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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  May 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dean cain and rachel will be on. unfiltered with dan bongino starts now. dan: it's obvious the biden administration is on a frenzy. they can't stand conservatives. but when joe biden called this the most extreme book in history, my alarm bells went off. using labels typically reserved for terrorists. fertilizer shortage. some processors are using human
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waste as a substitute. a shocking report on the cdc data. they just say they want to keep us safe. a cyber-security expert is here. big wins for conservatives. why are some worried the leak of the drafted opinion in the dobbs case will affect the november race. folks, the biden administration, it's obvious, they are definitely not our friend. big government can't stand us, they see us as an obstacle to concentrated power. >> what are the next things that are going to be attacked. because this maga crowd is the most extreme political
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organization that existed in american history. dan: that's not an accident, the use of that word extreme. after the majority opinion about the dobbs case, the president just called the maga crowd the most extreme political organization in the political history. that was not by mistake. hours later it was leftist prove abortions physically attacking police officers, break windows and destroying property in los angeles. despite the evidence in front of our eyes the extreme behavior on the left, it's the conservative consistently condemned and targeted as extremists. why is the when joe biden appoints a disinformation czar to police the truth, we learn by experience and have zero confidence in her job, has
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anything to do with promoting the truth. >> when the department picked her, did it know that she had said that mr. hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation? >> i was not aware of that. we do not discuss the internal hiring process. dan:er liberty loving american patriot has reason to believe biden's new truth minister will weaponnize and come after you. democrats use their government power to target us. let's look at the government's track record. remember the irs targeting tea party groups? remember when the nsa collected the date of american citizens and slide about it? then there was operation choke
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point when the government pressured banks to cut ties with legal businesses that are considered morally reprehensible. they targeted gun stores. i remember that one too. that's how we conservatives and liberty lovers are treated. but conservatives versus terrorists. how are actual terrorists like the iranian islamic guard corps treated? the death to america. they throw gay people off buildings. the biden administration wants to lift sanctions on their banks that help fund death and destruction. the result, making it easier for a terrorist organization to access and move money. but are u.s. forces and allies
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in jeopardy. banking, let the terrorists do it. don't mess with them. let me ask you this. actual terrorists or conservatives. don't worry, we have more receipts. it's not just banging. what about social media. here is the twitter account of the 45th president of the united states. i am sorry, former twitter account. then rouhani, the iranian president. iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism. folks, biden's rhetoric calling the maga movement extreme. it's not an accident. he's identifying his real enemy. it's you. those who politically disagree
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with democrats. i'm sure i am one on the list, too. in light of the leak from the u.s. supreme court there is a growing feeling of dread that the targeting will continue and biden's disinformation ministry of truth will be weaponized against pro-life conservatives. we already know what the democrats in the media think of us. >> republicans have been working for this day for decades. they have been out there the plotting, carefully cultivating people sort justices. >> congratulations, ladies, decisions on what you can do with your body is being made by four old dudes. >> i'm worried this is just the beginning. next they will go after gay
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marriage. then brown versus the department of education. i see fascism down the line here. dan: i focused this on conservatives being targeted. we are ending it with asking this. how long before pro-life conservatives are lumped in with these very same groups? just a matter of time. joining me, glenn greenwald. i have been reading your work for a long time. you have been a straight short on this the entire time. the government is a process for truth. it's called a court system. the government -- wants to prove something, they have to go to court. the fact that they are pushing forward with this is just frightening.
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>> absolutely. the idea that the u.s. security state which is created in part to not combat this information but to disseminate this information is going to be the authoritative source to decree what is truth and what is false should be extremely alarming. the reason they want to do that is as we saw with the hunter biden hoax before the election, if you get official decrees like these dozen of intelligence officials who sanctified the lie that hunter biden laptop was disinformation. now they want to seize the power to declare what is disinformation not just to have some kind of assertion, but to impose it in law to integrate it into censorship and laws against hate speech and disinformation. that's why it's so chilling to watch them do it.
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dan: i follow your substack. you are consistent on all these questions. but you have an interesting opinion on the leak of the majority opinion. remember left got angry over the hunter biden laptop leak. you are either for leaks or not. they are either newsworthy or not. >> it does to you, but apparently not to them. >> you reference in your monologue the fact we know the government lied to -- to us continuously. snowden came forward and worked with me and others to leak information. for a long time heroes were
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wikileaks. the key thing is when someone leaks classified information even if they do it with a noble motive, that's still a crime unquestionably. here the leak was of non-classified information. so i think you can definitely raise questions about whether the person had noble motives or trying to manipulate the court. but to start criminalizing anybody who leaks non-classified information, they are not selling it for their own benefit, they are giving it to the public because they think the public should know. i think to start criminalizing it will be a problem to put that power in the hands of the government. dan: thanks for coming on, we appreciate it. coming up on "unfiltered." 18 million americans got the
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johnson & johnson vaccine. did the agency track us during covid lockdown. a cyber security expert explains what we can all do to protect our privacy. your projects done right
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dan: 18 million americans took the johnson & johnson vaccine. now the fda said people should only take that shot if they have to because there thousands of people got clots. there have been reports of clotting with these shots. why did it take so long for the fda to take action. we already have a public health trust crisis. >> this won't help. last april, 13 months ago the fda put a sudden 10-day pause on
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the j & j vaccine. we believe 19 mill people have gotten it. it happens in the first few weeks. if you don't have a complication in the first month or two you don't have anything to worry about. why the stud be whiplash? i think people will ask why did you put this out after you got reports from the data base. here we have the fda reacting to people banging on their doors saying i had a significant blood clot after this vaccine. dan: the big tech silencing of people asking questions didn't help. we have seen unusual cases of hepatitis in younger adults and young kids.
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it's kinds of a mysterious outbreak. did this have anything to do with senate what's your reading on the situation? >> it appears the cases of hepatitis are unrelated to covid or the vaccine. there is about a million viruses on the planet earth. maybe 1% have crossed over into humans. but the funleyy thing is the who said they have been looking into this for weeks. only this week did we find out they were taking this seriously and investigating. the numbers were far lower given what the w.h.o. said they have seen in other countries and the u.k. and other places. they are starting to look into this, and it appears to be an
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adeno complication. dan: health concerns from the covid lockdowns. a disturbing report that the cdc bought data on americans' movements. morgan we always go to you for cyber security questions. is there anything americans can do to protect themselves from being tracked on their phones or is this a trade-off we have to make? >> it's like the social credit system in china. the problem is the state of where we are with technology, every application you put on your phone it has a software development kit. if you use the app, they can track your location and address.
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in march a virginia court, a federal court rules use of geotracking was unconstitutional. you can't just throw a net out. the private data exposes the most personal details of our life. where we go, what we do, where do people go to dinner? this is not just simply -- this is more than surveillance. this is overarching you are virallans. this would make george orwell happy to know we have a system in place, you don't need a chip in your arm or head. you just carry around that phone. we figure out when you do these certain actions this is what you are involved in. dan: when you buy the date a it anonymous.
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but i'm not side, either. it's not complicated to figure out where i live. if it moves from my house at 9:00 every morning to the office where i do the show you can reasonably figure out that this is me. it's really not anonymous. >> it doesn't have subscriber information that goes with the data. but the case in virginia, they were able to track it based on where he went, what he did, get an address, match the person up to the address and subpoena the telephone company. there is no up thing about anonymous anymore. it's how much you want the data. what does the cdc have all these information for? the doctor was saying they have reporting systems. for what government purpose do they need all of this data. once you get this data, you know and i know the government isn't
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just happy having it in one blaze. now they can use it for two purposes. when does it stop? i don't want to end up like north korea and china. at some point we need to tell them they need a warrant if they want to do this. there are other ways to accomplish it without being intrusive into our private lives where my phone is and what i'm doing with it and where i am going. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." why conservatives need to focus on winning, winning, winning. pete hegseth responds with his take coming up next.
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ashley: welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier. the people of ukraine brace fear possibly the most powerful assault from russia yet. moscow is intensifying attacks as it prepares to celebrate victory day. the * wants something to declare a victory and he may do so by
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declaring the invasion as an all-out war. jill biden is meeting with many of the families who fled ukraine since the start of the war. a stunning 80-1 upset in today's kentucky derby. dan: this week during the radio show, i get a lot of messages from dedicated listeners. the message read something like this. if the abortion ruling in dobbs
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holds, we might lose the mid-terms. the whole purpose of politician is conserving the good things that work. i don't give a damn about who wins a seat and whose ass goes in that seat after an election ifer in going to go in that seat and not protect human rights. the whole purpose is preserving the meritocracy. it's not so they can go to lunch and smoke cigars with their friends. you wanted to argue about tax cuts and cool choice? you are not going to pay taxes because you are not alive.
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what's the point of the conservative movement. you have this entire thing backward. this love affair with winning elections over wing on principle. we -- winning on principle. there are people out there. there are people who believe in that swamp mentality. one more thing. the democrats don't think like this. they never think like this. they knew darn well burning the healthcare system to the ground in a collective takeover of the healthcare system they knew it would cost them seats. they did it anyway and they did it anyway in their pursuit of power. they don't care. they care about advancing their cause which is power. and we need to start advancing our cause like life, liberty and old-fashioned things like
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pursuit of happiness. joining me, a warrior for liberty himself. pete hegseth. the point of winning is to advance principle. we have to protect what matters. >> amen. you could not be more right. i got a similar message from a friend of mine who works in a republican caucus at the state level. multiple state senators stood up and said how are we going to message this to our constituents and what do we do -- he stands up and says we say hallelujah. we say finally. we have been praying for this for decades. it's been a scourge on our republic and if we happen to get an opinion that comes down this way, thank god for something we have been praying for. and it's on us to make the case
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to the public about why this is a good thing and we believe in choice and the state legislatures. we don't think abortions should be legal except in the rarest of cases. we should stand behind that purpose. the imaging is in our direction. the science is in our direction. the principles are in our direction. this is a generational thing. i remember my grandmother, she served with mother teresa. she was a democrat who voted for jimmy carter. we used to debate all the time and discuss in a loving way. in 2004 she cast her last vote as a democrat for george w. bush because the issue of life because the message of life translated to her. it can transform all your
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politics. dan: if we can't defend life this whole thing is for naught. i don't even stipulate the point that this is a bad issue in the mid-terms. mark thiessen noted this in a "washington post" op-ed. but he noted this may not be the greatest thing for democrats. everyone should get out their cell phone cameras and ask their democrat candidates for office. and ask where do you and on abortion if the baby is being delivered. tim religion couldn't do it. he tamerred through it. jen psaki couldn't answer the question either. it can be and should be an electoral winner. they are in the pockets of
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planned parenthood that will push them to say you are not pro abortion enough unless you allow all the way up to the birth canal. that's radical and evil. we need to and up for the simple belief that life is precious and we are created in the image of god. if we can't do that boldly, we shouldn't be able to make the case for anything. dan: the title, it's amazing. what's the title? >> "battle for the american mind." it's about the progressive takeover of our youngest. dan: i rated. it's outstanding. coming up on "unfiltered." despite joe biden's disastrous economy we still live in the
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." the economy is in the tank. inflation is surging. and democrats want to raise your taxes. taking more money out of your wallet and giving it to them.
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making the american dream harder to achieve seems to be their specialty. joining us, dr. carol swain. patrick, you are an entrepreneur. it seems like the swampy government is doing everything they can to make sure stories like yours never happen again. >> these policies they come out with that are supposed to be for low and middle income families continue to constantly hurt the low and middle income families. inflation is because of russia or all these other reasons. if we continue to print money, the value of the dollar goes down, inflation goes up. they raise interest rates half a basis point. you have got 11.9 million jobs that are open for people out there today. again, a lot of these policies
6:39 pm
that are supposed to help low and middle income families keep continuously hurting them. >> you have an amazing story, if you can share it with the audience. it's a real rags to riches story. are you afraid the american dream you utilize to get to this position of success in your life won't be available for you the next generation? >> i am afraid it won't be available because of the messages we send young people. i was born in the rural south, one of 1 children, dropped out of school after completing the 8th grade. married at 16. went to a community college and got first of 5 college and yrvetd degrees. i worked while i was in school. i graduated with honor with the -- withmy bachelor's degree.
6:40 pm
i won national prize. i have been cited by the u.s. supreme court. i had national appointments. i lived the american dream and i am an entrepreneur. i left academia and started my own businesses where i have been quite successful. so that what america is all about. i don't know that the young people coming through today whether they are white or black will have the same opportunities i had. dan: let's hope we can fiction this. patrick,ing with an entrepreneur, you know very well, around man of ideas. anyone can build rubber dog ponies. that's not what we do in the united states. we have intellectual capital that worth more than anything.
6:41 pm
an education crisis we may be destroying the intellectual capital for the next generation. >> i don't think i have been more excited about where america is going next 10 or 0 years. when you -- 10 or 20 years. when you start bullying people who make the engine of america work, people show up out of nowhere. we saw elon musk, an immigrant ends up buying twitter. people have lots their minds with elon musk buying 2008 twitter. but that's what happens when you try to bully the average american with a dream. the entrepreneur, the innovator, is going to get more fearsome.
6:42 pm
when covid took place. harvard, since you are not allowing people to be on campus, are you willing to lower tuition? what did harvard do? harvard said no. the value is still $50,000, even though it's zoom. you know what the market said, i don't think this is workle. harvard sitting on $40 million in endowment. you have got five organization. you have got the institutions and colleges, the government, the students, the parents. who gets shafted? students and the parents are getting hurt. the institution is loving it because they are cashing checks. the government got involved when they started sally mae. but people are starting to realize they are making the adjustments.
6:43 pm
capitalism works, and the bullies will pay the biggest price. dan: thanks for sharing your stories. coming up, biden's ministry of truth that is supposed to tackle misinformation. former gop congressman devin nunes joins us. >> i think you have got no idea what disinformation is. if you've been living with heart disease, reducing cholesterol can be hard, even when you're taking a statin and being active. but you can do hard. you lived through thirty-seven red-eye flights in a middle seat. eleven miracle diets... forty-two college campus tours... four overseas postings... one minor stroke... and four citywide blackouts...
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dan: you know the ministry of truth the biden administration created to fight disinformation. they can't even define what it is. >> do we have policies and guardrails. >> here is the problem, we can't agree on what disinformation is. you can't i bright was disinformation that the russians fed disinformation to the steele dossier. do you know who the greatest propagator of disinformation in the history of the world is? the u.s. government. dan: someone is working to hide
6:48 pm
the tactics right now. i read a troubling article about youtube, apparently members of the executives in youtube are meeting with hispanics. this is dangerous stuff government coordinating private companies to crush what they label misinformation. >> i think this is easy to explain. the big tech tyrants give money to non-profits who give money to supposed fact checkers who go out and look at regulating all times of media to make sure they shape the narrative they want. that's what's happening here plain and simple. dan: are true social the launch
6:49 pm
has been incredible. you have added millions of people based on the feedback. the interaction on truth seems to be great. the numbers you can sight for yourself. do you think there is shadow-banning going on in these some other platforms? the numbers are the numbers. >> a couple things are going on. there is a lot of fake accounts and bot accounts. when someone sees the numbers, so and so hollywood celebrity has 90 million followers. they probably have closer to 30 million. if you take out people who died and don't log in anymore it goes down. on true social you are 99.9% guaranteed it will be a true
6:50 pm
person. i think you are a good example. you have probably been on all of these tech tyrant platforms for a long time. my guess is you have never gotten to over a million people like you are on true social. you may be closer to a mill and -- amillion and a half people. dan: i am and i haven't looked since friday. what was the story about elon musk that was a fabrication. >> this could be something for biden's disinformation governance board. -- president trump and i arecls company. we want to give people their voice back and open up the internet. we were supportive of elon musk
6:51 pm
buying twitter. i joked that we would like him to buy tiktok. twitter doesn't have have many people. where the people really are is at tiktok and instagram. we are trying to make the best of those platforms and building a great community so people feel comfortable and enjoy our platform. dan: coming up on "unfiltered," the war in ukraine is causing a fertilizer shortage.
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with a vaccine proven to be over 90% effective. shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. ask your pharmacist or doctor about shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but you should. dan: welcome back to unfiltered world is facing a dangerous fertilizer shortage while millions of tons of grain stuck in ukraine causing food prices
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to jump and surge. but even worse producers are resorting to use human waste to help grow crops. yeah read that right. joining me now is someone on the frontlines of this fight ben neil who owns farm in oklahoma. ben thanks for spending sometime with us can you explain this here? are there dangers to using this what they call i guess sludge as a crop fertilizer i've read stories about this that don't seem -- they just something doesn't sound right about this. >> yeah. you know, cdc estimate what is 5,000 people a year die from food born illnesses, and you know, if we start increasing the practice of using, you know, raw sewage as fertilizer i think those numbers are only gong to continue to go up. it is not something that i would recommend us doing. dan: what -- is this a common practice in the industry? aye been reading about it. i guess called sludge they treat it to some respect but people
6:57 pm
e-mailed me communicated with me this isn't new. this has been happening for a really long time. and cheap? why would people pursue this avenue? >> well it is cheap and it is a by-product and it does offer, you know, nitrogen and potassium which plants need to grow and are we willing to lower our standards to subsidize, you know, the fertilizer shortage that we're dealing with right now. you know, again, third world countries use this practice -- you know, united states does use it seems like we're using it more now but i think we're going to see the negative impact of that if we continue to, you know, use human waste as fertilizer. dan: now ben this food crisis, obviously, has me concerned. you know, golden rule of the dan bongino show is, don't get decide. and not eating a quick way to get dead. so food crises really, really scare me, ben you're on the
6:58 pm
frontlines this now. mow bad is this fertilizer crisis i'm getting again communications from listeners saying that -- this can't continue. that the costs are exploding and it is really hard to find even if you can pay for it. >> yeah. it is not just cost it's just it is not available. and so -- you know, farmers are looking for alternatives and you're already seeing, you know, skyrocketing food costs. we're seeing, you know, shelves that are pretty bare compared to what we're used to seeing and i'm 100.confident it is just going to continue to get worse until something gives. dan: yeah. well let's hope we can fix this ben neil thanks a lot for your time really appreciate it. >> yeah thanks for having me on. dan: you got it we asked unfiltered group chat do walls work pretty simple question. but people cannot seem to figure tout we have a ton of responses but this week's unfiltered group chat heavy weight champion --
6:59 pm
is adam who said, of course, they were. vatican every military base, nsa every politician's house, the great wall of freaking china. [laughter] good job adam join the group chat it is simple at unfiltered on fox tweet me using hashtag unfiltered group chat with your best takes before we go remember this, you can catch my show dan bongino show, every day on fox nation, here's a clip from the week show this is cassie garcia. raised in the rio grand valley in the biden border crisis it is chaos and it is not fair to the families and the communities who are having to bare the burden -- dan: folks we have a group of young, strong, female hispanic conservatives run and airs on fox nation weekdays from 5 to 3 cassie garcia keep your eyes
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open for her and don't forget to follow unfiltered facebook instagram at fox this does it for us tonight own unfiltered see you back here next saturday night 9 p.m. don't forget so set your dvr y u can't catch this live. see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: good evening america i'm lawrence jones welcome to cross country tonight we begin with a fox news alert out of florence, alabama a murder suspect casey white in correctional officer who willingly took part in his escape pair went missing last friday after correction officer vicky white told her colleague taken for a mental health evaluation and up in tennessee and current whereabouts aren't clear at the time. and callahan


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