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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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she is home recovering. i think max probably got a big steak to thank him. >> jesse: can max run a marathon like the duck? >> dana: probably not. i bet is he in her ring. >> greg: or your web. quacks me up. >> greg: stop it. >> jesse: that's it for us tonight. "special report" is up next. hey, trace. >> trace: i don't know how you will do your show without me but best of luck trying tonight. happy birthday, harold. happy birthday bebelated dana and greg, your picture is on the wall. >> judge jeanine: what about me? >> trace: good evening. i'm in los angeles in for bret baier. election year appeal to voters pushes a plan massive inflation manages it strip his party of congressional fall this fall. the president is also accusing his republican opponents of planning to raise taxes an accusation that does not add up. correspondent alex degree a
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hough starts us off tonight from the white house. alex, good evening. >> good evening, trace, yeah, president biden had an address today and this is less about announcing new negotiating to combat inflation more so providing update on strategies already deployed. >> my plan is already in motion. >> from releasing oil from the strategic reserve to combating food price gouging, president biden says his efforts to combat inflation are working. >> i want every american to know that i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. and i'm here today to talk about solutions. >> but the president was also there to talk about alternatives plan. one that he says has been proposed by republicans. >> they don't want to solve inflation by lowering your costs. they want to solve it by raising your taxes and lowering your income. >> there is no republican tax plan. president biden was referring to an individual proposal by florida senator rick scott. >> i can't believe that the majority of republicans buy on
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to scott's plan. >> problem is the majority of republican does not. "the washington post" gave biden's claim three pinocchios, quote: as far as we can tell not a single other republican in congress has embraced scott's specific proposal. here is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell in march. >> we will not have a proposal that raises taxes. >> clearly it's not the platform for the republican party. i brought my ideas. i hope everybody will give me their ideas. >> why is the president saying scott's plan is backed by a majority of republicans. jen psaki explains. >> there isn't alternative plan they put forward. it's either this put together by the person who is leading the effort to win back the senate or nothing. >> as the president grahams with grapplesparents are struggling a critical shortage of baby formula. >> as a parent you want to provide for your child and it's your worst nightmare to not be able to. >> the white house is working to
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address the splinchts senator mitt romney has reached out to the u.s. fda there has to be contingency plan informs situations like this. update on the large scale formula recall that has compounded this crisis. trace? >> trace: alex, thank you. if you have put gasoline in your vehicle lately, you may have been surprised to see that fuel prices are back on the rise. national correspondent william longness is here in los angeles to show us why. >> i'm 75 years old and i have lived through three of these. this is the worst in my lifetime. >> gas prices hitting a new national high. 4.37 a gallon. >> i think it's ridiculous. i wish i understood this stuff more. >> analysts say it could get worse. >> americans want to get out. and we are just starting to see warm weather heat up. demand is very strong against a back drop of supply that's been shrinking. >> who is to blame? >> the current spike in gas
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please prices is remarkably the fault of vladimir putin. putin price hike. putin price hike gasoline. >> again the president blamed the russian lead for tight supplies as european nations refuse to buy russian oil. biden's policies has have not reduced prices. >> 1 million barrels per day for the next six months. >> in march, the president tapped the strategic petroleum reserve. in april he added more ethanol to the gas supply. >> it gives you a choice at the pump. >> today the president again blamed oil companies. >> under my plan, they would have to pay taxes and if they don't use those leases to produce more oil. they can't sit on it. >> yet producers see mixed signals. taking off as biden slapped a drilling moratorium on federal lands. then asked oil companies to pump more. he demanded more production from opec but never befriended the saudis. >> oil producers have been hesitant to increase production
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significantly or even at all. >> so today the white house says suspending the per gallon gas tax of 18 cents is on the table. trace, the other problem for inflation, of course is diesel. it powers the economy, tankers, trucks, and trains and at this price, almost 7 bucks a gal thereon fill up some 18 wheelers here would cost you about $2,000. trace? >> trace: 6.69 is not to go unnoticed. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 85. the s&p 500 finished ahead 10. nasdaq gained 114. ♪ ♪ well in tonight's midterm spotlight primary day in nebraska and west virginia. we are also a week away from a crucial vote in pennsylvania to determine the republican nominee for u.s. senate.
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our chief washington correspondent mike emanuel takes a look tonight. >> a new fox news poll shows a tight three-way contest in the pennsylvania g.o.p. senate race a week before primary day. dr. mehmet oz and kathy barnett appear to be surging while support for david mccormick is slipping. dr. oz leads with 22% support. mccormick is second at 20%. then barnett at 19%. the poll notes the race remains wide open as the top 3 are within the margin of error. oz is fully embracing the endorsement he received from former president trump. >> do we love president trump, pennsylvania? [cheers] >> the only thing joe biden has built back better is the republican party. >> mccormick is countering suggesting oz isn't the true pennsylvania conservative. >> he's been liberal. a hollywood liberal for his entire career and taken us positions very different than primary voters of pennsylvania. >> mccormick is backed by
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former trump secretary of state mike pompeo who accused oz of having, quote, close ties to the turkish government and military. >> we need to get him and his team to explain why he had time and energy and focus to vote in a turkish election but not in an american election. >> the fox poll suggests barnett has more momentum with support doubling in two months. and her supporters appear more engaged. among those extremely interested in the pennsylvania g.o.p. primary, barnett leads with 25%, with oz at 22%. and mccormick at 21%. the fox poll suggests there could be volatility in the final week with 18% of those surveyed undecided and uncommitted to a candidate. >> pennsylvania democrats appear to favor lieutenant governor john federerman for their nomination. polling suggests he has a large lead over congressman conor lamb. trace? >> trace: mike emanuel live for us in d.c. thank you. a federal judge in new york has approved a plan to push back the
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state's primary elections for the house of representatives. the voting is being moved from june to august 23rd because of problems with the redistricting process. primaries for governor and the state assembly next month. new york republican congressman tom reed is leaving odd immediately. he said next year he won't seek re-election after being accused of sexual misconduct. he was accused of inappropriately touching a female lobbyist back in 2017. the congressman apologized and said he was getting treatment for alcohol abuse. pro-choice common demonstrators continue to protest outside the homes of some u.s. supreme court justices. there is a federal statute saying that is a crime. the biden administration is not enforcing it correspondent aishah hasnie. [chanting] we are not an incubator. >> night after night pro-choice activists protest outside the homes of supreme court justices. and day after day, the white house supports them.
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>> we believe, of course, in peaceful protests. >> but critics say those demonstrations are illegal. federal law prohibits anyone from obstructing justice by picketing outside a judge's home in order to influence them. republicans say the biden administration is playing politics with protests. >> hypocrisy from the left is really unbelievable. i mean, here we have the white house encouraging people to go out and to engage in what amounts to harassment. >> attorney general merrick garland remains silent on the issue when just seven months ago he directed the fbi to look into threats made against school board members because, as he put it, threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values. >> we stand at the frontline for democracy. and we all, justices and federal court judges, at all levels, need to be protected. democracy demands this. >> the white house only going so far as to say there has been no violence committed against the
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justices yet. as for the chanting and picketing outside, the white house isn't budging. >> protests and intimidations outside of the homes of school board members, the michigan secretary of state, you know, intimidation and threats against people seeking legal reproductive healthcare against our capital and american democracy also warrant some outrage. >> trace, congress is stepping in though. last evening senators approved a bipartisan measure to increase security for not only supreme court justice us but also their immediate family members. trace? >> trace: asha has any at the white house. thanks. when covid related asylum rules for the southern border disaster for immigration courts. we will take a look at that first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 59 in indianapolis as sheriff says the alabama murder suspect and his jailer found in evansville yesterday were heavily armed when captured.
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casey white is now in custody. vicki white, who is no relation, apparently killed herself during a vehicle chase. fox 2 in san francisco where a district attorney announces prosecutors will not file charges against mike tyson, the former heavyweight champ was seen punching a passenger outside of san francisco international airport last month. and this is a live look at tampa from fox 13 one of the big stories there tonight tom brady will join fox sports as lead nfl analyst once his playing career is over. brady announced his retirement immediately after last season but later he said that he would play this year for the bucs. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ we've only just begun ♪ to live ♪
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>> trace: elon musk says he will reverse president trump's pan from twitter if the deal goes through. he was kicked off after the capital riot for allegedly
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citing violence. musk calls the ban a bad decision. he trump has said he does not intent to return to twitter. chef has been found not guilty of sexual misconduct for a 2017 incident in boston. a woman accused him of groping and kissing her when she was taking a selfie. he said the woman had financial motives a judge ultimately decided the accuser had credibility issues. tonight we look at how the expected elimination of covid-related asylum rules at the southern border could further clog already overflowing immigration courts. correspondent david spunt shows us tonight from the justice department. >> early today, a group of migrants illegally crossed the rio grande into texas. moments before stopping to pray. in two weeks officials expect an even greater surge in crossings as title 42 will no longer be enforced once title 42 is lifted
3:18 pm
planning for a surge in the courtroom. thanks to a backlog of 1.7 million cases some migrants won't see a courtroom to 3 to 7 years from now. backlog includes cases from 200 countries from around the globe. it's very frustrating as a judge it puts pressure on to you be in court like 8 hours a day five days a week, maybe even longer. >> denise is a retired immigration judge who spent nearly a quarter century on the bench. she says ending title 42 spells disaster. >> they are going to have judges like stop doing the cases that are ready to be heard and finished and move them to these title 42 cases that are brand new. they won't be ready spinning their wheels and wasting time. >> border officials under increasing pressure to get migrants into courtrooms are trying alternatives to detention where migrants are given ankle
3:19 pm
bracelets and smart phones by the government. the phones are not for making calls but to check in via tracking app. with border enforcement. in some cases those phones are thrown away title 42 set to expire on may 23rd. late last month a judge issued a temporary restraining order to stop the winding down of title 42. a hearing is scheduled for later this week on friday. trace? >> trace: court backlog of 3 to 7 years stunning. david spunt live at the doj. thank you. up next, part two of bret's interview with former secretary mark he is officer. first some other stories beyond our borders tonight. fernando in and marcos jr. the son and namesake of the late dictator appears to win the election. he campaigned primarily on a battle cry of national unity. he would take office june 30th for a single six-year term.
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spain's government fires the director of the country's top intelligence agency following the hacking of the prime minister's cell phone. the agency has been under fire for its role in spying on the separatist and for its delay in discovering that the hand sets of leading security officials were infiltrated. possibly by a foreign power this is a live look at london. one of the big stories there tonight queen elizabeth second opening of parliament to her son. important signal of the monarch's constitutional role as head of state. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ scotts turf builder triple action kills weeds, prevents crabgrass, and feeds your lawn. all three, in just one bag. i like that.
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( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ )
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♪ >> trace: russian troops are
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pounding the vital ukrainian port of odesa in an apparent effort to disrupt the supply lines and critical weapons from the west. 100 remain strapped despite reports they had been evacuated. found the bodies of 44 civilians in the rubble of a kharkiv building destroyed by russia back in march. and ukraine's foreign minister appears to suggest the country could expand its aims beyond merely pushing russia back to areas it or its allies held on the day of the invasion. the war in ukraine is just one of many foreign policy challenges facing a biden administration right now. senators heard about some of the others today from top intelligence officials. here sr. congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> two flash points, ukraine and taiwan. two of the nation's top intelligence officials warn their fates may be linked. director of national
3:27 pm
intelligence admiral haines cautioned china is willing to seize taiwan militarily. taiwan enters a critical phase between now and 2030. >> whatever lessons china learned coming out of crisis might affect that timeline. >> biden says interest is no plans for the townhouse fight in ukraine there is concerns a lingering conflict could draw in the u.s. that has consequences for taiwan. >> china would see that as a window to open to take advantage of that. >> defense intelligence agency director scott barrier characterized the ukraine war as a stalemate. one senator worried the u.s. taunted russia with visits ukraine by house speaker nancy pelosi and first lady jill biden. >> he would poking the bear here. we are taking way too many chances of sending people over there for a photo op. >> the intelligence community boasted it correctly predicted that russia would invade ukraine. but senators say the gloating is misplaced. >> general, how can you possibly say that when we were told explicitly kyiv would fall in three days and ukraine would
3:28 pm
fall in two weeks? >> told senators the war is escalating but said moscow would only fire a nuclear weapon at ukraine if it pays what it considered to be an existential threat; however, there is a caveat. >> there is always an enhanced potential for miscaucus. unintention the escalation. >> ambassador made the case for more aid at senate lunches today. the house votes or a nearly $40 billion badge for ukraine tonight. trace? >> trace: chad pergram live for us on the chill. tonight we have the second part of bret baier's interview with former defense secretary mark he is officer. here is bret. >> bret: thanks, trace. tonight is second part of my interview with mark he is officer. you talk about in the book the possibility of firing missiles to take out labs in mexico. pushing back against that what
3:29 pm
do you say critics what's wrong taking out missiles take outside factories that kill americans. opioid fentanyl number one issue in many districts and that this would -- that you could have taken out some of that? >> well, to begin, it's an act of war. it's illegal. it's not what -- how neighbors treat one another so forth and so on. bret brit you say president trump suggested it wasn't the strategy floated by a senate confirmed cabinet member? >> i'm not aware of that. >> bret: you don't know it was suggested by somebody else? >> no, not at all. here's what i would say. >> bret: did you suggest a different strategy. >> i suggested we go back to the table and looked at other things we had done in the past like cooperating with mexico. the president's insticketsd were right. i expected this about him addressing the issue of drugs in america. that's why we came up with the plan more navy ships and greater interdiction in the caribbean and eastern pacific. >> bret: was that your idea? >> bill barr's idea and i thought this was a good idea. >> bret: why would sending troops fentanyl is killing tens
3:30 pm
of thousands of people be bad or extreme did you not want that used in that way? >> no. we did have troops to the border. i supported troops to the border. i think we should have a secure border. i supported the building of the fence and still do because what we are seeing today not just with regard to fentanyl but illegal immigration is bad. 250,000 troops is a ridiculous number. >> bret: did you support a different number. >> i supported the president's plan the notion being proposed to send a quarter of a million troops is absurd. >> bret: there are other point in the administration besides the president making these suggestions, making these pitches. you portray this like president trump was off his rocker and you were the sole person pushing back to say don't do this. and i'm saying is that not it true i didn't say president trump proposed 250,000 that was
3:31 pm
stephen miller: there were different situations pushing back on bad ideas. >> bret: when former chief of staff mark meadows says in his book that the key national security decisions were being considered, it was vice president pence, bill barr, mike pompeo, robert o'brien, steven mnuchin, john ratcliffe and even general milley almost always present in the oval office in the situation room. you were rarely around. why was that? >> i don't know. what mark meadows writes to me is considered historical fiction. i was in every situation room meeting. if milley was there, i was there. unless for some reason i was on overseas trip. >> bret: were you at all trying to limit your facetime with the president? >> no, not at all. i thought it was important to engage with the president to give him my best advice and recommendations. >> bret: you were very critical to former ambassador to germany ric grenell. he tweets that mark he is officer is one of the most duplicitous people i ever met in politics. he comfortably lies anyone
3:32 pm
hiring him should know this. one example he told me to my face multiple times moving 10,000 troops out of germany and puttings some in poland and other places was a good idea. true? >> i do believe we should put more troops in poland. i do not believe in the precipitous withdrawal in the way its ha handled moving troops out of germany. that's why at the end of the day as i write in my book we did move troops in poland. i proposed to move troops in romania and bulgaria. >> absolutely, were you for the effort to take out soleimani? >> yes, the president made a bold decision soleimanis with s. a terrorist leader and had the blood of hundreds of americans on his hands. i think he made the tough decision. for knee it was the judgment call of gina haspel and others on the intelligence sides reporting that he was planning attacks against our embassies and others in the region. >> bret: afghanistan, did you agree with president trump on afghanistan? and his policy? >> i believed that, yes, we should withdraw. we had been in the country too long. i supported the plan put forward by the state department to get
3:33 pm
there a peace deal. we had tried the military option and it wasn't -- it didn't work out, right? and the fact is the taliban weren't living up to their end of the deal. so i did oppose at the end a precipitous withdrawal of our troops. >> bret: so obviously the biden administration is taking a lot of the heat for the afghanistan situation how that withdrawal happened. here is what the president and his people said about it. >> i inherited a diplomatic agreement duly negotiated between the government and the united states and the taliban. >> we inherited a deadline, we did not inherit a plan. >> there was no hand off to me for plans to withdraw. >> no handoff about afghanistan to the new administration? >> i would be surprised by that. i personally reached out to them to try and help out, you know, within days of being fired. look, they didn't have to follow that plan. i think the withdrawal from afghanistan was a mistake by president biden the way he executed it i mean, the fact that we left americans behind in afghanistan, that american service members were killed, and
3:34 pm
our credibility was ruptured. >> bret: china, you write about taiwan. the military is building isolating it compelling it to surrender. do you think china, in the wake of ukraine, is looking seriously at taking over taiwan? >> i think they have always been looking seriously at taking over taiwan. they are studying the russian successes and failures figuring out how they could do better. i regard china as our number one strategic adversary in this century and we need to prepare for that i don't think we did are doing so stuffily now. the other thing i hope is taipei is taking lessons from ukraine seeing the leadership of president zelenskyy and right now taiwan should be thinking about how do they approve their territorial deferences how do they up their deserves budget? how do they buy the right equipment for the fight they need to fight off the chinese. i start getting concerned folks will get wobbly which is taiwan will appear to be left in their
3:35 pm
front yard than today. >> bret: what do americans not understand about china's militarize. >> whether it's diplomatic, economic, counterintelligence and espionage. the theft of our intellectual property all these things make clear that we will have to deal with china and we need to orient ourselves. again in all those areas we are not in the position we need to be. >> bret: there is a lot of stuff that you do credit the administration and the pentagon for doing but there is a lot of aption and anger in this, too. >> look, i'm proud to serve my country. we could have done more. i think if the president listened more to his cabinet and others and maybe toned down the coarseness in some of his talk we could have accomplished a whole lot more. >> bret: when you see the former president put out a statement but, about the book, you know, being weak and all of that what do you say? >> look, he has his opinion. i have my opinion. people will believe what they want to believe. we need a new generation of republican leaders to step forward. reagan republican. ronald reagan inspired me to join the united states military
3:36 pm
to go to west point and that's the type of leadership. not just the party but the country needs. at the end of the day, it comes back to the country. >> bret: thank you, mr. secretary. trace, send it back to you. >> trace: bret, nicely done. up next, the panel on president biden's plan to deal with crippling inflation and his claims that republicans want to get rid of the social safety net. >> the maga republicans are counting on you to be as frustrated by the pace of progress which today they have done everything they can to slow down. ♪ bogey's on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty. liberty.♪ ugh-stipated... only pay for what you need. feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body
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♪ >> i really doubt that we are going to see an inflationary cycle. >> overwhelming consensus it is going to pop up a little bit and then go back down. >> one of the steps we have taken as an administration is to provide a range of assistance to the american people. >> as our economy has come roaring back, we see some price increases. >> when people go to the grocery store and a pound of meat is more expensive than it should be, we agree that is less related to supply chain issues. >> the inflation has everything to do with the supply chain. the first cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic. this year we have a second cause, a second cause,
3:42 pm
mr. putin's war in ukraine. >> trace: let's bring in our panel byron york chief political correspondent of "the washington examiner." leslie marshall democratic strategist and fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howie kurtz. thank you for coming on. i'm not sure if you were counting there. i was. you may have been counting as well. in that time over the soundbite over the course of 11 months president biden has exchanged his explanation on inflation four separate times and when you are changing the messaging that much, howie, it's really hard to get people to believe what you are saying. >> >> some of those soundbites did not age well this was joe biden's first speech of the midterms. almost entirely a rehash. and when the president says we have to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy, that's a democratic failure because he doesn't have 50 votes in the senate to do it. i know you are going to talk about rick cot scott's tax proposal it was misleading in the extreme for the president to suggest that this is the
3:43 pm
official position of the republican party or the maga party as much as it would be if republicans are running against some aoc position and pretended well democrats agree. this is about political blame shifting. putin price hike. feeling your pain on inflation reminds me when george h.w. bush running for a second term blurted out the talking points message i care. >> trace: leslie marshall to you, here is the president defending government spending. watch this and we will get your thoughts. >> do you take any responsibility your policies. >> i think our policies have helped. not hurt. republicans love to attack me as a big spender as if that's the reason why inflation has gone up. >> the inflation outlook still remains quite uncertain. >> it's self-inflicted. i mean, they know it we know it as republicans, the american people know it and they are fixing to find out about it in november. at the end of the day, what effects the american people are
3:44 pm
prices. >> trace: the former coach tuberville's point leslie 44% of americans now being hit very hard by inflation numbers. your thoughts? >> well, first, if we want truth and you say tell the people the truth, the people know the truth and it's out there. but they still want somebody to blame. democrats do it. republicans do it. and howie, thank you for reading my mind because i have seen republicans say that democrats agree with aoc and here is one who hasn't agreed on every policy. inflation, whether it's in this country or throughout the world, it comes down to three things. and that's why we see what the market has been doing on wall street for the past five weeks. you have ukraine. you have a global energy crisis if you will. and then, of course, you have the risk in this country that the feds are taking. but, for the president to be blamed for all of this is not only unfair, it's untrue because we know without the american rescue package there would still be inflation, economists whether
3:45 pm
they are democrats or republicans, whether wearing red or blue agree on that point. >> trace: we talked about this at the top of show show, two months into the war gas prices hit a record today. the remedies the white house has prescribed so far are not working. the average price 4.37. 2.97 a year ago. in california it's over 6 bucks. seven bucks in some places. i want to play this soundbite from mitch mcconnell followed by the president, byron, and get your thoughts. >> americans are playing $4.40 a gallon. that's up from 2 whole dollars from when president biden put his hand on the bible. >> my plan is already in motion. i led the world and other countries to join with us to coordinate the largest release of oil from our stockpiles of all the countries in history. 240 million barrels to boost global supply. >> trace: for context, byron,
3:46 pm
240 million barrels equates to 12 days of gas for the country. >> well, he did list a bunch of very ineffective measures like the petroleum reserve and going after oil companies. he was seeking to blame everybody but himself. but, you know, another thing that's extraordinary about this appearance today, was that he would not back off an inch from the environmentalist climate agenda. parpted of his prescription for curing inflation is to spend more on subsidies for electric cars. to spend more on subsidies for clean energy. and call this real energy independence. republicans had pointed out that the u.s. through fossil fuels had reached energy independence under president trump and now biden is saying we are going to reach real energy independence whasmght this has to do with inflation is not clear at all.
3:47 pm
>> trace: segues into this scott's plan. calls it the ultra maga plan. a lot of republicans not on board. he is saying it is going to cut down some of the social safety nets. what is your thoughts on the plan the and the republican support, byron. >> the plan, first of all, alien naivetied a number of scott's colleagues in the senate who do not, who do not support raising taxes on people whose income is so low that they currently do not pay federal income taxes anyway not a single republican signed on to this plan. rick scott idiosyncratic plan. on the other hand it is a gift to the democratic party and to the white house because rick scott is, in fact, in charge of the republican effort to win back the senate this year. and they can say look, this is what the guy in charge wants to do. it's what republicans want to do
3:48 pm
and republicans can deny it up and down but it is a fact that this is what rick scott says. >> trace: what about you, howie, do you think it's damaging? >> i think it gives a big target to the democrats as byron pointed out. i also think it's fair tore president biden to say you know, some of this has to do with the war in ukraine. some of it with the pandemic and the supply chain. those are legitimate points as is pointing out that he created millions of jobs and has lowered the deficit. the fact is a reporter asked him why are people are so angry and blaming you biden gave a candid answer. we are in charge. we control the house and the senate at least nominally and the white house. that's the way politics works. it may be unfair but every president gets probably more credit than they deserve on the economy and less when things are not going well. >> trace: leslie, about 30's seconds to wrap us up. >> i agree with both gentlemen. i think it is a gift to my party, thank you, rick scott for that. and when you are in charge
3:49 pm
absolutely rick scott as byron said is in charge. all you need is one person aoc on the left or rick scott on the right or anybody putting something out there, even if your party doesn't agree and when people say the magas agree with it i know senator mitch mih mcconnell is not thought as a imagine gaffe. wind changes and blow a certain way he might be tomorrow. >> trace: panel right back. up next pro-choice demonstrators targeting the homes of supreme court justices. ♪ do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue
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>> there is no room for mob action, up tim accommodation, or any personal threats against a public official, period. i don't care for people who do it for my home and have, it is demeaning and adolescent and not convincing at all. >> joe biden should come out today and say that federal law enforcement will put an end to these protests tonight. if any person gets close to a justice's home, they should be arrested and charged with a federal crime. >> trace: and we are back with our panel very interesting because, let's face it, dick durbin, byron york and tom cotton, they can't agree on which direction the sun is going to set. but it still seems to me like the white house is still very noncommittal. i want to play this soundbite from jen psaki. watch. >> i think, to be very clear,
3:55 pm
the protests outside of judges homes have not turned violent. even if passions are high, even if people are fearful, even if people are scared and frustrated, which is understandable. no one should resort to violence, of course, nor threats nor intimidation nor vandalism. that those are not effective means. >> i found it interesting, byron, that not only not condemning these protests but kind of actually, you know, giving the protesters credit for not being violent under the circumstances. what do you think? >> i find it absolutely baffling, too. i agree with you about senators durbin and cotton and now it appears that legally this is an attempt to interfere with a judicial proceeding but just common sense terms it's a bad idea. i do not understand why the white house cannot say just don't go to people's houses. it's not a good idea. don't do it. protest at the supreme court. make more noise than they have
3:56 pm
ever heard down there but don't go to people's houses. it would be so simple for the white house to say and they won't say it. >> trace: they won't say it, howie, even some democrat-friendly publications are now kind of saying, you know what? don't go to the white house. here is the "the washington post" quoting here to picket a judge's home is especially problematic it tries to bring direct public pressure to bear on auto addition-making process that must be controlled, evidence based and rational. if there is to be any hope of an independent judiciary, which is why it's illegal, howie. >> yeah. well, about time. and, you know, these demonstrations cross a bright red line. it's intimidation pure and simple. an effort to change people's minds by imagining the justices are trapped with their kids inside night after night as people shout and chant and wave signs and it gets pretty loud. now, look, peaceful protests is in america's d.n.a. and it's fine to protest on something you feel strongly about outside the supreme court. at the white house.
3:57 pm
at your local downtown. but, at least the white house, i think, has walked back a little bit the no comment stance it's taken briefly with some liberal pundits defending this tactic as ends justify the means mentality imagine the tone of the coverage if conservative protesters were screaming outside the home of sonia sotomayor or alayna kagan or nancy pelosi and yet "the washington post" ran a long sympathetic profile of the woman leading the brett kavanaugh protest. >> trace: that was exactly my next point. i want to play this leslie marshall, this is a few calls to end the protest and we will get your thoughts. >> to only be doing our jobs and to be fear of retribution, retaliation or death is not part of the deal. >> we don't see a stronger message coming from law enforcement and from political leaders, you are going to see more of this kind of activity and behavior. >> this sun safe. it disrupts the entire community. it is something that does need to be addressed and the
3:58 pm
president, the white house should take the responsibility of addressing this. >> three fair points, leslie, including from hispanic federal judge. >> so many points here. howie, january 6th. that's all i will say to people angry and protesting. used to live in san francisco, pacific heights, nancy pelosi house in plain view. you can google it people protesting there morning, noon and night. >> i'm not saying it hasn't happened before. but that doesn't justify it happening now. >> no, i don't feel violating the law, the constitution is very clear and there are exceptions for time, manner and place. there is a federal mandate in place and specifically section 1507 title 18 says, quote: with the intent of influencing. and, of course, it could be argued these people are just angry they are not trying to influence these people if the draft is correct they have already made up their mind. >> trace: what are they trying to do there if they are not trying to influence. what are they doing there? if they are not trying to
3:59 pm
influence anything, why would they be there? >> the same reason anybody protests in the united states. >> trace: to influence. >> whether we agree or disagree with tnchts no, no. sometimes people do try to influence. sometimes people are just angry so they take to the streets. we saw it with the women's march. we have seen that after donald trump was elected. we saw that with the mall man march. it is wrong because it is a federal mandate. it is breaking the law. but interestingly, guys, if you were to arrest somebody and if they had counsel that fought this all the way, where would it go? to the supreme court. >> trace: leslie marshall, byron york, howie kurtz, thank you all. ♪ ♪ and finally, it's a special day nearly 300 airmen are back home in utah after being deployed to germany in february. members of the 388th and reserve 419 fighter wings out of hill
4:00 pm
air force base were deployed to support nato amid the russia-ukraine war. an emotional evening months in the making and that is great to see right there. tomorrow on "special report," china rebukes the u.s. for a state department report about taiwan. thanks for watching "special report." i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. jesse watters handing the reins back to you, jesse, one hour later. >> jesse: perfect timing, thank you, trace. >> trace: yep. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: as the saying goes: desperation is a stinky cologne. and we have all worn it at some point in our lives. >> it's called sex panther by odion. illegal in nine countries. yep, it's made with bits of real panther so you know it's good. >> it's quite pungent. >> oh, yeah. >> with