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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 10, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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restricting people like that. >> "footloose?" >> no. >> way worse. >> i, oh, yeah. oh, yeah. so, i was just hoping he was talking about himself, i don't want him near a pair of skinny jeans. >> you stole my talking point, that's it, that's it. >> he might look good in a mullet. >> imagine kim jong-un in skinny jeans. >> thanks for watching. here is "america reports." >> john: i had one of those, once. fox news alert, a status conference this hour for alabama inmate casey white back in custody after a shocking escape from prison with the help of a former corrections officer. his apparent accomplice vicky white dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> after 11 days, they found the pair in southwest indiana: >> john: first, begin with a fox
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news alert and the multitude of economic crises for the biden administration. americans paying record high prices at the gas pump and skyrocketing prices for everything else. the president appears more focussed on political attacks. hello, john roberts. jacqui, good to spend time with you. >> the white house is on the defensive claiming no one could have seen inflation coming, despite repeated warnings from economists. nationwide gas average, 4.37 a gallon weeks after president biden claims tapping into the strategic oil reserve would bring prices down. >> john: predicting a recession is not in the cards at this time. biden said turning his focus on republicans criticizing what he calls the ultra maga plan for the economy. >> fox team coverage starts right now. charles payne and william just
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moments away. >> john: alexandria hoff, what was the main message from the president. >> certainly a main message here, but the president did speak to inflation, much of what he had to say to say was really a continuation of tactics his administration has already deployed to combat this, like releasing oil from the strategic reserve. he's also seeking to limit food price gouging and increase taxes on the ultra wealthy. another point here, focus seemed to be on contrasting efforts he has to fight inflation with what the white house calls the congressional republican's ultra maga plan to raise taxes. >> plan put forward by congressional republicans is the second alternative, here is how each of us would tackle inflation. my plan is to lower employer -- everyday costs for every day costs for hard working americans. and lower the deficit by asking large corporations and the wealthiest americans to not engage in price gouging and to
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pay their fair share in taxes. >> the president says republicans plan to raise taxes. republicans have not put forth a tax plan and don't intend to until the summer. a soul proposal by senator rick scott. it earned three pinocchios by the washington post, included "as far as we can tell not a single other republican in congress has embraced scott's specific tax proposal." mitch mcconnell said any plan that raises taxes is not part of the party's agenda. back to you. >> john: rick scott told harris a little while ago his plan is not the republican plan. only person who sees it that way is the president, and everybody at the white house. alexandria, thank you. jacqui. >> the u.s. is seeing the highest gas prices on record today, yet another blow to the economy as inflation hammers household budgets. william is live in los angeles where gas prices are hovering near $6 a gallon, but william,
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those prices don't just stay there. >> yeah, of course these prices ripple through the economy, right, affect the cost of everything we buy, and that's why the prices hurt. nationwide average, a nickel higher than back in march, and 6:29 a gallon. >> i think it's ridiculous. i wish i understood this stuff more. >> 75 years old and lived through three of these and this is the worst in my lifetime. >> so far the president's policies have not reduced prices releasing millions of gallons from the strategic reserve and adding more ethanol to gasoline has brought no relief. then on a supply side he stopped of course importing more oil from canada via the xl pipeline, imposed the moratorium drilling on federal lands and experts say actions and the rhetoric has reduced investment in production
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and refining. >> oil producers have been hesitant to increase production significantly or even at all. >> so moments ago the white house again blamed russia and now that europe is also saying it will no longer buy russian oil, that's increasing competition for already tight opec supplies. >> current spiking gas prices largely the fault of vladimir putin. putin's price hike. price hike in gasoline. >> the higher gasoline prices experts say will add about another $2,000 a year to consumers out of the pocket book, if you will, and another $1,000 on groceries as truckers have to pass their pain at the pump on to us.
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>> a truck averages 5 to 7 miles to the gallon, fuel costs alone add a dollar or just over a dollar per mile. >> he had to open up all the drilling and we have to be able to get oil from our own country, not from somebody that hates us like all the countries that we are buying barrels of oil off of right now. >> jacqui, the president also said, however, his infrastructure bill will increase mass transit, that's going to be a few years down the line. the bad news is, the summer driving season is starting, experts say we could see another $0.20 more per gallon. back to you. >> it's russia, the oil companies, but certainly not the administration policies, according to president biden. all right. william, thanks. john. >> john: charles payne, host of "making money" on fox business, the president was asked if he's responsible for inflation and he said no, policies have helped,
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not hurt. look at what the policies have brought, worst inflation in 40 years, record gas prices, wages falling behind inflation, lingering supply chain shortages, now including baby formula and looming rolling blackouts this summer, biden's approval rating on inflation, 28%. 67% say he's doing a bad job. so the policies help or hurt? i would say it's a rather subjective observation for the president. >> subjective is a kind word, you are a kind person, john. be honest. when he said that, i immediately tweeted out when he said, he said the vast majority, the vast majority of economists say that this is going to be a difficult problem to solve but it has nothing to do with spending. remember, he says a vast majority. so i went back to one economist who in february 2021 questions the size of the proposal saying
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there is a chance macro economic stimulus closer to world war ii levels than normal recession levels will set off inflationary pressure of a kind we have not seen in a generation. that was larry summers. so, it's like you got to be kidding me. i don't know why he does this. he's just so dishonest with the american people, and i think that's what makes it more frustrating than anything else. he comes out there and bragging about record jobs, fastest unemployment. aided by a record amount of spending and then he blames covid. you can't have it both ways. the american public knows it. all they want is answers, they would love solutions and i think he's going down the path and instead of saying let me try to be honest. i heard the reporter ask twice is any of this your fault, any of it, he said no, essentially. >> john: you point to the larry summers op-ed in the "washington post" almost a year ago, and
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then jen psaki said oh, nobody saw this coming. the president today trying to deflect saying look, if you think our plans are not working, look at what the republican plan would do. listen to what he said. >> their plan is actually made working families going to make working families poorer. you don't have to take my word for it, it's in writing. they have made their intentions perfectly clear. senator rick scott of wisconsin, a member of the leadship laid it out, ultra maga agenda. >> john: first of all, rick scott is the senator from florida, and secondly, it's not a congressional plan, it's a rick scott plan. he's not even up for re-election, he just wanted to put something out there, it was denounced by the majority of the republican leadership mitch mcconnell said it's not our hand. >> i think he might have been
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thinking about scott walker, but the point is, this is a time for sincerity, honestly. we know rick scott does not represent the republican party, he's not republican leadership, he's somewhat to your point who has been on the business side he's been on the legislative side, also and in congress, so he understands and his own ideas, but never heard republicans say we think higher taxes ares solution, and we have tax blame pointing the finger, so we start off with covid, then putin's war and then of course the president throwing the federal reserve under the bus. so i just -- i just wish he would take some accountability. there are things he could do, particularly when it comes to oil. let me tell you, you know. when william was talking about the crude oil and how people feel it beyond the pump, petroleum is used in 6,000 everyday products.
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it's nuts not to take advantage what's underneath our feet while we can as we make a long-term transition to clean energy. it's just a smart thing to do. this is unnecessary punishment, the american public is getting absolutely annihilated for no reason at all other than the climate change agenda. >> john: biden was comparing his plan to nothing, the republicans have not come out with any kind of a plan. do you think it's incumbent on them to do that, or do you think they should just do what they are doing now, sit back, watch, and watch biden fall all over himself between now and november. >> i think it's absolutely incumbent they do that. yesterday i was filling in for neil at 4:00 and asked senator tillis that question, and what is your plan, and it's less political for them. trying to label things ultra maga this or that, is a waste of
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time. small business report came out and the six-month look ahead is the worst in history. worst in history. >> john: something to look forward to. thanks for kicking us off, appreciate it. interesting times around the white house the next five months. >> no kidding, and the plan they are pointing to the rick scott plan not adopted by the broader party, shows how much on their heels they have. that's all they have to cling to. >> john: saying this is the congressional republican plan, which it is not, they may have a difficult time selling what they are trying to sell. larry kudlow, by the way, in the next hour to take on more of this. stick around. see what larry has to say. i promise, it's gonna be good. >> always is. multi-state 11-day manhunt for the alabama prisoner and deputy who helped him escape.
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deputy is dead, inmate back behind bars. emily joins us what comes next in his case. >> and liberals taking their outrage of the roe v. wade draft taking it to the home of the justices. are democrats playing politics with the safety of our justices. judicial crisis weighs in, coming right up. >> it's a shame that people think this is the way to try to convince justices. bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? with ringcentral we can pull bonnie up on phone, message, or video, all in the same app. oh... hey bonnie, i didn't see you there. ♪ ringcentral ♪ see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive,
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>> john: escaped inmate casey white now being extradited.
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vicky white pulled out her gun and shot herself in the head, she later died. emily, thoughts on this, but first to mike tobin in evansville, indiana, and mike, where is casey white right now. >> he is behind me in the county jail, the only thing holding up his return to alabama since he waived his right to extradition is the amount of time it takes sheriff's deputies to drive here and go back. now, the sheriff says his deputies used their vehicles to push the cadillac both vicky and casey white were driving into a ditch and rolling it. the fugitives were hauling four semi-automatic handguns, rifle, and taser as well. >> members of the u.s. task force basically rammed the vehicle and pushed it into a ditch and we later found out had
10:19 am
they not done that the fugitive was gonna engage in a shootout with law enforcement. >> of the tens of thousands of dollars she had stockpiled, they still had $29,000 in cash with them. they had purchased the f-150 in tennessee and without providing detail, they picked up the cadillac near the car wash here in evansville. prepaid a 14-day stay at the motel 41 here, so they intended to stay a while. now, vicky white shot herself at the scene of the apprehension, she died of her injuries. all started 11 days ago in alabama, the day she was supposed to retire, stretched here into indiana before authority, and they stayed at least a week here in evansville before authorities zeroed in on the cadillac in the parking lot of the motel 41, that sparked the chase that ended in the ditch. casey white was injured a little bit, banged up in the rollover,
10:20 am
as well as sheriff's deputies. >> john: lord knows what vicky white was thinking, we'll never know. >> jacqui: emily, such a fascinating case. casey white waived his extradition, deputies are getting him back to lauderdale county later tonight, he's not going to be present at the status conference even virtually. what is his legal strategy right now? >> that remains to be seen, jacqui, but keep in mind, he had nothing to lose when he escaped. he was already facing two capital counts of murder in the 2015 death of a 58-year-old woman, led in part what led his lawyers, his former lawyer say he feared that he would engage police in a shootout, that he would essentially attempt suicide by police, and that's why in this exit interview or the interview he just conducted with the sheriff, he said yes, he was planning on engaging in a
10:21 am
shootout. so as this tragic of the loss of the life of vicky white is, it could have been far worse. he has engaged in extradition, he's taking the hits where they come but it's not looking good for him, jacqui, not by a long shot. >> jacqui: understanding her choices here, big mystery, in the job more than 17 years, she knows she can't get very far and knows how these things end. does this indicate to you a mental break, do we know what pushed her over the edge? >> i can't speak to that. but what i can speak to is the power of influence in these detention facilities. and really can't overstate the power of influence that people can have over one another in these kinds of incidents and frankly, people have said that casey white somehow alleged he's a psychopath, a tremendous amount of influence, he's a cold calculated killer and the like, and so when you perhaps connect
10:22 am
that with vicky white, might have been vulnerable, lonely, he did have a measure of influence. prior 2020 she talked about retiring to the beach, she had plans for the rest of her life, and departure from entire career dedicated to service and law enforcement and then aiding a prisoner and escaping and then ultimately ending with the loss of her life. i have to point out the sheriff maintained the coroner has yet to confirm whether it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound so if there are different results out of the autopsy, casey white may also face additional charge of murder, jacqui. >> jacqui: that's a really interesting point. what you just said a moment ago, is there any evidence we have seen yet that casey manipulated vicky into doing this? casey said help, my wife just shot herself, as far as we know they were not married. what does that say about their
10:23 am
relationship or how things were between them? >> i think it speaks to potentially him in that moment, still trying to deny the fact that his identified was ascertained, or pleading to law enforcement, and might go toward a defense of his i loved her, i did not inflict that gun wound. at the time when law enforcement extracted him from the vehicle he said right then when he said help my wife, he said i didn't do it. so looks like those two points were important for him to make in that moment, both that there was a relationship of protection and love on his part and also 0 culpability from him at that time. and they were on the phone with 911 at the time, so we are learning more details. audio has not been released but she was on the phone with 911 and said i have my finger on the trigger. but to that point, he is maintaining they were an item, a
10:24 am
romantic relationship involved. we can surmise as well, they visited an adult store, she purchased clothes for him and planned out this extraction and this run away to a great amount of detail, including using those aliases, she was also charged with forgery which now obviously are moot. >> jacqui: fascinating case. would love to know what was going through each of their heads. emily, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. john, to emily's point, she withdrew $90,000 cash, sold her house before this, premeditated and you have to wonder how that might influence how the court treats casey. >> john: he had a willing accomplice but don't forget, escape is just one part of the problem now, he's got other charges against him from previous cases. i just, i wish i could get inside her head to know what she
10:25 am
was thinking. a person who was employee of the year on a number of occasions, she was a law enforcement officer for most of her life and then she does this? it's difficult to explain, no question about that. jacqui, putin's forces continuing to blast ukraine as the war drags on. house leaders are set to vote on a multi-billion dollar aid package for ukraine. wisconsin congressman mike gallagher has some thoughts on that coming up. >> jacqui: prices on everyday items going up. experts warn we could be heading for a recession. the president blaming republicans for it all. larry kudlow has a lot to say about that coming up. >> he's responsible for this inflationary binge, gas prices has been going up for an entire year and a half under him. welcome to your world. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind?
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>> my rights are being eroded by a supreme court whose main objective is based on religion. >> you can tell my daughters or me what to do with our bodies. >> we are not getting up. >> john: another night of liberal outrage over the leaked draft decision that would overturn roe v. wade. samuel alito is the third justice to see protests at his home after dozens marched outside the houses of john roberts and bret kavanaugh. bring in the president of the judicial network, seems extraordinary the white house has not denounced the protests that are targeting the justices at their homes, even if the white house were to simply say look, it's a matter of federal law, you can't do it. >> yeah, that would seem like such a simple thing to say, but for some reason they are so concerned about angering the radical groups on the left and you know, maybe it's because jen
10:31 am
psaki, the white house spokeswoman used to work for demand justice on the front edge of advocating against the court, but this should not be a partisan issue. this should be clear to everyone, there are strong feelings on both sides of this issue. and the first amendme sphere where the people are not feeling threatened personally, and some have small children at home, including justice kavanaugh, whose house was picketed and protested. >> john: 18 u.s. code 1507 offers some protection to the justices in deliberation and decision making process, it says whoever with the intent of interfering with obstructing or impeding administration of justice or influencing any judge, pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the united states or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge or resorts to any other
10:32 am
demonstration near building or residence fined or in prison not more than one year or both. now they tend to turn a blind eye to that outside the supreme court when oral arguments are held or people want to make their views known. but doing this again at a private residence would seem to me to cross a line. >> absolutely, and one of the things that is implicitly said by protesting at someone's home, we know where you live. inherently threatening type of thing. the text could not be more clear. very discharging that merrick garland has not stepped up to enforce the law, the white house is effectively endorsing the protests. they say they don't want violence, but as you read, picketing, trying to influence the court through these demonstrations actually is in violation of that statute, and so discouraging, spending more time calling parents who are concerned about their parents
10:33 am
concerned about their children's education domestic terrorists than he is the supreme court justices whose safety is really threatened here. >> john: the protests obviously were peaceful, boisterous, noisy, but peaceful. but the organization that brought them out, doxxed the justices, somebody on the fringe knows where they live and listen to esther, in july of 2020 her son was killed and somebody shot her husband and son as they were looking for the judge. listen here. >> we no longer have daniel on this earth. we no longer have our son, and why? because i was doing my job. and there is no room in america for this kind of conduct. i am also begging our leaders to understand this is not a partisan issue. we need to act now. the time is now. i and mark and quite frankly
10:34 am
countless other individuals, judges, american bar associations, everybody has been urging for the passage of law to protect our federal judges. >> senator tom cotton on the program shortly has actually introduced a bill that would make it illegal to publish a judge's address. but why can the white house not consider the argument that judge esther salas made right there, publishing the addresses is not a good idea. >> short sighted response to the loud extremist liberal dark money groups from the left, but judge salas is an obama appointee, across the spectrum, once the address is out there you have so many people that may be angry how they ruled in one
10:35 am
case or another. it's not how we should treat our men and women giving their lives and careers to serve our country. president biden should be standing up for this. our congress, i hope that congress in a bipartisan manner passes that bill. this is just really outrageous behavior and no place in american society. >> carrie, good to catch up with you, appreciate it. >> thanks. >> john: we'll be talking as i mentioned to tom cotton coming up, jacqui, you and i in the next 25 minutes or so. >> jacqui: he should have a lot to say. the president was asked about this john earlier today, a near question, and he dodged it. he was asked in that press conference if he supports any restriction on abortion. it's a toxic subject, they want to stay away, it's not going to work for long. >> john: i was surprised that jen psaki under repeated questioning from you and other colleagues at fox who cover the white house that she did not
10:36 am
just come out and say look, doxxing a supreme court justice is not a good thing to do, picketing their homes is against the law, so no, we don't condone it. she just danced around it in so many different ways. >> jacqui: it shows you how this administration views its base, i think. >> john: i think so. more on this to come. >> jacqui: with inflation on the rise, a business in california making headlines to ease prices for customers. owners of falling prices allows the cost of everyday items to drop the longer it stays on store shelves. kelly o'grady is live in santa rosa, hey, kelly. >> hi, jacqui. that's right. everything in the store is $6 today, it's going to be $4 tomorrow, and what's left on saturday which is you can see is not much, is going to be $0.25. and you can feel the excitement here, right. i mean, every day is -- every tuesday is like black friday, and that's because inflation is
10:37 am
eating at american's wallets. massive shortages of everything from fuel to baby formula, and when you can't find the items you are looking for they are more expensive than last year. waiting on now numbers tomorrow but march sees record increases for necessity. here the merch is brand-new and comes as overstock from retailer warehouses like amazon and target. bigger ticket items go to online auction, but everything from pet food to shoes. and there was even baby formula available, probably not now, but it's worth waiting in line for that. the owner here says something for everyone no matter what the budget is. >> tuesday when everything, the store is packed and everything is new, a line of 2, 300 people and the end of the week different clientele looking for the absolutely deep dive bargain. you see the other people affected it's scary. >> and while it's scary, consumers are excited to dig
10:38 am
through every box to find the treasure. >> gas, groceries, markets are down, crypto is down, everything is down, trying to fight back. >> this is wonderful to have for people to come out and be able to, you know, get things they might not be able to afford normally. >> and they moved over 23,000 items just last week. the store is in its fourth week here, there are many other locations around the sacramento area, but i can tell you when i walked in here this morning there was a line of 2, 300 people out front waiting to get through the doors, jacqui. >> jacqui: thank you so much. you know, john, i was just in california meeting my new god son and he's three months old, and we spent a lot of time searching for formula, and my best friend is going to spend $1,000 this month, i mean this is a massive problem, and kelly said it's off the shelves there.
10:39 am
>> john: huge problem but not only that, in california searching for baby formula, paying 6, $7 for a gallon of gasoline as well. so, the economy and the president has a plan, he says, to address it. we are going to be talking with the senior advisor to the president who i first met during the clinton administration, gene sperling the next hour, with larry kudlow. i watched gene sperling jump off a bridge in new zealand. >> jacqui: wonder if he remembers that. the>> john: i'm sure he does. autopsies on the three americans who died at a sandals resort in the bahamas. will we find out what killed them. >> jacqui: the south texas border is dangerous, but not just for migrants. putting officers' lives at risk. details on a shoot yut one had with a suspected human smuggler
10:40 am
next. >> we have limited resources in eagle pass. we are a city of 30,000 people. our police force is limited. we need more resources.
10:41 am
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10:44 am
very dangerous for border agents and migrants alike, and as the influx shows no signs of letting up, officials in texas warn this summer could be even deadlier for migrants than last year was. nate foy live on the ground in eagle pass, texas where he's been watching the rio grande. nate. >> hey, john. yeah, more crossings means more danger for everybody involved down here, that includes the migrants themselves, the people in these small communities near the border as well as the border patrol agents. i want to show you some people who made their journey successfully. the drone video from this morning, this first group of six from peru, colombia, el salvador
10:45 am
and honduras, you see them collapse to their knees once they get past the rio grande and they are praying, so grateful the journey is finally over. they made their way up on to the riverbank and they were processed by border patrol. about two hours later, take a look at this next video. a family of nine arrive, they say they are from el salvador, saw a mom, a father, and a toddler, a young girl picked up by border patrol, then rejoined the rest of the group and everybody was processed by border patrol shortly after that, we saw a family unit of four from honduras also arrive. some people not so lucky. a lot of migrants die during their journey. take a look at this next video. webb county medical examiners office. they say the leading cause are death are heat stroke and dehydration, but more and more deadly crashes. >> there are chases, a lot of
10:46 am
rollovers and they are not smuggling one, they are smuggling like 15, so we see motor vehicle accidents and we get 7, 8, 9, 10 individuals at one time. >> john, speaking of dehydration and heat stroke, dr. stern has spoken with survivors who say migrants are often divided into groups of ten and they are given just two jugs of water for their journey. sends it back to you. >> john: and getting into the hot season down there as well. nate foy, thank you. jacqui. >> jacqui: it's been almost two weeks since the biden administration announced the new disinformation board with the self-proclaimed mary poppins at the wheel. but where is the media coverage of it, aside from right here on fox? will cain joins us on that. >> john: the house set to vote on a multi-billion dollar ukrainian aid package, price tag even higher than what president biden asked for. so, what is in it? representative mike gallagher
10:47 am
joins us coming up next. >> stronger the west is, the more unified the west is, i think first of all, the stronger ukraine becomes, particularly if we are talking artillery and defensive weapons. at these two e in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions.
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>> john: united states commits billions more to ukraine will it do any good at this point? wisconsin congressman mike gallagher here in moments with his thoughts on that, but first, tampa bay you can have him for the moment but not forever. tom brady set to be joining a new team, not another nfl franchise. fox corporation c.e.o. announcing the seven-time super bowl champ and goat will be joining fox sports. top game analyst once he decides to step away from the game. brady says he's excited about his post playing career but adds a whole lot of unfinished business left on the field. note to tom, just don't take forever. >> jacqui: and don't change your mind, please. >> john: yeah, changed your mind about retirement, don't change your mind about this. >> jacqui: putin's forces launching missile strikes on the vital port city of odesa in ukraine, hammering the mariupol steel plant where the defenders
10:52 am
are standing strong, house leaders are set to vote on an almost $40 billion aid package, more than president biden originally asked for. congressman gallagher, thank you for joining us. what are the key provisions of this bill and can you tell us how it's going to help ukraine? >> well, here we are almost 2:00 p.m. here in d.c., and we still don't have the legislative text of the bill. and given that, we are talking about a massive sum of money here. that's a little bit worrying. we need the details, there are certain things i would like to see in this bill, particularly funding for anti-ship missiles, long range artillery, air defense, vital weapons systems we know the ukrainians can use now and things not in the bill. i don't want them to attach extraneous "covid" funding to the bill but won't know until we have the legislative text. devil in the details, but i think there is bipartisan support for helping the
10:53 am
ukrainians fight more effectively and more we can do in order to arm them in their fight against vladimir putin's unlawful and unprovoked invasion of ukraine. >> we do know the president expects covid aid and the ukraine aid to move separately to get this through, but when we see it is another question. you talk about air defense, how important is it that russia so far has not achieved air superiority over ukraine and what can the u.s. be doing to sustain that? >> well, there are certain air defense systems that we can either provide to the ukrainians or there are certain assets that our nato allies have offered to give to the ukrainians. many cases, old russian weapons systems they want to get rid of. i think this actually presents a huge opportunity for us over the long-term. if we can simultaneously arm the ukrainians and help them protect their forces and civilian population, also then turning around and replacing russian
10:54 am
weapons systems with american weapons systems for our nato allies, that's a win-win right there. the other opportunity is to revitalize our defense industrial base so we can start stockpiling munitions. we have blown through seven years of javelin missiles in ukraine, 30% of the stinger stockpile, these are things we need going forward particularly if we are going to try and help taiwan defend itself from a prospective chinese invasion of the island and that worries me over the next few years. >> jacqui: i was thinking about asking that later, a big concern about depleted stocks and how the, you know, defense contractors may be partly to blame for that, how the pentagon budget might be involved in that. how do you see us resolving this and what's our timeline? >> well, with some of these missile systems they have long lead subcomponents. basically one-third of any system requires a long lead. what we need to be doing right
10:55 am
now is reforming the way we buy these. so you buy basically 2 to 3 sets of the long lead items at one time, so over time you can start to replenish your stockpile. but no plan from the pentagon for doing that. the secretary of defense downplayed the need to replenish our stockpile, that's the wrong message. we need to rebuild our stockpiles and learn the lessons of ukraine and apply it to taiwan and the lesson in my mind, you need to arm your allies before the invasion happens. >> jacqui: we have run out of time. appreciate you being on with us, congressman gallagher, love talking to you. if there is anything to your point to highlight the need for supply, it's what we are seeing in russia and ukraine. thank you so much. john. >> john: a big topic of speculation when elon musk takes over twitter, would he allow donald trump back on the platform. elon musk today at an event saying he would reverse
10:56 am
twitter's ban, i think it was a morally bad decision and future to be extreme, president trump, former president trump for his part has said even if twitter let him back on he would not rejoin because he wants to focus on his truth social. i give that about a month. new at 2:00, outraged liberals protesting the justices' homes, ramp up security for the justices and their families. a federal law that makes it illegal to try to influence officials. so then why is the d.o.j. staying silent on all of this? senator tom cotton joins us on that. if you're a veteran homeowner and need
10:57 am
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>> john: brabd new at 2:00, the mary poppins of disinformation has a silent partner to police the truth, in the form of the
11:01 am
mainstream media. running cover for the controversial program. >> will cain weighs in on that. and larry kudlow on a second hour of nonstop news. >> john: briefings from the white house, the pentagon, state department and capitol hill, campaign an eye on it during this busy news hour. "america reports" rolls into a second hour. jacqui, we also have gene sperling coming up alongside larry kudlow. >> jacqui: love having them back-to-back. the white house briefing will be one of jen psaki's very last at the podium, by the way, john. >> john: yes, likely dip in for some of it as the biden administration comes under fire for its silence. pro choice protests get personal. it's a fox news alert to start us off at 2:00 here.
11:02 am
>> john: protests once again outside the personal homes of conservative supreme court justices but allowed -- but as loud, is the silence from the white house. condemning violence overall, but refusing to tell protestors not to target the justices so personally. >> i'm wondering if any sort of demonstrations on private homes -- >> we are certainly not suggesting anyone break any laws. violence, threats and intimidation from no place in political discourse. >> does the president plan to condemn the leak of the supreme court draft opinion or the doxxing of the justices? >> the president's position has long been we should not see protests that take the form of violence, the form of vandalism, and that threatens anyone. >> is it protest to protest outside people's homes,
11:03 am
productive or not productive? >> look, i would say in terms of the productive question, that's not for me to speak to. >> we believe in peaceful protests, we do not believe in or something intimidation of any kind. >> jen psaki will get another chance with the briefing shortly, justice department, biment on upholding the law is now facing criticism for doing the opposite. >> john: senator tom cotton is leading a push to protect the justices and the families, and says the president and his team are not doing enough. >> jacqui: the white house, and aishah hasnie. >> the white house continues to stand firm in the support of peaceful protestors, even though critics continue to complain that one, some of the protests are illegal, and two,, that the white house is playing politics with protests. so night after night we continue to see demonstrators standing
11:04 am
outside of the homes of supreme court justices protesting, but there is a federal law that prohibits anyone from obstructing justice by picketing outside a justice's home in order to influence them. violators can be fined for this or imprisoned up to a year. the justice department as you mentioned has been silent on the protests, and this comes when just seven months ago a.g. merrick garland directed the fbi to look into threats made against school boards because as he put it back then, threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values. well, still no d.o.j. memo for the supreme court justices yet as republicans claim the white house knows exactly what it's doing. >> the same thing we saw with black lives matter and antifa riots where the left embraced them, and now they are embracing mob violence to get their
11:05 am
partisan outcomes. >> the white house only goes so far as to say no violence against the justices yet. >> we have not seen violence or vandalism against supreme court justices. we have seen it at catholic churches, unacceptable, the president does not support thacht and some conservative organizations, we don't support that. >> the senate last night passed a bipartisan bill to expand to boost security for scotus justices and their immediate family members. jacqui. >> jacqui: john. >> john: and no violence yet. bring in arkansas republican senator tom cotton, senator, we should point out you are introducing the public servants protection act which would make it illegal to publish the addresses like supreme court
11:06 am
justices. your thoughts on the protests we have been seeing the last few days here at the homes of justice bret kavanaugh, justice john roberts and samuel alito last night. >> john, abortion is a challenging question for many americans, and there are many conflicting opinions on it. reasonable people can disagree. but no reasonable person can believe it's appropriate to protest at the home of a sitting judge while there is a case pending on the matter of the protest and the silence from the white house and the department of justice is only the half of it. they shouldn't just condemn these protests and tell the protestors going to the supreme court building or other public location, they should enforce federal law because there is a federal law that explicitly prohibits protesting at the homes of judges or jurors or prosecutors. joe biden should come out today and say that federal law enforcement will put an end to these protests tonight.
11:07 am
if any person gets close to a justice's home they should be arrested and charged with a federal crime. if joe biden and merrick garland won't do that and there is violence against one of the justices, they will be responsible for the crimes that they allowed to happen by refusing to enforce federal law because they didn't want to apply the rule of law evenly against their political adversaries. >> jacqui: senator, jacqui heinrich here. the statute you are talking about, jen psaki was asked about it yesterday in the briefing and there's a very clear opportunity to highlight the protests, this picketing to influence the decision the vote of a judge is illegal. why after all the opportunities to point to the law, why has she not, the white house not done that, why have they not condemned these demonstrations? >> jacqui, the only thing one can conclude, that joe biden and merrick garland are politicizing
11:08 am
against the political and philosophical opponents. and if any turn violent and the justice, or spouse or child of a justice is injured they will be responsible for refusing to enforce federal law evenly for all americans. if they won't do it, i would suggest the governors do it because there are state laws against protesting outside a private residences. peaceful protest across the street at the supreme court is one thing. but to go to the home of a sitting judge and protest a case in front of that judge is beyond the pail and it's going to raise the risk of genuine violence which we cannot tolerate. a few years ago a crazied bernie sanders supporter tried to assassinate dozens of republican congressmen at a baseball field a few miles from here. he almost killed steve scalise, shot him and left him crippled
11:09 am
for many years. federal law forbids protesting outside the home of a judge sitting on a case. >> john: and also recall senator in july of 2020, mentally deranged person got the home address of judge esther salas, a new jersey district court judge, the door was opened by her husband and son, a gunman opened fire killing her son. she was on fox earlier today. what she said. >> federal judges everywhere, federal judges, the lower federal courts stand on the front line of democracy and we have been literally taking the fire for months now, years, in fact. and nothing is being done to protect us. federal court judges at all levels need to be protected. democracy demands this. our constitution demands this. the time is now. >> john: she was a judge appointed by president obama, so
11:10 am
this crosses a lot of lines. it's dangerous for people who are in the position that these judges and justices are in to have their personal information published in order for people to go protest. >> yeah, absolutely, john. i've met judge salas and my heart goes out to her and her family for her losses serving our country. whether you are a conservative or liberal, a judge or federal law enforcement officer you should never face the risk of violence for serving our country. i've introduced legislation that will allow judges or marshals or fbi officers or park rangers or anyone else in the federal government to insist that websites take down their personal information, their private residences so you can prevent these kind of protests in the first place and certainly prevent the kind of murder that you saw in the terrible case of judge salas's family. >> jacqui: senator, a lot of people have pointed out the d.o.j. behaved differently and the administration behaved
11:11 am
differently when the protestors were parents talking about decisions that the school boards were making. >> yeah, jacqui, that's a good contrast. when parents went to a public meeting, a public building, to voice their concerns about their kids' education, merrick garland sicked the feds on them. now you have protestors marching at the private homes of supreme court justices about a pending case, and garland is nowhere to be seen, refusing to enforce federal law evenly against members of both parties. for that matter, could you imagine what merrick garland and joe biden and "new york times" and cnn would say if it were large pro life protests outside the home of justice sotomayor, justice kagan, no different than the last few nights outside of center right justices. there's no place in our society for the effort to intimidate sitting judges at their homes.
11:12 am
>> john: senator, your thoughts on a different topic, we are going to discuss this with larry kudlow and gene sperling, but the president's speak how he plans to tackle inflation and the decline in the economy. most of what he was doing was taking don't pay attention to the republicans and whatever they say, they have this ultra maga plan that is going to destroy america. he was referring to rick scott's plan. have you signed on to that plan? >> no, i have not. joe biden will blame anyone but himself for this inflation. he's blamed chicken farmers, and the coronavirus, and vladimir putin, and everything else under the sun except for the one thing that all americans know caused inflation, and that's joe biden's wasteful spending policies. look, we had the coronavirus, we had the supply chain shortages, we had work stoppages under the last administration, we didn't have inflation. joe biden took office and inflation started immediately. >> jacqui: and the president was talking about the plans to bring
11:13 am
down costs for americans, their way to address how to deal with inflation. but this plan has been stalled in congress for months. joe manchin is not signing on to this because of inflation. is there any appetite to get any of this through? >> no, jacqui there, is not. the last thing we need to do with 40-year high inflation is spend another $5 trillion we don't have. the 2 trillion they spend last year is one of the main causes of inflation. more money on fewer goods it is a law of economics that you'll have rising prices and americans feel it at the pump, at the grocery store, pay their bills, and democrats will feel it on election day. >> john: and kind of ironic, the reason president biden said he lowered the deficit, congress did not pass build back better. tom cotton, thank you for
11:14 am
joining us. >> john: all new at 2:00, president biden gives a big speech how he plans to fight inflation. big names with every perspective coming up here. >> jacqui: director of the national economic council gene sperling will join us. >> john: that's not gene, though. >> jacqui: that is not gene, you are right. and then talk to the man who used to hold that job under president trump. >> john: ok, i'm not gene. you can bet larry kudlow will see things differently, stay with us. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar.
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11:19 am video... ...starz... ...and hbo max! just say “watchathon” into your voice remote to add a channel or streaming service. >> he's blamed chicken farmers and the coronavirus and vladimir putin and everything else under the sun except for the one thing
11:20 am
that all americans know caused inflation, and that's joe biden's wasteful spending policies. >> jacqui: senator tom cotton moments ago sounding off on "america reports" over president biden blaming ultra maga republicans for the economy. larry kudlow says instead of pointing fingers, the president needs to look at his own policy. >> john: first, the white house side from gene sperling, regularly has the president's ear, gene, it's been a long time. good to see you again. >> thanks for having me, appreciate it. >> the president said today tackling inflation is his top priority but if you look at the results and sentiments, not a lot of people have falt in the president to do that. only 28% approve of his handling of the inflation problem, 67% disapprove.
11:21 am
>> i would say there is historic progress in many ways in the u.s. economy. the best year of economic growth since 1984, 2021 was the best year of job growth ever on record. 20 million people on unemployment go to, down to 1 million, we have seen the unemployment rate fall to 3.6%. but i think one has to also acknowledge the families and major countries around the world are also dealing with the aftershocks of historic pandemic that has led to higher prices and supply chain problems everywhere. what's good in the united states is that we acted strongly, we are now, have had our growth has come back better than any of our g7 colleagues. we have greater resilience to deal with that. but like other countries, like the euro, which is having, and the u.k. and germany all having the highest inflation in 30, 40 years, we are too. and what you have seen the president do is essentially
11:22 am
everything possible that a president can do. he has had historic supply spro, strategic petroleum release, 1 million per month going up. >> john: but that doesn't help -- >> look, as we went into january there was a lot of feelings that things would start to come down, and then on january 17th if you remember, on january 17th when russia first went to the border of belarus, gas prices were at 3.31. they have now gone up since putin's aggressive and inexcuseable behavior to 4.37. so it's over a dollar putin's tax. >> jacqui: but it's not just gas prices going up, it is food prices. i want to show you the price increases. meat, 14.8%. beef 16%. respectfully, gene, people are not thinking about how bad it is in europe, they are not thinking
11:23 am
about the jobs report that you just highlighted when their money does not go as far at the cash register. >> first of all, i'm sure you know energy prices can affect food and grain prices as well. your point is absolutely right. even though you have a lot of these historic gains, even though our growth has come back faster than our competing economies, you are right, for that person going to the gas pump, or going into the grocery store, they are facing higher -- they are facing higher prices. those higher prices are due to a global phenomenon of stopping and shutting down the economy, restarting the supply chains and you are right, the fact that it's happening to a family in germany or the u.k. is of little comfort. we have to have a plan and what the president was making clear today was that he has a plan where he is doing everything he can on gas prices, not just
11:24 am
releasing 60 million from our strategic petroleum reserve but encouraging other countries to do so as well. you know what else you saw that is good for inflation, you just saw the congressional budget office yesterday say that the deficit is down $1.5 trillion. >> john: because they would not pass build back better, gene. >> that is not true, not close to being correct. >> what would the deficit be? >> the build back better was completely paid for. so you still would have had about $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction. the most ever. one fourth of what it was in 2020. one fifth of what it was last year. lowering, having a plan that surges growth and revenues and brings down the deficit is anti-inflationary. releasing gas prices from the strategic, relieving oil from the strategic petroleum reserve also helps move in the right direction. >> john: i filled up with gas
11:25 am
yesterday and said you know, dang, i got to get an electric car. maybe the plan is working. let me ask you this. >> actually, the fact is we do have tax credits for electric cars, tax credit to lower $500 utility bills. but listen. >> john: i'll email you after this. i want to ask you this. >> no, no, i have to get to an i want po you are saying. you are right a family facing higher prices, a lot of hurt at the grocery store, at the gas pump. but the president is looking out for their pocket through his agenda. he's the one who is calling for prescription drug legislation that would lower the price of prescription drugs. he's the one who is calling for energy tax rates that could help $500 to $5,000 a year for families, encourage more independence. he's the one calling for childcare relief. >> jacqui: that has not gotten through congress, you've been trying to get it through for
11:26 am
months. >> john: trump tried it too. >> i will say the following, he has a plan that lowers cost for prescription drugs, for energy, for childcare. what is the republican plan, the only plan we have seen is from senator rick scott, which would essentially -- >> john: which is not the republican plan. >> well, i debate you on that. >> john: mcconnell denounced it, said he's not going to touch it. >> the only plan out there, raises taxes on half the small business, 1500 to $2,000 a family, would pay more. >> john: gene, but that's not adopted by the republicans. mcconnell denounced it. you just heard tom cotton -- >> and every program sunseted after five years. medicaid, social security, affordable care act, all the things people rely on. >> john: nobody signed on to it. come on, gene. >> you know, that is the only
11:27 am
republican plan out there. you know what we were just doing, we were just -- >> john: it's not the republican congressional plan. >> jacqui: he has to debt democrats on board. >> lowering gas prices, increasing energy efficiency, giving tax credits for an electric car or efficient use of utilities or for lowering child costs or releasing oil from strategic petroleum reserve. you know what all those are, those are ideas we can debate and you can say it's not enough or not doing a good enough job passing, but it is a plan and the only plan that is out there on the republican side is rick scott's plan, which is a plan that would raise taxes by 1500 to $2,000, 2,000 for families with children, half of small businesses. >> john: i think we can all agree. >> sunset medicare, social security and medicaid. >> john: we can agree gene as adults here, the plan is going nowhere, the plan is going
11:28 am
nowhere. gene, great to catch up with you. thanks for coming on. fond memories of our time in new zealand jumping off bridges. >> i just read the article about our bungee jumping, john. what were we thinking? >> john: it was fun. reaction from larry kudlow, host of kudlow on fox business, also former director of the national economic council. what do you think? >> that was a fabulous interview, wonderful interview. i've known gene sperling a long time, a good guy but i completely disagree and he's having to work real hard to sell this stuff. president biden essentially made the case his spending plans had nothing to do with inflation, and i don't think that's credible, and i don't think that's right, and i think you can look at prominent democratic economists and republican economists who warned at the time or shortly thereafter that excess spending was going to
11:29 am
create excess demand, create higher inflation, which is exactly what happened and i think the other point is energy policies. i mean, look, the bidens have run a war on fossil fuels, and that is responsible for most of the increase in oil prices and gasoline prices at the pump. i think there's a case to be made in the last 4, 5 weeks, six weeks, but with respect to putin, but i was interested that gene sperling said as of january 17th, kind of an early date, but there was no invasion until later. but he said gasoline was 3.31. well, that's interesting because it was $1 less than that six months or nine months earlier. so, they're ignoring the prior increase in energy, which is because we are still producing what, a million and a half barrels a day less than we were pre-pandemic, and the environment review policies, the
11:30 am
nepa policies about permitting are stopping, stopping fossil fuels and pipelines, they are also stopping, bridges, highways, roads, they are going to do a lot of damage to the infrastructure bill because of the highly restrictive permitting policies and ironically going to do a lot of damage to the green new deal stuff. wind mills, energy panels, so forth. it's going to be hard to build that under these highly restrictive environmental review policies. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> jacqui: larry, you point out one thing, it stuck out to me when i heard the president a little over a week ago mention rick scott and the ultra maga plan. as john rightly pointed out it has not been adopted by the party, a significant risk when it first came out and makes me think are they trying to shift their messaging. what they have right now does
11:31 am
not make a lot of sense. clinging to the fact inflation is transitory, will come down later next year and then also blaming putin. no end date to the war on the calendar. if it's putin's fault and because of the war we don't know it's going to end but sticking to the idea inflation will come down next year, they can't continue to do that. >> look, the fox poll showed he's upside down 28-67, is that what i heard john roberts say? >> john: 28-67. >> nasty number. president biden did not put a timetable on inflation. i think he's at least understands, whether he'll acknowledge, it's going to go on for quite some time. two points here. number one, on this putin -- i hate the blame game. on the putin debate, you know what, take energy out of the c.p.i., which i would not do, because that's what people pay, but take it out. guess what, the inflation rate is still 6.5%.
11:32 am
that's three times the feds 2% target. in other words, all these price hikes are so widespread, it's not about vladimir putin. and by the way, it's not about the pandemic anymore. second point -- you can blame -- i want to address, you can blame maga, you can blame trump, i don't know what maga is, ok, i served three years as nec director, maybe i'm maga, i'm loyal to president trump and his policies but trump is not on the ballot and maga is not on the ballot. and rick is coming on our show at 4:00 p.m., i want everyone to watch it, i'm going to raise the issue, rick scott is not on the ballot, and his plan is not on the legislative docket so creating straw horses. >> john: nor will it be. but sperling, don't have time to go into depth, but sperling made
11:33 am
one salient point, scott's plan is the only thing out there, that the republicans don't have anything else t. real quick, larry, do they need to get something else? >> look, i think -- by the way, newt gingrinch is working with kevin mccarthy, they are going to put a good plan on the table. it will make the trump tax cuts, so successful for middle class working folks, make the tax cuts permanent, a terrific thing. a kind of contract with america. so i think there will be plenty of alternatives. but look, president biden, if you are going to solve a problem you have to own the problem. >> john: you have to acknowledge you have some responsibility for it. >> and that's what is missed here and the inflation story will be with us unfortunately for quite some time as the economy weakens. >> jacqui: clearly do not want
11:34 am
to take blame, they are afraid of how voters feel about it already. >> john: those words escaped biden's mouth, it would be all over. >> jacqui: campaign ads. >> john: see you at 4:00. >> jacqui: fox news alert out of a boston courtroom, and the celebrity chef mario batalli, gave up his restaurant out of a me too scandal. >> highest system of justice, it should be, requires the fact finder be satisfied, be convinced to an abiding conviction to a mora l certainty the charge is true. that's not the case here. commonwealth has not met its burden to the degree required by law. so mr. batali and the attorneys
11:35 am
rise, i'm going to find the defendant not guilty to in decent assault and battery. >> john: found not guilty by a judge, comes a day after his accuser in this case testified he groped and kissed her aggressively at a restaurant back in 2017. batali refused to answer supporters questions as he and his legal team left the courthouse. >> jacqui: three americans have been found dead at a five star resort. what we soon could find out about what killed them. that mystery coming up as part of a jam-packed hour of "america reports" rolls on.
11:36 am
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11:41 am
results of american tourists who died at a sandals resort, a board certified forensic pathologist joins us now, and pria, i want to ask you, the fact these victims were found in different villas, does that give us any indication as to what they might have come in contact with because you might think it was something else, they were all in the same place, does it broaden out or eliminate possibilities they are in separate villas? >> my understanding is that the villas were separate but in close proximity. and at that point it makes me think, you you know, possibly pesticides, carbon monoxide, ventilation system, something shared between the units. so environmental. food is less likely. if it's food, i would think multiple people would be affected rather than a cluster like this. >> how much does the timeline of
11:42 am
this toxicology report bear out in figuring out what the cause was? is there anything that would disappear from their system quickly or any way to double back and check for remnants of that? >> right, i mean, you do worry about what we call volatile substances, so like gasses that may evaporate. i think that's less likely. something like carbon monoxide, once it's bound to the tissues and the blood it stays there. even pesticides should bind to test for. i think the chance is small, i would not say 0, but i think if it's something that hung around long enough to affect them, my understanding is they were sick the night before, had some symptoms and then they returned back after receiving some care
11:43 am
and probably exposed again causing their deaths, that's gonna hang around and we should be able to detect it, you know, with the toxicology. i think it's really important to understand like look at the long or what maybe maintenance exposures, any treatments to those particular rooms, you know, that's where the resort investigation will really play into it to hone in on the toxicology. >> i want to read you a quote from one of the sons of the victims and glean information from it. he says speaking about his mother, his mother was sick, dad was found dead, she woke up and dad was on the floor she could not move. her arms and legs were swollen and she screamed to get someone to come in the door. does that tell you anything? >> you know, i think what that's telling me, something is affecting potentially her
11:44 am
nervous system or even her heart. she's basically now medically unable to move, my understanding is she was healthy and function n on the trip, arrived at the resort perfectly fine so something pretty acute has been going on. so again, exposure seems highly likely to me. >> do you expect anyone else at the resort to come in contact with something similar or would we have already seen that by now? >> well, i'm hoping whatever was done to this set of rooms is localized. i think everybody is on high alert, so i hope that they would, you know, use the first ink ling of someone feeling, you know, ill, they would react quicker than letting them stay in the same room and obviously i hope that these rooms are cordoned off. >> jacqui: we will be waiting the results of the autopsy, a lot of concern there might be something remaining in the
11:45 am
resort, and not the first time we have had unsettling deaths of americans in the bahamas, or the dominican republic, a prominent case of a couple families who died and i believe that was poisoned alcohol, if i recall correctly. >> that's what i was, something they drank. and i don't know, at this point everything needs to be traced. when the people shared alcohol to something in their rooms. that's where the investigation is so important. >> jacqui: thank you so much for being with us. appreciate your time. john. >> john: we want to roll over to the white house where jen psaki is at the briefing podium, answering some questions about gasoline prices. >> well, i would say you heard the president say today and reiterate today he is relentlessly focussed on easing putin's price hike at the pump, taking as many steps as he can to continue to lower costs for americans. the steps that he can take and
11:46 am
he has taken of course include historic release from the strategic petroleum reserve, leading the world in their release to ensure there is more supply to the global market to reduce the price of oil exactly what it has done, also taken steps that are definitely smaller but meant to do anything possible, including issuing a waiver for e15, so thousands of pumps in the midwest could have gasoline and make it available to americans so $0.10 less, but he also is noted and noted this this morning that oil companies should also do their part ensuring they are not price gouging customers at the pump. as oil prices come down, so should gas prices at the pump and that's also something we are going to continue to watch closely and continue to call on steps to be taken. >> given that the steps taken so far have not been able to bring down prices, can americans be confident some of the steps they are outlining now will be able to have an effect or are prices going to stay this way, is
11:47 am
putin's price hike going to stay until putin's war is over. >> we certainly won't accept that. but the oil market is global and what the mr. president will do, ensure supply in the market meets demand in the market. the point is when there is enough oil in the market, oil prices have come down and gas prices should also come down, that is something that americans should be watching closely and be clear about where we are seeing price hikes come from. >> question on messaging. who came up with this phrase ultra maga, why the need to kick it up a notch. maga is not enough? >> the president's phrase, he made the comments himself last week and i think what struck him is how extreme some of the policies and proposals are that a certain wing of the republican party that is taking up too much of the republican party are for,
11:48 am
and are advocating for. and you've heard the president talk about this, but it's not just obviously putting at risk a woman's right to make choices about her own healthcare, it is also as you've heard him talk about this morning rick scott's extreme plan that will raise taxes on 75 million americans making less than $100,000 a year. it is rick scott's plan to get rid of, eliminate, what sunset means, get rid of, medicare and social security, something people over 70 in this country rely on, and it's also the obsession with culture wars and wars against mickey mouse and banning books. the president thinks it's extreme. it's not what the american people want or care about, so ultra to it, give it an extra pop. >> so then who is an ultra maga republican? >> i would say people who support that portion of the republican agenda. >> so rob portman, susan collins, mitt romney -- >> they can all make their own
11:49 am
choices, ed, and we can let others evaluate that. i would say the president's view is those who support a plan by rick scott, by chairman scott to raise taxes on 75 million americans and get rid of sunset eliminate, whatever you want to call it, medicare and social security, that's a maga position, and that includes the chairman of the republican national committee, that's the chairman of the party. so, that's what the president considers, but also obviously given two-thirds of the american people, according to a fox news poll, believe that women -- that roe v. wade should be protected. if you are on the other side of that, you are supporting an ultra maga position in the president's view. we don't need to name call people unless they have positions the ultramaga part of the party. >> you said invites to some americans have not gone out yet. can you confirm someone from venezuela, from nicaragua, from cuba will be invited to the supper? >> i can't, the final decision
11:50 am
has not been made yet. >> the three countries -- >> we have not made a decision who will be invited and no invitations issued yet. >> last night at a fundraiser president said vladimir putin is a very, very, very calculating man and the problem i worry about now is that he doesn't have a way out right now, trying to figure out what we do about that. can you describe how that process is going? does it involve, for example, considering the prime minister's suggestion a temporary ceasefire for talks. >> long support the ceasefires, both the party that has invaded the other country to be a part of that and they have not shown a willingness to sit at the negotiating table. there have been efforts as you know, humanitarian ceasefires and others in the past couple of months which the russians have failed to implement. what the president meant by this, and i talked to him about
11:51 am
exactly that this morning, or what he is referring to, the fact that as we all know, and we all have seen and you have reported this war has not gone as president putin has planned. he has seen his military be demoralized, did not march through the city of kyiv yesterday, the nato and the west are united and he's dealing with crippling financial sanctions in his country, so what the president's point was, is that we have to be clear-eyed about the impact that has on a dictator that has invaded a sovereign country not gone as what he thought it would go. >> why not engage putin himself. >> our role, the most constructive role, continue to support the ukrainians' hands at the negotiating table and support them militarily and our support, their bravery and courage has helped them win the battle of kyiv but our military assistance, assistance
11:52 am
humanitarian and economic assistance close second. >> the president said majority of republicans have signed on to senator scott's tax plan. that does not seem to be the case. mitch mcconnell had said that the party is not behind this, are there any republicans that you can think of or the president might be referencing that is currently behind this? >> do you count the chairman of the republican committee as an important republican? >> he is the chairman of the committee. >> she, she is the chairman of the party. so, chairman mcdaniel praised the proposal as a "clear plan for republicans that offers real solutions." she's the chair woman of the party. rick scott is not a random senator. he is literally in charge of winning back the senator republicans, and what the plan is. so, he is the person who has put forward this plan. senator ron johnson called the congressional g.o.p. plan
11:53 am
"positive thing," and senator mike braun "glad rick did it" and another said he was on board with the congressional g.o.p. plan. congressman matt gaetz was proud of rick scott for the bold agenda. quite a range of republicans, but there is not an alternative plan they have put forward. either this put together by the person leading the effort to win back the senate or nothing, and the president talked about what his plan is, if they have an alternative plan, we would well come it forward. >> they say there is one coming this summer and senator scott said a majority is not behind him, this is his individual plan for this. i do want to ask as well, the department of justice was very swift in responding to school board members who felt like they were being harassed and intimidated a couple months back. did the president feel that the demonstrations outside of, say, justice alito's home, are those attempts to interfere or
11:54 am
intimidate? >> well, i think i said yesterday that i'm happy to repeating it's important for everybody to hear, that the president's long standing view has been that violence, threats and intimidation of any kind have no place in political discourse. and we believe, of course, in peaceful protest. what i do find interesting and i think most, many people have noted, there are voices on the right who have called out this protests that are happening while remaining silent for years on protests that have happened outside of the homes of school board members, the michigan secretary of state or threats made to women seeking reproductive healthcare or insurrection against our capitol. i know there is an outrage right now i guess about protests that have been peaceful to date and we have certainly continued to encourage that outside of judge's homes and that's the president's position, but the silence is deafening about all the other intimidation we have
11:55 am
seen to a number of people. >> this is a pending court case, where the federal law comes into law, pending court case. >> intimidation protest, outside the homes of the school board members, michigan secretary of state and reproductive healthcare against the capitol and democracy warrant outreach, we have not seen that. >> jen, you mentioned the situation has changed, since then a bipartisan senate -- >> jacqui: interesting from alexandria hoff, i thought it was notable that she said they have been peaceful to date outside of judge's homes and they continue to advocate for that. so, that did not at all sound like she was biting on any of this pressure for the administration to say look, there is a law that prohibits this kind of demonstration outside the home of a judge and
11:56 am
you guys shouldn't do it. in fact, seemed to be encouraging it to keep going. >> john: and the difference the way the d.o.j. handled the school board situation where parents were voicing their opinions at school board meetings and outside the homes of the judges. if you watch "america reports" with regularity, you know president biden's disinformation board, critics are calling the truth police. but news from other folks likely not getting the truth about the controversial program. how is that for irony? will cain, co-host of "fox and friends weekend," some thoughts about this. put on the screen while you are talking here, the famous mary poppins skit by nina jankowicz, the new head of the disinformation governance board. why haven't we seen more of this on the rest of the mainstream media? >> well, i think the answer to that, john, is it's sort of like the rest of the media would consider a ministry of truth a back stage pass. in other words, they would be
11:57 am
protected almost like every form of licensure in the united states of america, those already behind the velvet robe don't want someone else getting access, you know, whether or not it's hair stylists licensed, they want to ensure the license is in place because it pushes off the competition. so, let's say you are a mainstream journalist for nbc, cbs, and the ministry of truth, that's not a threat, you pair it requires you pair it, protection against some of the upstarts, challengers, anyone dare speak the truth or diverge from the ministry of truth. so in short, john, what i think they see it as is protection. they will be on the same side as the ministry of truth and serve as the enforcement mechanism against their competitors. >> john: just the video is worth talking about for most people i would think. a political science professor at
11:58 am
the university of chicago wrote in an op-ed "biden's disinformation board is a gift to republicans. biden administration officials stick with ideologically driven policies even though they are not working on issue after issue, policy after policy, driving into a brick wall and then backing up and ramming into it again." is this something that's going to play in the republicans' favor come the midterms? >> yeah, the only reason i would be tepid in response to you, perhaps watered down in the public's mind. what are we looking at, 4.37 a gallon in gasoline, inflation that is scaring everyone in economy. the stock market going down. recent polling that suggests even the potential repeal of roe v. wade is a bigger motivating factor for republicans than even democrats. so, there will be so many motivating factors for the voter when they make their way to the
11:59 am
polls in the midterms. will this factor in, yeah, i think so. i hope so, because i think everyone watching, we have to understand what a direct attack on a foundational principle, not just of the united states of america, but of western civilization is free speech. so it should animate us, but is one of a dozen issues to animate the voter. >> john: it's like the chinese water torture, the first drip does not bother you but the 10,000th does. and in charge of the board, you can say she's a clear partisan and looking after disinformation. >> yeah, and she has been in the 30 seconds i have, she has been someone who has purposefully committed disinformation. propagated the russia, russia, russia hoax and shutting down
12:00 pm
anyone who questioned her disinformation. it's not about truth, it's about power. >> john: good to see you. see you onned weekend if not before. jacqui, good to spend time with you this afternoon. >> jacqui: thanks for having me, john, great to be with you. hope to be back next to you soon. >> john: glad we got you out of the white house basement. >> jacqui: i'm jacqui heinrich. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: martha maccallum it'. the president is touting his plan against inflation. those are the highest historical prices that we've seen. you're seeing it's on the screen. $4.37 a gallon. it was two something a year ago. so then we have a glance at the


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