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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  May 8, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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open for her and don't forget to follow unfiltered facebook instagram at fox this does it for us tonight own unfiltered see you back here next saturday night 9 p.m. don't forget so set your dvr you can't catch this live. see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: good evening america i'm lawrence jones welcome to cross country tonight we begin with a fox news alert out of florence, alabama a murder suspect casey white in correctional officer who willingly took part in his escape pair went missing last friday after correction officer vicky white told her colleague taken for a mental health evaluation and up in tennessee and current whereabouts aren't clear at the time. and callahan walsh is in pursuit
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on id and he joins me now callahan thanks for joining the program. what we're learning about this entanglement had a ongoing relationship she was supposed to be going her retirement party. and there she just left. what can you tell us? >> you know, i think she thinks this is a relationship. but you know, this individual he's wanted for murder. he's doing everything he can to get out of jail, and i know he's using her to do just that. she's a pawn in this situation, and you know, she's incredible danger as well. you know it is unfortunate that she was able to be duped like this and now this killer is on the loose it is really a matter of time hopefully that law enforcement can catch them. >> you know callahan supposed to be serving 75 years for attempted murder of his ex he said his regret is he didn't finish the job with his ex and the police kill him. but my question is, is there only a matter of time before he
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kills this correction officer as well? >> i think it could be. look he's done it in the past, i mean he threatened to kill his pex wife -- during his sentencing this guy is a dangerous, dangerous individual. and you know he's going to anything he can to get out of prison to extract his revenge and again she is just a tool for him to do just that. you think she thinks she's in this relationship she thinks she has a new lover, boyfriend what have you, but this guy is a dangerous individual that will do whatever he can to seek, you know, his revenge. >> callahan why is it taking u.s. marshals so long to capture this guy seems like it hassen nine days or eight days since they've been on the loose. >> well, having vicky as his accomplice has really given him upper hangsd she's very well known to understand what's going on with law enforcement. she'll know how that corrections department is going to search for him and how local law enforcement will search for him being a member of law enforcement she knows those ins
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an outs so she did everything she could. she liquidated her home and bought that car she gave this individual a million head first starts in getting away from law enforcement. and you know, unfortunately we're in the situation that we are that they've been tiebl allude law enforcement for this long. but i think it is just a matter time before they're caught. >> wow just amazing to me that they were able to pulmothis off and been going on for over two years many people in the department said they're surprised but there's other sources that are no long we are the department say they're not surprised at all. callahan thanks so much for joining me tonight. tnches thanks for having me. >> got it. glans now let's head to virginia to talk about another case that's cap the vasing the country right now. johnny depp versus amber heard pursuing for defamation accusing of falsely alleging she abused her judge jeanine pirro here to make sense of this. thank you for being on the show.
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>> great to be on your show and i miss my saturday nights. glans we need the superstar here to break it down. >> you don't -- >> i want to play this clip for you because this goes to the heart of the question this is johnny depp. watch. >> wasn't only one that i had a problem withier drinking, correct? >> had a problem with my drinking -- any time in my life it was me. the only person i've ever abused in any life is myself. >> let me tell you something he seems believable to me. i don't to disperse amber but he tells on himself a lot. but she just keeps pointing the finger at johnny what do you make of it? >> well understand what we have here is johnny depp having a burden of proof that where he has to prove that she defamed that i am he did not beat her that she by calling him a domestic abuser although not by name but she had malice he
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didn't abuse her at all to the satisfaction of this jury. i think most people believed him most people found him credible. but he really pointed the finger at himself and he went through a tough cross-examination he had injuries. he had a lot of injuries he had the fingers that were on top of his fingers taken off by a bottle she threw when he described a wol who was really on edge. she's since taken the stand she has to prove her case as well. she's countersuing in addition to being sued for defamation. she claims that she's a battered woman that she's personification of a victim of domestic abuse. >> do you believe her? >> i'm not so sure -- not quite as sure about her yet. understand we have two actors here, and i'm sure that's jury is looking at these two saying -- they're both actors who can we believe? but it is something i would tell a jury as a judge is what rings true -- within the four corners of this
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courtroom who do you believe more? what do they say that makes sense to you she's saying things that i don't know if we have a police report do we have photographs of injuries. or do we just have a claim that the injuries are covered up? and i believe me, i mean, i fought for victims of the domestic violence. >> in the country -- in 1978 so, i mean, i'm very attune to this. i -- i'm having a little trouble with her so far. it's not over. >> judge this is what she has to says and gettier reaction. let's play it. >> i walk away from him my back is turned to him and i feel this -- boot -- in my back -- just kicked me. in the back -- >> judge you've tried a lot of cases yowftion been a judge on the bench as i said you created first domestic violence unit in the country. what about her story has you a little puzzled? >> i'll tell you what has me
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puzzled she's not the usual victim of domestic violence a lot of vicinities feel trapped. it doesn't matter how much money they have but she was always away from him doing another movie he was gone. where the photographs where are the police reports? they certainly and make no mistake they certainly can believe her based upon her testimony alone. but for a woman who had that many opportunities, that we're not seeing a lot of corroborating circumstantial evidence which you don't need but i wonder if this jury will say these two deserved each other and just -- find for neither one of them it will be this is a fascinating case. glans we have to waited and see thanks so much for coming on. >> good to be with you. ♪ ♪ lawrence: a trip to paradise ends in tragedy after three americans found dead at a sandals resort authorities say hotel guests were sick on thursday but friday morning police got a call about an unresponsive man and one of the
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villas. families say that the birmingham, alabama man and his wife were celebrating their anniversary. he died at the hotel and his wife flown to a hospital where she's reportedly in stable condition. police later learned of another couple who had passed away. no word yet on what the cause of death is. we'll be following it. still ahead we're one-on-one with sean hannity. plus just six months from the midterm election, and the left field doesn't get why they're losing support. no worries. i'll break it all down for them, that's next. that's next. ♪ these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. >> you look at your network you're stanging behind and network you're stacking behind you saying you look at chris cuomo. >> a plaque black republican. >> your friend is a black republican. i don't understand latino republicans. >> well political minds of the view may not understand. but i do. says black republicans is an oxy moron. but an oxy moron is democrat saying their care who is founding mission was exterminate black and brown babies and democrats saying all kids should have access to quality education deciding with
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teacher union as a parent and saying government is systemically race cyst thinking same government who is racist will solve all of our problems. in the words of a class egg r&b song "x factor" it could all be so simple that you rather make it hard tell me who i have to be to get some. a song about an ex and woman asking for something and return for all that she's committed. when i hear that song today i can't help but think about the democrats and how they're struggling to connect with their usual voting blocs. now on this show i have the privilege of traveling across the country i speak with people from all different walks of life. and i can tell you all of them are upset. at this very moment more than 6 and 10 americans believe our country is on the wrong track. and neither joe biden nancy pelosi or chuck schumer understand why. you see for far too long democrats have just assume they'll have the support of black voters. but those days are over.
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black vote reverse frustrated with the president and the democratic party and come november they may just stay at home on election day. >> that i think they're a disappointment that set in and a lot of black voters feel black community gave the most during the election as a historic election 2020 and have gotten the least. >> you see democrats assume by nominating jackson to the sprouters and having kamala harris black voters somehow would be satisfied. >> you do realize -- a lot of black people feel like there's no promises since they've been in office. >> really? >> democrats also assume they'll have the support of hispanic voters schismly because their carelessly and wreck legislationly open borders and letting a move that epts are a clear and present cage to our national security. so our hispanic voters happy i
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can tell you through my travel across the country in recent weeks is answer no. but look at the polling a 20 pngt drop since biden took office. see, democrats assume younger votes would be in their corner too. but another 20 point drop for them too. but now now left wants to buy votes for forgiving student loan debt. watch. >> should we forgive student loan debt? >> obviously, as a student i have to go with yeah. >> should student loan debt be forgiven? >> yes. >> those young voters who worked hard to pay those bits -- tough luck. these are political stunts and will likely result in nancy pelosi turning over the gavel after the next election. democrats are talking to these voting blocs and taking them for graduated. black hispanic millennial all of these groups are open change smart enough to consider options
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and sometimes they're so angry that they may not even vote at all. now if tells us where there's an ex there always is a rebound so for the democrats, who are the rebound? some in the gop think it is them they think just because democrats are failing so badly, that they're automatically the alternative. sadly they're too mistaken republicans have six months and one day to tell voters not just that there's a better way but what they'll do to improve lives of every american and democrats that usually means free stuff but that's not the answer. the answer is fine in a way to help black hispanic and plan y'alls everyone lift everyone up themselves. as song make it is clear it is simple. care for me. that's what voters are asking three simple things they want to live, they want safe communities they want more money in their pocket, that's financial security. they want people to leave their kids alone and government to stay out of their live as much
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as possible that is america. we don't need republicans to reinvent wheel we don't need more free stuff from democrats we just need simple. >> and here with reaction is senate candidate is herr sha walker thank you for joining me sir so what is the case that you're making for the folks of georgia? >> well first of all the case i'm going to make it don't let them intimidate you at 1860 to 1870s but they use ku klux klan to intimidate to put you down right now using name call for them to say something that oxy moron you know what you can think for yourself. and that's what so great about it. these policies that they have is not great for black and brown and not great for american. the policies are failing and they realize that so they're trying every trick in the back to get you to vote for them because they want you to vote but i'm telling america, and telling all black and brown, get out and vote, vote for policy
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that work and right now republican side has those policies. >> looks like jury set to win this primarily election, obviously, other people in the race but when you look at polling data you're blowing them out of the water. so then comings the general election. what separatings you when it comes to those black voters which are going to be a key demographic in that election from rafael -- >> well big thing is separates me right now is these voted almost 97% with joe biden. and that's what's problem you have and i said it earlier on policy that they have do not work. that policy that he's been voting on is look he's not even from georgia. and then for him to say that things that he's been saying like he's going give you gas and trying to help you the when yet he voted against it pipeline. he voted to get rid of it but right now he's got to become a senator that believes in this country which he's not. well i am. i'm someone that believe in the people that is elected me to go to office to represent them and
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i will represent them and let them know i'm going to fight for them and do whatever it takes to win that senate seat. >> you know the traditional republican party they don't go into serve areas in the community because they classify them as unwinnable areas. what is your view on them? >> well that's one thing i've been doing i've decided to go in those areas that they were telling me that a lot of republicans didn't go where they told me a lot of candidates don't go and i say i represent everyone in georgia. it doesn't matter whether they're black, brown, white, i don't care what color they are. they're martian if they're legal citizen in georgia i'm going to represent them and i'll go to washington to represent them and i'll go to the cities to hear what they have to say right now the people are shouting they're shouting loud, they're tired of all of this economy being broken. they're tired crime they're tired of not supporting our police they're tired of us not supporting our military. right now they want to get things right. they want to get a change and that's what i'm trying to do.
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>> walker thank you so much from georgia. >> go to team and let's make a clang. lawrence: you've got it coming up my interview with sean hannity longest running prime time cable news host in the history that's next on cross country. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ lawrence: so tomorrow is mother's day and we want to take some time to give all of the moms out there their due praise. you give us life you help shape us into the best version of ourselves you support us through the ups and downs, the least we can do it say thank you. watch. >> so emily what is your favorite memory of your mother? >> my mother was a breast cancer survivor going up when i was two and a half and two older sisters and my mom lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just six years old so every mother's day to us was so special and we grew up every day knowing just how incredible it was to have our mother at home with us. and she also taught us frankly of life every birthday was something to celebrate and every day was to celebrate so i can't pick out one that was spernl because having her with us every day was the greatest of all.
1:25 am
>> what is your favorite memory with mom no >> wow that's a big question -- she's one of my favorite people. in the world -- i mean top two is my dad -- [laughter] >> would you describe yourself as a momma's boy? >> some others might but i wouldn't -- my gosh. i think two things about mother's day. my mom appreciates the flowers, card and so i think the word are precious and important, and that's when she gets the most out of it for me one of the more precious times that i spent with my mom is when i go home in cincinnati is -- to wake up and have coffee together. because we've got a good 90 minutes before dad emerges -- and you know, starts living his life, and my mom and i get about 90 minutes just to talk and have our coffee and it's --
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to me that's really the most precious time that i spend with her. so -- >> what's your favorite memory of your mother? >> i have so many good memory of my mom but whens i a little girl my mom would let me stay home from school one day a year and around christmas and we would bake cookies together and decorate the house it was a special time. >> you just didn't want to go to school. >> now i don't know how to read. but i did bake cookies with her but no it was wonderful i loved it. >> what was your message to mothers that are out there today? >> it goes back to actually a needle point my mom had in her bedroom and it says in heaven a noble work was done when god gave man a mother. and so to mother and mother figurings out there my heart is filled with gratitude and love for them and work they dover day. lawrence: what is your message for mothers out there? >> you've earned it and you deserve it.
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and -- congratulations to lives that you have made. for so many others so happy mother's day. from the momma's boy. [laughter] >> you a mom's boy? totally not afraid of that. >> what is your message to mothers that are out there? >> hardest job in the world -- you're raising the future of this country happy mothers day to everybody. from the bottom of my heart especially you moms. >> it's okay -- lawrence: i'm a momma's boy indeed momma jones i love you especially because age 16 you chose a life with me you left basketball scholarships on the line and you and pop decided to do the right thing and choose life for me and you have truly been the rock of this family. i'm sorry i missed broadway this week. i know i was supposed to celebrate and watch mj with you
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but i had work commitment tomorrow we'll have dinner and we will celebrate right there in dallas. i love you momma. back in a moment with our interview with sean hannity of new proposal that may revolutionize a workweek that's next on cross country.
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glawrns so is america overworked california proposing that four day workweek while plans to get americans back to the office are driving some workers to jump ship, and look for new jobs. i took to the streets of los angeles to find out what's really going on. watch. >> four-day workweek you think it is a good or bad idea? >> listen -- sounds like a good idea -- >> a great idea. >> why?
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>> my only reason for it is same hours anyway. and get people to choose whatever they want -- three day weekend permanently. good idea. [laughter] >> what will you do other days of the week? >> other three days? >> relax. >> you work all weekend. he knows how it is. we'll work out. >> are you more productive? >> i like to relax. after i feel like it gives more time to like relax and get everybody that's happening, and just regularly being overwhelmed. three days doesn't sound bad. >> everybody needs a break a lot has been going on so -- >> less mean, less grumpy if they have three days to rest? >> absolutely. absolutely. i have three days, i'm less grumpy right now? >> more productive for the four days? >> by the fifth day that's enough. tiring.
1:34 am
what's going happen in the future if this happens? >> that's a lot of pressure to put on -- >> i mean you have the cards -- >> isn't a terrible idea. it gives a lot of people time to rest and conserve their energy and also gas as high for people who drive into work they can save their money. >> i don't know if it was in the cards. but she's right about gas being so high. joining me right now fox news contributor joe concha are they being lazy or will this make workers more productive? >> well lawrence, i don't mind four-day workweek if that means working ten hours a day as opposed to eight. you know, as long as the production is there, then it is not really a problem. now, if you're lawrence jones or joe concha, however, there are no weekends there really isn't much sleep so overall i think
1:35 am
that, you know, my dad for instance, he was a jr. accountant at a printing xan right near giants stadium in new jersey, and he worked his butt off to become the cfo of the company eventually by working six days a week so i get the four-day workweek in terms of if you can package that into a ten or 12 hour workday. then it makes sense. but i don't like the overall premise which is that -- we should be off for three days and therefore, you know, do other things -- there is work life balance but i'm not sure i agree with doing this in the sense of that. >> so you've got the republican response right and let's bring a progressive in fox news contributor leslie where do you stand on this? >> okay, guys going to the party without me here and no just joking. the party, look, but what i make about -- what i make about this is when i look at it i'm a business owner
1:36 am
i'm a mom, an employee, and i'm an employer. and when i look at it there are more pros than cons in this is why. one joe mentioned it wok life balance, and sorry joe but i know most of the ladies out there, the one that are, you know, slipping to the school because they have so many activities before the workday ends. also doctors appointments. a lot of the -- i don't know about you i don't like spending my entire saturdays and sunday at like target, you know, wal-mart or the supermarket. you know, running all of the errands and i think it makes perfect sense so that you have the day to get errands done. other thing is joe since you told a story i will, i keam from a family didn't have much money and worked five jobs in college and happy i did that and work study jobs and one for my favorite professor i remember i wanted to please him and impress him so much so on monday there was this inbox and i did work and i was all excited. and i said what time do you want me to come tomorrow? tomorrow that was the work for
1:37 am
the week. i said no, no, i need money monday through friday for tuition i will pay you for the week you don't need to be the desk monday through friday to be putting out to be producing a happy employee and a happier employee is productive me and not paying overtime if you don't have people working for you. beneficial all around. >> no surprise you're a hard worker it doesn't surprise me that you work five jobs but problem joe is a lot of these young people they don't want to work at all. >> yeah. it seems that way when you hear about -- job interviews of millennials right now. as when they go into the work force then suddenly there's a surprise they actually have to work. 40 hours, 50 hours work put in the team. it seems to be a different mindset lawrence than it was even ten, 20, 30 years ago but
1:38 am
now -- unfortunately you do have work from home option that's coming about more and more. and some old school employees or at least the people that employ them would say if you're at home you're watching captain kangaroo you're in your pajama and slack off i think work from home option is a great thing because you can be more productive you're not at the water cooler talking with people and commute at least in new york you lose at least -- i don't know -- 15, 20 hours commuting in as opposed to and out for that matter, an for that matter, you tend to be more productive from working from home and overall i think work force ten years ago was much more inclined to work than the ones coming out of clemg where they're not really programmed to be that way lawrence. lawrence: okay they're telling me i have a little bit more tile so what is your response to that leslie? >> i would say joe thank you for
1:39 am
outlining couple of more pros. you know working from home saves people on gas, it saves people money. if you have a less people in the office you can rent or own a smaller space that saves the company money especially if you're paying anybody for some of that -- that gas that we're seeing the prices of the pump that you mention and alluded to earlier lawrence. again, i just think that all around it is better and it is quality not quantity. you know, look many of us know that if you sit at the -- if you're in an office 9-5 you're not working 5 p.m. slim workers -- >> i agree with you lesley if i have to sit the a desk i have to be interacting with poem that's why i stayed home during's pandemic for about a month and a half because i just could not take if i have to go back out there. but my fear is -- it is not just productivity but we're not training next generation that you have to put a little bit more skin in the game. and they feel like it is going
1:40 am
to just be handed to them i have hope that things will change and i appreciate you guys for rolling with all of the changes tonight. leslie -- joe, thanks for being on the show tonight. >> thanks. lawrence: all right back in a minute.
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lawrence: welcome back to cross krpght so sean hannity longest running prime tome host in cable news history. in addition to that, sean has been a great mentor and friend had the opportunity to speak to hem about what it feels to make history. watch. joining me right now is one and only sean hannity man that's been doing it for a long time greatst ever to do it the goat -- he just learned what the goat was by the way. >> yeah. whoa, whoa before we get going -- i want you to know we're so happy for you. we're so proud of you. you work so hard. you travel this country, you're on like every show every second of every day. you've got your own shows. and you're killing you're crushing it. we're friends 50*eu78 i'm proud of you only person i'm giving up my saturday night for pill say that. lawrence: i appreciate it we'll
1:45 am
get into it later on in the show about how we met and what you were able to do for my career. but you did something very interesting. you're a radio guy and you went to tv. how? by chance i got lucky timing, blessings i believe everything is a blessing from god. i grew up listening toed radio most people say shut that tv off my parents say shut the radio off i'll smash that in two if they don't and i put it back on and i was obsessed with it and i never thought one day i might be able to actually do it, and i can't believe now i'm on 675 great radio stations around the country. it's an honor to do that every day, and then working here at fox has been a dream. they let me be myself as i know they let you be yourself. we once had a conversation about
1:46 am
that when you started coming on my show he said i don't agree with you on everything i said good whatever -- whatever your opinions are they are that doesn't matter to mess and you've done so phenomenally well and i take great joy in everybody's success and it is in the a zero sum game it is not like okay -- i'm only going to do well if other people fail. that's not how it works. you know, kind of like rising tide lifts all boats, and i see how hard you work and i'm honored to be here this saturday night with you. lawrence: it is funny because this is supposed to be about sean and he's still making it about the other talent that are at fox news. sean what is it that you do, though? what -- how do you get a sean hannity three hours of radio and then you do an hour of tv. but a lot of people don't understand what it takes to do that. [laughter] >> the people that tell me that
1:47 am
i only work four hours a day -- you know, i'm like oh -- that irritates me. this is actually a profession with a lot of work. i always add up for every one hour on the air you've got to be doing at least two, two and a half three hours of prep and i read like crazy. you know, look -- it's amazing because we -- i said in 2007 journalism is dead, and people in interviews i've said i'm the not a journalist i said i'm a talk show host we do journalism. i can produce thousands of hours of radio and tv straight news, just covering a story going to reportser to reporter. one of the facts what's the information? we do investigative reporting, deep state we vetted barack obama when nobody else would thousands of hours of that on radio and tv we do that. obviously, we do opinion -- i tell people what i think i'm upfront i'm a conservative i like donald trump i like this candidate i like that candidate. i don't hide my opinions i'm honest about it.
1:48 am
then we do culture we do sports so i kind of look at what i do on radio and tv as i'm like an entire newspaper and all of these other people are failing competitors are out there -- and they claim that they're journalists -- and for the few minutings that i might catch them every other week -- all they're giving is opinion they're talk show host like mess except they're not honest about it. and i'm a member of the press. but i'm a whole newspaper and it gives me a lot more latitudes and freedom than they would have they box themselves in. i am a journalist we do journalism i do investigative journalism i was right about deep state i was right there was no trump russia collusion i was right about obama radical associations -- i was right that donald trump would governor conservatively, so we take great pride in getting everything that we do right. and you know, i don't need -- i'm just grateful honestly lawrence i'm just grateful to have this job on this network
1:49 am
that gives me the freedom to be who i am the freedom for you to be who you are we have so many varying opinions on this network i think that's what as -- kept us number one so long. i really believe that. >> you know i want to get because you talk about the varying -- opinion and you cannot talk about that without telling our story some of our folks that watch both of us have heard the story -- >> oh, boy. lawrence: i knew who sean hannity was and we met in passing but we weren't friends at time you call me into your office and you want to just talk about life at first you wanted me to not make mistakes with talent but you know, i see some thing and i want you to make sure that you remember your mom the preacher dad the truck driver so i do listen, sean. i don't you to get in trouble with girls and i want you to remain humble that's what you told me after that conversation
1:50 am
you said look i want to try something i want you to be my man on the street and i said -- you know i'm a libertarian, i don't think that's going to work. i just want to be me and you said -- you said fine lj you can just be you but you also said something to me that i'll never forget. you said let's just try this. that turned into six months and grabs you stick with this just travel around you don't need to be in the studio if you do that for two years i guarantee you'll have your own show and look at here. >> i did. >> sean -- >> i said i remember what i said to you -- i -- i think you're more naturally talented than like 98% of people on tv. some people whatever it is great song by the way -- but what you have it. and i see it and i know it is a gift. and i love your family background. i love the story about your mom preacher i love the story about
1:51 am
your dad the truck driver and what i was trying to convey to you is -- i think fame is unhealthy. i say that all of the time people are like okay -- why did you go into this business then? because you know, the two things that i would argue have kept me grounded in my life with real sen sere deep faiths and belief in god and fact that i spent ten years of my life starting first as a paper boy busboy bar tender waiter did that for ten years did construction for ten years then got behind a radio microphone that light went on and my world changed. that's all i wanted to do from that moment forward. and i found my passion, my calling whatever you might -- whatever you want to call it. and i was willing to take chances. i lived in five different states i moved all over the place. and i never -- i never dreamed i would have opportunities that i have. i'm very humbled and grateful
1:52 am
that audience -- they stwuk me through thick and thin all of the time and i'm -- same with the our management. they stick they stwik people through thick and thin through good, tough times. they understand they're great and what i see in your future -- is if you keep -- keep your ego in check the sky is it the limit now one thing i can say a little behind scenes. you and my son are very good friends. and you and my son change -- exchange -- tales about me and you say you'll say to my son, did you ever get this lecture from your dad. he gave me that one. >> you're over the top and so me and your son we have those moments and we're not going to talk about them on air because that's -- between me and him so i have to ask you sean because a lot of people wondering 25 years you've done it all. you've accomplished a lot and rear radio tv --
1:53 am
you're even better businessman so what's next for sean hannity in is he throwing in the towel? or does he have something else that he had to do? >> i do my mix marshal arts by the way -- when we were together last -- at my son was with me i gave you another opportunity for that and you backed out again. i'll give you my honest answer if i can continue to do what i do, i will -- i can't ask for anything more. i love what i do, i wake up and i love to do this. if i didn't do this i can tell you this part lawrence lj i would be driving around in a car and i would be doing monologues to myself -- i would be the caller i would be the host -- i would be the crazy person on the street talking to himself all day. and you know i would probably be sitting in a studio with a monitor and say welcome to hannity and i'm only one listening or watching. so that's how much i love it. that's how grateful i am to be in this business it is a gift.
1:54 am
i don't take it for granted, and you know, i also look at it from this perspective we're at inflection point in this country that i believe with all of my heart and mind, body and soul -- and this is i've used all of the cliches in the past but this is real this time. this midterm election matters. these policies are killing the poor in the middle class 40 year high of inflation we don't have law and order and safety and security we have horrible school systems our borders are a mess these economic and energy policies that joe biden costing average american household depend on what estimate you look at bloomberg has it at -- biden inflation cost average family 5200 a year. i've seen other estimates as high as 5600 a year. we're killing the poor we're killing the middle class. now they're going raise interest rates to slow economy down. that's going to be --
1:55 am
going to keep first time homeowners out of the housing market and burden on people with -- with fixed incomes it is geng to be rough -- i hate that. lawrence: that's why you can't throw in the towel because this is a moment for you and you've got right back on the battlefield to talk about how it's impacting america the state of politics today with the biden administration sean, i can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. all of the mentorship not only from me but for all of the young talent at fox those who want to listen you have given it freely and we appreciate that sean thanks so much for coming on tonight. >> listen don't ever forget you are your true authentic self and that's why you're successful. when you -- when you picked that up much faster than i did and it took me a while to learn it you are who you are we're proud of you thank you for having me nobody i would rather spend saturday night with
1:56 am
than you, i'm kidding. >> great sean hannity longest serving prime time host sean serving prime time host sean hannity thanks, sean. these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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well that was fun happy mother's day to mom outs there waving live next saturday 10 p.m. eastern time. brian: welcome to "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade on this mother's day weekend. originally i like probably you thought for sure it would be about the supreme court, roe v. wade. but i have to focus on nina jankowicz. when none other than the president of the united states announced he's identified the most extreme organization in


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