from mccallum where migrants are waiting. a group of 16 migrants, including a baby and a child made it safely across the rio grande where the drone team is. this group is specifically from
9:38 am
columbia and nicaragua. here they are talking about the reality of what we're seeing down here. for the month of april, it's going to be historic, if it confirms what i'm hearing, it's going to show what i'm encountering for the month of april and goes to show you that even though, even what they're trying to do, it's not making any significant impact along the border right now. >> and the rio grande valley sector, 685 migrants turning themselves into border patrol. 62% of them were single adults and the migrants from central and south america, asia and the caribbean. meanwhile, in the del rio detector, 22 were found on a ranch from border patrol and during processing, one was found to be a guatemalan national, 2016 in texas for aggravated sexual abuse of a child. send it back to you, anita. >> unbelievable to see those endless lines of people just waiting to turn themselves in.
9:39 am
nate foy, live at the border for us, thank you so much, nate. >> thanks. >> griff. griff: anita, let's go back to our eyes in the sky. the fox drone flight team over eagle pass, texas. you're looking at the rio grande river on the other side of the mexican side, a point of the largest caravan in 2019 that we traveled in that sector. apprehensions just in the last 24 hours, and that's up 153% from last year, and the largest number on record last year. and what we're on pace for is something that we've never seen on the border and that's why we're joined now by former acting homeland security secretary and executive director of the america first policy institute center for homeland security and immigration, chad wolf. we're some two and a half weeks away from title 42 on may 23rd. how concerned are you about what we may encounter?
9:40 am
>> well, i'm very concerned. not only for the american people, but also for border patrol who continues to be in a crisis for 15 months and they have no end in sight. at the end of the day, the administration doesn't appear to want to solve the problem of this illegal behavior. there's no deterrent in any of the policies or processes that they are currently undertaking and responding to instead. they put out a plan with title 42 going away and processing more and more individuals into the country. until we get serious about making sure that we hold people accountable for breaking the law and removing them quickly back to the home countries and they don't have a legal right to be here. unfortunately, you're going to continue to see historic numbers and we're going to have historic numbers in april and in may as well. >> and chad, you put your finger on something i want to address, the six point plan,
9:41 am
secretary mayorkas's plan to handle the influx they know is coming. it doesn't appear to have any new enforcement actions, chad. it seems to be a capitulation to simply resolve all of our border patrol. all of our agents across the country and along that southwestern border to focus entirely on catch and release and that's something we've never seen in the history of this country on that southern border. >> you're exactly right and i think most of the american people are going to say it's the wrong strategy and the wrong plan. but you're right. that six-point pillar plan, these are authorities and actions that dhs have had for decades and to say it's something new to deal with the surge and to deal with title 42 going away. there's nothing new there. things that dhs says they've done for years and years and years, and something they should have been doing, and i think instead for dealing with the crisis you've got to come up with new policies and
9:42 am
procedures to deter the behavior. things like the remain in mexico program or the asylum cooperative agreements and initiatives that border control can use to deter the illegal crossings that we see the human traffickers and others they're going to do on may 23rd. once title 42 is pulled down. >> and chad, it's not just a border crisis, it's also a security crisis, as we've seen, a number of igrants this year and it's hit the terrorist screening data base. how worried are you? if we have the numbers that we anticipate that it would be a possible security risk we haven't seen yet on the border? >> well, griff, look, i've been worried about this specific threat now for months and months and months. it just hasn't been in the last 30 days and certainly, only increases when title 42 has gone away. because when you have this number of individuals coming across the border every single day. 6,000 to 8,000 encounters every
9:43 am
day. border patrol can no longer do law enforcement mission and they can't interview individuals and they can't biometrically enroll them. they can barely fingerprint them. not only what you encounter that they may not identify. it's the got-aways, that they will never encounter and you don't know who they are at the end of the day, you're right, there's public safety threat that you don't want to talk about and a national security threat going on at the border, it's not just central americans and mexicans that border patrol is apprehending, 125 different nationalities along the border and you can guess that they've been emboldened by the policies going on to continue to stream across that border knowing that in all likelihood, they will remain here in the united states, which is their ultimate goal. >> former acting dhs director chad wolf. thank you for your time. anita. >> thank you. anita: griff, had a new update in the murder that shocked the
9:44 am
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make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900, 800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900. >> gabby petito's mother has filed a lawsuit against the family of brian laundrie. the lawsuit seeks $30,000 in damages and trial by jury. laundrie died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head according to authorities. and her remains had been found in a wyoming campground. fbi determined that she had died by strangulation and that he had confessed to that in a note. and as a consequence of the conduct, and that they endured
9:49 am
funeral and burial expenses and loss of possible future companionship and they received the summons and no responsibility to respond to. the laundrie family attorney said the lawsuit will likely not be defended and the petitos will have nothing gained more than a piece of paper that tells them what everybody knows which is that brian was responsible for gabby's death as indicated by the fbi. the lawsuit is in addition to an amended civil suit filed by gabby's parents in florida alleging that they know where her body was located and helped their son to evade police. bert lino has not been able to have that case dismissed. >>. griff: alex, thank you. anita. anita: well, it's time to prepare that pitcher of juleps.
9:50 am
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9:53 am
>> today is the 148th running of the kentucky derby. thousands of spectators return to the track for the run to the roses with no covid limitations
9:54 am
for the first time in three years. lydia is following the big race from churchill downs in louisville. love that hot, love that outfit. what assignment. >> hi there, anita. the excitement is electric here, thanks to christine moore for the beautiful fascinator today. people here are so delighted to be back in full force after covid restrictions from last year. no spectators whatsoever the year before. we had a chance to catch up with some of them and here is what they had to say. >> it's bringing money back to the community. the derby, we like to go have fun. >> it's tough. and it's not what it would have been in the previous years, but things have come around. >> there's so much energy and louisville shines this time of year. >> it's great that everything is open again and we're here together. it's been a couple of years. >> and now, we can expect 150,000 people or more to fill
9:55 am
the stadium at churchill downs today to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports. it's a big return. like i said last year, capacity was about a third of that, but you might be wondering what exactly does it take to host an event of this size and magnitude? i tell you alita, it takes a lot of bartenders are going to be serves around 120,000 mint juleps, cans of beers and 142,000 hot dogs and of course, there's a lot of wagering happening on the big race throughout the day and later tonight. last year, betting on the derby day from all sources reached 233 million dollars. only the record of 250.9 million wagered in 2019 topped that last year's figure. so, we're seeing those bets flow in throughout the day. we might see another record this year and we'll have to see what i can tell you, there are some favorite horses now
9:56 am
emerging and we know there are odds that can change all day at post time 6:57 tonight. so there's a lot to keep track of throughout the day, anita. anita: no doubt. you've got a mint julep, a hot dog, and a fancy hat. you said it's called a fascinator? >> yes, it's a fascinator, and i think it's fitting. awfully fascinating and i feel good to wear it. if you feel good in it it's worth wearing and i feel great. so exciting to be here. anita: you look good in it, too, thank you for that report. lydia at churchill downs. churches across the nation are scrambling to increase security as pro-choice protesters vow to disrupt mother's day next. recommende d brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar.
9:57 am
live every moment. glucerna. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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10:00 am
griff: russia reportedly planning a victory day parade in the streets of mariupol as ukrainian forces fight to hang on to the port city and evacuate remaining civilians. welcome to fox news live, i'm griff jenkins in lviv, ukraine. anita: i'm anita vogul in washington. great to have you with us from ukraine, you've been our eyes and ears on the ground for more than six weeks a lot going with anticipated an increased attacks in the southern part of the country ahead of victory day in
10:01 am
russia and, of course, we are going to have more of your exclusive interview coming up with volodymyr zelenksyy. griff: yeah, anita, we are getting breaking news right now on the facebook page of ukraine's prime minister, all women, children and elderly people have been evacuated from the steel plant in mariupol. if that's, indeed, the case very good news after weeks of waiting to have a humanitarian corridor open up. the un and red cross to get that open and you're looking at pictures of the steel plant as russian forces also attacking and storming the steel plant as the evac-- evacuations and that was in the mind of president
10:02 am
zelenskyy because mariupol in his words will clear i will go down in history as the moment that won't be a day of victory, it won't be a day of celebration as president putin suggest if they, indeed, hold the parade. president zelenskyy says it will be a moment in history that marks the butchery of the russian forces, the atrocities carried out on ukrainians. the mayor there repeatedly been reported that more than 20,000 civilians have been killed in the city, the discovery of the last several weeks of mass grave after mass grave and, of course, the communications we have had with those troops inside that steel plant and important final note i just want to make and that is the defenders of mariupol, the 36 marine brigade regiment. there's no indication that the russian forces are going to evacuate or allow those forces to leave. they will be fighting to the
10:03 am
very end and we have no idea how long that can be. but as you mentioned, we have more of our exclusive interview with president zelenskyy, you don't want to miss that coming up, anita. anita: indeed, good news if women and children trapped rather in that steel plant were able to be evacuated. so we will hear more on that a little bit later too. all right, the historic supreme court draft opinion leak sparking protest throughout the weekend as activists plan to march churches and homes of several supreme court justices and the white house is still refusing to condemn the demonstrations instead of them calling to remain peaceful. lucas tomlinson with the very latest on this, lucas. >> lucas: supreme court justice clarence thomas says the supreme court will not be bullied into make decisions. the white house reiterate calls for peaceful protests.
10:04 am
>> the president believes in peaceful protests. he believes that's part of our democracy and part of the history of the united states and this country but he also respects and understands the independence of the third branch of government. lucas: 8-foot high temporary fencing going up in the supreme court earlier this week, appears fencing that went around the u.s. capitol in january 6th. saying the map is, quote, no longer available due to violation of our terms of service and/or policies. on capitol hill senators from both sides of the i'll say there's no place in society for threatening life of public servants and then earlier this week senator mark warner of virginia called any potential threat or any public servant outrageous and supreme court john roberts called any attacks on the court and on that leak, he called it an appalling
10:05 am
decision to leak it, anita. anita: lucas tomlinson live at the white house. thank you very much. griff. griff: anita, catholic churches across the country preparing for possible protests at their mother's day services in response to that leaked supreme court draft opinion. alexis mcadams is live in new york with the latest. hi alexis. >> hi, griff, not just here in new york city, churches across the country that are preparing for possible protests specifically tomorrow on mother's day. people calling out those protests to have been in front or outside of catholic churches across the country. take a look at the video. areas in new york city. this is st. patrick's cathedral where they are according toed according to new york post increased police presence there. this all coming as activists are calling on the americans to protest potential end to abortion rights after someone leaked a draft u.s. supreme court opinion that would strike down the roe v. wade decision. that landmark 1973 decision
10:06 am
established a constitutional right to abortion in the united states. the leak immediately led to protests and calls for people to disrupt church on mother's day. this video, though, you see here was posted on tiktok. it's from the root sentence group inside of what appears to be a catholic mass that was in session. the group wearing costumes goes inside there and chanting for pro-choice. as more protestor plan, president biden commenting about this leak. listen. >> the idea that we are going to make the judges, that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on the decision by the supreme court, i think goes way overboard. >> in colorado, police say they had one charge that was vandalized. that's denver there. my body, my choice spray painted on the church. also tags bans off our bodies
10:07 am
and my body, my choice. the supreme court says this was a draft opinion but it was authentic but they said it was not final which is important to know. now the court's marshal is trying to figure out exactly who leaked this because as you saw lots of protests were planned on mother's day. back to you. griff: hopefully a peaceful mother's day on sunday. alexis mcadams, thank you. anita. anita: more on the political fallout for one of the largest breaches in supreme court history, let's bring in our panel, former florida congressional candidate and republican strategist noel mcmoore and founder and ceo laura fingk. ladies, welcome to you both and thanks for joining the discussion. noel, let me start with you, the leak at the supreme court was really shocking and unprecedented in many ways. the court has an investigation underway and the chief justice john roberts has said this.
10:08 am
to the extent of the debraille of confidences of the court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed. the work of the court will not be affected in any way. six of the justices have had addresses made public, but to me statement, they will make decision on this without fear or favor, noel, your thoughts. >> absolutely. and the timing of this is very interesting. you know, we are going into the midterms and, you know, if you look at what a, you know, the democrats are up against, we have inflation and, you know, we have a lot of struggles and i think that the timing to release something that evokes fear with the abortion ban is very interesting because to me as a republican strategist, i look at something like in virginia where we had the education issue and we pivoted and in virginia we
10:09 am
have youngkin that won. what i'm looking at in this in a deeper way i am looking at the issue of abortion front and center when we have other topics going on for midterms and i think it is going to be a real point of focus because what we are having, what we have seen is an uprising of women that are going to be very concerned, you know, basically out of fear and this is why when they published the addresses of the justices, there's no need for this because all this does is, you know, threaten our given air of threat to privacy of the justices. and furthermore, when you have, you know, peaceful protests in front of catholic church, you are infringing on another right which is a right to worship and don't think that we are not going to see some sort of a disruption. if you think that all these protests are going to be
10:10 am
peaceful, we have another thing coming. there will be some disruptions. anita: okay, laura, i want to bring up a map of states that might consider banning b or enacting some restrictions on abortion. there are 26 states and 4 of them, florida, indiana, montana and nebraska could ban it altogether. you know, laura, poll after poll show that many americans are in favor of putting some guidelines or restrictions on abortion. it is a serious decision for a woman or a family to make. so what's wrong with having some guidelines? >> anita, poll after poll shows that 70% of americans support roe v. wade and do not see it overturned and that includes in many cases majorities of republicans. the right to choose is a fundamental right that's been in place for 50 years and what we saw this week with the supreme court takeaway that right for more than half of americans, that's the first time the supreme court has taken away a right and overturned precedent to do so. i think that is what you're seeing the reaction here and that is why you don't see
10:11 am
republican politicians talking about the substance of the decision, talking about the impact of privacy right, the threat to contraception, threat of gay rights. that would have happened whether it was leaked now or whether that decision came down in june. and so i think what you're seeing here is sizemic and half of the woman have fundamental rights and the other half we are going to restrict altogether. there's many health consequences and not what americans want. anita: definitely front and center in the midterms now. we know that. we have yet to hear from the white house about the public releasing of the addresses of some of the supreme court justices but we did hear from
10:12 am
jen psaki the other day on the subject in general. i want to play a little excerpt of an interview that we did with her here at fox. >> two-thirds of the public doesn't think roe should be overturned. maybe they want to talk more about the leaks than whether a woman has the right to make a choice with their own doctors. anita: noel, let me ask you, there are many polls out there that people -- most people do prefer to have abortion rename legal. what are your thoughts on what jen psaki said? >> well, you know, that's such a personal issue. there's two ways to look at it. you are right. i mean, there are a lot of women that feel that this is their right but if you look deeply into if you -- if you look at it from a political point of view and you look at the voter there is a very large base that does
10:13 am
turn out and vote. it's the evangelical voter which, you know, it would like to see more laws, more regulation where abortion can turn. and america -- if you look at something like the netherlands, you can look at germany, they are viewed as liberal on lots of issues but when it comes to abortion, if you'll look like the netherlands i think has a 5-day waiting period where they do, they have a mandatory consultation before anything is done. you have germany so, you know, a lot of the far, far left has thrown, you know, europe and european countries that we should model some of our laws after that and really america has had a little bit more even linient laws. anita: laura, i don't have time
10:14 am
for final thought. let me ask you quickly, 26 states that are thought to maybe have a ban or some sort of restrictions, how many do you really think would ban abortion outright very quickly? >> i think -- i think the vast majority of them will ban it. not have exceptions for the health of the mother, not have exceptions for rape and incest and make it so that you could not get an abortion ever and they are going to criminalize it too. don't forget that. doctors and people in jail. anita: we don't know that that's going to happen. >> it's happened in a lot of states, though. anita: noel, sorry, thank you so much ladies for joining us. noel and laura, thank you so much. >> thank you. anita: griff. griff: ukraine's deputy prime minister reporting that all women, children and the elderly have now been evacuated from the besieged mariupol's steel plant. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcok is
10:15 am
live for us in greece. what's the latest. >> a bit of good news coming out of that terrible situation in the besieged city of mariupol. ukrainian government is saying those civilians have been evacuated from beneath the steel mill where they have been sheltering for months. hundreds of ukrainian soldiers are there. some are injured, they say they won't surrender but russians are pounding, sadly it looks like a sad to the finish as russia beefs up offensive against broad front line from the east of the country to the south and attacks from kharkiv near russia to black city port city, black sea port city of odesa, the whole region, griff, is what the stated aim is of moscow along with strong ukrainian military counterattacks we are seeing as well. now all of this could be leading up to victory day in moscow on monday. military parade being rehearsed today for the date in russia
10:16 am
which m the defeat of nazi germany and world war ii. it's thought that russian president vladimir putin wants to have something to declare as a victory and further declare this all-out war which allows him to call more troops. finally over in romania and eslovaquia this weekend, first lady dr. jill biden with meeting with refugees and families as well as officials and u.s. troops, nearly 6 million ukrainians have fled the country since the fighting started. her husband the president will meet with ukrainian leaders tomorrow and just one more note here, griff, on monday, president biden is set to sign into law the lend lease act which will allow even more weapons to flow into ukraine from the u.s., from the west. the approach first used in world war ii as we come full circle on the story. back to you. griff: that is, indeed, welcome news in ukraine.
10:17 am
greg palcok, greg, thank you. anita. anita: the phoenix mercury opens their season at home against the las vegas aces without star center britney greiner, still no word as when greiner might be released as 3 months detention in russia. she was detained for reportedly having vaped cartridges. griff:nation wide manhunt for the alabama inmate on the run with female correction's officer who sprung him from prison, that's next. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic,
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this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. get $400 off an eligible samsung device with xfinity mobile. take the savings challenge at or visit your xfinity store and talk to our switch squad today. anita: jailhouse romance leading to jailbreak, police found getaway car linked to alabama suspect and officer helped him in great escape. charles watson in florence, alabama with the latest on the developing story, charles. charles: hey, good afternoon, law enforcement say they located the vehicle allegedly used as an escape by convicted casey white and former corrections officer vickie white but past that law enforcement seemed to be at a loss as to where the duo could
10:22 am
be. >> we which we had a lot more progress. it's been a week. i wished we had them back in custody within hours, but, you know, we just have to work with what we've got. charles: and so we are told the 2017 edge bought and escaped route by vickie white partially spray painted at a tow yard in williamson county tennessee, hundred miles north and had been sitting there for nearly a week after casey and vickie white abandoned it a short distance away along road. the u.s. marshal released several photos of casey white and tattoos some of which authorities say are affiliated with local alabama white supremacy group and this depiction of vickie white who may have tinted or died hair from blond to darker shade possibly brown to disguise
10:23 am
appearance. two are not related but authorities say they had some kind of special relationship or jailhouse romans for some sort for two years after white served crime for home invasion. it's what may have motivated vickie to sell her home and clear out accounts days before she walked out of the prison with casey white right -- case y white behind her. the 6-foot 9 casey white compared to vickie white 5-foot 5 frame could help in credible leads and certainly a lot of money on the table. law enforcement offering $15,000 for credible information leading to the location and arrest of casey white and $10,000 for information leading to the location of vickie white and law enforcement asking the public to keep their distance because
10:24 am
these two are considered armed and dangerous. anita, back to you. anita: they really are and hopefully someone from the public will spot them. charles watson, thank you very much for the report. griff: anita, for more on how the police might be trying to track down the pair, we are joined by former miami-dade homicide detective pat díaz. pat, what is your guess because it's only anybody's guess at this point while this manhunt is going on, but where do you suppose based on some of your experience and instincts they might be going right now? >> well, griff, you know, i'm sure the marshals are going to start from the beginning when she was going to the jail and visiting him. at that point i think they developed a plan and that was what led to him confessing to a murder in hurt county and being able to be transported back knowing that once he's in the county and she's assistant director of the jail there's escape expected, that he would
10:25 am
be able to go and then the second thing, once the car, they were able to escape alabama, i believe he was going back to roots in tennessee and parking that car in the side of the road, i don't believe it's a coincidence. i'm sure she was in touch with a contact she got from when she was in prison to tell them that's where the car will be dropped off and they picked up another car there. griff: pat, what is the motivation, when you watch this video where she calmly collectively walks him out to put him in the control car, she doesn't appear from the video to be under any duress of sort. this is a woman that was employee of the year multiple times. she sold her house for some $95,000 to get cash and was one day away from retirement yet she throws it all out the window for this guy, why? >> it was definitely a jailhouse romance and this has been long
10:26 am
term and you can see that all of the protocols for transporting to prison. she didn't have leg shackles on, she didn't have a belt on, he's 6-foot 4, she's 5-foot 5 and he went unescorted into her car. you can see everything from that was broken protocol. like i said, this is a jailhouse romance, he cultivated when he was back in florence and when he went to prison, she went to visit him and this was a planned out escape without a doubt. griff: pat, do you believe that she can be in significant danger with this guy right now? >> well, absolutely. he needed her for the escape plan. he needed her for the cash. once he gets where he wants to be in tennessee and i'm sure the marshals are tracking down all relatives and past acquaintances to see where they lived to get a better idea what area, i believe
10:27 am
he will go solo and she's going to be gone. truly the two can't be together and he knows that. he's aware. i think he just needs to go to his area where he plans to hide from the law enforcement and i think the marshals will be right behind him because i think they have the same theory as i do. griff: we shall be watching it. pat díaz, thank you very much for your insight, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. griff: anita, you know watching this case, this manhunt going on it reminds me back in 2015 when i covered the prison break in upstate new york. do you remember that, it was a romance as well. this prison -- she wasn't necessarily a guard. she worked in the seamstress shop and she was having this relationship with david, the younger of the two, richard, you see him on your screen left. he was killed david was caught
10:28 am
in a field. i was there the day he was shot and they brought him into custody but it was certainly a romance and as we know it did not work out for them. joyce mitchell by the way just released from prison a couple of ago. anita: yeah, griff, in fact, she said about what she did in this case helping the two to escape, she called it the worst mistake of her life and that she regretted it every day and you're right she was released gist a couple of years ago after serving 5 years and it is funny she does bear a little bit resemblance to vickie white. all right. thank you. griff: indeed, indeed. anita: thank you for that, griff. disney cancels fred savage, the former star of the 95th com the wonder years. he gets fired from the show's
10:29 am
reboot over harassment allegations. the details on that coming up next.
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
anita: former child star fred savage has been fired as executive producer and director of abc's reboot of the wonder years after an investigation into complaints of, quote, inappropriate conduct. christina coleman live in los angeles with more on this story, christina. christina: good to see you, the nature of the allegations that got fred savage fired from abc's reboot of the wonder years remains unclear. a spokesperson from disney owned 20th television confirmed he was fired by saying in a statement recently we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct of fred savage. the decision was made to terminate employment as an executive producer and director of the wonder years. now this is not the first time
10:34 am
savage has been accused of wrongdoing. a costume designer sued savage and one of costars in 1993 during the making of the original wonder years for sexual harassment. she accused savage of asking her on dates and making inappropriate comments. savage denied those allegations. ali mills who started at savage's mom in original series called matter ridiculous and case settled out of court and in 2018, 20th century fox television looked into claims by a costume designer who said savage created a hostile work environment on the set of the show the grinder, one of the claims was that he constantly used profanities toward female employees. a california judge tossed out gender-based and savage maintained innocence saying none of the claims can be substantiated because they did not happen and after a work
10:35 am
related investigation, the studio found no evidence of wrongdoing and as of now, there's no word on any comments or public statements from fred savage on the new investigation into his behavior. anita. anita: we will see what happens there. we will be following that. christina coleman live from los angeles, griff. okay, we are having a few problems with griff's signal. hope to get him back in just a moment. but for now, we want to show you the second part of griff's exclusive interview with ukrainians president volodymyr zelenksyy, watch. griff: the u.s. just assumed the presidency of the united nations council but yet the council has failed to do anything to stop
10:36 am
this war, anything significant. is there time to change with the security council? >> i'm open to saying about the organization especially on such high level that it doesn't work and especially the security council that's supposed to do one specific thing, it's responsible for security. so the question is, what can it do to provide to overt any war around the world. i want to say that we do not feel some sort of powerful steps to stop the aggression of russia. just like a person do you feel that this organization can stop the war, any war in the world? do you feel -- i think the main thing of this organization that -- people have to believe that
10:37 am
there are preventive direct things and steps which will be -- which will be implemented if somebody wanted to occupy any territory. yes, so i don't feel it. maybe somebody have this feeling. griff: the eu proposed phasing out russian energy but it's not till the end of the year. is that enough? >> so far i think that the united states of america is the accelerator of the sanction policies and i think they do more than any other country. and this is the way it should be because they are the most powerful country right now. i see the same support with respect to sanctions from the united kingdom. the european union should be in a united position. they don't have it with respect to certain sanctions. for those sanctions, the european union introduced, we are thankful to them, however,
10:38 am
they have to be thankful to themselves because all of russia against ukraine, it's a war against the values that ukraine defends and these values are the values of the european union countries. >> we created the platform on this and we prepared good document for sanctions. one of them work and one don't work. how -- we can do to involve more instruments because, you know, russia, when they get some sanctions, yes, they have -- they finding the way how to go around, circumvent, that's it. also we give the document to all partners. so we are not waiting for somebody because we are losing our people. anita: vas nateing.
10:39 am
another snipped of griff's exclusive interview with volodymyr zelenksyy. he sat with him for 57 minutes and answered all of the questions and rather than looked tired and weary from war, appeared in control, and alert, congratulations to griff on that interview. we hope to get him back in just a minute. okay, and we are going to actually bring him in right now. we got his signal back. griff, great job on the second part of the interview. did you have any thoughts on what president zelenskyy told you right there? griff: our signal dropped there for a second. we lost you. great recap of the interview, it's just to get the insights of a president at war thinks and overwhelming challenges he has gotten because many people were not backing ukraine the way they were. many people were not willing to send the heavy weapons that he now has, howitzers and he wants
10:40 am
more long-range missiles because he doesn't just want to resist as they did near the kyiv capital and wants take the fight to them in eastern donbas to drive russian forces out of area like kharkiv, second largest city and ultimately to stop russia from being able to take over the entire sections or towns of russia but mariupol obviously hanging in the balance, great news that we broke this hour that women, children and elderly got out, evacuated according to the ukrainian deputy prime minister but yet the fight for that city and whether the city falls in russian hands is yet to be determined so it continues very much. so that's where we are. meanwhile, anita, we have an interview coming up, an
10:41 am
exclusive interview with russian oil executive who fled to ukraine and why he had no choice to leave vladimir putin's russia. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
griff: while in kyiv ukraine i had the opportunity to interview a former executive of russia's largest gas company. here is what he had to say. thank you for taking time. why are you speaking out now? >> i was 3 years in russia and realized ago that russia is not a free country but rather totalitarian state but when escalation started in 24th, i simply had no choice. i decided to do something for a country i was born in. i always considered myself a part of this nation. i am ukrainian.
10:46 am
i was confident that if i came home i could do something useful for my country. that's why i'm here. griff: how did you get out? did you have to leave suddenly, was it hard to come? >> i made the decision instantly. my father and friends started calling me from my hometown artica, it was one of the first towns to face the brutalities of russian's so called peace. so the decision was quick and i left russia on march the second. griff: are you concerned for your safety now that you fled? >> i understand that i might be at risk here too because we all know too well what putin regime is capable of. they can get to you from anywhere. they have assassinated people here in ukraine too. does that stop me, no because i knew i was going for a war. if i was looking for peace, i would have stayed in moscow and pretend this war has nothing to do with me. griff: we have seen several suicides with oligarchs and
10:47 am
executives, can you give us any insight. do you believe that they were murdered? >> i don't believe those were suicides. they were found in suspicious circumstances. their wives and children were killed too. i don't know for what reason it happened but i'm sure they were murdered. griff: what can you tell us about the impact of the sanctions on russia what >> they are becoming role models for the other countries. it's a brave decision especially for bulgaria 90% depends on russia gas. russia may lose up to 8 billion per year. it's not a critical amount for russia but it is a good start. it's a precedent. europe must understand that now is the time to demonstrate unity
10:48 am
because it's the fight for civilization. griff: now you're in ukraine, what do you hope to do, do you want to fight, do you want to pick up your life here? >> from the minute of my arrival i wanted to join the ukrainian armed forces and fight for my country but i was refused because i didn't have any combat experience. i have a russian citizenship and for some i'm a stranger here. many in ukraine believe that there's no such thing as a good russian. griff: based on what you've seen here, is putin trying to get rid of the ukrainian people? is this genocide in your opinion? >> it is clear that putin's main goal is to destroy ukraine. i think putin hates ukrainians like hitler hated jews. yes, his goal is to destroy this country and this nation. griff: we heard a lot about the may ninth victory day that putin wants some sort of victory, what should we know about that?
10:49 am
>> for many russians that was like a sacred day. they were celebrating the victory over nazis. now they have destroyed the memories of this day and now with all of the z and v symbols they have killed something valuable, something holy no matter what putin says or do, may ninth will not save him. griff: how do you think this may end? >> i'm certain that one day i will attend a victory parade in kyiv and my hometown. i have no doubts about ukraine's victory because ukraine and ukrainians know know what they are fighting for. on the russian side, the question why is this happening, why are they killing themselves, why are they killing ukrainians, there's no sense whatsoever. there's no nazism in ukraine, i'm sure ukraine will win. griff: how big of a deal when the moskva was sunk?
10:50 am
>> i think this was very symbolic for putin. think about how it sounds. moskva has sunk. it sounds very right. i believe the moskva will be followed by moscow too. griff: what does the future hold for you? >> i know what i want. i want this war to be over as soon as possible. it is obvious that ukraine will win. the question remains how much more blood will putin suck out of ukraine. that is why the war has to end soon and as for my personal life, i want to stay here. i have no intentions of leaving. this is my comeback and redemption. i hope my homeland will welcome me and i will spend the rest of my life here. griff: what can you tell us about putin and what should we be worried about? >> the reality is he's threatening the whole world. i do believe he might use nuclear weapons. i sometimes hear people calling the madman or asking if he lost,
10:51 am
i believe he knows exactly what he's doing. he's a maniac. those two are different things. he must be prosecuted and executed. griff: thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. griff: coming up the very latest on the ground here in ukraine, that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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griff: as night falls here on day 73 of this dye, anita, all eyes are on mariupol with the breaking news this hour, good news that the women, children and elderly got out of that steel plant where they were trapped without food, water or medicine for weeks on in. one woman getting out last week saying she hadn't seen sunlight for two months but yet the men and women that are in that steel plant defending it with marines there and steel brigade, they are perhaps not going to get out. they are going to be in for a fight to the death and that's something we are watching as we fully anticipate some sort of mention if not a declaration of victory on monday may ninth that we have talked so much about and what putin intends to do, anita. anita: bracing for that because nobody knows what's going to happen.
10:56 am
griff, i wanted to mention both of the interviews were very interesting, both that victory would be assured. víctor was sure of victory and the president that was the only outcome from him and the sense that you got from the ukrainian people. griff: in the six weeks i've been here, every ukrainian has told us that it is no surprise that putin's ultimate goal is to take ukraine and get rid of the ukrainian people, that is why they have been in such an existential fight for their country since the very beginning and going to continue as we head into the weekend, anita. but that's all for us this hour. now, it's been great to be with you, anita. fox news live continues with rich edison and alicia acuña. anita: i'm anita vogul. ifferent.
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andrea: this is the hardest thing we will probably ever protect him with all your heart. have to go through. st. jude has given us transportation, treatment. to know that we don't have bills, they take every other stress off of your shoulders. rich: possible break at a nationwide manhunt one week after a murder suspect went on the run with the correction officers accused of helping to escape in alabama jail. their getaway car found a few hours away abandoned in tennessee. the question now, will it help bring the two fugitives to justice? hello everyone welcome to fox news life i am rich edson. alicia: hello i am bill melugin. two other big stories we are following the sauer is the biden administration dodging


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