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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 10, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: you heard that animation, you know what that means, it is primary day in west virginia. voters deciding between two republican recumbents for one house seat. it is on, carley shimkus. it's upon us. you are watching fox news alert. i'm todd piro. >> carley: incumbents will face off for the house of representatives. mckenley received endorsement from manchin and moody is endorsed by donald trump. polls open at 6:30. we'll be talking to lawrence jones live in west virginia this
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hour. >> todd: voters care about when they cast their ballot today. president biden will unveil a plan to fight inflation. his secretary continues to warn of volatility because of sky-high prices. >> carley: rich has more. good morning. >> we have new details on president biden's plan to address the highest inflation in 40 years. white house official says later this morning, the president will announce the administration will release a million barrels per day for the next six months, push congress for new measures capping drug costs, step up enforcement of price fixing in meat and poultry, request long-term care and build affordable homes and tax increases on businesses and the wealthy. inflation is up 8.5% over the last year with increase in energy, cars, travel and food. the president says he's on top
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of it. >> president biden: top priority is fighting inflation and lowering prices for families and things they need and we'll keep working to fight inflation and lower cost to all american families for a lot of other things, as well. >> republicans contend major spending increases pushed prices higher. the white house in part blamed russian invasion of ukraine, which had an effect on food and energy prices. voters give the president poor marks on this and fox news poll, 36% approve of the president's job handling the economy, 61% disarngs prove. 28% approve of his handling of inflation. -thirds disapprove. investors disapprove of the economy, indexes down yesterday. dow jones lost 2%. s&p fell 3 and a quarter and nasdaq fell 4%. new york stock exchange opens 9:30 eastern, watch for that
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one. back to you. >> carley: great preview of what will be announced later today. thank you. justice department official with links to hunter biden has recused himself from the ongoing tax fraud investigation into the president's son. that official worked with hunter biden's attorney at multi national law firm. senators writing, we specifically raised concern about the fact that mr. mcquade worked with hunter biden's criminal attorney until hired by the biden administration, this is a clear conflict of interest. the department has failed to provide adequate responses. and clay travis says president biden's finances need to be investigated. watch this. >> also reported something significant, joe biden made $11 million the first year he was out of the white house in 11 months, that is a lot of money to make for somebody that never
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had business relationships at all. this is crying out for an investigation for questions to be answered and for us to get to the bottom of where this money is coming from. >> carley: merrick garland dodged questioned about hunter biden when he testified before the senate last month and did not commit to appointing a special counsel to look into the biden business ties. still to come, a manhunts, one fugitive dead and one back behind bars, twisted tale of lies, romance and murder. we'll talk to a son of the recaptured convict and get latest reaction after a pro life organization in wisconsin was fire bombed by pro-abortion protesters. >> they want us to go away and i'm telling you, they picked the wrong group. shhhh. i think she's still awake.
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outside the home of supreme court justice samuel alito overnight. >> carley: the senate passes a bill to provide around the clock protection for justices' families. brooke singman has the details.
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brooke. >> brooke: pro-choice protesters making their way to justice samuel alito's home yesterday after staging similar demonstration outside the homes of john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh over the weekend. [chanting] if we don't get it -- if we don't get it -- >> brooke: the senate taking action yesterday approving a bill ramping up personal security and other protection for the supreme court justices and their families. jen psaki saying yesterday the biden administration condemns violence and vandalism, but stopped short of criticizing protests at the justices' private homes. there was violence on wisconsin when pro-life organization was fire-bombed by pro-abortion
2:10 am
activists. the madison police chief condemning that attack. >> there is no place in madison for any type of hate speech, violence or property destruction. >> the president of wisconsin family action saying those attackers picked the wrong group. listen. >> ultimate goal is to destroy us, they want us to go away, be cowed into silence and i'm telling you right now, they picked the wrong group if that is what they want. this made it stronger, this made us bolder. we are not going to go away and be quiet. we are speaking truth and helping people. >> brooke: back in dc, the senate will vote on an expansive abortion rights bill. chuck schumer says he wants every senator to go on record with their vote on the issue. carley and todd. >> carley: thank you.
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micah pierce, from wisconsin family action, the pro-life group that was vandalized over the weekend. he joins us with kevin nichols. good morning. micah, i will start with you. how are you doing and what is your message to the activists who attacked your organization? >> we're doing really great. the hand of god has been so sweet in this moment that to suffer for christ's sake doesn't feel like such a heavy burden. early on, dave, one staff member reminded us, we had molotov cocktail thrown through our window. love your enemy. we don't hate you and we as an organization would love to talk about the issues and never resort to violence. >> todd: kevin, here is how the white house is responding, "president biden condemns this
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attack and violence of any strike. americans have the right to express themselves under the constitution, that expression must be peace sxfl free of violence, vandalism or attempt to intimidate," is that combined with the response the last week strong enough? >> coming two years too late, after the left, joe biden, governor tony ebers encouraged people to enact mob law and mob rule. it is ridiculous. the act of abortion itself is act of violence against an innocent person, 64 million lives lost as roe v. wade decided in 1973. urge to president biden and governor ebers be more proactive to encourage people to stop this, to make us a nation and state of laws again. >> carley: activists who vandalized your center, spray
2:13 am
painted, if abortions are not safe, neither are you. that is a violent message. what are police saying about this attack and do they have any suspects? >> right now our understanding is no. the individual officers both federal and local law enforcement have been exceptional, they have been here and thorough and we're optimistic they will be able to find a conclusion. >> todd: that is specific question as to do they know who the suspects are. i will go broader, what kind of person attacks an organization like yours to begin with? >> you know, it is the sort of person that would like to intimidate us. what they are trying to do is silence our world view and this christian organization benefited to marriage, life and liberty nethe state of wisconsin. they are trying to silence us and make it so we're too afraid to speak. it has given us a wonderful
2:14 am
platform despite our message. >> carley: kevin, if roe v. wade gets overturned, states get to decide their own abortion law. as governor, would you allow abortion in any instance? >> i will fight to protect every innocent life. pro-life wisconsin endorsed me as gubernatorial candidate. whether as gubernatorial candidate or when i led -- wisconsin family action and also pro-life wisconsin and resource centers across the state, i've been out fighting to protect every innocent life we can. honestly that is what we have to do as a society. we've moved into a portion of our nation's history where life has been cheapened and people like joe biden and tony ebers encouraged others to destroy and it is time to protect innocent life and that is what i plan to do as governor of wisconsin.
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>> todd: will we see arrests for any protests, which are illegal, you are not allowed to intimidate a member of the supreme court? >> i hope so, it will take a change of leadership in the state of wisconsin. getting rid of governor ebers and the attorney general, both have encouraged lawlessness, encouraging people to enact the acts we saw against wisconsin family action to lawlessness over the last couple years. it will take defeating ebers and installing new leaders going forward to get our state and society back on track. >> carley: micah peacce kevin nicholson, thank you for joining us this morning. >> todd: rhode island students and parents furious with school board for getting rid of the honors classes in the name of equity. >> they are not giving my son a chance to fulfill his dream.
2:16 am
>> why are english honors classes being eliminate? ed is english less important than math or science? >> it takes leadership to admit you messed up. >> we'll bring in more from the hearing. >> carley: and a tweet coming back to haunt the head of president biden's disinformation board. she pushed the russia and trump collusion claim, that is coming up next. gl you see how far they is have come from kennedy's democratic party f. they can't admit that, how can they do the job of policing disinformation? as a chef, i always knew what i should be eating, but ww helped me to do it. there's nothing off limits. chocolate. is that a no no?
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>> todd: parent necessary rhode island accusing local school board of having equity obsession for removing honors classing. implementing delevelling, a system of universal learning during the pandemic. few parents spoke up because it was done to classes with
2:21 am
disabilities. at a recent board meeting parents voiced outrage. >> my daughter is a sophomore, lost out on opportunities which could affect scholarships for her, it is apauling. >> i will not sit through a school district that will not give my son a chance to fulfill his dream. >> todd: another parent telling fox news digital, "it took away individuality or personized education plan for kids," the school board did not respond to requests for comment. president biden's new disinformation czar pushed russian collusion claims from hillary clinton's claims. this confirms our worst fears. here is rand paul's reaction. >> is it not with amazement you see how far they have come from kennedy's democratic party. so much for the marketplace of
2:22 am
ideas. they have decided they will determine what disinformation is. >> carley: joe concha joins us to react. we have another tweet from nina jankowicz. trump had not one, but two secret servers to communicate with russian banks. unbelievable. that has been debunked. this will add more fuel to republican fire over this disinformation board, isn't it? >> yeah, the word allegedly is missing from that particular tweet. she presented something more gossip than actual gospel as actual fact. nina jankowicz is the joy read of government officials, carley and todd. she's a krift -- christopher steele of steele dossier fan. she tweeted we should listen to that guy, but not of someone like elon musk.
2:23 am
we should view it as trump campaign product. no, that is not the case nor was it russian disinformation. she long with her boss alejandro mayorkas, are two of the last people who should be leading anything resembling ministry of truth and the u.s. government should never create something like this run by partisan with political agenda in the first place. this disinformation board will be weaponized, another epic fail for team biden. >> todd: i can't get over the fact this is russian disinformation expert on her one chance, she failed miserably, call intoing question how good she would be at the underlying job. we need to move to your favorite person on "the view," sunny hostin. watch. >> i continuing is terrible that a justice would have to go into hiding, but we're hearing from
2:24 am
republicans that people don't have a right to protest. women have a right to privacy, as well. women have a right to privacy with their bodies. >> todd: sunny hostin is a lawyer by trade, trying to intimidate justices is a crime. isn't she advocating this? >> joey: she says republicans don't want people to protest. no, it is not protesting in front of people's houses. if you want to protest in front of the supreme court, i'm sure any republican will say, of course, do that there. we can't have angry mobs going to the homes of supreme court justices to protest this particular decision that is coming. you have to understand that amy coney barrett has seven kids at home or justice gorsuch or
2:25 am
justice brett kavanaugh have kids and all the neighbors in the neighborhood have nothing to do with this. you cannot protest in front of the homes of justices or judges in an effort to intimidate them. as a lawyer, you would think she would know this. she is playing to a crowd at this point. sunny hostin is like the nina jankowicz of talk show hosts, the last person we should be listening to in regard to anything regarding law or in this case protests. she's wrong and it is against the law. >> carley: that is why we pay the big bucks, circle of communication. we got to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> joey: thanks, carley and todd. >> carley: hand over to janice dean for the weather. >> janice: you guys match today. i notice that the tie is a perfect teal, just like carley's
2:26 am
dress. >> todd: we spent four hours coordinating. >> carley: it is lung cancer awareness day. >> janice: my goodness, that is a worthy cause. you look wonderful and thank you for bringing that to my attention. i will bring you temperatures. it is warm across the central u.s. and behind it, colder than average, it is tale of two seasons, summer versus winter, which will win out. parts of the southern and central planes soarring into the 90s. on thursday, look at st. louis, average is 75, 20 degrees above what we should be. in the west, below average and we have potential for snow in the mountains. very interesting contrast of temperatures, wednesday, thursday and friday. we have hard freeze watches and warnings. advisories are in place as we get into the tuesday and
2:27 am
wednesday morning hours and there is snow still to come out west. it is still happening, we will continue to bring you up to date. look at cold temperatures, the average for january in parts of california, nevada and oregon and it will be hot, hot, hot across the plane states. >> carley: was it your birthday yesterday? >> janice: it might have been. >> carley: a bird told me. happy birthday. >> todd: happy belated birthday, happy belated mother's day and happy merry christmas. >> janice: i appreciate that. >> carley: you only get that from todd. >> janice: you look splendid. >> todd: this is bad. 40% of baby formula supplies are out of stock in the united states of america. yeah, best country in the world, the white house says it has a plan. parents are panicking. cheryl casone has details. >> carley: it is primary day in
2:28 am
west virginia and lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends. we'll be checking in with him next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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a convict is coming to an end. the >> carley: the former guard is dead. jackie, good morning. the >> jackie: the search for a correction officer and escaped inmate ends in a car wreck in indiana. the inmate, casey white, gave himself up to police. vicki white shot herself in the head, dying in a hospital a short time later. vicki white, no relation, helped the convict escape after engaging in a romantic relationship that lasted for years. despite the circumstances, the community will mourn or death. >> in spite of what she did and there is no excuse, in spite of that, she was family and our employees will take it very hard. >> u.s. marshals were tipped off
2:33 am
from a video. >> the windows are down, the windows are unlocked. this could be this guy from indiana. i see her pick him up and they leave together. >> casey white remains in custody this morning. the escape could have been in the works for years, saying vicki white would communicate with white while in prison. he was sent to the jail she oversaw for trial for murder. vicki white sold her house for cash after telling her colleagues she was taking casey white for mental health investigation, she helped the man walk out of the jail. white was serving a 75-year sentence for violent crime spee in 2015, that included attempted
2:34 am
murder of his ex-girlfriend and he confessed to stabbing death of connie ridgeway f. convicted, he could face the death penalty. back to you. >> carley: jackie, thank you. austin williams, the son of connie ridgeway, who casey white confessed to killing, joins me now. good morning to you. what is your reaction to everything that happened last night? >> i'm still kind of processing everything like a miracle happened. i didn't expect things to end well. >> carley: you thought things were going to end violently? >> yes, i was almost sure they were. i am surprised casey white surrendered himself. i feel like vicki was kind of a victim in the situation. >> carley: what has the past week been like for your family? i'm sure you never expected,
2:35 am
anticipated something like this to happen. what went through your mind when you found out casey white fled jail? >> i was totally shocked because we had the guy and then he not only escapes, somebody helped him escape. it's been a roller coaster week. we had a birthday and mother's day while this is going on, it's been a really trying week. >> carley: so true. mother's day was on monday. so sorry for the loss of your mother, connie ridgeway. tell us what happened there. >> i remember that like it was yesterday. i was going to spend time with friends in at lant and and my brother called me and said they found her in the apartment with blood on her. i knew something was wrong, when someone is alive, you don't say there is blood on them, you say
2:36 am
they are bleeding. it was beginning of a rough couple of years. >> carley: you say she was a good mom, a god-fearing woman. the crazy thing, investigators say this was a murder for hire, is that true? >> i have no idea. that is completely shocking to me, i don't know how anyone could harm this woman, especially for hire. i'm interested to see this go to trial and how it plays out. >> carley: now that trial will happen, do you know when it will take place? >> i haven't heard yet. my understanding at the last time he was in jail, probably early next year, hopefully they can move that up. >> carley: he is facing the death penalty in your mother's case, is that right? >> that is correct. >> carley: what does justice look like for you? >> it looks like us getting a verdict, guilty or not guilty. if guilty, he serves the
2:37 am
sentence. >> carley: casey received help from vicki white, the corrections officers, now dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. what are your thoughts on this? >> i'm shocked, i'm not sure what she could get out of it. me and my wife had this conversation several times, we didn't understand how she could be involved with this kind of person. i'm sad for her, i feel like she's maybe kind of a victim in this case. >> carley: that is right. this guy seemed like he was a dangerous person, he was on the street for 10, 11 days. were you ever afraid for your safety? >> i was more cautious than usual, but looking out for someone who is 6'9", 330 pounds, they are not that hard to spot. i was fearful, i knew what to look out for. >> carley: something like this doesn't happen everyday. the details of this case were
2:38 am
pretty unbelievable and the fact they were able to get all the way up to indiana, five hours from where their jail was, they could have possibly been trying to make their way to canada. were you surprised it took police about 11 days to catch up to them? >> yeah, i was surprised they caught up to them, it seemed like this was a well-planned escape for a while. i'm unsure why they were in indiana for so long, i'm glad it worked out so it ended in a better situation. >> carley: thank you for joining us, so sorry for the loss of your mother, she seemed like a beautiful person. we are glad casey whites back behind bars where she belongs. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very welcome. turning to the republicans are getting set to head to the polls in the primary election today
2:39 am
and new redistricting is pitting two gop incumbents against each other. >> todd: lawrence jones having breakfast with friends in west virginia. good morning. >> laura: >> lawrence: big day in west virginia. you have mckinley versus alex moodey. mckinley voted for the january 6 convention and in support of joe manchin. alex moodey is supported by former president donald trump. what matters to voters? does political drama matter or gas prices, crime and what is happening at the border, which is affecting west virginia because of opioids and fentanyl coming across the border? i will be talking to folks this morning to figure out what matters to them. >> todd: take a look at your
2:40 am
calendar, less than six months away from the midterms. we're in the thick of it now, this is campaign season, this is election season, we're here. aren't you excited? >> todd: i'm so excited, i'll be doing a diner every week, pretty much. it is important. we look at polls and go out and talk with folks at diners, they present a different perspective to us and there is a lot facing the country. you have crime and the economy and rising inflation and supply chain crisis and what is happening at the border and the big debate with abortion and roe v. wade. what matters to voters, the polls right, we will learn in the next coming weeks. >> carley: a lot of people in west virginia are aligned how they feel about roe v. wade. it is a national topic that will come up. the thing i thought interesting about this race, congressman
2:41 am
alex moodey was endorsed by trump and mckinley was endorsed by joe manchin, senator, who is a democrat. interesting to see which politician wields more power in the state. >> lawrence: i think the argument will be made, do you want someone who is a moderate or someone who will be part of themaga movement. joe manchin is popular in west virginia because of his moderate position and not going along with the radical left. we will see if the former president has power right here in west virginia. that could set him up for his election, which everyone knows, he hasn't declared, but he's going to run. >> todd: breakfast with friends is the scene. see you on "fox and friends."
2:42 am
gas prices hitting new all-time high this morning in time for president biden's big speech on inflation. >> carley: big problem for the trucks industry and the head of the houston trucking association will tell us what he hopes to hear from the president today. hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home
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>> carley: authorities releasing identities of the three american victims who died in a mysterious incident at a sandals resort in the bahamas. >> todd: one woman is in serious condition at a miami hospital. cheryl casone joins us live with the latest. >> cheryl: good morning. michael and robby phillips, from tennessee, the latest to be identified in this tragedy. the couple owned a travel business and robby posted a glowing review of the emerald bay resort the day before his body were discovered. current guests expressing disbelief. >> we were in the dark about what was going on. >> it is scary, i want this to
2:47 am
be the happiest time of my life, it is hard with the situation going on. >> cheryl: the phillips along with a fellow american pronounced dead. his wife is in stable condition in the hospital right now. sandals say they are cooperating with authorities. >> carley: lightfoot says chicago will be an oasis for abortion? >> cheryl: yes, in the event roe v. wade is overturned, pledging $500,000 going for access to abortion care. >> it reaffirms chicago as a welcoming city, a city that doesn't discriminate and a city that will stand with women. chicago is going to be an oasis in the midwest and we have to be
2:48 am
ready. >> cheryl: some would argue it is also an oasis for criminals. taxpayers on the hook for out of state women, that include illegal migrants, it could cost tens of millions of dollars to new york state taxpayers. >> todd: exact opposite end of the spectrum, huge baby formula shortage. is the white house doing anything about it? >> cheryl: they say they are, that is the big question. this is a big question. parents and politicians are demanding action as the nation faces shortage of baby formula. >> i have a infant baby girl and she eats about 10 times per day and every grocery store around me, the shelves are empty. >> there is nothing more scary for a baby, especially one with special feeding needs, there is no replacement and bouncing to different formula is harmful for
2:49 am
their gut health. >> cheryl: white house secretary jen psaki saying fda officials are working around the clock to deal with the shortage, whatever that means. shortages are over 50%, retailers are limiting amount of formula parents can purchase if it is in stock. cv s and walgreens. >> cheryl: you guys have had doctors on, as well as fox business, people can't make formula on their own, they are warning parents not to do that. >> todd: gas prices hitting high today as president biden is set to deliver his plan to combat inflation. national average gas for gallon of regular $4.37. tony, co-founder of greater houston trucking association and texas supply chain coalition
2:50 am
join us now. tony, are you expecting anything of substance to be announced by the president today? >> yeah, todd, thank you for allowing me to speak for independent truckers. current situation is killing the solo operator and company with diesel spiking up to $5.50 per gallon. the start of the administration, the price was $2.64 per gallon, that is 108% jump in fuel prices. this administration has been focus said on the wrong issues, litigating mask mandate on airplanes instead of bread and butter issues like cost of living index for work americans. >> todd: what steps do you want it is white house to take following president biden's speech? >> sure, focus on what voters consider critical. number one issue is relief from
2:51 am
inflation with cost of living going up, this hits most vulnerable, senior citizens. second is the economy, we need to incentivize employment, not welfare. we can only do so much before we pay the high price at home for domestic neglect. we need a change at home. >> todd: how much more can the american consumer take? we're talking about summer driving season around the corner, believe the prices for regular will skyrocket and diesel is skyrocketing over the last week, the last month, that cost gets passed on to the american consumer, how much more can we take? >> correct. here is what we are hearing from truckers, if they cannot pass on the upcharge in fuel, they cannot continue to operate. fuel is one of the largest costs in the trucking industry. the consumers pay the price and i don't know about you, filling
2:52 am
up my vehicle is now at $50 a tank. i've never seen these fuel prices and we have not hit the summer peak season when families take road trips, it is something we should consider a solution. >> todd: it has gotten worse over the season. it's bad and getting worse. tony salas. thank you. speaking of money, remember the $6 million mansion the black lives matter organization purchased in 2020? it wasn't just for official business. >> carley: details on the swanky parties when tomi lahren joins us next. ♪♪ you inspired the lexus es to be, well... more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. ♪♪
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. .
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♪ >> we have not seen violence, or vandalism, against supreme court justices. we have seen it at catholic churches. that's unacceptable. the president does not support that we have seen it at some
2:57 am
conservative organizations that we don't support that. >> the white house is sticking to that narrative by down playing the growing protests but aren't the demonstrations an act of intimidation designed to sway members of the high court? >> joining us now "fox & friends" contributor tomi lahren. jen psaki is missing the forest from the trees. where is the acknowledgment from this white house that intimidating a justice on the supreme court is a crime? >> you can't acknowledge wrongdoing when you have inspired it for the last week in this administration as well as across the media. yes, they have condemned, half heartedly condemn any kind of intimidation, harassment. they have been rather quiet about the leak itself. not coming out and saying it's problematic. with jen psaki there what was she doing gaslighting us you know what? listen, there hasn't been actual violence against a justice or family members yet so it's okay
2:58 am
and we should just move along not really a real problem. that is gaslighting 101 and we see it from jen psaki almost on daily basis. >> carley: there was a median on msnbc who said she would joyfulfully abort the fetus if she gets pregnant by the leaker and the leaker turns out to be republican? and another woman on msnbc argued that adoption isn't a safe option for black kids. what, abortion is better? we are so far removed from safely going where, tommy? >> it is. it's radical commentary by so many on the left that is causing such a divide in our country. listen, i'm someone that believes that there is a big spectrum of thoughts on the pro-choice, pro-life argument, and it's something that we need to discuss hope openly with honest and transparent dialogue this radical behavior from the left especially considering what's happened with the barack down of the integrity of this leak is reprehensible,
2:59 am
inappropriate. what else do we expect from the left they harass and intimidate until they get what they want. this has been their playbook for several years now. why would we expect any different. >> black lives matter co-founder admitting to using the mansion for parties. tomi, will politicians and the like keep sucking up to blm now. >> it's about time that those corporations that donated to blm come out and say this organization is not what we thought it was and it would be wonderful if those who lead blm will return all that money let's not forget they made about $90 million after the death of george floyd. we don't know what that money went. to say because, if you look at our streets, it doesn't seem to be really promoting any type of racial equity. any unity, any help for the black community or any community for that matter. let's also keep in mind this blm co-founder originally when it was revealed she bought this
3:00 am
$6 million l.a. mansion told us if we critiqued her on that we were racist and sexist this organization gets away with far too much and use racism as a basis for that. again, completely inappropriate and unacceptable. >> carley: have eric adams say where are the black lives matter protests now that crime is increasing across the city. got to leave it there. tomi, thank you so much. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ if there. >> let me explain. >> president biden will lay out his plan to fight inflation. >> prices were 8.5% higher than a year ago. >> going to keep working. >> dozens of abortion activists demonstrating outside the home of justice samuel alito. >> understand the passion. understand the concern. >> we got a dangerous man off the street today. >> manhunt for an alabama prisoner and prison guard is now over. >> ends in a car wreck in indiana. >> she helped the man walk out of jail. >> republican senators are demanding to know if a justice department official with links to hunter biden recused himself from


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