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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  May 8, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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channel. have a great week a comment to amy, pat, barb beat the moms in my life happy mother's day. all of you moms out there enjoy your special day bright happy mother's day to you and we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good at sunday morning everyone happy mother's day to all. wishing you the best. today it, has stereo in the streets as pro- abortion activists protest outside of our churches. the homes of supreme court justices on this mother's day. triggered by the so-called leaders of the country who wild up the extremist to spew hate at one another. >> those republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use
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of the law against women, we say how dare they? how day they tell a woman what she can do and not do with her own body. about republicans have been fighting for for decades now. we are going to fight this. fix anger coming up texas congressman ted cruz along with former hud secretary doctor ben carson on the efforts to divide and conquer america. plus hypocrisy of it all, joe biden promise the adult in the room are coming back to bring unity only to attack half of the country when you're>> in. >> on this january day bringing americans together, uniting our people uniting our nation.
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this mega crowd is the most extreme organization to existing american history. maria: coming up, voters are rejecting the hate and instead of pushing for policies that help their families, miami mayor francis who is a fast emerging on the national stage of the hispanic vote in the flight to miami and the rest of florida. plus spray. >> every single candidate that i endorsed one their primaries on tuesday then he is a 55 and zero now. president trump nelson with his primary endorsements now one third 84 days away from the midterm elections. donald trump junior to the smart the word on the most popular face the geo pay and nevada come. it's all right here now on sunday morning futures.
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maria: versus monica senate vote is coming this week or next is democrats attempt to codify roe v wade enchiladas protesters around the homes of supreme court justices this weekend to force change. senator schumer tried to move abortion legislation forward in a february but fell short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. will it be different this time question worked on the right not to discuss texas center cruz sits on the senate judiciary committee is a a constitutional scholar who clerked for summer supreme court justice william. center it's great to have this morning thanks so much for being here brickwork's good morning maria great to be with you. >> first are you expecting senate vote this weekri and next and what would be the result in yourul view? what'sit it slightly will have about either this week or next. schumer and all likelihood will bring back the same bill that we
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voted on earlier, that bill failed. it's interesting he calls it a bill to codify roe versus wade but that's not affect but the bill does. it is a radical abortion bill which sadly reflects where are.'s a democrats the bill that b we voted on last time is a bill that would strike down every reasonable commonsense restriction on abortion across the country witt strike down restrictions on partial-birth abortions are strike down a late term p abortions it would strike down on taxpayer funding. it would strike down parental dconsent and parental notification laws. the amazing thing is today's democratic party on the issue of abortion has gone to the extreme left like they've done economics embracing socialism like they've done the border embracing or e open borders. it taken issue like late term abortion, only 6% of americans support abortion although be up to the moment of birth. that is the position of today's
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democratic party lettuce or going to vote on it's not going to fail is not going get the 60 votes he needs he knows that. that is satisfying the left wing constituency in the democrat party. i've got to say, maria, we are long, long way when bill clinton was president the state of the union he said he wanted abortion safe legal and where i did not agree that statement then he was at least recognizing abortion is something he wanted rare. today it democratic party does not believe that. they openly celebrate abortion is a wonderful thing. >> back to what andrew, former governor of new york did think no restrictions can happen until the ninth month a similar sentiment this past week from tim ryan in ohio. since her on the substance issue here let's stay here because i want you to explain of this draft opinion says it by no
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means says the abortion will be illegal up into a certain point it's up to the state is what this a draft opinion is suggesting. talk about that because i want to get into other issues that is including shortly draft opinion it's a masterful opinion it is careful, it is scholarly, it is historical. it walks through hell for the first one third 85 years of relations history the question of abortion was decided by elected legislatures decided primarily at the state level and listen, we all recognize abortion is an issue that is deeply personal, that is deeply emotional to what the
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appropriate rules will be. we resolve those in the elected legislatures then in 1973, seven unelected lawyers wearing black robes said utz's elite voters you do not get to decide we know better than you we are going to decree the answer for the entire country. i think that decision enroll because in an enormous amount of anger and frustration for the tens of millions of people who passionately cared about this issue have been engaged in this issue he had these unelected judges sing your views don't matter there's no outlet for you to fight for them if in fact the court does overturn roe's not that abortion is illegal that wayne and bright blue states states like new york and california for the immediate future will continue to see unlimited abortion on demand.
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that is through their elected politicians are. and a redder states like the my home state of texas we will see meaningful restrictions on the restrictions will bury it state-by-state. they will reflect the values and that morays of the citizens of each state. that's exactly how the framers of the constitution see it and that as returns issue to the people so we the people can decide with the right answer is. >> i want to move on who leak this and the process by which anybody can have access to such information got a graphic or of the justices who are nominate bs republican president and the justices nominee by democrat president. you were a law clerk before a justice rehnquist. you know who has access could have leak this or whether or not this is a small hole and if are going to find out there is an
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investigation underway, correct? >> corrected. let's start off with who has access to this opinion. it is a very small pool of suspects. the pool itself was a small institution it's a big building but small institution in terms of who have access to opinions you really have got the nine justices and i do not believe in the justice did that i think you be on imaginable for a justice to do the city got 36 law clerks each justices for law clerks. you might have a secretary or a clerical assistant. realistically it's not someone like that because the leaker also knew comp forow mental information about how they voted at conference parade that is held in credibly close hold within the supreme court. when i was a law clerk for chief justice rehnquist the laws are the same as they are now you do not take opinion drafts out of buthe building all the work is done to the building the law clerks are all there working at
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their desk. every law clerk has under his or her desk a brown bag it's a brown and red bag you put it in there, that burn bag is later sealed comic shredded, it's shredded twice horizontally, it shredded vertically and that it is burn for that is the level of confidentiality that clerks are taught to protect the decision-making of the court. it is almost certainly one of those 36 law clerks. i was almost certainly one of the 12 walk clerks that are clerking for the three liberal justices. that is a small suspect pool. beyond that, you and i have both known a lot of supreme court clerks. many of them are book smart, very few of them are streetsmart. i am confident we do not have a master criminal working at the court i think they're going to be electronic records is going to be e-mails or text was going be personal meetings between one of those 12 law clerks and the reporter at issue here.
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they're also the supreme court has pretty serious security measures designed forensically to ascertain where in opinion was printed what printer produced it. think is going to uncover relatively quickly. maria: 's a hoodie think it is? >> i think it's almost 12 law clerks. this is the culmination about a multiyear campaign, from senate democrats to politicize and destroy the court. it has had many aspects it featured chuck schumer standing on the steps of the court calling out justices byy name, threatening to unleash the whirlwind they will not know what hit them if they do not vote the way schumer wants. that is incredibly destructive to the court that features senate democrats threatening to pack the supreme court to add for it left wing immediately
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grow to 13 justices. then i think what happened here as you had some left wing woke twit decided he or she was so upset they were going to violate the trust they owe to their justice, to the court, to the rule of law. and maria it is difficult to overstate just how destructive this is to the court. it is the most serious breach in the history of our nation. the court depends on trust to be able to deliberate and decide this partisan activist whoseho n be, who will be fired will be disbarred and i hope it will be criminally prosecuted decided to destroy the court instead. spate the activism continues. only 30 seconds here, senator, to joan too say anything about the idea you've got people outside people's homes trying to bully and change thinking? >> that was the intent of this
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clerk of left-wing groups that have published the addresses of justices. the intent of this clerk was to bully, threaten and intimidate the justices to changing their vote too. i have got to say this week it was shameful the white house refused to condemn violent protesters threating the families of the supreme court. it is disgraceful and joe biden's be chairman of the judiciary mid committee he knows is disgraceful literally threatening the lives of these justices by the mob they are unleashing at the same thing we saw with black lives matter entity for riots the blacks v embrace them now they are embracing mob violence to get the partisanme outcome. maria: really, really disheartening pay when you come back center you'll have to talk about your questioning antony blinken fred thought it was masterful. et cetera thank you so much for being here. you're going to take a short break we come back divide and conquer. doctor ben carson is out with a new book called created equal.
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♪ ♪ ♪ boxes are activist wasn't maps and home addresses of the supreme courtin justices. is that the kind of thing the president was to help your side mitt make the point? >> the presidency of there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw on that lead to document. we honestly want people's privacy to be respected but he won't be able to protest peacefully if they want to protest. that is certainly what the president's view would be. >> welcome back that was jenn's sake condoning protesters outside of the private homes of supreme court justices after
12:18 pm
calls of action from lisbeth others and draft abortion leaks by joining out the reaction former hud secretary's pediatric neurosurgeon doctor ben carson. he and his wife are out with a new book called created equal. the past confusing the future and a hopeful future of grace in america per doctor carson it's wonderful to see you again for thinking much for being here this morning. >> thank you maria and happy mother's day to all the mothers out there. maria: yes exactly thank you for that happy mother's day to you and your family. and candy. let me talk a bit about this book, thank you for writing this book and an environment where we have such division. what is short message and tell us how it relates to what we're seeing today today bridges are jen psaki there condoning the protesters around supreme court justices homes. >> there is so much going on in our society today that people try to relate back to race.
12:19 pm
some of it has to do with race and some of it doesn't. there is a lot of people trying to divide us. divide us on the basis of race, income, age, religion, gender, you name it divide and conquer. we go back to the history of race in america, not starting even 1619 but going back into bthe 1500s. and bringing it all the way up to today and looking at those relationships. an understanding it is complex but that we as a nation have made an enormous progress on race just in my lifetime things have changed dramatically. for those who say it isn't any different, that we have not made progress it is very, very disingenuous. now, look at this abortion issue that's going on, a lot of people don't realize that planned parenthood was started by margaret sanger who was a she wanted to limit the numbers
12:20 pm
of black people and hispanic people. that is why the clinics are predominantly found in minority communities. it is really disgusting. that goes through history and why is history so important? because history gives you your identity your identity gives you your beliefs. if you do not have appropriate beliefs you are easily swayed. you will notice when isis goes into a place in congress that, what did they do? they get rid of the history. we have the same people trying to distort and get rid of our history. we need to understand those things that we do not repeat the bad things. you would have thought we learned all those lessons byby world war ii but look what is going on right now, today in europe. it is horrible. maria: yes i want to take a break on that point. because right now is russia is rehearsing their annual world war ii victory parade. have weor look not learned what
12:21 pm
took place in world war ii and the nazis we are not doing more to stopai this mad man and his effect on ukraine? on the other side of this break your take on white minority communities are waking up and flocking to the gop despite democrats making everything about race and d equality. we are trying with doctor ben carson, that is coming up right after this. purchases on your discover card.
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be a welcome back were back with doctor ben carson. doctor carson europe this new, created equal. it hit shelves on may 17 we are happy to talk with you about this book before it is out. doctor carson we were just talking about you writing, we cannot forget history. we need to understand our history. do you think today's minority communities are understanding
12:25 pm
this race and gender talk is about dividing us rather than something else? what is your take on the minority community support for example of the gop? >> interestingly enough, i have seen a significant increase in the amount of minorities support. i used to go to conservative at gatherings and i would be the only black face. now there are a lot of black faces there and hispanic faces because they are seeing thehe things that actually work for them. that is really the key systemic racism and the wealth interestingly enough there are black people who do very wellin this countrynt nigerians, they have black skins. but you'll notice and those families is the bachelor degree is the baseline is where is they
12:26 pm
start. the emphasis on family and family structure. if you look at traditional black american families that emphasize education and family structure you will also see very little in the way of wealth gap. maybe we are looking at the wrong things. a lot of minorities are starting to recognize their opening their eyes, they are not just listening to so-called leaders and slavishly following what they tell them. >> infected they are living it. they saw a big change with opportunity zones which is something you lead in the trump administration. in fact it moved the needle and they came out to vote as a result. >> i saw a lot of things done in the previous administration which were things done for everybody with the belief rising tide floats all boats. that is so important. i just want to say on the whole abortion issue, i mentioned how
12:27 pm
margaret was a new genesis. i also find it very interesting that if somebody kills a pregnant woman if you'd just kill the baby it's okay. i don't understand it that does not make any sense. they make a lot of things thaten don't make sense using the incredible brains god gave us to work for a diverse society is a good point i'm glad you made it. this craziness about knocking down statues and forgetting ourn history. that parade is supposed to be on
12:28 pm
tomorrow. the first lady jill biden went to ukraine i visited in ukraine want to point that out right retrying to race important moments in history as bad as they are to show how much progress this country has made. we know what happens we don't take an active role. united states is blessed with a leadership role in the world. but when we don't take that the jeff spritz begin to arise. i just have to mention this, we would not have the situation going on in ukraine if we had a little smarter energy policy we handed putin the keys to the energy he is using them and very detail he is away. elections have consequences that some people have said. people have got to start understanding who they are
12:29 pm
voting for. don't just go into that booth and look for the name that looks familiar. it might be stay tuned and they say we know that name. we've got to do better than that we've got to put the right people and who understand world politics. who understand compassion for other human beings. who understand our constitution purdue understand what freedom is all about. we can change this, it is not too late. maria:. also by the way understand what matters but look where inflation is right now. we are going to get another inflation reading the upcoming weekend preview that in the next segment. understand what policies actually matter to the american people. doctor carson good to see you this morning up or shut your time. thank you sir. and congrats on the book eight must read created equal is doctor ben carson's book out on shelves in o may 17, thank you sir. quick break than the power of president trump's endorsement. donald trump junior on his death 55 -- zero streak of what it
12:30 pm
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12:34 pm
what a guy, he is writing high right now. jd you are writing high. >> every single candidate that i endorsed one their primaries on tuesday. they want 22 and a zero in texas a couple weeks before we won 33 and zero. with a total record five and zero. [cheering] spent welcome back those president trump at his rally in greens, pennsylvania celebrating 55 and a zero lasix primary elections all the president pick so far no set to compete in a november midterm election my next guest has been at his father's side as president trump considers endorsements and where the most closely watched primary seasons. donald trump junior is a founder of the new news he joins us right now. great to see you, thanks so much for being here this morning.
12:35 pm
you know, president trump has been backing a lot of d.c. outsiders, first timers as we've got jd vance, you've got herschel walker, a football legend andtr entrepreneur. how was he thinking about his endorsements? >> listen i thinkaw they're looking outside of the swamp. you saw how successful my father was with his policies, his presidency for allhi the thingse did for the american people. ie think we have to get away frm the swapped creatures of d.c. where there is never been accountability whether they win or lose they just keep turning they become consultancy set on the boards of the big war company sending missiles abroad. these have never been good policies for america. we are trying to find people who will put america first. you can see that i spent a lot of time with jd vance another outsider willing to take on thee establishment of a both sides that is with the american people want. they are sick of the d.c. beltway all working together they may be on different sides they are pretending they are for
12:36 pm
people will really only being for their own wallets we are picking outsiders because that will work we want people were not bound to that establishment. i think those policies that come with that are going to be great for america and americans suffering right now. maria: what he think about the fact that president trump has backed doctor oz babe got former secretary of state mike pompeo backing his opponent, david mccord. consider cruise we just had on also going to be rallying for david mccormick. would this be a big blow if president trump does not get his win come the pennsylvania primary coming up on may 17? >> listen i don't think you're going to have a perfect scoree throughout entire primary with hundreds and hundreds of people running. i think you've definitely see that backing but some of it as swamp games people back the consultants this, that the other they are working with. there is a a lot of d.c. insider stuff i've seen in this process,
12:37 pm
if the american people knew about they would get more in tune with politics and start watching a lot moree closely. maria: yes, look it is clear voters are getting smarter about everything, don look at this advantage in 2022 congressional midterm graphic i'm going to put up the republicans with 47% pray they say democrats a 44%. you think anything has changed as a result of this most recent supreme court draft opinion leaking? has anything changed in terms of the advantage the gop holds in 2022 is a biden administration comes out with this disinformation board to try and get ahead of free speech frankly. >> i think it is more of a panic tactic they have nothing else they cannot run on economy, they cannot run onn jobs, they cannot run on energy than the brink of war with russia. china is flying over taiwan. this administration is not joe biden let's be clear this is
12:38 pm
democrat policy. everything you are seeing today, this is what the democrats told you theyng would do and they are doing it. they have destroyed our economy, our country,, our freedom of speech. you can see that with the reaction that is why coming up at disinformation board. my father's social media app launches people are on their the engagement that people like myself are seeing on that with a fraction of the follower's dependence on these other social media platforms is through the roof because people want to have this discourse but they have been censored. you see the outrage over elon musk at getting involved in twitter. my god imagine they could perhaps turn down someone's a volume like they haven't been doing that to conservatives forg a decade now. these people are living and a bubble they are not looking for a level playing field, maria they are looking for an advantage they were always thrilled when they have the advantage as if they don't have enough advantages already they control the mainstream media trillion dollar enterprise.
12:39 pm
they have basically all a big tech another chilly dollar enterprise. they had all of social media uith true social than elon musk said hey how about free speech on twitter as well. oh my god, the outrage and the panic you see it that is spicy that leak about the supreme court, theyk need something and theyey have nothing to motivate their people. the american people areo awake o it. they are starting to see what is real. they saw it happen to the algorithms the second the musk thing was enough they saw the engagement they are getting on social and they realize they been in a rigged game for very long they see it you could no longer hide it, maria despite the disinformation board i don't know of a despotic regime that did not have a disinformation board with that so the democrats are you sought over the last few years they want total control it doesn't matter about the truth for they will dictate what that is when it turns out the conspiracy theories end up being one had a percent true there is no accountability there is no
12:40 pm
there is nothing they move onto the next life. it is why i created adam x and news with friends to make sure stories that matter, people can see so down that for yourselves on iphone or android's one 100% free. but the news like the hunter biden story i that was russia disinformation until it wasn't.o once they got with the wanted the truth no longer mattered they can say through this too te disaster joe biden's administration is now the saying hey will throw him under the bus let this be true now. check out mx and news stories exist of the powers that be made sure people never actually saw them. we have to make sure the above access to this kind of information but whether it's m xm news people are friendly awake i think the pendulum is gone so far people are awake. maria: you been doing a lot here is josh hawley tweet on the disinformation board, fire at
12:41 pm
the mary at disinformation and dissolve the censorship board, you've got truth social i agree onto social and it had great engagement, much more so than i'vee ever seen on twitter or anywhere else. you have been doing a lot. there is a recent poll that said that you, donald trump junior are the second most popular person in the gop behind your father. are you thinking about running for public office? >> you know i haven't. i just believe in the stuff, maria. if i have a big voice and a big soapbox i can utilize to get this out there and push back against the nonsense again i've been on the receiving end of the stuff or five years. ptimagine it was the don junior laptop from hell. imagine the password we saw was don junior's password that we saw yesterday. these things i would not be treated the same way. so while i am a business guy i believe the stuff i want to leave my kids a country they can
12:42 pm
even recognize. and we have got to push back. but what is awesome guys like myself, we are seeing the pendulum correct. we are seeing people wake up to it and that is what i'm in this for. if i'm popular it'se only becaue people are asked like that guy's action t going to fight for me. he is going to stand up, he's not going to get beaten down by the establishment is not going to get put in his place is going to say what needs tond be said d do what needs to be done to make sure that america remains eight fashion of freedom and liberty in the world. is the greatest country in the world. if we let the democrats have their way it won't be and you can see that you don't have to believe me just watch what they have done in a few short months. maria: as a part of that, will 45 run again for 2024? >> listen, i hope so we will see. think he is realistic about it. if he wakes up one morning feels like joe biden looks on a daily basis he will say now suppertime. i do truly believe he is the one
12:43 pm
guy that still has that fight. when you are that guy all by yourself out there take on the ngswings and arrows it's not tht easy but again, now i think people have woken up. mothers be called domestic terrorist by the d.o.j. and fbi for not wanting to teach indoctrination in their schools but they are getting at. i think of donald trump was out there with the millions and millions of americans behind him, unafraid, willing to speak up and stand up i think that is an unstoppable combination thing ofwe the awesome for 2024. spate a right donald trump junior great to see a thank you very much for being here this morning, we will see you soon. thank you sir pride will take a short break. we come back another one of the gop's rising stars.ia miami mayor francis suarez why people are flocking to florida my latino voters could tip the scales of the upcoming midterm election. we'll be right back.
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>> if you're in a district that biden carried by less than 15 or i fewer and a district that biden care by less than 15 or 20 points are in great danger as a democrat. of a tsunami gets big enough and downtown chicago nobody thought that was possible. once these things start and all you have to actually do is look what's happening to latino vote. we are now stronger republicans with hispanics than we are with whites. maria: that was former speaker of the house newt gingrich on with me on this program just last week on hispanic voters flocking for the gop journey right now to discuss this the latino vote as well as his own leadership in miami is the mayor of the city of miami who won reelection by the weight last year with over 78% of the vote from miami residents after 86% the time before mayor francis suarez is here. thank you very much for being with thiss big. >> good morning maria happy mother's day to all the mothers watching the showe we have formula one here today in miami
12:48 pm
since a great day here. spate a lot of excitement in miami today and every day it seems. mr. mayer what are your thoughts on the latino vote? what are your constituents concerned with today? >> there is a misperception hispanic voters across the country only care about one issue which is immigration. i think that is absolutely false. i think hispanic voters across the country care about the things that everybody cares about. they want prosperity for themselves and for their children. they want low taxes for the want to be safe in their communities. it is apparent the republican party is addressing those issues. not only at the city level so that the national level its resignation. a member seeing an article riesling international publication that showed hispanics are trendingbl republican i think about to breach 50% for the first time probably and a long time. i think it is indicative of the
12:49 pm
fact the republican platform and republican talking points and republican policies are a resignation with hispanics across not only miami but certainly across the country. maria: one other issue is inflation we are talking about all the time. look at where we are, forty-year high inflation on the upcoming week were going to get another reading is going to be focused on foxbusiness of got all hands on deck on mornings with maria. we get this consumer price index out that's going to show above 8% year-over-year. how important is this to the latino vote? do you see a significant change in your constituents in terms of priority? >> look at think inflation one of the number one issues in the country is recently with the mayor of austin, denver and new york. a 50% increase in rents across the country that is with about
12:50 pm
$2.1 trillion of federal spending that still has not hit the streets. half of the american rescue plan of nine or 50 billion 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill have not beenot dispersed. it is a scary situation for people comfortably poor people in america much of which have money in bank accounts are not earning a return on their investment for their losing purchasing power. it is a big issue for hispanic communities across the country. they feel government spending is out of control. they want a smaller government,f they want lower taxes and they want a profamily agenda. maria: this is another reason why so many people are packing up and moving to florida in particular they are moving to miami to the growth will take a short break talk about what you're doing in miami and why this flight to florida is so
12:51 pm
strong. i'm talking with miami mayor francis suarez. we'll be right back. d not know . if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men, and low blood sugar. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may lead to death. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis. and don't take it if you are on dialysis. take aim at chronic kidney disease by talking to your doctor and asking about farxiga. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪
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maria: we are back with the mayor of miami, francis suarez. you have been doubling down on policies to get people to move to florida, not just -- just people, but businesses. a 15% increase over the past 10 years. but you built up the tech and crypto industry. tell us what you are doing in terms of businesses setting up shop in miami. >> our formula for success is simple on the one hand but it requires political courage.
12:55 pm
we kept taxes at 196. >> lows. we have surpluses and balance our budgets. we kept crime down. we ireed money for place our homicide rate went down by 23%. 33% this year which is a counter narrative to what has been happening across the country. we welcome innovators to miami.u we are number one in tech migration fan wage growth. we are fundamentally free market. many of the people in miami were exiled by their countries of birth which were taken over buy couple tonight dictators. so we believe in the american dream and bleach the next generation -- and believe the next general laying should it
12:56 pm
create another american dream. we are at a major inflection point with a change from one generation to the other and aan change from industrial toy, digital economy. 85% of the population of america is in american cities. i'm now the president of the u.s. conference of mayors. i think we can scale our success across our country. maria: governor desantis pushed back on corporate wokeness. is the confrontation with disney going to hurt miami? >> we are not into the woke markets. we believe in free markets. we have the. maria: do you have national
12:57 pm
ambitions? >> you know, we'll talk about that when the time comes. right now i'm focused on doing my job in a way that makes our country stronger. maria: have a great sunday to everybody. a great mother's day to all. happy mother's day to my mom. (all): all hail, caesar! pssst julius! you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. oh hi caesar. we were just talking about you. yeah, you should probably get out of here. ♪ ringcentral ♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. ythis dad and daughterbly gwere drivingre. when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere...
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there are almost 6 million military and veteran caregivers across the nation. we have our own journey, and we can fulfill that journey at the same time that we are helping our loved one. visit for a free military veterans guide to navigate your caregiving journey. reporter: first lady jill biden making a surprise visit to ukraine. welcome to another hour of fox news welcome to fox news live. it's great to see you. >> hello, everyone. griff and i are joining you this afternoon. i'm eric shawn. the first lady's visit to ukraine. that group announcing a new


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