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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 9, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it will do more for people than majoring in gender studies. take the tiktok class, you'll pay for school and ten steps ahead of everyone you know. >> stem and social media. and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, greek philosophy or tiktok? day 11 in the manhunt for an escaped convict and corrections officer accused of helping break out. the two may have changed their appearance to avoid being caught. >> $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to their arrest. former fbi assistant director will join us on where he thinks the investigation is going next. >> john: fight over abortion in
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america reaching dangerous extremes. protests outside the homes of supreme court justices after the draft opinion was leaked last week. >> "america reports." dozens of protestors outside the homes of justice bret kavanaugh and chief justice john roberts on saturday. another protest planned outside the home of justice samuel alito for tonight. >> senators john cornyn and chris coons are moving to pass a bill to increase security for the justices and their families. it could be passed as early as today if there are no objections in the senate. >> president biden is condemning an attack on the offices of a pro life group in wisconsin that was set on fire over the weekend. >> alexandria at the white house. what more do we know about the
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bill? >> security for 24/7 proengs for justices and their families, and expand arresting authority that supreme court police have. but fox news has been told by several sources some of the details are being hammered out there, some debate back and forth, so that might provide a hold-up on this. the wisconsin attack, the president did not speak directly to it but jen psaki followed up with a tweet writing the president of the united states strongly believes in the constitutional right to protest but never include violence, threats or vandalism. president of wisconsin family action reported to police someone had thrown a molotov cocktail into the office there, and the inside is charged, and then a phrase if abortions aren't safe you aren't either. and violence has become their answer to everything.
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this ups the concern about the planned protests at justice alito's home later today. chris murphy offered this on fox news sunday. >> no one should be threatening violence against supreme court justice or against any member of congress. i will be honest, i've had plenty of protests, right, right around the corner from my house over the course of my time in public service. but you know, any threats of violence are beyond the pail. >> murphy also wants republicans to go on record with their stance on abortion, something that chuck schumer wants to accomplish by having a vote to codify roe. >> john: alexandria, thanks. and a lot more ahead on this as well, a lot of people are talking about this today. >> oh, yeah, and we are going to be hearing more about it. hearing more from jonathan turley, coming up in just a bit.
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a couple of interesting articles out over the weekend and a lot to say, john. >> john: looking forward to hearing from him. >> and president putin, ukraine says russia fired four missiles at odesa and dropped a bomb on a ukrainian school in the east that was sheltering 90 people. dr. rebecca grant joins us for more on this. but begin with trey yingst on the ground in kyiv. what else did putin have to say during the parade today? >> anita, good afternoon. president putin spoke in moscow but made no major announcements about the war in ukraine. remarks came at the annual victory day celebration that included a parade through moscow's red square to mark the
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world war ii surrender of nazi germany. troops marching and military equipment, he made no declaration of victory and no broader mobilization of forces. he did accuse ukraine without evidence of planning to retake crimea and threatening nuclear war, adding this. >> fighting for the homeland, for its future, so that no one forgets the lessons of world war ii so that there is no place in the world for executioner, punishers and nazis. >> troops and leaders participated in smaller events in cities like mariupol and kherson, in mariupol, estimated 2,000 soldiers are holed up. and they say all civilians were evacuated over the past several days. fighting continues along the
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eastern front lines. in kharkiv, ukrainian troops have launched a successful counter offensive that could push back the russians in days. what we are seeing right now is a war of attrition. russians are stalled in the eastern front but continue to fire missiles into ukraine. anita. >> trey, thank you very much. john. >> john: thank you. more on this now with rebecca grant, national security and military analyst, and fox news contributor, touch screen a picture of vladimir putin that gave his victory day speech and safe to say this man is not happy, it certainly seemed that way in his speech today. what are the reasons he is not happy? >> there is putin in red square in an old raincoat. putin is not happy because russia is losing this war and russia is going down the drain
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with combat losses, the economic impact and frankly, putin is trying to regroup and figure out what to do. >> john: in terms of regrouping and figuring out what to do, the touch screen, the east and south of the country where the majority of the fighting is taking place. there was apparently an align from izyum down to donesk, and places like kharkiv, ukrainians have launched a counter offensive pushing the russians back toward the border, certainly pushing them back. things are not going well for russia as you pointed out a second ago. and things are going better for ukraine now that they are getting the heavy weapons. >> ukraine has started counter offensive and john, there is a major battle around kharkiv as you pointed out and to try to prevent russia from closing that
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trap around in the eastern donetsk and right now ukraine is winning. they are continuing to use the great intelligence, their training and the new heavy weapons, and they are just stopping russia. russia took a little town in the lower part of the east, but they are not able to hold this ground. so we are seeing the beginning of ukraine's major counter attack. >> one area there is still a tremendous area of fighting is around the port city of mariupol. we have been covering that now for a number of weeks. and when we take a look, too, this is the steel plant. russia continues to bombard this, pictures of major explosions, smoke plumes, etc., but have failed to dislodge ukrainian forces of the area, so still don't have control of mariupol. >> they don't, the steel plant is an enormous underground bunker. luckily they have evacuated most women and children but there are ukrainian forces there. they have refused to surrender,
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and russia is trying a combination of artillery and strikes and some ground operations, but it could be a long time until they are able to fully take that plant, if they do at all. l>> john: mariupol over here on the eastern part of the south, crimea down here, russia would like to try to make an advance towards this year in moldova, but they cannot get past mykolaiv, and blank it out for a second, there is an area in here where there is a big gap now that did not exist before, from here to here where the russian forces have been pushed back. >> yes, and that's because ukraine has continued to fight there and right now russia is not able to put reinforcements down in the south. in fact, they are putting reinforcements up around kharkiv that we talked about before. odesa, they don't dare do an
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amphibious attack because of the sinking of the ships, and ukraine can concentrate on the east where russia is trying to double down but not succeeding. >> john: the man here not happy, expected by many people in his victory day speech he could escalate declaring all out war against ukraine, he didn't do that, just railed against the united states and the west. but the cia is concerned that putin may think he cannot afford to lose. what will that mean? >> first that putin would put more forces in the northeast as we are seeing, and after that we don't know, you know, putin is making it up as he goes along at this point and so burns is talking about a concern about
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either fighting to the finish in the east or potentially using other types of weapons. but what we are seeing right now, the pentagon says, not too concerned at this moment about threats of other weapons and russia has enough artillery. but putin has to win on the ground and ukraine is preventing him from doing that. >> john: either that or increasingly a man alone. great to pet your perspective on things, appreciate it. >> i like the bottom line, putin is not happy. other news, president biden set to give a speech on inflation tomorrow as americans struggle with rising prices that show no signs of going down. so, who will biden blame for it this time? wall street journal assistant editor james freeman will weigh in on that. >> john: a trip to the resort in the bahamas for an anniversary turns deadly for two americans and one other. the incident shrouded in
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in that case how 'bout a ringcentral phone call. we don't take kindly to no... would you can it eugene! let's just hear her out. ha ha ha, i've been needing a new horse. >> john: jumping back in early, a press conference in the bahamas. this is the bahamas commissioner of police talking about the deaths at the all inclusive sandals resort. >> check-in time i'm not inclined to release publicly but can say to you the night prior all of them had reported feeling ill and as was reported already were seen by the medics. >> question from a representative from the guardian. a question from the
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representative of, sorry, a question from mr. austin fernando. >> yes. have there been any reports by any other guests on the island of symptoms, do you know at this time? >> no, sir. >> alyssa. >> eric ortiz. >> hi, thanks for doing this. i just wanted to ask about the couple, michael and robby. >> identify where you are from. >> nbc news. i wanted to ask the couple, michael and robbie phillips, spell their names and husband and wife and do you know the town they are from in tennessee? thank you. >> they are husband and wife, and michael, phillips, and
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robbie. yeah, i would leave the address as tennessee for the time being. >> question from olithia. christina russell. >> good morning, commissioner. are you able to say how long the deceased had died before they were discovered? >> well, i can say if you look at what we reported they were seen by the doctor the night before and that would have been around 11 and they were discovered the next morning.
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so we have that timeline, which would have been about, between 11:00 p.m. and 8:30, 9:00 a.m. in the morning. >> question from a represent from jones communications network. >> yes, sir. do you know if the, any of the deceased had any preexisting illnesses that may have contributed to their feelings, their symptoms? >> that's not my domain. the doctor will tell us that later on if there were. >> very well, if there is another person not identified himself, kindly identify yourself so we may accommodate you. >> hi, this is, yeah, nbc6 in miami, two questions. can you say where in florida? >> we will accommodate one
10:18 am
question, ma'am. thank you for your cooperation. >> can you say where in florida the couple was from? >> i just want to leave that general for in respect for the families. i don't want to do -- if you -- we give you the identification, i don't want to get into the specifics of it. i'll take a second question, miss peters. >> can you also say what you are doing at the resort now to ensure the safety of the other guests? >> yeah. as i indicated earlier, the department of environmental health is still on scene, and we have some presence of officers and that area is still preserved until we give the all clear. i wouldn't be able to do that until i hear from the doctor to give us a little more as to what is going on.
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the way the investigation is still on going on-site. >> take a question from johnny diaz, "new york times." >> can you spell the names of the second couple, the ones from florida? >> yeah, the deceased is vincent paul chiarella, and he is the deceased. and his wife is donnis. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> she is still alive. >> take a question from christina dragovic, if she's on.
10:20 am
we will take a second question from you. >> appreciate that. going to the night prior when all of them were feeling ill, did they all go at the same time and if they did, did they report maybe like all eating the same thing or having done something that they all had in common, aside from staying, you know, in the villa, was there anything else they might have had in common? >> no, they were all treated at different times and they ate different, at different places. that's why we are not -- we'll be checking all of that which we will hopefully be able to determine whether or not it was some food or something else that caused it. but safely to say they were all reported at different times feeling ill. during the night. >> thank you. to confirm, all four of them went to the doctor. >> yes. >> ok, thank you.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, if i have not accommodated anyone, kindly identify yourselves. shelly lewis. take a question from shelly lewis. >> yes, global impact news. can you give an update on the status of the fourth victim? >> yeah, as i reported earlier, mrs. chiarella is still listed in serious condition and we hope and pray for a full recovery. >> and you said if she's -- [inaudible] >> i mean, we have -- no, i will not comment on that. she is hospitalized and i said we would like for her to get the best possible treatment and at some point we will be following up with her. >> thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, we take
10:22 am
this opportunity to thank you for your participation in this press briefing. as commissioner said earlier when new information has become available we will forward that to you to pay attention to the information that is coming from the royal bahamas police force and not any other outlet that would purport to be representing us. the last words. >> thank you, i want to again thank you and if you wish, i'll let press officer publish my statement to you. you can have copies of it. you can have the correct view, and i thank you for your time this afternoon. >> john: paul rolle, the bahamas commissioner of police there giving an update on the situation at the sandals resort on great exuma island in which
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three people died, three americans and a fourth is in serious, critical condition in the hospital. the big news in there, because there has not been a cause of death determined yet is the names of the people who have passed away, michael phillips and robbie phillips, 68-year-old man and 65-year-old woman, and third person who died, 64-year-old male, originally from alabama but living in panama city, florida, his wife donnis is the one who continues to recover in the hospital. they were there on an anniversary celebration. phil keating has more on what we have heard so far and the background to it. >> the police commissioner saying the pathologist took samples from all four victims and sent to a lab in philadelphia to get a good
10:24 am
quality toxicology report and conclusion as to what the cause of death is in this very, very big mystery. two american couples go to the bahamas, staying at the sandals resort, the emerald bay. they were in their own separate villas, however, the two villas were adjacent to each other and that could be a big clue. probably familiar with the sandals resort chain, popular for honeymoons, weddings and romantic get aways, commercials are on tv all the time. it's an all inclusive luxury resort in the most scenic caribbean vacation, and report over the weekend an employee at the resort who suggested maybe this was an air-conditioning unit which perhaps had a leak because a lot of their symptoms of nausea and vomiting and just
10:25 am
unease seemed to jibe with somebody who has carbon monoxide poisoning, but everything is on the table for investigators. the ac unit, hot water heater, as well as the propane tank that would have been connected to their villas. also there was no evidence, this is important, no evidence at all of foul play, no blood, no clear gunshot, no clear stabbing, just four bodies slumped on the floor when they were discovered first thing in the morning, john. >> john: phil, i read an account from abc in which vincent chiarella's son was talking, apparently his mother was paralyzed by whatever it was that killed the three of them, that may give an indication. >> the victim said the limbs were swollen, basically coming from her, she was the only survivor, who was actually in a hospital here in miami as we speak in serious condition.
10:26 am
but she said she was basically paralyzed, she screamed for help and hotel staff finally came around to her villa and discovered everything. >> john: well, they have great hospitals in miami, i'm sure they will get to the bottom of it. phil, thank you. more ahead, too. >> that's right, john. this is a story that so many people are really interested in because so many people go to the bahamas for vacation, right. and sandals, we all know sandals, they operate 16 luxury resorts throughout the bahamas and the rest of the caribbean, very popular. we'll be hearing from detective pat diaz in the next hour and he'll tell us where he thinks the investigation is going. >> john: pat used to be on the homicide squad at the miami ped so familiar with everything in florida as well. >> indeed, john. other news, president biden is expected to do some real damage control tomorrow whether he gives a major speech on inflation. those remarks are happening one
10:27 am
day before americans find out how much more they are paying for everyday items. let's bring in james freeman, assistant editor and fox news contributor. thanks for coming in. president biden expected to make a major speech on inflation tomorrow before the cpi, consumer price index numbers for april are released. these numbers tell us what people are paying for everyday goods and services and so what are we expecting these numbers to look like and what does it mean? >> well, the economic -- the economics community, i guess you would say, is expecting a slightly better number than we got last month, 8.5%, but the expectations now running at 8.1, which is still terrible. still historically bad, and so i, despite what the president says, i think it's going to be another ugly number this week.
10:28 am
the>> i guess it's at least going in the right direction, right. but the big question people are asking is how long is this inflation going to last, and now you have two former federal reserve employees actually saying in order to end inflation the fed needs to raise interest rates at a faster rate than expected but they worry that could result in recession. what do you think? >> yeah, i think now they tell us is what some of your viewers are probably going to be thinking, the fed let this problem be created far too long. fed created a lot of money to fight the pandemic and then continued to create it after the economy started to rebound in mid 2020. you've seen on the fiscal side, the president and congress continuing to spend last year another big covid-related spending plan, so we have had
10:29 am
this problem where the government has created lots of money and lots of demand but has not done enough to encourage the creation of goods and services to soak up all of those dollars that are now in the economy. so there is a concern that the inevitable result here with the fed doing what they have to do to fight inflation will be a blow to the economy. i don't think we are doomed to have a recession, but the fed has made its job much tougher than it had to be by running a loose policy for too long, creating too much money. >> all of this showing up at the stock market today. sharp declines this morning. but let's turn quickly to student debt. the motion of forgiving debt has a lot of people from both sides of the aisle riled up. listen to a sample of again people from both sides of the aisle. take a listen. >> i think it's a crazy idea, wasting too much money. >> it cannot be a blanket wipe out the student loan. there are other different
10:30 am
levels. >> utterly unfair to the thousands of people who worked their tails off to pay back their student loan to have uncle sugar in the form of joe biden just forgive it. >> james, why do you think it's so unpopular across the board? >> well, it's really a terrible idea, morally, legally, financially, economically. you saw there in the clips people explaining the moral problem, where essentially it's a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich in many cases from people who did not go to college for people who did go to college and often graduate school often times what we are doing with this kind of policy, subsidizing young lawyers who will go on to make lots of money over their careers, so, it's also inflationary, juicing demand and not encouraging the production of more goods and services, so there's a lot to argue against it. but i think one of the ways it's kind of also terrible that maybe
10:31 am
is not getting as much of a spotlight is this doesn't change the problem at universities. if the problem is that people paid a ton of money for degrees that aren't worth enough for them to earn back the money to service the debt, it means that product has a problem. and in any other market it would mean the price of the market would have to come down. we are not seeing that here. this saying to colleges and universities keep charging tons of money and taxpayers will foot the bill. >> and they are charging tons of money, especially some of the elite liberal colleges in the northeast, but a lot of people do pay their loans back. james freeman, thanks for your thoughts on this. appreciate it. >> john: good to see james. the manhunt for a murder suspect and a jail deputy gone rogue is in the 11th day. shows deputy vicky white in a motel in florence, alabama just
10:32 am
hours before she allegedly helped casey white to escape. marshals believe they have changed their appearance to avoid being caught. reward is now up to $25,000. former assistant fbi director with more on the investigation coming up in moments. but first to charles watson, he's in florence, alabama. you spoke to the sheriff there. what's he saying about the status of the investigation today? >> john, the sheriff says the search for vicky and casey white is essentially back at square one but hoping investigators can gather some clues from the duo's alleged get away vehicle, is expected to be returned from tennessee in a matter of moments. this coming a few days after the vehicle was located about 100 miles north at a tow yard in williamsson county, tennessee. it had been sitting there for about a week after it was abandoned on a rural road. investigators say it's possible the couple improvised or got
10:33 am
into another vehicle, they don't know at this point. what is clear, the duo had a "special relationship" and put an awful lot of effort into planning this hours before the escape. vicky white is seen here on this security footage appearing to pace and look around a nearby hotel before she went ahead and walked casey white out of the county prison for a court appointment investigators say did not exist. the hotel is also near the location where police say she prepositioned the get away vehicle. co-workers of the 17-year veteran corrections officer say they feel betrayed, including the sheriff. >> it's like everybody is going through the grieving process like they have lost a family member. they were concerned, you know, upset, they were crying friday and now they are all very angry. >> and the u.s. marshal service is asking the public to be vigilant. they have released these photos of vicky white who may have dyed
10:34 am
her hair, and casey white and tattoos, some are affiliated with the white supremacy group that could be helping the duo. and john, according to local reports, the u.s. marshal service is following up on credible tips that connect vicky and casey white to evansville, indiana. we have asked the sheriff to confirm or deny, but he says he cannot comment on that. john. >> john: charles, thank you so much. let's bring in former assistant fbi director, chris, roll the video from the quality inn taken the morning that casey white and vicky white both went missing here. she stayed at the hotel apparently for a couple days. she had just sold her car, and went shopping at a kohl's for men's clothing and then went to an adult shop, not sure what she got there, but what is all of
10:35 am
that and this video telling us, if anything? >> yeah, it shows preplanning. i mean, getting the hotel room, i believe she might have bought some weapons as well. the clothes, whatever she did at the adult store. and this all reflects that this has been in the planning phase for a pretty good while. selling her house, getting the cash for that, half the value of the house, staging the car, buying the car, pretty well planned out. so as i mentioned earlier, i think what goes with that is they had to have a place they were going to. i don't think they were just going to randomly drive around, i don't think that was the plan, i don't think the plan was to drive to mexico, they went north. i believe they are in the area, somewhere in tennessee, somewhere in that general area. it's rural, there are plenty of places, plenty of cabins, places you can rent on sites like vrbo or airbnb, you don't have to
10:36 am
show yourself, don't have to show i.d., just have a credit card and rent a place. so i think they are -- they are hunkering down right now, probably watching this news show. >> yeah, well, perhaps they are, but we just got this bulletin, apparently the u.s. marshal's office confirmed they are investigating an abandoned vehicle in evansville, indiana that they believe is connected to casey white and vicky white, that the vehicle may have belonged to casey white. so, i don't know where he lived prior to his incarceration, wondering if they abandoned the vehicle outside of franklin, tennessee and somehow made their way to an area where casey white had another vehicle that was successful and then drove another to indiana. >> bank robbers do it all the time, call them switch cars. as many as 2 or 3 switch cars, and that may well be the case. casey white, they say tied to
10:37 am
him, not sure what that means. but the facts will come in. >> john: yeah. you know, i was thinking maybe they made for the smoky mountains or maybe on up into the mountains of eastern tennessee, plenty of places to hide up there. we talked a little about this on friday. do you think that the two of them are still together? i mean, she's less conspicuous than he is, if they needed to go to a store he could not walk into a walmart without standing out. at some point might she become ex pendable if he's looking to hideout. and she could also turn on him, she was a law enforcement officer for a long time. >> this is the interesting dynamic. i think he does need her. he's 6'9", over 300 pounds, all tattooed up. he's going to stick out. but she's really not that conspicuous. in the days of covid we still have people wearing masks, you can -- i think she can cover herself up pretty well.
10:38 am
so i think he needs her right now for supplies, to get intelligence, access to the internet, buy burner phones and that sort of thing. stop into walmart and get what they need. for the time being she is needed but i think a guy like that, you know, either a psychopath or sociopath, he's looking out for himself. and volatile and unpredictable and it will wear thin. she's in grave danger, you know, you don't want to judge her too harshly in this case, i think she was a lonely person and kind of fell for this guy. >> john: share a couple of additional details with you. marshal service says the vehicle was abandoned, they don't know specifically where in evansville, indiana, didn't know what type of vehicle, didn't know how the tip was received, and they don't know if casey white and/or vicky white have connections in evansville.
10:39 am
so this development is in the early stage, but we'll keep updating it and chris, if we seem to have a significant development we'll get back to you. appreciate it. >> thank you, john. >> john: the trail heats back up again after going cold, anita. >> another clue today and great question you asked about the safety of vicky white, because investigators say she absolutely is in trouble the longer she stays with him. remember, casey white has a long criminal rap sheet. he was already serving a 75-year prison sentence for murder, burglary, a host of other crimes. >> john: it's clear he's a sociopath, you don't want to hitch your wagon to a 6'9", 300 pound sociopath. >> the former leader of black lives matter denying the organization misused donor funds, including when they purchased a posh mansion that cost millions.
10:40 am
so what really happened here? >> baby formula shortage getting worse as stores place limits on how much parents can buy. the supply crisis that could be putting infants' lives at risk, next. >> it's been a struggle. if nothing else, a mental struggle. as a parent, you want to provide for your child and it's your worst nightmare if you are unable to do so. welcome to your world. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind? what do you want to give back? what do you want to be remembered for? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. at pnc private bank, we'll help you take care of the how.
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>> anita: welcome back. millions of moms and dads nationwide are starting to get desperate as retailers struggle to keep baby formula on the shelves amid widespread shortages. lydia is outside a cvs in new york city. lydia, what are you seeing there in terms are the employees limiting how many containers to buy at once? what are you seeing in your location? >> yes, that's exactly what's happening. customers are limited to three containers of baby formula per
10:45 am
purchase. you know, we are seeing this national shortage of baby formula. it started during the pandemic with supply chain issues but it's gotten worse since abbott nutrition announced a voluntary recall in february after four infants were hospitalized and two died possibly in connection with consuming the formula. now most recent data shows the national out of stock average for baby formula has jumped to 40%. just three weeks ago only seven states showed it 40 to 50% out of stock, now it has risen to 26 states. some of the states that are the hardest hit, iowa, south and north dakota, missouri, texas and tennessee. in response, retailers like cvs and walgreens, they are limiting customers to three baby formula products per purchase, but some experts say this type of rationing is going to encourage
10:46 am
customer hoarding and bulk buying. >> when you look at the alternatives they are dangerous. someone rationing their formula, when a baby is unable to receive the nutritional needs at hand, or even worse, make homemade formula and find themselves with safety concerns. it is unacceptable. >> and now the infant nutrition council of america has said in a statement "formula companies are committed to ensuring continued availability of infant formula for every baby." anita, i have to say even with that assurance, it does not seem that's providing any relief or more supply to parents that are so desperately in need now. anita. >> anita: w:e we are all livinh certain things in the comply chain crisis, shortages of certain things. but baby formula, most new parents c do without. so it's very scary for a lot of folks out there.
10:47 am
lydia, thank you so much for the live report, appreciate it. john. >> john: three americans mysteriously died during a trip to the bahamas. officials say autopsies will be done today. what could have possibly happened to kill them. former miami-dade homicide detective pat diaz weighs in just ahead. >> anita: title 42 set to be lifted later this month. a move experts say will make the border crisis even worse. but a senior dhs official thinks it will have the opposite effect. what does brandon judd think about that? we are going to ask him coming up next. >> eliminating it, you think will decrease the amount of illegal immigration. >> you are going to see decrease. >> wow. three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs.
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10:51 am
>> anita: despite predictions of a massive migrant surge ahead after title 42 ends, a senior homeland security official is predicting the number of migrant encounters at the southern border will decrease once the public health order is lifted. >> so eliminating it then you think will decrease the amount of illegal immigration.
10:52 am
>> i think over, once we start reimposing significant immigration consequences through the use of expedited refl month, particularly for single adults and from mexico, you'll see it decrease. >> wow. wow. >> brandon judd is president of the national border patrol council. brandon, thank you so much for coming today. so, there you heard from the assistant secretary of homeland security for border and immigration, and last week his boss mayorkas said as many as 18,000 migrants could try to cross into the country after title 42 is lifted. so, who is right on this? >> well, anita, i know blas, i know him personally, and i can tell you he's wrong unless he has a super secret analysis he is absolutely incorrect.
10:53 am
look at everything we are projecting, between like you said 12 to 18,000 will cross illegally and then brings in political rhetoric, and the consequences will drive illegal immigration down. that's not true either. it still allows people to exploit the asylum loopholes. nothing he said of is of substance and he's counsel playing the issue. this is political rhetoric and nothing more than that. >> speaking of politics, there are lots of democrats breaking with president biden on lifting title 42, they are not buying the new theory, or appease voters. 39 members of the house, 13 senators. does this suggest that maybe there is more and more concern over what's happening at the border and maybe it's becoming a
10:54 am
bipartisan issue? >> there is a lot of concern what's going on. my home state of arizona where i patrol the border, we have two senators who are democrats, and they are running from the president. the issue is out of control. they recognize it's a crisis, they have been trying to get biden to admit to define the issue we are facing. then we can come up with solutions to the problem. the administration continues to refuse to use the word crisis. we have to look at what is necessary and the democrats, they are actually willing to look at and say this is a problem. now i do believe it's politics, i believe they know that it's because this issue could lose them their re-election bid, but regardless, at least they are stepping up to the plate and saying this administration is wrong. >> and quickly, brandon, with the crush of people coming in,
10:55 am
brings illegal drugs, fentanyl a major concern. >> image we have if we can bring it up, looks like a cute child's backpack, a 7 or 8-year-old girl would carry in the u.s. but it's filled with drugs. we are sympathetic, but clearly the kids are used as drug mules also. evidence is right there. >> it is, and we see that every day. we see how the cartels exploit vulnerable women and children. we see how policies allow these women and children to put themselves in the hands of the cartels, they know they are going to be rewarded after they cross illegally. we have to look at that and have to stop the loopholes and enforce the rule of law and that will protect people. >> anita: thank you for your thoughts, insightful as always. >> john: new at 2:00, stocks down again today big time as
10:56 am
warnings of a recession ramp up. and americans across the country are facing financial hurdles as the midterms loom. why is the white house down playing economic concerns? charlie joins us on that, and jonathan turley, dr. any -- no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit this is what real food looks like fresh real meat and veggies.
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11:01 am
lighter. food surprises skyrocket as the crisis hits baby formula. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into another hour. good to spend time with you again. >> anita: anita vogel in for sandra smith. white house says nothing to worry about, nothing to see here. >> john: the polls show the president underwater on most issues, including the economy. charlie hurt with more in moments. >> anita: gerre willis at the nasdaq. >> all three major averages at their lowest level in over a year. what is it that's pushing them down today, worries about growth, whether it's the lockdowns in china or inflation, or other worries about growth including the war in ukraine. leading the way in today's selloff, amazon down 4%. 33% for the year, a one-time
11:02 am
tech darling, and it's not the only one that's suffering. microsoft, alphabet, parent of amazon and apple, trading lower as well. and if you want to get a sense how broad the selloff is, take a look at the dow. it's being led lower by boeing here, the stock down 7%. even energy stocks that have done so well, those stocks are lower, too. chevron down 4.7%, financials hit, they had been benefitting from higher rates, not so much today. really there's nowhere for investors to hide today. and nothing shows that better and a survey of individual investors. 53% of them believe that the market is in a bear situation, meaning it's down 20% from the high, not technically true, 88 of the nation's biggest 100
11:03 am
mutual funds are negative by double digits. even the best performing, they are negative as well. so, lots of pain for individual investors, 401(k) not doing well, but i will end with one bright spot. consumer staple the, pepsico, molson, colgate, they are doing better. >> anita: thank you for the live report. john. >> john: fox news contributor charlie hurt. the president said the top priority is fighting inflation and lowering prices. but let's take a look a the where the average american is. inflation is out pacing wage growth by 3%, gas prices higher, interest rates on the rise, home prices now beginning to decline. this keeps going, where is this
11:04 am
all headed? >> i think it spell real trouble for democrats and i think the white house realizes that. and let's give kudos to the white house for resetting their priorities. the past year they have been insisting the economy is great, you remember back last, i think it was july 4th, jen psaki made this whole claim that people's, you know, 4th of july picnics were going to be so much cheap every and the worst thing about the white house reaction so far is the refusal to acknowledge there is a problem. and obviously you know, throughout the summer they were insisting that the inflation was -- i think they kept calling it transitory and it was temporary. most americans knew it was biting and biting hard. they saw it every time they went to the grocery store and we have talked about this before. after security personal security, nothing is more powerful during an election than when people feel like they are poorer than they were four years
11:05 am
ago. or who years ago or whatever. so i think going into november the white house is beginning to realize it's a real problem and hopefully not only start talking about it, but actually do things to try to mitigate the problems. >> john: might be remembering it incorrectly, but also described as a high class problem at some point but somebody at the white house? >> exactly. >> john: the worst, not only is it -- not only are you not acknowledging it's a real problem, but it's so insulting and so obnoxious to treat people like they are poor peasants if you don't want to pay $80 to fill up the gas tank. >> john: ron klain probably rues the day he said that. >> democrats are in a double
11:06 am
problem, i think republicans are set to take over the house, no problem. obviously the senate is a little bit more complicated, but i think that republicans will be successful over the next three years for the two years after the election to pin it on joe biden because joe biden, democrats will be in the white house will control the white house for the next three years, and so it's not going to end after 2022. it's going to continue, and as long as you have the white house, one of the things very interesting about inflation in particular, joe biden is 30 points underwater on economy and handling of inflation. and still talking about spending more money, and those numbers indicate that american people realize that all of this spending proposed by the white house is actually hurting the economy. >> john: hurting the economy but shoring up support with the left, they want him to keep spending money as long as he has the potential to spend money. 2010, midterm election after
11:07 am
dramatic economic upheaval. here is what happened to barack obama and the democrats. democratic losses that year, 63 seats in the house, six in the senate. charlie, the idea that it's going to be that bad this year as you said there might be some mitigating factors. and look ahead to the midterm elections and the framework of the 1992 election when clinton and gore made it all about the economy stupid, and even though the economy was coming back and bush 41 thought things are getting people, people's minds were made up, sentiments locked in. do you think we are at that point right now? >> i think without a doubt. and the electorate is so much more volatile today than it was in the previous elections. largely because of things like social media, really does kind of, it has the ability to switch people's votes on a dime, and makes everything a whole lot
11:08 am
more volatile. when i talk to election people that run elections and you know, democrats and republicans and who have done this for a long, long time, they tell me they have never seen an instability and a kind of wave building this big this early and the election that they most often refer to is the election after watergate. they believe that it is -- that it has potential to completely, you know, swamp a 1994 or even a 2010. >> john: democrats think they have a galvanizing issue with the leak out of the supreme court regarding abortion but interesting reuters article about arizona, interviewed 21 people, suburban people, mark kelly hoping for re-election in november, what's the more important issue to you. abortion or is it the economy? and here is what reuters wrote
11:09 am
about that. they quoted a woman named laura, 61 years old. it's the economy and jobs, wilson said. she said she was disappointed in biden because of high inflation and too many homeless people on the streets. that's a democratic voter and that's how she feels today. >> i think democrats in washington are so badly misreading this situation. exactly because of that, people do care more about the economy than anything else. but the other thing is yeah, you know, if you ask people, do they want roe v. wade overturned, majority of americans will say no. but do a poll and ask people do you want voters to decide what our abortion policy should be, it will be overwhelming in in favor of that. so i think democrats are misreading this issue. if they think they can ride it to victory in november i think that they are wrong. and the fact that they are
11:10 am
grasping to this issue only underscores the act they don't have an issue. they don't have anything else to run on. and that they are clinging to this out of desperation. >> john: it's a rallying point for committed democratic voters. the base certainly embraces this. but that great middle of america, it's the economy stupid, it really is. >> independents and even moderate democrats. >> john: i was not calling you stupid, i'm sorry, charlie. >> hey, i've been called worse. and hey, you know, stupid people need a voice, too. >> john: exactly. yes. i raise mine every day. charlie, great to see you. >> i've been standing up for that my entire life. >> john: so have i, in lock step. back to where we were in 1992 and some people are not getting the message. >> anita: and it's funny when you said remember the administration said it's a high
11:11 am
class problem, maybe it is for some, until it hits the new moms and baby formula, and then more real for most of american. >> john: maybe you are immune if you are elon musk and don't care about inflation, but -- people who live in the heartland of america, this is really biting hard. a quick example. i went to costco yesterday, and -- i could not believe the price of things compared to what they normally are. gone up even at costco. >> anita: you used to spend a lot of money there, and now even more. >> john: exactly, and coming away with less. >> anita: indeed. well, the new stories keep coming, update on blm and the mystery of how it spends its money as more and more questions mount and a co-founder for the first time attempting an answer. >> false and misinformation
11:12 am
especially around my own personal resources that i worked my ass off to attain. >> anita: wait until you hear how she explains away the $6 million mansion. >> john: it was supposed to be the best time of their lives. instead, it was the last. >> some very mysterious facts, arms and legs were swollen and they felt like they could move. they are saying it's a sudden death. >> john: an investigators take from a veteran detective who basically has the bahamas in his back yard. stay with us. >> anita: the chant those protestors are yelling outside a church, thank god for abortion. some activists turn to violence. jonathan turley says the targeting of supreme court justices signals the end of our society as we know it.
11:13 am
he'll tell us why straight ahead. >> we should never question if there is enough food to be able to feed babies. ever. >> john: but that is the reality for a lot of frustrated parents around the country. a triple threat of supply chain back-ups, recalls and inflation, adds up to being a parent even harder. dr. nicole saphier. to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have on hand,
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11:18 am
>> the whole world is watching,
11:19 am
the whole world is watching. >> john: demonstrators descending on churches and the private homes of supreme court justices after the white house refuses to tell them not to do it. jonathan turley says it's an ominous sign of the dark days that lie ahead for our nation. and fire at a pro life office in madison, wisconsin. treating it as arson, and set to give an update in the next hour. live in the midwest bureau. >> john as you mentioned police in madison, wisconsin are investigating this arson vandalism attack on a headquarters for an anti-abortion group in madison, wisconsin. initial appearance of this attack is that it was indeed motivated by the leak of the supreme court draft opinion on abortion rights. there is evidence at the scene of a failed molotov cocktail, a separate fire started. all of this happened before
11:20 am
6:00 a.m. on sunday morning. so no one at the headquarters, no one was injured, damage is not really extensive. graffiti reads if abortions aren't safe then you aren't either, and anarchist symbol, and 1312, meaning all cops are vulgar word goes there. the president of the wisconsin family action where the headquarters is blames left wing politicians who have tolerated violent and destructive protests and said for the left violence has become the answer for everything. >> we have a different view on a number of issues. the solution to that is not to blow up her office, or attempt to. >> republican wisconsin senator ron johnson tweeted the attack is abhorrent and should be condemned by all. the president has made clear through his time in public life that americans have the
11:21 am
fundamental right to express themselves under the constitution, whatever the point of view but peaceful and free of violence, vandalism or attempts to intimidate. condemnation is universal, including governor evers and planned parenthood as well. >> john: mike, thank you. >> anita: protestors descending on the homes of conservative justices. let's bring in jonathan turley, george washington university law professor and fox news contributor. good to see you. thanks for joining us again on this topic. you and i talked about it over the weekend and you know, you said this is a non-partisan issue in terms of the white house speaking out against demonstrations outside of justice's homes. you said they need to say plain and simple this is wrong. i can't imagine any member of the court is happy about what's happening. >> no, and nor should any
11:22 am
citizen be happy. look, it's a fine thing that the president came out and condemned firebombing of a pro life office. but there should be something short of that that is enough to warrant condemnation from this president. these justices were doxxed, opinion leaked. a line in our society something we can agree upon collectively we say enough, that it's wrong, and it has to start with the president of the you state. he's got to be a moral compass, and what is really chilling about all of this is the utter silence that has come from the white house. they said they don't have a policy on whether these protests and the doxxing behind it are wrong or they don't really have a position on condemning a leak that violated every ethical principle that governs the supreme court and the legal
11:23 am
profession. that's a void created by this white house and what can fill it is something we don't need. it's filled with violence, intolerance and intimidation. that happens when the president leaves avoid. we were just looking at the pictures of the protests going on outside the homes of justice bret kavanaugh and john roberts. next they say they are going to head to the home of samuel alito. obviously they want to put pressure on the justices but justice thomas said the supreme court with not be bullied and a tweet from jen psaki just this morning where she said the president strongly believes in constitutional rights to protest, but that should never include violence, threats or vandalism. judges perform an incredibly important function in our society and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety. but you are saying the white house needs to go farther than this. but let me just turn to another topic real quick. ask you about senate democrats,
11:24 am
they are poised to take a vote to codify roe versus wade but don't have theotes to do it. chuck schumer from just yesterday on this. >> every american will see how every senator stands. they can't duck it anymore. republicans have tried to duck it. >> anita: so they don't have the votes to pass this. just doing it for optics? what do you think? >> well, it will be for optics because they can't get anything more than the symbolic vote at this point. the filibuster rule is still in place, and that's going nowhere. and chuck schumer himself has much to answer for. he was the one that stood before the supreme court and called out justices kavanaugh and gorsuch by name and said they were going to be held accountable. it's that type of reckless rhetoric which is creating this dangerous situation. now, if congress passes that
11:25 am
national bill there will be constitutional challenges. it is possible that it could be upheld, but it will also be challenged. putting aside the legislation, abortion itself will not be made illegal. in most states abortion is protected, most americans live in those states and then it will go state by state basis to decide where to draw the line, whether to allow abortion, and that's going to make this a fight at 50 different states. but in terms of the democratic process that won't unfold unless congress can pass a type of federal legislation. >> anita: we'll see what happens later this week. the senate democrats want to take a vote on this, we'll be following it. jonathan turley, appreciate it. >> thanks, anita. >> john: we have been reporting throughout the show on the dire shortage of baby formula. ahead, advice for all new
11:26 am
parents from a doctor you can trust. our own dr. marcus welby. >> anita: and autopsies conducted on the american tourists who died in the bahamas with no explanation. and the very first thing an investigator would want do if he was on the case. up and up. home equity is, too. it's your turn to cash in with a cash out loan from newday usa. the newday 100 loan could get you an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. plus, this loan lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month. call newday right now. what happens when performance... meets power? you try crazy things... ...because you're crazy...
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thank you for being our hero. you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? >> after going through cancer and treatment we will all kinds of anxieties and concerns, however i never imagined that we wouldn't know if we could feed our baby. >> it's a real problem for moms and especially mothers like myself who have adopted our children. >> my 10-year-old daughter and i loaded up the car and hit all the grocery stores between here and chattanooga and north georgia, and to try and buy up as many cans as we could without buying it all. >> you shouldn't have to drive four hours round trip for
11:32 am
formula. >> parents more desperate by the day, infant formula shortage. dr. nicole saphier, tell parents what they need to do in the dire situations. let's put up, doc, the amount of, i mean, how much this out of stock with baby formula thing has accelerated. november of 2021, 11% of stores reported being out of formula. week of april 3rd, up to 31%. april 24th, 40% were out of stock. this is a crisis. >> undoubtedly, john. five months of age, only 15% of infants are exclusively breast fed, 85% of children are relying on some level of formula for their nutrition. and while the supply chain issues has certainly exacerbated the formula shortages, abbott
11:33 am
also had a voluntary recall earlier this year with the f.d.a. still pending looking at their factory. we need abbott manufacturing capacity to be up and running to get out this supply. but john, there are some alternatives. if you find you cannot get formula for your child, first thing you should do, you should always contact your obgyn, they will have formula, samples there. hospitals, formula food banks there may be supplies out there. pediatricians can offer great advice on some alternatives for children. children under the age of six months are exclusively breast fed or formula, those are the critical ones. but six months and old, when you introduce solid foods, there are some alternatives such as coconut water and pedialite for a couple of days, but not a
11:34 am
long-term solution and we need to make sure they get what they need. it's attempting for water and cow's milk but under 12 months it does not give them the iron and vitamin c and other things they need. >> some parents try to formulate their own formula, what do you say to those parents? >> listen, john, parents know their children better than anybody else. however, not everybody -- not everybody understands what infants need. not just mini adults, not like you can put in your dinner and a blender and feed it to the child. there are some things that could be toxic to them in quantities, why formula and baby food is heavily regulated. you want to make sure you are giving your child something that is safe and while most things will be ok, i can tell you that even small doses of a few things can be toxic to children, and
11:35 am
potentially lethal. >> all right, so make sure you stay in close touch with your pediatrician on all this. and another issue parents are concerned about, that is the number of cases of hepatitis among children worldwide. it was identified last week as some 320 countries around the world. likely grown from there. here in the united states, put this up on the screen, 109 cases, five deaths, 90% of the children were hospitalized. 14% had to receive a liver transplant, and this is an interesting statistic here, greater than 50% of them had an infection with an adenovirus. what do we know about this and how request i cannily it's spreading. >> interestingly, john, it means inflammation of the liver. it's most commonly caused by hepatitis viruses, a, b, c, d and e.
11:36 am
interestingly, all of these cases none were caused by one of those hepatitis viruses. what is causing that. half the children in the united states, which that number is about 109, half of them had adenovirus, most kids get, the stomach, you see them sniffling and a stomach bug, it's a very common virus. it's not, it's a nonreportable virus and doctors don't even test it. 50% of the children have tested positive for that, some cases internationally have also tested positive for that, so they are looking at that closely. one of the concerns with the sheltering in place and the keeping children out of social settings we dampened our immune systems, so it's possible they have an exacerbated or more severe response to the common viruses because of that. and also able to exclude sars co-two, it does not seem to be responsible for the majority of
11:37 am
cases and the average age of children getting this is about two, so there have been some fears it's caused by the covid vaccine but the overwhelming majority of children diagnosed with this pediatric hepatitis are too young to have been vaccinated. >> john: in the u.k., a significant cluster, public health officials are examining a possible connection with dogs. >> the best thing, john, keep your kids healthy, active, good diet, exercise, and take them to their pediatrician if they are not feeling with. >> john: doc, great to see you. where did all the money go? one of the founders of black lives matter speaks out. >> anita: and dream vacation horribly wrong. three americans found dead at a five star resort. investigators are racing to figure out what killed them. ♪♪
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unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. >> anita: welcome back. well, we have certainly done a lot of reporting on the millions of dollars donors gave to black lives matter to learn many of the dollars are unaccounted for. group paid $6 million for a
11:43 am
swanky mansion, and tried to keep the purchase under wraps. now with all the questions piling up for the first time the co-founder of blm is attempting to give an answer. william is on the case live in los angeles with more. hi, william. >> let's start with the house, bought off the books, not in the name of blm but a shell company in delaware. under i.r.s. rules it's illegal for the non-profit to convert public assets to private use. patrice colors will previously claimed blm only used the house for foundation business. now she admits using it to host a birthday party for her son and another to celebrate joe biden's election. colors also now admits using foundation money to hire family members to run the house, she says it's not corrupt. >> i think it's that people understand while my brother is the head of security and my mom and sister did work at the
11:44 am
property, there are also dozens of other people who work in the organization. >> colors said she received 120 grand in consulting fees from blm but denies using any foundation money to buy four homes for herself. >> i have never used black lives matter donations to pay for any of the properties that i owned in the past or own right now. >> that was not the critics point, rather it was hypocrisy. she is a self-avowed marxist, claiming white supremacy denied her of the opportunity. she denies they used the 90 million raised, although there are no publicly filed records to back that up, despite demands by state attorney generals. >> we are not seeing how the money that was given to them was
11:45 am
spent on anything that relates to their mission. we only see that the directors of that organization bought million dollar mansions. >> california briefly suspended the blm fundraising for failing to file financial reports. they claim an independent audit will show they did nothing improper. back to you. >> anita: we will wait and see that report. thank you. >> john: michael goodwin, new york post columnist and fox news contributor. patrice colors gave the interviewed to the associated press, a part she denies any wrongdoing in terms of handling of the finances of blm. >> the idea that black lives matter global network foundation received millions of dollars and that i hid those dollars in my bank account is absolutely false, it's a false narrative. >> john: but is the issue of
11:46 am
millions in real estate, including back in 2020, $6 million on this historic mansion, which only a week before had been purchased by another buyer for 3.1 million. why the price suddenly went up that much and what might, if anything, have happened to the differential. >> you are right, john. i think all of the questions about the finances are quite revealing just when you ask them that way and you look at them. there is a toronto mansion almost 6 million, $6 million house in l.a. and then four other houses for a total of all together about $15 million, rough numbers. so, that's a lot of money in real estate in a fairly short period of time and i think it's also contrasting we don't know where other things, other groups given the money. this is $90 million, presumably
11:47 am
given to be used to help black citizens, black business owners across the country in the wake of the riots. but black businesses were burned down in some of those riots, we have never heard about black lives matter the foundation giving money to any of those business owners to rebuild. so it is pretty shocking. there's so much money, most corporate donations, that sort of just disappeared and all we have to show for it so far is these real estate purchases that benefit nobody except the former leader and her wife who apparently also bought the one in canada. so it is perplexing and i think it is a cautionary tale about these corporate companies that gave so much money without any kind of accountability. >> john: it is kind of intriguing as why so much money was spent on real estate as opposed to helping people who really needed help. what do you make of the idea
11:48 am
colors did acknowledge she used the $6 million property at least twice for personal reasons. >> look, i think that's probably incidental to the real issue behind why was the property purchased in the first place. they said it was going to be used for black lives matter functions but also admitted she had her brother and brother and other family members on the payroll of running it. she was -- she was supposedly unpaid as executive director, now we find out there's $120,000 consultant fee. look, just a lot of money and no accountability. the financial statements apparently have not beenn severi think there's a lot more we don't know that is going to reveal that none of this money or very little of it was spent for the purposes that were -- it was solicited for. >> john: and of course we saw that new famous public statement
11:49 am
in which she said she gets triggered by i.r.s. reporting requirements for charities. well, we'll keep watching and see where it goes. great to see you, thanks for coming on, appreciate it. >> thank you, john. >> anita: autopsies completed today on three american tourists found dead at a five star resort in the bahamas. one of the victims, a man in his 60s who was on vacation with his wife, celebrating their wedding anniversary. let's bring in pat diaz, former homicide detective for the miami-dade police department. pat, good to see you today. so. >> good afternoon, anita. >> anita: you, too. this is very scary. lots of people go to the bahamas, it's not some remote island and the sandals resort is a five-star resort, a resort everyone knows. >> exactly. and in this case here, we have to remember the police are very
11:50 am
capable of handling a case like this, they are trained out of scotland yard. the issue that makes it more difficult, these situations, if it's a poisoning from let's say propane or any other substance, it makes it a little difficult so, to autopsy at this point will be the most important key to finding out what happened. >> anita: and they are being completed today. to recap, three americans have died, a fourth airlifted to a hospital. reports indicate they all showed some signs of convulsion, some think they may have inhaled freon from a faulty leaky air-conditioner, they are ruling out foul play, though. i want to go to a piece of sound from the bahamas health minister and his take on this. let's listen. >> it all started the day before yesterday where there were some signs of individuals presenting to the clinic with nausea and
11:51 am
vomiting and the doctor found three individuals at one of the properties here in exuma, and pronounced dead at the site. >> anita: very few clues so far as to exactly what happened. they are ruling out foul play. what does your gut tell you? >> clearly this is an incident that possibly is going to be from a gas leak, freon does not usually cause this type of simms to. maybe a gas leak that came from the main line, so the best thing they did was to close off these units and seal it until an autopsy is done to find out exactly. once the autopsy is done you'll be able to tell from looking at the lungs and other parts of the body what type of substance this was and give a better idea what we are looking at, and that's why they said this wasn't any suspicious play. remember, we also have another victim in miami, so her
11:52 am
condition is going to tell you a lot of possibly what happened in those units. >> anita: hopefully she'll be able to make a quick recovery. we'll be following that. pat diaz, thank you for your thoughts. appreciate it. >> john: the far left took a hit in the latest primaries but don't expect the squad to take a back seat to anybody. next, introduce you to the candidate being built as the next a.o.c. m? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do?
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>> john: the frontrunner for a house seat in up with of the biggest battleground states has the backing of the biggest far left. baseon her background, the candidate is viewed as an aoc in the making. mike emanuel has got more on this. mike? >> good afternoon. this candidate for the house has the strong backing of senator bernie sanders and elizabeth
11:58 am
warren and reminds many of alexandria ocasio-cortez. summer lee is running to replace mike doyle. she has openly backed social policies such as redistribution of wealth and abolishing prisons. lee tweeted instead of thanking black women, black voter and her black organizers give us the investments we need and deserve and redistribution wealth, abolish the carceral state and reparations. summer lee is 34. she was first elected in 2018 after serving as an organizer activist and advocate for social just tis. she defeated a long-time incumbent in that race. part of what draws a comparison to aoc. alexandria ocasio-cortez is 32 years old. she defeated a ten-term
11:59 am
incumbent. they support scrapping the filibuster in the senate and healthcare for all. she says adding more justices to neutralize the conservative majority. >> john: thanks, mike. we'll watch that as it's primary season now. arkansas started early voting today. thanks so much. anita, let's take a look at the dow. we were talking about the economy and inflation being a huge driver. the dow is down about 418 points. not as bad as it was friday. it's about a 1% drop. it's the nasdaq that is in real trouble. down 3.5% as well. tech stocks not faring so well. >> we're talking about the biggies, right? amazon, apple, facebook. all of the stocks down across the board. so, you know, unusual scary times for those stocks.
12:00 pm
>> john: thank got i don't own amazon stock. thank god i didn't invest in 1999. >> we're all kicking ourselves. imagine where we would be if we had known back then? back then it was a book store, right? great to spend time with you today. thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts. i'll see you tomorrow. >> i'm anita vogel. "the story" starts with martha maccallum right now. >> breaking right now on "the story," we're about to get the latest on the investigation in wisconsin. we'll hear a news conference. you can see the live short. an arson attack over the weekend on a pro life group's office. this message was ominously scrolled on the wall there. if abortions are not safe, you aren't either. scott walker is here exclusively in moments after days


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