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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 10, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> saying goodbye. >> so hard. >> you can listen to brian on radio or watch us tomorrow morning. >> see you tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> bill: good morning. a lot to get to. the manhunt is over, alabama inmate casey white has been captured. the guard who helped him is dead leaving a whole lot of unanswered questions as we say good morning. packed two hours for you. i'm bill hemmer on the day after dana's birthday. >> dana: have to keep it going. thanks, everybody for everything. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." if you remember, the sheriff on the very first day that they had disappeared said this is not going to turn out well for you, vicky, turn yourself in. now we have this result. the pair led authorities on an
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11-day manhunt came to an end in evansville, indiana where casey white who stands 6'9" was spotted at a ar wash. >> bill: there was a high speed chase. casey white is in custody. her female accomplice shot and killed herself apparently. >> good morning. casey white is here in the jail here. it will amount to a brief sabbatical as the lauderdale county sheriff in alabama says he will be extradited as soon as the process allows and never see the light of day again according to the sheriff. vicky white who plotted and executed the escape shot herself in the head. she said she was driving casey to an evaluation. she dumped her cruiser for a getaway car in tennessee the
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same day. they got a ford f-150 that was spotted at a car wash in evansville. security video showed the 6'9" casey was here. >> the windows are down. doors are unlocked. my first thought oh my god it could be this guy from alabama. the guy in alabama, yeah, it is. i said yeah, they were there. >> tracked down at a hotel. a chase that ended with the couple crashing a cadillac into a ditch where vicky white shot herself. she had pre-purchased guns and stockpiled cash and motivated by a jail house romance. they had been a couple by phone for two years. >> bill: more on this coming up. thank you, mike. dana. >> dana: blame game begins. president biden set to deliver remarks on the economy later this morning as gas prices hit
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an all-time high at $4.37 a gallon. that's up nearly 20 cents from just a week ago. >> bill: the market reopens in 28 minutes. all three major industries closed deep in the red again. s&p 500 fell to its lowest level in more than a year. tech sell-off leading the decline. trillions of dollars in market cap have been wiped out. >> dana: president expected to blame republicans for the country's economic woes calling the ultramaga agenda threat to americans. aishah hosni is live at the white house. >> the president says his top priority is to reduce inflation and bring these prices down. many americans might be wondering when exactly that will happen as he just mentioned. gas prices spiked to an all-time high. aaa is now reporting the national average of price for
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unleaded is at 4.37. that's a all time high. the last time it was high was in march when russia invaded ukraine. we've shot up 20 cents in nine weeks coming as prices across the board keep rising and rising. fox news poll finds 44% of american families say grocery and gas prices are creating a serious hardship for them compared to 35% in february. despite all of this, the white house says they are not predicting a recession. so here is a look at the biden/harris strategy so far to tackle inflation. we've seen some of this already. not expecting much more to come out from today's remarks. but the president does plan to contrast his plan with that of senator rick scott's which the white house is calling a quote ultramaga plan to raise taxes on americans even though, guys, the "washington post" gave that
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statement a three pinocchio rating. minority leader mitch mcconnell has rejected scott's plan. >> mr. mcconnell, in this report there aren't any other republicans signing on. is it fair to say republicans as a whole -- >> the chairman of the committee. if republicans repudiate their plan they can do that. it's their position, not ours. >> the white house holding firm to their statements. the president is also going to address the supply chain crisis. of course that's causing the baby formula shortage. psaki says the fda to make sure that people get the formula as quickly as possible. ahead of these remarks later today, guys, the president walking into this event with not great poll numbers. according to the latest fox news poll 67% of americans disapprove how this president is handling inflation.
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guys. >> dana: breezy at the white house today. >> bill: james freeman assistant editor "wall street journal." hello to you. some say he will say it's not us, it's you. what could he do right now to address a lot of the concerns? >> he would do a world of goodbye putting that list you just showed off the table and saying we're not going to have a war on business. we aren't going to raise taxes on companies and individuals or add new regulations or pretend the price issue is about companies gouging consumers or collusion. because we recognize we have a general inflation problem. so that would be step one. >> dana: i want to talk about their whole strategy here. aishah showed us the poll numbers are going down. we know that inflation is the number one concern. at 87%. sometimes in the 90s if you look at the polls. call for number 5. larry summers was the secretary
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treasury for clinton. he wrote this a year ago. the inflation risk is real may 25th of last year. the white house press secretary saying no one could have predicted inflation. >> 70% of inflation data is a result of energy prices. a large part of that is the result and chairman powell has spoken to this and secretary yell-in said as a result of the invasion of ukraine and the impact on the global energy markets. steps and impacts that no one could have predicted a year ago. >> dana: may 25th of last year the war in ukraine hadn't happened yet. >> it wasn't just larry summers. many of the obama administration veterans were joining people like us saying there is going to be a problem here, stop this spending. i think it goes back to that effort from day one of the biden administration, the president had an ambitious agenda and to get it through he
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created a narrative that the economy was a shambles and we needed a big intervention. that's not what the data said. economy was growing at better than 6% the quarter he took office. but he went ahead with the so-called rescue plan. the pandemic emergency was long over. economy was growing well for several quarters and he surges demand and not enough supply. >> dana: how can they blame republicans? what will he say? i don't understand that. >> he has picked a proposal from a florida senator that the senate majority leader has rejected. this is a big effort to change the subject. so i think if you are thinking you are reading signals from the white house, i think he no longer believes, the president no longer believes inflation is transitory. or else he would be coming out today saying good news, we've got this. the plan is underway and it is working. >> bill: it has been suggested what he is going to say is
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where are your ideas? i don't know if there is much appetite for this congress to spend more money. maybe they do on ukraine. i don't know if you agree with that or not. if that's the case the ship has sailed on government spending and it sailed 14 months ago. you have other options out there, right? federal permits. frack, baby, frack. that's the republican argument in return, is it not? >> it has got to be about regulation relief going forward. if you look for ways to encourage more economic activity. given these rising interest rates, the mountain of debt, i don't think more spending or tax cuts are going to be easy to achieve. so if he wants a way out of this, a moratorium on all those regulations he is talking about would be helpful. >> bill: do you think this administration has an appetite to do that? >> no, this is not a prediction. let's hope we're pleasantly surprised today but everything we're hearing is he is not
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addressing the inflation problem. he is coming out with more spending ideas. we locked down the economy and tried to simulate an economy by pushing trillions of dollars out of washington now some of that cash has to come back and real economic activity has to replace it. that's what he should be focused on. we hope he will. >> bill: one thing interesting, the rate of inflation in 2021 and 2022, it seems so sudden, does it not? can we agree? bam, it hit us. was it the same rate of increase 40 years ago or was it more gradual? >> covid is new and we never had what we had both on the fiscal side and monetary side in terms of this money creation binge by the federal reserve. never before anything like it. it is a scale -- that's why i think when biden did the $2
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trillion deal last spring, which is an insane amount of money to push into the economy, it seemed kind of consistent with what had been going on in the covid year. but it was a massive program at just the wrong moment as larry summers was trying to warn him, and others. >> bill: two hours to go and we'll see what he says. >> dana: there is this. >> abort the court, abort the court. >> they were back at it last night. different home now. angry protests outside the home of sam alito this time. how will this play out now among the american people? >> dana: more states are holding primaries today. one contest is a battle between two incumbents. how that ended up happening. >> bill: new details on a series of serious deaths in bahamas. americans complaining of nausea, swollen limbs. what could have caused that?
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>> bill: it's tuesday. that means it's primary day. nebraska and virginia are on the clock today. nebraska voters weighing in what they want -- who they want as their next governor after redistricting in west virginia, they lost a house seat now in the state. two republican incumbents facing off in a primary for one house seat. congressman alex mooney endorsed by former president trump. you have congressman david mckinley who has the support of the governor and senator joe
6:18 am
manchin. watch that later tonight for returns. >> we have not seen violence or vandalism against supreme court justices. we have seen it at catholic churches, that's unacceptable. the president does not support that. we've seen it at some conservative organizations. we don't support that and call for -- we know the passion and understand the passion, we understand the concern, but what the president's position is, that should be peaceful. >> dana: white house on the protest of supreme court justices over late roe v. wade draft decision. watch here. >> abort the court. abort the court. >> dana: the scene outside justice alito's house last night. 100 demonstrators. the third justice target. let's bring in former trump senior advisor kellyanne conway
6:19 am
and mark penn. jen psaki came to that on monday. she made those comments. but they didn't come on saturday when all of this was happening. and i think that there is some concern from the judicial branch at least and those looking at this saying this is not a good trend and it is not the first time we've seen it. how do you look at it from a messaging standpoint from democrats? >> well, i don't really think it is a very good messaging look. after all as you know, dana, the president lives with three or four layers of security and you can't get within thousands of feet of the white house. and yet these supreme court justices live in suburban homes easily accessible. they are really quite vulnerable. you would really want the president, the executive branch to come out quite strongly for protection of the supreme court justices and to even put in some distance around them and their safety.
6:20 am
you didn't see that from jen psaki. her comments were weak. >> this is reaction about justices and whether they need security. >> justices have security. so far all the protests have seemed non-violent. >> these protests, maybe this outcry gives chief justice roberts some leverage. >> public outrage continues to grow. >> if the justices don't like the first amendment they could drive to another state. >> dana: i want your opinion on that but should point out there is federal law that says it is illegal to actually protest at the justice's homes. now to you. >> that's right. u.s. code and very clear that you can't incite violence or intimidate at the court or in a residence or building where a justice is, let alone their school age children.
6:21 am
100% of americans and people in power should say no incitement or intimidation. they aren't protesting an actual supreme court decision. they're trying to sway and change it based on last week's leak. it really is a chilling moment for us. america was founded on dissent and disagreement and we should cherish that as americans. thomas jefferson said opinion is power. we all believe that. this is next level. and as usual this white house wants us all to believe what they say, not what we see. so i appreciate mark as a very powerful democrat who has sway over people in his party coming out strongly on this program today and saying call off the dogs. you can't do this outside a of justice's homes. 17% according to the maris poll say they believe abortion any time anyone anywhere with no restrictions. that's 100% of the democratic party with elected officials.
6:22 am
every democrat should be asked the question when does life begin? are you for eight month abortion. they're the extremists and now taking extreme views right to the door steps of our supreme court justices. unacceptable. >> dana: one of the things that everybody looks at is the congressional generic ballot. if the election were held tomorrow would you want a republican or democrat? here are the numbers. particular about republicans. that's quite historically big number and when you add this other topic into it, do you think this changes at all as we head into the mid-terms in a couple of months? >> look, i do think when you look at that particular poll it was done after the decision was leaked and you are not seeing any real impact. but when you look at the
6:23 am
internals, this issue and its elevation of an issue does favor democrats. i think you will see something more of an evening of the turnout enthusiasm. and i think that while the economy is the number one issue, this becomes a serious issue. we don't have the actual decision yet. so we don't yet know how this is going to fully play out. i would say it favors the democratic turnout. >> dana: a quick word kellyanne. >> i think debates on both sides is energized by this leak and the issue. there are other issues americans care about, crime, border security, inflation, those won't be washed away. they are horrified what they see in ukraine. we are not single issue voters in the country. >> dana: great to have you both. thank you so much today and we'll see you again soon i hope. >> thank you. >> bill: more on this in a moment. wisconsin family action president will join us.
6:24 am
remember, no suspects have been named in the attack on the pro-life group's headquarters over the weekend but talked about it on tucker a bit. >> their ultimate goal is to destroy us. they want us to go away. they want us to be cowed into silence. they picked the wrong group if that's what they want. this has made us stronger and bolder. we aren't going to go away. >> bill: last question that you have for kellyanne and mark. "the new york times" had a piece how abortion plays in pennsylvania. the primary in pennsylvania is next tuesday. one of the lead characters in the story was a republican woman against -- she favors abortion rights but in the same quote she said but man, gas prices and inflation, that's what is hot on my mind. at the same time reuters had a piece from phoenix, arizona an area we haven't talked about a lot. they had a very similar story, too, about republican voters saying listen, abortion is important but the issues on the
6:25 am
minds of people in arizona have to do with their pocketbook. now it looks like it will play prominently in six months. >> dana: the issue of justiceesque harassed at home. leave the justices alone at home saying critics of roe v. wade to overturn such a longstanding president -- basically saying respect the rights of others and we'll see if that message hits home. i have a feeling this is only just the beginning unless the justice department takes these federal codes seriously. it is against the law to do that. >> bill: my guess is the white house should get on the right side of this issue? back away from going to people's homes. video online from a catholic church in los angeles floating around out there. protestors come in the middle of sunday mass. it took a long time for the parishioners to escort them out the front door but if that continues it is not going to be a good look. >> dana: the market is just about to open after yesterday's
6:26 am
ramped up fears of recession. the embassy in ukraine getting ready to open. >> we're doing everything we can to help ukraine win the war and we believe they can. and we are standing behind them to help them do that. to support underserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. can a company make the planet a better place? at walmart, we're pursuing 100% renewable energy in our operations. and aiming to protect millions of acres of land. so we can all live better. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere...
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6:32 am
we'll see which way we go as we're off and running. >> dana: in a diplomatic show of defiance the u.s. embassy in ukraine will reopen in a few weeks. it shut down before the russian invasion in february. greg palkot is live in kyiv. good morning, greg. >> it is both a symbolic and practical return for american diplomats here in kyiv as the war rages on. air raid sirens keep wailing here. new russian missile strikes to the south of us in the city of odessa, including hypersonic missiles. more pounding of mariupol and further civilian casualties in the hot combat zone to the east. to this return the americans. other country's embassies opening here. a core staff of diplomats are preparing for a formal opening of the u.s. embassy later this month. leading the way acting u.s.
6:33 am
ambassador to ukraine kristin kvien. more termed by the military aid for ukraine than when i last spoke with her three months ago before the war started. take a listen. >> we believe that ukraine is in the right. we believe that ukraine should win this war and we want to make sure that russia not just stops their aggressive actions against ukraine but make sure they don't take further aggressive actions in the region, which we're very concerned about. >> she had high praise for president zelenskyy, ukrainian soldiers and people. she was scathing about the man targeting them all russian president vladimir putin. here is more of what she had to say. >> i think it will be impossible to go back to business as usual. any future relationship we may be able to coble together will depend on what president putin does. >> what does putin have to do
6:34 am
to get on the good side of the acting ambassador as well as the united states? stop the war crimes, get out of ukraine, act like a responsible global partner. a very tall order, dana. finally i did ask her whether president biden would be coming, should be coming to here in kyiv to offer support to the government, the people. she did not rule it out but would not say when. back to you. >> dana: greg, thank you for being there. >> on the battlefield putin's relentless assault grinds on. missiles slamming into odessa destroying two hotels and shopping center. one person killed. fox news contributor dan hoffman, former c.i.a. station chief spent five years in moscow. odessa hit overnight as we mentioned in the southwest. zelenskyy saying we can't get any wheat out of that port city which will have an effect on world food prices, watch that
6:35 am
story. in the east meanwhile here is how john kirby took a question at the pentagon about the fighting there on monday. watch. >> i would not call it a stalemate. there are literally towns and villages changing hands. sometimes in the course of day or so. and we assess that the russians continue to make incremental progress. down from the north. it is slow and uneven. they continue to meet very stiff ukrainian resistance. >> bill: we'll watch as that goes. war there for eight years in that part of ukraine. putin is being analyzed right, left and center. you have studied the man your entire life. he talked about nazis repeatedly yesterday. then he had this quote. he said the united states of america especially after the collapse of the soviet union has humiliated not only the whole world but also their satellite states, end quote. what is he talking about? >> he is talking to his own
6:36 am
people there and trying to rally them for what has been a failed war in ukraine. vladimir putin when he invaded ukraine again february 24th could never imagine that he would not be celebrating victory day commemorating that sacred day with a puppet regime in kyiv. but instead it's ukrainian president zelenskyy walking the streets of kyiv delivering the most eloquent and poignant address inspiring his sit zens to carry on the fight against russia. vladimir putin's war trying to frame it as a proxy war against the west, against nato members, the united states. but we're seeing russian soldiers morale suffering there because of their poor military performance. this is really exposed russia, this campaign of putin's has exposed the russian military's corruption and lack of effectiveness. >> bill: he is shaking a lot of hands of that parade. i haven't seen him close to people in a long time.
6:37 am
on the insurgency. recall our own experience in iraq for a moment. baghdad fell in march of 2003. we didn't find saddam until 10 months later in december in the spider hole. and it took some time for the insurgency in anbar to get fortified. once they were, they were difficult for us. when you consider the insurgency in ukraine now pushing the russian military out of certain towns, they are equipped with weapons that the sunni tribes in western iraq could only dream of. and i'm just curious to know, how do you analyze what will be considered an insurgency within iraq -- excuse me, an insurgency with ukraine in these various towns we've seen in the southeast? >> i don't think we've actually gotten to that stage. that's what the biden administration expected and why
6:38 am
they gave president zelenskyy the offer on a ride out of ukraine and president zelenskyy said no, i don't need an aircraft, i need ammunition. the fight is here. he has led his country fighting on bravely against this russian invasion. that was a real policy error by the biden administration. it is counter factual history. what if zelenskyy had taken the ride. it would be an insurgency today and why they didn't provide ukraine with the military assistance before. now they're getting it, the phoenix drones and other things and we're looking at battles in southern and eastern ukraine that will be very reminiscent of the sort of battles we saw during world war ii. massive destruction and listen, my heart breaks for the ukrainian citizens suffering through all of this but russia is going to have to pay the
6:39 am
reparations to rebuild ukraine. and they will have to pay with a moral and ethical component for all the damage and death and destruction they've caused. >> bill: that's a profound answer. dan, thank you. what if zelenskyy would have taken that ride? dan hoffman with us today. >> dana: border agents say they're finding themselves increasingly in danger trying to keep the growing number of migrants crossing at the entrance to the united states. you will watch it there. a black lives matter co-founder making a stunning admission about millions of dollars the organization raised if supporters of the movement. joe concha will be here next. de! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied.
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>> dana: all right, get this. fox sports announcing tom brady will join the network as its lead analyst after brady finishes playing in the nfl. as you know brady announced his retirement from tampa bay and reversed that decision. he is a seven-time super bowl champion and i am proud to read sports today. >> bill: problem is brady will read sports real soon. he might take your job. >> dana: i bet his graphic will be even better. brady reads sports. >> bill: once you come to fox you can't retire and come back again, a deal is a deal. >> dana: like hotel california. >> bill: welcome whenever it arrives. 15 minutes before the hour. to the border we go now where migrants flood in at record pace putting themselves and u.s. border at in danger every time. nate foye live in eagle pass, texas, with more. >> we are learning that a teenager accused of smuggling
6:46 am
five migrants was shot yesterday morning while leading texas dps and deputies on a chase. this comes after a national guard soldier drowned here at eagle pass while trying to save migrants who turned out to be drug smugglers and migrants are dying at an alarming rate. look at the video we shot from the web county medical examiner's office. jurisdiction for this medical examiner covers 11 counties. they see the majority of migrants who cross the border in texas. they look for identifying factors like any marks on the skin, specifically tattoos. oftentimes the body is so decomposed they have to resort to dna testing. look at the next video. the conditions these migrants face during their journey over 100 degrees almost every day this time of year here which is why the most common deaths are from heat stroke and dehydration. here is the medical examiner with a message for migrants thinking about coming. >> the message i want to send is to the families of these
6:47 am
people. stay home. don't do this. don't believe what the coyotes are telling you. >> meanwhile here in the eagle pass area border patrol agents apprehended three large groups in one day. 100 or more people is large group between them agents apprehended 389 migrants from those groups. i want you to take a look at the fox news drone. in the past 20 minutes here at eagle pass, behind me you can see a border patrol van over my shoulder because six migrants are being processed right now. they just crossed the river a few minutes ago. it is five men and one woman from peru, columbia, el salvador and honduras and possibly a few minors. >> bill: on it goes. nice to see you. >> dana: "the new york times" changed the answer to its
6:48 am
popular wordle word fetus. they said when we discovered last week this particular word would be coming today. we switched it. some have not refreshed the browser window could still get the word from the outdated puzzle. joe concha. seems like a weird word for wordle anyway. >> today i played it and it was alito. >> dana: great for the vowels. >> do you play? >> dana: my husband plays, he is obsessed. don't worry, peert. he plays and likes it. a lot of people like it. you play? >> millions paid. they paid seven figures for this. none of the 5,000 employees of the "new york times" bothered to check what the word may be. we're supposed to believe at the height of the abortion
6:49 am
debate the highest in decades this word out of i think i looked this up before 158,000 five letter words exist in the english language and this one popped up now? no accidents. >> bill: i would agree with that. blm co-founder have got the $6 million home in l.a. and they said it was only for work issues. apparently she has said two parties were held there. i looked back and think that probably wasn't the best idea. that sounds to me like an admission, does it not? >> she originally said they didn't use it for recreational purposes whatsoever. two parties. you have to believe the fun didn't stop there. has black lives matter made the lives of those in the black community better or worse, right? first, their mantra is defund police. that's not going well. 2022 is going to defund to refund the police. murder rate in the black
6:50 am
community jumped up. are blacks lives better because of black lives matter? probably not. now major questions have to be asked by the media and justice department. where is all this money going when they purchased at least five homes with their donations? >> dana: the one purchase was for 2 1/2 times the price it had been sold before. >> bill: they paid double. >> and in cash. >> bill: she talked about these attacks as being racist and sexist and she talked about its impact on me personally and professionally people accused me of stealing from black people. >> well, explain why you spent $6 million on a mansion and threw a party for your son that has nothing to do with race, right? i'm sure that if this was a tea party type of situation or if you had a maga type of movement that raised all this money and spernt this money on mansions and through party what do you think the media interest would be in that? pretty high. >> dana: why you have the regulations for nonprofits to
6:51 am
catch things like this and she will have to answer for it. >> bill: that would be alito high. >> happy birthday. doing it in person. >> dana: appreciate it. it's like the bengals losing the super bowl. it will never end. >> touche', i love it. the president will speak 90 minutes from now. a perfect storm of bad economic news. markets are down. gas is up. will the president offer anything besides blame? three americans dying under mysterious circumstances in the bahamas. what the autopsies are expected to tell us. dr. michael boden, the best on this, next. the newday 100 loan could get you an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. plus, this loan lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month. call newday right now.
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6:57 am
underway on three americans who died at a sandals resort in the bahamas. let's bring in dr. michael bodyen fox news contributor. wonderful to have you here. what do you think happened here? you heard -- >> the most likely cause of these kind of deaths and illness is carbon monoxide. it is odorless, colorless, doesn't cause many symptoms except vomiting and not feeling well. there is carbon monoxide getting into those apartments maybe through some construction work that interfered with the heating or ventilation system comes in, they don't feel all right. they go to the hospital. on the way to the hospital air, 20% oxygen in the air cures it. if we breathe in air it gets rid of the carbon monoxide. they seem to be okay at the hospital. they come back and still okay for a little while.
6:58 am
go to sleep and while they're sleeping they -- the oxygen level in the brain goes down because carbon monoxide. they get confused. one ends up in the bathroom. they don't feel well. thinks they have to go to the john and is confused because of the low oxygen in the brain and then collapses in the bathroom. not knowing that he should open a window. if he opened a window or walked outside. >> bill: the son told abc news said she couldn't move. legs and arms are swollen and she couldn't move and screamed to get someone in the door. >> that's what the mom told him apparently. she was confused when this happened. she is lucky to be alive. she was confused, swelling isn't really part of carbon monoxide poisoning but i can't think what would cause the swelling in a situation like that. >> bill: i could see if maybe if the room was near a garage,
6:59 am
right? >> that, commonly. >> bill: the first thing you said there is this can travel through regular air ducts? >> yes. usually there is some defect or somebody doing construction work on the heating system or can travel especially with ventilation be brought -- created by whatever the burning or heating goes through the ventilation ducts and it gets spread in the room. now, it's in the room. it goes up. if the window is open, that's why some people they are in better shape. but they go out, breathe in 20% of the normal oxygen. the oxygen gets rid of the carbon monoxide kills by attaching to the red blood cells and preventing the red blood cells from picking up oxygen. and that causes brain problems
7:00 am
and confusion and death if it's long enough. >> dana: you make a good point about just remembering to check your monitors at home. >> the detectors are invaluable. this is an old kind of thing. the canary in the coal mine. they would pass out from the carbon monoxide and methane and lack of oxygen before the humans. and -- >> dana: we're sad for the families. i know they are going through a lot and appreciate you being here to help us think it through. >> bill: nice to see you post covid. really great to see you. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: wish her happy birthday. >> you don't look a day older. >> dana: thank you. here we go now. >> showed off the table and
7:01 am
saying we won't have a war on business, we won't raise taxes on companies and individuals, we're not going to add new regulations. we're not going to pretend that the price issue is about companies gouging consumers or collusion. >> dana: james freeman last hour as president biden struggles to manage the economy and soaring inflation he once called transitory as it shows no sign of going away. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the president is facing a lot of head winds. gas prices high, inflation. wall street taking another big hit again yesterday and it is not looking good for the inflation numbers due out tomorrow. edward lawrence gives us the low down from the white house now. good morning. >> good morning. that new speech that the president is going to unveil with his new plan is stuff we've already heard from the president's social spending plan the president is going to
7:02 am
push congress to pass a bill with clean energy tax credits. he will also push congress to pass subsidize some childcare going forward. we also know he will highlight the releases from the strategic petroleum reserve to bring gas prices down. gas prices reached record highs. nationally $4.37 a gallon for regular unleaded. diesel a record also. no policy shifts for more restrictions and more regulations. >> i think what he will probably do is offer a bunch of subsidies which don't lower costs. they simply socialize it. in february 2021 inflation in the united states was the same over a 12-month period in the euro area. over the subsequent 12 months the increase in the rate of inflation in the united states was more than five times that in the euro area. >> that former economic advisor under president trump says the difference is in march of 2021
7:03 am
president biden signed the american rescue plan when the economy didn't need another boost. we know about the gas prices at record high diesel fuel is also at a record high and that pushes prices on goods, everything else on that board you are seeing in double digit inflation. baby food is up 10.8% including baby formula which has shortages because of the supply chain issues and recall. >> when we look at economic data internally, a lot of ex experience all economists look at the fact we've created over 8 million jobs since the president took office. the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6%. gdp grew at 5.7% last year. >> so the white house focuses in different areas. when you start to talk about the economy, not inflation. >> bill: edward lawrence. big day tomorrow. see what we get. karl rove will join us at the bottom of the hour to talk about this and more coming up with karl. stand by for more on that. >> dana: a fortune activist
7:04 am
taking to the streets outside the home of samuel alito. watch here. >> abort the court. >> dana: the latest protest targeting justices who might overturn roe v. wade leading to growing concerns for their personal safety and the safety of their families. we have the president of wisconsin family action. the organization's headquarters were firebombed sunday and still no suspects. have you heard anything more about the investigation? >> no, actually we haven't, dana. all we really know is what we heard from the press conference yesterday and that they are aggressive in their investigation, we hope they are. this deserves that kind of investigation. but they told us they didn't have any new leads or suspects in mind so we're in a wait and watch and hope mode right now. >> bill: had you been threatened before? >> you know, actually i have. not over this issue. but we cover a number of issues.
7:05 am
we're a multi-issue organization and in years past yes i've had death threats, the police involved with credible death threats. when you walk into your office on a sunday morning on mother's day and see a piece of graffiti like we saw, if abortions aren't safe, you aren't, either. you gate whole new perspective. you realize anew that people don't like you. people don't like what you stand for and i will say this here at the top. this kind of rhetoric and this kind of violence really needs to stop right now. we can't let it go any further. >> dana: i want to read to you from nancy pelosi the speaker of the house. far left democrat. while we have seen and heard extraordinary anguish in our communities we've been moved by how so many have planned to march and make their voices heard. thank you for carrying on the fight for the rights of all americans. how do you respond to that in the wake of the violence you
7:06 am
saw? >> well, i'll say this. it seems to me that nancy pelosi is partly responsible for inciting the kind of violence that we were the recipients of early on mother's day morning. that kind of rhetoric heats things up, not cool it down. our leaders need to be held responsible and held accountable for the kind of message they send. we had a similar message early on from the governor here. the kind of language they use is meaningful and i don't think nancy pelosi's words there help us at all in tamping down what we're experiencing. i will say, too, if they are willing to do this kind of action with a draft opinion, what should we be expecting when we actually get the final opinion from the u.s. security on this issue? >> here is your senator ron johnson on this. >> a tactic of the left. it never gets criticized by the media because the media is of the left. it is reprehensible and should
7:07 am
be condemned. protests, violence is okay if it's done by leftists. only condemned and investigated if it's done on the right. >> bill: i'm going to assume you agree with that but you have to wonder if you were protesting outside kagan's house what would jen psaki say? >> thank you to senator johnson for saying that and reminding people. violence is not the answer at any point. all these protests out in front of the justice's homes frankly i don't know why that is not illegal. they are federal officials and their lives are basically being upset by the protestors and we have a history, right? we know when these protests get to certain size and mob anger takes over we have violence. there is a pattern here. again, this needs to stop and law enforcement and our officials at every level of government need to step up and
7:08 am
let it be known we will not tolerate that, this kind of behavior in america. you can disagree with me but you don't get to threaten me and actually do bodily harm. >> bill: thank you for your time. we'll stay in touch with you and a lot of others. thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much for the opportunity. >> bill: we get down to the border. the planned end of title 42 on the border restriction. immigration courts already face more than 1 1/2 million cases. 1.5 million with some migrants waiting five years for a hearing in this country. the lifting of title 42 on the 23rd of may likely to make that backlog even worse. david spunt live from the department of justice on this today. good morning. >> imagine that, bill, five years for a court case. the clock is ticking. title 42 set to expire two weeks from yesterday. title 42 was put in place as a
7:09 am
health measure during the early days of the pandemic. it serves as a mechanism to deport those crossing the border illegally quickly citing the pandemic. president biden vowed to lift it on may 23. border officials are expecting a surge in immigration courts. right now 1.7 million pending cases nationwide. approximately 281,000 in texas, 234,000 in florida. 220,000 in california. that million plus figure not strictly border related cases. they include migrants from more than 200 countries and the idea of the backlog. this is a retired immigration judge who sat on the bench for 24 years. i spoke to her about the likely end of title 42 and what it means for the system already back logged. >> my biggest fear with the ending of title 42 they will do is same thing. have judges stop putting the cases ready to be heard and finished and move them to the
7:10 am
title 42 cases that are brand-new. so they won't be ready and they will be spinning your wheels and wasting time. >> immigration courts are not part of the independent judiciary. part of the executive branch under the department of justice where i am. this judge tells fox news her former colleagues are overwemd and understaffed. they don't control their own docket. today there are approximately 500 immigration judges nationwide. imagine that for 1.7 million pending cases. she said many times these judges are overworked and they have to work more than five days a week sometimes. >> bill: extraordinary numbers. thank you much. >> female driving the vehicle shot herself and the passenger was injured. sometimes they do things that are unexplainable. >> dana: the search for an escaped inmate and accomplice coming to a deadly conclusion. what kind of resources went
7:11 am
into the manhunt? >> is russia's assault as ukraine stretches into a third month journalists are getting insight how the crisis is playing out on the ground. >> there have been attacks across the country from mariupol to the southern city of nikolai and increased sirens in the west. the harrowing images of what taking place in the land taken back. >> bill: alex hogan is back with her own story out of kyiv and ukraine coming up today. if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values,
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>> the attempts we saw here in la veefsh. changing the tune of what people thought of this city as being a refuge. the first time we've heard the sirens sound off tonight. russians troops are pulling out of the north around the capital of kyiv and we're seeing ukrainian troops go back to the some of the territories they haven't been to for weeks. they are finding decembermation. >> dana: our next guest spent weeks covering russia's
7:18 am
invasion of ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in poland. here to talk about it alex hogan. wonderful to have you here. your reporting was incredible and glad you got a chance to come and visit us here. >> i'm happy to be back in new york. >> bill: among the ukrainians you spoke to did they feel a war with putin or invasion was inevitable? >> no. it was a shock to so many people. they felt such close cultural ties to the people that were invading. for many of them they have family members and loved ones in russian. constant text messages to people back home questioning how this was the reality and weeks and months later i think there is still that sense of shock. it's shifted more so than anything to anger about how this is continuing to rage on and how well people are starting to return home to ukraine that sit completely different than they ever could
7:19 am
have imagined. >> dana: here is you in poland. >> every 10 or 15 minutes we're seeing more and more people come. there are vans lined up one after another. filled with clothing, diapers, food, medical supplies. anything needed for those still across the border. >> dana: so you took phone numbers and you've kept in touch with some of them. what are some of the things that stood out to you that they tell you in day 76 of this war. >> some of the people i kept in touch with them and some women are now helping out by bringing some of those donations back so that van that you saw filled with diapers and clothing, they are on the other side of the border in another country helping collect donations to be able to provide relief efforts for people living back home and those unable to flee. one woman i met in her early 20s and left by herself. her parents wrote her the long letter saying goodbye which is painful and hard to imagine it could take place in 2022.
7:20 am
something that seems like it would have happened hundreds of years ago, if anything. she is now finding ways to help her family from a safe place. >> bill: there is so much need and we can see it from your reporting and others, too. did you get a sense from people what they were willing to -- zelenskyy says it's all or nothing. we'll stay at war and you are not getting any of our land. did you get a sense from any of the people in the northern or western part of the country in the capital city of kyiv that they're willing to concede in order to bring peace, concede on something? >> i haven't heard that once. you would think it could be normal for people to think maybe to get the fighting to stop let's give up one portion of territory. we on the ground never heard that once from any of the people we personally spoke with. one thing i do think is interesting is that while we talk about most of the fighting taking place on the eastern side of the country and that the west is relatively safe in comparison, the people who live in the western side of the country and always home for them, this is not safe. the men who live there, most of
7:21 am
them also have sent their wives and kids to other countries even though there aren't as many daily attacks. they are still feeling and seeing it every day. >> dana: thank you for being our witness there and reporting on it. congratulations on all the great work. enjoy your time here. >> i'm flying back to london tonight. >> dana: have a safe trip. >> she was like a mother to us so in spite of all she did, and there is no excuse for what she did, in spite of that she was family and our employees will take it very hard. >> bill: she was the former corrections officer, vicky white apparently shot her killed herself last night in evansville, indiana. the convict she helped escape from a jail in alabama is now in custody and bring in lenny depaul. trying to piece this together. i see they were driving a 2007
7:22 am
ford edge, a black 150. a cadillac. how did they get all these cars? they must have had help. >> i'm not sure, bill. good morning. she sold that house for $90,000. they had a lot of cash on them. she was paying cash for these vehicles. the u.s. marshal service, gulf coast regional fugitive task force and sheriff's departments did an awesome job. they put out the necessary intel about these fugitives. like you said he is 7 foot, 300 pounds. hard to miss. tattoos came into play. public remained vigilant. the fellow at the car wash that spotted the f-150 truck in his bay got curious and played the video back and looked at the individual on camera and thought it was the fugitive. went back into his archive things and saw photos and said yeah and did the right thing
7:23 am
and dialed the u.s. marshal. >> bill: when you hear about a jail house romance and how some described their relationship, you don't keep that a secret for very long. >> you know, it amazes me. these inmates the end to groom some of these corrections officers. what was on vicky white's mind is anyone's guess. she lost her husband a few years back. not sure what they are mindset was. what i find peculiar, he comes out with his hands up and first thing out of his mouth is i didn't kill her, she shot herself. i found that to be a little peculiar. it was a strange thing the way it ended. they did an amazing job, the u.s. marshal service. great lakes fugitive tasks force was involved also. a full-court press. >> bill: is it common where you
7:24 am
find employees at correction facilities are working in concert with inmates? >> no, i don't find it common at all in my three decades chasing violent fugitives being in and out of jails. not at all. unfortunately it does happened and apparently happened here. it is not a common thing. you would think with this inmate trying to escape back in 2020 as well that you would have had a large bold red letters tried to escape or whatever and transporting him by herself was a little strange but i'm sure things are going to change within that sheriff's department. >> bill: thank you. it's come to a conclusion in evansville, indiana, hundreds of mile away from the jail in the southeast. thank you for coming on today. >> dana: if you thought the pain at the pump couldn't get any worse, think again. grass prices going where they've never gone before.
7:25 am
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7:30 am
>> dana: filling your tank will just about drain your wallet. the national average price for a gallon of gas is $4.37, up $1.31 from a year ago. william la jeunesse in los angeles has more for us. >> the thing about gas is the snowball effect. it permeates the economy. less money for everything else. you can't live without it. 4.37 a gallon nationwide. 5.82 california. in west l.a. 6.29 a gallon. >> i think it is ridiculous. i wish i understood this stuff
7:31 am
more. >> i am 75 years old and lived through three of these. this is the worst in my lifetime. >> president biden's policies have not helped. millions of barrels released from the strategic petroleum reserve adding more ethanol to gasoline prices still going up. critics blame his supply side response. stopping more oil from canada, via pipelines. moratorium on drilling on federal lands. favoring renewables and price gouging. reduced investment in production and refineries. >> oil producers have been hesitant to increase production significantly or at all given concerns about the volatility associated with the oil market should world events quickly come into alignment. >> the white house takes no responsibility calling this a
7:32 am
putin price hike. also to blame, europe, which says it will no longer buy russian oil, increasing competition for already tight supplies from opec. increased gasoline prices experts say will cost consumers an extra $2,000 this year, another $1,000 for groceries as truckers pass their pain at the pump on to you. >> a truck averages 5 to 6 miles to the gallon. so that puts fuel costs alone at $1 or just over $1 per mile. >> he has to open up all the drilling and we have to be able to get oil from our own country, not from somebody that hates us like all the countries that we're buying barrels of oil off of right now. >> of course, diesel is a big deal, trucks, trains, tankers, manufacturing, farming, dana and you take the summer driving season as well, don't expect any relief any time soon. >> dana: a tough summer for a
7:33 am
lot of people. thank you, william. >> the market is up considerably. we've created over 8 million jobs since the president took office. unemployment rate dropped. gdp grew at 5.7% last year and household balance sheets are strong and businesses are investing in the united states. >> bill: jen psaki painting a rosie picture of the economy. prices on food and gas keep rising and paychecks aren't keeping up with inflation. karl rove is here to talk about the politics of it all. we were talking. anita dunn is back at the white house. she was there with president obama. she had a lot of fire directed toward the right. bill clinton was at the white house two weeks ago and a couple days later when joe biden came out and started throwing daggers at republicans. we believe that he is going to say to the gop what are your ideas? and we think we'll hear that in
7:34 am
about an hour's time. how would you react if that's the case? >> nice try, mr. president. we have a -- republicans have a plan. stop the spending. this came about because you poured gasoline on the fire with the american rescue plan. a democratic economist warned you would create inflation. it did. inflation is too much money chasing too few goods and you spent money borrowing from the future that we didn't need to spend or have. the first republican plan is stop spending money on new programs and new sposhl welfare programs and new initiatives and stop. unleash the american energy industry. once you did what the president did last year, halting leasing on federal lands and federal waters, getting rid of the
7:35 am
keystone xl pipeline and making it more expensive to get oil to its final end. setting new rules and regulations for infrastructure in the oil patch making it difficult to start new projects and particularly to build new pipelines to get natural gas and petroleum to the refineries. those kind of steps and making it unattractive to invest in energy, all those steps have contributed to where we are today. the idea this is not the direct result of his policies in large measure is wrong. people know it. that's why -- take a look at this poll. think about this. the economy is poor. everyone, 77% said the economy is poor. republicans 94%. that's to be expected. republicans don't like the democrat president. independents 81% of them say the economy is poor. those are the people whose votes will decide the fall election. >> dana: what's interesting we
7:36 am
have this leaked decision about roe v. wade and now the media has gone into overdrive to say this is going to be the most important issue. then you see in the "washington post" the republicans mid-term bet voters will care more about inflation than abortion. the quote here from the paper, republican candidates are likely to stick to a playbook that many debuted last week after "politico" first published the draft opinion and dodged rephoning using public also on what they believe to be more potent issues. is it a belief or fact? >> i thought it was interesting. a couple of major newspapers that began interviewing women voters and what they found was women voters are more concerned about inflation and the economy and ukraine and immigration and crime and lots of things above and beyond abortion. and yes, i think it is a big mistake for the democrats to put all their eggs in the abortion basket or to do what the president does which will
7:37 am
be a one-two punch. abortion and the republicans don't have a plan on inflation. what a weak agenda, what a weak response. >> dana: what about the attacks saying rick scott and the republicans have a plan to increase taxes on all americans and so they are saying the one breath republicans don't have a plan but they want to tag all republicans with the plan rick scott put forward. >> and all it takes is a republican candidate to say i'm not like the democrat administration. i don't want to raise taxes. now isn't the time to raise taxes on anybody. the administration wants to raise taxes on business and individuals and set a global uniform tax. so that we raise our taxes to the levels of our foreign competitors. that is one of the easiest things for republicans to deal with. if you say to somebody which party is more against taxes? republicans or democrats? the answer is republicans. if that's what the campaign will be fought out over, great. >> dana: all right. karl, we could keep you for
7:38 am
hours. >> bill: do you have hours? >> dana: office hours. >> i'm at your beck and call. incidentally belated happy birthday, dana. >> dana: how do you feel about the bengals? thank you, karl. thank you so much. there is a top executive for apple calling it quits. what the company is doing now that made him decide it's time to leave. protests after the supreme court justices is another example of the growing threat to federal judges and justice under the law. we'll talk to a judge whose son was killed by a gunman whose case he heard. >> we have to protect judges in order to insure that we are functioning as a democracy. 're pg that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive,
7:39 am
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
7:43 am
>> bill: this could be the ultimate work from home story. a top executive at apple has quit over that company's mandate that employees go back to the office three days a week. his name is ian good fellow director of machine learning. the most senior employee to leave apple. more flexibility would have been the best policy. april survey found 67% of
7:44 am
employees at apple were unhappy with the directive to come back to the office. twitter and slack and facebook have adopted permanent remote work models. 'tis all. [crowd chanting] >> dana: anoisy protest by pro-choice activist at the home of samuel alito. targeting the private homes of supreme court justices. the biden justice department silent on the protest despite a federal law making it illegal to picket or parade to influence a case. this judge, his son was killed and her husband very injured in her home. a man was angered over her handling of a case involving
7:45 am
him and she joins us now. again, thank you for joining us. you have been an important voice here. we are so sorry for the loss you continue to feel so deeply. you have also dedicated your efforts to try to make sure that judges are protected. where does that sand now? >> good morning, dana. thank you for having me on the show. it stands in limbo. it stands in limbo. daniel was murdered over 21 months and 18 days ago and daniel's bill, the daniel judicial security and privacy act has been in limbo. yet now we see efforts by congress, bipartisan efforts, to push protections through for the supreme court justices, which they should be doing. but they did that in less than a week. and it looks like it will pass the house today. i commend them for doing that but i also say to them that federal judges everywhere, federal judges, the lower federal courts stand on the
7:46 am
front line of democracy and we've been literally taking the fire for months now, years in fact. and nothing is being done to protect us. we stand at the front line for democracy and we all justices and federal court judges at all levels need to be protected. democracy demands this. our constitution demands this. the time is now. what else do we need? more deaths? >> dana: can you describe what you imagine to be the worries of the supreme court justices and their families as they see these protests over the last few days? >> i can and i can. it makes me want to cry because you know what? we do our jobs, we take an oath because we care about this country, because we care about democracy. and to do our jobs and to only be doing our jobs and to be in fear of retribution, retailiation or death is not
7:47 am
part of the deal. should never be part of the deal. this should not be a partisan issue. this is an american issue. and we need to understand that public debate has a place and that's in the public forum. it does not have a place in front of justice's or judge's houses. and we have to understand that is not a first amendment issue. that is just quite frankly what is needed in order to protect our rule of law. >> dana: when you think about what could be coming, do you hope that not only does the law pass that you talked about, but should the justice department enforce the law that's already on the books that says you cannot do this to a federal judge? >> i think that the rule of law has to be followed by everyone leaders, legislators, the president, judges. we all have to follow the rule of law for it to have any meaning and not to be watered
7:48 am
down. as a judicial officer i'm compelled to say we follow the law. but i am also begging our leaders to understand this is not a partisan issue. we need to act now. the time is now. i and mark and quite frankly countless other individuals, judges, american bar associations, everybody has been urging for the passage of law to protect our federal judges. and we haven't done it. we've been told that it is going to happen. there are some issues. what we need to act now and it needs to be from both sides. republican and democrat, independents alike. we need to do something to protect the judiciary and do it before another tragedy befalls some family. i live with the fact that my only child -- my only child, mark and i had one child and four miscarriages. we no longer have daniel on this earth. we no longer have our son?
7:49 am
why? because i was doing my job. and there is no room in america for this kind of conduct. we must realize that we have to do things civilly and protect our democracy at all costs. we know what can happen. look around what is happening in this world. we know what can happen if we don't protect our democracy and our federal judges. >> dana: judge, thank you for your advocacy and coming on to talk to us and i'm sure we'll see you again soon. the bill was reintroduced last week. if you want to help her, call your congressman and the offices of the senators to make sure this gets done. thank you, judge. >> bill: strong woman. >> dana: isn't she? >> bill: the fact that she told you how many months and days it's been. >> dana: 21 months and 18 days since her son was killed and the defendant, he was mad about
7:50 am
the ruling. racially motivated. he dressed as a delivery man, came to the door. her son opened the door. father standing behind. the son was killed and father gravely injured. she is on the back hearing cases. a very strong person. >> bill: you'll meet a young candidate who wants to win a house seat in maryland and has had quite a interesting journey into politics. >> we have a political party that is hell bent on living in a permanent pandemic mode and i as a life long person from maryland had a chance to do something about that.
7:51 am
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>> harris: president biden can't seem to figure out how to cure the inflation disease under his administration. he is expected the hit republicans in a speech again as prices on everything we're paying for are soaring and the attorney general merrick garland took aim at concerned
7:56 am
parents at school board meetings over crt and other issues. when it comes to liberal protestors showing up at supreme court justices, the department of justice is silent. senator marsha blackburn and ari nriefper at the top of the hour. >> after exposing democratic lawmakers in his state one former journalist is heading into the political arena. matthew foldi, he is running in the house seat in maryland. read a little bit about your story. a crowded primary two months from now. what did you notice during covid about your representatives in maryland? let's start there. >> thanks so much for having me on. a nationwide scandal that democratic office holder around the country are continuing to
7:57 am
not work. my congressman is the worse of of them all managing his multi-billion dollar company what that's zero offices here and a part-time congressman and lives just outside the district 25 minutes from the capitol and missed 25% of the votes last year. so after i exposed the democrats across the country are hell bent on remaining in the permanent pandemic mode i said look, i have one of the worst congressmen in all of america. time for me to do something about that. i welcome all your viewers to join us to help flip this incredibly winnable seat. >> bill: some of the other candidates vying for this seat. colt black, and others. nancy pelosi gave the lawmakers the option to vote by proxy. so whether you are in maryland or whether you are in hawaii, you don't have to go to washington, d.c., right?
7:58 am
>> exactly. my reporting at the free beacon exposed how democrats across the country are abusing that system to host fundraisers in san francisco, travel on air force one with joe biden and just not do their job. we need to flip the house by winning toss-up districts like this with republican candidates who will focus on holding what's definitely the most corrupt administration of my 25-year-old lifetime to account. my reporting did that but there is a lot more i can do as a congressman. >> bill: you are 25. how do you make that case? >> look, i have a better record than any of the republicans running of exposing democratic corruption whether in the energy department or chinese interference in our commerce department. so i'm actually more ready to work for the citizens of maryland than david troen who doesn't show up to work for us or any of the republicans. i entered the race on the last day because i said look, none of these republicans actually
7:59 am
even mention trone in their speeches or website. in order to beat him we have to be aggressive and make the case against him. we certainly know, i can tell you as a former journalist the "washington post" won't be covering his absenteeism. >> you said we've seen democrats in congress not working. they like living in the coronavirus. that's your platform and see if it works in two months. thank you for coming on today. >> dana: his reporting was incredible. they have pictures of mail stacked up for months. good for him. before we go. i love this one. there was an emotional mother's day in ukraine. a mother and son reuniting after more than 70 days apart near kharkiv. you know where that is in the country. you have been following this. 70 days probably felt like a lifetime to them and they reconnect in all of that strife. quite sweet. >> bill: powerful. we have to run. you go about your day and i go
8:00 am
about mine. happy birthday. >> dana: i hope the bengals do well. did you hear the tom brady news? >> bill: he is a fox family guy when he retires -- re-retires. is that the word? >> dana: we'll see if they make him a graphic of brady reads sports. we'll see how they do with that one. >> bill: welcome aboard. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert as we await president biden, who is set to speak on inflation this hour. and, of course, we layer that on to the many crises that the nation is seeing under the biden administration. some of them spinning out of control. there are growing concerns of a recession. and it seems to be pretty distressing news when it comes to the economy overall and it is only tuesday of this week. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". so as we await the president, we watch the dow and we're hoping th


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