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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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national hero and has an army of loyal fans. makes me want to say animals are great. [laughter] >> dana: animals are so great. again, thank you to all our viewers, too, who put up with me and greg. >> harold: happy birthday. >> dana: 11 years now. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> bret: dana, happy birthday. great day. i'm on gutfeld and jess is back. >> dana: perfect. >> bret: okay. thanks. >> dana: thank you. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. we are in new york city tonight, world headquarters for fox news channel. in just a few minutes i will speak with former defense secretary mark he is officer about the war in ukraine and his new book sacred oath, memoirs of a secretary of defense during extraordinary times. but we start tonight with the day's headlines. >> bret: there have no arrest in the weekend fire and vandalism of prominent wisconsin
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pro-lobbying group. president biden had strongly condemned the attack which combings as pro-choice demonstrators protest outside the homes of some u.s. supreme court justices. border patrol agents tell fox news they have encountered 1500 migrants along the southern border. in just the past two days. they say five 6 them are registered sex offenders. a bit later we will look at the toll being taken by human and drug smuggling in one area. we will also look at the efforts to find $100 billion stolen by scammers from the covid relief loan fund. we are told hundreds of people have been arrested and more suspects are in the pipeline. foxconn firms democratic appropriators are making a new offer on the ukraine aid package. the new overall figure is $39.8 billion. this is on top of the 33 billion president biden initially requested. the additional funding provides 4.4 billion for food and similar amount for military equipment. stocks continued to plummet
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today, the dow lost 654. the s&p 5132. the nasdaq dropped 5 # 1 today. the economic malaise continues to play out on wall street and main street. tonight fueled by worries over inflation. what the country is or is not doing to control it fox business correspondent lauren simonetti joins us tonight with the latest. good to see you, lauren. >> unfortunately the news is not good. wall street five week sell off entered week number 6. the market is screaming red as technical and psychological bearers were tested today. all three major averages falling to lowest levels in more than a year. the dow lost 2%. the s&p fell below that key 4,000 my stone. the tech heavy nasdaq child taking iton the chin fellow 12,. china's exports fell in the most in almost two years as it pursue
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as zero covid policy. companies are concerned that could exacerbates the supply chain crisis adding to inflationary pressures. add that to the inflation already being seen and felt at home, it's clear markets are not optimistic the federal reserve can engineer what we call a soft landing. curbing enough to inflation. the fed raised rates by half a percentage points. some believe that is not enough. that's why some believe markets have taken matters into their own hands. >> if the fed doesn't do it. then the markets is going to do it. get to a place where valuations are going to reflect where investors think it should be. oil taking a dive down to. the eu could soften sanctions on some russian oil. both aspects would free up
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supply. despite all of that gas prices jumped again to 4.335-gallon. just a fraction of a penny shy of the all-time record back in march. so what comes next for markets in this topsy-turvy week? all eyes on wednesday. that's when you get the new consumer price data. expectations are the april numbers will show inflation slowing just a bit but still above #%. bret? >> bret: pretty amazing, lauren, thank you. >> russia is celebrating victory today triumph over germany. >> world war ii. russian president vladimir putin drawing parallels between that struggle and his country's efforts in ukraine. putin did not announce an escalation in the conflicted as many feared he might do correspondent trey yingst is in kyiv again tonight. >> russian tanks and armored vehicles rolled down the streets of moscow on victory day. germany surrendered on world war
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ii. russian president putin spoke about his war on ukraine. >> you are fighting for the homeland, for its future so that no one forgets the lessons of world war ii so that there is no place in the world for cushioners, nazis. >> while the russian leader didn't make any announcements about broader military mobilization as some expected he did falsely accuse the ukrainians as being nazis and planning to build nuclear weapons. poland held events victory today warsaw russia's ambassador to poland was doused in red paint by antiwar protesters. [chanting? >> [. >> ahead of the annual celebrations ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy addressed the russian invasion. >> russia has forgotten everything that was important to the world war ii. ukraine and the whole free world will remind them no one will forget. >> his remarks come as ukrainian forces successfully push back on
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russian advance around the city of kharkiv and what is believed russian troops in this area could retreat over the border within days. in the south, russian troops continue to ensurgeon the steel plant where an estimated 2,000 ukrainian troops are hold up under ground. confirm over the weekend all had been evacuated from the plant after being trapped for weeks through humanitarian corridors organized by the united nations. spokesman for ukraine's ministry of defense says his troops are still defending the facility. >> the mariupol direction the enemy continues to blockade our troops near the plant and with the help of are a till ler artillery fire andassault. >> target the city of odesa with missiles as their attempts to take more of southern ukraine continue. bret? >> bret: thanks, trey.
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joining us now to talk about the situation in ukraine and his book is former defense secretary mark he is officer. -- esper.memoirs of secretary e during extraordinary times. mr. secretary, thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> bret: let me start with ukraine. just hearing today about this victory parade in russia and putin's plans. how do you see this -- how do you see it ending? >> well, clearly it started a strategic failure, which is what i have been saying publicly. he has managed to have more nato troops move into nato countries. unified ukraine and the west. where tends up after this point after the first phase clearly felt he will try to consolidate gains in the donbas. extend footprint in donetsk and luhansk. try to link up? i don't know. i don't think he can do that right now he doesn't seem to be con consolidating his gains.
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>> bret: did you ever worry about russia launching a full scale during your time. >> not like this. not here with seeing today. obviously he had already done this in 2014 and seized part of the donbas. we were always making sure what he was doing there and in syria and other places but not on this type of scale. >> bret: former president trump says it's about weakness. >> putin saw this incredible weakness and that's when he decided to invade ukraine. he didn't look at ukraine when i was there. he would never have done it would have never ever happened 100 percent. i spoke with putin about it a lot i told him what would happen if it did. >> bret: do you buy that. >> i think putin did sense weakness given our withdraw from afghanistan which was abysmal. and change of the guard in germany with angela merkel leaving things fell into place
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putin thought if he didn't act now he would miss this opportunity to do so. >> bret: democratic senator jon testner a hearing the other day. >> to say that putin invaded ukraine because of the pullout in afghanistan is the most bizarre thing i ever heard. this is absolutely ridiculous? >> bret: which is tnchts i don't think he pulled out because of afghanistan. i think that he might have sensed some weakness there. that there was a lack of resolve by president biden to really stand firm with our allies in afghanistan and alongside our nato allies in nato. so there may have been something along those lines. but you can't point to one thing. i think there were probably a series of things happening that putin thought it was time to act. >> bret: county pentagon be getting aid there quicker? >> probably. i don't know what's going on on the inside. i think that the performance by the administration has been mixed. it was two slow early on and not sufficient. i don't know why we ever took the military option off the table. i don't know why the president said what he said about minor
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incursions and i think we should have moved forward with providing ukrainians with the migs. at this point in time they are in a better position. the west is in a better position vis-a-vis putin. >> do you think that the russian military a paper tiger? we are not seeing a lot of success out of russia. >> i wouldn't say paper tiger. clearly they have a strategic capability that there has been some talk about. but they did not live up to the expectations we thought they would be able to perform on the battlefield. >> bret: are you concerned about whether our defense industrial base is ready for war? there are some people in washington who say we are just not producing weapons anymore. taiwan is -- $14 billion backlog in the weapons we said we would get them three years ago. can we handle all of this first of all defense budget is not sufficient: what we are seeing now is inadequate. that said i work in the defense industry, and industry prime for efficiency not surgeons in terms
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of producing javelin missiles and stinger anti-aircraft missiles it takes time to build these things. we have to anticipate and surge when it comes to production. that takes some time. >> bret: why did you write this book? >> i wrote this book for a few reasons. first and foremost for history for the american people to understand what was a very consequential and tumultuous time in history to learn from it, to learn from things, times when i succeeded, sometimes i made mistakes and from how we kind of made advances with regard to manorrizing our military or operation warp speed which brought us the vaccine and to talk about the challenges i faced as a cabinet member. >> bret: but, you have many times in this book where you have issues with president trump something is he doing or saying, serious concerns you write about in this book. why didn't you quit? >> because i thought that quitting would result in my immediate dismissal, which would be a fair thing for the president to do and i would not
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be there to help shape policy in a favorable direction, to help push back against the bad ideas. and, oh, by the way, to help advance the good ideas that we had achieved in the administration, right? warp speed, the standing up of space force. putting additional assets in the cyber command. there are a number of accomplish. s we made as well. >> bret: but you say in page 1, can't you just shoot them. just shoot them in the legs or something, saying the president had asked you for the u.s. military to shoot americans in the streets of the nation's capitol. >> right. >> bret: you said it was surreal. >> right. >> bret: here whawps said in your confirmation hearing. >> you know my time in the army i grew up with this view that if anything -- if you are asked to do anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical, then that would be the point at which you would have to consider resignation. >> would you be willing to do that. >> absolutely. >> bret: there are points in this book where you clearly write that you had crossed that rubicon and, yet, you don't resign. >> i never crossed that rubicon.
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i never said i would never do anything illegal, immoral or unethical. >> bret: you clearly suggest you were being asked. >> to it was being suggested by the president and we successfully pointed back on that attorney general mar, milley and myself walked him back from that notion. >> bret: jen mattis had problems, too. he resigned, others have resigned. you felt it was better for you to be in place and save this criticism for this book. >> i thought my duty was to the country and it is and remains. i thought it was better stays in the job and advance good things for the nation rather than resigning. i could have resigned on the spot it would have saved me a lot of grief and a lot of headache. i thought that would be putting myself before the country and not the other way around. >> bret: do you think donald trump was a threat to democracy? >> i think that given the events of january 6th.
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undermine the stirred them in the morning and failed to call them off. it threat toe democracy. >> bret: answer is yes? >> what else can you conclude? >> bret: do you think he will run for president again. >> i don't know. i hope he doesn't. i hope the republican base can figure out while president trump pushed a lot of traditional republican ideas, right? smaller government, less taxes, a stronger military, border security that there are other candidates out there that could run that could do it without dividing the beam, without creating such tension within the country and do it by growing the base as welling. i think there are candidates out there that can do that. >> bret: what do you think looking back you would have done differently? >> um, you know, i was blessed with a great team, first of all, at the pentagon from the senior uniform leadership to the senior civilian leadership. and i think, you know, we made a lot of good progress in terms of advancing the national defense strategy and making headway on operation warp speed which
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delivered two vaccines on time and so i think there are a lot of accomplish thements i want to celebrate. i made my share of personal mistakes if you will whether it was the walk across lafayette park. things like that. you take the good with the bad. i know in my heart i was serving my country once again as i did as an 18-year-old kid out of west point and again i think we accomplished a lot at the same time. >> bret: the country is divided. do you see a way to get the country back together? do you think your book helps in that. >> i think the greatest threat we face as a country is the extreme partisanship coming. across the aisle. it's going to be hard to take on the chinese and burgeoning debt and address all these other issues. i'm trying to give insight into one person's perspective on what i think was a very tumultuous and cobs sequential administration. i think there are a number of
3:16 pm
republicans out there that can become the next president in 2024, republicans who will not just advance a traditional republican agenda of lower taxes and a stronger military and border security and things like that but can do so in a way that not only grows the republican base, but can bring the country together. that's what we need. >> bret: is your old classmate from west point mike pompeo one of them? >> mike could be. we have to see whether mike is going to run and what positions he will take. will he chart a path different from donald trump. >> bret: thank you for your time. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: we will have part two of this interview tomorrow. more "special report" after the break. do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper.
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they provide the potential for regular income...are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217 ♪ >> bret: breaking tonight an escaped alabama inmate and corrections officer who helped them break free are no longer on the run. they have been apprehended in evansville, indiana. u.s. marshal service confirms casey white is in custody. vicki white was taken to the local hospital with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. this comes after the two were spotted leaving a hotel in a vehicle pursuit followed that here is officials moments ago. the u.s. marshals were in pursuit of a black ford pickup f
3:22 pm
ford 150 and casey white was driving that vehicle. vicki white was a passenger. during the pursuit the pickup truck wrecked. casey white surrendered. vicki white has been transport to the hospital for treatment. >> bret: no relation casey white, vicki white but that hunt is over. meantime, there are greying concerns tonight about the shortage of baby formula in the u.s. cvs and walgreen's tells fox news they are limiting customers to baby formula products per purchase now. some people warn the rationing of displays could lead to safety concerns if parents result to -- resort to alternatives to replacing the essential need. the shortage grown out of supply chain issues and recent recall of some baby formula by a prominent manufacturer. white house press secretary jen psaki told reporter today the fda is working with manufacturers to increase and streamline their supplies.
3:23 pm
pro-choice activists are making a major pushback against the leaked u.s. supreme court draft laying out the possible overturning of the roe v. wade decision. president biden is condemning an arson attack on a wisconsin pro-life group and there is also strong reaction to demonstrations outside the homes of the some of the conservative justices correspondent alexandria hoff has the latest from the white house. >> we are certainly not suggesting anyone break any laws. >> a day after a molotov cocktail was thrown into a pro-life organization's office in wisconsin, the white house issued a statement saying that the president supports freedom of expression but, quote: that expression must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism or attempts to intimidate. authorities are investigating the sunday morning attack on the office of wisconsin family action. madison police have yet to name a suspect but have acknowledged that the suspect's anti-abortion stance is what made them a target. >> hate or violence do not advance any cause. >> increased concern has been
3:24 pm
raised for supreme court justices following the leak of justice alito's draft opinion which could overturn roe v. wade. a protest at his northern virginia home is planned for this evening. >> does the president plan to condemn the leak of the supreme court draft opinion or the doxxing of the justices now that we have seen violence unfold? >> well, i would say that we have been clear -- and the president's position has long been that we should not see protests that takes the form of violence, that takes the form of vandalism. and that threatens anyone. that has long been his position for his entire career and continues to be his position. >> psaki added that the justices have not been victimized by violence at this point. in a letter sent to colleagues today, house speaker nancy pelosi lauded the protests writing, quote: we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action. last week senators john cornyn and chris coons introduce bipartisan legislation to increase protection for supremee court justices and their
3:25 pm
families by expanding security around the clock. >> there have ban few snags getting this bill through as quickly as planned there is a federal law that prohibits picketing outside of the home of somebody who is involved in a court case if the aim is to influence the outcome of that court case. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. up next, new information about where your money really went when it was supposed to be helping families hurt by job losses during the pandemic. first, here is what some of our fox afigure yats around the country are covering tonight. firefighters in the rockie foothills battle the largest fire in the country right now. it's burned about 300 homes that blaze has taken hold in rugged areas difficult for firefighters to reach. wfxt in boston with the sexual misconduct trial of celebrity chef mario. the woman accuses him of kissing and groping her while taking a selfie testified today. he says the assault never happened and that the accuser
3:26 pm
has a financial incentive to lie. this is a live look at louisville from wdrb. one of the big stories there tonight reaction to saturday's massive upset at the kentucky derby. 80 to 1 shot rich strike stunned the experts with that victory. rich strike's victory is the second biggest long shot to win the first leg of horse racing triple crown and the greatest odds upset since 1913. his owner and trainer tell "fox & friends" they did not think their horse would even be in the race until her entrant was scratched before the deadline. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: attorney for dave chairman says the median wants george gascon to bring felony charges against the man who allegedly attacked him on stage. did he attack him. gabriel coldwell tells the "new york post" the refusal to prosecute as a felony is a travesty of justice. lee is due back in court on may 20th. is he pleading not guilty. tonight we have disturbing news about how your tax dollars have been spent and misspent on the program designed to help out people in need during the pandemic. correspondent david spunt has a report from the justice department. >> more than two years into the pandemic, multiple oversight officials estimate that fraudsters stole at least $100 billion in covid relief loan funding meant to help small businesses survive. >> i think people made a conscious decision we are going to get the money out. if there is fraud you are going to chase it later.
3:33 pm
that's not an acceptable model. >> fox news sat down with michael horowitz, chair of the pandemic response accountability committee. a group made of inspectors general overseeing covid relief fund. >> the treasury department has a do not pay system. turned out 57,000 loans were paid out in those first few weeks to individuals who on the do not pay list. >> that list includes known fraudsters. authorities have arrested hundreds and fox news is told more are in the pipeline. accord tog court documents richard and his wife marietta adopted fake i'd tis and secured at least $18 million in paycheck protection program loans. both on the run, richard was sentenced to 17 years his wife six. >> he selfishly took it literally out of the mouths of babes. >> nancy owns a small business that helps feed infants with medical issues. she was denied covid relief-relate the loans multiple
3:34 pm
times and blames fraudster force taking advantage of the system. >> took it out of my patients' mouths. my pocket, my employees. and that's not okay. >> michael horowitz says his oversight committee is expected to be funded through september 2025. but may be extended if the case load before him increases. bret? >> bret: david spunt at the justice department. david, thanks. let's bring in senior political analyst brit hume. good evening, brit. >> hi, bret. >> bret: your thoughts about this? >> brit: well, i think to a great extent this was inevitable. remember, the government almost overnight locked down a huge slice, indeed most of the u.s. economy, overnight. millions of people. tens of millions of people lost their jobs and many left without any way to keep going. so the government and congress are trying to do is to get money into people's hands, urgently. as the fast as they could so the
3:35 pm
normal safeguards that you would put in place or to use to try to prevent fraud and provide -- prevent the money from being use in the wrong way really were set aside. and the money was basically dropped out of airplanes and the fact that they are estimating, what 100 billion in fraud. i wouldn't be surprised if that number went higher it all is traceable back to the decision to lock down the economy. which i think in retrospect the collateral damage from which was so severe in all sorts of ways. this is just yet another example of it that i think i feel like i was on the right track when i said it was the worst public policy decision of my lifetime. >> bret: you have said that for a long time as this has unfolded. now, up on capitol hill, there is this push for more covid funding and reticence from republicans and democrats to say
3:36 pm
wait, let's see where everything went. >> that's right. the spending level was so staggering. that i think it's fair to say that the inflation that we are experiencing was to a great extent a result of that spending. and it's not surprising to me that there is a limited happen tied tight for more of it. certainly among republicans but even some democrats as well. i think it was -- inflation was a consequence of it i think most people can see that and i guess the president is coming out tomorrow and start talking about inflation. blaming republicans but i think he is at a stage now where republicans for the plans they have are not -- the plans they do have and for the plans they don't have, i suspect he is in a state now where what he needs on inflation is better results and that political rhetoric. >> bret: to that point in the president's schedule, brit, and have you seen these schedules and covered the white house as did i. they put in what the president is doing. they said on the week ahead, the
3:37 pm
president will deliver remarks on his plan to fight inflation and lower costs for working families and contrast his approach with congressional republicans ultra maga plan to raise taxes on 745 million american families and threaten to sun set programs like social security, medicare and medicaid. i mean, this is in the schedules, brit. and you know "the washington post" called that three pinocchios as far as attacking the republicans' plan like that. kind of interesting they are phrasing it that way. >> brit: yeah, it's an attempt to try to score some points. republicans are having a field day with him on inflation and other economic issues. and even though unemployment is strikingly low, jobs are being created, people are back to work. jobs are going begging, in fact, the people's opinions on the condition of the economy are very dark. and i think that's a consequence of inflation. and i'm not sure that you know, attacking the republicans for
3:38 pm
plans that that the white house is claiming. he needs better results. >> bret: brit, thank you. >> brit: thank you, bret. >> bret: border suffering effects from the illegal immigration crisis. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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>> bret: a haitian citizen has been extradited to the u.s. to face criminal charges haitian president. joseph joel john is the third individual to be arrested and charged in the u.s. related to that plot. he was killed during an attack on private residence last july. tonight here in the u.s. we take to a rural texas area that is enduring the ravages of human and drug smuggling as the border crisis intensifies. correspondent nate foye is in texas. new video show smuggling attempts in the dell rio sector. small towns and communities along the southern border. migrants pour out of this truck just two weeks before title 42 is set to end.
3:44 pm
it's a situation local authorities are struggling to contain even now. >> we see an uprise in human smuggling cases. now over 300 cases for 2022 with the same exact man pure. >> from tunnels like this. >> this is where they stay overnight. they will hides down here. >> they are down here all day and they get picked up and put in the back of a trunk. >> into trailers, new pictures show 203 migrants busted by the texas department of public safety. [siren] >> smugglers tearing through small communities putting the innocent people who live there in danger. >> it's horrible. it's horrible now how the chases start and all of the sudden somebody gets killed or somebody gets hurt. or our children could get hurt. >> we have seen a risk to our citizens' lives because the pursuits that are occurring within the community and we have
3:45 pm
seen uprise in the use of narcotic drugs such as methamphetamines and heroin. >> ranch owners are forced to pay out-of-pocket for damage during chases. >> a lot of these ranchers are getting their fences torn down and there isn't much we can do about it we are a small department. it's kind of difficult to catch everybody. >> bret, we are just learning tonight a teenager accused of smuggling five migrants was shot at 1:30 this morning during a chase with kenny county deputies and texas dps that teenager is in a san antonio hospital, the texas rangers are investigating. >> samples from three who died under mysterious circumstances. the couples had been staying in two separate villas. toxicology results are expected in about a week. up next, the panel has reaction to my interview with former
3:46 pm
defense secretary mark esper, part one and thoughts about violence from pro-choice activists. first, beyond our borders tonight, authorities in shanghai tighten antivirus restrictions just as the chinese city was emerging from a month of strict lockdowns due to the covid-19 outbreak. residents in several districts are being ordered again to stay home and are barred from receiving nonessential deliveries. northern ireland's largest unionist party refuses to return to a power sharing government following its loss in local elections. the democratic unionist party says it will not do so until its demands over post brexit customs arrangements are met. and a sherpa guide scales mount mounteverest. he breaks the record for the most time. he led a group of climbers faced ropes along the. so hundreds of others could make their way to the top of the
3:47 pm
mountain later this month. just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent,
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3:52 pm
illegal, immoral or unethical. >> bret: you clearly suggest you were asked to. >> we were asked but we successfully pushed back on that attorney general barr, general milley and myself. >> bret: esper talking about president trump his time his time in the administration saying he hopes president trump does not run for re-election. let's bring in our panel. ben domenech, editor of the host of the ben domenech podcast. olivia beavers professional reporter for politico and josh krauthammer hour is the politics editor for national journal. josh, what did you make of that. obviously, there were a lot of -- part 2 of the interview tomorrow and gets into some of the more specifics about some of the different operations that he oversaw but listening to the former defense secretary talk about his time and talk about this book is interesting. >> yeah. i mean, esper is one of many former trump officials who have
3:53 pm
made the argument that they were themselves indispensable for saving american democracy. clearly there are a lot of other folks of like mind serving in the administration but the tension between sticking around as secretary of defense and, you know, there was a contradiction there that you pointed out, bret. i thought his answer was quite interesting. the biggest political worry a lot of republicans have if trump runs for president again is that he won't have those establishment oriented figures serving with him. that there won't be espers, there won't be jim mattiss around him. and that's probably the biggest concern among traditional republicans and why you are seeing so many of his former advisers going public with these concerns. >> bret: ben, obviously trump supporters would say good. >> absolutely they would say good. i mean, they would look at someone be like secretary esper as a problem. look, this is the latest in a long series of washington books
3:54 pm
stretching back for centuries titled effectively if only they had listened to me. it's interesting to see esper going around and doing these interviews and talking about this today. i actually have a lot of questions about the policy side of things which i'm looking forward to seeing you ask him about in the second part tomorrow because when you drive down into specifics. i'm not sure that he is officer thinks he is dinging things trump over are effective as he believes them to be. in fact, i think you could see situations where the president had the right of the perspective and that esper should not have been standing in the way as he was. yet again though, this is an example of how the trump administration was basically eaten by the swamp, devoured by the people who came in and served him, perhaps operating under the idea that they would undermine him at every turn when he did something that they did not like. >> bret: we do get into some of those specifics in the interview tomorrow. this is, olivia, the second cabinet member who has come out
3:55 pm
with a book and asked specifically whether he wanted the former president to run again said no. take a listen. >> i hope he doesn't. i hope that the republican base can figure out that while president trump pushed a lot of traditional republican ideas, right, smaller government, less taxes, a stronger military, border security, all those things that there are other candidates out there that could run that could do it without dividing the people. >> the make america great again movement has to mature. i don't think he should be our nominee and i will certainly not support him in the primary process. >> bret: and, olivia, you cover capitol hill. obviously there is a lot of public talk about support for the former president but privately are they more aligned, the republican caucus with those sentiments or with the trump supporter side? >> yes, bret, i have talked to republicans about this asking
3:56 pm
what they think. the answer that i usually get is they are interested in governor desantis running. they said while they really liked donald trump's policies, he created a lot of headaches from his tendency to shoot from the hip. that's the things that donald theyliked from donald trump and tweets when they were least expecting it differed from where the party platform had been caused severe headaches for them and not to mention the various scandals. so talking to some of the republicans who are out there saying we support donald trump, we would love for him to run again, they have a different story that they are telling me more privately and, you know, whether or not they are going to support him if he runnings again, that remains to be seen. >> bret: that's right. we have a little time. obviously the primary process will tell us a lot about his support across the country. meantime there is this debate over acceptable forms of protest as you have some pro-choice activists choosing to protest in front of conservative justices'
3:57 pm
homes. take a listen to some of them. >> >> we have free speech, i think as long as people are safe, that the american people have the right to protest how they want. >> there has to be some line in our society that remains in violate. something we can agree upon collectively. where we say enough, it's wrong. and it has to start with the president of the united states. >> bret: josh, it took a couple days for jen psaki to send out a tweet saying, you know, obviously not for violence but for free speech. >> yeah, bret. the extremes are winning out, i think, on both sides. the fact that it took this violence in wisconsin and then it took a day or two for the president, the president's press secretary to criticize acts of violence. that was pretty striking it shows they have a very loud and growing, extreme base that they are pandering to. and it's a worry, i think, for
3:58 pm
democrats who think they may have the winning hand on this issue but are worried about the activists speaking up and being out of the mainstream. on the republican side. you have, i think you have a public that's center right on abortion rights # they support regulations and they support exception for rape and incest. now getting pressure from the republicans in congress. mitch mcconnell didn't rule out the possibility of an abortion ban. so the extremes on both sides that both parties are having to deal with. >> wouldn't use 60 votes to have to get through the votes it was to happen. kind of speculating. obviously this reaction, ben, comes after molotov cocktails being thrown to a pro-life organization in wisconsin #
3:59 pm
people might be surprised to see how quickly those states come to a conclusion. 37 states have republican or democrat documentation in all three branches. i think that means this will be internal party discussion that reaches a quick conclusion in minnesota states. >> bret: all right, panel. thanks so much. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight salute. >> you are -- you do not owe the college a penny. if you have a balance, you had a balance. [cheers] >> bret: talking about student debt just like that. anonymous donor clears the debt of every 2022 graduate of wiley college, small historically black college in marshall, texas. estimated total balances of the 100 graduates $300,000. awesome moment. tomorrow on "special report," new fox polls on the senate primary plus part 2 of that
4:00 pm
interview with former defense secretary mark esper. >> do you think china in the wake of ukraine is looking seriously at taking over taiwan. >> i think they have always been looking seriously at taking over taiwan. studying the russia's successes and failures and trying to figure out how they could do better. >> bret: thanks for violating us into your home tonight fair balance and unafraid. jesse watters is back. >> jesse: i missed our handoff. good to be back. >> bret: have a good show. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: first of all, i just want to thank everybody for their support. i had back surgery a week ago. i'm building back better. and i'm feeling a lot better. still have some recovering to do but will be okay. when we're emotional, we are not at our best. we overreact and we make bad decisions. th