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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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applied to start 5.4 million new small businesses last year. 20% more than any other year on record. and i see, and as i see it, everything -- everything across the country is, as i go across the country, our economy has gone from being on the mend to on the move. but for every worker i met to seek a better paying job, for every entrepreneur that has gained the confidence to pursue their small business dreams, i know that families all across america are hurting because of inflation. i understand what it feels like. i come from a family where when the price of gas or food went up, we felt it. it was a discussion at the kitchen table. i went -- i want every american to know that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. and i'm here today to talk about
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solutions. and there's going to be more we'll have to talk about as well. but first, i want us to be crystal clear about the problem. there are two leading causes of inflation we're seeing today. the first cause of inflation is the once in the century pandemic. not only did it shut down our global economy but through the supply chains and demand completely out of wack especially countries where more effective recovery responses weren't available. especially in those sectors that rely on semiconductors. these supply challenges have been further hampered by the onset of delta and omicron viruses and you've all seen it and all felt it. we have a second cause, second cause. mr. putin's war in ukraine. you saw -- we saw in march that 60% of inflation that month was due to price increases at the
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pump for gasoline. putin's war has raised food prices as well because ukraine and russia are two of the world's major bread baskets for wheat and corn are essentially completely stalled. ukraine has 20 million tons of grain in storage in silos right now. try to figure out how to get out of the country to market that would reduce prices around the world. normally, normally, we'd have already begun to export them into the market. but it hasn't because of putin's invasion. so we're working with our european partners to get this food out into the world so they can help bring down prices. but it's difficult because, again, of putin and the russian invasion of ukraine. and those two major contributors to inflation are both global in nature. that's why we're seeing historic inflation in countries all over the world. here's the good news. because of the actions we've
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taken, america is in a stronger position to meet this challenge than just about any other country in the world. some of the roots of the inflation are outside of our control, state the obvious. but there are things we can do and we can address and we need to do. that starts with the federal reserve which plays a primary role in fighting inflation in our country. i put forward a highly qualified nominees to lead that institution. and i strongly urge the senate to confirm them without delay. the fed has dual responsibilities. first, achieving maximum employment and second is stable prices. and while i'll never interfere with the fed's judgments and decisions or tell them what they have to do, they're independent. they're independent. i believe in inflation as our top economic challenge right now. and i think they do, too. i built a strong -- we built a strong economy with a strong job market and i agree with what chairman powell said last week
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that the number one threat is the strength -- in that strength that we built is inflation. so the fed should do its job and will do its job, i'm convinced with that in mind. now, as i said when i came to what congress and the president can do to fight inflation, americans have two potential actions. one is my democratic plan, plan put forward by congressional republicans is a second alternative. here's how each of us would tackle inflation. my plan is to lower everyday costs for -- everyday costs for hardworking americans and lower the deficit by asking large corporations and the wealthiest americans to not engage in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes. republican plan is to increase taxes on the middle class families, let billionaires and large companies off the hook as they raise profits -- raise
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prices and get profits in record amounts. it's really that simple. let me explain why this choice is so important. let me start -- let me start with the putin price hike. high gas prices. and energy prices. my plan is already in motion. i led the world and other countries to join with us to coordinate the largest release of oil from our stockpiles of all the countrys in history. 240 million barrels to boost global supply. here at home, u.s. oil and gas production is approaching record levels. in fact, we produce more oil domestically in my first year in office than my predecessor did in his year. to further drive down prices my administration is allowing the sale of gasoline using home grown biofuels. biofuels this summer which wasn't allowed before and reduce our dependence on foreign oil
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and reckless autocrats like putin, i'm working with congress to pass landmark investments to help build a clean energy future as well. from tax credits for businesses that produce renewable energy to tax credits for families to make their homes more energy efficient, i met with nearly a dozen c.e.o.'s of america's largest utility companies and they told me that -- including southern company, american electric power and 10 others, they confirm that if we pass the investments i'm talking about, we'll immediately lower family's utility bills by as much as $500 a year, according to one estimate. that's going to make their homes more secure in terms of heat not getting out and air conditioning not escaping because they have good insulation. now, what's the congressional republican plan with respect to energy? first of all, their plan to give oil companies a free pass. right now, oil companies are sitting on 9,000 unused leases,
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oil leases which are the property of the federal government. on the property of the federal government. under my plan, they'd have to pay taxes and if they don't use those leases to produce more oil, they can't sit on it. unlike on the republican plan, they'd be allowed to continue to sit on in plan without producing while shipping record profits back to their investors. the fact is the average cost of a barrel of oil has been steady for weeks. so why do gas prices keep going up so high? also offer plenty of blame but not a single solution to actually bring down the energy prices. you know, we have no plan, they have no plan to bring down energy prices today. no plan to get us to a cleaner energy independent future tomorrow. so in the future, american families are not no longer
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subject to the winsome of dictators half way across the world. let's compare our plans when it comes to lowering everyday costs. my plan is to make concrete commonsense steps to bring down the biggest expenses that families are facing. let's take drug prices. my plan would let medicare negotiate prices for prescription drugs like they do with the -- with the department of -- with the military as it relates to what the administration is able to negotiate for prices for military. i'd call for a cap on the price of insulin which 200 million -- beg your pardon, 200,000 american children rely on because they have type two diabetes at $35 a month. costs $10 to make the insulin. they make a significant profit. instead of the average price of about $640 a month.
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think of the difference it will make in millions of american families like the family i met with in virginia about three weeks ago, struggling every day, every single month to afford their son's insulin. on this and other issues, i've laid out specific proposals to congress to bring down the cost of everyday cost all american families -- many american families face. and that's in addition to the work my administration has already done to lower prices. another reason why prices are up for products people need relates to whether or not the manufacturer has access to all the materials they need to build the product. think of the materials you need to build a house. if you can't get the materials from the ship to shore, from the -- from the shore to the home, then the prices are going to go up. that's why we've brought labor and energy together on the west coast to improve operations at the ports to speed up the
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transfer of products from abroad to shore, from shore to the location where they're going to be used. so those products can move more quick and cheaply. we haven't had enough truckers, for example, to deliver the lumber or other goods. that's why we're executing a plan to get more truckers on the job. reduces the time it takes to move the goods quickly, another problem we face is in some industries, it suggests there isn't enough competition. and i've often said, capitalism without competition isn't capitalism, it's exploitation. so we're promoting competition for everything from internet services to meat processing. we basically have four meat processors in the whole country. they process the meat that goes into the hamburgers you buy. so they set the price. when there's no competition, they can set the price higher and higher. so we're helping smaller companies get into the game to
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compete and help bring down the overall prices. bottom line is easy, easing these bottlenecks and making our supply chains more secure is a major focus of my economic strategy. so things move more quickly, prices go down, not up. you know, some parts of my plan i've been able to get done on my own. i mean, just without congressional approval. some parts are being held up by congress. well, all of my plan is focused on lowering costs for the average family in america. give them just a little bit of breathing room. what's the congressional republican plan? they don't want to solve inflation by lowering your costs. they want to solve it by raising your taxes and lowering your income. i happened to think it's a good thing when american families have a little more money in their pockets at the end of the month. but the republicans in congress don't seem to think so. their plan is actually made working families going to make
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working families poorer. you don't have to take my word for it. it's in writing. they've made their intentions perfectly clear. senator rick scott of wisconsin, member of the senate republican leadership laid it all out and the plan is the ultra maga agenda. their plan is to raise taxes on 75 million american families, over 95% of whom make less than $100,000 a year total income. the average tax increase would be about $1,500 per family. they've got it backwards in my view. i've proposed a minimum tax for billionaires. in recent years, the average billionaire has paid about 8% in federal taxes. congressional republicans have proposed increasing taxes on teachers and firefighters. 55% of the largest corporations paid net zero in federal taxes in 2020 on $40 million profit. it just isn't right!
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that's why i propose a minimum tax for corporations. their plan would also raise taxes on 82% of small business owners making less than $50,000 a year. but it will do nothing to help -- to hold big corporations and companies accountable. think about it. republicans in congress are so deeply committed to protecting big corporations and c.e.o.'s that they'd rather see taxes on working american families and try to depress their wages to take on inflation. never mind the fact that many of these companies are recording record profit margins even as prices -- as they raise prices record amounts. look, let me say it before, i'm a capitalist. i'm not out on punish anybody. i have no problem with companies getting and generating reasonable profits. but in this moment of peril with
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the war overseas and inflation surging around the world, last thing we should be thinking about is rewarding companies for exploiting the situation. while families struggle to pay their bills, some corporate executives are on earnings calls when investors on wall street cheering their record profits. and explain thousand they're using this period of inflation to cover the rise in prices far beyond what they need to do to cover their costs. and all this time, not even paying for a fair share of taxs in the first place. you want to bring down inflation? let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. my plan asks those companies to pay their fair share in taxes. congressional republican plan, let them off scot-free. if you weren't extreme enough for the congressional republican agenda, they put it in writing. it also calls on congress to put
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special -- excuse me, put social security, medicare and medicaid on the chopping block every five years. now, if i hadn't seen it in writing, i'd think somebody is making this up. their proposal is every five years, all those programs would cease unless they're revoted. that the congress comes along and says yeah, we want to keep these plans affirmatively voting for them. well, imagine the changes that are going to take place, man. imagine all the bargaining that's going to take place. democrats want to maintain social security, you got to give up such and such. look, i want to give medicare the power to negotiate drug prices and make it stronger and lower the cost. republicans in congress want to make medicare's very existence up for vote over and over again. along with social security and medicaid. really, ask yourself. how well are we going to sleep
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at night knowing that every five years, maga republicans if they're still -- as i said, this is not your father's republican party. if we're going to have to vote on whether you will have social security, medicare, medicaid and what amounts you'll have in each of those programs. you know what they're likely to do, use them as hostages every five years to get their way on other things. think about it. give us another tax cut for billionaires and social security gets it. stop investing in clean energy or you're going to -- or you're going -- we're going to kiss your medicare good-bye. it's outrageous! it's outrageous! i can't believe that the majority of republicans buy on to scott's plan. that's the plan in writing and he's in the leadership. finally, let's do one more comparison. let's compare our two plans when it comes to the deficit. republicans love to attack me as a big spender as if that's the
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reason why inflation has gone up. let's compare the facts. under my predecessor, the deficit exploded raising -- rising every single year under republicans. under my plan, we're on track to cut the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion this year. let me say it again $1.5 trillion by the end of this fiscal year. the biggest one-year decline in all of history. for america. that's in addition to last year, we cut the budget $350 billion. the deficit. not the budget. the deficit $350 billion. my treasury department is planning to pay down the national debt this quarter which never happened under my predecessor. not once. not once. unlike my predecessor, the deficit has gone down both years
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i've been here. that is not an abstraction. it matters. it matters to families because reducing the deficit is one of the main ways that we can ease inflationary pressures. look, bottom line is this -- americans have a choice right now between two paths reflecting two very different sets of values. my plan, tax inflation and grows the economy by lowering costs for working families, giving workers well deserved raises, reducing the deficit by historic levels, making big corporations and the very wealthiest americans pay their fair share. the other path is the ultra maga plan put forward by congressional republicans. to raise taxes on working families, lower the income of american workers, threaten
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sacred programs americans count on like social security, medicare and medicaid, and give break after break to big corporations and billionaires. just like they did the last time they were in power. when their top priority was the reckless $2 trillion tax cut going the majority of that going to the very wealthiest americans which ballooned the deficit and not a penny of it was paid for. look, i know you got to be frustrated. i know. i can taste it. frustrated by high prices, by gridlock in congress at a time it takes to get anything done. believe me, i understand the frustration. but the fact is congressional republicans, not all of them, but the maga republicans are counting on you to be as frustrated by the pace of
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progress which they have everything -- they've done everything they can to slow down. but you're going to hand power over to them in an act so they can enact their extreme agenda. look at their agenda. put up on a web page somewhere. i think i can do this. the scott plan, it's in writing. we need a government focused on what families actually need. that's why i urge all americans to think about the path i've laid forward. we have to do more beyond what i laid forward. but then, think about the republicans in congress that are actually proposing. which path is right for you and for your family? and quite frankly for america. let's build on the extraordinary process -- progress we've made instead of tearing it down. let's focus on what matters.
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it really matters to average americans. i want to thank you all. god bless you and may god protect our troops. you're going to ask me what i spoke about, i'll take it. >> mr. president, why do you believe so many americans believe your administration is not doing enough to combat inflation? do you believe that you and your administration bear some measure of responsibility for the inflation that we're seeing across the country? >> first is we're in power. that's the first thing. and you justifiably right, we control all three branches of government. well, we don't really. we have 50/50 in the senate and need 60 votes to get things done. i've been pushing the things i've been proposing here and you've heard me speak to today since i got in office. and i need to get 60 votes to be able to even pass it. number one. number two, i think that, you
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know, it's -- they're not focused. all they're focused on understandably is the problem they're facing. they get 5 1/2% raise, average raise on their salaries and yet inflation exceeds that. and look around the world and they know that a lot of it is extremely complicated. and so they're frustrated and i don't blame them. i really don't blame them. there's a lot we have to do but you know as well -- i shouldn't say you. i think what i have to do is explain in simple, straightforward language what's going on. like reason why 30% of the inflation last year is because automobiles cost more. why do they cost more? they couldn't get the computer chips to make them. people are making a lot more money and wanted to buy the automobiles they couldn't buy them because the cost went up so high because there were so few of them. the same way this year. the same way this year, reason why prices are up.
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they understand but they don't -- look, most people, the vast majority of americans are hoping that the government just takes care of their problem and they don't have to think about it in detail at the kitchen table, at the dinner table. and that's understandable no matter what their background. but right now, it's confusing. there's a war in ukraine and they're scratching their heads like what the heck is russia doing? should we be helping? they think we should be helping ukrainians. what impact does that have? do you think the average person would have a ph.d. or any other job? thousands of tons of grain in elevators in ukraine, can't get out and ukraine is one of the biggest producers of corn and wheat. huh. i wonder whether that's the reason my prices are up.
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i think the policies help and not hurt. think about what they say, the vast majority of the economists think that this is going to be a real tough problem to solve but it's not because of spending. we brought down the deficit, the bottom line is how much does america owe? how much in the hole are we going? we're reducing that. >> gasoline prices and diesel prices are at record highs. you have yet to ask americans to consume less. you're a train guy. have you ever thought your administration to ask americans to drive less and take public transport? >> if you ever raised a family like mine, you don't have to tell them. they're doing everything in their power to figure out how not to have to show up at the gas pump. that's why, for example, one of the things that's going to help a lot, going to take time, is our infrastructure bill. the truth is they don't have
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that many options in terms of transportation around the country right now. if you live in the northeast corridor, you do. if you're driving back and forth between baltimore, washington, new york, etc., but you don't have many choices. you don't have a whole lot of choices to deal with other aspects of transportation in terms of local transportation. and so, what happens is unless they're electric, we find ourselves the cost of flying, buying a ticket on a plane costs more because of gas prices. so this is a process. but it's a process that i've been consistent about, wanting to lower prices for -- and shift to renewable energy so we're not as dependent. i had conversations almost every day -- well, that's an exaggeration. at least twice a week with one of my european counterparts, heads of state, on how we can help them, in fact, wean themselves off of russian oil because they're so totally
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dependent. so we're like -- we're working like the devil to help them transition because as long as russia is able to make money selling oil, they're going to continue to be able to do the bad things they're doing. so there's a lot. it's really complicated. i'm not suggesting that american people can't understand it. they understand it. but they have -- you know, they're working eight 10 hours a day to put food on the table. and so, i think what's happened is we have, in a sense, i never expected -- say this carefully. i never expected the ultra maga republicans who seem to control the republican party now to have enabled to control the republican party. i never anticipated that happening. >> mr. president, a year ago, the administration was saying
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that inflation was transistory. that's obviously not the case now. how long do you think it will be before we see prices coming down? >> i'm not going to predict that. it depends on what economist you're talking about, by the end of this year and some say it's going to be -- it's going to increase next year. but there's others say by the end of this year, you're going to see it come down by the calendar year. i don't know. but i know what we have to do to make sure that we can bring it down. >> any restrictions on abortion? what limits do you believe -- >> i want this story to be about inflation. >> you called out rick scott a little while ago in your remarks. earlier today, anticipating your remarks, he said and i'm just quoting here that best thing -- the most effective thing that joe biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created is resign. he's the problem. the senator added later, joe
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biden is unwell, he's unfit for office. he's incoherent, incapacitated and confused. these are his words. do you have a response? >> i think the man has a problem. >> wrap this up. >> will you drop former president trump's china tariffs? >> we're discussing that right now. we're looking at what we had the most positive -- >> i didn't say that. >> will you raise them? >> i'm telling you we're discussing that and no decision has been made on it. thank you, guys. that's a wrap. thank you all. >> harris: the president of the united states took a few questions. and he also took a few shots at republicans in particular. but he started out by promising to tell america what he was going to do about inflation. and so let's talk about that. and let's talk about it with a man that he kept focusing on, by the way, the president he's from wisconsin. we all know it is florida,
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senator rick scott member of the commerce homeland security and armed services committees. senator, thank you very, very much for joining us. being the first place you talk to after hearing the president call your name several times and saying that your vision, your plan, your rescue for america plan is now basically what they're hinging all their hopes on, fundraising off a certain section where you say every american should pay tax. even the 50% or so that don't. what do you say when you hear democrats like the president say yeah, that won't win. we got them now. i'm paraphrasing but that's what they're doing. >> first off, he was supposed to talk about inflation, right? and he took no responsibility. and he has no plan. let's look at the biden agenda right now. we have 8.5% inflation. we've got the highest gas prices ever. we've got low labor participation. we got a g.d.p. that's declining. we got mortgage rates skyrocketing and we got a stock market going down. so i mean, he doesn't have any
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ideas. this was -- he was confusing. he put up no ideas of what he's going to get done. go to i'm clear what i want to do. i want to get people back to work. let's look at the contrast. when i was governor, we added 1.7 million jobs. we balanced the budget. we cut taxes and fees 100 times. all right? i didn't raise anybody's taxes. joe biden is -- he's voted for every tax increase i can imagine. he's taken the deficit -- think about it, when he took office, we had less than a trillion dollars worth of debt. when he took office in the senate, the idea that he's reducing deficit is a complete lie. he's reduced the amount of deficit per year but his plan is to take the deficit up every year in 10 years, we'll have $45 trillion worth of debt. >> harris: how interesting. >> think about medicare. here's a guy, bernie sanders even talked about it on the campaign trail. he said, you know, joe biden is
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on the senate floor saying he wants to cut medicare and social security. i say let's fix it. but we're not even talking about it. i'd say in my plan, we ought to have a report from congress. what will you do to fix medicare and social security? i want to make sure we keep it. biden just signed a bill that's going to make medicare in a worst position. so there's some simple things to do to fix inflation. he's doing none of them. >> harris: so senator, i just want to drill down on this point because democrats are feasting off the part of your plan that says all americans should pay some income tax to have skin in the game even if a small amount currently over half of americans pay no income tax. that's from one of the bullet points in your plan. senator mcconnell has said there's no way that will be part of the republican senate majority agenda. what is your response to the president of the united states who points to you and says that this is now the way that republicans are being represented with your plan. is that true?
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or is it something different? you lead your party's g.o.p. senate fundraising. so is it the platform or not? >> clearly it's not the platform for the republican party. i put out my ideas and i hope everybody will give me their ideas. we're going to continue to make changes. here's my point with that. we have a low labor participation rate. we got to get people back to work. when i became governor of florida, we had a million homes in foreclosure. we had over 900,000 people on unemployment. i worked every day to give people a job. when you get people back to work, just like i watched my parents struggle with jobs when i was a kid. we lived in public housing. everybody is better off and we participate and all part of this great experiment of america. that's exactly what i want to do. i want people to be back in the labor force. if you're able bodied, we ought to be back in here building the best economy ever again. what the democrats keep doing is say they're going to pay people not to work and we have more
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programs. we should have safety net programs but more programs for able bodied americans not working. that doesn't work. it doesn't work in any country and clearly doesn't work here. >> harris: look, you have made it very plain and simple that you are collecting ideas. and that's what we do in a democracy and our republic. that's important to do. and we appreciate you coming on. and i had said this before, the president, you said it, too, didn't share any ideas. but you know, sometimes the idea is to punch the other side until no one realizes that's all you're doing. senator rick scott, thank you for your time, for being on the program today. appreciate it. >> have a good day, bye-bye. >> harris: you, too. i'm joined by co-host emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, also cheryl and guy benson. as we watch that with the president of the united states and then with senator rick scott, you had a lot to say on the fact that wow, scott is joining us right after. wonder if the president mentions his name and then like six or seven times in, the president mentions his name. >> yeah, so the approach here from president biden and the democrats broadly is to try to
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pretend that one bullet point in one plan put out by senator rick scott who is not even running in 2022 represents the entire republican party platform, and senator scott just now to you like 30 seconds ago said clearly, his plan is not the agenda for the republican party which is what, as you pointed out, senator mcconnell very importantly said. republicans are not running on raising people's taxes. that's not what the republican party ever does. what struck me about the president today was he was listless. he was predictable. it was the same -- i could have recited almost that entire speech almost verbatim off the top of my head. it's everything he's been saying now for weeks and weeks and weeks. putin and pandemic. blame shifting to everyone else. this man's job approval rating on the economy in our latest fox news poll is 25 points underwater. he's at 36% approval on the economy. using these talking points that he has not deviated from. nothing new. no solutions and the last thing that i would point on, harris,
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they want to talk about republicans hypothetically raising taxes which is not going to happen. every single house democrat except for one up in maine all of them voted for build back better which actually raises taxes on millions of middle class families while carving out tax loopholes for blue state millionaires. that's their actual voting record already. how's that for a talking point, mr. president? >> harris: they still couldn't get it. >> they tried! they tried! >> harris: still couldn't get it. >> joe manchin saved them. >> harris: maybe a little kirsten cinema thrown in after they chased her in the bathroom. dangerous part of the process. >> right. >> harris: i came up with three things, cheryl. i know that the president listed in the sort of pandemic and putin for the gas prices and what we're paying. but you -- based on what you said, i came up with private entities, too. >> he went after the good old talking points of going after the beef industry and the chicken and poultry industry which he's done before. greedy oil companies, the
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federal leases, all of that was disingenuous because those leases, there's so much red tape to develop those leases that it doesn't make sense financially for oil companies to do so. but what i love that rick scott just said is that he's lying about reducing the deficit. that's exactly the truth. i grabbed on to that because he's saying, look, we're reducing the deficit by $1.5 trillion. that's our way with dealing with inflation. all of that spending came under the trump administration during the pandemic to develop vaccines, to support health care workers, the rescue plans for small business, all that, those programs, harris are ending. so when he says that he -- he said it specifically, we are cutting the deficit. that's not true. those programs are ending. if anything, they've made inflation worse by proposing more spending but luckily, they've gotten pushback on a lot of their new spending proposals. he mentioned infrastructure, build back better. but there's been enough pushback luckily in washington that hasn't happened. >> harris: what does the
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president mean when he says to cover, you know, the losses that we're all suffering with inflation, he wants everybody, the corporations to pay their fair share. like that's like going to vegas with your girlfriends and losing everything and making them pay for your losses. like i don't understand what he means. >> yeah, the corporate tax rate is 21% right now. i want to make one big point -- >> harris: what does he want it to be? >> they want to raise it. they're debating how much they want to do that. i've heard that 25% is the average agreed upon negotiated corporate tax rate. >> harris: i read 28%. >> i'm trying to be fair here and say maybe they'll not go that far. really quick here, i was looking at tax data from 2018. ok? if you look at the top 1% of income earners, anybody in this country that makes over $540,000, ok, they paid 40% of all federal income taxes. the top 10% paid 71%, that's 48% of income. that's a lot of numbers that i realize what i'm saying is it's disingenuous to say that corporations and wealthy
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individuals are not paying their fair share. it's just not true. >> harris: kayleigh? >> kayleigh: the president used a term today and you have to drill down on it. i want to know what an ultra-maga is. he just tosses it around like these are people that we should know or it's a concept we should know. >> kayleigh: yeah, it's from the movie "the incredible hulk" the ultra-maga. no, i'm joking. it sounds like that. however, this was the brilliant idea among democrats. apparently they got in a room and pulled the term according to cnn. they liked the term and anita dunn is one of the people that came up with it. the chief of staff tweeted out biden advisor anita dunn is rejoining the white house after helping outside allies devised a new scheme hitting maga republicans. democrats haven't had a coherent story about the g.o.p. we weren't looking for this message but it found us. that aside, welcome to the twilight zone, folks. that's what we just watched on a fake white house set. that's what that was.
9:39 am
you had a president totally aloof from the american people. it's the twilight zone when he said enormous strides, fastest decline in unemployment in the history. we're on the mend. on the move. and it reminded me of his press conference, only one he's given this year where he touted a year of enormous progress. no one believes that. he's like the only one in america reading the twitter feed. we have a slow scroll for this. welcome to the twilight zone if you haven't put it up yet. another strong jobs number. jobs are up. they get better and better. he put out 19 tweets on friday about this. honestly, if you're not feeling happy after this jobs report, you're a professional grump. and then this is my favorite, jobs report keeps saying the economy is in good shape. at some point, people will notice this, too. we'll find out in november. >> harris: how do we change the locks on the white house so he can't get in for the twitter? >> kayleigh: we need to change the locks. there's a different story around the rest of the country. >> harris: that's a t-shirt. get out of the west wing, bro! >> kayleigh: yeah.
9:40 am
>> harris: emily? >> emily: this president is bringing gasoline to the dumpster fire that started under his watch and as you pointed out, we heard the playbook that he constantly refers to which is blaming everybody else but himself starting with the maga republicans who, according to him, now control the republican party. let's take a watch. >> we're expected the ultra-maga republicans who seem to control the republican party now to have been able to control the republican party. i never anticipated that happening. >> emily: if that's lowering taxes, easing restrictions, increasing law and order and increasing civil liberties then count me in. but for some reason for this president, it's everything that he counts as an enemy to what his party stands for which is, in fact, the opposite, right? so we know as you have been sharing with us this entire time, inflation coincided with his inauguration. not with putin's invasion,
9:41 am
right? it was gas prices were rising for nearly a year before the invasion began. and when you factor out gas and food, inflation was 6.5% year over year once this guy started. and then under his watch, we've had the fed printing money and ran through $1.9 trillion bill that increased the deficit to almost $3 trillion. now we had to hear him lie to us getting pinocchios already saying it's lower. even a former obama official said it was an extraordinary policy mistake. he has exacerbated regulations and taxes and destroyed supply chains. he's passed the cost on to consumers. they pass on to us and he's restricted fuel production. he talked about today about increasing tax breaks for the poor. but what about inflation? no tax break will alleviate the inflation that disproportionate impact that inflation has had on the poor. and as he pointed out, this is a president who talks about, you hear him, he said reasonable profits he wants to assign to
9:42 am
companies. that's not a capitalist. >> harris: that's not his job. >> not at all. he tells you he's a capitalist but believe me, when he talks about imposing his morality and the sense of fair share on an economic benefit from an economic capitalist structure, then believe me, not a capitalist. >> i know we got to run. i find the timing of today very interesting. we're getting new consumer price index numbers tomorrow. ok? that's one day away and it's expected to be at 8.1%. i have a feeling it's going to be much higher than that which is a little bit better than the number before, the 8 1/2%. we're at 40-year high inflation. he's doing this one day before we get the new inflation numbers tomorrow. i don't know. >> harris: you didn't hear about the student loans today. he was giving a lot of gifts away. talking about tax breaks for the poor. he had a lot of gifts. he's backed off that now. they're vacillating on that and makes me wonder why that is or if that's a little nugget that's coming later. >> we know kamala really wants
9:43 am
it. >> i would say very quickly, one line that jumped at me from that entire speech, it was at the end during the q&a he was asked twice, do you take any responsibility? he said "our policies have helped, not hurt." i think republican ad makers will clip that one and save it. >> they will playing it in november. next, the supreme court. here we go. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> if we don't get it! >> if we don't get it. >> justice now! >> latest in a string of protests targeting the home of conservative supreme court justices. angry rally outside justice samuel alito's home just last night over the leaked draft opinion he wrote on roe v. wade. >> i'm going to say whatever [beep] i want to say. about what any right wing conservatives or those on the
9:44 am
internet have to say about it. if you're going to say this is too much, please keep that [beep] energy for the people that are getting harassed. those that are getting attacked and people who are just trying to live their life without being forced to have a child they don't [beep] want. brett kavanaugh, justice samuel alito, everybody who thinks that they can tell someone that they don't have a right to choose. >> abort the court! >> kayleigh: those are the perfectly amicable and also unlawful protests because you can't protest at the side of a judge's home. we'll put that aside. department of justice has been silent on all of this despite a federal law, here you go, against using pickets or parades at judges' homes or offices to influence cases. while the leaked draft opinion explicitly states it would not affect any other issue, democrats are stoking fears about exactly that. listen to this one. chicago mayor lori lightfoot tweeting to my friends in the
9:45 am
lgbtq community, the supreme court is coming for us next. this moment has to be a call to arms. we will not surrender our rights without a fight, a fight to victory. guys, mayor of chicago with a call to arms. >> so if you read the leaked opinion from justice alito, he explicitly goes out of his way to specify that that sort of speculation is not true and it's not the roe overturning precedent that would go to, for example, abergathal. he doesn't name it but he's narrowing what he's trying to do in the jurisprudence if it comes up as the final version. it's only a draft for now. it's authenticated. i've gotten a lot of these texts and tweets and comments from friends that are genuinely
9:46 am
concerned. if it goes away, what might happen next on lgbtq rights? one thing that ought to give folks pause before they stoke the embers like we heard there from lori lightfoot. in 2020, a trump appointee, justice gorsuch was the lead author on a case that expanded lgbt rights. it was a 6-3 vote. chief justice joined the majority and gorsuch wrote that opinion expanding rights. i don't think there's any significant appetite for the type of thing that the mayor is talking about, the mayor of cli is talking about. except for one or two justices, not five or more. and i think that's a really important point to drive home. >> kayleigh: yes, she makes a call to arms. unbelievable. harris, i just wonder why has a reporter looked at jen psaki and read to you what you read on your show, whoever with the intent of influencing a judge in the discharge of his duties pickets or parades near a building or residence occupied
9:47 am
by a judge should be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than for one year. why not read her the code and say why are you encouraging breaking this law? do you no longer enforce it? >> harris: well, there's that part of it and then the other part is the supreme court police parody act that republican texas senator john cornin and democrat delaware senator just on may 9th, that was just yesterday it passed. it goes to the house, it was unanimous in the senate. and that calls for providing police protection immediately to families of the nine justices and officers of the court. and if a marshal determines more protection is necessary. i mean, look, we have laws on the books. we've got u.s. code 18. and now, we have law that's moving to put assets in place to protect these people. this is not a good look for the protesters because what they're doing is protected free speech. but it's not protected when you go to the home of someone like this and you never know.
9:48 am
it's a slippery slope. anything can happen on this premises, right, that can turn into somebody got out of hand and we've seen it. we've seen it. the rioting gone awry. i mean, that in a personal residence could be quite damaging and dangerous for the families inside and the justices. this has to come to an end. there's law there. i don't know why the white house press corps are not asking about it. but, you know, we can -- any of us can ask about this. any journalist can press this issue. and i want to know what happens if this gets to the house. does it pass? this police parody act? because that's important, too. takes a while for the wheels of justice to work, emily, you know this. but if you start giving these men, women, justices these conservative justices in particular and their families more protection, that sends a signal. back off! you can't touch them. >> kayleigh: andrew mccarthy
9:49 am
made the point that they are perfectly willing to go after parents. not so much when it comes to protesters violating the law. watch this media soundbite of the difference between the two and then your reaction on the other side. >> bigger crowd along this wall of women, of children, little daughters here, little babies out in this rain. >> violent looking, angry, spewing parents. >> talking -- really speaking from the heart. many of them are talking about their own abortion experiences and how their lives may have been saved because they had an abortion. >> look at the rage, the anger, you think what is this doing to the children in those homes? >> out in the streets, protests continue across the country. nearly one week after the leak. but civil rights activists like myself who are distressed. >> the goal is to intimidate and harass these people until they quit to create vacancies so that these maniacs can put their friends on these courts.
9:50 am
>> kayleigh: every single one of those quotes could have either been superimposed on the parents' protests at the school board meetings or simply just articulations at school board meetings or superimposed to the democrat party. when i think of maniac, when i think of limiting our freedoms, when i think of perversion of the constitution, that's all what's happening from the left right now. because when you start calling for violence, when you start calling for court packing, when you start calling that a radical departure from constitutional protections and liberties and the power in the people is the opposite of that? first of all, that's everything coming out of the democrat party right now and that's also everything that we don't stand for and i also think all of these, the protesters, the comments that we heard earlier are so intellectually lazy, it's so embarrassing to me because it's clear that none of them have actually read the opinion. so when people are -- >> she said the f word many times. that's pretty powerful. >> emily: that goes to show that it's not directly quoting the
9:51 am
opinions. it's about authority and who the authority is vested with which in our democratic society, it means the people. and it's restoring that to them and yet, they're talking about as if it really has to do with just that specific law. and that's not at all what it's about. and so it's frankly frightening to me that that false narrative can be amplified so many millions of times throughout the mainstream media and throughout social media that the leaker can all of a sudden be called a civil justice warrior. going back to your point, the worst thing that can happen, the original federal analog that was introduced was to the new jersey state law introduced by a judge after her son was shot dead on her doorstep because of a wayward radical. and keep in mind as well when you talk about the marshals assessing what needs are met, this is on the heels of an i.g. report that determined there are not enough resources within the u.s. marshal's office to protect the judiciary right now. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right. one thing you have a question
9:52 am
about, cheryl, is, you know, you see some of the vial nature of these protests burning the body of christ was what one protester suggested, horrific remarks about jesus christ, the savior, horrible, horrible things that would grate at the soul of anyone who is catholic or christian generally. while fox reached out to comment for the offices of some catholic senators, durbin, cane, a.o.c., rice, it goes on and on, pelosi, no one responded. >> what we're seeing now here in new york lot of democrat names, gillebrand, you mentioned her. you have officials in new york state proposed of spending what would cost the taxpayers millions of dollars to provide any woman from out of state from anywhere with an abortion at a cost to taxpayers including illegal migrants. so what i can't understand, what's shocking right now is the jumping ahead. this is an opinion that has not been issued. this was a leak.
9:53 am
it's not over yet. the justices have not given their final decision. and there's already going to these extremes and talking about enacting these programs that frankly don't have popular support. so shocks me. >> harris: i was going to quickly say the seeds of political narrative that really serves democrats particularly in the middle of their party who are in trouble right now, because they know that the progressives are taking over. so this gets to people back into the streets where they were in 2020. and this gets people galvanized and this gets the message out that republicans, remember we told you they were bad and they would do this and they would do that. and it gives them a mantle that they don't necessarily have organically in their own party right now because there is so much division. >> kayleigh: i think it's going to backfire. we'll see. more "outnumbered" in a moment. if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank.
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>> you may remember a year ago
9:58 am
when a north korean dictator banned mullets and described foreign styles as dangerous poison. now he's reportedly taking it a step further banning dyed hair, tight fitted jeans, piercings and other hair styles. violators are detained and they have to confess their crimes in writing and in some cases could have their names, addresses and workplaces revealed publicly for criticism. cheryl, i mean, many people have, yes, called mullets dangerous poisons however they are rock star awesome, but the fact of the matter, there are like huge groups that are roving around assessing other youth and then reporting them. it sounds fun but it's horrifying. >> i think the mullet was one of the best parts of the 1980s, just my opinion. kim jung unis worried about what's happening in his country,
9:59 am
he's trying to get ahead of what he knows. they have access to technology, they have youtube, they have the internet. they are finding ways to see what's happening around the world and they want to look like other kids around the world and this shows he's very afraid and i think it's very scary for the youth of north korea. >> youth, that's an incendiary group to poke and do you think there will be a tipping point we might see change them? >> i hope so. i don't think that man should be considered authority on fashion or hairstyle, but the story is sort of funny sitting here, but think about how depressing and scary it is to have a government that controls your every move that way and millions of people that's their reality. reminds us how lucky and blessed we are not to have anything close to that here. >> and what was that movie from the 1980s, all the kids took over the town and revolted, i feel that's what's going to happen here when you start
10:00 am
restricting people like that. >> "footloose?" >> no. >> way worse. >> i, oh, yeah. oh, yeah. so, i was just hoping he was talking about himself, i don't want him near a pair of skinny jeans. >> you stole my talking point, that's it, that's it. >> he might look good in a mullet. >> imagine kim jong-un in skinny jeans. >> thanks for watching. here is "america reports." >> john: i had one of those, once. fox news alert, a status conference this hour for alabama inmate casey white back in custody after a shocking escape from prison with the help of a former corrections officer. his apparent accomplice vicky white dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> after 11 days, they found the pair in southwest indiana: >> john: first,


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