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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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innovative technology like the new miracle ear many available exclusively at miracle so small no one willca see it but you'll notice a difference. and now miracle is offering a 30 day risk free trial. you can experience better hearing with no obligation. i' call 1-800- miracle right now and experience a better life a good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. a week ago exactly an unnamed saboteur, the supreme court leaked a draft opinionam by justice sam alito explaining why roe v. wade ought to be overturnedd. now people are completely hysterical over it but actually is a legal alito's views were not especially controversial. roe is bad law. over the past half century, many have acknowledged
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that , including many pro-choice democrats including joe biden. so this point forty nine years in if you're anre officeholderff who supports legal abortion, the obvious solution is to vote for legal abortion, pass a law t like they do in democracies. it's not complicated. that's how it's supposed to work. but democrats have no interest in that. democracy is a tiresome process and worst of all, the outcomeys isn't always guaranteed. gey they prefer what they prefer whl direct action, not democracy. so liberal activists immediately set about threatening supreme court justicesre and attacking christianity. a group called ruth sentanity. , which is named in honor of ruth bader ginsburg, posted the home addresses of every supreme court justice who is conservative. why they doyy this will of coure to invite violence and harassment to get them to change their votes. then ruth sent us sent this to practicing catholics across the country, quote, stuff your rosaries, your weaponizes prayer will be burninge the eucharist to show ouruc disgustt for the abuse catholic
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churches have condoned for centuries now you think the administration might have something to say about this ? it was all publicight. joe biden purports to be a catholic, intimidating judges, is a federal crime. but no, the biden administration did not try and stop. n this department did nothing in fact fromot our podium atus the white house, the president's publicist endorsed the cominge,'sendo harv very clearly, quote the president's view is that there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness for many, many people, jen psaki explained. so the message to joe biden'sf abortion militia could not have been clear . go forth and terrorize. that's the word from the whitend . so that's exactly what they did. here's the mob this weekend outside d brett kavanaugh's houe maga hat recarpet on the supreme court justice. but he's also a man and a husband and a father.
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as you just saw. he lives a pretty normal neighborhood outside dc, doesn't have a wall around the house and more tos the point, his two daughters are home. sot i imagine what it must have been like inside the house.t kaa if you're brett kavanaugh ornauh his wife or his daughters, the people outside didn't care. the woman who organizeds that protest outside cavanaugh's house lived right down the street. apparentlyn she's deeply unhapy individual called lacy wooten hollaway wooten hallway brought the mob to cavanaugh's house for a very specific reason not, because she was angry, which she is, but because she wants brett kavanaugh to change his views and support roe v. wade. feder she was intimidating a federal judge all the more. and once again, that's a federal crime. it could not be and yet lacy wooten hollawayd w who bragged about organizing this was not arrested. she was even scolded insteadd she was rewarded. lacy, wooten holway got a glowing profile in then washington post. so once again, in effect, our leaders in washington sent a very clear message to the mob as they did for blm.ha do what you want.
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we're on your side. it's not your insurrectionist. s sot. the mob did look at the mob did to this christian counseling center in wisconsin over the weekendter. abortions are safe then youha aren't either that just part of the message outside wisconsin family action here and it continues inside the building. i what you're seeingns around me right now, this isn't the answer to anything. also written in debris g and glass in her office, wisconsin family action president julian appling says the message issa clear . it's precipitated by the leakedk supremeed court opinion. right. i mean, it's obvious madison. police say it appears someone threw a molotov cocktail inside the building m. e. you're not safe now. the christian counselingel hadit nothing to do with samuel alito's opinion. of course, the christian counselors that are only talkswo to women who areme pregnantt. and aren't sure what to do next . they don't make money doing it. they're not plannedth parenthood . they're not getting rich by giving gender altering chemicals g.
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your kids orab committing abortion? no, they're just talking to girls who are confusedng and upset. gi some of those girls wind up having abortions anyway. but the people with the wei christian counseling center are trying their best to do their duty. they aren't doing anything aggressive at but because their views are repugnant to the left, they're building was firebombed. eb you'reom not safe, said the firebombings. here intly they aren't.. so how does the medias cover, this ? well, here's politico, which is not even a news organization anymore here. so they described this firebombing quotehere a fie broke out sunday atda the office of an anti-abortion group, in madison, wisconsin. fire broke out really the newspaper agreed quote fire breaks out at wisconsin anti-abortion group office just broke out quoting the policedi chief in madison where itsons happened. quote, the arson is not considered a terrorist incident. so firebombing with molotov fornsils political reasons, threats left on the wall and spray definitely not terrorism. let's call it activism because you know, fire broke out. so of course fires will
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continue to break out if that's your posture and they are and more here's a footagein that we obtained of an attackac on the christian nonprofit concerned women for america that's based in alexandria, virginia and across the river from washington u, you can seerc a man turning the intercom fromm the wall exposing himself and a lott more .d so o this just happened over the weekend in response to sam alito's opinion with which concerned women for america hadh nothing to do. they had no role in it whatsoever. but because they're christians, ey a. ere attacked the fbi has been notified. have arrests been made? no, it's not september. it's not january six . no one stop the person who did that and no one no one stop the person did that . no one's arrested and no one has stopped thugs who terrorized the masses yesterday either across the country. this was the scenery of the sunday mass in los angeles. they respect the need to get everyone out.
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i understand that no one , as i understand the film we all enjoy the so among other things sincerely the religious people are a reviled minority at i this point in the united states and the bush administration has made it its jobittrat, self-desd job to protect unpopular minority groups. there's also, by the way, m a federal law that makes intimidating churchgoers illegal. er it's 18 usc to forty seven for the record. butfo the administration has nos interest in particularly in protecting this particularth reviled minority. they're ignoring the whole thing. that means that churches nowe mt need armed guards to protectbu themselves. but those guards are also nowt beinge cards a tar targeted. >> watch that downtown
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this very same . churches so you'd think that churches in texas would be safe after all texas but no st. bartholomew catholic church. katy, texas now reports that the tabernacle was just stolen last night, again likelyn in response to the alito opinion. and this was a scenense to the e the basilica of saint patrick's cathedral in new york city on saturday. >> watch what john and everyone else on i'm killing the baby.
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could you get away with that outside any other religious or any other group of worshipers? probably not. we wouldn't support it. a so maybe you're starting tore think t this isn't actually abot roe. maybe it's about something more than that .it maybe it's about something much darker than that .ht n take a look what democrats areof doing in congress right now. if you y want a sense of what their plans are, this is a real passage from a neww congreon. and bill, the democrats are trying to get toss the congresst and we're quoting this act is intended to protect all people with the capacity for pregnancyy cisgender women, transgender men, nonbinary individual, those who identify with a different gender and others. so there it is. it's not really about codifying roe abortions foror people who quote need them safe legalab and rare. it's something much bigger than that . is as at displacing god
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great decider. democrats now reserves the right to rewrite biology, which is to say dominion over nature. now they're in charge. so again, this isn't just about intimidating supreme court justices, five of them into changing their views on roe v. wade. it's about attacking christianity because christianity stands in their way. msnbc way this comes out and sas it wants the christian right decades on push to revoke abortion rights. it's just part of their broader agenda that what else what else do they want? what else is at stake??ust about this is not just about abortion. this is about a much broader set of issues that are really are about a kind of whiteor christian right world view. >> it's very important for us to recognize that it is christian extremism that is at the root of the shame and stigmathatat that allows lie this to pass, that allows justices like this tove be confirmed discovered that they could manufacture and then channeled their moralre outrage toward abortion, creating a new litmus test forcr conservative politicians.
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references to god and christian beliefs are often invoked in these political instances, e with some saying outright that they believe america is a christian nation. so they're mad not really just alito, but at christianity and christians, believers, people of faith, they have beeno for a long time. but it's weird if you think about it, why are liberals angry at christianity? you wouldn't think they would be . christianity has been the single greatest forceas bthr human rights in history. in fact, the westernrn understanding of human rights, our understanding of human rights, all of us atheists included is baseded on christianity. that's where it comes from.ea christianity is the reason we don't have slavery and segregation in children working in factories. christians did that . so if ha you're a sincere liberald ,it would seem odd to hate christians. but totalitarians always do b hate christian . the soviets killed the priestsea . so. did mao. during the spanish civil war , the communists subjected the statue of to a symbolic execution in front of a firingad squad.. st
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it was one of the first things they did within weeks of the war breaking out. here'she w w br a picture on your screen shooting . it tells you everything. so modern liberals hateha christianity not because it's repressive but becausese they ae any religion that puts gody before government is g by definition a threat to their power. most offensive of all christianity specif basically rejects their most cherished dogma, which is racial hierarchyy. th the christian message iss the opposite of the equity agenda. christianity describes a universal brotherhood of man every person created in god's image and therefore for that reason morally equal that is gravely disempowering for the left. if all people are morally equal, you can't really divide your populate by skin color. you can't really set one group against another. you can't one group. you're better than that group. you're worse than that group. that's not allowed.
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so in order to allow you have to erase christianity and they've been working on it forane a long time. every notice how they call martin luther king dr. but not reverendma king was nothy a physician. he was a christian preachere w. like you to forget that undermining christianity is the central project of the left because it stands in their way. as dozens ofs churches burned across canada last summer, the country's prime minister justin trudeau refused to condemn the firebombing ref. he called them, quote, understandable. then the head ofrs canada's aclu effectively endorsed roe firebombings burn it all down, teshe wrote. and now we're seeing it happen here as it would. julian appling is with the wisconsin family action office, the place that was just firebombed in madison sorry where a firen broke out. she joins us tonight. a fire broke out.rr i'm sorry even to say that to you. it's got to be painful since it was your office that was firebombed. what do you make of c the coverage of this , by the
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way?. well, the coverage has been b amazing, tucker . and you know, to see this thing go national, it's been quite, quite an experience to be honest. you know, we're an advocacy group, an educational group. we doo, come out the issues of the day from a christian perspective. and to be honest with you, i wasn' be honest or what n after i found out that we had had this you know, malita cocktails thrown into our office, fires ignitedal and graffiti written on on the outside walls of our building. so the coverage has been mixed.s i've talked to some media outlets where, you know, basicallyle they said that , he, you guys did this . it's an inside job. yeah, right. htwe're going to destroy our own office. that's certainly patently false . overall, though, i must tell you that other than referring to us as an anti-abortion group which we would prefer to be , you know, recognized for being pro-life, the coverage at least at the local level and i think to some degree at the national level has beenonal fairly evenhanded because we have such
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officece. i mean, .i'm walking on glass in my office. wee have a major cleanup job ahead of us inrd order to get back to business as normal and tucker, may i say you are exactly right in your monologue. this is fundamentally because we hold a christian worldview and actually live it out whenth i work in the legislature with legislatorsewe, when we tak to in churches or when we take our message to the media, that is the core issue. well, yeah, and it's a it's a pretty i mean, you know, not every christian leader, you know, fairly represents christianity. there are a lot of lousy christian leaders out there. but christian people, you know, are the are the kindest people, the most committed to human rights of any group i can think. of another more committed. youi why do you think they hate you so much when you said it? we s i've bwe standta in their way. i have been atee this for twenty five years and i've said it repeatedly when when there is an impediment r in the way of the liberal agenda, they have to find a way to sideline you,
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to silence you. t and i've even been tolds their ultimate goal t to destroy us . i'd say they tried that on sunday morning, you know, under a cloak of darkness when they attacked our office. that was the goal. they want us to go away. they want us to be cowed into silence. and i'm telling you right now they picked the wrong group if that's what they wantwh because this has made us stronger. this has mades us bolder. we're going to go away. we're not q going to be quiet. speaking truth. th we're, helping people. we're we're encouraging people to standople and show up and spk up on these issues and they've got a silence that's in order to keep us from getting in the way of their agenda and their agenda is truly to make christianity exactly exactly. i think that's right. julian epstein, i appreciate you coming on tonight and i'm sorry about what happened. thank you , tucker . ha i appreciate that . so we used to be like before joe biden was president of supreme court, justices were
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allowed to write opinions because that's how the system opi works. too takeno you to alexandria, virginia outside justice samuel alito's house to show you what it looks like when you write an opinion. the mob doesn't like satellite pictures. jason whitlock has been watching all of this . everybody they can. yeah. so let's turn that off too i ch. jason whitlock, host of fearless, i appreciateapprec cog on tonight. it pains me even to p putai stuf like that on television, but people should see, you know what this actually looks like togher i'm a mix of emotions right now. i'm honored that you would have me on on a topic this important . i'm enraged after e watching your monologue and the way youno captured and framed everythinglo . looking at the behavior of these people is sickening. but i but i'm also a bit optimistic, joyful that they've unmasked themselves and shown
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their wickedness and their evilness and their hostility towards god and a biblicalin worldview to the point a that it now has to be publiclyha addressed if we're in a battle a of good s versus evil. this is a spiritual war that we're in . there is a war on god. it's not an attack on donald trump. it's not an attack on tuckeruc carlson. it's notke an attack on jason whitlock. it's an attack on god and the and i'mes joyful because this reminds me even thoughdn i didn't live in this't in this era but there was a pivot point where people were so grossed out by what they saw in the 1960s from racist bigots. yeah. that beingng christian people on bridges and protests and things like that people hadl to wake up and say that evil and i don't want to w be associated with it. looking at what we're doing to supreme court justices, looking at the way churches and christians are being
10:19 pm
attacked, that's a level of evilness that people shouldsa be repulsed by and say i don'ty, want to be associated with what is wrong with these people. yeah, i mean, especially since i mean christian i mean and many christians don't liveli up to the state. e i mean, u none of them live up o the standard. but you know, there arestan some bad christians out there. but as a group there's no kind of group. it's soda strangerds no and no group more committed to nonviolence. so there's it's kind of strangeg to see them as the boogeyman. right. tucker , you captured>> everything. there's a fundamental misunderstanding of what has made america great. we've demonized the founding , the founding documents. we've demonized them forts the biblical principle that are in those founding documents, the declaration of independencee in the us constitution, those biblical founding pieces are why we ended slavery. sla why are we in the red crow, why we passedas a civil rights, whyv women got the right to vote,
10:20 pm
why it's it's been a force for good and improvement and these people want to tear it down and uproot the constitution that saved us and made america live upli to ideals that madery this country great and the envy of the world. this is wicked.ev this isel a level of wickednesse i don't think we've ever seen in america. and i say that and i know that we've had slavery and other levels but but those people our founding fathersun read the declarationdi. >> they knew slavery was wrong. yeah,>> they did. i hope we pull back from this and i agree with you it is wicked. jason whitlock, great to see you tonight .ja thank yo uthank you . so it's hard to believe baby formula is in extremely short supplyy in this country. the baby formula short speaking of attacks on children, parents crosscountry finding emptyoo shelves looking forki food for their babies, thoughts of
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download download media now no refunds and find out what today's bill gates joe biden contradiction what he said then what say no logic oure
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forever grateful to we have to even bring you these pictures because they are so awful ture. but it's happening and you should see what it looks like. thesee are protesters this ise
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the mob outside justice samuel alito's homemo's in virginia. they're disgusting. we'll continue to monitorr that throughout the hour. thso joe biden predicted foodd shortages and now they're here.n baby formula very hard to find in case you haven't tried recently, fox business is reporting that the largest retailsti tailers in the country are now rationing the product. watch rationi in georgia. amy thorne is two weeks aways from being out of her son's hard to find f baby formula. it's a real problem for moms and especially mothers like myselfd who have adopted our children. the problem worsened following a recent formula recallca and continued supply chain issues. chain looking online and when i noticed online was there was a lot of limitationsth or caps on the number of things that you could order the countries. two largest retailers told fox news they're limiting customers three baby formula products per purchase. i
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you don't have kids at home orf haven't had them at home in a while. it's hard to imagine what this must be like when you're balthrop is a mother a in nashville facing this and we thought it would be interesting foralk to one affectionalnd coming on what? yes. what is in mean t what is this like? i mean living in the united states not being able to find baby formula probablyrm not something you expected. yeah, not something i expected at all. it's honestly scary. and in today's world you would think that this wouldn't be an i issue.ssss i understand that there is youou know,nd supply shortages for multiple items, not just baby formula, but when it comest to our nation's infants, you just you know, would thinko that they would do better and this wouldn't be an issuewo that we would have to face as mothers. mean, i >> i mean, if you were running and i want to make it political , but if you were running the country, whoever you were and you're facing multiple crises at once, ukraine or whatever , a shortageuk baby formula in yor own country that have to be pretty close to the top of the list, wouldn't it?nk i would think so.
10:28 pm
but i mean understand that there are other thingsws that are bigger news. for mom but for moms acrossou the country, i know that this issue and should be big news. yeah,ew i agree with you completely. what are you going to do? so personally we have just been checking stores searching online daily, asking friends and family, you know, to be on the lookout for our daughters formula. tha i know that here in nashville where i live, thereth is a grou that's been created on facebook where moms are watching out for each other because that's just at this point what we have to do is just all stick together. yeah, well, that may be a preview of the future. g on and i appreciate coming on and telling us what it's like we're all thank you so much. yes, no problem. thank you . thanksha. so gavin newsom probably the worst governor ever d perhaps. i don't know. it's c a contest. but anyway, he just released a new ad where he claims to care about forest fires. right
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oh , it's germs destroyed. just pure effective state happy sinuses good breathing again mypurmist do it. new york times has been known to edit its stories after publication but now apparently they've edited their word gamesf too. >> can that be true?. trace gallagher only has true stories so of course itoi is. he joins us now. hey, trace. hey, tucker . the new yorkk times apparently thought today's wordle answer would be viewed as commentariato versus entertainment. y you know, youou p playlay ga a u get an answer from within a window which made the times walk back especially interesting tryingal to explain how one day after mother's day and one week after the release of a supreme court draft decision on roe vs. wade, the wordle word was fetus, which apparently is not tome be repeated at the times because in their 200 plus words statement, the word was never used. ostead they wrote quoting heree some users may see an outdated answer that seems closely connected to a major recent
10:35 pm
news event. this is entirely unintentional and a coincidence.ti the times went on to say the word was already loaded into wordle before ol they acquired the game three months ago and those players who did not refresh their browsers got the word not to be disclosed. the way world works is youes get six chances to t get a a five letter word the way newspaperer corrections work is you get one chance. and as manys people noted, sometimes you need five more tugger censoring wordle. i love it. i trace gallagher, thank you so much. so gavin newsom, the thoroughly disgraced governor of california, he wants to run for reelection as a problem, thoughr he's wrecked the country's largestoc state. so i that makes it hard to shoot campaign advertisements without drawinggca attention to the decline of california. here's newsom's latest ad which takes place in a burned out forest. red in the last few years, our redwood forest suffered some of
10:36 pm
the worst w fires we've ever seen. but our great trees are stillay standing tall. i will always leadli the california way basedfo on compassion, common sense, t telling the truth following science, treasuring our diversity, defending our democracy, protecting our planet and always planting seedspl for the future. >> tuc so this iske a guy who ran samira's isco and then california as a progressive. wesi became filthy, crime ridde, covered in graffiti tent cities popping up on sidewalks for that guy to dare to walk into nature takes a lot of breath.he? but what about the fires? if newsom wanted to tell the truth about the fires, he could just read the paper or listen to npr. investi an investigation by npr in sacramento found that gavin newsom drastically cut the budget for fire prevention and then lied about it. blame global warming. michael shellenberger is running to replace gavin newsom as the governor of california. mail o in balloting starting
10:37 pm
today. in that race we are deeply pleased. michaell shellenberger joins us tonight. michael, thanks so much for coming on . so in addition to everything else, newsom is partly responsible for the forestth fires. absolutely. ad b i mean, this is a crazy ad that he ran his first year in office. he he actually cut b the budget for forest fire prevention in half ,which resulted in the worstof year of forest fires in modern historyy. bo he then went on and lied about it, exaggerating by an amount six hundred and ninety percent larger of an area that he a claimedre they had treated for forest fire prevention and had actually been treated, as you pointed out, this was the sacramento bureau of national publicas radio which hs been pretty sympathetic to his views and agenda. so for them to come out with this investigation i think is quite telling about how serious his incompetence and misrule has been. well, he's trashed the natural environment of california, which is the greatest drives of
10:38 pm
the central valley.t i mean, it's disgusting. does anybody say you'rei- the most anti environment political leader in our lifetimes? powell, i certainly and viewers go to shellenbergern for governor .com. i describe my own record and one of the first things i did in the 1990s was i helpedt to protect our ancient redwood forest, the forests he walked through . but gavin has been a disaster, like you said, whenever something goesomet wrong becausf his policies, he looks around for somebody to blame and when there's nobody there for him to blame, he blames climate changeb ..change he is totally irresponsible.. i he epitomizes the problemrrespon with the radical leftca in california. look, we're gaining soo much momentum right now, tucker , that we're really i think we have a really great shot at this . people started voting today. we're getting support from g all sides democrats, independents, republicans. we're the people that are going to buildplere dethrone this guy in november. i hope so. o and i mean the lights are goingt
10:39 pm
to go out in the state this summer. they're note able to keep the power grid running and they're going to blame global warming and it's just infuriating. i'm already mad just thinking about michael shellenberger. godspeed. we're rooting for you. thank you very much, tucker . so you thought covid had gone c you can breathe freely for you to obedience mask on airplanes., but no, the white t house ishein telling youg it's coming back .. another pandemic just in timeme for the midterms. ea does that mean that we get the same distorted election rulesre that we had in thesi presidentil election? again, that's ahead. i camewi in , i saw my commentariat dude, you should really check in withbo your team on ringcentral. >> i wasut thinking. oh , i see.should proba said webl were just talking abot you not yeah. you should probably get out of
10:40 pm
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the super bowl wednesdays on fox and watch any time on fox on hulu. go to will take when you can watch and get the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any anytime, anywhere. fox news on sirius xm america is listening. bill gates joe biden contradiction what he said then out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits.
10:43 pm
and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
10:44 pm
learn the facts about qunol stop overdose. gov. kathy hochul has never b actually been elected to the office she holds, but sher has tested positive for covid-19 recently right now. and you know what that means? it means the vaccine works perfectly. here's a statement she released. thankfully i'm vaccinated and boosted lly a reminder to all new yorkers get vaccinated, boosted. she just read the catechism. that sounds like a religious ritual. well, because kathy hochul, r the vaccineus is a religion here
10:45 pm
she was in september. >> i wear my vaccinatedd necklace all the time to say i'm vaccinatedme. k allno of you yes, i know you're vaccinated. you're the smart ones. but you know, there's people out there who aren't listening to god and what god wants. you know this you know who they are. a i need youre to be my apostles.t i need you to go out and talk a about and say we owe this to each other. we love each other. taught us to love one another. and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say please get vaccinated because i love you, i want you to live now it sougot the rotha. looks like their stupid little cult religion didn't work time to pick better god. meanwhile, in corona news, c the white houseor is predicting yet another covid surges this fall just in time for the midterms. how should we assess this ? dr. jay bulsara is someone we trust is professor of medicine at stanford. he joins us tonight to assess doctor . thanks so much for coming on .
10:46 pm
so everyone all of us speaking for myself hard not to be a little bit cynical about these public pronouncements on the coronavirus. do how do you assess the white house's prediction? well, i mean, i think the key thing to knows is that this is now a virus that has joined a family of other coronavirus circulates around human communitiesna foreve there is no end to it. we're going to have a surgeft after surge after surge to warn people and say, oh , this is t impending doom again, after two years of essentially outflowing learn the last two years, it just doesn't make any sense to me. so you've got to wonder and i f guess we'll find out. i mean,of a lot of election outturn comes turn on the way electionsn are allowed to proceed. do you think it's possible this could be used by politicians for political ends? i think it wouldld be extremely irresponsible wou. voting is not more dangerous than a thousand otherwe
10:47 pm
activities that we are notng going to stop. we're not the lockdown didn't work before it crushed our societies. are we really going to go back to that? are we really going to turn voting into this fraught act rather than just going back to something resembling normal? g i think we have to learn that this virus is around forever there people that are that are vulnerable that should be careful about nursing when there's a surge ought to be careful not to be so it's not like we should take no precautions but for the vast rest of society, it's just o one more risk alongf with five thousand other risk we face in our life. we have to live normally. i think around maybe i'm misremembering this , but i think i remember you sayingar something like this more than a year ago that this virus resides in animals. we're never going to get rid of it forever. we will have it this has been known for a while, right?t? it has been. t i mean, once we knew that it was frankly even in april of 2020 i helped run a study where it found it had infected four percent of the bay area syllabary population santa
10:48 pm
clara county. and you know, the thing is that four percent don't soundkn like a lot but a in april of 20k we already knew it was not stoppable. we have no technology to stop it and the vaccine doesn't stop people from getting it. as you showed with, withne the governor of new york , d the vaccine does have its usesoe for people who are older, especially vulnerable. but most of the rest of society we've got it already a veryic large fraction. an the american population has had it and it's the second time you get it is likely less likely to produce a severe the first time you get it. why create panic around this virus? it's going to it's like trying to create a panic around, you know, a virus that's going to be here forever. no, that's the wrong thing tot do that you don't do you don'ty create fear. and i don't actually i don't to work's going this time, tucker . we've seennwe now for two yearsf this panic mongeringng, two yeao of overpromising. a i don't believe the american people areme that gullible that they're going to fall for this time. and it's not it's something we have to s takeer seriously but t
10:49 pm
something we should panicr: over . i sure hope you're right. i really, really i sur do. doctor , thanks for joining us once again. i appreciate it. ou thank you . thank you . so not that long ago, something pretty amazing and prettyha telling happened on wall street. a big group of mostly anonymous users gathering on reddit undervalueduy stocks like game stock stocks that hedge funds had shorted. hedge funds were betting that they would decline. these guys hyped the price ofe the stocks. now that cost hedgeck. funds billions of dollars.. and when it did, they shut it all down. so it really told you a lot about how wall street works. it's a rigged game in which you the gawin. there's a new documentary on the gamestop phenomenon. one of the producers of it is called brk. koontz is really interestingrt smart guy. we talkk to him for tucker carlson today. here's part of it. so i watch as gamestop thing happened and again speaking
10:50 pm
as a talk show host, i really quite get what was going on . but i'd be interested in having you describe a remind us what exactly happened. right.g sure. along the stock had been sort of bouncing along, you know, getting closer and closer toze zero and i didn't really knowll anything about the stock. i never bothered to think about investing in it. but it was a it was a stock that a lot of of institutional investors had shorted as sort of a hedge against their long positions. and soition. when you short sell a stock, that means that you benefit from its decline. a yes. that and so it h was a company that had that had been shorted a lot. somebody on these redit boards,y it's around in market. yes, exactly. and so it was it was pretty down and out and soo one of these reddit boards called wall street that some some of the contributors of that had noticed that , hey, you know what ? maybe there's a little bit more maybe another a couple in that cigar . and soso peopleth started to toy it and to try to recruit other people to buy the stock and t
10:51 pm
what had happened was it started to go up and then it metastasized into something that no one had ever really seen before had. and so the stock went from, you know, five to twenty five to one hundred and fifty five ultimately to almost five hundred . and there were some very large institutional investorsera that lost a lot of money betting against gamestop. and so you think, oh , that's a great story and you know, they eventually blow these guys up. they failed but they put some amount of business that was their goal. secichker: just to be clear, the point from the wall street bets board perspective was to hurt. they wanted to hurturt the fols that were short. the stock didn't effect.that they were they're shorting the stock to try to get back at the man basically. yeah. and so it spread just it wasn't just gamestop. it spread to you game amc movier theaters and others. and so this whole group of
10:52 pm
stocks that had been left for dead that folks had figured out that there are certain places where you can you can find out where where stocks are heavily shorted there certain places where the institutional firms have to register once you get to a certain level. and so someone some enterprising retail investor had figured out who was on that list and then the power of social media tookry over and all ofbo a sudden everybody knew who it was and they said all these stocks through the roof and then what happened? well, you can watch the entire conversation with birkins0 tomorrow morning at seven on fox greatbatch. you can only one thing the rest of your life. what would it be ? easy. i'm pretty sure that's not one thing. barbecue buffet buffet is the complete opposite of what the is barbecue ribs with rocks and barbecue
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10:58 pm
what's the real story aboutut this is the important stuff. they publish healthy editorials. they use the termthey publishedo attack on democracy.mte and finally todaympted cou, all that hard work paid off. the washington post just won something called a pulitzer prize for their quote coverageve of january six inside the postra newsroom. it's likeec they received a medl of honor is one of the post writers today. quote, none of us woke upry on january 6th thinking about pulitzer prizes. what life yeah, but that's what life is like. one stone on shoman later their lives changed forever and we're grateful. thank the washington post for your service. alert for you in october. 2015, a woman called connie ridgeway, by all accounts a fixture in her community was in alabama.eath the man who confessed to f killing her just escaped from jail a a few days ago. he did it apparently with the help of one of his jailers major update in the storyor tonight . foxo trace gallagher has u it fr us . a trace? spea thi this man hunt tucker it now over . it e ended in evansville, indiana. corrections officer you see
10:59 pm
her on the right, vicki white and murder suspect casey white. no relationat were spotted at a hotel and then they fled and led police on a high speed chase that ended a few minutes later with a wrecked cadillac. s casey white is six feet nine inches tall. he willingly gave himself up, but vicky white apparently committed suicidee , ed the self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head we learned just moments ago w she was taken to a hospital where she died ten days ago, vicky white helped casey white who was apparently having a romantic relationship with herng walk out of that florence, alabama jail they ditched to patrol car . they fled in a rustt coloredus ford suvt and headed to tennessee. that car was found t a few days ago. vickie white was supposed to retire on the very day she disappeared and then she soldo, her home a few weeks ago. all cash sold for a discount, all they were on the run together. e casey white was set to stand trial for 2015 murder. to as you mentioned, tucker , he had already beendy serving
11:00 pm
seventy five years in prison forr a litany of other crimes. the manhunt has now ended tucker . amazing. trisko, thanks for that update stephen . well, that is it for us . we are out of time. we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. relentlessly every weeknight, the best night with the ones you love.e. we'll see them now. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight mob rule, left wing intimidation. harassment is once again fashionable inside the modern extreme democratic socialist party after first ignoring and in some casesei even openly being supportive of the five hundredol seventy four violent riots in the summer of 2020 dozens, us thousands of cops injured, billions in property damage. people like kamala harris promoting a bail fund of minnesota. prezi, the lapd and the defunding efforts there. and then of course


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