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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX News  May 8, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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to? please send us a message if you have a question you'd like to share or e-mail us. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us will be have a great week ahead and happy mother's day to all mounds including my mom and my wife and my a single mom, a nur. mom i love you. happy mother's day. we are going up to fox to sunday. >> an unprecedented room court leak ricochets through washington sparking questions about motive and protests across the nation. the high court looking poised to overturn roe versus wade. today questions about who wouldn't leak the draft opinion and calls for protest as conservative justices homes. in catholic churches, which the white house refuses to condemn it. >> we certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful and not resort to any level of violence
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by. >> bill asked republican senator lindsey graham about the investigation, the fate of roe and the political fallout. then. >> it's about a woman's right to choose fully. we are not looking to compromise something as vital as this prick asked democrats push ahead a bill that would legalize abortion nationwide. they don't have the votes. we will discuss with democratic senator chris murphy, only on fox news sunday. plus appeared. >> it feels even better that i thought it would break. >> picked for ohio senate searches to win the republican primary with all eyes now on pennsylvania. >> the rest of the world is watching as per quicksilver in the sunday pen on the primary ahead. and we are on the road to the midterms in west virginia with an inside look at a deeper red battle in the mountain state. >> of it has to want to work for west virginia pre- >> ault right now on fox news sunday.
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bret: hello again from foxes in washington. this mother's day the nation's newly divided over one of the most controversial issues of our time for the leak of a draft supreme court opinion that would overturn constitutional abortion protections in place for nearly 50 years. under roe versus wade the follow-up for the stunning revelation opening up new and the midterm battlegrounds. in public trust in the high court in sparking a wide investigation into who would leak this, why and why now. animals took a south carolina graham a member of the senate judiciary committee first will turn to lucas tomlinson at the white house with the latest, lucas. >> brett, practice have shifted from outside the supreme court into the neighborhood force of the conservative justices live it.
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advocates gathered near the home of justice is a brett kavanagh and john roberts. hoping they can change minds. but justice clarence thomas saying quote we can't to be an institution that can be bullied into giving a just the outcomes you want too. this mother's day there are even outside catholic churches. catholic advocacy groups when the attorney general to make it clear protested churches would violate federal law. the white house refusing to condemn the leak or the cause for protest. >> the president would want people's privacy to be respected by. >> the court pressing ahead with an investigation into healthy draft was shared with politico, lawmakers slamming the breach. >> we are releasing it was an attack against the independence of our federal judiciary pricks democrats planning a vote on whether to codify it roe. >> every senator will be held accountable. reproductive rights will be on the ballot this november.
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>> seizing the moment to criticize the maga movement and take aim at republican tax proposal ahead of the midterm elections. >> let me type out this old strap maggot agenda. is most mega things are. >> right now biden getting ready to embark on his first trip to japan later this month topics will include russia, china and north korea. brett. bret: lucas tomlinson reported for the white house, lucas thanks. word today if the u.s. embassy warning americans and russia to avoid annual victory day celebrations there as tensions over the war in ukraine grow. it has more at life on the ground in kyiv, trey. >> brett, americans in russia are being urged to avoid the annual victory day parade in similar celebrations as the country's invasion into ukraine continues. the u.s. embassy and moscow releasing a statement saying
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quote given the ongoing tensions, u.s. citizen should avoid large public gatherings the warning comes as ukrainian officials worry russian president putin will use victory day to launch a larger mobilization of forces and try to finish capturing the city of mariupol apart and that southern port city russia troops continued to fire on a steel plant housing ukrainian soldiers appeared on saturday ukraine's deputy prime minister said all civilians have been evacuated from the facility paid fighting does continue across the eastern donbas reason were a war of attrition is developing brains ukraine's second ukrainian city forces have been able to push back a new russian advance in here in the capitol of kyiv preferred air raid sirens are up-to-date as the city remains in russian sites, brett. bret: trey yingst reporting from he'd come ukraine thank you for returning some south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you. >> center will get to the supreme court in just a moment. first i want to talk about ukraine.
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you have these intelligence leaks about targeting russian generals, sinking russian warships. does that make war likely between the u.s. and russia? in other words does that leak and the intelligence targeting equal heavy weapons, planes in the eyes of putin? how do you see it. >> pollutant winning is a disaster for the united states. that means he's going to move forward trying to rewrite the map of europe. if putin wins taiwan is probably going to be invaded by china. if putin loses i think that it's a great day for europe, a great day for the united states. we need to triple down on our willingness to help the ukraine. we need to pass a $33 billion supplemental package, 20 billion for weapons. we need to work with the international criminal court to gather evidence to putin personally. we need a resolution i have a senator blumenthal a democrat to designate russia's response of
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terrorism need to pour on put more weapons in a theater that can strike the russian military offensively i want to triple down on beating putin. that putin would double down. he cannot lose in ukraine. i want to triple down because we cannot let him win in ukraine for. >> center at tom freedman with the "new york times" writes this today quote we need to stick as tightly as possible to our limited clearly defined aim to expel russian forces as much as possible negotiate for their withdrawal whenever ukraine's feel the time is right boasting about killing his generals and sinking his ships falling in love with ukraine in ways that will give us there forever is a height of folly, your thoughts. >> i could not disagree more. people like that said we could deter russia through the sanctions. return it dutch as a rhetoric talking we did not work.
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we are in a fight for the future of europe. they'd at least get bigger not smaller finland and sweden joined nato in europe or breaks away from dependence on russian oil and gas and putin is declared a war criminal it would be the best outcome from the world at large, china would be less likely to go into taiwan. so i disagree i think we should do everything within the power. i'm not asking for troops on the ground but to make sure ukraine can expel russia and putin is a war criminal in the eyes of the world that he has prosecuted. putin must go i'd like if you don't understand this if putin is still standing after all of this the world is going to be a very dark place china is going to the wrong signal and will have a mess on our hands and yet europe for decades to come. let's take out putin by helping ukraine. >> think that's how this ends is putin is removed? is there any way? there is no offramp. no offramp. let me tell you why there is no
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offramp or the ukrainians are not going to give the east to putin to stop the war they're going to fight for every inch of their territory if we push the ukrainians to give up half the country then approach and went safely back off product processing putin as a law criminal all the laws of the book become a joke of we don't get this right china will certainly invade taiwan. there is no offramp in this war but someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. i hope, pray, do everything to make sure ukraine wins and putin is in charge of a state sponsored terrorism that designation is to be given to russia he has earned that designation would need to pour it on when it comes helping ukraine. >> at what point do think putin is going to move on moldova, poland or some other way that draws the west into. do you think that's inevitable as he gets more desperate? moldova is not part of nato i do believe he could use chemical weapons because of people of variable are fighting like
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tigers. if uses chemical weapons to subdue the east that should release no-fly zone by nato to restore the international order fix both a nuclear weapon inside ukraine to break our will and to me that be an attack on nato because the radiation would go all over europe. i could see them getting more desperate because there is no offramp or hampered here is what he think will happen if we stick with ukraine they're not going to give up. over time the russian people's war is a disaster. the parade does not reflect the russian military see the russian military in their handed to them on the battlefield in ukraine. we cannot win this war on behalf of ukraine if we help them. bret: let's turn to the supreme court many experts call the leak of a draft opinion dangerous precedent. how do you see it and what is the potential lyrical fallout for republicans frankly? >> for the court it is a betrayal of trust for chief
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justice robert said it better than i could ever say it is a better betrayal of just imagine going to work the next day looking around your colleagues who did this to the court? what will happen if the opinion sits? here's what is important lease in february there were five votes that led to this draft opinion to root repeal roe v wade. it create a constitutional right that does not exist in the written constitution. it is created division from the first day it was decided until now. if it does get repealed and i hope it will the issue goes back to the states but congress will still stay involved my democratic friends are trying to pass a law wednesday that will allow abortion right up to the day before the baby is delivered, different states will take different approaches. so the abortion debate will not go away in the country, it will be decided by the people that a handful of judges. bret: will abortion out galvanized the left as it has
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for the right politically? do you fear that coming into that mid terms? >> they seldom decide the outcome of the election. it's important but here is that what i would say. elected officials, elected by the people now have a say about abortion the first time since 1973. that process will move forward but i don't believe it's going to change the outcome of the 2022 elections at all. when you go to the grocery store, when you go to a gas station that is going to remind you the incompetency of the biden administration we look at the southern border, this is not going to take peoples eyes off a rocket inflation, broken border insecure america. bret: on the substance of the ruling of it turns out to be of this draft opinion suggests, some senators are openly questioning why that they were misled and the confirmation hearing spread here's justice kavanaugh. you did some of that questioning and his confirmation hearing, take a listen. >> it is settled as a president
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of the supreme court titled to respect under principles. one of the important things to keep in mind about roe v wade is that it has been reaffirmed many times. >> this is from senator susan collins this week. if this leak at draft opinion is a final decision and's reporting is accurate will be completely inconsistent with what justice gorsuch inc. dustin kavanaugh said in their hearings and in our meetings in my office. what you say to that? >> well, you cut off my question because i asked judge kavanaugh would you consider challenges to roe v wade? would you listen to both sides? would you apply the doctrine but would you shut the party trying to overturn the decision out? this has not been well accepted by the public for the public has been divided since 1973. ask your next guest who is a good friend does he want the court to reconsider citizens versus united versus campaign
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finance laws when he welcome a revisiting of the heller decision where the courts of the second amendment was a personal right? right liberal friends do not mind the port overturning decisions i don't like. they very much are against overturning decisions they agree with. so you cannot bargain your way into getting onto the court. so any senator who tries to bargain with the nominate where you uphold the case i like and overturn the one i don't is doing a disservice to the port. bret: again i'm going back to politics but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell thing it is impossible that a federal ban on abortions could happen. next wednesday we are going to take a vote by senator schumer to legalize abortion to the day before birth. that would become the law of the land but they don't have the votes for it. i have a bill that would outlaw abortion at 20 weeks. we are one of seven nations in
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the world that allow abortion on demand at 20 weeks the fifth month in pregnancy. so congress will continue to debate this issue the states will finally have control over this. as the one common theme if you don't like the outcome of the abortion debate, now you can kick people out of office who actually vote before you were shut out you had no avenue five judges six judges, seven judges determined when life begins and how it ends per think that was wrong from the start. now finally elected officials have a say about life and the conditions of an abortion that's how it should be. >> had a gram thank you always good to talk with you. >> thank you. cap next during protests across the country outside the courts and also outside the homes of conservative justices. we'll talk with democratic chris murphy about what it means for murphy about what it means for democrats in november
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bret: within days because a procedural vote and set up that would codify roe versus wade are more plainly speaking attempted to pass a federal law guaranteeing the right to obtain an abortion and all 50 states. the plan is in effect in an attempt to send a political message ahead of the midterms because senate democrats lack the votes. joining us here in washington democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut, senator welcome back to fox to send a pickwick sensor have me. >> first i want to talk about this draft opinion the white house has not really condemned the leak why is that? >> i don't like the way this decision came out. the outrage here should be about
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what is going to happen to women and families in this country buried the fact that women and doctors are going to be sent to jail immediately when this opinion becomes a reality. the trigger at laws the sudden abortion under any circumstance under rape and incest becomes illegal and criminalized. i do not love how the decision ultimately was made public. i hope we figure out what happens. i think it is interesting many of my republican friends are putting their focus on the process here because they really do not want to talk about the fact that abortion becoming criminalized is something that a small minority of the country supports, two thirds of the country is going to oppose an effort by the supreme court to fundamentally change the scope of women's healthcare access in this country pray. >> just to get process out of the way are you concerned about the protests outside the homes of justices and what is
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happening with that? there are addresses with addresses and assassinations, each of the be speaking out about that? >> no one should be threatening violence against a supreme court justice or any member of congress. i will be honest i've had plenty of protest right around the corner from my house over the course of my time and public service. but any threats of violence are beyond pale. bret: ascend a set for this procedure vote on this bill that's failed once before to codify roe but several gop senators he just heard senator graham talk about a narrower compromise. white rule that out? >> i'm open to any potential pathway to codify roe versus wade. to get our nations laws two or 67% of the american public are. i think it is important to put
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senators on record. let's be clear, lindsey says this is about the decisions being made at the state level, that is not what is going to happen here. if republicans get control of the senate they are absolutely going to pass a national ban on abortion that will affect every single family every single woman in this country. it is important we get every senator on the record. do you support a woman's right to make decisions over their own body? do you think the government should be in charge? this is soon not going to about state legislatures going to be to pass a federal ban everywhere and abortions in this country to how much you think this ruling if it stands affects the midterms for democrats? >> i think it is going to be a huge turn out push. not just for democrats the big middle of the country in fact the majority of that full
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overturning of roe versus wade. ultima this is going to push a lot of people to the polls this november that may have otherwise stayed home because they see this fight is coming not just in the state legislature but in washington as well. >> progressive candidate is challenging pro-life democrat henry in texas but she says a democrat should stop supporting him over this, take a listen. >> the house majority could very much be the deciding vote on the future in this country and we just cannot afford that risk we. >> you put out a statement this weekend that said it's time to build upon the movement pro-choice candidate up and down the ballot. the question is, do you kick off pro-life candidates should he leave because he is a pro-life democrat? >> it's up to the people in
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texas i don't make endorsements. >> it should be pro-choice up and down the ballot. i support pro choice candidates. i think we are better off if we have people in congress that are going to support a woman's right to choose. that doesn't mean her going around the country endorsing congressional races in texas and other places. >> democratic had a percent and ohio to marais and democrats also say if this stands the senate filibuster should go away senator bernie sanders says we must and the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes. you have said democrats don't have the votes to end the filibuster. is this a moot? you just don't have them pray. >> we don't have the votes right now. frankly i think the filibuster is fundamentally antidemocratic. i think if you win the control of the house, the senate and the white house you probably should have the ability to enact your agenda. frankly whether the democratic
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party or the republican party pray. >> you would have that same thought and the minority? >> i would i think it's pretty clear to me that if republicans get control of the senate they will get rid of the filibuster to pass eight national ban on abortion for that greatly filibuster for supreme court justices for the expressive purpose of putting on the court judges who distract out roe versus wade. i think you could naturally assume they would change the rules to pass that national abortion ban if they win control the senate in this next session. >> he is primary challenge do you because she is against getting away -- mcdade what the filibuster? >> i don't mind having a big tent we can argue these issues inside our party. don't ever expect were going to have every single democrat in the united states senate support in the rule set that i support.
11:26 pm
i think we should elect more democrats that is how were going to solve this problem, elected democrats in this november election but. >> not pro-life democrats? >> and support change the laws of this country. >> not that pro-choice candidate. >> i support pro-choice candidate brickwork's potential policies floated by senator rick scott's he called the maca and he talked about the maga movement making america great again movement, take a listen. >> this maggot crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history. in recent american history. bret: you create that statement and that effort politically? it has echoes of categorizing a whole bunch of people a certain way. >> i am very concerned about the very quick, hateful, divisive
11:27 pm
turn the republican party has taken. this effort in florida to target gay kids in schools, i just think it is a mean-spirited and something i had not seen from the republican party when i first started out in politics 20 years ago. bret: i'm going to interrupt you to target gay kids in schools? the bill is talking about not talking about sexual identity k through third grade that's not targeting gay kids. >> it is it's absolutely as it's sending a message to these kids are not worthy that they should be ashamed of their identification. bret: it says it sent you don't teach a subject of gender identity. dump the parents have a right? >> take a message on the band of the discussion of their identity suggests that they are not worthy of exists in that school.
11:28 pm
the center do talk to your kindergartner about sexual identity? >> half the people considered suicide because of the effort to bully them for their identity by adults in this country. i think there is a message sent to these kids when you suggest a conversation about their identity is somehow threatening kids and our children right's visits with your children did you talk about sexual identity has a kindergartner? you don't talk about the birds and the bees follow the birds and the birds at that age. can the garden through third grade regressors amendment and the florida legislature to ban the sexual education in the early ages that amendment failed because this was not about trying to protect children from a discussion about this was an effort to specifically ban a conversation about topics related to sexual identity.
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bret: are making a point without it's gone too far i'm saying half the country identified with at least that movement the policies of the make america great again movement. you think that is a good winning thing for the president to be doing politically heading into the midterms? >> again i've seen a turn and the republican party where they are not willing to support protections for democracy, they are willing to install a president in the white house who did not win the popular or the electoral vote they seem to be targeting vulnerable kids in the way they did ten and 20 years ago i do think it is important to talk about this very different element of the republican party that exist today that i don't think was a foundation a couple decades ago for. >> lessing student loan forgiveness this is a big debate. you talk about working families pretty talk about folks who do not go to college. you are talking about wiping out
11:30 pm
student debt. there is a former education department lawyer who served under president obama who wrote if this issues litigated the more persuasive analysis tends to support the conclusion the executive branch lightly does not have the unilateral authority to engage and match student debt cancellation. where are you? does he have the authority and are you for this? >> i think he has the authority to do it. i would support a more limited forgiveness of debt and one of the few members of the senate this still a student that don't need my debt forgiven. i also think there's a focus on debt excuses the colleges for this dramatic increase in tuition. i sometimes think our party spent a little too much time talking about the debt and not enough time talking about the cost of the degree. that is where the real problem is. we are going to be in a perpetual cycle of having to forgive debt if college continues to spiral upwards to winter thousand dollars a year per think limited debt proposal is legal.
11:31 pm
i would support it but i think it's a mistake to put all of her eggs in that basket. bret: hunter murphy we appreciate your time thank you. up next move will bring in our sunday grip on the supreme court leak, the investigation and how this could further inflame the politics of the court
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>> this week at the court is the most egregious breach of trust in the history of our nation. >> i completely condemn the leak and whoever leaked it should be prosecuted. space et cetera on both side they'll condemn a leak of supreme court draft ruling it's time now for our sunday group usa today washington bureau chief susan page from a fox news contributor wando williams, former rsc communications director doug height national journals josh, politico's immediate writer argues the court will recover from this league. he sees a silver lining here quote the upside of the leak is ground their public gained a new awareness of where majority plans to take the nation after a half century of legal abortion. what is your take? >> george will called institutional vandalism and
11:35 pm
compared it to the january 6 riots. that is how much strain the institutions in our country both left and right are handling it. i think politically speaking, but the bigger impact is going ban the substance you are seeing and democratics lawmakers starting to engage starting to really run on offense on an issue where they have a really tough political environment throughout the year. but look at this is a real blow to the hallowed ground of the supreme court these documents were leaked pretty think it matters who leak them it sounds like the initial it was >> on the left but we don't know that. think finding out who did it on their political reasons for doing that is also very significant. bret: susan republicans say is in the campaign it's all about kitchen table issues they don't see this as the massive issue. you said today he talked to senate minority leader about the possibility at least of a federal ban of all abortions but is not what come out of this ruling if it stood across the states make that decision.
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>> republicans have been slow to talk about consequences and the next steps it would follow in overturning roe v wade. mitch mcconnell did tell one of my colleagues at usa today that it was possible they would bring up a federal ban on abortion in the wake of the expected decision from the supreme court. and he made news in another way too. he said he would not carve out an exception to the filibuster in order to pass a federal ban on abortion. you hear a lot about other players, democrats in particular questioning whether that is the truth whether in fact republicans would do it democrats have talked about doing now unable to do which is to get red of the filibuster in order to do what they want to do on the issue of abortion rights. bret: when i asked senator murphy about this effort this procedure about this going to happen they don't have the votes to lock this into codify roe. why not take the narrower, moderate legislation from the lindsey graham's of the senate with some kind of stipulations?
11:37 pm
>> the key point here isn't senator graham, senator collins, et cetera makowski, the people who would offer some kind of limited approach the reality is those people are desperate at the moment given the political fallout. but also because you think back, justice kavanaugh, justice gore's itch definitely lied to congress to the senate judiciary committee about respecting established law. fifty years and has been nearly 50 years of a constitutional protective right to abortion for women in this country. and i remember setter collins got on the floor and hammered democrats for not respecting what kavanaugh had said. i think there is a lot of fury there and fury to the substance to it josh to sing the substance the court is about to take away a constitutionally protected right and turned abortion from a choice into murder it would be murder and many of the states
11:38 pm
one out of every four american women by age of 40 have had an abortion. you are going to say they are murderers all of a sudden? i think that's pretty terrible right now the fox poll 63% of americans say it leave it roe alone including a quarter of republicans. i think a bill the sisters going to be loopholes you can have the mississippi law which is at issue in the court currents, go through too many democrats it seems like a bitter pill at this moment for. >> again the caveat is we do not know this is the ruling that will be in the end of this is a draft opinion. but doug, clearly some democrats have hopes abortion is going to become the issue that propels them or saves some seats in an environment with recession, inflation, everything else break. >> the conversations democrats have wanted to avoid for the past six months or past year now has been raising costs for not just gasoline but absolutely everything americans are paying for certainly grocery stores.
11:39 pm
rising violent crime in cities the situation at the border, this gives them an opportunity to change the topic it's democrats in washington change the topic will have to see what race this really plays a role in but maybe some gubernatorial wins, pennsylvania potentially break does not change the dynamic joe biden is a 41% populated, 49 -- 20 the magic number for obama was 46 who is at or below that would take back the house biden is well below that this ruling if it is the ruling does not change the fact that 60% or more of the country feel we are on the wrong track. bret: susan is there a chance because this becomes the focus there is an overshoot here that people in that middle of the country say this is not something that drives me for. >> you but the more republicans talk about what will happen after this decision comes down if it's a decision what legislation would follow in half of the states and in our country. that is bad is for republicans as a conversation republicans do not want to have because of the
11:40 pm
risk that it counters concern about things like inflation. >> conversation that people do not want to have a lot of moderate democrats is late-term abortion i asked tim ryan about it in ohio. he has not worked out an answer yet. >> there is a lot of nuance on the abortion public opinion. i think democrats run a risk if they don't favor any restrictions any regulations at all no republican leading state like ohio for the child to republicans is douglas, pennsylvania, wisconsin is another set you have big governors races were if elect a republican with republican legislature they could significant regulate or even ban it. that is also outside where the public is in the swing states. both sides have vulnerability they are eager to play to their bases, public opinion on abortion much more to the middle. >> governors races to pick up again. what you are hearing from the political strategist on the left the democrats is that in focus groups those issues really
11:41 pm
matter we don't help plays out in some of these senate races. secondly in terms of the argument this leak was about a newman aided rights there is no explicit to abortion in the constitution. on the left people are saying explicit right to gay rights to contraception to interracial marriage. bret: i want one quick comment with lindsey graham says there's no offramp for putin, he's obviously coming from a point of view but is it shared by a lot of republicans you think? >> is a growing sense among republicans of the house and senate that could be no offramp or poop. you are a republic tough writer on china and russia safe places to be. we'll hear more republicans say things like this. >> of interest impaneled got to take a break here. cap next were on the ground in west virginia were republican versus republican and a deeper red district fox hillary vann is on the road to the midterms as he campaigns get themselves the voters with just days to
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bret: fox news sunday so the road to the midterms for an interesting matchup in west virginia bird state is losing one of its house seats this year due to redistricting that occurs every ten years based off of census population figures buried under the old map that you see here there were three houses districts represented by three republican lawmakers. however under the new map there are just two districts leaving to current incumbents to battle over the same seats. foxbusiness correspondent hillary vaughn traveled to the mountain state for it up close look at this unusual race. >> david mckinley. >> and alex mooney.
11:46 pm
collins on capitol hill but rivals back home. >> two incumbents running against each other. >> redistricting changes all lumped the two districts together amount they have to face off over one house seat. >> mckinley says he is the only one born and raised in west virginia. >> posey sight of my great, great grandmother's house for. >> he bought a house in the state just to win a house seats. >> cut account on your boat? many pictures himself is the only conservative running. he says mckinley sold out voting for the bipartisan bill that landed president biden a huge legislative window. >> he should be ashamed of himself voting for that bill because skill that will come back and pass one we could take care of roads and bridges at the same time is not either or. he got to convince republicans it's a good vote, good luck man for. >> both catsup and camping with heavy hitters in the gop.
11:47 pm
>> alex is in a big raise request mooney campaign former president trump who was fond of mckinley four years ago. >> we like david, right i like david brickwork today it is mooney who was the official thumbs up requests adding a chance to talk to donald an escort i'm okay i'm okay i will get the endorsement of all of west virginia. >> instead that the trail former secretary of state mike pompeo and westward unit governor jim justice. >> he is the only person i've ever endorsed. i do not get into politics but in this situation we cannot afford to lose but. >> governors beloved bulldogs is on board two. >> the dog says right now vote, vote for david. [laughter] >> got a lick earlier today practice the drummer from joe manchin is giving some people posit. >> david mckinley is all about us. >> mckinley is acting like his
11:48 pm
politics like a democrat. >> does that change your mind? [laughter] works argue a rino? consume no more a rhino record than he has. >> final such election day they're both campaigning in their own way, mooney on foot. what's one thing i can say all my doorknocking of never been bit big rocks even going house to house to mckinley's hometown. >> have had enough of your opponent regrets anything in particular about him? >> know he does things i don't really care about. >> voted for the 1.2 trillion biden? >> that is what really got me the most regards mckinley has a different strategy. i'm not going to play politician with a brickwork he's focusing on the job he has done and what he has delivered for west virginia. and even it was infrastructure vote is getting blowback he does not regret it one bit. >> the condition of our infrastructure west virginia is not rhetoric this is related to
11:49 pm
d's asked for someone to politicize this, that is wrong. this is west virginia at my vote is for west virginia i will stand pat on that. >> mooney is not ashamed to be west virginia by choice. >> you first decide to move your what was the reasoning? >> why might west virginia and by choice? i love the state there's lots of good reasons to live your bird west virginia voters voted me into office to do a job i'm running on the job that i've done regards both candidates no who wins tuesday is almost guaranteed to win the seat in november. and they are a leading voters with a last word request yes, ma'am trump did endorse neighbor. >> what is the one thing up voters to know about you? >> i would like to say president donald trump endorsed me for a reason. i'm a true conservative fighter. "he one thing you want them to know about you? >> i care about them. i care about them. everything i am doing is to help
11:50 pm
them. bret: hillary vaughn reporting from west virginia. set fox news alert getting where the first lady of the united states, and jill biden has traveled to ukraine being inside the country for about two hours along the border it was slovakia chino the first lady of ukraine alayna zelensky. this is opposite the first trip for the first lady it comes just before the big celebration in russia for their military parade tomorrow or rather monday but we are back with the panel. susan, it seems like big movement it's not the president going but it does send a message. >> it is a big statement by the biden administration just on the first lay to the to have her go over the border, into ukraine but we have seen a gradual escalation of the biden administration's willingness to support the effort and ukraine produce and heavier weapons, to offer more rhetorical because the acquaintance has delivered in this war.
11:51 pm
who would've thought at the beginning of this war get the victory day and moscow and moscow would have no victory to crow about. the biden administration does not think it's realistic to think about ousting putin as lindsey graham said to earlier in this show. they do think it's possible to we can put in that has already happened. bret: we just saw a picture of the first two ladies made a significant move? it does not get the president going in the present zelensky's call for him to come to ukraine today prime minister justin trudeau also on the ground in kyiv it. >> these are statements from the west not only in support of ukraine, but in defiance of russia. there is a risk. the risk is when these people get hurt or injured that would potentially go beyond escalation per think would then be in world war iii. the idea they feel confident and sufficiently comfortable making the step i think is a real strong statement given what
11:52 pm
lindsey graham said to earlier, brett i think you're seeing now both parties across across the nato alliance and beyond finland and others now saying this is our standard this is the world saying it is not good if russia wins. bret: this is a tough part, just what is the ultimate goal for us? is it to get russia out of ukraine or get out of ukraine not including donbas? >> six have become much higher jill biden's visit is a that ukraine can win the war perhaps if there's a stalemate questioning what happens if this goes on for months if not years? do we have the wherewithal, the patients, the bandwidth to continue to offer military weapons money. to this effort.
11:53 pm
midterm elections may be different maybe it's different come november. >> it's emerging bright spot for job i know so much trouble but comes to assessments of the handling of his economy of the border and immigration. at ukrainians capture the ukrainian people like that weekend for underdogs with the kentucky derby and in ukraine the underdogs are doing better than anybody expected even to the point we can talk about envisioning a ukrainian victory over the russian military that be extraordinary. bret: became underdogs of the former presidents endorsements are underdogs a cutting head we have the pennsylvania senate, idaho's governors race, georgia governor race, talk about the stakes here he always had a big win with jd vance supporting him
11:54 pm
in ohio. what about the stretch coming up? >> may is an important month for donald trump. guess he was the primary but he only got a third of the vote. you had basically two thirds of ohio republican said they did not support donald trump's person big most of those were willing to probe talk trump as they could be. what's really interesting as north carolina endorsed by trump has a very tough primary on the sands we talked about support for zelensky and ukraine earlier. he made new saying zelensky was a thug. i redid this other story about paint your family some corruptions of it is a product or look at or talk about. he has a very real race and carolyn it's one to watch brickwork speaking back to ohio convention tim ryan had him on the show. whether he wanted biden to campaign for him i asked the three different ways but take a
11:55 pm
listen. what i want to be the face and voice of this campaign i do not want any distractions but i don't need them to prop me up like jd vance did. >> a sitting president of the united states here. quick sale thinking answer announced in may whether not he needs biden coming in. tim o'brien is a very good candidate for ohio. for may he wants us to be a local ohio contest. he wants us to be tim versus jd. and if it is had nationalized to a whole different set of dynamics including the drag potentially from president trump's low numbers. if you look at it you would have to say it you want biden later in the race when he is a pump up voter turnout and democratic strongholds like cleveland or raise money. the president has a real opportunity there but keep in mind they have a lot in common at one guy is from youngstown, another from scranton they're both catholics and moderates on
11:56 pm
the abortion issue we have been discussing. there's a lot of commonality and opportunity there as we go down the road in this campaign. the secure referencing biden's low numbers we put up 33% for jd vance. if you look at that comment means two thirds of the gop primary voters did not vote for him. he has to really unite the republican party in ohio. next trump the biggest to be coming georgia joined him sit a seating in about a big states in may. doctor oz on the ballot is facing some pretty fierce headwinds of the republican party. bret: thank you penalty next sunday up next to a word on the sunday up next to a word on the week ahe for children fighting critical illness,
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you can make the stars align. because when we come together, hope and joy will shine. help us make every wish come true. ♪ ♪ bret: up different today. a quicker programming outgoing tomorrow for special report for my sit down with former defense secretary mark esper his first cable news interview about his new book is timely trump administration tomorrow
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6:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. have a great week a comment to amy, pat, barb beat the moms in my life happy mother's day. all of you moms out there enjoy your special day bright happy mother's day to you and we will see you next fox news sunday. steve: biden silent as mobs target the homes of supreme court justices in an attempt to disrupt the supreme court proceedings and undermine the rule of law in america. look what the they have become. self-righteous democrats who never stop lecturing us about defending our democracy. they have become what they say they despise. failing on the economy, failing at theor


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