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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 7, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that exactly. i don't crazy eyes. >> lucky parents. [laughter] alright guys thank you so much that does it for us but will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. for the big sunday show right now the fabulous anita bogle is in for jon scott on the fox report. it starts right now. historic supreme court draft opinion the sparking pro-choice activists heading to the homes of several conservative justices at this hour. planning to target catholic churches tomorrow. good evening, i am anita vogel in for jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ >> abortion rights activists are expected to gather outside the private residences of six conservative justices this hour. manning the high court not
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overturn roe v. wade. constitutional law attorney jonathan turley and new mexico republican congresswoman yvette will join us next of an analysis and reaction. we begin coverage, alexis mcadams, the catholic church as they prepare for mother's day services. first, lucas thomases is live at the white house where the biden administration is refusing to condemn the protest targeting conservative supreme court justices at their home. >> good evening. supreme court justice clarence thomas will not be bullied into making decisions. earlier today vice president harris spoke at tennessee state university. >> we are once again forced to defend on the mental principles we hoped were long settled. principles like the freedom to vote, the rights of women to make decisions about their own bodies.
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[cheering] even what constitutes the truth. >> earlier dozens showing up to protest outside the supreme court. 8-foot high debray fencing has not up, it appears fencing has gone up around big u.s. capitol january 6 and the white house over the summer 2020. school removed a map showing the homes of conservative supreme court justices saying the map is no longer available through violation of terms of service and/or policies. senators from both sides of the aisle says there's no place in society for threatening the life of any public service. roger wicker of mississippi said this hasn't taken place in 233 year history of the supreme court. >> the person within the supreme court's close circle who leak to this improperly will we found out eventually and this person will be barred, perhaps the
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celebrity in the left-wing circles will be disbarred. >> mark warner also said no supreme court justices should be threatened. >> i think anyone will your supreme court justice under threat of whether you're the people, senators who voted for impeachment of mr. trump whose lives are put in threats, i think that action is outrageous. >> more protest taking place tonight near justices homes. nonprofits called it pulling. anita: lucas tomlinson, thank you very much. catholic churches across the country are bracing for the possibility of pro-choice protests at mother's day services tomorrow in response to the draft opinion to overturn roe v. wade. a church in colorado was vandalized earlier this week.
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electric mcadams is live with more on this. what are we expecting tomorrow? >> we are waiting to find out how many people could show up on mother's day and protest. right now across the country and new york, preparing for protest. nypd expected to have more officers in front of the cathedral tomorrow morning. this all comes as activists : americans to protest potential and to abortion rights. this weekend protest topping out across the country, chicago, houston, d.c. and austin had large crowds after someone leaked a draft the supreme court opinion that would cut down the roe v. wade decision. landmark 1973 decision established constitutional rights abortion in the united states. the leak led to protests and calls for people to disrupt church mother's day tomorrow. this video was posted to tik tok share thousands of times, women from a group that died in
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appears to be a catholic mass in session. >> the idea that we will make a judgment that's going to say no one can make the judgment to abort a child based on a decision by the supreme court. >> biden responding there. the supreme court said the draft opinion was authentic but wasn't final period the court-martial is trying to figure out who leak to the draft in the first place. representatives from planned parenthood were here and said something today. >> to be clear, it's still a draft opinion. there are still patients showing up every day who need access to care. there are people who need to understand if you need access to care, abortion, it is still legal right now. we expect in the next two months of the supreme court will hand them the official decision that
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unravels row once and for all. anita: we will see who shows up tomorrow. the diocese of new york, they expect an increase in police presence because of the planned demonstrations. anita: i would hope so. alexis mcadams, thank you for that live report. let's bring in legal scholar who has a new op-ed in the hills title from court packing to leaking, white house yields to a national rage addiction. jonathan turley is a law professor at george washington university of constitutional law attorney and fox news contributor. he's here to talk with us tonight. i know you have been outraged about all of this especially the notion the white house is yet to condemn docs and of six supreme court justices making their adlic. to me it seems like a non-
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partisan matter of common sense for someone from the administration, iot the president himself for say it is wrong. your thoughts? >> it is a simple question of decency. the president is supposed to be a moral compass for the country. we have these moments that tear us apart, we will the president to bring us back to a more sober and civil tone. this president has been absent, the white house says they take no position on docking and targeted justices, they take no position on leaking this opinion and violating a host of ethical rules. it's a disgraceful moment for the presidency. it's not a partisan issue and by the way, it's nothing to do with how you view roe v. wade, it's about decency and having some line we can respect. there's got to be something even in an age of rage we can agree upon.
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one of those things should be that judges and justices and their families should not be targeted because you disagree with how they interpret the constitution. anita: it is hard to believe we are where we are. your article talks about this addiction to rage and you referenced rage exhibited by chuck schumer when he said this, to conservative members of the court about another abortion case in march of 2020. >> i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released a whirlwind. [cheering] don't go forward with these awful decisions. anita: he says you will pay the price, you won't know what will hit you. it sounds like a threat.
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i know he did walk that back and he said i grew up in brooklyn, i was his excuse for saying that but set a tone for what we are seeing today? >> you have to forgive me, i grew up in brooklyn, not licensed to violate every rule of decency and professionalism. people in brooklyn know the difference between demagoguery and activism that was demagoguery. what he said was breathtaking for all of us. these are people with tenure, how will you punish them? was that a reference? you can't touch them except for impeachment, you can't just because you disagree with their opinions. now they know. we have so many democrats included who have not denounced this effort the justices. it won't make any difference to the justices, these are people principle but there's got to be some left in our politics and if
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it doesn't start the president and it will end there. when the president says i have no policy on docking and targeting justices, it's a policy because if you are not against it, you're taking a position of acquiescence to allow it. i just don't know how we got here. anita: it has become nasty. you've mentioned in your article they had to put up a fence around the white house during the writing and 2020 and around the capitol in 2021 after january 6 and now the supreme court has fencing around it. all three branches of government now, how does this change? >> right and what's interesting is these were the three locations that are symbols of our three branches of government. every picture shows them blinkered, surrounded by fences to keep out a raging mob. what does that say about us?
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it is a trifecta picture that is so condemning as a people. i think what it shows is not just that we are living in an age of rage, it shows we are addicted to rage. you see that in the faces of the people today, msnbc contributors saying basically you haven't seen anything yet. other commentators coming out saying go ahead, targeted justices, get more aggressive. it is an addiction and it's tearing us apart and it's needed today more than any time in his term. i think it's a call to the president few presidents have had to face. he's going to watch this country torn apart. if you wait for polls to tell him what principles he will defend. anita: well, we will see what we hear from the white house in the coming week.
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jonathan turley, thank you so much for your reaction. thank you. a federal grand jury indicted frank james, the man suspected of shooting multiple people on a subway train in brooklyn last month. he now faces terrorism and gun violence charges. he's accused of setting off smoke grenades and firing a gun on a crowded train april 12, wounding ten people and injuring several others. life behind bars if convicted. his arraignment on the federal charges have not yet been scheduled. it two days until russia celebrates victory day. we will tell you what the kremlin hopes to accomplish by then. eastern and southern ukraine, how will america respond? will take it up with military analyst and fox news contributor coming up next. ♪♪
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welcome back, another ukraine history destroyed by the russian invasion. a missile today level the ukrainian museum according to locals, the building was dedicated to the work of an
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18th century philosopher, this is russia plans victory day parade. details on the war from ukraine's capitol of kyiv. >> it depends on what happens in 36 hours in mariupol all remain women, children and elderly evacuating from the mariupol where they have been sheltered for weeks. hundreds of ukrainian soldiers, some of them injured, russians keep pounding the site, they want to give them out safely, it could be a fight to the finish as russia intensifies us the front line from the east of the country down to the south, six missiles in odesa. the eastern city of donetsk along with ukrainian counterattacks in the countries second biggest city of kharkiv. taking over the whole region, russia is taking aim. we know there will be a victory day celebration in moscow on
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monday, the day russia works the defeat of germany. it's thought that russia vladimir putin wants something to declare as a victory. i further also clear this aggression is an all out war. finally, romania and slovakia this weekend, first lady joe biden leaving refugees and families, 36 million ukrainians have fled the country. her husband the president will meet virtually with g-7 leaders and zelenskyy tomorrow, it's a show of solidarity and they recognize the as its victory in europe. on monday, president biden taking another important measure signing into law the lend lease act which would facilitate the flow to this country to the ukrainian forces. how was used in world war ii, the u.s. is helping now.
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anita: thank you so much. joining us now with more on the russian invasion, national security military doctor rebecca wright, president of iris independent research and fox news contributor doctor grant, great to have you here on this, thank you for summing. the question a lot of people might be, what will russia be celebrating monday? they have this victory day for the war hasn't gone smoothly for them. >> may 9 where putin is the celebration of the world war ii victory and for putin, it's like the memorial day and veterans day all into one. thanks in red square, putin will make a speech, we'll be listening to what he has to say but the main thing is to get russia remembering world war ii. like they are fighting world war ii again so his message to the
3:20 pm
russian people is buckle up, it's going to be tough and we have to keep fighting in ukraine. he will use this to cover up the fact that there are mounting russian combat losses in ukraine. anita: it is scary indeed. i want to ask you about the idea that the u.s. has given ukraine billions of dollars in aid and military weapons and it's reported we are sharing intelligence with them, to leaks reported in new york times and nbc news suggesting the u.s. gave ukraine intelligence helped them take out russian generals in the russian black sea. thomas friedman wrote this, staggering take away they suggest that we are no longer in an indirect war with russia but edging toward direct war and no one has compared the american people or congress for that. we need to stick as tightly as possible to our original limited and clearly defined aim of helping ukraine excel russian
3:21 pm
forces as much as possible or negotiate for their withdrawal whenever ukraine's leaders feel the time is right. i want your thoughts on that. is the u.s. stepping over the line? >> no, our aim is to support ukraine and probably the top way we have done that all along is with battlefield intelligence. let me clarify, it's not the cloak and dagger spine, this is imagery and signals intelligence to show ukraine forces where the russians are on the battlefield so they can find them and hit them in the case of the ships in the black sea, we may be helping to show images of the ships. this is direct battlefield intelligence, it goes along with providing javelin missiles. this is the way ukraine get done with their tactics that have
3:22 pm
been so successful. anita: i want to put up some numbers on military aid. we could put that up on the screen and how much the u.s. has given so far in comparison with other countries. we have the u.s. $4.2 billion followed by poland, germany and united kingdom. you have thoughts on that in terms of how much aid and money, is it appropriate? >> for bn is a lot but it's a great investment in freedom of the world, money well spent, is weakening russia has military power and crane fight for their freedom. while other countries have given less in monetary terms, every contribution is important, ukrainian troops are using training in germany for live fire training.
3:23 pm
we know how much poland has done moving supplies and refugees. over 40 countries have contributed and we do need to contribute more. ukraine will go on the offensive and they will need more money and weapons. anita: one last quick? and, griff jenkins had an interview with volodymyr zelenskyy where he said the only outcome he could envision was one of victory but how long could victory take and for ukraine, at what cost? >> a great interview and zelenskyy to visit but the question is the next couple of weeks which to the offensive. they need time to gain back territory and keep fighting as well and as fearlessly has they have. they can get out of the country. anita: we will be watching for that. doctor rebecca grant, thank you for your time today, appreciate it. the league of a supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade
3:24 pm
already reshaping the political landscape ahead of novembers midterms. abortion rights activists plan to protest outside the homes of conservative supreme court justices like chevy chase maryland. congressional correspondent, chad pergram reports on this. >> it was in october surprise but a may surprise. democrats will use the decision as a wedge against republicans this fall. reproductive rights will be on the ballot. women will vote and they will make sure their voices are heard. >> the leak may be one of the most seminal offense of 2022 that could boost democrats as liberals feel alienated. >> everything about joe biden and the difficulty he faced within the democratic party, it was largely with the democratic, the question of whether he was liberal enough, this solves that
3:25 pm
problem. >> outraged senate republicans for blocking attorney general merrick garland in 2016. then confirming pro-life justices. >> every single republican changed senate rules to confirm not one, not two but three trump justices to the u.s. supreme court ensuring six to three conservative majority. some of these justices like to the senate and this misrepresenting their views on respecting president when it came to decisions like rope. >> republicans say it's dangerous for democrats to target justices. >> in 2020 marched across the street the court shouted threats and shout justices by name if they didn't rule. >> i want to tell you kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind.
3:26 pm
[cheering] >> i am concerned it could be putting justices lives in danger. >> secure. >> this is violence against members of the supreme court and their families. >> democrats are campaigning not only against republicans but against the court itself. >> await the justices got to the court and discrepancy between they said in the confirmation hearing what they appear to be saying in the draft opinion to create opportunities for democrat to gin up their base. >> it gives democrats a chance to switch the narrative from high inflation and gas prices. anita: thank you very much. just ahead, thousands of migrant from 80 reportedly heading for the u.s. border before title 42 expires. nate foy reports live from eagle past texas. new mexico republican
3:27 pm
congresswoman yvette joined us, she says she will keep fighting until an end to keep title 42 in place. stay tuned. ♪♪
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in for jon scott, i am anita vogel. this is the bottom of the hour, if you are just joining us, here's a look at stories making the headlines. in new mexico, they've evacuated their homes as high temperatures and extreme wind fuel wildfires. 1400 firefighters are battling six fires that have burned 400 square miles. texas governor greg abbott says he may challenge in 1982 supreme court ruling that illegal immigrant children have the constitutional right to attend public school free. he says with immigrants who seek dozens of linkages running
3:32 pm
across the border, the cost to hire teachers is a burden on taxpayers. kamala harris delivered undergraduate commencement address to tennessee state university graduate this morning in nashville. she accepted an honorary doctorate of humane letters to the school. more on these and other stories download the fox news map, scan the qr code or fox 4000 haitian migrants are headed to the southern border which would put the total number
3:33 pm
a 7000 when title 42 is set to expire. i want to show you who is here, this video from texas dps helicopter, you see 1500 -- 3000 haitian migrants positioned about a mile south of the rio grande. dangerous concessions over 100 degrees, the cartel runs the area, they charge 800 -- $1000 ahead just to cross the river. we don't know how many migrants have that fair, we've heard dps say the migrants may bus over to reynosa mexico to join other migrants entering there. look at this video eagle past this morning, our drone team saw 16 migrants crossing, this included a young child and a baby from columbia and nicaragua. some of them had to be rescued and processed by border patrol. we have pictures of the grand valley sector, 685 migrants and border patrol, this includes 424
3:34 pm
single adults. many worry the end of of title 42 will mean more single adults and in turn, more violence. >> we are going to see assault on officers because of the lands, it will be a shock to the system. >> more new video in texas, 80 migrants were found locked in a trailer, several of them ran away, multiple agencies looking for the migrant, the ones who stayed behind were treated for migration. border patrol in the del rio sector found 22 migrants on a ranch during processing. they found one of the migrants has been arrested in texas in 2016 for aggravated sexual abuse of a child. anita: really disturbing. nate foy, thank you for your reporting my thank you.
3:35 pm
>> the people in my district, people on the border are asking for one thing, they are asking for help. everybody is living through hell, the chaos is spreading and spreading due to joe biden. anita: that was republican congressman tony gonzales, word on the crisis on our southern border, two weeks for title 42 pandemic rejections on migrants set to end. let's bring in congresswoman yvette, a member of the oversight reforms committee and natural resources committee. congresswoman, thank you for coming today. we already have near record numbers of people crossing the border but even director of home and security alejandro mayorkas said recently once title 42 is lifted, we could see 18000 illegal migrants each day trying to sneak into the country, some are bringing in dangerous drugs,
3:36 pm
synthetic opioids. let's look at the numbers of drugs at the southern border. here we go this year, at that. 5 kilograms, 202110.6 and the list goes on. knowing this, why doesn't the administration want to stop this? more people coming in, more people bringing drugs. >> $20000 question and we have written a letter to secretary mayorkas and asked hymn number one, title 42 in place but what is the game plan in terms of coming through? we are seeing a record number of children, 13 to 45-year-old dying by overdose because of fentanyl and this open border, the american people are tired of this, they know is causing problems within their own communities. i'm happy to say senator ted cruz in my state has now
3:37 pm
introduced the pause act in the senate and hopefully we can continue to push and push to keep title 42. i met with agents today on the border and they told me the biggest thing we can do is keep title 42 in place. the biggest tool they have to help secure our border. anita: i want to show video right now, we want to be synthetic to children and families trying to come in to the country looking for a better life but bring up this video of what was found at the order along with children seeking an, look at this backpack, child unicorn backpack but it's filled with fentanyl. that is the reality of what's happening at the border. i want to ask you, for these people sneaking into the country, the border is crushed every day, we know the numbers. border officials are completely
3:38 pm
overrun and overworked. listen to what the dhs secretary said to bret baier last week. >> you know what happens to these individuals? they are either expelled under title 42 of the cdc placed into immigration enforcement proceedings. they make their claims under the law if the claims don't prevail, they are promptly removed from the united states. anita: even the washington post gave his response three pinocchio's, what you make of this? >> i think the washington post is right, he's not honest to. >> and people. he's gone on to cite eight 30,000 people have made into our country illegally. he's not being honest with what they are doing and he tried to tell the committee and homeland security last week he had operational control of the border. we know he has no control of the border. we talked to border patrol
3:39 pm
agents all the time. this is a complete crisis they continue to turn a blind eye to and it's turning the american people, i heard earlier on the program for they talk about greg abbott the way it impacts our schools and communities, we are not doing service to the american people or the sovereignty of his nation and with drugs coming over, drug and human trafficking in the people coming across the southern border that we have no way of knowing who they are, it makes no sense. name one other country in the world you can walk across the border illegally and come in and live like one of their citizens. anita: very hard to do and other countries. let me turn while we have you must the latest supreme court considering unprecedented on that. adam schiff in california tweeted this, he said i don't care how the draft leaks, it's a sideshow. what i care about is a small
3:40 pm
number of conservative justices who lied about the plans to the senate intend to deprive millions of women over reproductive care. we must expand the court. that's what he tweeted, do you think the supreme court thinks the leak is a side show? is court packing going to be front and center in the upcoming midterms? >> probably will be back on the front burner but i don't think it's a sideshow, i think it's a serious issue but we are just getting the right inc. they do what they said in the draft that was leaked, we will give the decisions back to the state where they should have been in the first place that we will have to wait and see but i hope they don't continue. at the end of the day, we can't lose sight of this. anita: we will wait and see what the actual opinion is when the supreme court releases it. congresswoman yvette herrell, thank you for your time. still ahead on fox report, manhunt for an escaped murder suspect in a corrections officer
3:41 pm
takes a couple of very bizarre new turns. plus, the creators of the wonder years reboot, the original show star fred savage. details on that when we return. ♪♪
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are you haunted by your cable service? have you noticed strange, frightening fees on your monthly bill? do you experience feelings of dread when you pass by your cable box? if the answer is yes... who you gonna call? directv stream. the price you see is the price you pay. the manhunt continues for a convict awaiting trial on a murder charge in the former alabama corrections officer who helped him escape from jail. officials say they found the couple getaway car in rural tennessee a few hours from the jail. charles watson is in alabama with the latest on this case. >> law enforcement officials here say this was methodical and
3:46 pm
took quite a bit of planning not only on the part of the inmate casey weiss white but his alleged accomplice, vicki white who seen in this released security footage looking aroundl in florence alabama a day before allegedly used her power as a corrections official to walk admitted murder casey white out of prison into the arms of freedom allegedly near the location where police say vicki white issued of getaway vehicle. this is 2007 edge, authorities look at 100 miles north partially spray-painted in williamston county, it's sitting there for nearly a week after police say the convicted corrections officer. this is well laid out according to the county sheriff's. >> the procedures we use the sheriff's office most definitely
3:47 pm
played to her advantage. i think it was a very well thought out plan. >> it was so well thought out, investigators say vicki white was at home, she sells her home for $95000 and cleared out bank account days before she went on the run with the 330 pounds casey white. they are not related but officials say they had special relationship, romance for at least two years while casey white 75 year sentence for a crime spree including home invasion. u.s. commercial services released photos of the two including his wife which authorities say are affiliated with alabama white supremacy group, vicki like to authorities say may have attended or died her hair from blonde to a darker shade possibly brown to disguise her appearance and the u.s.
3:48 pm
marshals are asking the public to reach out with credible ways that do to the whereabouts casey white and vicki like. there's reward money on the line $15000 for information leading to casey weiss location and 6004 vicki white. keep caution, keep distance because the duo is presumed to be armed and dangerous. anita: casey white has quite a criminal record. thank you for the live reporting disney television studios fired fred savage from the wonder years reboot over claims of inappropriate conduct by the star, the original sitcoms. director and executive producer of the new project. christina coleman live in los angeles with the latest. >> as of now, the major claims against savage is unclear publicly. a spokesperson from disney owned
3:49 pm
television confirmed he was fired say easily we were made aware of allegations group, fred savage an investigation was launched upon completion, the decision was made on his employment and executive producer and director of the wonder years. this is not the first time savage has been accused of wrongdoing, a designer sued savage and the coast are in 1993 during the making of the original wonder years for sexual harassment. she's accused savage of asking her on dates and inappropriate comments. savage denied the allegations and was eventually settled out of court. on fox television, investigative lames by costume designer who said savage created a hostile work environment and harassed her on the set of the show. an internal investigation determined there was no evidence of wrongdoing. a california judge topped out the woman's claims in the
3:50 pm
lawsuit she filed against savage in 2018 which was also during the "me too" movement. the behavior of a number of celebrities in the industry were coming under scrutiny at the time. fred savage again denied the allegations against him. he said in part i've been working in the entertainment industry my whole life and have always endeavored to treat everyone on any set i work on respectfully and professionally. none of the accusations at me are true, i wholeheartedly support all people who feel they are been mistreated come forward and speak to human resources and anyone in charge. we've reached out for comment on the new investigation and behavior and we are waiting to hear back. anita: keep us up-to-date. christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you. ♪♪ acumen hotel torn apart in an apparent gas explosion. the latest on a desperate search for more survivors. another story from around the
3:51 pm
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here are other headlines, north korea testfired in short range ballistic missile continuing
3:55 pm
streak of weapons demonstrations according to the south korean military. projectile most likely fired from a summary of an eastern port city in japan. in cuba rescuers are still searching through the rubble for more survivors of a massive explosion at historic hotel yesterday. at least 26 people were killed, dozens more hurt. officials blaming a ghastly for the last. for the island, the national island has the largest number of seats in the country for the very first time. it means the irish republican army and unification with ireland is entitled to the post of first minister. in afghanistan, the taliban ordered all women to wear full head to toe burqa in public covering everything except their eyes. human rights organizations make the decision is an assault on women's rights.
3:56 pm
that's a look at some stories from around the globe. and we'll be right back. ♪♪
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tiny pause helping orlando florida police tackle a big cause. >> excuse me. i notice you don't have a license plate. okay. you have 30 days to get it
4:00 pm
fixed. anita: the sloth was taking a cruise in her toy convertible when she was pulled over for not having a license plate. the adorable video is gaining attention of social media helping police spread driving awareness. that's how fox report on this may 7, saturday 2022. i am anita vogel and for jon scott. gutfeld is next. ♪♪ jurisdictions. we have "gutfeld!" coming up next. thank you for watching "the ingraham angle." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ greg: look at that, yeah. happy tuesday, everyone. well, that was a big night last night, right? well, i am


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