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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 10, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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about mine. happy birthday. >> dana: i hope the bengals do well. did you hear the tom brady news? >> bill: he is a fox family guy when he retires -- re-retires. is that the word? >> dana: we'll see if they make him a graphic of brady reads sports. we'll see how they do with that one. >> bill: welcome aboard. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert as we await president biden, who is set to speak on inflation this hour. and, of course, we layer that on to the many crises that the nation is seeing under the biden administration. some of them spinning out of control. there are growing concerns of a recession. and it seems to be pretty distressing news when it comes to the economy overall and it is only tuesday of this week. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". so as we await the president, we watch the dow and we're hoping that the dow can do
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something it hasn't done in the last receive -- several days. stay in the green and not sink by hundreds of points. you see it modestly skipping along. we'll watch it all and we've got some expertise on the mezzanine with me today and that will help us really feel better. the dow dropped more than 650 points before closing yesterday, by the way. s&p hit its lowest level in more than a year and while the markets are down, gas prices are way up. the national average gas price hit an all-time high spiking 5 cents over the night to a whopping $4.37 per gallon. the average is $1.40 more than it was at the same time last year. for those who would blame the war in ukraine this started
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cooking over a year ago. ukraine is now unfortunately at war just 76 days, though, of our journey so far. we pray for them. their journey is worse. the white house says they aren't worried about a recession. republican senator thom tillis is not so convinced. >> they are lauding the jobs report and casting their attention away from the fact that so many people have left the workforce. 8 million jobs are open. that our productivity is suffering as a result. inflation is going through the roof. all the gains in wage increases we've seen over the past 18 months have been eclipsed by spiraling inflation. now we are headed, i believe, in the direction of a recession. >> harris: piling on. alexandria hoff live at the white house. i don't know if you can hear it but i was talking about ukraine. got to put on our own oxygen mask if we help anybody else. the pressure is on this president again today. can he get it right when it
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comes to inflation? >> harris, i do want to point out i was listening to the sound bite before and interesting. the white house is saying they don't believe we are currently heading into a recession right now. the pft has said he is concerned about one perhaps next year. he is outlining a plan today that will be a continuation of much of the strategies we've heard before from the administration and hoping to ease the minds of families who are really struggling right now. according to the latest fox news poll 44% of americans say that they the rising gas and grocery prices have caused serious problems for them. the president is looking to the strategic reserve to curb oil prices. asking congress for childcare credits and illegal food price fixing among details we expect to hear today. he will also look to do is contrast his administration's plan with what the white house calls the congressional
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republicans' ultramaga plan to raise taxes. there is no republican plans to do that. they're referring to is a proposal from rick scott not backed by his colleagues. the "washington post" gave that claim three pinocchios. >> mitch mcconnell in this report, there aren't any other republicans signing on at this point. is it fair to say that republicans as a whole? >> if republicans want to repudiate his plan they should do that. >> minority leader mitch mcconnell said it is not what the party is running on and i mention something else. a serious formula shortage in the united states now. the white house was asked about that yesterday and we hope to hear more details today how they can ease 140 million infants were born last year and we have a lot of moms and dads concerned about that. hopefully the president will
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speak to that as well. >> harris: hard to believe they haven't so far. another crisis. thank you very much. good to see you. jacqui deangelis is walking this closely. what one thing stands out to you. we hear the word recession. what are you focused on? >> americans standard of living and add to the poll that was cited there. a new gallup poll indicates 52% of americans are concerned about their standard of living. 40% worried how they will make their monthly nut and these are the kitchen table issues that people are dealing with every day. we had a correspondent out showing how people were lining up to gas to pay $3.00 less. >> harris: 52% worried about standards of living. everybody's standards are
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different. a lot of people feel the same way. some people have savings and many don't but you mean even with the people who thought they were planning for a rainy day. >> exactly. what we also see evidence of is more consumers and i've been saying this for a while are turning to credit right now. when you put things on credit card to pay monthly bills those percentages are egregious in some places and people saved money during the pandemic and came out and spent it because they had been cooped up for so long. that's okay. at this point if you've gone through the savings and turning to credit is when we start to see a problem. >> harris: absolutely. look at what the fed is doing now. it is raising interest rates. while it doesn't have a direct -- it eventually hits the consumer and the banks and those lenders and that means that money is more expensive to borrow. >> for everybody. when you think about the corporations, they can't finance their debt or growth in the same way. consumers are paying more for things like trying to buy a
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home for the first time. people are getting closed out. >> harris: right. we see people going to the grocery store more now and i do -- we spent a lot of time on this yesterday. i could do a whole show on the baby formula thing. it is actually a metaphor for everything else we put our hands on. anything can go that route where there is not enough of it and people are -- look, insulin and diabetes medication. it can happen anywhere. stocks sliding to their lowest so far this year as the inflation crisis continues to rock markets. here is a look at the percentage change since january for just the s&p 500 and nasdaq. stu varney issued the warning. a jagged line in the wrong direction at the right of the chart. let's watch. >> we're talking serious inflation hitting right now. you know what that does to the economy. interest rates rise and we move closer to recession. no matter what they tell you, when rates rise, at some point
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stocks fall. federal reserve can't suddenly start printing money to relieve the market. here we have are watching the slide. does anyone see a bottom? that's the question we've been asking. >> harris: wow, the bottom. haven't considered that. the middle is so bad. >> you won't see a bottom unless the administration steps up and tries to do something about the problems we have. >> harris: what do they need to do? what should the president be saying and doing? >> come back to the baby formula example is the supply chain problems we're experiencing. part of that has to do with the labor problems we're experiencing. you had record numbers of people quitting jobs in march. we have 11 1/2 million jobs to fill. our wages are not growing as fast as inflation is growing. they're growing at half the rate. you need to solve some of these problems to get things back into balance. other people will say look back to the early 80s.
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paul volker spiked up the rates and said we'll take the pain now. you had a president who said we'll cut taxes and help stimulate the economy. you don't have an administration that wants to go that route right now. >> harris: no. when you talk about the prices of things, we know there could be a bottom for the market but where could the top be for what we pay for just the basics? >> it could get worse from here. most people say they expect price inflation rise to continue for another year, possibly longer than that. we'll get another cpi report tomorrow. it may be slightly less than 8 1/2% what we saw last time. we are going to bounce around for a while at these high rates until -- above 8 until things get better. you look at gas prices, $4.37. we'll only go higher going into july 4. policy in the white house? they could shift on their energy policy. >> harris: when an administration says it will
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give you more transparency and take you to new heights. i don't want to go to new heights of the highest price of gasoline forever. that's not what we were banking on. >> many people are saying we have to drive to and fro work. we can't take a vacation and we can't do what we were planning to do. sorry to be the bearer of bad news >> harris: it took the president time to admit inflation is not transitory. these were their words. their problems are our problems. they can't seem to solve them. jacqui, thank you. covid-19 drove them out but not what's keeping them from coming back. a new survey says new yorkers are not returning to the office because of violent crime. adding even more pressure on the city's leadership to make some headway in fighting the problem and this. >> attorney general garland justice department was quick to treat the concerned parents of
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america like domestic terrorist. i haven't heard any announcement how the d.o.j. may handle these intimidation tactics aimed directly at federal judges. >> harris: the doj doesn't seem to be interested in the demonstrators breaking the law when they go to the homes of u.s. supreme court justices. they aren't even piping up on that. crickets. speaker nancy pelosi praising the protestors' righteous anger. republican senator marsha blackburn in "focus" next. , with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice.
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>> does the president plan to condemn the leak of the supreme court draft opinion or the
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doxxing of the justices now that we've violence unfold? >> we haven't seen violence or vandalism against justices. we've seen it at catholic churches and the president doesn't support that and conservative organizations, we don't support that. we understand the passion and concern but the president's position is that should be peaceful, the protests. >> harris: somebody ought to show the president the law. that's the white house on the protests happening at the homes of u.s. supreme court justices. are the white house and its justice department serious about keeping the peace? if they are, it must be a big secret because federal law makes it illegal to picket or parade outside a judge's personal home especially in an attempt to influence the outcome of a case. i'll read it to you and be quick. 18 u.s. code 15.03. whoever corruptly or by threats
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of force or threatening letter or communication. it is against the law to influence, intimidate or impede any juror or officer of any court of the united states. that is 18 u.s. code 15.03. i hope the president reads it. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time the demonstrators are held accountable. >> the left has set out to harass and intimidate sitting judges as they consider a pending case. it is an attempt to replace the rule of law with the rule of mobs. attorney general garland of the justice department was quick to treat the concerned parents of america like potential domestic terrorists but curiously i d.o. these intimidation tactics aimed directly at federal judges. >> harris: even the "washington post" editorial board is calling on these people to quote, unquote, leave the justices alone at home.
8:19 am
house speaker nancy pelosi is praising the protestors for what she calls their righteous anger. republican senator marsha blackburn of tennessee sits on the senate judiciary committee and the senator is in "focus" right now. good to see you. your reaction to the fact that the d.o.j. is completely silent on this when i just read look, they have -- they could take action. >> they could take action and they ought to be taking action and marching every one of these people down to the police headquarters and then booking them for being in violation you just read the code. and exactly what it says. this is against the law. what they are doing is against the law. but i have to tell you, harris, as we look at this, it is becoming apparent that this was a leaker from the left, a democrat, who wanted to
8:20 am
undermine the work of a justice and who wanted to reach a different outcome. and in order to do that, what they are doing is something unprecedented. they released a working paper that justices use to pass between one another to arrive at a decision that they wanted. and now in order to push it even further, you have these leftist activists who are organizing these protests in front of justice's' homes. this is unsafe and disrupts the entire community. they are trying to do it as a source of embarrassment to the justices. what they are doing is embarrassing themselves and their actions, they have to be held to account. >> harris: and we hope -- hope is not a strategy -- but we have the expectation that they will control themselves in this
8:21 am
instance. anything can happen accidentally, incidentally. anything can happen when you are on somebody else's property. you don't want to be that close. it is against the law and a slippery slope. we've gone from a really seditionous leak to bad behavior now breaking the law. there is a connection there. if you aren't going to hold that side accountable we can do whatever we want. leader of the wisconsin pro-life group, senator, that's the offices of, which were allegedly attacked over the weekend. that leader has told fox digital this. we need stronger leadership that makes it very clear that we don't just disagree with it. we are calling it to stop right now. these are thugs. they are attempting to bully us, to intimidate us. we will not be silent. so this isn't a person's home but the very violence the white house said is not happening.
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>> and we know that there is violence. there was violence at some of the cathedrals, at the violence that was carried out at this office of a pro-life group. that has no place. but what you see happening is the left's response. look at schumer's response. he wants to put on the floor a piece of legislation that goes much further than dobbs. it would go further than france or poland. it would be abortion on demand 24/7 for whatever reason. it would allow dismemberment abortions and harris, this is something that it's inconceivable that they are pushing this, making this such an issue. as i've talked to women all across tennessee, what they said oh, you know, at first we
8:23 am
thought there would be a ban on abortion. we realize that's not true. this is saying the states have the right to set the regulation and restrictions on abortion. most women think that is a good thing. they like that. they appreciate that. it gives the state legislatures the ability to make that choice as to how they want to set the rules and regulations on abortion. so the misleading that is involved with this, the not focusing on the leak but immediately jumping to politicize this. the remarks of pelosi, the remarks of schumer, the way they have not called out people that are protesting, breaking the law at the homes of the judges is something that does need to be addressed and the president, the white house should take the responsibility
8:24 am
of addressing this. >> harris: look, somewhere along the line, since the president says he is going to get out on the campaign trail for the mid-term elections, somewhere along the lines they'll have to explain, democrats, why when they had leadership on the hill and under barack obama they didn't codify roe v. wade. maybe they didn't have the support they thought they had and now they don't have to explain anything, they can fight and blame it all on republicans. >> that's what they are trying to do. exactly what they are trying to do. everything is the fault of republicans. they are not wanting to talk about the leak. they don't want to talk about the open board are. they don't want to talk about human trafficking or inflation. the price at the pump, the gas prices. they don't want to talk about russia and ukraine. they don't want to talk about the chinese communist party. but they feel like they have a nugget of an issue and they are
8:25 am
very wrong and misjudging this. people are upset about the leak and what that has led to and the actions that these protestors have taken. >> harris: senator marsha blackburn. thank you for being in "focus" today. nationwide manhunt is over. u.s. marshals captured casey white. he got help from the woman on the left. she passed away. we are told it was a self-inflicted wound after the dramatic high speed chase, the former jail house guard who allegedly helped him is dead. mike tobin has more from evansville, indiana. a lot of twists before this story ended. >> moving fast today, harris. casey white has made his initial appearance in vandenberg county and waived
8:26 am
his right extradition. alabama is there to pick him up now and be back in alabama sometime tonight. the only limiting factor is the eight-hour drive between lauderdale county, albuquerque -- alabama. this accused murderer, fugitive and convicted kidnapper. vicky white is dead. she shot herself in the head. it happened on the day she was supposed to retire, april 29th. she said she was taking casey white for an evaluation. drove to the getaway car. dumped her cruiser for a ford edge. it turned up in tennessee the same day. the week ago the owner of a car wash found a ford f-15, security video showed the 6'9", 330 pound casey white was there.
8:27 am
>> the windows are down. doors are unlocked. my first thought oh my god, it could be this guy from alabama. did you have a car? yes, the guy in alabama, i said yeah, they were there. >> they were tracked down at a hotel here in evansville. that chasten sued after that that resulted in a crash and that is when vicky white shot herself in the head. back to you. >> harris: thank you very much. president biden is set to speak moments from now on inflation as that particular crisis is spinning out of control. he said that fighting the problem is his priority now. in recent polling americans have told him they don't buy it. and remember this. >> president biden: this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in american history, in recent american history. >> harris: critics calling out president biden for his
8:28 am
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8:34 am
gallon. we've also got a major supply chain crisis, stalled wage growth, major concerns about an economic slowdown, recession. biden said 2023, experts say it could be sooner than that. he is on the same reality page that potentially it's coming and apparently he can't stop t. he painted a more rosie picture of the total economy crediting his success in lowering the deficit. that's a good thing and job growth. but is that the reality balance that most people feel? is it enough? >> listen, he is responsible for this inflationary binge. the one who has given it to us. gas prices are going up for a year half under him. why don't we produce american energy? allow american workers to get back to work drilling and pumping. get them on the rigs? that's what would bring down energy costs but he won't do that.
8:35 am
>> harris: senator josh hawley there. ari fleischer, fox news contributor. great to have you in "focus." the president is about to do the thing that you once helped a president do, talk about a tough situation, although many of them in america say voters, he caused it. >> well, he did cause it. that's the policy problem he has. he has a political problem and will try to address it today. he needs to show people he cares. that's at least how he can try to get back in the game on this. the policy problem is very simple. it was massive spending spree, partisan spending spree, no republican supports. it puts inflation pressures on the economy. democrats' policy to make the cost of oil and gas pryer. they tried to restrict supply. they don't like oil and gas. they want a green new deal. in order to make wind and solar
8:36 am
and other things viable you need to have the price of oil high. it drives up prices by design. so they are where they are as a result of the way they used their policy levers and now he has a political problem. >> harris: when you say by design it's a dagger to the heart. people don't want to hear that. they don't want to hear they are being manipulated for a political cause but they need to hear it from you because it's the truth. >> it is not manipulation. it's a policy choice. democrats believe that global warming, climate change is such a problem they have to drive up the price of oil and gas. now they are learning what happens when you drive up the price of oil and gas. you get inflation. >> harris: ari, i say it is a political choice. it is both. two things can be true. why is that? because when the president could have done some of those things to alleviate the pains and not gone to the dirtiest suppliers of oil on the planet like venezuela.
8:37 am
he chose to do what was easy first. it doesn't make you sound very green. right? i think this is political. it may very well be policy, true. none of it is working for the american people. >> that's a fact. this is what the democrats are going to have to live with and why the mid-term election is likely to be one in which they lose the house and senate. they made policy choices that have made life hard on the average american particularly low income and working people. the price of home heating oil this past winter was through the roof. the price to fill up your car as we all know. wait until we get our electric bills this summer to air condition are homes. you think they will be at last year's rates? >> harris: and electric cars. >> all in the name -- what is predominantly wealthy people to buy electric cars. the reality of our economies. most people can't afford electric cars.
8:38 am
the green new deal really needs to be much more carefully analyzed and the democrats devotion to it and the progressive cause is anti-blue collar worker, anti-middle class and killing the democratic party. >> harris: they have 182 days until the mid-term november 8th. this president will be on the campaign trail out and about more and more. i don't see how that will work out for them but we'll move to this. bloomberg with the headline. inflation is so bad democrats want biden to do more for mid-terms. there is the kind of tongue in cheek reaction to he is going to go out more? what will he talk about? better not talk about the economy. >> who will he talk to who supports him? that's the problem when you have the low rating and if he goes to manhattan or l.a. he can raise money and he will need to do that. very little use of democrat in
8:39 am
a close race has for joe biden. that's the reality of this election. put that on top of the historical trends which the party in power loses seats in the mid-term there is a tsunami coming. i worked on capitol hill in 1994 and 2010 i watched what happened. the last massive repudiations of the democratic party and it looks like we're on track for a similar number. it will be that big a wave heading into november as things are currently going. the roe v. wade decision isn't changing any of that. >> harris: i said it before. if democrats really had a flavor for codifying roe v. wade they could have done it under president obama when they had -- they did other things with their swagger at the moment. it is always temporary, right? they didn't use it for that. i don't think it is enough for that issue to sway an election. if it didn't count then i don't know how it can count aif cross the board after november. last week the president called
8:40 am
out trump supporters as the most extreme political organization in u.s. history. when asked about that yesterday, the press secretary responded this way. >> the president and you have talked about the maga crowd or the ultramaga. how does that jive with his desire to be the bipartisan guy? >> you can do both but he won't stand by and not call out what ultramaga policies that are out of the mainstream of the country and are not in the interest of the american people. he is going to continue to call that out but he believes there is still a path to move forward on where we have agreement. >> harris: this is a sharply different tone from biden's position on the campaign trail when he repeatedly pledged to be a unifier. >> president biden: my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation.
8:41 am
i'm running as a proud democrat but i will govern as an american president. i'm running to unite the country. i'm an american president. i represent all of you whether you voted for me or against me. and i'm going to make sure that you are represented and i'm going to give you hope. >> ari. >> he is one of the meanest, politicians who said nasty things about the other party. he ran against mitt romney and joe biden was given the speech and he said republicans under mitt romney want to return you to slavery. this is what he said about an opposition party in america simply because he was running against it. now this extreme maga, the most dangerous group in american history? this is right on the eve of when a democrat organization -- when a pro-abortion organization firebombs an
8:42 am
abortion clinic, anti-abortion -- pro-life place, office in madison, wisconsin. you know, joe biden can't condemn these things. joe biden is truly one of the most divisive politicians of our time. forget this soul of unity stuff. he doesn't mean it. he doesn't govern or talk like it. the democrat party has become the most progressive woke party that welcomes that kind of rhetoric because they have such disdain for people who voted for donald trump. this is the modern day democratic party and joe biden is its mean spirited leader. >> harris: ari fleischer, we're getting word the president will be coming up shortly. stay with me for remarks after he speaks. let's take a quick commercial break here and we'll be right back. the executive
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8:47 am
director of american rising political action committee and a former biden campaign surrogate. kevin, start with you. you were starting on 6th avenue and getting ready to shop or whatever i do in the afternoons and you would do what you would do. it was months ago. in about 180 days or so it was devolved to the point i don't think you and i would catch each other out there anymore after work. how do you talk about this,
8:48 am
particularly inside of a city that defunded to the tune of a billion dollars its police force? >> it breaks my heart to see the rising violence that we're seeing on the streets. it is across the board not in just cities but rural areas. people are frustrated and desperate coming out of the pandemic and why i supported president biden in the primary and general election because he stands for funding the police. we have had conversations in the past. he rejects the far left in my party that call for defunding the police. he actually went to new york in february, sat down with police officers at the beat at their headquarters saying i'll provide more resources. hired over 1,000 new cops last year alone by the department of justice. this is a president focused like a laser on combating crime and i'm hopeful that republicans will join him in supporting more resources for community policing. >> harris: let me throw in pertinent facts. he didn't talk to the liberal
8:49 am
d.a. who is in charge of what you see out there and the thousands they brought back, the 1,000, that doesn't even begin to fill the jobs. and the experience of those officers that we lost through defund. >> we need many more. >> harris: cassie. >> yeah. kevin is always good to cite what president biden is trying to do. the far left in his party are controlling today's democrat party and their policies, their defund the police preferences not only have had a dire impact on the safety of communities, but a dire impact on people's perception of safety. and to this report for people who saw the decline of safety in their down towns happening pre-pandemic and the pandemic is their excuse to get out of dodge. they aren't coming back. the perception is there that things aren't going well. you can't roll back all the comments and all the times the president stood by and wasn't
8:50 am
strong enough to condemn the rioting in down towns. you can't roll back the times that vice president kamala harris stood with rioters in helping them get bailed out of jail. her campaign contributed to the bail-out of rioters. it plays into the narrative democrats aren't ser oous about getting ahead on crime and the activist d.a.s. the perception will take a long time to roll back for our safety and democrats who tied themselves to the defund the police movement. >> harris: if it takes a long time for the perception to be wiped away and the reality that people are harmed and dieing. it is guns and establishing. a 57-year-old teacher getting hit in the back of the head by a hammer caught on camera. these are the things that people in the city are dealing with. i'll move on. you mentioned, kevin, it is not just here. president biden's fda commissioner with a hot take on
8:51 am
the leading cause of death in america. >> i've been telling congress misinformation is the leading cause of death. we have a life expectancy five years shorter than the average of other countries. >> the commissioner's comments after the administration announced the creation of the disinformation governance board. "washington examiner" reported the woman heading the board ms. jankowicz shared debunked claims about former president trump accusing him of russia collusion in 2016 and beyond and here is what fcc commissioner carr had to say about the newest addition. >> the threats to our liberty come dressed up in sheeps clothing. this is orwellian, unamerican, unconstitutional. the very best time to shut this down was before the dhs ever announced it. the second best time is right now.
8:52 am
>> harris: cassie. >> yeah. i haven't seen the data about disinformation being the leading cause of death but i have seen the data about it being a strong driver of the decline in trust in our institutions. notably, government, politicians and media because people have seen time after time people putting their politics or their bias ahead of the facts and people are saying who do i believe, who do i trust? when you come out of this pandemic and two years where people did everything asked of them and they are seeing the mental health toll that has had and the economic toll that's had, and then now you have a government who says let's appoint a disinformation czar and people are saying i don't trust you, i don't believe you, and i don't think this is where my taxpayer dollars should be focused right now. >> harris: this is what i'm convinced the people pushing this idea that americans need to be -- their social media needs to be spied on and that
8:53 am
some mysterious fact checkers, one of whom really can't fact check herself on tiktok, jankowicz. it loses me that they have a debate at all. now they want to convince us that dysinformation is going to kill us. misinformation is the leading cause of debt and they're interchangeible in our lives as well because they can control it all. kevin, what is the point of all of this? >> i think the point is to crack down on disinformation on the international level. there is no operational control of this board in the united states. they aren't monitoring americans. they aren't monitoring what americans are saying, posting, doing. this is to crack down on human trafficking, drug trafficking. the disinformation about that and hold account chinese involvement in our country, russian involvement in our country. if you look at the foundation and secretary mayorkas said in
8:54 am
his testimony before congress when he was asked on "fox news sunday" this does not have any operational control within the united states. it is not monitoring what americans are doing. it is provide support to fight what international disinformation is out there that's hurting our society, frankly. >> harris: who watches the person who will be watching our account? seriously. >> congress has a role, too. >> harris: you say there is nothing punitive and no accountability. why do you want to know what people are posting? you cannot -- >> because it's important. >> harris: but you say it's important. and the question is how does it save our lives? your side is also saying we're dying from this, which is a really weak argument. cassie. >> there are two separate things. governance board you are talking about is focused on international disinformation not american disinformation. you have the fda commissioner out there talking about issues with disinformation with regards to vaccines.
8:55 am
with other health conditions. he taikd about the rise in heart attacks and strokes. that's separate completely from the disinformation board with the dhs. >> harris: we see some things changing. twitter took care of all that. they suspended and did all that. now it's owned by someone who is a person who wants free speech. "outnumbered" is next. 25% more cash to pay bills. 25% more cash for retirement. call now and get an average of $60,000. veterans get more at newday usa.
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>> harris: right on time for him because he is ready to go. this is the president about to tell us how he's going to fix inflation. at least. that's the hope. >> we look at the economy today, it's clear we've made enormous strides and our plans have created the strongest in modern times. in addition, 8.3 million jobs in my first 15 months in office, record unemployment rates we're down to 3 e .6 -- 3.6%. fastest decline in unemployment to the start of a presidential term ever recorded.
9:00 am
in addition, americans have applied to start 5.4 million new small businesses last year. 20% more than any other year on record. and i see, and as i see it, everything -- everything across the country is, as i go across the country, our economy has gone from being on the mend to on the move. but for every worker i met to seek a better paying job, for every entrepreneur that has gained the confidence to pursue their small business dreams, i know that families all across america are hurting because of inflation. i understand what it feels like. i come from a family where when the price of gas or food went up, we felt it. it was a discussion at the kitchen table. i went -- i want every american to know that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. and i'm here today to t


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