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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the manhunt has now ended tucker . amazing. trisko, thanks for that update stephen . well, that is it for us . we are out of time. we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. relentlessly every weeknight, the best night with the ones you love.e. we'll see them now. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight mob rule, left wing intimidation. harassment is once again fashionable inside the modern extreme democratic socialist party after first ignoring and in some casesei even openly being supportive of the five hundredol seventy four violent riots in the summer of 2020 dozens, us thousands of cops injured, billions in property damage. people like kamala harris promoting a bail fund of minnesota. prezi, the lapd and the defunding efforts there. and then of course
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hypocritically spending every waking moment of every day condemning the riot on january six and ofth course ignoring the core issue of why nancy pelosi and mayor muriel bowser failed to make use of the up to twenty thousand national guard troops that donald trump had authorized as required by law two days prioror to keep the peace has also requested by the capitol police chief repeatedly. democrats are now reversing course once again and they arecy supporting acts of political violence as we speak, far left agitators are trying to harass, intimidate us supreme court justices and coerce them into saving roet v. wade. ito is disgusting, repulsive, despicable attempt to destroy the independence of our nation's judiciary and the silence o and the tacit approval from the biden administration and joe biden and democrats. frankly, that's equally repulsive. this weekky justice alito and s
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family, they were forced to flee their home after rioters published alito's address and then made plans to show up at his front door., sara c way, they showed up. coming up, our ownar sarah will join us live from the scene of the so-called demonstrationsi that just took place outside of alito's home. but sadly it's not just justice alito. over the weekend, multiple supreme court justices and their families were targeted at their own homes by pro-abortion activists. let ce be clear. this is neverlear okay. all of our public officials, both sides of the aisle must be safe, must be protected from political violence and intimidation because it's never acceptable on this show we tabl condemned all of the rioting, all five hundred and seventy four riots in thee summer of 2020. we condemn violence on januaryry the 6th. n i did it real time on my own radio show and that night on this show and now we condemn the less violence against the supreme court and pro-life americans everywhere.
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over the weekend in wisconsinri the headquarters of a pro-life group was attacked a molotov cocktail was thrown through a window into an office causing considerable damage. and look at your screen. this threatening message washe spray painted on the building, quote if abortions are unsafe and you are in either a church in colorado also defaced by pro-abortion vandals and in new york's st. patrick's cathedral or surrounded by protesters hurling insultsnd at anyone who went inside. and in los angeles, rioters dressed as handmaids stormed into a catholic church servicece shouting profanities and pro-abortion rhetoric. and in washington, d.c., t catholic churches on capitol hill requested extra policeo presence after one left wing l group threatened to, quote, burnrn t the eucharist. now d naturally, many democrats, their friends in the media mob ,they're applauding this kindol of violence. i guess they only areen condemni violence if they can tief it somehow to something
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republican or conservative. in a statement, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi applauded these so-called protesters for n using their righteous anger to march and to mobilize in front of justices houses and getet this one reporter explicit calla for more violence tweeting a link to the wisconsin attacko along with the caption quote more of this may these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground. meanwhile, a wannabe politician in california called forf kavanagh's home and all ofhe his possessions that they'd be burned in front of them. the rhetoric on tv was evenas worse. take a look. violence is always over the line, but the real questions conversation today aboutnd protests outside supreme court justicessi houses justice kavanaugh, where do you think that line is? i think for a lot of people a conversation about civility feel like it misses the mark when constitution or rights
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that you believe that you had y for over 50 years areea about to be overturned. i mean, i suppose if the justices don't like the first amendment,he they coud just drive to another state where the legislature has determined that the constitutional right to privacy was right. i mean, that ishe what they're telling women to do ifdi they want to control their own bodies. right. all of these things a that wells might happen if abortion getsom banned, if abortion becomes illegal, they do happeneses isnt a theory. we don't need to speculate. we have actual facts that can inform what happens if those overturned abortions arel getting banned and it's not going to be illegal. that is a big lie. we'll get too that in a second. now, believe it or not, it actually gets worse. one deranged person over at msnbc saying she'd w like to mae love to the supreme court a lekker and then joyfully abortjo the fetus. u we'll play that disturbing clip. coming up. w but maybe worst, worst of all, for more than a week, the whitee house completely, utterly refused to condemn t what is the stalking and the outright
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intimidation and doxing of supreme court justices listenere jen psaki repeatedly excusing and supportingsi the protests at the homes of supreme courtju justicesst where they have children and they have friendss and loved ones and neighbors. te >> really you support this joke? take a look. do you think the progressive activists that are now planning protest outside some of the justices houses are extreme peaceful protest, no peaceful protestex, not extreme. some of these justices have young kids and their neighbors are not all public figures. so would the president think activitiesng that want to go into residential neighborhoods in virginia and maryland? peter , look, i think our view here is that peaceful protests there's a long history in the united states, in the country of that . so we don't care if they're protesting outside the supreme court or outside someone's private residence. i don't haveav an official u.s. government position on where people protest. imagine if conservatives
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started giving outut the addresses of prominent liberal democrats andf saying o protest in front of their house, do it peacefully. . d be okay je after a weekend of violence, soki was forced to issue this tepid statement.e the president strongly believes in the constitutional right to protest, but that should neverel include violence, threats or vandalism. . judges perform an incredibly i important function in our societyncunctsoci and they muste to j do their jobs without concern for their personal safety. so why don't you tell your supporters, joe , to t stay away from their private homes? and jen, what about the so-called protesters stalking now supreme courtg justices at home? anythin care to sayg anything about that ? apparently not. take a look.>> peacefu >> you decide you suggested that peacefully protesting outside the homes of judges and supreme court justices is part of the freedom of expression and part of what we do in the united .ia there's t a law, virginia, that actually prohibits protest
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outside private residence even when it's done peacefullyre, wondering if any sort of demonstrations in private homes might run afoul of that law and other laws. we'rere certainly not suggesting anyone break any lawsti. as long i would note that the president's view has long been and i tweeted this earlier this morning and repeated and made a number of these comments last week as well that violence, threats and intimidation have no placeou in political discourse. >> and i'm sure something happened. you'd probably call it an insurrection. right. jenn, do you really think you do you really care that supreme court justices are getting stalked, harassedjung, intimidad this way? do you think that you care about churches being vandalized as we witnessed this weekend? imagine if we flip the script. imagine if conservatives were stalking, harassing liberalal supreme court justices which they never should do. could you imagine the outrage? imagine the hysteria. charts the hypocrisy is off the charts here and of course, democrats,
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they're all hypocrites becauselm they have almost no principles. they wereos virtually silent with five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer of 2020. the but they do wanton to talk about the one right. because they can use it for political purposesic. and think about this for several years democrats tried to weaponizes government and force all americans to get vaccinated and boosted and boosted again even though we had breakthrough cases millionsreak of americans lost their jobs because of that mandate. millions more were turned away from restaurants and stores and shut out my body. my choice didn't seem to exist to the left when it came l to vaccine. that same principle well, we're not going to apply that toon abortion?. still, at the end of the day, abortion will be legal across the country. a, all a the hysteria, all the hyperbole is false. even if roe v. wade is overturned. so the idea that roe roe is overturned, that it will somehow end abortion in america is now the big democratic lie. democrats need a good
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distraction for the midterms, a way to drive out turnout and excite their base and theirx radical base is lapping it up. and is fear this can go from bad to worse anyway. a joiningt us now live at the site of a pro-abortion demonstration ,it was just outside of justice alito's home. our very own sarah carter was there, sarah. they were there.y they marched. what happened? i got to tell you, sean, youul could feel the tension in the air here in alexandria, virginia. we were in thewe neighborhood oo justicerh samuel alito's home and roughly 50 to about 100 people50 i couldn't get ane exact estimate on . the crowd came marching down the street into the justices neighborhood. you know, some of the neighbors cameey out. in they were looking there were police on scene from the fairfax police department. they actually gave some speeches there in the middle of the road spe. and thenes i tried to ask t some questions. i wanted to know whyhe they were there in the neighborhood.s what what is the excuse for being so intrusive and standing
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in front of a justice's home? i mean, it's a very dangerous situation and this is what i heard. but i want to ask you quickly because i saw your sign. can you explainr why why this is not in place in your opinion? ? you have no comment on why this is not in okay, but you're holding a signok that says i'm sorry, does this feel intrusive and i'm just curious . okay, i got to tell you, sean, you know, quite a few people at the protest did not want ton answer that question. they wanted to continue to move, although a speaker there said that they felt that they had the right to be intrusive and march down justice alito's street just because they believed that the justice is involved in theirr choice ther their own body. it wase, very it was full attention.
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the police were there, but in the end it was peaceful. they dispersed after about an hour they came down toor a grocery store in the neighborhood. they did one more speech on theirthey all went a own way. but i can tell you this it won't be the end of these. marches. they are expected to get a lote bigger. they're expected to get a lot it more intrusive. and i know that the fairfax police department, the neighbors and everybody hereend in alexandria, virginiar are grateful that this night has come to a close but areng more concerned about what's to going to happen next . well, all these justices next. i understand now have been forced out ofs their homes and brought to unknown locations. i'm not sure if they're going to be able to return to their homes because now their address have now beenow made public.o that is a danger to them. their families, rs their neighbors, no, absolutely, sean. it is it's a significant danger. you could see in the neighbor's face. i mean, look, their right too privacy has been removed completely. they've been doxxed. so nows i guess it's up to the fairfax police department, up to the police departments
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in the various neighborhoods of the justices toghgh ensureoo the security of their neighborhood. and that's not always the case. going all the wayth back to virginia with the shooting at the baseball field with the republican congressional members there is a lot of concern here in this community about that . they know it can happen. all it takes is one person, one person to turn everything from bad to worse and that is what they are concerned about. >> all right, sara carter,nk thank you . here y with more is texas t senator ted cruz is with us senator . from corpus to leaking, you know, draft possible drafts of a decision now to doxing the homes ofom supreme court justices only an effort tonl harass, intimidate these justices. i'm not sure how they're going to be able to move back to thee, neighborhood and move back home now that this effort is is going full force. is g what shocksoing me even more thn anything, though, is that joe biden is basically put a seal
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of approval on it and saying, tol, people are freee protest any way they want. y i would think that he'd be a y little more prudentou and understand the danger of of people showing up at the homes of elected officials or judges or anybody that works in government for that matter. well, sean, you're exactly weght. what we're seeing these images where the latest manifesto of just how extreme, just how radical the democratic party is getting this democratic party today. joe biden has handed the agenda over to the socialist and not just the socialist. this is now the marxist t. this is now the communist. today's democrat party believes in violence. they believe in mob rule. they believe in intimidation just like marxistsis and communists. they're willing to burn our institutionststs to the ground to get what they want. this leak from the court is fundamentally destructive to the supreme court of the united states to the rule of law and to our constitution. and none of these democrats care. joe biden won't condemn it.
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joe condemnbimnwill the leak. b instead they sit back and say, oh , isn't that interesting? you're just passionate as nancy pelosi says, as jen psaki said. listen, these thugs have no businesses at the private homes of any government officials. the supreme court justices or anyone else. these thugs who doxxede do the justicesgs who dox should be embarrassed and ashamed. and by the way, these arere the same thugs that are firebombing pro-life outlets. these are the samebing thugs i that are going intont churches, disturbing churches. they hate faith. they hate god. hat they hate the catholic churche. and it is disgusting to see joe biden in the entirety of e the democratic party turn a blind eyeye. what we're seeing shown is a replay of 20/20, a replay of the black lives matter and the antifa riots. and in this instance, once again, they're putting politics above everything else, including people's lives and these radicals are inviting
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violence directed at our o judiciary and directedur the rue of law.ey are so they're bullying, trying to intimidate these justices. let's go back to the summer of 2020 where we had20 over five hundred seventy four riots. we had dozens of dead, americans, thousands of injured cops, billions of dollars in property damage. okay, we know that took place not only with a silent there were many people like kamala harris that actually offered moralas support for these groups and the bail fund and the defund dismantle effort. then january six happens. donald trump says many of you will peacefully patriotically march to the capitol so your voices will be heard. that's the one riot that they only want to focus on now they're okay with sending s and or allowing or provingg people going to the homesnd and doxxing the homes of these justices. why the selective moral outrage and why the silence of people
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that seems so outrage over the one right. but ignore the five hundredo -- seventy four other rights and ignore the doxing. i'm trying to understand74 a their logic. well, it's allut politics for them. the ends justify the means i and it's complete hypocrisy. you seesri this insy the corpore media. thi you see this among democratss. on january six . 2020 one you had tens ofe thousands of people peacefully protesting and yet the corporate media and democrats slander them with the made-up term insurrectionist. and yet in thism, instance they are not willing to call off their goons even even now as this has the potential to escalate and escalate further. and you know, part of it is the extreme left. they know their ideas are unpopular when it comes toab abortion. today's today's democratic party has gotten so radical they support unlimited abortion on demand upn until the moment of birth d with taxpayer funding and no parental consent and no and notification. shandeeno knowti the latest poli
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shows that just six percent of americans support unlimited abortion on demanduppo right up until the moment of birth. the reason democrats are freaking out is they can actually convince their fellow citizens through the democrat process to adopt their extreme radical views. so instead they want to use brute force and in this instance they want to use violence. listen, if these guys want to protest, great. go w the public square, go to the mall, go in front of the supreme court. te they have been protesters in front of the supreme court from the time it was builtlt . allat of that is legitimate, but they're not looking for peaceful speech. they're looking for threats. they're looking for intimidation. they're lookingimn, for targetig the kids of the justices and that is groat's every day. and you know, just this week we saw the washington post do this glowing hagiography of protester, this woman who was protesting her neighbor, brett kavanaughhei i mean,s it is shameful and thir
11:19 pm
is wherety today's democrat party is. you know, what is all this ? they are afraid of november because they know the voters are going to throw themmhem out on their rear ends. there are states right now and this is a big lie, the big myth that if rose overturn that abortion will becomeca illegal in america. no, it will not.the states w the states will decideil because roe is bad law. and my from my perspective, you're a law student. one of alan dershowitz is best in his own words and basically what they did in the case of roe is they granted a right not granted in the constitution and so that would, i would argue, trigger the tenthth amendment and then rather than go forward and give that right to individuals, they basically send it back to the states, new york , california, new jersey, there are a whole bunch of states that allow abortion up until, you know, the hour beforertioil birth for crying out loud. that will still continuenu in some statese on it.
11:20 pm
so abortion is not going anywhere. no, that's that'ser right. and ifhi you look at our nations history for the first hundred and eighty five years of our nation's history, abortion was decided by elected legislatures primarily at the state and listen, we all recognize that abortion is an issue that is deeply emotional iy . pe it's personal. people feel very strongly and have sharply divided views. what happened in 1973 when roede versus wade was handed down with seven unelected lawyers in blackt robes said to the american people, you pesky voters, your views don't matter. b we know better than you d we are philosopher kings and we are going to decree the rule that rulingl you it is wrong the day it was issued. it's been wrong every day since then. butberong every d that ruling pd enormous anger, enormous divisionrong because when people disagree and feel strongly about it, if the democraticl process is available to them, you can go and make the case too your fellow citizens, you can argue for it.
11:21 pm
but with roe, the court said no ,wewe know better than you do if roe is in fact overturned. and i r pray that it is the result will be it goesed back to the elected legislatures. and by the way, these loansin that are harassing the justices can go to their state legislature and now already in front of the legislature forn the rule they want and will leta democracy play out.yy >> there was no- right to such a there was no right enumerated in the constitution and therefore it should consider to be int the state's hands if itis is overturned and the strap comes down the way we think it probably will, that will be what the law in every everyry state will make their own law will be able to decide from there. senator , good to see it. we'll watch very closely. t very dangerous time i think for the institution of the judges all across the country, not just the supreme court. when wet t comehe back , the media meltdown over this leak.edia supreme court draft opinionwo continues. i got toe believe what one dnc guest said.
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know you can call down that hard hitting abc news show the view co-host sunny hostint say she's totally okay with intimidationaled tactics against supreme court justices because it might lead to a quoteceus more moderate appro. on the abortion ruling. really? okay, and while i think it is terrible that justice would have to go into hiding, i think it is really clear to the justices now that as anna mentioned, 64 to 66% of americans believe that the supreme6%that court should uphoe v. wade. and so that being said, maybe b these protests and maybe this outcry givesees chief juste roberts some leverage for a more moderate approach.
11:27 pm
>> but the media mob that didn't stop there, one commentator, msnbc saying she wants to make sweet love to the supreme court lekker and then joyfully abortsupr the fetus. >> you can't make this up. take a look. up here's my feeling about the leaker. find outike to who the leaker is so i can make sweet love to that person because that person is a hero to me. okay, and if the leaker a lot of people aref saying you could be a conservative if the leaker is a republican and if i get pregnant duringur our lovemaking ,i will joyfully abort our fetusur and let them know. que. i don't know if that answered your question. i probably did in the funny joyfully abortive fetus here>> with reaction, fox news contributor lara trump along with former floridada attorney general pam bondi. laura , let me start with you tonight . tonight. joyfully abort our joyfully abort our fetus. it'sus okay with the biden
11:28 pm
administration to doxxed the homes of supreme court t justices, harasshe them,he intimidate them, run the matter that neighborhoods run them out. of their homes. and what happens when some people do get violent,, which often happens in moments like this , like like the molotov cocktail thrown into that facility in wisconsin this weekend? yeah, we're truly shining in a pretty disgraceful time in our history. ifeo this is what people areg talking about, they're condoning this sort of that comedian, by the way,havior and i think we should put that in their closed comedian is not funny. there's nothing funny beer about the abortion issue, you know, but she unfortunately song kindu of encapsulates where i think a lot of democrat voters are right now in america with thatnd attitude because it's sort ofgo shocking to see we've gotten there. if you look back not too long ago, even people on the left
11:29 pm
would acknowledge that abortion was a really tough issue, that it was something that was a gut wrenching decision for a woman to have to make.learly. very clearly it impacts to peoplele the mother and the chid that is never born in ways that are unimaginable. and if you talk to women who have had abortions, whether it's five years ago or twenty five years ago, many of them will tell you even the most callous of people that decision changes their life. it haunts them to this day. but the capitol, your attitude, the joking attitude about it in the way that on the left abortions are sort of championed kind of tells you how far we are degrading as a society if this is where we are in america right now, it is absolutely shameful to see shame on that woman. even bill clinton, n pam, said abortion shouldab be legalor but rare.. but now the democratic party has shifted so far less
11:30 pm
so. they've gotten so extreme. that you have states that have laws that allow for abortion up until the moment prior to birth when that child is fully formed and viable, which by any definition would be called infanticide. tha right. that's right. and you know,w, sean, that foul and vulgar comedian is a zero. she is she shouldn't s have been on tv, she is drawing -- for shock value, she's trying to for shock value save a failing career. she's also a woman who had mocked god in a stand up comedian skit. she did so she's a zero. a the host laughed. he laughedged her . he laughed at what she that nbc they need to come out and say how horrible what she said on tv on national tv was this was a news show, an n alleged news show where she came out and said these things. she's horrible butut she's a she's a nothing. but let me ask you this , though.
11:31 pm
dodothey need they need to apo? againe gotten so extreme . remember ralph northam's comments first of all, deliver the baby and take care of the baby and then the doctor and the mother will haveeci the decisionsi to make whether the baby that is living alone outside the gets the live or die, which isex more extreme thn anything i've as ted cruz rightly pointed out, mostt americans, even if they define themselves as pro-choice, do not support late term abortions or partial birth abortion-t. the question is, is theres anything illegal about the doxing aspect of t this clearly meant tohi harass and intimidate justices? youuin got to know that in witht emotional issue like this thatti you are putting justices lives in potential jeopardy heredy. aren't these the very same people that were upset that donald trumphese said manyi you will peacefully patriotically march todan the white house so your voice
11:32 pm
will be heard? i yes, sean, it is illegaly what they're doing and merrick garland, the attorney general of the united states should be out there arresting them. here's why. 18 usc 15 07. it is a crime to picket w a judge's house with the intent released.nce them. this opinion has not yet been released. they are attempting to influenceey attempt every persot there.unny and then you've got sunny she is? holston. you know what she is? lawyer. she's a lawyer. she's on tv . i she's not onlys a lawyer, she's their chief legal analyst saying it's okay for what these people are doing. they are out there d committing a crime. this isn't a peaceful protest. the law is very clear . you cannot go to a judge's home with intent to influenceo them and the law is there for a very good reason and that's another reason i the united states supreme court justices there are lifetime appointments so they cannot be influenced. and you know, i would guarantee you even the most liberal justices are mortified
11:33 pm
and horrified. it's what what's happening in front of their colleaguesoror because they all act with civility and camaraderie. let's look at the political side of this law if we can , and the conventional wisdom i've been hearingpl from people is, oh , this is going to help h the democratel in the midterms n and in november i'm not soov su, this is going to help them at all because all of this is predicated on a big lie and the big lie that is that if roe v. wade and casey were overturned, somehow abortion becomes illegal in americabort. and what americans are going to learn very quickly if it's so, if it is overturned is abortion is not going to be made illegal in in the country. they might be different restrictions in differentun but you're got to have alle lib these liberal states likeeral si new york , california, new jersey and illinois that probably will continue to allow for third trimester abortions and then people realizete pretty much they've been lied to and that they don't need roe v. wadens
11:34 pm
because the state is going to ensure that right for them. >> correct? >> yeah. well, i mean, really all the democrats have at this point channelize that's the only way they can encouragee people on their side. that's the only way they can drum up support, get enthusiasm behindp because they have failed the american people so ethically. but you'ree exactly right. if you go back to that clip from the view that you played, the reality is that if you want a democratic process to play out, you're right. you want it to go back to the state supreme court justices do not make decisions based on mob rule and popular opinion. p they make decisions baseded on the united states constitution. that is exactly what this is all about. s sthat i're right. it goes back to the states. it has all been alive from the democrats fromha the beginning. but it's alley they have left sean. i think that is they're not g going to run on let's see inflation at a 40 year highh, e chaos at the border, the worstco economy that we've had in 4040
11:35 pm
years, the highest price ofe gasoline we've ever had e. afghn they're not going to f run on afghanistan. i don't think there's anything they can point tont that they've been successful at lara trump, thank you , pam bondi. thank you . you .straight ahead, the left is using the supreme court leak as a distracter for biden's failures. plus, breaking news surrounding an alabamaound inmate and the prison guard who helped him escape as "hannity" continues. stay with us. now someone could listed as the owner of stealing thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity. anybody who owned property for 90%. there's no other crime that is so easy. so until this year, your equity piece is stolen in one fell swoop. i try to seize like matthew cause nobody thinks that i can take their house. nobody thinks that . believe it or not, a single page document is all it takes to transfer proof of ownership out of your name. people think there's a whole
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11:40 pm
relation were first spotted at a hotel near evansvillefi, indiana. they then led police on a highd speed chase that ended a few minutes later when tke the fugitives wrecked their vehicled six foot nine kc white gave himself up. but police say vicky died ofot a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. believeators this planned escape might have been in the works for years, ca saying vicky white would often communicate with casey white while he was in prison. then a few months ago he was sent to the jail that shean oversaw to stand trial for a twenty 15 murder. vicky white quickly soldd her home for cash, announced her retired from lawce enforcement and then helped casey white walk out of the jail in florence, alabama. from there, the two who were thought t to be romantically involved ditched the patrol car and fled in a planned casey wcar . now caseyhi willte head back toe alabama to face murderes and additional charges regardless, he would likely
11:41 pm
spend the rest of his life in prison. ntrish fowler, thank you tonight . now the biting economy is i continuings to fail on every front tonight . inflation surging 40 year high gas prices now at a record high once again, the stock market continues to tumble, hammering americans retirement accounts, especially the poor, middle income and people on fixedco incomes all allun while the bidn white house continues to blame everyone but themselves. and according to gallup, americans are now taking notice with a whopping 52% of votersf saying they are worried about maintaining their very standard of living. sog while the left may try to distract from all of these failures and try to fuel more hysteria and blind rage against the u.s. supreme court or biden's self-inflicted crises, staring americans right in the face at the gas pump and in the grocery aisle, pretty much every service, every good you buy at every b store you goou to it, with reaction. south ca south carolina senator lindsey graham is with us. rolinaahsenator , welcome back.n
11:42 pm
there's not a single thing i can point to that thein democrats can run on and say we've been successful here, there or anywheren. m they seem to have now locked into an extreme position on abortion and even supporting doxingio these supreme court justices that wednesday of this week. we arey ofs expecting a chuck schumer vote to codify roe. l doan we know the language in tht bill ? how extreme is it ? well, it doesn't codify roe. what it would do is allow abortion to be had right up to the moment of birth. that's not roe v. wade. right u roe v.p wade says the state can regulate abortion after viability. the fetus is about twenty three to twenty four weeks. roe. oes well beyond so their answer to roe v. wade being potentially repealed isna to nationalize a lawti that allr abortion right up toig the momet of birth. that's pretty extreme.. this will be a referendum on joe biden's economic and national security policy. it won't be a referendum on roe
11:43 pm
v. wade. the election in twentye twenty two will be decided about you can't buy a baby formula.f i bet 100% of americans believed that they have a baby and you bring the baby in the world should be able to buy formula. well, there'stoe's a crisis whet comes to baby formula. you can't fill up your gas tank. i spentt sixty five dollars billion on my gas tank today and it was three quarterste and that was just three quarters. the borders broken. this is going to be a referendum on biden, not roe v. wade. three things should happen here. joe biden should look to camera nine to every protester leave a judge's home home alone. you're committing a crime isti illegal to go try to intimidatea a judge who's hearing their case at their home like it would be a juror. joe biden needs to say that we all asked trump to tell the protesters to leave the capital . president biden, here's what in want you to i want you to get on television and tell these people to leaveo the judges alone becausehe they're committing the crime to seeime. it all on the same side. the problem with your advice is that ship sailed. id --
11:44 pm
the administration is already set free to protest in front of supreme court justices home. so they've already given a tacit approval the no to i'm going to write a letter tomorrow to the attorney general garland and ask himaw what since interpretation there's a law on the books that prevents judges from ihe bg harassed and picketed while they're deciding a case. same for juror. io they're literally violating the law. they violated the law whenney they went into the capital , trespassing in the capital , taking matters tnd into their on hands. everybody yelled at trump, tell them to leave. well, here'shahahi what i'm telg president biden. tell these people to leaddtell t the judges alone. don't go to their home. this is illegal is wrong. it's bad for america. n we'll break the court. joe biden needs to step up and take matters into his own hands in his presidency. united states speak forcefully to these people. intimidating judges try to get an outcome in a case which violates our law. rn attorney general gardner garland, you need to issue ann opinion tomorrow saying that the activity in front of the judge's house violates. the
11:45 pm
i'd like the attorney general to weigh in . i'd like the fbi director right away and i'd like the dhs secretary. l they said justike last week that domestic domesticc terrorism was the biggest threat society has. don't you think it's a little bit dangerous allowing people to show up in front of the homes of supreme court justices when they're facing an important decision? isn't that intimidation, harassment at and the type of thing i think the law is very clear shows is illegal? >> well, it's illegal to go into the capital . we all agree with you and i and everybody else with a half a brain said leave the capital . this is not the way to to deal with an election. de so president by and you have an opportunity here to get people to standnd down before somebody gets hurt. what they're doing, president biden isoi a violation of the law. you need toyou speak up.need attorney general gordonn garland. you need to issue an opinion tomorrow telling these people they're in violation of law. if they keep doing it, they're d going to jail. if you don't do that , then
11:46 pm
you're getting covered a legaleh behavior. i think the presidentavav should have been the one to do it and he passed on it multiple times. so times. i would argue anything doese he's responsible forponsible foi amazing they didn't care aboutno the riots in twenty twenty . they don't care about this . they only cared about the one riot. and becausee they could bludgeon somebody else but they forgot the important part. donald trump authorized the use of national guard troops and the people that have the authority to call them up didn't call them up that day senator biden went out of saying he said yes, sir. he said leave. it he told them to leavel the capital . will biden tell them to leave the judges alone? go home to look trump did l he told them to leave. you need to tell them to leave . all right, senator , thank you for coming up. another day, another scandal, fourno zero experience on biden. new reports tonight a hollywood lawyer just paid millions to cover his delinquent taxes. we have the details at all of this humanitarian aid 70% fromfu
11:47 pm
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11:51 pm
scale, go to class, try and never go to the post office again. some more developments tonight surrounding zeroen experience hunter biden as a new report says that a hollywood lawyer named kevin morris paid off hundreds of delinquent taxes whicht amounted to over two million bucks. and that's not all because according to sources cited by the new york post, the lawyer is also payingg for hunter's lavish hollywood lifestyle, including rent livingerod expenses.according and according to cbs t news, this lawyer is also producing a documentary including an a laptoption into from . they did reach out to the white house hunter biden, kevin morris for comment yet to hear back with reaction out founder travis along with outnumbered co-host kayleigh mcenany. haley, correct me if i'm wrong,a you're an attorney. d wouldn't that be considered income under the irs laws
11:52 pm
and wouldn't that be something that you've got to look into if somebody pays a off a tax bill , two million dollars and other expenses? yeah,s? i mean, perhaps it'dif be different if i was a loan that was being paid back periodically. but you're certainly right. comes to mind. john paul mack isaac was at macbook, owner of that mac shop where you had hunter turnoverth the laptops. what is and what's so curious to me about all of c this ,urio john,s he talks about in then new york post the time hunter camee t in going through hisn files, stumbling upon a file named income and he talks about the extraordinary amount that was coming in one hundred eight hundred eighty thousand one year, more than one million the next year, li more than two million the nextox and somehow he didn't saveyear. he didn't do anythingvi appropriate with this money because he's having to lean on ang lawyer for two million dollars allegedly, according to the post, to pay his taxes to fund his lifestyle. a lawyer that his friends affectionately t call his sugar.
11:53 pm
brother.r.we we know he paid some ofe joe biden's expenses and joe biden paid some of his . this looks like a nefarious webo a lot question, sean. >> and you think of all the money that romney's firms got from let's see, kazakhstan ,ukraine, russia, china, other countries. and you've got to wonder where all that money go.all and we doth knowat mon complainm in his laptop in emails that hel had to pay half of his income to pops. to p that wouldop be joe biden or the big guy. yeah, this is calling and demanding an investigation ,guys. and let's just think for a moment how this would be covered by the media if donald trump junior had beenee several million dollars in debtn and some random big shot lawyer who undoubtedly is connected tod democrat politicians had suddenly cut a check to pay over two million dollars in back taxes, was allowing himg to live h a lavish lifestyle
11:54 pm
in malibu outside of l.a. and there were no questions whatsoever being asked about oh , by the way, the new york post has also reported something that's prettyls significant. joe biden made eleven million dollars the first year that he of the white house in eleven months. that's's mon a lot of money to r for somebody that has never had any business relationshipsel at all. this is crying out for an investigation, for questions tot be answered and for us to get to the bottom of where this money is coming from. and also remember this lawyer is evidently advising hunter on his career as an artist. have we totally forgotten that this is a guy basicallyli selling finger paintingsng for a half million dollars out there to democrat donors? undoubtedly get better access to this great hunter. you know, you k portraits of a n addict, you know,tl apparently s very popular. we p just don't know the people who spend the money to buy the portraits of the crack addict. they seem to get away with it all the time.
11:55 pm
kayleigh, why they do because they're at the levers of power. i mean, what i find f so questionable, shon, is joe biden clearly knew that his son had these problems. remember hunter biden was undern investigation for potential tax issues f going back to when president joe biden was vicet president bidenjo. in then in twenty eighteen, this probe opened into hunter biden, his laptop to perhaps a political influence with his dad. g his son why did joe biden run for office knowing his son had all these issues? it's a question i don't know. tj i hope to dodge fair here. all i know is joe said repeatedly, i've never had a single conversation with any of hunter's foreign businesssi a partners. but we gote pictures of joe andn hunterte and foreign businesss. partners and the emails. all right.. thank you both. when both. we come back on hannity shraddha, you could only one thing the rest of your life
11:56 pm
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12:00 am
the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us and thank you forr making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode ofne hannity for the latest news informationin all you need to know all day long fox news .com hannity .com, we've got you covered. in the meantime, let nothe your heart trouble. laura ingraham, the angle is next . have a great night. hi everyone. i'm laura ingraham. this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . thank you for joining us . >> the inmates are running the asylum. that's the focus of tonight's angle. okay, what on earth is happening in the once respectable democratic party? now this goes back to even since before biden was elected, it's been engaged in kind of a slow act of self sabotage. but why i mean, they see the numbers right? biden and harris lik