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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 8, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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shaw songs should be listening to? please send us a message if you have a question you'd like to share or e-mail us. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us will be have a great week ahead and happy mother's day to all mounds including my mom and my wife and my sisters you can find us on the podcast. that night from south carolina. >> hello america i am mark levin this is a special edition of "life, liberty & levin". this is a show about "the new york times". aspects of "the new york times" you don't know about. and you haven't heard about and you have not been taught about. i have been studying this for a long time a number of
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professors and scholars and experts and researchers. extensively about "the new york times" yet it is censored. don't talk about it. it is the gold standard and the queen of the round. all of the news that is fit to print but yet day in and day out this newspaper attacks the foundational principles of this country. day in and day out it pushes a radical american marxist agenda. this is a corporation. what do we know about this corporation? it is worse than fake news to try to take down elected president donald trump to push them out of office supporting both impeachment and criminal investigation still support the various prosecutors that are investigating the former president and on and on. the 1619 project which seeks to undermine our nations history. and every one of the radical agenda items pushed by "the new york times". but we need to know little more about "the new york
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times". it's worse than fake news. it has been an extremely destructive force in this country and outside this country. i wrote a book called on freedom of the press based on research and scholarship. i want to tell you about "the new york times" it will take a little while so sit back in here we go. in 1984 doctor weinman in his book the abandonment of the jews of the holocaust explained that one reason ordinary americans were not more responsive to the plight of european jews was that very many or a majority were unaware of hitler's extermination probe through 1944 or later. the information was not readily available because the mass media treated the systematic murder of millions of jurors on —- as jews as minor news he was not jewish
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but looked at this and was appalled in 1984. november 24, 1942 unambiguous evidence of the nazi ongoing extermination of european jews was made publicly available. it was largely ignored by the media. lack of solid press coverage in the weeks immediately following november 24 muffled by historic news at the outset. any united states he asserted two or three clear statements from franklin roosevelt would move this into public view and kept there for some time. but the president was not so inclined. nor did washington reporters press. it seems almost unbelievable that in roosevelt's press conference normally held twice a week, not one word was spoken about the mass killing of european jews until almost one year later. they had nothing to say to reporters and no correspondent asked. shirley "the new york times"
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with the resources accessing two forwards foreign sources of information and reputation is the foremost newspaper in the country large jewish readership and ownership to do everything possible to investigate the horror jewish genocide but the opposite was true he explained "the new york times" jewish was the premier newspaper of europe it printed information on holocaust related events but almost always buried it on the inner pages in the "washington post" jewish owned post advocating rescue that only infrequently carried news reports on the european jewish situation the newspapers had similarly limited information on the mass murder and most of the other press the press coverage was even thinner and fake news is worse taking direct aim at "the new york
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times" professor, formally a journalist to scrutinize not only the role of the media generally but "the new york times" in particular. she has written extensively about how "the new york times" failed in its coverage of the fate of european jews from 1939 through 1945. in her book buried by the times, she asks, cormack what was it about the prevailing press standards and the personalities of the times? the nations most important newspaper discount one of the most important stories it was unique in the comprehensiveness of the coverage and the extent of influence among american opinion makers. because of the long time commitment to international affairs and the willingness to sacrifice advertising rather than articles in the face of newsprint and substantial jewish readership the times was able to obtain and get
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more news and other mainstream newspapers. the way the times publish the news also had a disproportionate impact as it does today about policymakers and fellow journalist who considered it the newspaper of record. the times was owned by jews of german ancestry that would be more sensitive to the plight further magnified the times crucial role in shaping contemporary is coverage of the holocaust but then to make this damning disclosure. the times judgment that the murder of millions of jews was a relatively unimportant story reverberated among other journalist to assess the news among jewish groups trying to arouse public opinion and among government leaders to decide on american response. the times publisher intentionally and repeatedly buried the news about the holocaust. deep within his paper or
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ignored altogether. the war was the dominant news but it need not have been a not the only front-page news. "the new york times" printed between 12 and 15 front-page stories every day. fewer than half concerned the war the times for story on the nazi extermination campaign which described as the greatest mass slaughter in history appeared on page five tacked onto the bottom of the column the stories if the death of other civilians fewer than 100 regularly appeared on the front page. another words "the new york times" was effectively censoring the holocaust. and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands and millions of jews and that research found that the times and the media overall withheld or buried what they knew from the american public and that's the way the press in general and "the new york times" presented the facts to play an important
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role to create a gap between information and action and the way the times and the way the mass media engendered no chance of arousing public opinion it never treated the holocaust as important or to say in forming motorist if they did not have their automobile registration number the story of that bureaucratic snafu on the front page of the times on march 2nd, 1944. the same day the last voice from the end this was relegated to page number four. it deserves emphasizing the roosevelt administration a hero an icon to the left and the determination to censor news directly related to the plight of the jews was a key factor to influence how the
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press behaved. the government did not have to give publishers and editors special instructions it influence the flow of information issuing statements about certain subjects and keeping quiet about others, downplaying parts of the war the press corps that defined the news as government action would have gone along the government's message that nothing special should be done to save the jews also found a receptive journalistic audience quote unquote. the second most influential went one step further. washington bureau chief and columnist aligned himself with the forces of the state department working the hardest to stifle any rescue efforts "the new york times" read in america and throughout the world the leading journalists platform. covered up holocaust.
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censored the holocaust for years. the ownership and executives had to know what was going on. because in european newspapers, particularly in britain and italy, they were writing about it and adolf hitler they there is no secret about his plan what he was doing that yet all the people reading "the new york times" they knew very little about it so if a newspaper in the media corporation is willing to cover up the slaughter of millions of human beings, what kind of ethics does it have? within the standards doesn't have? we have changed today. really cracks you have changed today? you like and a lie and lie about the supreme court, roe vs wade decision and abortion you about donald trump. you lie about his supporters.
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you lie about abortion and the supreme court. you lie about immigration. you are calling people racist and big it's left and right who are not. you live on january 6. you lying about so much. a special the founding of the nation, 1619 project "the new york times" funded project question to all of the schools. that, ladies and gentlemen is disastrous. and then we have a piece from the journal called the tablet "the new york times" not see correspondence. the outbreak of the second world war, "the new york times" euros chief was known to set in the bar of the famous hotel spouting a loudmouth defense is not the having another reporter complaint is in time "the new york times" did something about the not the correspondent?
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but the times had no intention of doing anything. in fact they should be buried his close connections to the nazi government and throughout the thirties. all-american newspapers found reporting nazi germany difficult the government tightly controlled information and threaten reporters in the nazi regime did not hesitate to use strongest weapon manning a newspaper from distribution in germany taking a reporter out of the germany and reportedly is a jewish owned newspaper consider yourself a special target. the bureau chief was administrating reasonably soothing syrup to nazi officials. when we come back, more about "the new york times" not see correspondent in berlin. we will back.
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mark: welcome back to the special edition of new york times. and the actions were not purely strategic.
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and steering to the persecution and to kowtow the official and then to rained in times reporters in shaping the news in favor of the regime instead of establishing a 1000 right. and in deference to authority and in an institution controlled by jewish people of those wanted to fit into the wasp society. with the jewish ownership. and with the greatest villains to lead the berlin bureau to the most consequential decade.
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in the head of the newly created ministry of propaganda —- propaganda has been the outstanding go-getter for his party in 1933 and one year later a versatile master with a gift of frederick and that the speech exulting jewish management from the film industry and lighthearted stories of bachelors including the campaign for a bigger and bigger family or hitler's 50th birthday celebration turning berlin into motion and color and noise. women for the better part of the deck date on —- decade and not the government has been the subject of grumbling within the times and within the berlin press corps. september 1940 threatened to blow up into a full-scale scandal by monitoring radio reports of the bbc former new york times city desk reporter
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noticed something unsettling not the radio quoted "the new york times" a lot. and discovered many of those stories. and then to implore the newspaper to do something about the nazi correspondent unquote. salzburg or did and then he would "i don't want to do anything to hurt my paper but i feel that loyalty to my country comes first. some action is not taken that i will feel compelled to punish these facts. what did he do? he warned irvin if he published the facts then he said he would sue for defamation and give the reasons why he was a valued and useful number and he will back when i call facts are facts. and made no secret of the pro- nazi sympathy and added i don't question the usefulness
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and value to "the new york times" that i do question the right of the greatest american newspaper to maintain a pro- nazi as the chief correspondent in berlin in times like these. there is so much more in these books and in the research i have done and in the various articles about how "the new york times" conducted itself. it new who the correspondent was in berlin. it knew what was taking place from other publications in europe but chose to attend the down. it follow the directive of the franklin delano roosevelt administration including anti-semites within the state department to tempt down coverage. they chant down coverage the "washington post" and on the major newspapers in the country, radio, tv but the fact of the matter is "the new york times" was the worst of the worst. i bring this up now because it
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claims the platform of where it can be determined based on opinions. are not talking about the clan or neo-nazis that conservatives and constitutionalist, and then you hear the speaker to take did by the likes of joe biden and chuck schumer and other house and guests on cable tv. so now it is willy-nilly the white supremacist in america white dominated america. critical race theory is history. america started in 1619 not 1776. monuments need to be pulled down. our founding documents need to be shredded the declaration and the constitution. everything that came forth from our history is a disgrace and tainted and on and on.
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that is "the new york times". that is the other newspapers and the other media outlets to follow and the house and the gas that they bring on that i'm not done. not only did they get the holocaust wrong it got stalin wrong. a few years earlier stalin what he did to the ukrainians. 1932. unbelievably for "the new york times" and was not the first time to censor the horrors of genocide and from approximately 1932 through 1933 soviet dictator joseph stalin start of the people of ukraine. and then writing in human events explain the great
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famine of 1932 / 33 was the culmination of a long struggle between the soviet state, non-russian nationalities and historically independent farmers that has been forced on the collective farms and resulted from stalin's need for foreign exchange to buy western machinery to aid industrialization. in late 1932 stalin decreed all should be consequent —- confiscated and it should be considered enemy of the state where the 5000 people receive the death penalty as a result. and other green growing areas and then to send troops for farmers to leave land for there is nothing to the and the response he called the family and one of them minor inconveniences of the system a manchester guardian report wrote a real.
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—- hero and then a series of articles published in the guardian at the end of march 1933 confirming the existence of widespread famine with eyewitness accounts. the population was starving. starving in its absolute sense. but having for weeks next to nothing to eat, the famine is an organized occupation. worse than an act of war. even from other news sources from "the new york times" they had to know the truth about the famine taking place in ukraine even more as the hoover institution wrote in the harvest of sorrow. let us insist on the fact it was widely available in the west in spite of everything
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for adequate reports appeared in british and spanish newspapers and in the united states wide circulation had a full first-hand account by ukrainian americans and other visitors although these were mostly discounted as often appearing in right wing journals a propaganda and apologist for the 1917 communist revolution in russia and later stalin and the murderous regime. he reported otherwise in the times was proud of their man in moscow in 1932 awarded a pulitzer prize for a series of articles in "the new york times" that covered up stalin's atrocities and from 1932 through 33 hero columnist for the times not only denying the fact there was a catastrophic famine taking place and censoring the role
8:26 pm
in the genocide of multiple millions of ukrainians another guardian reporter also filed stories about the famine in ukraine and had gone to the area where widespread starvation was occurring traveling 40 miles into the midst writing pieces trashing the british journalist and almost ruined their careers and wrote pieces in defense of stalin. in fact he said among other things, here are the facts there is a serious food shortage with occasional cases of a collective farm. the big cities are adequately supplied with food there is no starvation but widespread mortality from disease through malnutrition. conditions are definitely bad in certain sections and the rest of the country is on short rations but nothing
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8:31 pm mark: welcome back talking about "the new york times" reporter in berlin and nazi
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reporter and "the new york times" reporter in moscow , stalin's favorite reporter. it is the management of "the new york times" know about the unreliability and how it involves the pulitzer prize-winning reporter top executives have every reason to be suspicious and they were they could read with the other newspapers had written at the time of the famine at the times kept publishing the stories anyway explaining that the times top brass was writing propaganda but did nothing and in her book it is clear the managing editor and assistant managing editor were troubled by the reporting but did nothing about it. recommending that he be replaced the recommendation sell by the wayside the russian correspondent was
8:33 pm
unquestionably favorite mouthpiece to the regime about which he wrote in the pages of the times for one dozen years and rewarded by stalin it is noted in moscow he was known as the dean of foreign correspondents and renowned for his lavish hospitality and enjoy generous living quarters and food rations as well as the use of assistance and a mistress who bore him a son named michael. duranty had a wooden left leg from the train accident was driven through the streets use by the soviet secret police the gossip that these perks were allowed because of the cozy relationship with the soviet government. eugene lyons united press correspondent suspected he could be on the payroll but no evidence of that seems to exist but so many then wondered if the status he led
8:34 pm
in moscow now, dredge the one in ukraine reporting what was taking place with later called durante "a greatest late liar and 50 journalism with a fashionable prostitute in the service of communist. twelve years the moscow correspondent for "the new york times" lying to the american people. "the new york times" help like stalin's mass murders in ukraine. to mass genocide in "the new york times" was on the wrong side censoring and writing disinformation and misinformation and there it is. the most successful news corporation all that want to work for "the new york times" and journalists of all others for their leads but i am not
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by talking to your doctor and asking about farxiga. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ mark: welcome back america, cuba. here is an article reason magazine, march 2007 glenn garvin an article and books have been written about this long essays. scholarship. the favorite propagandist you see the pattern? hitler's favorite correspondent stalin, it started as an apparently brilliant scoop every 1957 when many people including the cuban dictator believed the
8:40 pm
guerrilla leader fidel castro was dead "the new york times" correspondent herbert matthews found him in the mountains and interviewed him and took his picture the news outrage batista and electrified his opponents and kick started an armed uprising that ended two years later with castro in the presidential palace where he was ever since if the story was a straightforward and blaming him for castro was like blaming a meteorologist for storm would be nearly impregnable. it isn't as a look at matthews very first story makes clear calling up his own information that neither batista or the inky embassy could get he hides the most dangerous enemy to declare that hundreds of highly respected citizens are helping signor castro to offer
8:41 pm
a new deal for cuba radical the democratic and therefore anti-communist. this is "the new york times" is reporter. we are assured with the new deal for what they think he stands although castro is a fanatic is a man of ideals encourage and remarkable qualities of leadership with an overpowering personality that of course would come back and although that was the most extreme example with which matthews treated the claims is by no means the only one virtually everything in matthew story is live. we know all this from the publication of wartime diaries kept by the top two intent on —- lieutenants as well as written accounts from some of
8:42 pm
the soldiers the most notoriously from castro himself who apparently from the washington press club to deliberately belated during the interview changing other details of the appearance for those paraded back-and-forth causing matthews to write in his notes at the condi university library that he had seen 40 different men men to land veracity with the chain of camps to the rest of the troops and where they were stationed one broke into conversation to breathlessly and fictitiously report that liaison from column number two is arrived a story that said castro under continuous pressure from government forces with 18 bad rag old man and it is only significant
8:43 pm
with the broadband and gangs would not have made a splash in "the new york times" but no dramatic tale of a invincible guerrilla army accompanied by a photo
8:44 pm
and he was sent to his deathbed. celebrating castro and isn't it amazing how many democrats today celebrate castro? how obama celebrated castro john kerry, hillary clinton and most of all how "the new york times" celebrated castro
8:45 pm
right up to his death and help to install that man. hitler and stalin and castro. the gold standard and has cost many people their lives. i will be right back.
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mark: will come back no wonder the little detail the times covers up but michael goodman from the new york post exposes. the family dental "the new york times" were slaveholders. so that means everything that has come from "the new york times" cannot be believed we
8:50 pm
are pulling down monuments of slaveholders. so what should we do with "the new york times"? the mother of times patriarch, the mother and the first publisher supported the south and slavery. she was caught struggling medicine to confederates in the baby carriage training the rebel army. oscar levy fought alongside to mississippi cousins meaning three members fought for secession this is the hierarchy of "the new york times" ancestry and ownership. and then with 1000 people to the stone mountain memorial in georgia that separates want to celebrate the death davis and robert e. lee and then his mother who died 16 years earlier could be on the founders role adding that robert e. lee was her idol and
8:51 pm
years before her death in 1931 her brother george was simultaneously an officer of "the new york times" company and the leader of the chapter of the sons of the confederate veterans there's a lot of names and in the new york chapter of the sons of the confederate veterans and his mother was pro- confederacy in proslavery and process session and acted in support of those movements. he was his father's brother because he dropped the surname levy according to the family tree from seven years ago he was a store owner and prominent leader of the small jewish community and during the more organized the unit according to family letters and historians and then to identify two males and three
8:52 pm
females 65 and 45 and 23 bertha who came from germany as a teenager might have been horrified by the experience of witnessing and being served by human chattel but instead she fully embrace the barbaric practice and became devoted to the peculiar institution and a charter member of the daughters of the confederacy chapter requested a confederate flag be draped across her coffin, which it was. separately also compelling evidence that the brother of a revolutionary war era ancestor of the branch was involved in the slave trade. the same newspaper pushing the 1619 project can you believe that hypocrisy? can you believe there has been no protest at "the new york times" and why is taking place? the democratic party is an institution.
8:53 pm
it was the party for secession, slavery, segregation and jim crow. people say i'm a proud democrat people writing on the trains and buses reading "the new york times" good when rights for after trying to defeat donald trump "the new york times" is now fixated on rewriting the story of america. to drive by the rushmore president beget the times doesn't apply to its own history the standards used to demonize others if it did reporters would learn the family owned had run the paper 125 years has a complicated history and that includes confederates in the closet and those that supported this louth and the slavery itself and to be clear i detest the
8:54 pm
times determination to use criteria conceived 20 minutes ago the papers marxist inspired activism and race-based fetish has taken is so far off course that can no longer function as an actual newspaper. is one great radio host would say now you know the rest of say now you know the rest of the story. what happens when performance... meets power?
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mark: welcome back, america. you may have to watch this program a few times because i need it to go quickly. i only had 40 minutes to cover a century of history to expose the "new york times" for what it is. there is no reason it's held in awe. any other corporation with a record like that would have been destroyed by now.
8:59 pm
when donald trump calls the media fake news he's only in the the. they are promoting racist without telling the people anything about its own history. i know it's written and apologized for its coverage of the holocaust. but it wasn't a real apology. i read it. it was fake. it was a joke. so keep this in mind when you see reporting on russia collusion for the hunter biden laptop or the -- or the 1619 prong being spread into our education system. they want to be like the "new york times." the pinnacle of reporting.
9:00 pm
the free press in america except for a few bright spots is dead. mostly because of the "new york times" and "the washington post." ladies and gentlemen, i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." steve: biden silent as mobs target the homes of supreme court justices in an attempt to disrupt the supreme court proceedings and undermine the rule of law in america. look what the they have become. self-righteous democrats who never stop lecturing us about defending our democracy. they have become what they say they despise. failing on the economy, failing at the borde


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