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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 10, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us and thank you forr making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode ofne hannity for the latest news informationin all you need to know all day long fox news .com hannity .com, we've got you covered. in the meantime, let nothe your heart trouble. laura ingraham, the angle is next . have a great night. hi everyone. i'm laura ingraham. this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . thank you for joining us . >> the inmates are running the asylum. that's the focus of tonight's angle. okay, what on earth is happening in the once respectable democratic party? now this goes back to even since before biden was elected, it's been engaged in kind of a slow act of self sabotage. but why i mean, they see the numbers right? biden and harris like the stock
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market, they're tanking, failing to take inflation seriously means that biden may be at a point of no return, which indicates what a looming political disaster for democrats with voters in a disgruntled mood ahead of the midterms. yet instead of doing the basics to address a number one issue facing american families, democrats spend their time supporting blm, lgbtq propaganda in schools obviously open borders, limiting our oil and gas industry. oh , and of course their go to january six . democrats have become political crack addicts. they know what they're doing is hurting them politically, but they still can't quit their drug of choice. it's kind of a cocked tale of rabid anti-americanism with a shot of abortion on demand and has left wing threats against supreme court justices
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. houses of worship and crisis pregnancy centers continue amount. we just have to understand we have to try to understand how things have gotten so off the rails for the democrats in america. now they stop being the party of the little guy of small business and they began to cater to people like this . what you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated the woman to sit in the supreme court. what are you going i want you to know that you believe me and about what that was teddy
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roosevelt and it was abraham lincoln. >> remember those days a respectful and measured bunch they are now these the caliber of individuals who managed to convince disney ceo to attack rhonda santurce. that was a great idea and who emphasized criminals who do the smash and grabs in broad daylight as they did over the weekend in northern virginia. you know, perhaps they're on the web. perhaps they're on the way. this is cool. hey, get away. get out of the loose, phillimore. >> i know.
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now remember, it's not called theft. it's called console reparations to the democrats core constituents because they kind of love capitalism is at its heart corrupt. so a little leveling the playing field. it's nothing to get that upset about. this is why their heroes are people like marxist divas like san francisco's chessa bodeen who learned about protecting criminals from his parents who are themselves dangerous criminals. as members of the weather underground, you cannot make an up. it's yeah, it's real life. but democrats are kind of caught in a trap now of their own making. they know being soft on crime hurts them, but they're more worried about offending the racial industrial complex that has our city's locked in a violent spiral and turning it all around politically for themselves. but think about like in chicago where mayor lori lightfoot might as well have put out a welcome mat for cold blooded killers. the democrats bargain
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with radicals there. it's like the rival thing door of justice limits on cash bail can easily turn deadly on friday night this was a heartbreaker. a twenty three year old culinary student was ambushed in an upscale neighborhood, lincoln park. the thugs took his phone, demanded his password and then shot him three times in the head and back . i want to warn you that this security video from over the weekend is highly disturbing
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. >> dakota earley is now on life support after that attack. how he survived at all is that the two assailants are wanted for seven other armed robberies in last week alone should shock all americans. >> how twisted that the democrats who know darn well that getting tough on crime actually works. we saw it work in cities across america starting with rudy giuliani, what he did in new york all those years ago, they could do that . instead they allow this carnage to continue. >> they've made a sick risk benefit analysis. it's just not worth it to them to offend far less racial activists in order to protect
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innocent human life. they do not care. so why would anyone really be surprised when democrats don't condemn pro-abortion wingnuts showing up at justices, houses and churches? these people are fanatics and yet they're sacred. that fanatical energy is sacred based territory for the democrat party . nothing is more important to them than preserving abortion on demand. it is their sacred allegiance. their oxygen is depriving the unborn of theirs. these juvenile protests i'm sure you saw some of the video there a clear attempt to intimidate and harass these justices also to impede the deliberative process that a court something the democrats used to warn about mike lindell that we hope we will things
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can escalate really quickly when people are lied to about how they're coming next for your birth control. please it all all it takes is one person to go off the rails . justice alito actually had to move his family out of town. my friends, this is what happens in third world countries, not in america. of course, though the press lionize the woman who galvanized the cavanaugh home protests. the truth is that she's just a another fanatic burrowed into the educational establishment. the woman is actually a teacher . the white house dragged its feet for days but finally put out a tepid statement saying it supports the right to protest but that judges should be able to perform their jobs without concern for their safety. no kidding. talk about stating the obvious a tweet. that's it. imagine if every time conservatives were offended by a supreme court opinion,
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there were a lot of them over the last 20 , 30 years, a measure conservative activists showed up at ruth bader ginsburg apartment at the watergate screaming nasty things that are accusing her of all sorts of things. or maybe elena kagan's place be called domestic terrorists warned by the doj and investigated by the fbi. what kind of like the upset parents who attended school board meetings in response to concerns about violence, threats of violence or other criminal conduct? that's all it's about and all it asks is for federal law enforcement to consult with meet with local enforcement to assess the circumstances, to strategize about what may or may not be necessary to provide federal assistance if it is necessary. >> the statement they put out specifically reference school boards and school officials. it's terrible for america to have one of its two
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political parties so hooked on radicalism the inmates are truly running the democrat asylum and that's the angle. but it got worse than protests outside the homes this past weekend. joining me now is gracy scatman who is spokeswoman for heal without harm, a pro-life group who was at the madison office that was bombed last week and rebecca kleefisch, former wisconsin lieutenant governor and current republican wisconsin gubernatorial candidate gracie ,will acts of violence deter you from your mission? >> absolutely not. i think if anything, this is a reminder to us that here in the pro-life movement we have an important message to convey and that is one of love and support both for these unborn children but also for the mothers. and we will continue to defend these lives and act with, with courage even in the face of these senseless acts of violence. well, rebecca, the way it was
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reported in the press, it it might as well like in politico they had a really short little description of it and it might as well have just been a you know, started by some kind of a heater or something electric heater. it was quite downplayed. you had to kind of read into the link to understand what had really happened here. but are you surprised the media are downplaying this ? of course i'm not surprised, laura . i mean, i believe the expression was a fire broke out as opposed to what actually happened was this building being firebombed. if you go back and investigate how all of this actually went down, this is because president donald trump appointed conservative justices to the u.s. supreme court. those conservative supreme court justices actually had the guts to interpret the constitution as opposed to just make things up as they go and then the joe biden administration was completely
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gutless in standing up to the far fringes of their own political party and telling them to stand down when they were trying to intimidate united states supreme court justices who in the middle of making a incredibly important decision for the future of our great nation. what we are seeing today is absolutely wrong. and moms of america and those who stand up and speak for the voiceless will not be intimidated. in fact, this is our time to stand up and double down to protect those who can't afford to buy lobbyists. what we are looking at right now is a deuteronomy 31 six moment in this country state koray everyone do not be afraid or terrified because the lord your god is with you and will not forsake you want the left and right now imagine imagine like the left graisse is all up in arms when people are praying
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outside of a planned parenthood clinic they have their buffer zone. say you have to stay across the street. there's a number of yards you can stand in most places that gets i mean that drives them crazy. they've gone to court to stop you know the sidewalk counselors here you had a molotov cocktail . now that's not what ultimately that's not what set the fire. but then they went in to try to get that started going. that was an attack on this clinic that they call a pro-abortion, not a crisis pregnancy center. of course, this is insane. absolutely. and this is not only an attack on wisconsin family action, this is an attack on the entire pro-life movement not only in wisconsin but nationwide. and i absolu we echo the sentiments of lieutenant governor kleefisch this is our moment, i think, to make it crystal clear that the pro-life
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movement is pro women, pro babies, pro-life. we are a movement of compassion and joy. and you know, this morning i spoke with pregnancy resource centers here in wisconsin and they are terrified. they are terrified that this violence is going to come to their front door. and in the meantime, they are just trying to meet women with love and kindness and support in in their time of vital need. well well, jen psaki had a well ,we'll say it's a really unifying only way biden team could say unifying message today. watch. the president believes that there is work we can continue to do together, but he's also not going to stand by and not call what he sees as ultra mega behavioral maga hat policies that are out of the mainstream of the country and are not in the interests of the american people. lieutenant governor playfish ultra magga to them means standing for life. that's how radical the democrats have become.
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>> it's outrageous. and laura, it is time for us to stand as moms and as a country against this type of intimidation. >> they are trying to scare us . look at the video you played at the top of this broadcast. a man was shot three times by thugs and these are the type of behaviors that these extremists in office today elected by the far fringes of the democrat party are promoting and allowing to happen. we can't let this stand. we were called for a time such as this do not be intimidated right now. on twitter, on social media everywhere i am people talking about the of my two daughters because i am willing to stand up to the bullies and the leftist fringes and stand for al gore and baby, it's going to take the democrats to get wiped out in november for them to finally reject the radicals. i mean, 2020 four is going to have to be a 19 for style wipe out otherwise i'll work
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their they're addicted to this drug of fanaticism. gracie and rebecca, thank you very much. and these terroristic tactics have moved beyond pro life centers and into catholic masses, but not without some parishioners fighting back . this is a scene at the cathedral of our lady of the angels in l.a. yesterday called the . joining me now is raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. raymond, you're in l.a. now and i know you've spoken to sources at this church. what have you learned tonight ? well, a number of them told me this didn't only happen at our lady of the angels. the cathedral here in l.a. west hollywood also saw a similar demonstration.
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but in this case these women entered. they then changed into these costumes, these handmade entailed costumes in the bathroom and then invaded the sanctuary during mass . those there said defiling the catholic mass . and laura, the curious thing is when i asked each of these people and i spoke to three witnesses, people who were there mass i said what did you think when they stood up in these red outfits? one man said he thought they were little red riding hood. another lady thought they were florence nightingale and betsy ross. so, you know, if you're going to protest, make sure the iconography, the costume character you're wearing is known to the people you're protesting against. otherwise they're utterly bewildered and that seems to be the case here. they look like great action and so they look like adults playing little red riding hood actually . i mean they look just idiotic. now you saw connection, raymond, between what happened this weekend and something that pelosi previously said. watch this sacred space where
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members legislate children learn, visitors are welcomed, was defiled and damaged. so the capitol returned. nancy pelosi said the congress was a sacred space that had been invaded. defiles is the word she used. yet she and no other politician and i don't care where you stand on this issue, laura , we should all be in agreement as american houses of worship should not be defiled by protest protests outside protest across the street. you mentioned bubble zones a moment ago. they have them around abortion clinics. we need those bubble zones around houses of worship right now they have local state state statutes to that effect but not national ones. it's about time that fellow catholic nancy pelosi and others call for bubble zones around churches but protest during mass defiling and defame daily ritual. this is off limits shouldn't
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be happening. raymond, you got he's getting communion every sunday right at mass . i mean this is just a total joke. if it happened anywhere else in church where they were protected, they would be calling in merrick garland and he'd have the task force going too busy doing environmental. i guess it's one thing to protest but mass is not mardi gras. you're not allowed to play dress up and scream in the middle of a sacred liturgy. i'm sorry that should be off limits no matter your politics . yeah, well, they should try it on the mosques next time. say how far they get. raymond, thank you . and remember, if you cannot watch us live, make sure to set a series record on your dvr because you don't want to miss us every weeknight at 10 p.m. now just how bad are the threats that the justice or getting justices are getting? well, some breaking news out of the senate in moments. plus, we'll show you how some of liz cheney's biggest donors have made common cause with more lunatics. >> stay there only by talking
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to centuries from member the man who helped shape the nation we became the most of the british was with relaxium. he's got to show what we really made up. americans don't retreat. they were determined to fight somebody your high school band or weapons off just marching down there to go into a fight. you got to focus on the threat in front or you wouldn't be down here. what does he mean by their sacrifice is extraordinary. war is . kelsey grammer historic battles for america streaming now on fox nation. sign up at fox nation .com here
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with our everyday pricing. switch today. so just how bad things gottense in the america that joe bidend promised would be more calm and dignified? d well, just tonight the senatel approved a bill that wills extend security protection to t immediate family members of supreme court justices. joining me now i is monica
12:25 am
crowley, former treasury assistant secretary of public affairs host o the monica crowly podcast. monica now you know, i clerked on the court, you know, years and years ago. is i can't believe this is where we are that the family members of justices has to get protection because of the fanatics in the democrat party . unreal. you know you know, laura , this is the logical end to what the left has been doing in this country for decades. this is the long march through our institutions to turn them leftist, to corrodeon the very foundations of this country by attacking all of the main a pillars and all of the main institutions of this country. you know, laura , the leftists can break laws all over theun can break laws all over theun they cananthe burn down our cit, destroy businesses, scream at supreme court justices and threaten them and their families and they skate.
12:26 am
but conservatives sneeze and they get the book thrown at them. we cannott go on like this with this two tiered justice system and an uneven application ofon the law, a healthy republic has to have the, the even application of the law and itce also has to have blind justiceit and we don'the have either right now and we haven't for a very long time. well, we realize wherets the democrats really are likear they're the heart and soul of the democrat party is with someone like an elizabethhe warren. right. that's really the party now we thought she was over and done with . but axios istot reporting tonight that warren is taking over the democrat party . they said the senator's influencee pervades the party. it extends from her allies installed across the administration a to the whie house's leftward shift on student loan debt cancelation as well as her 2020 two primary endorsements. last month, warren had a bluntro message for her party.m democrats willem lose in twenty twenty two if we fail to use
12:27 am
the months remaining to deliver on more of our agendaur. she has a roster of protegess installed across the administration that share her goals. monica, that's the message t they've gotten with biden that in the mid thirties and some of these polls liz r and some of these polls liz r the future. de yeah, well, i hope, laura , that the democratic party continues to a go further and more radically left because that only helps us going intoll november and twenty four look at all of the energy and activism are on the radical left. that's where it i is in the that's where it i is in the and senator warren sees a powerm vacuum because the president, b clearly is not capable of doings the job. t the vice presidenthe of the united states is also the united states is also so elizabeth warren sees an opening for the progressive radical left tohe take the bullf by the horns and tryur to take the party even further tos the left, which again i hopeet they do. but remember,it she's inal competitions with other radicals competitions with other radicals butt elizabeth warren has run
12:28 am
for president before she sees an opening. she doesn't oesn't think think that joe biden is capable ofhe running biden is capable ofhe running kamalala harris, forget it. so it might be that elizabeth warren now is laying the groundwork not just for a policy agenda for the far left and the democrats but for herself going intoo twenty another. she said she wasn't going to run, but run but i don't know, e her tribal instincts really will make her monica merrick garland. yeah, merrick garland has announced today again really on the pulse of the country. what's really weird tcountry,, e announced the launch of a comprehensive environmental justice strategy that's what the focus of the democrat on the inflation the democrat and supply chain and gas pricess and selling and off of the mark. that's where they want to go. >>at's where they want to go. yes, because remember, in obama's words, laura , the objective is the fundamental transformation
12:29 am
of the nation into a very v far left, some would say socialist or communist kind of model. of environmental of model. justice entity within the doj makes perfect sense. it's totally along the lineses h their agenda has nothing to do with criminal justice, which is what his jobt but has everything to do with the ideologicalee that they are waging.monica, t the global reset monaca the global reset here it ishe great to see you as always. and despite their threats and intimidation left, they haven't been able to stop parents, have they , amanda, or ran the campaigns of the winning candidates in the spring branch independent school district board race in texas after her client won a may 2020 one school board race liberal activist pullediv out allis the stops to delay out allis the stops to delay the twenty twenty two race. ra so leptis filed voting rights act lawsuit federal court. they allege discriminationra in order to reconfigure the jurisdiction for the race.
12:30 am
they also filed an f injunction in an attempt to halt the election altogether. so for the last year amanda joined a thousand parents groupd of grassroots volunteers who work to ensure ture that th' past weekend's elections proceeded and guess what ? amaneeded and guess what ? amanda and other parentsda a in houstonnd o won it and now conservatives have a majority on the school board on this on the school board on this members, all they want tobo do s restore neutrality to the classroom. they don't want politics of any sortclassroom.. just education we thought would have a little moment to celebrate or amanda or honor of the strategy or strategy group . amanda, you are warning me that shenanigansam were afootre and you saw it a coming. what's a lesson here for other jurisdictions and even federally for the united states? >> so i think spring gst is really the model for the entire
12:31 am
united states in fighting boards that haveigds w political agendas for our children. i remember when i washe a kid oo teachers were not allowed tout talk about their personal politics and that has changed quite drastically and all that the candidates that won lisa, i'llwo be john perez and caroline hpn bennett all they want is a return to classroom neutrality. and so i encourage schoolty boards and parents across the country that are frustrated with the direction of their schools in the curriculum and the sexualizationnd ofoo and the sexualizationnd ofoo plans that hint att critical race theory to watch what happened in spring branch. wepr worked for a year and i'm o proud of the thousand parent group named pipeline and i had to do it. you i mean i had to do a station. a how did you do it? i mean a lot of parents are outraged like i can tell so
12:32 am
many parents in fairfax county, virginia are outraged about what happens at those school board they feel powerless. i think they've tried to fightss back . had . a little success here and there, but it's been an uphill battle.. obviously texas is obviously a little more conservative to say the least.. >> but how did you do it? yeah, the group is really passionate and there were countless hours of volunteerme work. it j became full time jobs for a lot of the parents and we did not let yeah, and one one of the pipeline members coined the phrase all gas, no brakes and that has becomee our saying> i love it when we were l fightiw . yeah. that lawsuit and going into t the electionhe. of yeah, it's a group of passionate parents and taxpayerspa t that see thatr rights were being taken awayy from us right in front of oure eyes. i wantwh everyone to get to slep at the wheel. asleepwheel. at the we'll no more its parent power usa amanda yes.
12:33 am
i was worried because you were warning me about this a while ago and you all did it and i give you huge congratulations, great work and keep it upyb and that should be a light for everybody else across this country. . amanda, thank you . . okay,>> i got a clue. tonight's wits end segmentns that will be revealed the answer revealed at the end of the showwend selling which im can get you arrested in a new york city subway, which i don't want to be . your guess is that anger man. we're going to see if we get it right at the end of the show. no cheating if to get the whitet house covid director makesin a shocking claim and we're going to tell you what's reallyo behind it and more in moments. >> hi, i'm christina. you may know me from flipping houses. listen, i've designed 100% new spaces and i've seen it all crumbling grout, impossible clunky step over tub. say goodbye to that ugly headache and hello to jacuzzi
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12:39 am
and worse if we don't get aheade of this thing, we're going to have a lot of waning immunity. this virus continues to evolve and we may seeor a pretty sizabo wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths this fall and winter. if we can prepare and if we can act, we can prevent that . but we're going to needth congress'sat help. we need the resources to fight that battle so we don't havee that battle so we don't havee more resources. joining me now is dr. marty makary, johns hopkins professorp and author of the price we pay. dr. macquarrie. great to see you tonight . you tonight. see you tonight . you so firstst i have to say we see shanghai tightening their hideous, cruel lockdowns what we know aboutl lockdowns covid zero. it doesn't work. >> but now we see here in the united states that seems like the only thing that's going to make these people happy that wee never have covered again in the
12:40 am
united states. >> well, there's a lot >> therf people who still believe in covid zero and it is so cruel to see what's happening in china, our kids being rippedi out of their families and sent to these detention centersnd. ou these detention centersnd. our policies in manyr waysay replicate the zero strategy. if you look at hyper testing, if you look at this twenty two point five dollars billion by the administration of dr. john say they absolutelyennd d d and it's critical they say it's going to go to a new vaccine. wew don't even have an omicron specific vaccine that's been disclosed under developmentn orv under review at the fda. they have a kovács and vaccine. they've been sitting on for four months that gives better t protection against violence. they're just, you know, waiting on the bureaucracy and they say the money isthey going to go ton hyper testing. we don't need to be hyper testing immune people are'r feeling this testing industrial complex of immune peoplehis and the money is also going to go to parts of it which is being overused right now in vaccinated immune people who are low risk. the trial on paxil which shows that it saves lives in unvaccinated high risk
12:41 am
people and yet it's being given out like candy right now tos g anybody with mild symptoms. >> yeah, they they love it. am i saying right. like i have a lot of friends who took it, you know, that it was a given to them, but they're very low risk people. they had already had covidn and they had already been vaccinated and they had that it justst there just seems to be na rhyme or reason to this . and of course there are a lot of people who are concernediz that this whole thing is being politicized for money. dr. macquarrie, because there's no end to the money we have despite everything we know about what's going on in ourgo economy. but americans i think i get d the sense they're just they're done with this. >> they're done done with the fear mongering. look, one hundred million people are going to get rsv and soki virus and flu and other common cold viruses five to 20 times in our lifetime. but right now 95 to 98% of the population has immunity. they have some circulating antibodies from natural or vaccinated immunity. that means you've got a ninety nine point nine nine percent
12:42 am
level of protection against p covered up. feel good about that protection. now livero your life and if you're low risk covid is not a serious concern. dr. macquarrie, wonderful toan see you tonight . thank you so whataboutism team p biden making these predictions so far in advance. f we know it's going to start in the fall right before a midterm election that of course is projected to wipe out the democrats. de so i'll make a prediction, one that i made i think it was back in april. >> 2020 as well with all perpetratedell with all through the covid nightmare, the effort to change voting is perhaps the worst. anything to create more opportunities for ballot harvesting or even voter fraudal .t >> here now is richard davis hanson, senior fellow atto the hoover institution. victor, that was back in april of 2020.0. it seems like there is a desperate desire to keeps this panic going. what do you think's going on here really? >> ispo it political ?
12:43 am
well,ca i think every week in te larger landscape it's either january six or now it's roe versus wade or putin's pricede hike, the ukrainian war because they're desperately looking for some magic escape route and they can't escape because they won't change their ideologues and they run the economy and the country into the ground. sosont they look back and they think how could we win in twenty twenty ? was clear it was a lockdown. we frightened everybody and we had all the mail in ballots. maybe that will work again. maybe we can say we've got a new model that says we're all going to have to be locked down or all going to get caught maill going to get caught in ballots i don't know but it's pretty pathetic and orhe maybe they think they can stopus inflation, laura , by just shutting everybody back in and nottnd spending, i don't knn but it's pretty desperate because they won't change't. onb they won't say these areth what americans are concerned about. they're worriednd about gas and inflation and the border and overseas and here are the solutions and they won't do it because they're self created
12:44 am
problems and they won't change.g butt every week we're going to hear one of them. but victor, this is why i started off that the inmates are truly running the asylum. an they can't change. they are addicted to fanaticism. they know they're being hurtd politically. and the other group we're going to do it again. we're going to do it. it's going to have a different result, but it's not going to be a different result. and your friend i know you're very close. bill gates, the newgo a speakino a new model, victor, i had to get your thoughts on something stunning. at least i thought that gates said watch during the pandemic any engagement sales meeting, doctor , yout sales meeting, know, having a funeral. you know, people are forced to say, hey, can we doe' that digitally? and we'll also do i need to go to that convention or could it be online? i think that is a a very positive things. that's a positive thing for a dweeb who doesn't want toe leave his house. it's not a positive thing for the rest of america.
12:45 am
but actually we have lives and we like being with people. what is going on with all gates there? think he's made a fortune in china. he's made a fortune's in telecommunications and anything that profits bill gates becomes all of a sudden a moral issue for everybody else. pretty simple but i don't really know him, laura . i've never i mean he's never come down here to someone prunet vines with me. vines with me. farmland, but i haven't seennds him on a tractor around here. >> victor, i will pay a lot ofau moneyra to see you and bill gatk on a tractor together. that that would be a great, great moment. victor, thank you . okay, g okay, g exactly. now moments we're going toomen introduce you to some of liz o cheney's new best friends. plus we're going to speak to a candidate trying to take her down. >> staytoe there h. why are so many people turning to superbeets, crystal? because super crystal give you the energy and blood pressure
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12:50 am
military veterans guide to navigate your caregiving journey. remember those so-called g principled men and women in the gop who valiantly stoodia up to? fight against trump thinking people like adam kinzingeropley. and liz cheney? these righteous republicans now? well, we might have the answer. breitbart isng reporting that is cheney's reelection campaign is working with a group called people first.
12:51 am
their website indicates it's affiliated with far lefth democrat organizations such as president biden's as campaign arm planned parenthood and black lives matter. harriet hagaman is running to unseat liz cheney in wyoming and she joins us now. harriet, good to see you. i know the primaries coming up. the open primary coming up c in august, but liz cheney really is she's billed as thee principled republican .y. only a handful of them left,e' obviously, and she's passionate abouts january six and investigating that .th are you are surprised then she hasn't been more vocal about left wing protests that seem to be getting out of hand againstic supreme court justices?es >> well, laura , it's wonderfull to see t you again to be backnk to see t you again to be backnk thank you . i have beeni hav been stunned at her silence when you think l about what has actually happened in the lastee week. i'm a constitutional attorney. i've beenaw practicing law for over three years and i've never seen anything like this and
12:52 am
the people that i have talked to haven't either. this was clearly an attempt to intimidate our supreme court justices to find a way to expose or to try to get them to change, to get someone tong change their decision. and also you can see just the, the rioting and the attacks and the hysteria that you're seeing hys by the t leftists and the radicals out there. ithe makes no sense. and wyoming sitting congresswoman has made noev comment whatsoever.ou and you would think wou that ind light of what she's doneld related to january 6th that she would have been at the forefront of condemningy, this . s h but boy, sheasn' hast beenhe i understand she might have h in the last fewou minutes or so or last hour actually . yeah, we have it. we have harriet, we searched today for t a commenthi i think i might have raised that last week where where liz cheney, principal person on what's happening with the justices. well, we couldn'tju find anythig so we actually called her office now two hours after we contacted her office,
12:53 am
her office sent us a brandng new article noting her new comments calling the leaker to be prosecuted at the court or harriet again, she's a sterling character in judgment, but she wouldn't have releasedte the statement, i don't think, s had we not asked. >> well, i think that's exactly true . she's playing cleanup now, butuw it also exposes what her real agenda is with the january 6th commission. this doesn't have anything to do with principle and i wouldld argue she isn't the principled candidate in this race. isndidate in this race. what the january six commission about is about a she stated very publicly repeatedly that it is to make sure m that donald trup never gets near the oval office again. but again, that is sort of whydc wyoming sent her to washington, d.c. that's furthering her agenda and that of nancy pelosi, joe biden and adam kinzinger, adam schiff, those folks. >> but it doesn't have anything to do with what wyoming wants
12:54 am
her to do. well, harriet, they're: they're pummeling you with ads but enough to play it. butt you know, anyone who has their doubts about you should just know you're being attackedy by all the right people likeou the lincoln project and all these left wing groups that liz cheney is now getting help a frl this people first organizations are going to be watching this race very carefully. bo this race very carefully. bo voting for you. v they've got toot get outin and vote. harrietg f so, thank you . great to see you. now our wit's end segment is next . remember, there's a clue if you sell this item on the new york city subway, you can actuallys get arrested. hurry up. tweet me your guesses at ingraham angle. >> we'll see if we get it right. stator college wasn't built for he didn't care if i had to work a double shift or if my kid had a fever. deadline's a deadline. i want to set the deadline. i'm going to take a test when
12:55 am
i'm ready. i want to take courses on my feet up when i know my stuff. i went to university that cares about your classes on graduate on your time and i'm partto of the university
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12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: selling which item can get you arrested on the new york city subway? stolen jewels. what? josie wrote -- and hoping america's elected officials. here is the big reveal.
1:00 am
>> next day's propane tanks on the subway system. next day, on the subway system, you can't do that. >> laura: okay, the woman was selling mangoes. how do you go from propane tanks to mangoes? that is it for us, green matters on the website. get it. >> carley: a fox news alert, the manhunt for escaped murder suspect in the alabama jail bar accused of sneaking him out comes to a shocking end of act. former corrections officer vicky white fatally shooting herself in the head after a high-speed chase. ends with the rest. who are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday, carley shimkus. >> todd: i am todd piro and the fugitives caught in indiana after an 11 day manhunt. casey white in custody right now will be sent back to alabama.


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