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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 9, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: a fox news alert. tragedy in paradise. a woman is in critical condition after getting sick at a resort where three others mysteriously died. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. that survivor being treated at a miami hospital. doug luzader has more on this shocking story. doug. >> doug: one woman is hospitalized in florida, the daily mail released photos of two of the victims. is there a danger for others in
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the bahamas, the health minister at one point was not sure if they were dealing with a widespread threat. >> proving to not be the case and we believe it is an isolated situation that involves around the four people that were impacted. >> doug: symptoms include convulsions, limiting the possible causes. >> this appears to be environmental exposure, could have come from an industrial source. i've heard of rare toxins, that is one plausible explanation. doug holtzman sandals issued a statement, we are working with the investigation and the guest's families in every way possible. out of respect for privacy of the guests we cannot disclose further information at this
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time. the u.s. state doesn't keeping an eye on developments in the bahamas and ready to provide assistance, if necessary. back to you guys. >> carley: such a wild story. i royal bahamas police force said they were alerted by staff at the hospital that one man was foungd unresponsive in the villa. while heading to the scene, they were told the man and woman were found unresponsive in their hotel room. this all happened all at the same time. total tragedy all of them are american and that is also major concern. it reminds me, remember dot min can republic in 2017, multiple people died in the dominican republic, some deaths were linked to bad alcohol they were drinking. so many questions. >> todd: that was one of the reported possible reasons this happened. i think the leader at this point
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among people, this is connected to an air conditioner. until we know for certain, we can't speculate with certainty. every time guinto a hotel room, you wonder, am i safe to breathe this air. i just got a new air conditioner, i don't know how it works. >> carley: state department is on it. we'll update you as the news breaks. let's turn to ashley strohmier. >> ashley: search for a missing alabama inmate and correction officer. the duo has left few clues where exactly they could be. former fugitive who spent two years on the run joined us on the romantic link between the escapee and prison official. >> when you're in prison, there is female staff in there and you see dynamics and see people get
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close w. men and women, even in a situation like that, there can be attraction. >> ashley: authorities run intoing dead ends in the chase. new video shows the -- john durham can use to show alleged joint venture between hillary clinton and michael sussmann. michael sussmann faces charges whether claiming a link between donald trump and russian. the court is see information, michael sussmann and other tech researchers to show michael sussmann in helping clinton campaign spread rumors about alpha bank. >> todd: curious development, it is crucial, interesting to see if the durham investigators reverse this on appeal. as of right now, this is a block
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to them. >> carley: fox news alert. the threat left on the side of a pro-life group headquarters that was allegedly firebombed over mothers day weekend. >> todd: far left mobs planning protest outside samuel alito's home tonight. we're seeing utter brokenness of the left. two of them join us next. before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you,
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for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. >> carley: a fox news alert. far left abortion activists targeting supreme court justices as it is reported majority to overturn roe v. wade remains in tact. >> todd: nonprofit being hit by arson attack, take a look. breaking details. here is brooke singman. >> brooke: good morning, pro-choice activist group shut down dc planning protest at the home of justice samuel alito tonight after targeting homes of john roberts and brett kavanaugh over the weekend. [chanting] the whole world is watching. >> brooke: the white house said "protests must be peace sxfl free of violence vandalism or
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attempts to intimidate," all of which the prosecute condemns. senator ted cruz says the biden administration's response is soft and falls short of the remark. >> the white house refused to condemn violent protesters threatening the families of the supreme court. it is disgraceful. joe biden knows it is disgraceful, he's threatening the lives of justices by the mob unleashing. >> brooke: police in wisconsin are investigating the fire bombing of a pro life nonprofit, where they confirm a molotov cocktail ignited the fire yesterday. listen to this. >> people who perpetrated this against us, again, they are free to disagree with us, but they are not free to destroy property. they are not free to threaten
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individual lives and safety, that is not how this needs to go. >> brooke: several churches across the country report protests that interrupted mother's day services machlt jority to overturn roe v. wade remains in tact despite public pressure since the draft opinion was leaked last week. chuck schumer is pushing for a vote on federal abortion bill wednesday despite being short of votes he says he needs. he wants to put the senate on record on abortion. >> todd: brokenness of pro abortion activists who protested as americans celebrated mother's day. co-founders of the raidience foundation joins me. what kind of person protests on mother's day? >> right. to celebrate the beauty of
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motherhood reveals utter brokenness and irony of pro abortion activism. >> todd: ryan, what from your person story lead you to be pro life. >> you could say how i came to be. my birth mom experienced violence of rape and was courageous enough to give me life and adoption. i grew up in family of 15, sick brothers and six sisters, now i'm married to this amazing woman and we have four kiddos, two adopted. i'm passionate because i'm that 1% that is used 100% of the time to justify abortion. tongas >> todd: can you wrap your head around what the activists want and are saying? i watch you kill babies, is what we've heard. so hard to let me wrap your head around, how can you? >> i continuing is like i said, utter brokenness, thinking that
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a woman's biology is our enemy. men can't conceive, they can't give birth or nurse a child. this is what makes us beautifully and biologically different and true. women who understand their worth and the beauty in our biological differences would not be saying things we're here saying, they would not be going down this road, for sure. >> todd: there are some, in fact, in that crowd, who would say men can do these things. that is wrong and for a different discussion. when you see rage in the protesters do you ask yourself how they got to this point? >> yes, we do through raidience foundation, we are aware there is -- we understand there is a deep spiritual wound that happens and we're always addressing this issue with love.
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those who have gone through that need hope and healing and wholeness and unfortunately, they got a lot of euphemism and pink banners that mean nothing and further that brokenness within them. >> todd: i think reasonable peep kel see there are multiple complexities to this issue. but to the point of those who are protesting the way they are, going to supreme court justices' homes which can be viewed as illegal, can be viewed as trying to intimidate a branch of the federal government. how does this help their cause in any way, shape or form, bethany? >> i pray that people see what is going on for what it is. honestly, we're looking at mental health issues. we know when we have issues, it is a beautiful thing to live in america where we can disagree and have different opinions. when we take it a step furth sxer we're intimidateing and
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attempting to be violent against other human beings, it's never okay. isn't that ironic, what they are protesting and violence against the most offenseless, the unborn. >> todd: these are people we've seen in the protest on the ground, not just these activists, individuals like chuck schumer getting the entire audience there riled up, he is the senate majority leader. you have a biden administration that has not come out and forcefully condemned the attempt to ruin mother's day, the attempt to intimidate justices. what do you make of that? >> this is the same party that didn't denounce the mostly peaceful protest during the summer of blm. there are fires in the background, they were silent. it is not surprising with this feminist ovement, there be
2:16 am
equally quiet. they do like chuck schumer and suggest violence against justices. we know that infamous video when he was outside the supreme court. the democrat party is beholden to violence of abortion we're seeing that play out on so many tragic levels. >> todd: a situation we will be monitoring. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. disney had a starring role in the debate over florida parental rights bill. the company steer clear of roe v. wade, does that have anything to do with their stock price tank something >> carley: plus -- >> i hold myself to high ethical standard. i have treated everybody the same from the beginning and that has been a point of pride for me. >> carley: jen psaki is defending her ethiks as rumors swirl about her new job at a left wing news. joe concha responds about that next.
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>> ashley: ashley strohmier back with headlines, new cnn poll says 57% of americans think now is not the time to lift title 42. cory mills joined us earlier on the threat at the southern border. take a listen. >> title 42 needs to be permanent legislation. agents need the right to expel those violating our sovereignty. we need to return to what president trump put in place. >> ashley: authorities found a child unicorn backpack filled with drugs, a child was carrying this backpack as her family crossed the soth southern border. reading program provoked outrage last year, were remove friday an
2:22 am
updated list releaseod friday. controversial titles were removed, it includes how to be antiracist, the new jim crow and sexual minorities in politics. all three titles were improved on the same reading list last year. and buzzing after elon musk posted this mysterious tweet last night. if i die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowing you. social media explode withing responses, including this one. do you have dirt on the clintons. wait, what do you know about clinton? and the mother saying that is not funny. he apologized and said he will try to stay alive. most pointed to russia and musk pointing to link with star link and russia accused him of aiding ukraine and musk saying nazi doesn't mean what he seems to
2:23 am
think it does. i feel sorry for elon musk's mom. >> todd: he has to stop doing that, he is ceo of a major company and that could affect stock price and mom, on mother's day? come on, elon. >> ashley: hope he is not in danger. >> carley: weird all around. >> todd: white house press secretary jen psaki defending her team as spokesperson. she will leave the post at the end of this week. >> high ethical standard. people judge me how i interact with reporters, i've treated everybody the same and that is point of pride with me. >> carley: you just heard jen psaki there, she has gotten into sparring matches with peter doocy, watch this. >> tell me, more, peter, i'm sure this is going somewhere. let me finish. peter -- let me give you the
2:24 am
facts here. peter, let me take a step back and explain to everyone how diplomacy works. did i say it is not a political issue? >> you said, some call it a political issue, it is not. >> carley: how would you grade her as press secretary? is that normal sparring between reporter and press secretary or something more? >> joe: four syllables come to mind. condescending. she was patronizing constantly to peter doocy and jacqui heinrich. she acted like she was above the people she was speaking to. it is clear if you watch the daily press briefing as we all have over the last year and a half and she used official white house press secretary position to disparage this network, which competes and that is generous
2:25 am
term for msnbc with her future employer, her seven-figure employer at msnbc. this press secretary after signing with the network had audaci ty to say peter doocy had questions written for him because he's only covered washington for well over a decade and needs his questions written for him. of course he doesn't, it is ridiculous. it's a lie, she knows it and said it because that is what her future employer would want her to leave. joy reid claims the media only cares about russia's invasion of ukraine because white people are involved, same prime time host who called supreme court "a pro just white christian group," because justice thomas and just sotomayor don't exist. her replacement, in
2:26 am
jeanne-pierre. jen's legacy tasked with defending the indefensible and said crap-tastic statements along the way. jen psaki, good luck at msnbc, her departure over the last month, month and a half after she signed with the network and remained white house press secretary. >> todd: she defended president biden's lack of interview, he's only had one media interview this year. listen. >> joey: wow. >> press sect. psaki: the president speaks to the american people nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day. >> talking about journalists. >> press sect. psaki: our objective and role and focus is speaking to the public and engage nothing and valuing free
2:27 am
press. >> joey: the role of the journalist is to ask questions that the american people would ask if they were in the room with the president. it is not to have the president go up there, give a sililocky and that is generous to the word, to answer questions. >> joe: one broadcast news interview, guys. this year, once. it was during the super bowl, it was tradition and that was softball interview to say he speaks to the american people everyday. he speaks to the american people, i guess, by either putting out a statement written for him or reading something written for him in a teleprompter, that is not speaking to the american people. during an election year, i would think the president who received more votes than any president or candidate in history would do more interviews in defending his agenda and he's been hiding
2:28 am
behind his press secretary who is now departing. no. joe biden is not seen as transparent or taking tough questions. he is 33% approval right now in quinnipiac latest poll. >> carley: we just had the number up 88 days since biden's last interview, we'll see if that changes. joe, thank you. >> joe: it won't. >> carley: adam will look at the weather. >> good morning. something to smile about, the sun is shineing and it is going to be warm, especially in the middle of the country. we're seeing early this morning, pooling up of heat. 70 in kansas city and going to get hot and we will see temperatures, particularly down in portions of texas getting near 100. these are actual temperatures, feels-like temperature over 105. real heat is piling up and fuelling in the middle of the country, not just today, next
2:29 am
couple days. we're stuck in 90 degrees temperatures. see record-breaking highs stretching all the way up to the great lakes, wisconsin, mitch mcconnell, possibly record-breaking highs over the next couple days, a really warm spot to the start of the week. otherwise, you see heat running into cold air across the planes and seeing severe thunderstorms early this morning. northern planes we are watching those, maybe a couple of tornados also. >> todd: vladamir putin marching military parade from moscow in show of force to the west. former station chief dan hoffman with more on how the white house should be responding. >> carley: and did you hear the? >> i'm concerned about the very quick hateful devisive turn that the republican party has taken. >> carley: more democrats
2:30 am
attacking the maga crowd. north carolina congressman ted butt running on a pro american agenda and he's here to respond coming up next. (all): hail, caesar! pssst caesar! julius! dude, you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. i was thinking like... oh hi, caesar. we were just talking about you. ha ha ha. yeah, you should probably get out of here. not good. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪
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>> todd: fox news alert. russian president vladamir putin lashing out at the west while putting his military on fun response. >> carley: matt finn is live in lviv with the latest. matt, good morning.
2:34 am
>> matt: russian president vladamir putin gave highly anticipated speech during russia victory day parade in red square. there was some speculation that vladamir putin may declare war against ukraine and call for mobilization. putin lookd and sounded okay repeating some of his most familiar rhetoric about this war referring to ukrainians as nazi during the speech and claiming ukraine was acquiring nuclear weapons in kyiv backed by nato and the west and russia had to deliver a strike against ukraine. >> russia has rebuffed the aggression, a force and right decision, decision of sovereign, strong, independent country. >> matt: here in ukraine, first lady jill biden made a surprise
2:35 am
visit meeting with ukraine's first lady at school converted to assist refugees. dr. biden thought it was important to show the ukrainian people why it is important this war has to stop and trudea made a surprise visit to kyiv announcing new weapon package for ukraine and bono held a 40-minute concert in a subway station turned bomb shelter saying people of ukraine are fighting for the freedom of everyone and today's victory day parade in russia speculation we might see mysterious plane that is used to protect vladamir putin from some type of nuclear threat, we did not see any aircraft in the air today. back to you guys. >> carley: interesting there, matt finn live in lviv. thank you. let's bring in dan hoffman, former cia station serve nothing moscow. dan, good morning to you. putin made the big victory-day
2:36 am
speech, headline was that he said that the invasion of ukraine was necessary because he claims the west was going to invade russia. obviously a lie trying to justify this war. he made no major announcement and was expected to, what do you make of that? >> dan: i think he knows general -- to fight war russia was supposed to win in days and now russia third month and no amount of kremlin propaganda will change that. >> carley: do you think he's losing support inside russia for example this war? what does that mean for the future thf military conflict? >> dan: i think vladamir putin has to be concerned about losing support not just from the russian population, but from his inner circle.
2:37 am
russia was expected to topple zelenskyy's government immediately and didn't happen. take kyiv, that didn't happen and now on counter offensive in kharkiv. distractive battles reminiscent in donbas as russia seeks to build a land bridge. putin is trying to ensure in the mind of russians, soviet fight of nazi germany interwoven in their mind similar to the fight against nato and the united states and nothing could be further from the truth. a lot of soldiers are not coming home to their parents, russian citizens have to think they have been sold something that doesn't correspond to reality. more important, putin's inner circle has to be doubting putin's strategy at this point. >> carley: there are a lot of fears after russia pulled back
2:38 am
troops from kyiv they would dominate in the south and in the east and that doesn't appear to have happen. so is russia losing this war? >> dan: i think russia is losing, but so is ukraine, if you look at the devastation in ukraine and russia attacks on ukrainian civilians just this weekend, they bombed a school house, the death and destruction carry on and i fear our darkest days are ahead of us. vladamir putin according to direct or cia, he said putin will double down, this is his war he can't afford to lose it and sadly we may be looking at more violence and russian military reigning down more hell on innocent civilians until they decide it is time to stop and i would emphasize the
2:39 am
military assistance, keeping ukraine in the fight is what we need to do in order to stop russia's war machine. >> carley: president biden announced additional $150 million support from the u.s. it seems like the biden administration has changed how much they are willing to support ukraine as this war continues on. dan, we have to leave it there, thank you for joining us this morning. all right. listen to this, a lot of you are aware. parents across the country are worried sick about a baby formula shortage and want to know why president biden hasn't done anything to help. a concerned mom will join us. >> todd: and a top republican working to get to the bottom of hunter biden's overseas business dealings and whether or not president biden was involved. cheryl casone next.
2:40 am
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>> todd: i miss the band most of all. republicans saying democrats know they have a hunter problem, posing a national security risk and voters are paying attention. >> carley: the band missed you, too. cheryl casone has more.
2:44 am
good morning. >> cheryl: the band is back, it is a monday. congressman james comer promising to look into hunter biden's business dealing, particularly president biden's involvement. >> we've proven hunter biden is a shady guy. the problem now is this affecting joe biden's prez dense and he decision-making? hunter biden has more problems than any political figure that i've ever heard of. >> cheryl: comer -- on oversight and reform, so if as expected we see republicans take back the house, there you go. >> todd: where are we americans heading if not new york and california? >> cheryl: americans pulled uproots in 2021 scomb exodus from new york and california, big boost for 10 cities, have you houston, las vegas, phoenix, charlotte, san antonio, dallas,
2:45 am
orlando and chicago, top 10 places where americans move to in droves. miami mayor says low taxes for his state are a big reason here. >> success is simple on the one hand and lequires political courage. we've kept taxings at 1960 year lows. we have surpluses and balance our budget, which is something governments don't do across the country. >> data coming from penske, and seen similar numbers from uhaul. look at all of this, this tells you people are voting with their feet. >> carley: they are. disney makes a lot of political statements, they have remained strangely silent on the roe v. wade controversy. >> cheryl: didn't want to hurt the stock and company, as well. the stock plummeting, stock is
2:46 am
down 20%. the ceo has not issued a statement opposing -- he did statement opposing the federal rights bill in midmarch 67% year to date. the company has been silent on all of this, this is interesting about disney and i will go into this a bit. we have seen this before with disney and obviously the war they are having in florida over crt and the political fall-out from them losing their status in the county where disney world is. it is another example of shareholders telling us over and over, they don't want to see companies like disney get into politics. run the business. make money. stay out of politics. we're seeing that play out with the stock price in the premarket. >> carley: learning a lesson, we haven't heard them say anything about the roe v. wade. >> todd: parents and politicians
2:47 am
calling on biden administration to take action to address the nationwide baby formula crisis, the crisis is getting worse by the day. a mother joins us now. how dire is the situation for parents like you? >> hi. good morning. it has been a nightmare. every few days hunting for baby formula. i have a infant baby girl and she eats about 10 times per day. every grocery store around me, the shelves are completely empty. my husband is going to cv s and walgreens in a different town. my mom is in a different county at their grocery store. when we come across formula, it is not the right kind or brand and i feel horrible for parents that have a child that has stomach sensitivity or milk allergy. we need the same consistent
2:48 am
formula, otherwise your baby is suffering from gas pain, cramping and every night i start to panic when the formula is getting low. i have to ration my baby's food. >> todd: it is scary and you can't just mix up formula, you can't do that when they are on the cycle of needing to eat every single moment wrchlt is joe biden on this? we are on the way to this becoming a national emergency if the administration is silent. >> you know what, i'm thinking about this everyday, i'm thinking, we're going to have a change. i will walk into the grocery store and look at the shelves and they'll be stocked. it seems like this is getting worse every -- going on for every -- for months now. i don't know what to expect the change, i don't know why this is not the government's top priority. it is stressful. >> todd: how is this happening in america? us not being able to feed our
2:49 am
babies? >> it is unbelievable. i wonder that. >> it is frightening. i'm a couple months away from having to wor bethis again. i'm nervous. i flag this all the time. it is not a situation that appears to be getting better soon. thank you very much, we appreciate your time and insight this morning. trump-backed candidates pull off clean sweet in primaries, will the streak continue? north carolina congressman and senate candidate ted butt will discuss it. >> carley: check in with steve doocy, what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> steve: 11 minutes until miller time for the two of you. coming up on this monday, protests erupt outside of home
2:50 am
of couple of supreme court justices, john roberts and brett kavanaugh. sources say the major opinion to overturn roe v. wade has not budged. they will still strike it down. we'll talk to the man behind this video as they target justice samuel alito's house, that is next. newt gingrich, piers morgan, rachel campos-duffy are all in the house. fresh off their incredible upset of the kentucky derby, the owner and trainer of rich strike join us live coming up on monday morning. nine and a half minutes from the channel you trust for morning nees. you are watching foekt foekt. like changes in weather. "fox and friends first." graine t . you can't prevent what's going on outside, that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. "fox and friends first."
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>> carley: candidates vowing to fight against critical race theory set for big wins in a
2:55 am
dallas fort worth area school board elections. 10 out of 11 candidates conservative pacs set to beat their opponents. we spoke to a few of them this morning. listen to this. >> it's not just the crt. it's just as much about the sexualization of the curriculum. >> virtually every parent that we talked to said we just need to focus on fundamentals. that's what we ran on. we had some strong messaging and the community responded. >> a fox news poll shows 55% of voters sabaning discussions over sex and gender before fourth grade. the america first agenda resonating in a big way in the republican primary races. >> thanks to the president for everything, for endorsing me. i have got to say a lot of the fake news media out there, they wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of donald trump's america first agenda, ladies and gentlemen, it ain't the death. >> our next guest is rocketing
2:56 am
to the front of his upcoming primary following the 45th president's backing. see him right there on your screen. is he up 16%. candidate ted budd joins us now. congressman, thanks so much for being here. how much of that lead is thanks in part to that endorsement from 45? >> well, that happened last june and it really made people start paying attention to this race. i'm tremendously grateful to president trump for his endorsement. that opened and cleared the path for a lot of others to support us. >> double digital number of sheriffs. mark robinson tremendously popular in north carolina. national border patrol council. senator ted cruz. the list keeps going on including 50 legislators including raleigh around around the state. cut a pathway for a lot to get in and support me. i'm very, very thankful for it. >> on the other side there is
2:57 am
increasingly divisive rhetoric. we just heard president biden attack trump supporters calling maga crowd extremists. and then you have democratic senator chris murphy. he was on fox news yesterday. and he defended president biden for saying that. watch this. >> i just have seen this turn in the republican party where they are not willing to support protections for our democracy. they seem to be targeting vulnerable kids in a way that they didn't 10 or 20 years ago. i do think it's important to sort of talk about this very different element of the republican party that exists today. >> carley: that is his perspective. what your response to that sir? >> i can tell you they are in a very bad place because they are putting up against me the most radical democrat in north carolina history. these are people that are supportive of crt. they want to put parents not in charge of their children's education. this is about putting parents and americans and citizens back in charge. it's what we stand for.
2:58 am
it's what america first is about. but sherri beazley is the most radical democrat that north carolina democrats have ever put up for a candidate. and we're for the america first agenda which is about putting citizens and parents back in charge. >> todd: meantime sunnies who citizen on the view said black and republicans are an oxymoron that is why we are drawn to the republican party we want freedom and liberty. and whenever you want to stand on your own two feet that's scary to the democratic party because now they lose control. >> democrats have failed on every single one of those issues. they are on a bad track this is a way in 2022ment republicans are going to take back the house and the senate, too. >> what are you seeing on the campaign trail as you reach out to black and latino voters in your state? >> people remember under president trump that the lowest unemployment in recorded history was under president trump will s
2:59 am
better environment for them, those are the people most hurt by joe biden's inflation. so, we are the party that makes life better for everyone. including minorities. including hispanics, including african-americans, including women. so this is the party of freedom. and i think folks are realizing that across the board. >> carley: congressman, about 30 seconds to you. i want to ask but 2024 and the state of the republican party. do you think that donald trump is still the leader of it and do you have any indication that he is going to run again? >> well, he certainly wants the option. he has helped a lot of candidates, including myself clear the pathway. we have to run on our own merits. i'm focused on 2022. i'm grateful for the president for his support. let's get through this elections and let's see what he wants to do next. if he runs, i'm fully supportive and i'm grateful for everything
3:00 am
he has done for our country so far including the american first agenda. >> todd: congressman tim budd, thank you for taking the time we appreciate it. >> carley: thank you very much. >> todd: great to be back with you. >> carley: a whole week without todd piro it was quiet. >> todd: said goodbye to a war hero grandfather 99 years old. walked out of a prison camp. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good night to you. >> celebrations are now underway marking victory day in moscow. >> if we back off prosecuting putin as a war criminal, all the laws on the books become a have joke. ♪ thank god for abortion. >> pro-abortion protesters plan to target samuel alito's home tonight. >> when life begins is not an issue subject to 50 different opinions. >> investigators are searching desperately after three americans die at a resort. >> the health minister says he doesn't think this


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