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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 9, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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channel. have a great week a comment to amy, pat, barb beat the moms in my life happy mother's day. all of you moms out there enjoy your special day bright happy mother's day to you and we will see you next fox news sunday. steve: biden silent as mobs target the homes of supreme court justices in an attempt to disrupt the supreme court proceedings and undermine the rule of law in america. look what the they have become. self-righteous democrats who never stop lecturing us about defending our democracy. they have become what they say they despise. failing on the economy, failing at the border.
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know matter how much damage they do to the country in the process. it's the exact opposite of what they promised. >> my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting america. uniting our nation. i will be a president for all americans. i will fight as hard for those who did not support me as for those who did. we must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue. rural versus urban. conservative versus liberal. steve: your whole soul is in it. for decades you were a corrupt mediocre politician. now -- now to rile up your base, you have incited labeling your
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political opponents enemies of the state. parents who disagree with your policies enemies of the state. he did it with race. >> do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? you want to be on the side of john lewis or bull connor? you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis. steve: now he's doing it with abortion. >> what happens if you have the state change the laws saying that children who are lgbtq can't be in classrooms with other children? steve: what? nobody is proposing that anywhere. it's pure culture war fear-mongering. you might even call it disinformation. quick.
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tell scary-poppins. they say republicans are stoking the culture war. >> same-sex marriage is safe in the united states of america? they are coming you have a. >> once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next. steve: they are coming for you next. what disgusting, reckless fear-mongering. republicans stoking the cull tiewrls. give me a break. the most irresponsible came from that well-known republican eric swalwell. they want to ban interracial marriage. the black conservative justice married to a white woman wants to ban his own marriage. this governor made up another scare story. >> if the supreme court goes
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through with this ruling overturn roe v. wade it will put the right of every american to make their own private medical decisions in jeopardy. steve: the right of every american to make their private medical decisions? what about the vaccine? they have no argument. they created an inflation crisis, and a crime crisis. they are terrified that's what nosms elections will be about. under biden the labor force actually shrunk even though it's coming out of the pandemic. all biden and the democrats want to give us is range and division. >> this maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that existed in american history. steve: did he really say that?
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the heart of the country that voted for trump. 70 million people more extreme than the klu klux klan? did they bother to weigh the impact of a president's words? in way case they should be nowhere near political office let alone the white house. the democrats and the media are truly unhinged. >> my -- my worry is this is just the beginning next they will go after education and brown versus the board of education. i see fascism down the line here. steve: it's already here thanks to your guy putting the fbi on to parents to cover up the
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family corruption of the regime candidate. setting up an agency of government to police speech. they talk about fascism. jen psaki was asked about what the president thinks about supreme court justices being targeted before the ruling. >> he doesn't care if they are targeting the real court outside their private residences. >> i don't have an official government position on where people protest. steve: these pretests are against the law. and the biden regime has no position on it. and concerned parents who speak up at google meetings, arrest them. justices in hiding, fearing for their lives. violent protests around the
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country. are they mostly peaceful mobs, jen psaki? they have been planning this for years. >> i want to tell you gorsuch, i want to tell you kavanaugh, you released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. steve: these are the people who claim they are defending our democracy. three days and 11 hours after far left democratic extremists published the home addresses of supreme court justices for the purpose of intimidation, biden still mass not condemned it. he wants it. this is not the behavior of a man who is -- fit to be the
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leader of the free world. as we said at the time he should have been impeached over afghanistan. now as he incites mobs to disrupt the proceedings of the supreme court for partisan ends, yes, biden should be impeached for that. and yes he deserves the shame that will forever attach to his name. in a moment i will be joined by fox news legal analyst greg jar it and susan schaeffer too break down the legal and constitutional aspects of this. joining me now is fox news contributor, lisa boothe. the democrats media, they never stop going on about january. how is this any different? >> they support lawlessness. people showing up at justice
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calf nawps house neese are their foot soldiers. kamala harris was promoting bailing out rioters. she told jacob blake she was proud of him, a guy who pulled a knife on a police officer. whoever leaked this draft decision wanted the mob outside of their house and wanted the justices in fear of their lives. we are descending into chaos as a nation. the more these institutions and pillars of the society that hold up society are burned to the ground, we descend into chaos. and they don't care. they would rather burn down the supreme court to get the outcome they desire. that's the embody equipment of
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today's political left. >> there is nothing they won't do in pursuit of their ideology and their political power. it seems like there is nothing you can say to them that make them stop and question, yeah, you are right, that's a double standard. it's quite astonishing that while this is going on, think are still -- they are still on their high horse about trump undermining democracy. >> it's projection. the only path forward when you are faced with the mob is bravery and not backing down. justice thomas said we are not going to back down. that's what the republicans did when they confirmed justice kavanaugh. the politicians who served in
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congress don't care about the fact the justice's lives are threatened as long as they try to get their way. the only path forward is not backing down and standing tall. there is a report out that there is still a majority to overturn roe v. wade. we are one of 7 nations that supports abortion on demand past 20 weeks. it puts us in the same category as china and north korea. that says everything about america and our values in my opinion. steve: you could make another list of things they were pushing for. this agency to police speech, one thing after another, the way they brand their political opponents enemies of the state. pelosi said that.
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there is no question about it. >> i think a lot of it has to do with they feel power slipping away. the way to understand the left is all they care about is power. power is their religion. they don't believe in god. they don't believe in families. their religion is power. when they feel it slipping away, that's why we see this desperation of labeling their opponents as extremists and gas lighting and lying about things no republican ever said they want to do. they look at joe biden's approval numbers and realize inflation is at an all-time high. they are hanging on to power. i think that's why we are seeing this level of destruction, this level of vitriol. they don't want that power slipping away. they will do anything to try to
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keep it. steve: that's exactly right. you nailed it. it's the far left activism. it started in the universities. now you have these pathetic weak machine politicians like biden and kamala harris going along with it because they won't stand up to the mob. now they are unleashing the mob and all the rest of it. great to see you. let's bring in craig and susan to talk about the legal constitutional aspects. craig, one phrase i have been hearing a lot from democrats. they are complaining we have a patchwork of state laws in relation to it. that's the whole point of america, to be a decentralized country. it's in the constitution. >> it is. the reserve clause. whatever powers are note
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enumerated in the constitution to the federal government are reserved to the states. you read this draft opinion. the supreme court is saying it's none of our business, it's the business of democracy where the people elect representatives who express their views with laws and policies. it would revert back to pre-1973. if people want a right to abortion they can convince the u.s. congress to pass a law. but they never had the votes there. so put different people into office. elect different people. or they can get state legislatures to pass the laws they want either pro viergd a right to the abortion or banning a restricted abortion. it's as simple as that.
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steve: we had a great conversation about this on the podcast. there are things that over time we have put into that category, they override everything else, they decide at the federal level, there are certain rights. what determines what goes in which category. you made the point, the people do. if they want to do that. the national or state level. you can do that through the process in the constitution and the state consequence constitution for a constitutional amendment. >> the american people have gotten out of the habit of looking to the constitution. we wait for lawsuits and hope we get the landmark decision we want. this has been going on since
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1925 where the original scheme of the constitution that said everything else not enumerated goes to the states and the people. it's been overridden by the 14th amendment which prohibits the states from denying liberty to anybody. that first it was the first amendment in the 1940s, it was the 4th amendment, but not all the 4th amendment. the idea that evidence illegally seized must be exclude at trial. it was up to the states until 1961. and we are seeing over and over again the court is expanding through the -- the 20th century to expand.
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they don't have the ability to rule on every single issue in life, but that's what they are doing. steve: those who long advocated to put justices on the court who follow the constitution it wasn't because they wanted specific outcomes. but they wanted to reverse the process susan just described. we want it to operate the way the country was supposed to operate like. >> they want the job of the supreme court justices to be confining themselves to their authority under the constitution. marbury versus madison which laid out the authority of the supreme court, and not to go beyond the authority of the court and encroach on the legislative branch and become
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super judges. ever since roe was hands down, the court has struggled to justify with blackman wrote, who wrote the opinion on roe versus wade. virtually all of them have said in unison there was no constitutional right granted to pregnant mothers to abort a baby in the constitution. if you want that, you can amend the constitution as we have been talking about. steve: exactly. susan. i'm not sure, we just lost greg or whether our audience has. what about the state level? we have been following closely the california situation. that argument from gavin newsom and you see others making it. this just the start.
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they are going after gay rights. all these other things. the fear-mongering. what is the legal position there? is there anything in this draft ruling that would seriously threaten what the democrats are strieg trying to to scare people about. >> any right created by a judiciary can be uncreated by the same body. if you don't amend the constitution, you don't actually have that right. that's why liberals when they want to scare you talk about brown versus board of education. it was the understanding all the way through from the civil war forward that the 14th amendment did not prohibit segregation but they interpreted in the 1950s that it did mean that liberty included the right to not attend segregated schools. it was interpreted in.
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theoretically the procedure would be the same. steve: that's the point. there is no -- all these things they are trying to scare people on. no one want to do that. they are make it up in order to scare people. it's totally reprehensible. it's demagoguery and it has to stop.
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generals and providing information to the ukrainians. we wouldn't do that at all. but whatever we are doing to help the ukrainians we shouldn't be talking about. steve: in a briefing from the rugs, they are going to include this plane in the victory parade called the doomsday plane because that's where the russian high command and putin would be
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in the event of a nuclear war. it seems like they are trying to escalate in terms of rhetoric. what do you make of that? >> i think for some time putin and his thugs have been threatening escalation, potentially with chemical weapons. more recently with nuclear weapons. this is all about intimidation and coercion and trying to blackmail the united states. it's obviously we can't dismiss, and we shouldn't be cavalier about it. but we need both feet planted on the ground. russia is on the cusp of possibly losing a war to ukraine. that thought was unfathomable a few months ago. it would be a huge struggle for ukraine to achieve that result. but the facts are, if that does
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happen, russia's forces will be so depleted that ukraine will be able to have achieved a deterrence from russia attacking nato, which is one of the things they talked about, putin specifically talked about in his recent speeches which gave the baltics and poland great concern and obviously so. the russians have got to understand clearly, if they are going to use a tactical nuclear weapon, that is a game changer and they by doing so are going to escalate the war. that certainly is not going to be in their interest whatsoever. they are already losing a fight to ukraine. and whether they can salvage any of that for the may 9 celebration remains to be seen in terms of celebrating mariupol. those are political vick is, but
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they don't have much in terms of military victories to celebrate. i don't think we should cower in fear and at the same time we shouldn't take it lightly. i believe the russians should know unequivocally some of the actions on the table that we could take if they did use nuclear weapons. we should make that very clear to them privately so they understand that, even though they don't want to talk to us. steve: fair enough. sorry we couldn't see you. we'll see you next time.
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steve: it was finally confirmed that biden and the democrats
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gave up hopes of per swaigd anyone that they have been anything but disastrous. is biden's new plan for the mid terms. see that? biden frustrated shifting mid-term strategy to attacking gop. attack republicans screams the man who claims unity. claiming you didn't make the crime crisis and border crisis worse. biden keeps telling his team if he can just get out of the white house more he will be able to convince more people, americans and lawmakers to support his agenda. that will do the trick. he's so delusional he actlly thinks more appearances like this will turn things around. >> putin out aut -- clep to be
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excuse myback. it has to do with this. [♪♪♪] steve: no wonder he needs the easter bunny to show him where he's going. you can hear republican candidates across the country, please please, president biden please get on the road for the mid-terms. come to my district. i'll pay your travel and buy you a drink. we are hearing democrat candidates saying the opposite. here is ohio congressman tim ryan. >> in an interview really not answer if you want president
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biden on the campaign trail. i didn't hear an answer to that. do you or do you not? >> we'll make that decision as the campaign continues. steve: so that will be a no then. they don't want biden. of course, they don't want biden. they know he's a disaster. and they don't want senator harris either. >> there is know guarantee she is the mom east in party into could be a
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>> steve: welcome back, everybody. let's bring in this week's closer. there is jason chaffetz. just because we don't have enough of jason and the federal government, the department of justice created a new office meant to pursue environmental justice for criminals with actual crime rising out of control over the country. the department of justice when it's not going off on parents is
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now focused on this. >> although violations of environmental laws can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous communities, and low income communitiesen often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, delusion, and climate change. >> if you are worried about indigenous community, low income communities bearing the environmental, you might want the far leftist extremist policies of your own government which are pushing energy costs and gas prices with those people hit the hardest, jason, your reaction. >> you are absolutely right. maybe they should count how many times john carries jet flies over and causes pollution onto the people of boston, but look, this is creation of another office in search of a crime. they have 110,000 people, the department of justice and if
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somebody breaks the law, go after them, why don't you go after illegal immigration and all the people committing crimes coming across the border illegally. how many times could be list out the things the department of justice should be doing but they are not doing inc. to instead of -- who knows what will happen with it. and don't you think there is something pitiful about the way merrick garland to weed out that stuff? .ike a hostage video >> he exactly read this and cannot point to a single instance. i really do wish they would point to something that was a real to say this is happening and it's rampant across the country. we have a new task force to tackle it instead of all of the crime down at theow border. >> exactly. and at the same time, they were going off on their parents, the fbi. and we love all that stuff in the collaboration, the
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teachings, going off on the parents protesting about the work and indoctrination in schools. it is so twisted. >> they are checking a box of projection. they are fulfillingg campaign promises. they went after and took money from a lot of environmental groups, and they said they would do this, that command the other. merrick garland to go out thereo and read something. i don't think as much emphasis. it can even point to a crime at this point. i would love to see it appear they are out there, but i would love to see them point to it. >> steve: it is exactly right. it really captures how for them it is virtual signaling with ideology or something a virtuous ideal virtual signaling link. here is one more for you which is just brilliant. the elitists that gala which took place in new york seems to be an annual goldmine of leftists hypocrisy.tu here is this picture of hillary,
12:58 am
laughing off the attention of the media but meanwhile her feet. this picture, i don't know, it said so much. itct is so perfect in so man ways. >> you know, you could have left the picture of blake lively come i wouldld be fine with that. but steve, you pepper or television with this picture. there were so many things wrong with this. especially the people looking at her feet, having to wear a mask, it is just the absurdity of it. she is proving yet again why america so glad that donald trump was the president and that she will never, ever be the president of the united states of america. >> steve: yeah, but by the way, first of all if you look at that picture come i don't know if you can bring the picture back but she may not be the president, but she certainly think she is the queen. t they were certainly the way that she is sort of standing there with footmen around her. but you say that and she think she will be.
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we had a clip from her earlier talking about the abortion thing this week. the other week she was talking about ukraine and russia. i'm very convinced that she is intending to run next time. >> i do. i think she thinks it was stolen and feels entitled. she has always felt entitled. but it shows how weak the democratic bed is. if it is not biden it certainly will not be harassed. after that you cannot name a person in single digit with popularity because they don't have anybody. because they picked people with thee most radical policies on tl face of the planet. nobody can relate. nobody can relate to hillary clinton in that picture, and nobody can relate to the democrats and what they want to try to do that to this country. put blake lively back up, for goodness sake. >> steve: we have a little bit of time left. by the way, i will tell everybody, the person we showed him earlier, thank you, jason by
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the way, great to see you. the person that does think he will be the one, we showed him earlier. we see him a lot around here gavin newsom here and watch for him here they all think they can do it. we will see. thank you for watching. we really appreciate it and we will see you next time on "the next revolution." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, protesters to target the supreme court justice tonight after heading to chief justice john roberts and brett kavanaugh over the weekend. it comes as the high court majority to overturn roe v. wade. we reportedly -- you are watching "fox & friends first" on monday morning, i am todd piro. >> carley: great to see you


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