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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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weekend. have a beautiful, happy, safe mother's day weekend. call your mama and tell her you love her. [♪♪♪] reporter: the leak of a supreme court decision leakd and raising concerns about the safety of some of the justices. rich: after the stunning leak the activists protested outside the homes of the conservative
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justices and in cities across the nation. meantime, in ukraine, first lady jill biden made a surprise visit to the western part of that country meeting with ukraine's first lady. this as president biden and g-7 leaders met with volodymyr zelenskyy. a live report from ukraine is minutes away. in the bahamas, officials are investigating the sudden death of three americans at the sandals resort. we'll have the latest on that case with dr. marc siegel. to the protests on the supreme court draft leaked opinion upon abortion rights. in wisconsin they are looking into a fire at the headquarters of a pro-life group.
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reporter: rich, here in new york city the mass at st. patrick's today need environmental rall did go on as planned. there were no disruptions. in wisconsin they have an investigation happening right now. a suspicious fire at a non-profit that supports anti-abortion measures. the police chief said it appears the office was significantly targeted. rallies out in houston, chicago and d.c. someone leaked a draft supreme court opinion that would strike down the roe v. wade decision. prol -- protesters at those
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rallies stand by a woman's right to choose. if you don't want to get and the abortion you don't have to. but you can't stand in the waive others who want to for their bodies. reporter: anyone who disrupts protests in new york city could get hit with a civil suit. >> it's federal law that you can't interfere with someone's ability to worship in a house of worship. this has been brought to my attention and we take it seriously. reporter: they are calling on leaders and president biden because they think it's wrong that people are trying to go
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inside these churches during mass. the nypd was on standby but there were no issues. rich: not just churches that have been concerned about the heated reaction to the supreme court leak. the home addresses were posted online of the supreme court justices. president biden called the provisional court opinion radical. he met with g-7 leaders today. they discussed ukraine war and sanctions. >> ted cruz spoke earlier today about the protests outside the homes of some of those conservative justices. >> it was shameful that the white house refused to condemn
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violent protesters threatening the families of the supreme court. it's disgraceful. joe biden knows it's disgraceful. he's literally threatening the lives of these justices by the mob they are unleashing. >> police on hand as protesters showed up at the homes of justices roberts and kavanaugh. chuck -- chuck schumer says the senate will vote on codifying the law. >> no one should be threatening violence against a supreme court justice or any member of can congress, i will be honest. i have had plenty of protests around the corner from my house during the course my time in public service. any threats of violence are
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beyond the pale. reporter: the g-7 pledging to phase out or ban importing russian oil. this follows a similar decision by the e.u. last week. russia honors that date tomorrow. why? because stalin insisted on a separate surrender ceremony two days later in berlin. rich: now to the latest on the war in ukraine. day 75. ukrainian officials say dozen of people are feared dead after russian bombs planted a school where people were sheltering. >> we have been hearing every siren throughout the dane into the evening.
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no reports of russian strikes but they are happening elsewhere. in odesa russian missiles rained down. word is they are targeting infrastructure to try to limit ukraine's military option. bombed overnight a school used as a refugee shelter. 30 civilians were rescues but it's feared 60 are dead under the rubble. in mariupol, the last of the civilians have been evacuated from the steel mill where they were sheltering. but ukrainian fighters, including injured ones remain there. they say they will not surrender to the russians. in kyiv officials describe a soft opening of the embassy that was shuttered before the russian
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invasion. they are back to engage in diplomacy in advance of the formal opening later this month. also in ukraine and the surprise visit to a border town in the west, first lady jill biden has been touring the region. she met with ukraine's first lady. she said she wanted to be here on mother's day. >> it's important to show the ukrainian people [inaudible] that people of the united states and the people of ukraine [inaudible] the. reporter: people of the u.s. stand with the people of ukraine.
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victory day we should see parades and hear speeches. we are watching for any new military action from russia. and we did get a taste what we might hear tomorrow. vladimir putin sent out a message to individual officials in the region. his words. as in 1945, victory will be ours. rich: greg palkot live in keefe, ukraine. louisiana senator republican bill cassidy joins us now. i want to get to what the administration is pushing. they want $33 billion additional assistance for ukraine. will republicans go along with that? >> absolutely. this has changed from a war in
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which we thought russia was going to win to one where we thought ukrainians can win. the russians are killing civilians. as in wear it' better to bet -- it'sbetter to destroy ots army. rich: do you see this going on for some time? can the ukrainians count on the support of the united nations in the. >> if russia is not stopped in ukraine, they are going to keep going. er in look at slovakia, they are look at the baltic states. they would then trigger the nato alliance in which the united states is all in. if you will, it's better to support the ukrainians than
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trigger that where we'll be drawn into combat. it's a wiser way for to us go for many reasons. >> the g-7 made a decision, they have a statement supporting nations trying to phase out russian energy imports. how realistic is that for the g-7. in the united states, how realistic is that and how much can the united states membership in that effort? >> it's only realistic if the biden administration becomes serious about developing u.s. energy resources. it's not going to happen. i called for an operation warp speed to cut away, like we did for vaccine development, cut away regulations for energy
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developments. it would help us at the pumps and help our allies and create american jobs, better-paying jobs. operation warp speed for energy would be a good way to show it. rich: the administration says the energy companies are sitting on undeveloped leases. >> you don't just need a lease, you need a per merit, and you all -- a permit. and you also need capital investment. the administration has been discouraging private banks, et cetera, from investing in oil and gas. the administration pushed xm bank to invest for renewable energy, nothing for fossil fuel. the administration talks through
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both sides of its mouth. we need an operation warp speed, we need this administration to be serious about energy production. rich: moving on to the story that dominated the country, the overturning graft of roe versus wade. do you think it's likely there would be nationwide ban on abortions? >> i think what he's referring to, if the left doesn't lift the filibuster, that's something republicans can pursue. i can tell you trusting democracy on the state level is probably the way to go. that's what i think they said. rich: democrats and republicans
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are calling for more protection for supreme court justices. do you think that's just in the proposal stage or where will we see $movement for more money to protect supreme court justices? >> i'm unapologetically pro-life and unapologetically against mob rule. the left is trying to intimidate the court with mob rule. whether it's chuck schumer saying you are going to reap the whirlwind of what, chuck? people posting the addresses of supreme court justices? the left has been attempting to intimidate the court by threatening to pack it and threatening violence. now we are seeing the violence. the left is attempting to intimidate the court by violence.
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rich: new york governor kathy hochul tested positive for covid-19. she is vaccinated and boosted. she says she has no symptoms but will cancel all in-person events. this comes a month after new york city mayor eric adams tested positive for covid. infections have been creeping up in the empire state as well as elsewhere. three americans died mysteriously at the sandals resort in the bahamas. the state department says it's keeping an eye on the investigation. christina coleman has the latest. >> investigators say it's not clear how the individuals died but their death was sudden. police were notified shortly after 9:00 a.m. by staff at the
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sandals emerald bay that a man was found unresponsive on the floor of his villa. officers say the couple complained of illness. went to a local medical facility, received treatment, and returned to their lodging. all three individuals were pronounced dead by a local doctor. here is what bahama's minister of health and wellness said saturday. >> it started the day before yesterday where there were some signs of an individual presenting to the clinic with symptoms. they were treated and subsequently discharged themselves. we feel what we are seeing is an isolated case associated in a particular area. reporter: the u.s. state department released a statement staying in part we are closely monitoring local authorities'
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investigation into the cause of death. we stand ready to provide consular assistance. out of respect for the families we have nothing to eat at this time. though the cause of dates unknown, foul play is not suspected. a fourth woman was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. >> i heard of so many different sources of rare toxins that is certainly one of the plausible explanations. sometimes they are heavy metals, elements that interact with your nervous system that will block any nerve or muscle activity. i think we'll get clues from the fourth person who was airlifted out. >> we are waiting on the autopsy report to determine the exact cause of death in these cases as
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part of this active investigation. rich? rich: christina coleman, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in dr. marc siegel. thank you for joining us. here is what we know. it isn't much. the required showed signs of convulsion. no signs of trauma. a couple of them were treated for nausea and vomiting and then they left. what do you make of that? >> there are a lot of things that are possible. one of the guests is talking about refridgerrant leaks. if it's free-on. oxygen is the treatment. the woman in miami, she is in
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serious condition and they are monitoring that. clearly the autopsies of the ones who died will tell us if it's freon. the idea that one of the people that died, the son said she was paralyzed, she couldn't move. that sounds like a newer owe toxin. in the bahamas there are 150 cases of fish poisoning. 's where fish eat a microalgae that has a toxin in it that can cause the toxins and seize iewrs and more of a neurological picture. was it something out of the air-conditioner? was it out of something they ate like a fish toxin? was it something in the mini bar? they will scan the room for all of this. and they are going to look at the patient that survived as they give this patient oxygen.
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rich: should people be concerned travel together carribean? what is the medical care like? and is it hard to get back to the united states. >> it's not enough to say don't travel to the bahamas. but it's enough to say something can happen anywhere. the bahamas is only an hour away from miami. of course, they can be gotten back. the medical care as you saw from dr. danville is decent. i wouldn't say don't vacation in the bahamas as a result. but you have to always be cautious. they went to a medical clinic the night before, and they were sent home. i don't like that. i like vigilance in that
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situation. if somebody comes in nausea vomiting, you have to figure out why if you are a medical practitioner. i don't care where you are. rich: it's been more than a week since an alabama jail box left her life behind to go on the run with a dangerous inmate. that's next. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care.
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rich: i'm rich edson in for jon scott. this is the "fox report." if you are just joining us, here is a look at some of our top stories. police in recall he, north carolina said they shot and killed a man who was throwing molotov cocktails setting police cruisers on fire. new video from a crime spike in the d.c. area shows four men
3:30 pm
going into an eye glass store in virginia stealing $20,000 worth of merchandise. and country music legend mickey gilley has died. his family hasn't released cause much death but recent lire he canceled some of his shows due to health concerns. for more news scan the qr code or go to the manhunt continues for a convicted killer and the corrections officer who helps him.
3:31 pm
charles? >> we are getting a small glimpse of vicky white's movements in the hours before she went on the run with inmate casey white. you see vicky white pacing and looking around a nearby motel before she allegedly used her power as a corrections officer to walk casey whiteout of the county prison. the hotel is allegedly where vicky white stie stayed the night before going on the run and where she prepositioned the a getaway vehicle. >> there is know doubt in anyone's mind, this is premeditated by vicky. she made sure she had funds on hand before she did this. >> the escape vehicle was located 100 miles north
3:32 pm
partially spray painted at a tow yard. it had been sitting there for nearly a week it was deserted along a rural road. the question is why would a 17-year veteran corrections officer allegedly do all this as she was set to retire. love may be the answer. the officials say casey and vicky white who are not related were involved in some type of jailhouse rance. they released these photos with casey white with tattoos which are linked to a white supremacy group. we spoke to the sheriff and he says he feels a personal responsibility this happened on this watch. but he told me the public can rest assured there are multiple
3:33 pm
law enforcement agencies work around the clock to bring casey white to justice. rich: fox news has obtained exclusive video of a new facility in texas that will be used to process i coming migrants. nate foy is live in crystal city, texas. reporter: we have video of crossing at eagle pass. take a look at this video. eagle's pass has been a busy crossing point for migrants. it's expected to get busier when title 42 expires as expected in a few weeks. at 11:00 a.m. we saw four people
3:34 pm
cross the require safely. an hour after that a single male crossed the river safely. take a look at this tunnel. poor conditions. you see trash and backpacks on the ground. this is where migrants will spend the night waiting for a smuggling driver to pick them up. this can lead to chases. but that's not the only problem it presence. >> it's affect our citizens lives because of the pursuits within the community. and we have seen a rise in the use of drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin. reporter: that same deputy said in all of 2019, they had 50 cases of human smuggling. so far this year they have 300
3:35 pm
and we are not even halfway through the year. t stunning lea supreme court draft opinion on roe versus wade sparking questions on who leakd it. is enough being done to protect justices after prove choice protesters posted their addresses online. (vo) verizon business unlimited is going ultra! get more. like manny. event planning with our best plan ever. (manny) yeah, that's what i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost. verizon is going ultra, so your business can get more.
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rich: the leak of a draft supreme court opinion on rolling back roe versus wade abortion rights. two addresses of conservative
3:40 pm
justices were posted on line. how will the court recover from this breach of privacy? mike, thanks for joining us this evening. knowing how the court works, how it deliberates. what effect has this had on deliberations and would will be an effect on the court's ruling because of a leak? i served as a law clerk to justice gorsuch and served on the judiciary committee. this is a shameless leak by someone within the building. but i think it will have the opposite of the intended effect. the person who did this i think was trying to change votes on the dobbs case. but after this leak, i can't see
3:41 pm
a justice switching their vote after this leak. rich: there has been some discussion or theory that it came from the other side to solidify votes. >> i think that is very, very unlikely. look at the refracts biden white house essentially cheering this on. the liberal social media commentators cheering on this leak, it wouldn't even make sense for a conservative to leak this. it would be like using a nuclear bomb to blow up a tank. rich: do you think this paves the way for more leaks. family members or clerks will say now it happened, we can go forward and do it. >> no. i think chief justice is doing the right thing ordering the
3:42 pm
marshal of the people sort to look into this. they will interview each of the people who had access to this draft opinion. they will find out who did this. the clerks serve for a year. so they will be leaving their jobs in june store july anyway. this is clearly a rogue clerk who did this. they will find out who did it. this person could be referred to the u.s. attorney's office for criminal prosecution. i think this is a one-off thing. this is the first time in the supreme court history that a draft has leaked like this. whoever did this made a terrible mistake and i hope they are prosecuted. rich: does the supreme court have the capacity to conduct an investigation? do you any there should be help from the department of justice even though 2 would potentially
3:43 pm
have the executive branch investigating the judicious branch. the supreme court police have plenty of resources. the political branches should stay out of this internal investigation unless they are asked by the marshal of the supreme court. if they want to deputize u.s. marshals who work closely with the supreme court and the judiciary? between the supreme court police and deputized u.s. marshals coming in. i think they will get to the bottom of this. >> i want to get to something some democrats have been saying. this is kirsten gillibrand accusing some of the the justices having fraudulent
3:44 pm
testimony. >> if you want to talk about process, i would focus on that process. rich: saying it's settled precedence, indicating perhaps they wouldn't vote to change row v. wade, was there a sense of being disingenuous? >> no. i was the staff lead running these confirmations including kavanaugh's confirmation. i ran the outside support team for justice. gorsuch's confirmation as this former law clerk. the supreme court nominees always testify they are going to follow precedent. and part of precedent is evaluating if press didn't was wrongly or rightly decided. they talk about how they will follow possible dent with gun rights and they don't.
3:45 pm
-- follow precedent with gun rights and they don't. they are trying to accuse the justices of misconduct is buffoonery. rich: it's a coequal branch of government and you have all this power and nobody knows who you are. is that changing? >> when you have left-wing groups doxxing the justices home addresses, you are putting the justices in danger. you are putting their families in danger. it's actually a federal felony to show up at a federal judge's home for the purposes of trying to influence their decision on pending cases. that's obstruction of justice. in 2020, a federal judge had her son killed because a lunatic showed up at her house.
3:46 pm
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firefighting aircraft like air tankers and helicopters won't be able to fly. the fire started in a prescribed burn and the fires spread when the winds picked up. the fires are burning in the pecos wilderness. >> it's sad. to see all the people who lost their homes. i know we lost a building and stuff. i haven't been to my house. >> shelters have been set up throughout the area. 1,500 firefighters are trying to get the blaze under control. winds that could gawft up to 60 miles per hour in extremely dry conditions. >> we have seen wind events. but this is unprecedented.
3:52 pm
this is a wind event of five, six days. a 60-hour red flag event is unheard of in this part of the world for sure. >> it's a tough task. drought conditions made this area prime to burn with the wind sending embers high into the air. rich: that is bono and the edge performing with ukrainians in a subway in ukraine. they said you are not just fighting for your own freedom, but fighting for all of us who love freedom.
3:53 pm
in iran, bashar al-assad met. in israel a pair of palestinian suspects arrested in relation to an independence day attack. using an axe near a tel aviv suburb. in lebanon thousands of people are casting ballots ahead of a may 15 vote. in ireland political parties are urged to come together. the u.s., the u.k., and the american government are asking for unity. the party has been tight irish republican army. in south korea the president-elect will be sworn in
3:54 pm
tuesday. in china, john lee is elected as the new leader of hong kong. he ran uncontested. no democracy there. that is a look at stories from around the globe. look at this roman bust sold at a goodwill store for $35. wait until we tell you how old it is and its connection to world war ii. do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue and no preservatives. it's beautiful out here.e it sure is.
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rich: costco is substituting back. they are no longer offering a mortgage program for members it was affiliated 8 lenders including cross-country mortgage and they did not say why the program was cut back. a huge upset at yesterday's kentucky derby.
3:59 pm
second biggest in the history of the race. 80-1 long-shot rich strike winning -- by 3/4 of the length. rich like wins the race. didn't even enter the derby field until friday when another horse was scratched. now to the story of this roman bust. antique's dealer said she bought it in texas four years ago. some experts estimate's a 2,000 year old relic that once belonged to a king. the a to you was on loan in an american art museum next year when it will reportedly be
4:00 pm
returned to the bavarian government. thanks for watching and we'll see you next week. sunday night in america with trey gowdy is coming up next. trey good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm trey gowdy and it's sunday night in america. when was the last time you used the word conundrum. it's defined as a spatial of partial illumination between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light. that doesn't help much either. so


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